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Sheridan was a handsome young mam
but in ni'ddle lifo dissipation destroyed
every trace of his former good looks, and
at first glance he seemed singularly re
On the farm of Franklin Davie, in Wayne
oonnty, Me., there is a maple tree meas-
tiring twenty-one feet in iroumferenoe,
which has furnished sugar for the Davie
family for the last fifty-six yeprs.
To Wrltlie Vpou a lied of Agony
I e what the people troubled with rheum
atio syinptons oan fairly expeot, if they
take no efficient meane to check the
rapidly growing malady which, it should
never be forgotten, has a tendenoy to at
tack the heart and terminate life. The
testimony, publio and professional, ib
overwhelmingly and concurrent that
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is both a
sovereign preventive and ourative of
rheumatism. It completely expurgates
from the blood the acrid principle whioh,
attacking the tissues surrounding the
joints and muscles, cause suoh exquisite
pain. The Bitters promotes tne notion 01
t he kidneys, bladder, and bowels, and reme
dies malaria, nervousness and debility.
It alBo induces appetite and sound re
pose, hastens convalescence after ex
hausting maladies, and mitigates the in
firmities of age. Take it daily at tegular,
intervals, and confidently expect the. best
results. ...
Almost every variety of corundum has
been discovered in North. Carolina.
The aqua marine, a variety of beryl,
has been discovered in North Carylina.
" Diamonds have been found in fifteen or
twenty different localities in California.
Frederick the great had a sharp hatchet
face, with a cold, blue eye, that, as one of
hie contemporaries said, gleamed like a
reflection of light from a bayonet.
One night when Mr. Isaao Reese was
stopping with me, says M. F. Batch, a
prominent merohant of Quartermaster,
Washington, I heard him groaning. On
going to his ro'om I found bim suffering
from cramp colic. He was in such, agony
. I feared he would die I hastily gave
him a dose of Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy. He was
soon relieved and the first words he ut
tered were, "what was the stuff you gave
me?" I informed bim. A few days ago
we were talking about his attack and he
said he was never without that remedy
now. I have used it in my family for
several years. I know its' worth and do
not hesitate to recommend it to my
- friends and customers. For sale by A. 0.
Ireland, jr.
Uncle Bill Hess, of Elk Garden, Va., was
10!) years old on June 26 last. He has
82 children, 175 grandchildren, and 90
great-grandchildren. Elk Garden has two
other aged residents, Mrs. Ha rah Shelton,
who is 108 years old, aud Mrs. Dorton,
who is 101.
Diamonds have beee found in North
Carolina, Virginia, and Mar j land.
Miss Variua Anne Jefferson Davis, the
Daughter of the Confederacy, has writ
ten a novel of old times in Virginia. It
is said to be strong and of the emotional
type- ' ' : -' -' ,
A largo majority of the women who
have applied for places in the various de
partments of the municipal government
of New York within the first half of the
year were unmarried.
The World's Fair Testa
showed bo baking powder
so pure or so great to leav
totag power as the RoyaU
Miss Abigail Dodge (Gail Hamilton) is
at her summer home in Hamilton, Mass.,
and has so far recovered from her severe
illness that she will soon be able to re
sume her literary work.
Mrs. Joseph Bradley Reed, the ohairman
of the New York city woman's board for
the Atlanta exposition, is a beautiful little
Southern woman, who was at one time a
famous belle in New Orleans.
"It is the best patent medicine in the
world" ie what Mr. E. M. Hartman, of
Marquam, Oregon, says of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"What leads me to make this assertion is
from the faot that dysentery in its worst
form was prevalent here last summer and
it never took but two or three doses of that
remedy to effect a complete cure." For
sale by A. 0. Ireland, jr.
Meteorogiets say that the beat of the air
is due to six sources: (1) That from the
, interior of the earth;
i: (2) that from me
stars: (S) that from the moon; (4) that
from the friction of the winds and tides;
(5) that from the meteors; (6) that from
the sun.
then a trifle will buy the greatest healing
ventinn of the dayt Dr.Sanden'S) Electric
elt Is eamplei badjr battery for Ml
- watment, and snuwaatoed, or mmi
MMHtad. It win care without medietas
"tmnifUlsmm, Untam, Hetetioa, Lanse
jMtk, Kidney and Clvcr CempUlnts,
ervMM IMMllsr, Waahiif, . nmmem,
mlm andaUl cfleeta af aarir todlaeva
n or exrwaa. T weak nen It la tka
rentes possible baoa, as the mVUL
(attains:' sleetrta! current to apnllsM
lret to the sent eentora and unprove
snts are felt from the) ftrst boar umd,
pocket edition ot the oelebrated eleotra
t sdieal work, . j-., , . , ,
TksMM PlnOAMM Af 1 1 AM '
oitrmted.ls sent tree, sealed, by mail upon
ipAcation. Kvery jroaaa-. nsMonvaied
r old man sufforlns: the slightest weakness
onia Iwl x wui snow la wbi mmm w
id pwdy way to riira strenarUi and
salttt when everything else turn failed.
onia reu re. win snow en
- He. Ms Hlxteenln Ueaver, vol
laeXew Tack, Chieaco Leaden, Eaa
Siptt Electro-Uedlcsl Concern In the World!
Mr. C. G. Strong, prinoipal of the pub
lio schools at Anderson, Cal., says: "I
have used Chamberlain's Fain Balm and
have found it an excellent remedy for
lameness and slight wounds."
Lameness usually results from sprain,
or other injury, or from rheumatism, for
whioh Chamberlain's Pain Balm is es
pecially intended and unequalled. It af
fords almost immediate relief and in a
short time effects a permanent cure. For
sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
Dan, the newsboy, got off the train at
Niagara Fulls and found the conductor
conversing with two women. "Oh, but
you must take her somehow," lie heard
the younger of the women exclaim in a
distressed voice.
"You see, there ain't any othor way to
send her, and her mother expects her sure,
and she'll be at the station to take her off,
and she'll be a real good girl and not trou
blo you one bit. Won't you, Bessie?"
"They'll be most crazy if she don't
oome," added the other woman, "and it
will put them out dreadful, 'cause they've
got to start right oft for Colorado."
A sharp whistle recalled the conductor,
and he put one foot on the steps of the car
and stood watch In hand ready to give the
' ' Say, I'll kinder keep an eye on the kid,
if thut'S all you want," Dan said awk
wardly to the women. "Don't know muoh
about children, but I guess some of the
women will tend to her." Ho gave an in
quiring glance at the conductor.
"All right, I'm willing. Jump aboard,
will you? We're late now." Andthecan
ductor waved his hand.
Dan seized tho child and placed her
lightly on the platform, and the train be
gan to move. Ho listened to the parting
directions of . the two women and threw
back the silver half dollar onoof thera
tried to slip into his hand with a toss of
his head as he shouted, "I ain't no porter,
and I'm a-doiug this to 'bilge you."
Then he took her Into the car and left
her to amuse herself with the rolls of loz
enges, while he mode a trip through the
other cars.
By the time he got back she had made
friends with a lady across the aisle, who
offered to sharo her berth with the child,
and before the afternoon was over she was
playing games all over the car, and to
Dan's intense amusement she insisted on
eating supper with the man who had made
the greatest fuss over his berth, but who,
Bessie insisted, looked "just like grandpa."
He slept soundly, for the duy had been
a tiresome one, but after awhile he began
to dream. Ho thought that Bessie had
chewed gum till she grew smollor and
smaller, and finally was nothing but a lit
tle sugar Image, which he was about to
eat, when
Dan was awake now. In an instant he
was rushing toward the sleeper.
There was a second crash, and a tearing
sound, and the end of the car was torn off,
and a cloud of steam rushed in aud about
The shock threw him off his feet, but ha
crawled on. He must reach the sleeper.
There was Bessie; he had promised to take
care of her. It scorned ages before he
reached the platform. Overturned on the
track before him was the sleeper. The
dim gray light of the early morning just
showed its outlines. Further than that he
could not see. . .
He could hear cries inside, and through
one of the windows a head was thrust.
With his heels he broke the glass of the
window nearest him; then he crawled on
to the next and next, breaking each in
turn, until Anally he reached the fourth.
, This was where Bessie was.
Hero he orawled in, but there was no
one In the berth.
It was lighter now. The sun must have
come up very quickly.
Then a smell of smoke revealed the
causa The brokon lamp ot the end of the
car hod set the bedding on fire.
Through the broken windows people
were rushing, men and women, and! there
were groans and shrieks on all sides.
Suddenly from beneath a pile of clothins
he saw a tiny hand thrust out, and he
heard a stifled cry.
Eagorly he pushed aside the heavy blan
kets and pulled the child out. By the
light of the flames, now rapidly noarlng
them, he could see how white she looked,
and her eyes were closed.
: Could he bo too late?
He tried, to climb out of the window,
but the seat on which he stood, broken by
the crash, fell beneath his weight, and he
was thrown book into the car. He struck
heavily, and there was a sharp pain in his
head, and little Bessie almost fell from his
He seized the brokon bellrope that hung
from its rings, and, placing the child on
his back,' bound the cord around and
around, thus binding her tightly to him.
Then he tried a second time to gain the
Window. This time there was a hand held
down tar help him, and in a moment be
felt tho soft grass beneath him, and there
was a sudden movement of the little body
pressed close to him. '
Then there was a terrible whirring sound
In his ears, and the blackest night seemed
to settle over everything, and he became
News of the disaster traveled fast, and
when the train honring the wrecked pas
sengers drew Into Detroit there were hun
dreds of anxious friends inquiring for dear
ones. Strong men wore crying and faces
were white with horror as they listened
to the story of the dreadful collision.
In one corner, -faint and weary, sat a sad
faced mother, whilo her husband wandered
hither and thither In vain search for their
hild. -.
"A little girl with blue eyes?" repeated
one of the passengers after him.
"Let me see, there was one, but here,
porter, perhaps you can toll the gentle
man," and the passenger hastened away.
"There was one ohild killed, sir," the
porter replied slowly. "I hope it ain't
yours, I'm sure, just ' step this way,
please." . 1 '
He turned to do so, with tears blinding
his eyes, but a tiny hand caught hold ot
his coat, and a childish voice oried: " Don't
run away, papal Ain't you glad to see
Bessie?" . t
"I told the ladies I'd see she got to you
safe," Dan explained as they were being
driven to Bessie's' home.
Even how his head was dizzy, and there
were queer pains running through his
body, ;
"Yes," cried Bessie, with a happy laugh,
as if recalling some pleasant time. -
"It was an awful funny going to sleep
In those funny boxes With curtains. Then
' I woke up and was under a great big heap
of blankets.
"Dan was real good to me, Dan was,
and all his lovely candy got burned up to
nothing, and I just think you ought to
give him some Upw, 'cause he took such
good care ot me."
Her sweet face was upturned and her
hand was slipped into Dan's, and he has
tily swallowed a big lump In his throat as
he muttered, "I didn't do nothln." Bos
ton Ulobe. - : -"
: Hot Without Reason.
Minister And so you say your little
prayer every night before you go to bed?
That's right. And now tell me why do
you do that?
Little Ethel Because mamma says
he'll .spank me if I don't. SotnervUU
Journal. -
It Was on Her.
From the German.
From Boston.
Browning Bean, Jr. Grandfather,
my conscience urges me to remind you
that yon forgot the necessity of making
a return in your tax report of the fibrous
quadruped known as a "hobby horse"
that you presented me with during the
recent holiday festivities. I believe I am
correct in assuming this to be iu ac
cordance with the law as exemplified in
section 28, income tax, regarding "per
sonal property acquired by gift. " Life.
A Safety nit.
His Prioe Was High.
Morse Bob That you, Jake?
Jake Yes, dat's ma You ain't mar'd
yet, Marse Bob?
Marse Bob No. I'm waiting for on
heiress to snap me up.
Jake Dat's jes' my fix. I ain't gwine
mug myself away, 'less de gal got fo'
nr leben dollars at de highest kalcila-
tion. Texas Sittings.
Depth of His Love.
"Oh, William, do you love me still?" the
ebnrmlng matron cried.
"Tea; better, far, than when you talk." the
heartless wretch replied.
Sally, English Weekly and Spanish
Weekly edition, will be found on
sale at the following newt depots,
where ubecriptions may also be
A. 0. Teichman, Cerrilloa.
8. X. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
H. T. unit, Buyer City.
Xfc B. Allen. Lm Vegae.
Ban Velipe, Albuquerque
Jaoob Weltmer, Olty.
VletoheT ft Arnold, Bland, N. X.
It was in Maoriland in the sixties that
is, in the days when the diggers dreamed
not of prohibition, and when one was
much more certain than now to got in a
mining town a dram of decent stuff inca
pable of blowing the cork out.
Plainly, there was something astir.
Everybody had on his best. A new bar
maid had arrived (there is no hope for the
wretches who would rob the diggers of
that oomfort) at Widow Brown's pub. In
twos, threes or sixes the whole place drop
ped in four or five times an hour to have
"another gaze."
She was the sole topic ot conversation.
"Ain't she clean?" said one. "That wur
slashing feed we had today," said an
other. "Best tucker ever I struck," added
a third, with a furtive glance from beneath
the rim of a hat that seemed intended as a
cover for his face.
By the end of the week the nowoomer
was no longer a stranger. Everybody
knew her. She was a woman ot over u,
marvelously preserved. She had never
been married, though well, she had been
queen ot many gold rushes.
The man who has spent a quarter of a
century in the Australian provinces has
seen ten civilizations, anyway. There is
ground for belief that later civilizations
have degenerated.
The woman of today is not the cook of
the past. There is an air of cindered chops
about the present hapless creature. Today
too many matrons want their daughters to
play "the planner." Too many mothers
wash the clothes and get the languid girls
to bring them in. Thus the man passing
by the clothes line Is deceivod. Therefore
our civilization is comparable to a needle
which has been too finely sharpened and
too much reduced at the sides. This re
duction has been visible throughout Aus
tralia for SO years past.
Now, the consequences of this fatal re
lapse of woman are manifold and terrible.
The bad cook is only a slow murderess.
But there was grit in our barmaid. She
was none of these. She could produce a
meal worthy of man, and digging breeds
men. She was tidy to a hair. She was
trim as a snug vessel, and she was hand
some. Of course the whole district became In
fatuated with her. Diggers go that way.
They sit In the solitude of their huts and
dream of the ideal in the guise ot the
handiest flesh and blood substitute. In the
night it is their companion. In this way
do single minors love a million times it
is their polygamy. Thoy love with a dis
tant, worshipful love "the desire of the
moth for the star."
They are pleased if she visits their claim
and watches the water flying from the
sluicing nozzle. Thoy show her the rain
bow under the jet. They bring her nug
gets. And if she speaks to them, be it only
a "Good day!" they fanoy that their affec
tion is making headway and rejoice In ev
ery fiber of their being.
Out of her admirers the charmer reduced
the cluster to two, and between these the
contest was terrible. They hung about the
place like unto dogs chained. She ran
against one or the other, or both each min
ute. She spoke to them singly or in a paii
40 odd times an hour. It was evident tc
the boys that something was looming up
The aspirants were named Louis and
Charles, both Frenchmen and over 40.
The worst of a Frenchman is that France
hangs like a plumb bob before his nose,
and everything has to be regarded across
France. But the regard here was not of
conceit it was fury.
One night there was a rumor that
Charles had struck a "pile" in his claim.
People began to bet whether our ideal
would be influenced by the find. It woe
freely asserted that night would see It de
cided. I was hot and restless during the even
ing, and I went down to the sea beach,
two miles distant. I sat on a log and
smoked and let the sweet hum of the Pa-
oiflo eat Its way into my ears. This con
tent of reverie surpasses the pleasure ol
books, and is the nearest approach to the
pleasure of gratified love which a mind un
dlstorted can discover on this crude planet.
Suddenly I saw a figure streaming out
toward tho sea. . It was Louis.
"Don't be a fool!" I said, as I locked
my arm in his and led him away. He had
been rejected. Additional confirmation
was granted when tho pair were seen
walking out for a stroll on the morrow.
They were married. I didn't see the
wedding (a most informal transaction), at
I had all my work out out to guard Louis.
May I nover again take such a contract!
Every wedding Involves a question ot
sentiment. One morning the husband
went to cut wood. Ho returned suddenly
and took a silent peep Into his apartments.
Then he stole off on tiptoe for his gun.
That is the other end ot the sentiment.
When he returned, the room was empty;
the birds had fled.
And because he couldn't find anybody
to shoot he pined away and grew silly.
When I left, the abandoned one had mode
his claim over to a stranger.
From that day tho story is a blank. The
denouement is unknown. But wherevei
she is I swear the scones In the cupboard
will be capital. As said before, she was a
good cook. Some have thought that cook
ery Is a form of virtue. They erred. Vir
tue Is a form ot cookery. Sydney Bulle
tin. How the Old Piano Tuners Sseapedi
I had my piano tuned yesterday by an
old man with long white whiskers. Hi
looked like the same old fellow I met In a
small Pennsylvania town some years ago,
engaged in the same business. When he
had finished the job, I thought I would
touoh him up a trifle. Looking quizzically
at him, I said, "I won't strike a note on
It for two hours." He seemed surprised
and asked, "Why?"
"The old story, " I said. "Do you mean
to say you never heard it?"
"Well, I guess yw've got me. Where
did you learn that trick? It was Invented
by the old time tuners who traveled
through the country picking up a job here
and there. Most of them tuned very badly.
They left a piano in worse shape than they
found it and were always in danger ot a
thrashing. They started that Idea about
letting the Instrument alone two hours
after tuning so that they would have time
to get out of town before discovery. I con
fess that I did give similar advice In those
days and generally drove pretty fast when
I left a house.' But you need not be afraid
now. I am not going to leave New York
for several days. ' 'New York Press.
Evidences of Strength.
Bellefleld Young Halfback gets hU ath
letlo tastes very legitimately. He eomet
from a very athletic family.
Bloomflold Is that so?
Bellefleld Yes. His father once held
up a train. He had an aunt who did some
shoplifting, and an uncle who was quite
noted for jumping board bills. Cincinnati
It is a big thing to say, bat neverthe
less true, that a great multitude of people
have erowned Simmons Liver Regulator,
the "King of Liver Medioines." There is
nothing like it for malaria, rheumatism,
chills and fever, oonstipation, bilious
ness, siak headache, indigestion and all
troubles arising from a sluggish or dis
eased liver. Simmons Liver Regulator is
the prevention and cure for these ailment.
People who get the greatest
degree of comfort and real en
joyment out of life, are those
wno mate tne most out
of their opportunities.
Quick perception and
good judgment, lead such
promptly to adopt and
make use of those refined
and improved products of
modern inventive genius
wmcn best serve tne
needs of their physical
being. Accordingly,
the most intelligent
and progressive people
are found to employ
the most refined and
v JV perfect laxative to reg
s ulate and tone up the
stomach, liver, and
x bowels, when in need
ef seek an agent hence the great popularity
of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. These"are
made from the purest, most refined and
roncentrated vegetable extracts, and from
forty -two to forty -four are contained in
each vial, which is sold at the same price
as the cheaper made a-id more ordinary
pills found i;j the market. In curative vir
tues, there is no comparison to be made be.
tween them and the ordinary pills, as any
ene may easily learn by sending for a free
sample, (four to seven doses) of the Pel
lets, which will be sent on receipt of name
and address on a postal card.
The Pellets cure biliousness, sick and
bilious headache, dizziness, costiveness, ot
constipation, sour stomach, loss of appetite,
coat-.i tongue, indigestion, or dyspepsia,
windy belching3, "heart-burn," pain and
distress after eating, and kindred derange
ments of the liver, stomach and bowels.
Put up in glass vials, therefore always
fresh and reliable. One little "Pallet"
is a laxative, two are mildly cathartic,
As a "dinner pill," to promote digestion,
take one each day after dinner. To relieve
distress from over-eating, they are un
equaled. They are tiny, sugar-coated
granules; any child will readily take them.
Accept no substitute that maybe recom
mended to be "just as good." It may be
belter for the dealer, because of paying him
a better profit, but lie is not the one who
needs help. Address for free sample,
World's Dispensary Medical Asso
ciation, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Twelve hundred girls Bud young women
in Reading, Pa., .earn 6,000 by turning
out 600,000 stockings every week, the
market value of whioh is $30,000.
It is said that Mrs. Edmund Yates car
ries her husband's ashes about with her
in a little oasket, whioh is fitted into a
traveling bag of special design.
(Western Division.)
(J. W. Reinhert, John J. MoOook, Joseph
O. Wilson, Receivers.)
In Effect Sunday, November 1, 1891.
Leave Ohioairo at 10:00 p. m.; 10:00 p
m. Arrive at Chicago at 10:00 p. m.j 9:00
a. m.
Leave Kansas City, Mo., at 1:60 p. m.;
2:00 p. m. Arrive at Kansas City, Mo.,
at 6:10 p. m.; 5:00 p. m.
Leave Denver at. .11:50 p. m. Arrive at
Denver at 5:15 a. m.; 1:45 a. m.
Leave La Junta at 7:20 a.m.; 10:10. Ar
rive at La Junta at 10:50 a. m.; 8:55 p. m
Lv. Ar.
3:07 a.
10:45a. 12:35p.
12 :f(!n
. .Coolidge
Wlngate. ...
Gallup ,
.Navajo Springs.
....Ash Fork....
Sellgman.. ,.
..Peach Springs.
.. .Needles, Cal. .
...... Daiffirett
2 :50p.
1 :S5p.
1 :07a.
12 :03p.
1 :25a.
2 :55p,
5 :40p.
1 stop.
11 ::p.
2 :20p.i
Ar....Mojave. ..Lvl
Arrive Los Angeles 9:35 a. m.; 6:30 p.
m. Leave Los Angeles at 7:00 a. m.; 5:00
p. m.
Arrive San Diego 12:15 p. m.; 9:20 p.
m. Leave San Diego at 2:16 p. m.
Arrive at San Franoisoo at 9:16 a. m.
Leave San Francisco at 9:00 a. m.
Every day but Sunday.
ALBUQUERQUE A., T. & 8. F. Railwuy
for all points east and south.'
ASH FORK Santa Fe, Presoott & Phoe
nix railway for points in oentral and
southern Arizona.
BLAKE Nevada Southern Railway for
Purdy and oonneotion with stage lines
for mining distriots north.
BARSTOW Southern California Railway
for Los Angeles, San Diego and other
California points.
MOJAVE Southern Paoiflo Company for
San Franoisoo, Saoramento and other
northern California points.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
No ohange is made by sleeping oar pas
sengers between San Franoisoo, Los
Angeles ordan Diego and Chicago.
The Atlantio ft Paoiflo Railroad, the
great middle route across the Amorioap
oontinent, in jonneotion with the rail
ways of the "Santa Fe route." Liberal
management; superior facilities; pic
turesque sooner y; excellent accommoda
tions., The Grand Canon of the Colorado
the most sublime ot nature's work on
earth, indescribable, ean eaxily be readied
via Flagstaff, Williams or Penuh Spriugs
on this road. To the natural bridge of
Arisona and Montesuma's well - you can
Journey most direotly by this line. Ob
serve the ancient Indian civilization of
I.agnna or Acouia, "tliu City of the Sky."
Visit the petrified forest near Carrimi.
Bee and marvel at the freak of Canon
Diablo. Take a hunting trip in the ning
maoent pine forests of the San Francisco
mountains. Find interest iu the ruins of
the pre-historio
Cave and Cliff Dwellers
Vlw fcti InnirAat nni.Hlnver bridl0 in
Amerioa aeross the Colorado river.
Jo. J. Braaa,
Gen. Pass. Agt., Los Angeles, Cal,
O. H. Srasas,
Ass't Uen. rass.Agt., Ban t'rauoisoo, uai.
H. 8. Va Hi.tci,
Oen. Agt., Albuquerque, N. M.
We call especial attention to our celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
We make them in all
'nanner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc,
book work:
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
flfe are the

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