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SANTA FE, N. M., MONDAY. JUNE 24. 1895.
NO 103
Catron Block Santa Fe. N. Kl.
We have a full line of Picture Frames and Mouldings and in fact
everything in the household line. We will furnish you from the
parlor to the kitchen on easy payments and bedrock prices. We
carry the largest stock in the city. We repair all kinds of furni
ture, sewing machines and muscal instru ments. Remake mat
tresses and all kinds of upholstering.
terms, from $3.00 to $4.00 per Say. Special Bates to Persons or Parties
by the Week or Month.
Office and Warehouse
Santa Fe,
uottf rled Hchrober, President.
ins i
Santa Fe Lager Beer.
Palace Avenue, - - Santa Fe N. M.
.-. All kinds of Bough d finished Immhst; Texaa Flooring at
the Lowest Market Jrioe; windows and Boon. Also entry on a
general Transfer Business nasi steal in Hay and Grain.
Boots, SEaoeo & .
LeatEaei? Findings.
Oole Afftnt fertCsst 6 Pcokcrd Choes.
Give us a oall without delay. It's time
not only to be cool bnt to have every
thioi; cool about yon, erpeeially every
thing on the list of meats, vegetables,
milk, bntter end etc. There is nothing
saves so much money as a refrigerator.
The artioles it keeps from spoiling in a
single season will repay its cost four
times over, and one of onr refrigerators
is good for ten years of service and will
thns return the outlay involved in its
purchase forty times over before it is
worn ont. As an investment it eclipseB
everything, and the price is only $8 and
Lower 'Frisco St.
- New Mexico.
Immediately After Resignation of
Rosebery Salisbury Invited to
Form a New Cabinet.
Both Wings of the Unionist Party Will
Be Represented Expected That
Parliament will Soon Dissolve.
London, Jane 24. The Marqais of
Salisbury oonferred thia morning with
the Right Honorable A. J. Balfonr, con
servative leader in the house of commons,
the Duke of Devonshire, unionist leader
in the house of lords, and with the Right
Honorable Joseph Chamberlain, unionist
leader in the house of commons, and pro
ceeded to Windsor at 1:30 p. m. in re
sponse to a summons of the queen, fol
lowing the resignation of the Rosebery
ministry. It is agreed that Lord Salis
bury will aocept the task of forming a
cabinet and new ministry, to be com
posed of representatives of both sections
of the unionist party, although a dissolu
tion of parliament can not long be de
Later. It is officially announced that
the Marqais of Salisbury has accepted
the task of forming a new oabinet.
New York. A special to the World
from London says that it is a require'
ment of official etiquette that upon re
signing, a minister shall give no bint of
suoh intention nntil it has first been an
nounced to the house of commons. Bat
there is practically no doubt that the
Rosebery government, after a oabinet
council of five hours, determined to re'
sign, and that Lord RoBebery, who had
already been "commanded" to dinner at
Windsor, seized the oooasion to surrender
his office. It is also the custom that the
prime minister shall recommend to her
majesty his sucoessor. Lord Rosebery
may name Lord Salisbury, Mr. Balfour or
the Duke of Devonshire.
It is etiquette for the queen to send
first for the first person named. If it is
Lord Salisbury he may decline and sug
gest Mr. Balfour or the Dnke of Devon
shire, or vise versa. Iu the other case it
seems to be the general impression that
even the conservative party will not
again risk a poor premier, and that Mr.
Balf oar will be ehoseu. Bat either of the
three or any other conservative may de
oline. Then Lord Rosebery will retain
the office and be in a stronger position
than before.
If a conservative leader accepts there
is no real doubt that he will find a ma
jority, even if small, against him. He
oan not dissolve parliament nntil the
supplies have been voted, and a liberal
majority can prolong the situation for
In the house of commons to-day Sir
William Vernon Haroourt announced the
resignation of the ministry. "Under
ordinary circumstances," he said, "it
would have been inoumbent to move
an adjournment, but the seal fishery
bill must be passed before July, and
when it has passed to a third reading
the government will move an adjourn
ment of the house.'
Mr. Balfour criticised the eonduot of
the government. He said that he thought
the constitutional manner of proceeding
would have been to advise , the queen
to dissolve parliament, instead of
throwing the burden of continuing the
government on the opposition. At 3:22
p. m. the house went into committee of
the whole on the seal fisheries.
Numerous questions were asked regard'
the agreement with Russia on the Behring
sea question and the complaints received
from the government of Canada on the
same subject. The parliament secretary
of the foreign office, Sir Edward Grey, in
reply said that satisfactory assuranoes
had been given Canada of the point raised
in behalf of the dominion. The Beal
fisheries bill then passed to a third read
ing. Dr. Chas. E. D. Tanner, anti-Parnellite,
raised a disturbance by exclaiming that
he did not see why the seal fisheries bill
should be given precedence over the
Irish land bill. The house then adjourn
ed. It was rumored that Sir William
Vernon Harconrt would not present him
self as a eandidate for re-eleotion.
In Memory of President Carnot.
Paris, Jane 2. In the presence of
enormous crowds the anniversary of the
death of President Carnot was observed at
the Pantheon with touohing ceremony. In
the official cortege were President Faure,
M. Chalemel Laoour, president of the
Frenoh senate, and M, Bisson, president
of the Freneh chamber of deputies, fol
lowed by oabinet ministers, ambassadors,
senators and deputies. M. Faure, in
depositing a crown on the tomb, said:
"In the name of the republic, on a day on
which there is renewed mourning in the
country, I lay this crown upon the tomb
of President Carnot."
Hnntlnc a ltost Mine.
Escalon, Mexico, June 24. Three Amer
icans, Louis Demond, James Crismore
and Hal Jeffrey, have fitted out an ex
pedition and leave here to-day for the
Sierra Mad re mountains in searoh of the
famous lost mine, La Fuente, which, ac
cording to tradition, contains a vast
amount of ore of fabulous riohness.
Trouble with Arapahoe Indiana In
. Oklahoma-Another Dividend Ie
elared In Favor of Alboqner
qne National Bank
. Creditors.
Washington, June 24. Additional re
ports, reoeived at the Indian bureau re
specting the trouble growing oat of the
shooting of Cosah Red Lodge, at Arapa
hoe, Okla., implicates Little Man, son-in-law
of Soft Belly, of the Cheyennes and
Arapahoea, as the party who recently
outraged an Ootagenerian woman there,
which was the primary cause of the
trouble. There are six witnesses ready to
testify for the prosecution and only one
who corresponds with the description
given as Little Man. The condition of
Cosah Red Lodge, who was shot by the
sheriff while under suspioion, is improv
The comptroller of the treasury has de
clared a dividend of 10 per eent in favor
of creditors of the Albuquerque National
bank. .
Dr. Plica's Cream Baking Powder
WerM's Pair rUafcut Medal sad (Hptasre.
Corbett JHvorce Case
New York, June 24. Judge McAdam,
in the special term of the supreme oourt
to-day, on application of A. R. Hummel,
sent the divorce Buit of Mrs. Ollie Corbett
against J. J. Corbett, the pugilist, to
Edward Jacobs as referee. Referee Jacobs
will determine the issues and ascertain
what amount of alimony, if any, the
plaintiff is entitled to.
State Convention To-day- Hot Content
Between Administration and Antl
Administration Candidates.
Louisville, Ky., June 24. The. Douio
oratio state convention to-morrow will
be among the hottest contests in the his
tory of this commonwealth. Many dele
gates are here to-day for the preliminary
skirmishes in the district meetings. The
polling of all the Louisville papers si jwb
that the gold delegates are in the major
ity. The silver men charge that .the
Louisville papers claim most of the unin
struoted delegates, who are equally divid
ed. The lines are drawn on the indorse
ment of the administration with Carlisle
and his friends leading for the adminis
tration, and Blackburn's friends against
its financial policy.
Gen. Cassius M. Clay is the administra
tion oandidate for governor and Gen. P.
W. Hardin, anti-administration candidate.
The test of strength will come to-morrow
on the selection of the temporary chair
man, who has the appointment of two
members-at-large on all the committees.
There are eleven congressional districts.
It is estimated that the gold men will
have six and the silver men five on the
committee on resolutions from the dis
tricts, but if the silver " men secure the
temporary organization the platform
makers will stand seven to six.
Ex-Governor Buokner published a card
to-day saying that he would not aocept
the nomination for governor. He says
that he is a candidate for senator on a
sound money platform and will have noth
ing else.
The Post, which strongly supports the-
administration's finanoial policy, to-day
has a full poll of the delegates, showing
43S for Hardin, 870 for Clay and C5
doubtful. The Post says: "There are
878 delegates, 440 necessary to a choice,
and the polling indicates that Hardin
laoks only five votes. The Hnrdin men
say that they have the five votes. This
is not by any means certain, uen. .
Gordon Williams was defeated sixteen
years ago by James B. MoCrenry when
within five votes of a nomination.
Because They Were Kefnsed Free
San Antonio, Tex., June 24. The ar
rest of seven negroes, some living in
Floresville and some in San Antonio,
oharged with wreoking trains on the San
Antonio ft Arkansas Pass railway during
the past four months, was made to-day in
this city. Two have eonfessed. Refusal
of free rides is their excuse for their
crime. .
Missing Carthage Contractor Cornea
to His Senses Wear Louisville.
Carthage, Mo., June 24. Ellis Jackson,
the Carthage contractor who mysteri-
ously disappeared in Kansas City during
the Priests of Pallas parade in October,
has written to his family from Louisville,
Ky., that he came to his senses wandering
along the banks of the Ohio river two
months ago. How he came to be in the
vicinity of Louisville or what had hap
pened in more than six months he claims
8 all a blank.
Carload of Dynamite Explodes.
Buenos Ayres, Argentine, June 24. A
carload of dynamite exploded in the
streets of San Paolo, Brazil, on Saturday.
Fifty persons were killed or wounded,
and many houses were destroyed.
Perished In the Flames.
St. Petersburg, June 24. Over a hun
dred houses have been burned at Viohnee
Folotohok, Beventy miles from Tver on
the Zna. Many inhabitants perished.
Lawyer Arrested for Forgery.
. New York, June 24. Edmund Hour-
stel, a lawyer, was arrested to-day en a
warrant oharging him with forgery. The
specific oharge is the forgery of a check
for $7,900, although the amount involved
is said to reaoh many thousand dollars.
The oomplaint is brought by Eugene Le
conr. Pioneer Packer Dead
Chicago, June 24. Chas. P. Libby, the
well known packer, died to-day after a
lingering illness. He was the first man
in Chieago to make the experiment of
canning meat.
Another Fight In Cuba.
Havana, June- 24. An important
engagement has taken place on a plant
ation near Plaoitas, in the province of
Santa Clara. .The insurgent leader,
Castillos, has been killed and the body
identified. The insurgents lost two more
killed and four wounded and the troops
eaptured ten saddled horses. The insur
gents were compelled to retire and iu
their retreat lost many aeaa ana wouna-
ed. .The band is now in flight.
Havana, June 24. It is reported from
Remedous, a province of Santa Clara,
that the insurgent leader, Zacyas, has
been killed. :
Trl-Colteglate Itace.
Ponghkeepsie, N. Y., June 24. The
weather conditions to-day are all that the
most fastidious oarsmen could desire and
the Colombia, Cornell and the University
of Pennsylvania orews, who are to row
in the postponed tri-oollegiate raoe at
4:80 this afternoon, are in high spirits.
The river is as plaoid as a pond. Cornell
is favorite for the nrst piace. uven
money is the rale with an occasional bet
of two to one on the Ithaoans against
either of the other crews.
Dr. price's Cream Baking Powdet
World's Pair Highest Award
Sentenced to Die.
New York, Jane 24. William Caesar,
the West Indian negro, who, on March 29,
murdered and dismembered his mistress,
Mart Martin, was to-day sentenced to die
by eleotricity during the week beginning
July 20.
Goods, Groceries, Jewelry
Bicyclers Represented in
This Issue.
Wusdoi'f & Dolan.
It may be doubted if there are any two
merchants in New Mexico who have been
individually, and are now as a firm, more
largely connected with the general mer
chandise trade of. the territory than
Adolph Gasdorf and P. M. Dolan. Both
are experienced merchants; both have
had individual mercantile enterprises
in the territory, and both are well and
Widely known as exceptionally able and
popular business men. , ,
The busiuess to whioh Gusdorf ft Dolan
snaoeeded by purchase in 1892, had been
for more than twenty years owned and
conducted by the Ilfeld brothers, and was,
both by reason of the volume of the
business done and the distanoe from
whioh trade was drawn to the house, one
of the most important mercantile enter
prises in Santa Fe.
The stock oarried by Messrs. Gusdorf
ft Dolan is in the aggregate one of the
largest of the kind in the territory, and
in its variety one of the most diverse in
the southwest. In great cities there is
always to be found one place above all
others where the necessities of a man s
wardrobe are best supplied. At this
great people's store the mysteries of the
feminine wardrobe may also be found.
Without attempting to state all the lines
carried we may name the following: Dry
goods, ladies' ready made garments, mil
linery, ladies' furnishings, notions, car
pets, mattings, portieres, window 'cur
tains, blankets, bedding, wall paper,
men's, youths' and boys' clothing, boots
and shoes, hats and oaps, men's famish
ings, trunks and valises. A specially is
made of measure orders for gentlemen's
clothing, and a floe line of samples is
carried from whioh to order, as well as
the latest London, Paris and New York
fashion plates.
For the benefit of the ladies we should
state that this house employs two fash'
ionable milliners, and that ladies finding
it inoonvenient to visit Santa to may
order hats, bonnets or other goods to be
sent to them either by mail or express
with the oertamty that their orders will
receive the most prompt and careful at
tention. Letters are daily received from
patrons throughout the territory ordering
goods, and all suoh receive immediate at
tention. The salesrooms occupied by this im
mense stock of general merchandise are
among the largest and finest in New Mex
ico. They occupy the fnll main and sec
ond floors of one of the prinoipal build
ings in the city, the entire basement be
ing nsed for packing and storerooms for
surplus goods.
It is a trite but true saying that
"Goods well bought are half sold," and
this is the maxim upon which Gusdorf ft
Dolah have built their success. Wherever
practicable goods are bought at first
hands, in quantities, and for cash. In
this manner not only is the lowest market
price obtained, but an important dis
count as well. This is the secret of a
large mercantile house being able to sell
goods of the same kind and quality at a
smaller price than smaller stores with
less capital.
It is a fundamental rule of the house to
oarry nothing but honest goods. No
shoddy will be given a place on its
shelves. Another rule of the house is no
less commendable: It is the "one price
for all," and a child or a blind person oan
bay as cheaply as an adult with all his
faoulties in perfection.
Besides being leading merchants of the
territory, Gusdorf ft Dolan are buyers of
wool, and have important sheep and cat
tle interests. They are both as a firm and
individually thoroughly identified with
the interests of Santa Fe, and are alike
honorable for their commercial integrity
and for their liberal patronage of the
press and all publio enterprises for the
good of the city and territory. It may
be appropriately added that the enviable
position to which the firm has attained is
seoond only to the esteem in whioh its
members are personally held by patrons
of the firm and by the publio.
ttanta Fe Bakery.
The attractive modern grocery store,
with its thousand delicacies gathered from
every country and clime, has been de
veloped within the last quarter of a cen
tury, and almost within the last decade.
It is still nnknown exoept in cities, and
its eoming may be said to mark an era
in a oity's growth.
The excellent store whioh forms the
subjeot of this sketch is in all the essen
tials a modern and complete retail grocery
store. The name of the Santa Fe Bakery
is retained because the place is so widely
known under that name, bat, important
as the bakery trade has been for years,
the grooery busiuess has long since over
shadowed it, and the Santa Fe Bakery has
beoome a leading first-class retail grooery
store, having in stook the thousands of
delieaoies as indioated in the first para
graph of this sketch.
a he location or the house, on asn JTran-
cisco-street, is well known to its thou
sands of patrons in this city and through
out the country.
Messrs. Muller ft Walker are agents for
Clab House canned goods, for Boss Patent
flour, and for the celebrated HeisBon
Creamery company, of Newton, Kas.
They are importers of table delieaoies,
their bread, pies and oakes are well known
for their exoellenoe and for years have
commanded a sale among the beet fam
ilies of Santa Fe. Messrs. Muller ft
Walker cater to the best family trade, and
ran wagons for the free delivery of goods
sold in the city. Their country trade is
also important, and they are extensive
buyers of garden, orohard and dairy
produce. ' -The
amount, variety and quality of the
goods oarried in stock, the attractive
manner In which they are displayed, the
oourteous attention shown to patrons and
the careful, painstaking manner in whioh
patron are served, warrant us In saying
that this is one of the most complete re
tail grooery stores in New Mexico.
Ibis well known noose was established
about twenty years ago. Mr. F. Mailer
was, previous to the formation of the
present firm, an assoolate partner in the
house, under the style of Haff ner ft Muller.
Upon Mr. A. Walker's pnrohase of an in
terest in the business the firm became
Muller ft Walker. Both gentlemen are
well known in business oiroles through-
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Absolutely pure
out the territory. Mr. Mnller is a German
by birth, but has been many years in
America and ten or more in New Mexico.
He embodies iu his character in a marked
degree the sterling qualities of his Ger
man ancestry, and besides being a suc
cessful business man is liberal in support
of nil enterprises for the good of the city
and territory. Mr. Walker is a native of
the state of Missouri, and a son of Hon.
J. H. Walker, a prominent politician and
for two or more consecutive terms a Mis
souri state senator.
Muller 4 Walker stand easily in the
front rank as retailers in their line of
trade, and by common consent are cater
ers to the people. .
I. It. Hudson.
Santa Fe is headquarters for the manu
facture of Moxican filigree jewelry.
Among others engngeJ in the business,
Mr. J. R. Hudson is a manufacturer for
both wholesale and retail trade. He em
ploys native workmen only, and, besides
following the best Mexican designs ho
manufactures to order. His sales to the
trade are made through correspondence;
and he has patrons throughout the moun
tain towns and all along the Paoifio
Besides being n manufacturer of filigree
jewelry, Mr. Hudson is a jeweler and re
pairer of watches. He is, being himself
a skilled horologist, enabled to guarantee
all watch work. He carries a good line
of watches in stock; nnd his judgment
of a watch is, by all who know him,
deemed conclusive. Another line, and nn
important one, of Mr. Hudson's is his
agency for the Singer Manufacturing
company. Ho has sub-agents throughout
the county for the sale of this celebrated
sewing machine, and, besides keeping nn
assortment of Singer Sewing Machines in
stook, keeps also a full line of supplies
for all kinds of sewing machines.
Mr. J. R. Hudson is well known
throughout New Mexico and southern
California. He is a native of Ohio, but
oame west in 1879. H was for a time in
the general merchandise business. He
was one of the founders of the town of
Golden, and was its first postmaster. He
established his business in Santa Fe in
1883, Bud, besides his local business,
receives mail orders for cold and silver
filigree jewelry from all over the United
States. Orders received by mail, whether
for wholesale lots or for a single article,
are given alike prompt attention.
In no other line of trade is it so im
portant to patrons that sterling integrity
of character should dominate in its man
agement ns in the jewelry trade. Not
one customer in ten who buys a fine
watch or costly jewel is able to judge of
its real value. How important, then, it
becomes that our jeweler should not only
be a skilled expert, but a man of un
doubted integrity.
Mr. Hudson stands deservedly both in
business circles and ns a citizen. All
patrons may be sure of fair and honor
able treatment from him whether present
in person or otherwise. His goods are
standard, and in all cases of the degree of
fineness stated.
A. J. Flsrhcr,
Wheel riding is now being taught all
over the United States as an accomplish
ment. It is worthy of remark, too, that
the erroneous idea that young people
alone oan enjoy wheeling is fast becom
ing dissipated. Bicycling is at least a
pleasure to be enjoyed by everyone, and
converts to the silent steed from all ages
and classes are daily becoming more
numerous. Never was a sport more uni
versally enjoyed or more generally pro
nounced beneficial by physicians. And,
besides, the wheel is fast being adopted
for practical uses. The greater number
of the four hundred bicycle factories in
Rev. Dr. Parker
s the beloved pastor of the Universal
f st church at Fargo, N. D., and has also
jeen a pastor in Providence, E. I., New
York City and Troy, N. Y. lie says:
"I regard Hood's Sarsaparilla the best
blood purifier, and I have good reason tor
this opinion. I
am now 80 years
of age. Four years
ago I was afflicted
with rheumatism
in my back and
limbs, so badly
that it was impos
sible for me to
get my usual sleep
at night. I nsd
ust partially re
covered from the
grip, which re-
Rn.J.ir.Pk,n.D. ouceumy weigns
BVgo,N. D. ". My appe
tite was poor and I felt languid and weak.
In fact I was In a very dilapidated con
dition. Having heard and read so much
about the wonderful cures produced by
Hood's Sarsaparilla I resolved to give it
a trial. I followed the directions, and be
fore the fifth bottle was finished my ap
petite was restored, I felt
Invigorated and Strong.
My rheumatic difficulty had entirely dis
appeared. I cannot but think very highly
of Hood's Sarsaparilla." J. N. Farxeb. .
parilla Be Sure
to Get Hood's
Hood's Pill axe the best family oatharno
tad liver medicine. Harmless, reliable,
the United States are being run night
and day, and are still unable to keep up
with their orders.
For many years, in fact since before
the days of safety bicycles and pneumatic
tires, Mr. A. J. Fischer has been nu en
thusiastic wheelman. He established his
business in 1891, and, being thoroughly
acquainted with the merits of the differ
ent wheels competing for publio favor,
he secured the ogency for the celebrated
Columbia cycles. In four years Mr.
Fischer has praotioally made this a
"Columbia town," and has probably sold
more wheels in Santa Fe than all other
agents here combined. He now hahdies,
as well, the Hartford bicycles, also made
by the Pope Manufacturing company.
Mr. A. A. Pope, of the Pope Manu
facturing company, is known as the
father of bicycle manufacturing; and
Columbins are the standard for the
world's bicyole construction. But,
pre-eminent and near perfection as Col
umbins have always -been in the past,
each year remarkable improvements are
made that keep them Btill in the lead,
and make them models of litrhtness.
strength, graceful deaign, and finish. It
is also worthy of note that the makers of
the Columbia were the first manufac
turers to reduce the price of the highest
standard bicyole to $100. Another step
toward more fully meeting the demands
of the publio is the offering the present
year, by the Pope Manufacturing com
pany, of the Hartford bicycles, lower
priced, but guaranteed wheels, at $50,
$B0 and $80. Both the Columbia and
Hartford wheels are sold at fixed prices,
the same at Santa Fe as at San Francisco
or New York, and under an absolute
guarantee; and in buying them you have
the double assurance that no one buys
cheaper than you, and that nowhere oan
yoa get. higher quality or bettor valne for
the price you pay.
Mr. Fischer's place of business is at
the postoftice, and his repair shop in the
rear. He has n line of wheels for rent,
and carries a considerable stock of
cyclists' sundries and accessories.
No young business man of Santa Fe is
more widely or favorably known than
Mr. A. J. Fischer. He came to this city
in 1883. In 1887 he returned to St.
Louis, his native city, and graduated
from the College of Pharmaov. and sinoe
then has practiced his profession of
pharmacist in this city. He was recently
appointed assistant postmaster, and on
the first of May entered on his new duties
still retaining and personally conduct
ing his cycle business.
Having n tood Time.
Kiel, June 21. The officers and men
attaohed to the American squadron are
delighted with their visit here, nnd they
expect to remain some days enjoying the
hospitality of the German and other
fleets. After the banquet the American
oflioers were oil presented to Emperor
William and the Duke of York. The
former was extremely affable. He
cordially shook the hands of the Ameri
can officers and had a friendly word for
During his conversation with Admiral
Kirkland Emperor William especially
referred to the great interest shown in
American naval matters. He mentioned
Captain Alfred T. Mahan's book on the
"Influence of Sea Power in History."
Of this work he spoke in woids highly
eulogistic, adding: "I have told all of
my officers to study Captain Mahan's
book well to sleep with it under their
nut n Nllver Convention.
Los Angeles, Cal., June 24. In an in
terview Senator Stephen M. White said
to-day: "I am in favor of a silver con
vention of Democrats of this state if it
will represent the real sentiment of the
Democratic party. In regard to silver
every one knows where I Btaud personal
ly." Olher representative Democrrts
favor calling a silver convention.
lender of a (-ana; or I'roffftHlonnl
Property Burner Lynched.
New Orleans, June 24. In Gretna, a
small town across the river, the body of
John Frye, 22 years old, was found
dangling to a telegraph pole early this
morning. Frye belonged to n gang that
made a business of burning property in
Gretna. In the gang were Frank Strahl,
a nephew of the sheriff; Jas. White, a
nephew of the chief of police, and Gustavo
Raphael. Last night the gang were
caught setting fire to a disorderly house
occupied by negroes. Raphael, Strahl
and White were arrested, Frye wasaB-
tured later, and, while taking him to jaity .
his captors Were overpowered and their
prisoner taken from them. That was
the last seen of Frye until his body was
seen this morning.
New York, June 24. Money on call
nominally easy at 1 per cent; prime mer
cantile paper, 2J 8.
Silver, 66" ,; lead, $3.12'.
Chicago. Cattle, slow and steady.
Sheep, quiet and barely steady.
Kansas City. Cattle, market steady
for choice, and market for others weak;
Texas steers, $3.00 $4.80; Texas eows,
$2.15 $3.!)0; beef steers, $3.85 $5.M;
native cows, $2.00 $3.05; stockers and
feeders, r 0 $4 25; bulls, $2.00
$2 60. Sheep, steady to 10 cents hightr.
Chicago. Wheat, June 69 Jg ; July 70 ;
Corn, June 47 Vi ; July 48. Oats, June
2C'; July 26.
Daily, English Weekly and Spanish
Weekly editions, will be found on
sale at the following newsdepoto,
where subscriptions may also bo
A. C. Teichman, Cerrillos.
8. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City.
J. B. Hodgen, Doming.
0. 0. Stiller, Hillsborough.
B. Dailey, East Las Vegas.
L. B. Allen, La Vegas.
Ban Felipe, Albuquerque
Jacob Weltmer, Oity.
Fletcher ft Arnold, Bland, N. M. .

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