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The Daily M Mexican
Notice is hereby given that orders given
by employe upon the New Mexican Printing
Co., will not be honored unless previously
endorsed by the business manager.
Requests for bnek number! of the New
Mexican, must stute date wanted, or they
will receive no attention.
Advei'ttNiuc Itates.
Wanted One eeut a word each insertion.
Local Ten cents per line each insertion.
Heading Local Preferred position Tweu-ty-Hve
crtuts per line each insertion.
Displayed 'J' wo dollars an inch, single
column, per month in Daily. One dollar an
inch, sinirle column, in either English or
Kiinntsii Veeklv.
Additional prices and particular! given on
receipt of copy of matter to be inserted.
Prices vary according to nmouut of matter,
length of time to run, position, number of
changes, etc.
One copy only of each paper in which an
u afi pours win te sent tree.
Wood base electros not, nnceotnil.
s No display udvertisemeuts accepted for less
m:in ji net, per month.
No reduction in prico made for "every
other dav" advertisements.
0. S. Dkpahtmknt of Agriculture,
Wkatubh Uuhkau Office o Ohsriivkr
Santa Fe, July 10. 1895
33 gas?? ? a 2 r J,
o tz$ZB B a 5- a -j? go
3 CSS? 3 2: Is - 5
3 3 ? f P-S, ? -
C:00a. ro. 2:1 i M 79 NK 2 Cldy
BtUOp. m. g;t Hi) .fill 77 1 S 18 Cldy
Maximum Temperature 73
Minimum Temperature 53
Total Precipitation 0.22
H. b. h bksky. observer.
Are you taking Simmons Liver Reo
vlator, the "King op Liver Medi
cines?" That is what our reader
want, and nothing but that. It is the
same old friend to which the old folks
pinned their faith and were never dis
appointed. But another good recom
mendation for it is, that it is better
than Pills, never gripes, never weak
ens, but works in such an easy and
natural way, just like nature itself, that
relief comes quick and sure, and one
feels new ail over. It never fails.
Everybody needs take a liver remedy,
ar.rl everyone should take only Sini
inoiia Liver Regulator.
Be sure you get it. The Red K
in on tbe wrapper. J. II. Zeilia &
Gfc Pliiladelulila.
Feed and
Confectionery Nuts.
lew lrop Canned ool
Patent Imperial Clour
Chasr--Nanborn's Teas and Coffees
"Their Bread, Pies and
Cakes can't be Bent.
Telephone No. 4
J. T. FORSHA, Prop.
fl (ID n. n.n located in the ltnsl
wkmu i "J Corner of IMaicii
Special rates by the week or month
for table board, with or without
A. F. & A. M.
Montezuma Lodge, No. 1, meets on the
first Mondny evening of each month at
7:30 o'clock, in the Masonio ball, in tbe
Kahn block, Han Francisco St. Visiting
brethren are fraternally invited.
, W.8. Habbocn, W. M.
F. 8. Davis, Sec.
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
to pure or so great In leav
wing power as the Royal,
Mercks', Sqnibbs' and Wyetlis' Prep
arations used at the Prescrip
tion Counter.
The Board of Trade to Discuss Its
Status Gov. Thorntou's Letter
to the Secretary of the
A meeting of the Board of Trade has
been called to assemble in its new rooms
at Secretary Knaebel's offioe at i p. rn.
to-morrow to disooss the status of the
Fort Maroy tract. Citizens generally are
invited to participate. On this import
ant question for Santa Fe the following
self-explanatory letter was mailed yester
day: Honorable Secretary of the Interior, Wash
ington, D. C
Santa Fe, N.M., Jnly 9, 181)5. Dear
Sir: I have the honor to call your atten
tion to the matter of the Fort Marcy
reservation, situated within the limilB of
the city of Santa Fe, and upon a portion
of the Santa Fe grant as confirmed by
the court of private land olaims.
It is understood here that It is the in
tention of yonr department to offer this
reservation for Bale at an early date. It
is the Opinion of those best informed
upon the question that this property,
being a part of the original Santa Fe
grant a oommnnity grant wns in law
commons and passed to the city of Santa
Fe, subjeot, of oourse, to the govern
ment's possessory right; that, at the time
of the occupation of the country, the
government took possession of such
portion of the city ooinmons as it re
quired for military and other purposes,
continuing to use it up to the present
time. In view of this faot we believe
that it is only a mntter of justice that, in
plaoe of offering this property for Bale,
there is an equitable right upon the part
of the city of Santa Fe to have it turned
over to the city. We admit that we could
make no legal demand upon tho govern
ment that could be enforced, bnt as a
matter of justice and in the interest of
Santa Fe, I respectfully request that you
consider this phase of the esse, and, if
consistent with your views, that in place
of selling the property it be turned over
to the city to be nsed either as a bu mur
ium or for Buch other purposes as may
be deemed proper. If it is not in the
power of your department to do this
oould yon not retain the property in its
present oonuition until congressional
action could be had?
Hoping you may give this matter fav
orable consideration, I remain,
Yours very respeotfully,
Signed W. T. Thornton,
Attend the Board of Trade meeting at
4 p. m. to-morrow.
Mrs. Ella J. Lockhnrt has just com
pleted a contract with W. L. Trimble, of
Albuquerque, to hanl 1,000 tons of ore
from the Crown Point mine, in Cochiti
district, to Thornton.
Smooth lines are laid nowadays for
the Santa Fe oounty farmers and fruit
growers. Another shower last evening
was followed by a soaking rain this
morning and then came the genial sun
shine to give renewed vigor to all vege
tation. The unpleasant scrap growing out of
the recent base ball game has been com
promised as far as Qua O'Brien, William
Nowell and R. Fsselbach are oonoerned
and these young men have been released
from bonds on payment of oosts. Frank
and Geo. Cassino, Mrs. Parsons and her
three sons are still under $200 peace
Mr. S. Smith, one of the hardest work
ers in the Cochiti district, came in from
Bland yesterday with two wagon loads of
empty beer kegs, and returned this morn
ing with his wagons loaded with Santa
Fe beer for the Option sample rooms,
where the amber-hued neotar, as brewed
in this city, is always kept on draught
and is one of the real attractions of the
United States Marshal Hall is home
from a trip to the lower Pecos valley. He
reports the country looking fine below
Roswell and says the opinion prevails
there that construction work will very
shortly commenoe on the Pecos railroad
extension to the Texas Panhandle. The
Hampson construction outfit is still in
camp near Roswell awaiting orders from
Mr. Hugerman to oommenoe work.
The St. Michael college management
should adopt a rule barring off the ball
grounds every player who uses profane
or indecent language. A repetition of
last Sunday's episode by players from
the city who are in no wise oonnected
with the college will serve to greatly in
jure the cause of field sports hero and
prevent spectators from visiting the
Delegate T. 1). Catron has returned
from a trip to Denver.
Hon. Louis Sulzbnoher, of Kansas City
and Las Vegas, came up from Albuquer
que yesterday.
Are Pure
Sweet Gentle
And Most
BtnnN m mMdllr tffocttn. Boll timrailurat the
world. Brltl.il dwell funnis NlfflMT C Rout, I,
Klni EdvinUt., London, rmu JMvo Cum.
Cow., MoU Prop, Boiton. Q. 8. A.
Mr. Qerson Qnrdorf is now at the head
of the Red River Mercantile company at
Red River City, N. M.
Distriot Attorney J. H. Crist left this
morning on a ten days' business trip to
Lumberton, Chama and vicinity.
At the Exohange, W. C. Rogers, Cer
rillos; G, H. Hartman, Las Vegas; J. N.
Ortiz, Ortiz, Colo.; S. Alexander, Sooorro.
Judge T. 0. Fuller, of the United States
court of private land claims, and his son,
Jones Fuller, have left Las Vegas hot
springs for Denver.
At the Palace: J. A. Shedd, 1 Paso;
Mrs. E. L. Gilbort, Albuquerque; Louis
Sulzbaciier, J. D. W. Veeder, Las Vegas;
Mrs. H. L. Ehler, Cincinnati.
Messrs. W. C. Rogors, of Cerrillos, and
Geo. W. Hartman, of Las Vegas, were in
the city last night ou business conneoted
with the site for the projected smelter.
Hon. Triuidad Alarid left yesterday for
a month's visit to tho City of Mexico.
He was accompanied by his daughters,
Mrs. Beatriz A. de Ortiz and Miss Carlota
Mr. R. M. Foree and family left for
Denver this morning to spend the sum
mer. Mr. Foree holds a good block of
stook in the Novelty Envelope oompany,
of Denver, and his many friends here
hope that it may Boon bring him hand
some dividends.
Southern New Mexico Hooded Rail
roads Washed Out Galisteo
Booming Hailstorm at
Ojo Caliente.
News comes to the New Mkxioan of
heavy rains, amounting in some places to
destructive floods, in southern New Mex
ico yesterday and the day before. The
downpour was especially heavy between
Sooorro and Deming, doing much damage
to the A., T. & S. F. road bed, culverts
and bridges. It was particularly disaB'
trous in the neighborhood of Nutt sta
tion. It is reported that nine bridges
and a mile cf track were swept away be
tween Rincon and Deming, that it is iuv
possible to get from Rincon to Hillsboro,
and that the Silver City branch is cut off
by bad washouts. No information has
been reoeived as to the damage to grow
ing crops, but it is doubtless considera
ble. A cloudburst occurred in the Glorieta
region. This sent acres of drift-wood
down upon the railroad track, delaying
trains several hours, and trains on the
Atlantio & Pacific were tied up by the
loss of fonr bents of the bridge at Rio
Pnerco, Bixty feet in all, which were
swept away by the angry waters. The
railroad companies are doing all in their
power to ropair the damages, but it will
probably be several days before order is
restored. Arrangements have been made
to transfer passengers and baggage at
K10 Puerco.
Later advices are thnt the Southern
Pacific is washed ont badly below El Paso
and Deming.
Mr. Dan Taylor came in from Cerrillos
this morning. He reports that, during
his long residence in south Santa Fe
oonnty, ho never saw the Galisteo river
so high as it was yesterday.. It was run
ning bank fnll and for a time the Galisteo
flats were flooded. No serious damage,
however, was done about Cerrillos.
Hon. Antonio Joseph writes from Ojo
Caliente, under date of yesterday, as fol
lows: "We had a very disastrous hail storm
here yesterday that almost destroyed all
our crops. Some of the bail stones
weighed one ounce."
In the same mail Mr. Joseph sent a
significant order to W. U.Goebel for three
boxes of window glnss, putty eto.
Champion Livery Stable for Solo,
Having other business that demands
onr attention we have oonclnded to offer
this business for sale, either as a whole or
by individual sales. Our business con
sists of a complete livery outfit, a string
of No. 1 single drivers and pole teams,
snrrics, buggies, robes, whips, harness, in
fact one of the best eqniped barns in
New Mexico. We "have in connection a
boarding department with n nice string
of permanent boarders all No. 1 paying
customers. This business is open for in
vestigation and is well worth the trouble
of doing so. J. W. Bowden, Manager.
10,000 Celery Plnnta.
For Balo, fine golden heart celery
plants. Joseph Elster.
Poll Tax.
Notice is hereby given that the time
for pnymont of poll tax for sohool pur
poses has been extended to August 1, '95.
Parties who fail to pay their taxes by
that time will be prosecuted aocording to
law. By order of the board of educa
tion of the city of Santa Fe.
H. 8. Lbiz, clerk.
Three Residents of Raton, Mistaken
for Officers, Held Up by the
.Starkville Desperadoes.
On Monday evening, between 6 and 7
o'clook, as Celso Chavez, Ysaias Chavez
and Urban Urtado, were walking along
the Sugarite road at the southwest cor
ner of the Raton cemetery, they were met
by Leandro Martinez and Pedro Baca,
the men charged with murdering ChaB.
Allen, nt Starkville, early on Sunday
morning. The desperadoes ordered the
three men to throw up their hands, whioh
they complied with in a hurry, as one of
tho desperadoes covered them with a
Winchester, while the other searched them,
but finding nothing turned them loose.
Urban Urtado inquired, says the Re
porter, why they were held up and was
told by Martinez that they thought they
were officers of the law and that they de
sired to meet the local officers. One of
the desperadoes had on four revolvers and
a Winchester, the other was armed with
two revolvers and n Winchester.
It is supposed Martinez aud Baca were
in hiding in Chihnhua all day Monday
and were out for a constitutional. Dnring
the night Oflloers Gray, Calvin and Bob
Lee were on the lookout but were unable
to find them. It is reported that they
came on the Rnton side of the track be
tween 11 and 13 o'clock and it is sup-
Eosed that they are now in one of the
ousel on the other side of the track.
Meeting1 of Stockholders Called in
New York Stock Assessed to Pay
Outstanding' Indebtedness
Prospect that It Will
Be Worked.
The stockholders of the New Mexioo
Mining & Milling company, which con
trols the Ortiz Mine grant in sooth Santa
Fe county, will hold a speoial meeting in
New York City, on July 29, for the prin
cipal purpose of disposing of the out
standing indebtedness of the company
and placing its affairs in such shape that
it can proceed to the active and system
atic development of its immensely valu
able gold properties without embarrass
ment. Preliminary to this meeting an
assessment of $2.50 per share has been
levied on the stockholders.
The managing directors of tho oom
pany, Senator S. B. Elkins, of West Vir
ginia, Mr. L. M. Lawson, of Boston, ' and
Mr. R. 0. Kerens, of St. Louis, with Mr.
Thomas Moore, jr., of New York, offi
ciating as secretary, make the following
statement to the stockholders:
Indebtedness incurred since 1886 for
which notes are outstanding. . ... ..$47,261 fi8
Amount due to watchmuu and secre
tary for services 3,210 00
Taxes and sundries estlmuted for
this year 4,500 00
Total to be provided for $54,971 68
In this connection it is explained that
this amount covers a period of nearly
nine years, during whioh the company
borrowed money, hoping to be able to
dispose of the property.
A statement of the fact that Mr. Sam
H. Elkins, brother of the senator, has
been engaged for months in making quiet
explorations of the Ortiz Mine grant
with a view to ascertaining the gold pro
ducing possibilities thereof and that in
the course of his investigation he has
made trial runs on ore from the Cun
ningham and other mines of the grant at
the old Wolff Btamp mill, will aid the
reader to understand what now is the
probable plan of the oompnny. As it is
understood that these trial runs have
proved most satisfactory, the company
now doubtless contemplates making its
grant a source of constant profit rather
than expense by means of energetic de
velopment. Unquestionably the hills and
placers of this grant, which in the years
gone have yielded richly, oontain mil
lions more of the yellow stuff, and the
prospect that they will Boon be intel
ligently worked is most gratifying to the
people of this region.
The New Mexican promises to keep
done watch on the movements of the
Ortiz grant owners and will not fail
promptly to report such things of inter
est as transpire.
In Your lllood
Is the oause of that tired, languid feeling
whioh afflicts you at this season. The
blood is impure and has become thin and
poor. That is why you have no strength,
no appetite, can not sleep. Purify your
blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla, which
will give you an appetite, tone your
stomach, and invigorate yonr nerves.
Hood's Pills are easy to take, easy in
aotion and sure in effct. 25o.
John MoCuliough Havana cigars at
Colorado saloon.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
- "nrty Years the Standard.
School Teachers.
Notice is hereby given that the regular
annual examination of applicants for
public sohool teaoherships in Santa Fe
oounty will take place at the oounty court
house July 2G and 27, 1895. The board
of examiners consists of Distriot Attorney
J. H. Crist, Mrs. Maud L. Hurt and the
undersigned. C'osmb Hkbbbba,
County School Superintendent.
Wanted: A wide awoke man to make
a systematic distribution of our new
work. Everybody wants it! Everybody
gets it. Few can do without it. The
easiest method of making money fast
and at the samu time please everyone to
whom you g ve a copy absolutely free.
We pay from $110 to $150 in oash for dis
tributing our goods. All our representa
tives average at least $10 a day. Give
reference and full particulars. Address
American Cash Coupon Co., 1020 Chest
nut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
4iiolng to Mexico In July?
Heart failure or ncrvons prostration
never known south of the Rio Grande. It
is not necessary to work yourself to
death to keep up with the procession.
Even railroad travel is cheap there. To
see a whole republic from the windows
of a fast express train at a cost of about
-1 cent a mile for railroad ticket may
sound like a joke; but It isn't.
Tickets on sale over Santa Fe route .to
City of Mexico and return, July 8 to 20,
at a very low rate.
Being satisfied that if you have once
used a flat-opening book, you will al
ways use them, and in order to get
you to try one the New Mexican
Printing Co. of Santa Fe, will sell you
uuuuu ,u iiui icauiu, wiui uatoub
name ana tne numDer, or letter, or tne
book on the back in gilt letters, at the
following low prices:
II r. (4uO naceci) Csah Book S5.SO
6fr.(4H0 Journal - . 0.00
7 nr. (500 " ) Lenger 7.50
They are made with pages 10Uxl6
inches, of a good ledger paper with
round cornered covers. - The books
are made in our bindery and we guar
antee every one of them.
Clothing .Wade to Order
Carry a full and select line of H ATM,
CAPM. ULOVKH, etc., and every
thlinr found in a first-elaas establish
ment. ' ' - -
C. IRELAND, Jr., Prop.
Highest Honors World' Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
The Chicago Tribune Calls on the
Governor for Facts Concern
ing Business.
In .response to a telegraphio inquiry
from the Chicago Tribune respecting the
business outlook in Mew Mexioo, Gov.
Thornton has sent the following:
"The most important industries of the
territory are gold and silver mining, the
raising of-oattle and sheep, and agricul
ture, horticulture and viniculture by
means of irrigation, all of whioh indus
tries, except silver mining, are in a
flourishing condition. The re-opening of
the old gold mines and the discovery of
new oamps have largely inoreasea tne goia
produot, while a most excellent season
gives promise of an abundant harvest,
and the completion of several irrigation
enterprises will greatly increase the
aoreage under cultivation. The abundant
rains insure a good supply of grass for
range stock, which, with an advance of 60
per cent in the price of wool and over 25
per cent in the value of cattle, will serve
to give the greatest aotivity to tnose in
dustries, and the general outlook gives
promise of a renewal of business enter
prises and a most prosperous year." ;
The Champion has some horses and
rigs for sale. Mow is your time to buy
a nice driver oneap.
riillifrKl u ill
when her private
classes reassemble
1.. UnntSn.l... nlc.
lJJ.ii -M a niiiumgni . -' niv . .
approved principles, assisted by another
lliuruuguiy liuiueu i vuuiier.
Fine MoBrayer whisky at Colorado sa
Milk Punoh 10 ots a glass at the 0olo
rado saloon. "
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
OTICE to tourists in regard to
rtation from Glorieta to
the Upper Pecos River. Address
J. W. Harrison
Glorieta, N. M.
Is King!
l.Kllt MU'OHB
Mpcctly Handsome
Wrights; 18 10 25 Pounds.
E. W. Franz, Agt
The highest prioes paid for second
hand goods. Your furniture will be
taken, overhauled and repaired and
sold on small commission. Give him
a oall before buying new or auction
ing off your old household Roods.
Henry Krict
, ZBJbUJU-bCr.
The trade supplied from one bot
tle to a carload.- Mail orderi
- promptly filled.
Wuadalnpe St. Maata Ve.
Santa Fe, New Mexioo.
Designated Depositary
R. J. Palen
J. H. Vaughn
All kinds of Sough tad TtaUhed LuBtber; Texas Mooring at
tbe Lowest Market Prt: windftwi and Soon. Aim carry on a
general Transfer Business imi deal in Say and Grata.
p5 . .
PR g W 01
!Z I S fir -5 Sc-
H 1 If
H I S I i 1 j .'gj
y 1 S 5 S2
u ' 5 a 1 2
ma . B I 22
M a I d
3 a s g 3 s 1
T J g g H I
In eyery instance or your money
will be cheerfully re- ,
Jewels are the brightest things that
come to hand. Come to us for jewelry
of every description. There is much to
admire in onr display of sparkling gems
ard artistic novelties, for the simple
reason that our assortment is remarkable
for nothing so much as it is for its com
prehensiveness. It is only necessary to
look at what we have to see that this is
the case. It is missing much to miss see
ing our stock. Your eyes must describe
it to you, as wo oan not attempt the task.
Seeing is knowing, and in this case,
knowing is almost equivalent to buying,
onr prices are so reasonable.
of the United States
- Cashier

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