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We struggle uud strive for a wonderfn
In the wonderful world nboot us,
And then we die, and the wonderful
Goes merrily ou without ua.
i:at ami lit; II tippy !
Nobody ctiu do this who has dyspepsia.
Eveu a light mtal, eaten with relish, in
ilicts more or less torture upon the
wretched victim of indigestion. But why
allow one's self to tie thus victimized
when succor in the shape of Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters can be summoned? If
yon are gnimi to any locality a remote
country fnrm house, or new settlement,
for instance, where it is not readily pro
curable, provide yourself in advance with
an adequate supply. An unnaecuBtotned
diet is very apt to produce dyspeptio
qnnlms, so is brncKisli water aboard snip
and the eating of acid fruits. Forestall
further encroachment of the complaint
with this superb and genial corrective
and preventive. Heartburn, sour eructa
tions, biliousness, constipation, malaria,
rheumatism and kidney trouble prompt
ly succumb to the onset of this vanquish
er of bodily ailments aud rostorative of
Pretty Assistant (in a sugar shop)
What can I get yon, sir? Young Swell
I want a box of cigarettes and a kiss, my
dear. Pretty Assistant I am sorry I
have no cigarettes with mouth-pieces.
It is n big thing to say, but neverthe
less true, that a great multitude of people
have crowned Simmons Liver Regulator,
the "King of Liver Medicines." There is
nothing like it for malaria, rheumatism,
chills aud fever, ooustipation, bilious
ness, sick headache, indigestion and all
troubles arising from a sluggish or dis
eased liver. Simmons Liver Regulator is
the prevention and cure for these ailments.
If Mr. Carlisle resorts to whistling as a
means of keeping up his courage over
the treasury defloit he will soon need the
services of a large steam calliope.
One night when Mr. Isaac Reese was
stopping with me, says M. F. Hatoh, a
prominent merchant of Quartermaster,
Washington, I heard him groaning. On
going to his room I found him suffering
from cramp oolic. He was in such agony
I feared he would die. I hastily gave
him a dose of Chamberlain's Colio, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy. He was
soon relieved and the first words he ut
tered were, "what was the stuff you gave
me?" I informed him. A few days ago
we were talking about his attack and he
said he was never without that remedy
now. I have used it in my family for
several years. I know its worth and do
not hesitate to recommend it to my
friends and customers. For sale by A. C.
Ireland, jr. '
The people of the United States to-day
want some plain common man whose
interests and sympathies are with the
people, for president. The next president
should be a man like Abraham Lincoln,
a mau of the people and for the people,
Rfien Don't
Further waste
money on drugs,
inents. etc. Thuy
precious time and
vacuum treat
will never cure
you. You have '3
probably tried
them and know, s,
& iMaiure is a
WAYN wilting
cure vou. and uo
S and waiting to
Ifmau suffering
from the following
is incuraDie:
Nt'iiiliiHl WvnknHM. FllliHSlOtlN, Inrllul
or Total ImiMtieiicp, llruin Kmliaunlion,
l.ottHfH. ForitelfllliM'NN, Indiscretion,
Nlvf pla-NNncNN. ete. But natures own rem
edy must be scientifically used. It is ELKO
TRH'I'rY.and the greatest possible perfection
for Its application is attained in the well
known lr. MHiillcn Kleclrie BviU This in
vention has been sold and given complete satis
faction for nearly thirty years, and we refer
sufferers to hundreds of cures in every State.
Throw drugs to the dogs, and Join our army
of cures in blessing the greatest boon ever
given weak men. This belt also cures:
Rheumatism, Lame Back,
and Liver Complaints, and
general ill-health.
A pocket edition of Dr. Hansen's cele
brated book
"Three Classes of Men,"
ill be sent free, sealed, upon application.
Every man should read it. It in the only full
and complete guide for self-treatment ever
offered. Free to everybody. Mend for It.
The Sanden Electric Co.,
Ho. 986 Sixteenth St., Denver, Col.
Alao New York, Chicago 4fc London, Eng.
Largest Electro-Mo iical Cducernin the World!
Architect & Contractor
Close Figurine,
Modern Methods,
Skilled Mechanics
Plans and speoifloationi tarnishes
on application. Oorreapondenoe so
Hoi ted. ''.'.'v
Santa Fe.N.M.
Mr. C. G. Strong, prinoipal of the pub
lio schools at Anderson, Oal., says: "I
Vive used Chamberlain's Fain Balm and
have found it an excellent remedy for
lameness Bnd slight wounds."
Lameness usually results from sprain,
or other injury, or from rheumatism, for
which Chamberlaiu's Pain Balm is es
pecially intended and uvequalled. It af
fords almost immediate relief and in a
short time effects a permanent cure. For
sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
Could It but speak, what strange and moving
What tales of Joy and grief, it would unfold,
Of fndud beauty and forgotten glories,
Of love and sorrow in the days of oldl
Perchance it played the grave and stately
While powdered couples trod the minuet ;
Perhaps it was a beggar's only pleasure
Or helped a prince his trouble to forget.
Ah, violin, we clrenm and wondor vainly I
Time with the sweet June roses never stays.
The past is dead. Wo cannot learn more plainly
The buried history of forgotten days.
Yet, as a faint and odorous sweetness lingers
With faded petals, though their bloom be fled,
So, charmed anew by sympathetic fingers,
You bring a haunting memory of the dead.
So, as of old, you speak in tonderest fashion,
Mellow with memories of unseen years,
To raise our minds from worldly care and pas
sion And stir the thoughts that lie so close to
Anthony C. Deane in Longman's Magazine.
The doctor paled. Docidedly it was
something more than mere embarrass
ment that caused his unwillingness.
"I have given it up, ladies," said he.
"I have nothing more to do with mag
netism. "
"But why, why, doctor?" the pretty
pleaders persisted. "Put us to sleep
one of us you must, or tell us the rea
son why."
"Well, so be it," said he at last, still
visibly reluctant. "I will tell yon why.
It may teach you a lesson.
"Eighteen months ago," he began,
"I went into the country to see a friend.
We will call him Paul, if you please.
Though old comrades and devoted
'chums,' for a long time the chances
of life had separated us, particularly his
marriage, which, for certain reasons,
had obliged him to locate for awhile
upon one of his properties, situated, as
I have said, in the depths of the country.
But often and often my thoughts carried
me a trifle enviously in the midst of
my hard work toward that forgotten
corner where his hours were passed in the
quiet routine and bliss of a domestic life.
"Nor was I mistaken in the picture
my fancy had drawn. Peace, serenity,
repose, breathed from the very trees,
with their great moss oovered trunks,
against which an old chateau leaned in
the mingled shade and shine of the sunny
Provence woods.
"Paul met me at the station. His
wife I did not see till later just before
dinner indeed a beautiful woman, with
dark, brilliant eyes, which flashed when
not shielded by the long, curling lashes,
with the light of burnished steel. She
had a superb figure "and a complexion
the tint and texture of old ivory, through
which was flowing vigorously the rich
red current of a healthy blood. Very,
very beautiful she was; but, oddly
enough, as I looked at her I folt a sense
of a deception somewhere under that
fair exterior.
"Was it fancy? Or was this full, ro
bust beauty but similar to a too fervid
summer that forces the sap to rise so
fast that the fruit turns sour? I do not
know, only that this woman entered
with difficulty into the idyl I had evoked
from the shadowy aisles of those old
woods, that seemed always whispering
aud murmuring to themselves.
"Her intense vitality seemed to shat
ter this sotting of peace aud serenity.
Moreover, we were not alone; another
guest had arrived a young man and a
close neighbor. From the moment of his
coming too or did I fancy that also?
Paul, my friend, seemed less genial
The first joy in his eyes at my arrival
had calmed; I saw him now in his ha-,
bitual state, doubtless, a little aged,
slightly constrained, with that vague,
nervous reserve of tho distrustful hus
band who in his inmost thoughts sus
pects treachery.
"I had no time, however, to ponder
long on these reflections. Old memories,
serious and gay, crowded thick and fast
upon us in the ease and comfort of that
well ordered dining room, looking out
upon the lawn, the soft melancholy of
the coming twilight slowly enwrapping
us and carrying hearts and minds both
far back into the past.
"Dinner was nearly ovor when a
chance word or question turned the con
versation upon a subject no less absorb
ing then than ..now, ladies" aud the
doctor bowed courteously to the circle of
eager listeners closely clustered about
him "turned, I say, upon the subject
of hypnotism and hypuotio suggestion,
"My friend, from the first disooveries,
had watched the advance of these stud
ies with the liveliest intorest, and many
and frequent had beeu the discussions be
tween himself aud his wife concerning
them, she denying tho phenomena aris
ing from these experiments and stub
bornly pronouncing thorn humbug and
charlatanism, and he affirming that
strange things could and did happen, as '
he knew from his own exporience a cer
tain evening in Paris, wheu he had of
fered himself as a 'subject' as incredu
lous as she, and had beeu put to sleep
promptly and made to accomplish in his
sleep things of which they told him aft
erward. " 'Bah I They dupod youl' insisted
his wife. 'Doctor,' suddenly appealing
to me, 'help me to get this rubbish out
of his head or Paul will certainly go
' "Forced to take sides, I was obliged
to admit that I myself was deeply inter
ested in these matters, and had witnossed
things that I did not dare to doubt. She
was still obstinate, still mocking. She
; would believe what she saw no more,
no less.
" 'If Paul is a subjeot, us he deolares, '
said she, 'the thing, too, is easy enough.
Convince me yon have done such
things, yon say by trying it here and
"Paul was willing. I looked intently
at him. His eyes wavered curiously
away from my gaze. He was a marvel
ous subject and fell immediately under
my will
"We passed into the draw.ing room,
placed him in a chair, and I had not
made six passos ovor his brow when he
was in a sound hypuotio sleep.
" 'Well, ho is off,' said L
"'Impossible! No!'
"She bent ovor him, called him,
pinched him no movement Raised his
arm it foil inert like a log.
" 'Quick, quick! Suggest something I'
said slio, u strange eagerness showing
suddenly in her face.
"You would perhaps feel the proof
stronger, maduine, did you make the
suggestion yourself.'
"She appeared to think, murmuring
half aloud, 'It must be an unaccustomed
act, something unusual, that he cannot
divine, that does not enter into his hab
it of hf e. '
"She looked about hor. Near by on a
table a magazine lay opened at a recent
article on 'Hypnotic Suggestion,' a slen
der mother of pearl paper knife thrust
between the folds. She turned the leaves
" 'Ah-h, we have it at last!' said she,
putting her finger upon a certain para
graph. 'An experiment just made suc
cessfully, they say at the hospital of
La Salpetriere. Repeat it witl Paul,
aud I shall be convinced. '
"The experiment was to suggest to
the patient at a fixed hour a predeter
mined act the act in this case suicide
with some harmless object that the 'sub
ject' should be made to believe a pon
iard. " 'Willingly,' I responded.
"She handed me the paper knife.
'This is harmless enough, isn't it?' she
said, yielding it to me with a charming
smile. 'It would r?t hurt a fly. '
" 'Perfectly harmless. ' And Iheld up
the little pearl dagger before Paul's eyes.
" 'Do you see it, Paul?' said I slow
ly and impressively, 'this poniard here?
Well, I am going to put it on that table
yonder. Tomorrow, when the luncheon
bell rings the luncheon bell, remember
you will comohere, take this poniard
and kill yonrself !'
"Then I roused him. He remembered
nothing and felt nothing, only a comic
uneasiness concerning the act that he
was to accomplish and from which he
was determined to defend himself.
"The evening finished gayly with a
rubber of whist, ending at 10 in ordor
to give the handsome young neighbor
a silent listener to what had been going
on time enough to reach home at a
reasonable hour.
"We were walking, Paul, his wife,
and I, on the terrace next morning wheu
the luncheon bell rang. Paul raised his
head, listened a second, turned brusque
ly and re-entered the chateau. His wife
had become very pale.
" 'Come, quick,' said I. 'He has gono
for that paper knife !'
"She remained motionless.
" 'To what good?' she said. 'I see al
ready that suggestion has reason in it,
for Paul has gone. He will come back
madder than ever, I suppose. '
"I did not wait for her to finish. I
hastened to the drawing room, where
my 'subject' had gone.
"I ran. I threw open the door, and
Paul was there dead, face downward
on the floor a dagger in his heart!"
"A real dagger, dootor?" cried the
mistress of the house laying her hand
softly upon the doctor's arm.
"A real dagger, madame. I turned to
the table the little mother of pearl pa
per knife was gone. Who had taken it I
Who had put the other the real dagger
in its place? r "
"God knows, but -she, Paul's wife,
and he, the neighbor who dined with us
that night, were married ten months
ago." From the French For San Fran
cisco Argonaut.
Challenged In Court,
What' looked at 'the timo like a close
call for Iugorsoll occurred six or seven
yours ago in New York, when he and
the gifted Daniel Dougherty were array
ed u'gaiust each other in a divorce case
before Judge Barrett. Dougherty was
for the husband. He olosed his case in
this way :
"Through all this dreadful case, this
struggle for what should be to her many
thousand times dearer than life, has a
veil mantled that beautiful face? Has
one tear rolled down those cheeks? Has
there been a single blush on that face?
Not a tear ! Not a blush t" He shook his
fist at Iugorsoll as he said this.
"Do you state that as a fact?" asked
the infidoL
', "Yes."
"Then I tell you it is untrue. "
"Consider yourself challenged,"
shouted tho Philudelphian.
"Let us have no interruptions," said
Judge Barrett, showing great anxiety
and displeasure. ,
"Well, then, he must not look at me
when he says untruths," said Iugorsoll,
siiakiug all over with rage.
Sensation in the courtroom. Mr.
Dougherty explained that he had chal
lenged Ingersoll in a purely Pickwickian
sense, and when the two lawyers left
the room they shook hands. New York
Press. '"
Injuries From nones.
An old cavalryman says that a horse
will nover step on a man intentionally.
It is a standing ordor in the English
cavalry that, should a man become dis
mounted,, he must lie down and keep
perfectly stilL If he does so, the entire
troop will pass over him without his be
ing injured. Ahorse notices whoro he is
going, and is on the lookout for a firm
foundation to put his foot on. It is on
instinct with him, therefore, to step
over a prostrate man. The injuries
caused to human beings by a runaway
horse ore nearly always inflicted by the
animal knocking them down, and not
by his stepping on them. Boston Her
ald. And Babe Go Hungry.
The dogs at the French watering
place Trouville are a source of unfail
ing amusement. A white terrier belong
ing to the Comtesse de Breteuil had on
white doeskin leggings the other day
when it was muddy, and a correspond
ent counted five different coats on one
white pug one day, all embroidered
with heraldry.
"It is the best patent medicine in tho
world" is what Mr. E. M. Hartmnn, of
Marquam, Oregon, says of Chamberlain's
Colio, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"What leads me to make this assertion is
from the faot that dysentery in its worst
form wns prevalent here last summer nnd
it never took bnt two or three doses of that
remedy to effeot a complete core." For
salo by A. C. Ireland, jr.
Gold seems to be going ont of the coun
try fast enough, without waiting tor free
silver to drive it out.
xS despondent, nerv
ous, "tired
out " men
loss of. en
ergy, im
paired mem
ory, dizzi
ness, melan
choly and
the re
sult of exhausting-
eases, or drains upon the system,
excesses, or abuses, bad habits, or
early vices, are treated through cor
respondence at their homes, with
uniform success, by the Specialists
of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical
Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y. A book
of 136 large pages, devoted to the
consideration of the maladies above
hinted at, may be had, mailed se
curely sealed from observation, in a
plain envelope, by sending 10 cent9
in one-cent stamps (for postage on
Book), to the World's Dispensary
Medical Association, at the above
mentioned Hotel. For more than
a quarter of a century, physicians
connected with this widely cele
brated Institution, have made the
treatment of the delicate diseases
above -referred to, their sole study
and practice. Thousands, have con
sulted them. This vast experience
has naturally resulted in improved
methods and means of cure.
Irene Isn't it curious how innooent
George Ferguson is? They say he never
kissed anybody in his life aud doesn't
know how to kiss.
Laura There, is not a word of truth
in it! He has that is, he why, I should
think he would know how by this time.
(Western Division.)
(J. W. Ueinhart, John J. MoCook, Joseph
0. Wilson, Ueoeivers.)
In Effect Sunday', November 4, 1891.
Leave Chicago at 10:00 p. m.; 10:00 p
m. Arrive at Chicago at 10:00 p. m.; 9:00
Leave Kansas City, Mo., at 1:50 p.m.;
2:00 p. m. Arrive at Kansas City, Mo.,
at 6:10 p. in.; 6:00 p. m.
Leave Denver at. lhfiO pita. Arrive at
Denver at 5:15 a. rn.; 1:45 a. m.
Leave La Junta at 7:20 a.m.; 10:10. Ar
rive at La Junta at 10:50 a. m.; 8:55 p. m.
Lv. Ar.
. .Coolidge......
5 :80a.
4:05 p.
2 :20i.
7 :50p.
1 :25a.
.Navajo Springs..
12 :03p.
...Ash Fork
.Peach bpriuc..
. ...Kingman
8 :50p.
2 :43p.
11 :40p.
. .neeuies. iai. t,
Blake J
12 :50a.
Ar....Mojave. ..Lvl
Arrive Los Angeles 9:35 a. m.; 6:30 p.
m. Leave Los Angeles at 7 :uu a. m.: o:uu
p. m.
Arrive San Diego 12:15 p. m.; 9:20 p.
m. Leave San Diego at 2:15 p. m.'
Arrive at San Franoisoo at 9:15 a. m.
Leave San Franoisco at 9:00 a. m.
Every day bnt Sunday.
ALBUQUERQUE A., T. & 8. F. Railwuy
for all points eat and gonth.
ASH FORK Santa Fe, Presoott & Phoe
nix railway for points in central aud
southern Arizona.. J
BLAKE Nevada Southern) Railway for
Purdy and connection with stage lines
for mining distriots north.
BARSTOW Southern California Railway
for Los Angeles, San Diego and other
California points.
MOJAVE Southern Paoifio Company for
San Franoisoo, Saoramento and -other
northern California points. . .
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
No ohange is made by sleeping oar pas
sengers between San Franoisoo, Los
Angeles oidau Diego and Chicago.
The Atlantic A Paoifio Railroad, the
groat middle ronte aoross the Ameriosp
continent, in jonneotion with the rail
ways of the "Santa Fe ronte." Liberal
management; superior facilities; pio
tnresqne soeneryj excellent aooommoda
tions. ;
The Grand Canon of the Colorado
i ..
the most snblime ot nature's work on
earth, indescribable, oan easily be reached
via FlugstafI, Williams or I'eaoh Springs
on this road. To the natural bridge of
Arizona and Monternma'a well' you oan
Journey moat directly by thia line. Ob
serve the ancient Indian civilization of
Lagnna or Aootna, "the City of the Sky."
Visit the petrified forjst iihar Carriao.
See and marvel at theVreak V Canon
Diablo, Take a hnntinglrip in the mag
nificent pine forests of K I Han Franoisoo
mountains. Find intereafein the ruins of
the pro-historic .
: 1 .' m
r .
Cave and Cliff Dwelton.
View the longest eribtilever bridge -is
America aoross the Colorado river. " ,
Jso. J. Btbhi, r ' ;
Gen. Pass, Agt., Lor Angelef, Oal. : .
O. H. Spkebb, ' ' ' .:. "
Ass't Gen, Pass. Agt., San Francisco, Oal.
H. 8. Van Sr.Tca, -
Gen. Agt., Albnqnerqoe, ft. U.
For Size and Shape.
"The first thing that phrenologist ex
claimed when he saw me was, 'What a
"Where were yon the night before?"
Gentleman (to little street arab)
What are you gathering up those old ci
gar butts for?
Street Arab Me feyther is going to
have a birthday party, and the gentle
men will want to smoke with their oof
fee. After Them.
Pedestrian (after drinking) Ah-h-h I
A cool drink of water does a man good
on a warm day.
Farmer's Wife Yes, but I'm sorry
the water was so roily. The children
had just been in the well cooling them-
"Can I trouble you for a light, sir?"
"Certainly. "Life.
A Fair Inferenoa,
"Some people do their best work in
tie winter. Now, I can do the clearest
atd most brilliant thinking when the
weather is hot."
"How brilliant yon will be whon yo
die!" Pick Mo Up.
Daily, English Weekly and Spanish
Weekly editions, will be found on
ale at the following news depots,
where subscriptions may also be
A, O. Teiohman, Oerrilloa.
i t. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
: B. T. Link, Silver City.
. J. B. Hodgen, Demlng.
Vb. O. Killer, Hillsborough.
V Dailey, East Las Vegas.
iML Allen. Laa Vesraa.
Saw Felipe, Albuquerque
JtflAb Weltmer. Oitv.
irtet&er Arnold, Bland, H. X.
A Swell Affair.
tuo wit i. j rt ' r
We call especial attention to our celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
W e make them in all
nanner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
- consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc,
We are the best equipped establishment
, in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law- enacted by the
last legislature. ,
f e are .the

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