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NO 125
1 V,!1
We have' a full line of Picture Frames and Mouldings and in fact
everything in the household line. We will furnish you from the
parlor to the kitchen on easy payments and bedrock prices. We
carry the largest stock in the city. We repair all kinds of furni
ture, sewing machines and muscal instruments. Remake mat
tresses and all kinds of upholstering.
Come and See Us!
Our special aim is to please everyone with reasonable prices
and as good an article as the market affords.
There is nothing better than
S. S.
Staple ail Fancy Orocerii
Boss Patent Flour.
Club House Canned Goods.
Hesston Creamery Butter.
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
. examine our stock and gee our low prices.
Office and Warehouse
Oanta Fo, - -
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And other things needed for painting
anything and everything from a small
box or a chair to a house, inside or oat,
will be found in our stock. Painting,
when you do much of it, costs too much
to be done badly. You might much better
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with some miserable stuff that will be
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and getting something that you can
wager ten to one is a first-olass article
and full value for the money it costB.
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
Phone 53
Lower 'Frisco St.
- New Mexico.
Dastardly Treatment of Rider Hagr
grard, the Famous Novelist, While
Visiting: Polling Places.
Pelted with Mud and Stones Ladies
of His Party Badly Hurt
Beautiful British Election
London, July 20. If further evidenoe
was needed of the bra tali ty of English
mobs on election day it was famished
yesterday in the eastern Norfolk district,
where H. Rider Haggard, the novelist,
was the Conservative candidate. He made
a tour of the district in a foar-horse drag
and was repeatedly pelted with mad and
stones. Near Ladham, Miss Cartnp, a
member of Haggard's party, was out on
the head by flying missiles, and at Stal
ham the party was obliged to take refuge
in a hotel, which was beseiged by a mob
of 800 persons, who fled when the polioe
appeared. Haggard returned to North
Walsham, escorted by mounted polioe.
Miss Cartnp was too ill to be moved.
At Walsham, Haggard made a speech, in
whioh he said that, in all his travels, he
had not seen such dastardly conduct.
Haggard was defeated, the vote standing:
East Norfolk, R. J. Price, Liberal sitting
member, 1,678; Rider Haggard, Conserva
tive, 4,480; Liberal majority, 198; loss of
Weekly Hank 'statement.
New York, Jaly 20. The weekly bank
statement is as follows: Reserve, in
crease, $5,085,825; loans, deorease, $4,165,
500; specie, increase, $104,400; legal ten
ders, increase, $5,068,500; deposits, in
crease, $348,800; circulation, increase,
$59,900. The banks hold $38,491,125 in
excess of legal requirements.
New York, July 20. Money on oall
nominally easy at 1 1 per cent; prime
mercantile paper, 3 3.
Silver, 66 ; lead, $3.20.
Chicago. Cattle, market steady. Sheep
Kansas City. Cattle, market steady to
strong; Texas Bteers,$1.75 $3.80; Texas
cows, $2.00 $2.80; beef steers, $3.55 &
$3.80; native cows, $1.00 $3.85;stockers
and feeders, $2.25 $4.45; bulls, $2.00
$3.60. Sheep, steady.
Chicago. Wheat, July, 66jf; Ang.,664.
Corn, July, 43; Sept., 43Jg. Oats, July,
23; Sept., 22.
Mix Cities Id the Field for the Next
Rational Republican Convention.
Columbus, Ohio, July 20. Hon Will
iam Hahn, seoretary of the National Re
publican executive committee, said last
evening that he met Chairman Carter of
the national oommittee some days since
and they disoussed the probable time of
the next meeting of that organization and
contended that it ought to be some time
in September or Ootober.
Mr. Hahn said : "I think it well to make
it as early as September or October, so
as to give any one of the several cities
which are applicants to secure the location
of the convention ample time in whioh to
prepare. I would vote and use what
influence I have in favor of either Cleve
land or Cincinnati, provided they are
"I am in receipt of a large number of
letters, among the cities being Chicago,
Pittsburg, St. Louis and San Franoisoo,
with some liberal promises. The people
nf the Pacific ooast are most earnest and
Postmistress Ilnrned.
San Diego, Oal., July 20. The post
office and an adjoining grocery store, at
La Ptessa, fifteen miles east of here, were
burned last night, and the body of Mrs.
Louise Sohaeffer, the postmistress, was
round in the rains to-day.
- Defender Wins a Knee.
Highlands, N. J., Jaly 20. In the yaoht
race to-day the Defender, the new yacht,
beat the Vigilant by about three minutes
over a thirty mile coarse.
Harvey Conies Mtrongly to the front
In Muuport of II In Side of the
Coinage Debate.
Chioago, July 20. The fourth day of
the Horr-Harvey silver contention
opened in the Illinois clab at 1 o'clock
this afternoon. Mr. Harvey opened the
talk with a statement of the points so far
established. They .were that prior to
1873 gold and silver were the money of
the constitution; that silver was the unit
of value tip to that time; that the debtor
was permitted to pay in the cheaper
money, and that silver was not demone
tized beoause of ady over production at
the time the .-act ' of 1878 was passed.
Taking up the debate proper, Mr. Harvey
denied that he had" at any time tried to
impeaoh the integrityof the Amerioan
people, but he did not propose to allow
corrupt legislators to throw the mantle
of national' honesty around them for
their own protection. The speaker
reeogniied the integrity of the Amerioan
people and it was to that he appealed.
The speaker then resumed his statement,
interrupted at the close of the talk on
Thursday, of the various steps leading np
to the passing of the act of 1873.
Officers of Baptist Union,
Baltimore, Jaly 20. In the Baptist
convention to-day the announcement was
made that Frank L. Wilkins, general sec
retary of the anion, was unanimously re
elected by the board of managers; W. H.
Merritt, re-eleoted as business manager,
and H. A. Guppy, elected managing editor
of the Baptist Union.
Mllver Meeting at Anstin.
Austin, Tex., Jaly 20. At tho silver
meeting, called for to-day by ex-Qov. J.
8. Hogg, ex-Treasurer E. R. Lubbock
and others, to eleot delegates to the Ft.
Worth silver convention, just seventy
persons were present, half of whom were
Populists. Qov. Hogg made a speeoh,
denonnoing Cleveland aud Carlisle, and
said that their aotlon in selling bonds
was perfidious.
Electric Storm In Kansus.
Ellsworth, as., July 20. A severe
electrio storm passed over Ellsworth
oonnty, abont 3 o'clock this morning.
Lightning struck the house of Eli Ma
Henry, instantly killing Eli McHenry,
Ed Crimes and Frank Brown. They leave
large families.
Heirs to .Millions.
Cincinnati, July 20. A Bpeoial to the
Commeroial-Gazette from Greensburg,
Ind., says: E. R. Forsythe, cashier of
the First National bank of this oity, and
Mrs. C. H. Robertson, wife of a farmer
near Adams, are direct descendants of
Lord Antrim and heirs to his vast estate
in Ireland, valued at $75,000,000.
Rebels Triumphant.
New York, July 20. a dispatch to the
World from Caracas, Venezuela, says:
The government troops under Col. Yliar
rn have been defeated at Valencia, after
a fierce three hours battle. The govern
ment lost twenty killed, fifty wounded
and seventy-eight captured. The prison
ers joined the rebels and fought their
former comrades.
For Violating the Sunday l.uw In
Chicago-Will I'luy in Itclluure
of Law To-morrow.
Chioago, July 20. Captain Anson and
hiB National league base ball players were
fined $3 and costs each to-day fur viola
tion of the Sunday law in plnying on
Sunday. The base ball people immedi
ately took an appeal. President Hari
said that to-morrow's game would be
played, and that, if arrests were made,
the men would simply pay tho fines and
go ahead.
Turkish Troops Defeated.
St. Louis, July 20. A (ilobe-Democrat
special oable from Sofia, says: A serious
fight has taken place on the Turko-Mace-donian
frontier between 5,000 insurgents
and the Turkish troops. The latter were
defeated with a loss of 600.
Oood Crops Assured Throughout the
threat Lone sitar State.
Houston, Texas, July 20. The Daily
Post has just completed a thorough in
vestigation of the present conditions in
Texas. Good crops are assured throngh
oat the agricultural sections, aud nil of
Texas may be classed as an agricultural
country, for, in the portions of the state
where rain is cot of the required amount,
irrigation is successfully resorted to. The
tide of immigration has been steady for
years, showing 1 per cent of increase
each year. The large traots of lands,
which have been held many years for
oattle range, one oow to the aore, are be
ing cut up into farms for practical agri
culturists from the states and old coun
tries. An Arizona Kick.
Phoenix, Ariz., July 20. The following
is a copy of a letter received by Gov
ernor Hughes yesterday from Dr. Cuneo,
the Italian consul at Denver:
Congress Mine, June 80, 1(505.
"To the Honorable Italian Consul, Den
ver: "Dear SirYou are hereby notified
that all of your 'subjects' who are not
oitizens of the United States by being in
the country for at least five years must
leave this camp by August 1, 1895, or we
shall take heroic-means to see that they
do leave on that date. If you value the
lives of your 'subjects' and have any in
fluence wtth them, yon will give them ad
vioe to leave. They are obnoxious and
working under wages by paying monthly
installments to the foreman of the mine,
and such things will not be tolerated any
longer. Xours respectfully,
"(Signed) Minebb' Cohmittei.
"P. S. By giving these immediate at
tention you will prevent trouble."
Uood Times in Might.
Washington, July 20. On his return
from the weBt and northwest Secretary
Lamont said: "It was -said the whole
country was experiencing a renewal of
prosperity and that the pec pie were con
tented and satisfied with the outlook. All
the crops are in tho best possible condi
tion and the reports from the various
seotions of the country indicate a great
product for the year. The railroads are
all preparing for au immense amount of
business. The president of one of the
roads told me tbey were getting ready to
haul 75,000,000 bushels of wheat on his
road. All this, they said, indicated gen
eral prosperity and contentment among
the western people."
Novel Scheme of Knights or Labor to
Curtail the rower of National
Washington, July 20. The Times
prints the outlines of a manifesto to be
issued by Master Workman Sovereign, of
the K. of L., for the boycott of all na
tional banks. It wilt be addressed to
the E. of L., the Farmers' Alliance, the
People's party, reform clubs and kindred
sooieties, reciting "the wrongs of the toil
ing thousands and their sufferings at the
hands of the money making powers," and
a call for a boyoott of national bank
notes in all dealings between individuals.
It is to go into effect September 1.
Washington, Secretary Carlisle ex
presses the opinion that no serions re
salts would follow such boycott.
His conclusion was based upon figures
regarding the circalatloa of national
bank notes. The amount of these out
standing Jane 1, 181(5, was only $206,
579,490 and of this amount abont $20,
000,000 are held by banks. National bank
notes never have been made legal tender
by statute, so it is true it would be im
possible to force any person tn accept
them in individual transactions. They
are, however, available for nse by the
government in payment for all its obli
gations except for interest on the pub
lic debt and redemption of national cur
rency. They are also receivable by the
government as taxes, excises, for publio
lands and for all the obligations due the
government sxoept duties of imports.
Seotton 6, paragraph 196, provides that
uational banks are compelled to aocept
these notes as legal tender.
Disclosures that Point to Holmes as a
Kidnapper as Well as a Mur
derer of Children.
Hunting for the Body of the Williams
Girl Three Partly Charred Human
Ribs and Part of a Woman's
Shoe Found Holmes Says
He Can Prove an
Chioago, July 20. Some years ago
Chicago was startled by the bold kidnap
ing of Little Annie Redmon, daughter of
a south side blacksmith. Her abductors,
while keeping their identity a secret, ad
mitted in notes to the parents of the child
that their sole object was to hold her for
a big ransom. The kidnapping, as after
ward proved, was done by Mrs. Guerly,
who was sentenced to five years in the
penitentiary. Mrs. Guerly refused to talk
muoh abont the oase, but threw out hints
about having done the job at the instiga
tion of other parties. Since the exposure
of the Holmes rascality it has been ascer
tained that the Guerlys were not only
neighbors of his, but , were on intimate
terms socially with him. It is clear
enough now, to those who have investi
gated the matter, that the mysterious
ubduction of the Redmon ohild was a job
pnt np by Holmes, and that he used the
Guerlys, over whom he had some queer
control, as tools.
Search for the body of the missing
Williams girl was begun early to-day in a
house in Knglewood, formerly ocoupied
by the alleged murderer, H. H. Holmes.
YeBterday's developments had led to the
belief that evidences of the supposed
crime were concealed somewhere about
the house, and the suspicion of the neigh
bors and deteottves pointed strongly to
ward a large cellar, in which a disagree
able odor had been detected. Every foot
in the cellar will bo dng up.
Chicago. An examination of the large
grate of the Holmes stove to-day resulted
in another Btartling discovery, when
three charred bones, resembling human
ribs, were found among the ashes. The
finding of the three supposed ribs, with
a partly burned woman's shoe, the but
tons and pieces of the cloth, was con
sidered by the polioe as practically prov
ing at least that a portion of the body of
a woman had been cream a ted.
Philadelphia. The Press to-day prints
an interview with H.H. Holmes.who insists
that he can prove an alibi with reference
to the murder of the Pietsel ohildron, in
Toronto, and Minnie Williams in Chi
cago, and says that the authorities here
can not prove that Pietsel was murdered
in this city.
Chicago. Later. Late this afternoon
a bunon ot numan hair was found in a
ohimney of the Holmes house by news
paper reporters. The hair was pro
nounced that of a woman. The appear
ance of :he locks led to the belief that
they had been burned from the head and
drawn up the stove-pipe.
Sentenced to Be Hanged.
Chicago, July 20, Silveria Borelli was
sentenced to be hanged by Judge Stein
to-dBy. He killed Domiuiok Parento on
last Thanksgiving day. Borelli 'u wife
fainted when the sentence was given and
was carried unconscious from the oonrt
Firemen Injured.
Philadelphia, July 20. While going to
a fire to-day tho hose cart overturned. C.
Riders' skull was fractured and he died
in a few minutes. Peter Collins, W. Mo-
Mahon, Wm. Murphy and Pat O'Connell
received seriona in j Dries.
Mnratoga Begat tn.
New York, July 28. The regatta pro
gram of the National association of ama
teur oarsmen was completed at Saratoga
lake this morning, by the rowing of the
deoiding heat in the single sculls. Chi
cago won by two lengths.
In a feud fight at Larned, Miss., be
tween the MoRae and Terrill factions,
fifty-two shots were exohanged. Two
men were killed, one was mortally
wounded and several were seriously in
jured. 4 At Washington, it is stated author
itatively that no assurances have been
given to Mgr. Satoli that the papal de
cree regarding the Knights of Pythias
would be reconsidered, with a view to its
modification and possible annulment.
The fruit crop report of the agricul
tural department for July shows a mater
ial deoline in condition, particularly ae
regards peaches and apples. Frosts have
done muoh damage to grapes, and spe
cially la tne more northern belt and cen
tral west.
At Denver little Lillian May Alnutt,
over whom her relatives are waging war,
is now under the eye of the sheriff and
will so remain until this afternoon, when
Judge Johnson will hear the case on its
merits. ne child's latlier is not "a
wealthy resideut of Riuoon," as stated
in the dispatches. He is a traveling barber
and onoe lived at Kincon for a few weeks.
Helping Out Waller.
Kansas City, Kas., Jaly 20. State Rep
resentative J. K. Cnbbison, of this city,
has reoeived a letter from Paul Bray, a
stepson of John L. Waller, the ex-United
States oonsul at Tamatave, Madagascar,
who is now in the French prisoa Chateau
d'If. Ia the letter Bray asks Waller's
Kansas City friends to raise $500 to loan
him nntil he gets a settlement from the
Freuoh government, against which he has
made three separato claims for indemnity.
It is probable that a publio meeting will
oe caiiea to raise the money, waller for
merly lived here, and his friends are muoh
oonoerned over the sudden tarn of events
whioh has landed him in prison on a
twelve-years' sentence and left his family
unprotected and unprovided for in Mada
gascar. Miss Gulliford will.
when her private
classes reassemble
In Nnntfmihnr. also
open a kindergarten on the most modern and
approved principle, axslated by another
thoroughly trained teacher.
Highest of all in Leavening
The Texas Ministers Will Not Permit
the Great Fight ou Texas
Galveston Has a Pull and Dan Stuart
Will Look Into Its Propo
sition. Dallas, Texas, July 20. At the Corbett
Fitzsimmons athletic headquarters an
order was received for 250 $20 seats. It
was aocompanied by a check, for $5,000
Work is progressing on the big building,
the seating capacity of whioh is 52,000,
but the opposition to the fight is devel
oping so much strength that it may go
Galveston wishes to get the contest.
The capitalists and business men of that
city have appointed a committee to go to
Dallas and make a proposition to Presi
dent Stuart, of the Florida Athletic club.
Stuart said that Galveston's proposition
was a liberal one, inoluding ground and
building free and that he would go there
to-night to see about it.
Austin. The ministers of Austin are
out in a publication advising the morally
inclined element of the state to rally to
their Bupport in trying to suppress the
Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight at Dallas.
They desire all people who love good
morals to write a vigorous protest against
the fight and send it to Austin, and they
propose to oompile the data and submit
it to the governor.
WhyltoesaA Fellow ct Yellow 'i
You needn't mail an ai.swer to this
simple conundrum. We know that you
know that a fellow we use the term in
no offensive sense is yellow because he
is bilioas. In other words, his liver has
got out of order, his bowels have become
constipated. His skin and eyeballs as
sume (a most unwarrantable assumption)
a saffron tinge, his tongue puts on a coat
of fur, even in the summer time; beneath
his right shoulder blade and ribs twinges
remind him that a very restless imp is in
their immediate vioinitv. Now, if this hap
less individual will simply procure and nse
at onco uostetter s atomaoli bitters he 11
be all right shortly. Constipation, bilious
ness, malaria, indigestion, rheumatism,
neuralgia and disorder of the kidneys and
bladder all yield to this peerless family
remedy and preventive. Use it prompt
ly, with persistence and regularity. A
wineglnssful thrice daily.
Church Announcements.
At the Presbyterian church to-morrow,
juiy ai: tsunday school at 0:15 a. m.;
preaching service, at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p.
m.; Y. P. S. C. E., junior, 3:15 p. m.;
senior, at 6:30 p. m. Rev. W. Williams
will preach morning and evening. All
who do not worship elsewhere aro cordial
ly invited to these services.
At the church of the Holy Faith, to-mor
row, btb Sunday after Trinity, services
will be as follows: Sunday school at 9:30
a. m.; oelebration of the Holy Eucharist
at 10:30 a. m.j morning prayer at 11.
The sermon will be preached by the
bishop, Right Rev, J. M. Kendriak, even
ing prayer at 4:30. Next Thursday, St.
James,' 10:30 a. m., celebration of the
Holy Euoharist. Next Friday the litany
will be rend at 4:30 p. m.; the Sunday
school choir will meet at 4:30 p. ro.
At the Guadalupe chnrch to-morrow,
July 21, services will be as follows: First
mass, 6:30 a. m'.; second mass, 8:30 a. m.
Vespers and benediction at 7 p. tn. On
week days, mass at 6 a. m.
At the Catholio Cathedral to-morrow,
seventh Sunday after Penteoost, July 21:
First mass, 6 a. m.; second mass at 8 a.
m.; third mass at 9:30 a. m., and sermon
in English by Most Rev. Archbishop P.
L. Chapelle fourth mass at 10:30 a. m.,
and sermon in Spanish; vespers and bene
diction at 7 p. m.
Sixth Sunday after Trinity. Services
at the German Evangelical Lutheran
Trinity church at 11 o'olock a. m. and 8
o'clock p. m. Sermons by the pastor;
choir singing. All Germans are cordially
invited to these services. Sunday school
at 10 o'olock a. m. Rev. G. A. Neeff,
Owing to the absence of the pastor,
there will be no preaching services at the
M. E. church to-morrow. Sunday school
as usual at 10 a. m.; Junior League at 8
p. m.; Epworth League at 7 p. m. The
public and visiting friends are cordially
invited to any of the above services. G.
S. Madden, pastor.
As an Athlete
It is necessary that my system should be
In first class condition. Whether in train
ing for running, sparring or heavy weight
juggling, I always begin by taking Hood's
Sarsaparilla. It keeps my system in good
condition and I gladly recommend It."
L. O. Jaquks, 15S Uth St., San Francisco.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It the only True Blood Purifier Promi
nently in the Public Eye. Get HOOD'S
HnnH 'a Pills ore habitual runstlpa-
Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Las Cruces is connected --with El Paso
by telephone.
Over forty men are now employed at
the tie -reserving works near Las Vegas.
Manuel Alvarado, of Hatch, was drown
ed in attempting to cross the Rio Grande
at Las Ornces.
At Gallup, a fire in the Laclede hotel
destroyed the two corner rooms of the
building. Incendiary.
The new telephone company at Los
Vegas has begun business. Mrs. Anna
Carson will be day operator.
Francis V: Smith, of Colfax county, has
asked for a divoroe from Dolan V.Smith,
un me grounds ot cruel and inhuman
S. Baca and brother have thirty men
employed in sheariug 10,000 sheep, abont
a mile and a half from Las Vegas, 1,500
were sheared on Thursday.
One hundred men are at work repair
ing the washouts on the Silver City
Northern railroad, between Whitewater
and Hanover. It is expected that through
trains will be running over the line Mon
day. WT n t- : , ,
ii. v. uavenpori, me man who mur
dered Sig Weisl at Carlisle Tuesday
night, has been captured, given a pre- -liminnry
hearing and sent to the Silver
City jail without bail.
Robert McKinley, wife and family and
tho wife of John James, jr., have moved
to the city from Madrid. Mr. and Mrs.
McKinley will open a dining room in the
Highland house. Albuquerque Citizen.
Eddy Independent: "We lenrn that a
car load of delioions Pecos valley grapes
will be shipped from here later on to l,oa
Angeles, Cal. This is strange, but true;
the grape raised in this valley is far su
perior in flavor to the grape of California."
Las Vegas Examiner: A oircular let
ter descriptive of the valuable library of
the late Columbus Moies is beiuir printed
J .Li. n r i ... .
iu una oiuce. maa will lie received on
any or all of the books which are a selec
tion that would grace any library.
From twenty pans of dirt taken from
the Rod river sands, Col. T. B. Mills has
washed thirty-one grains of gold. There
are 140 pans in a cubio yard. Figure it
out yourself and see if it would pay to
work such dirt! Las Vegas Examiner.
Last Saturday evening a heavy rain
cloud passed over Las Cruces and burst
when it struck the Organ mountains. The
flood came down the big arroyo and
made things quite damp at Las Liebres.
A crowd of people went out on the mesa
to see the torrent. Independent Dem
ocrat. Judge J. R. McFie, Major VV. II. H.
Llewellyn and Stenographer H. B. Holt
are occupied to-day iu taking testimony
in the oiiioe of Childers & Dobson iu a
suit, which involves the title to several
valuable mining claims at Hillsboro.
. Victor L. Ochoa, a former Las Vegas
editor of a Spanish paper, who took part
in an insurrection in Mexico, and was
oaptured and prosecuted by the United
States, for violation of neutrality, has
been sentenced to three years imprison
ment in New York.
It is pnblioly asserted here that a peti
tion is being circulated iu Socorro county
asking for a pardon for James Reynolds,
who is now serving a five years' term iu
the New Mexico penitentiary, for the
murder of Irwin Mooro. The murder was
committed iu Grant county and was an
aggravated and hoinouj crime. Silver
City Enterprise.
Mrs. Mary P. Casey, of Silver City, has
handed into the building fund of the
Chnrch of the Good Shepherd $30 as a
douation from Miss Jannie Hargreaves,
Birkenhead, England, and Mrs. Thornley
Taylor, Barnsly, Englnnd. Mrs. Lettie
B. Morrill has also handed into the same
fund $5, the gift of Mr. Percival Niohols,
Bristol, N. Y. Enterprise.
Asphalt roofs seem to be growing in
favor in this oity, especially for business
houses. Mayor F. E.Olney had no sooner
finished putting an asphalt roof on his
block, Donglns avenue and Sixth street,
than Wm. Malboenf followed with it as
roofing for his Sixth street business house.
And now Henry Coors is having it put on
the large store building occupied by Ros
enthal Brothers, corner of Lincoln and
Sixth streets. Las Vegas Optic.
On account of the copious rains now
falling almost daily, nature wears a smil
ing face ai.d all the earth seems glad. The
crops, throughout this scctiouof the terri
tory, which were not in j nred by the recent
hail storms, were never surpassed, and
the ranges are olothed with verdure hard
ly, if ever equaled. The stock raisers
wear, smiling countenances, and their
herds aud Hooks are wild and frisky over
the prospects of good living and exceed
ing fatness. Las Vegas Optic
Las Vegas Optic: Father Defouri,
parish priest on the west side, is engaged
in the very laudable endeavor to have a
steel ceiling, like that in the ground floor
of the Masonio temple, pnt into the west
side church. The ceiling of tho chnrclt
was made of common sheeting, in the
first place, and has been in nse for
twenty-six years. The weight of accu
mulated dust which it bears, with
itB growing weakness from age, is liable
to precipitate it upon the heads of the
congregation at any time. Father De
fouri will gladly accept any donations
whioh may be ottered him from the east
side, and the Optic hopes they will be
A fancy metal toy, shaped something
like a pocket flask, and havii.g springs
inside of it, was found among the debris
of the A T. & S. F. depot at Silver City.
Soon it was noised abont that this was an '
infernal machine which had been wound
op and set to start on fire after every one
had left the premises. Mr. Chaa. Dyer,
general superintendent western grand
division, aud J. E. Hurley, division su
perintendent, arrived Tuesday evening.
Ihey examined the supposed incendiary
machine. They soouted the idea that it
was ever used for any such purpose. The
lost property amounted to $4,000, mostly
on railroad buildings. There was very
little freight stored in the freight house
and very little baggage in the baggage,

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