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lira k
I have a full line of Picture Frames and Mouldings and in fact
everything in the household line. I will furnish you from the
parlor to the kitchen on easy payments and bedrock prices. I
carry the largest stock in the city. I repair all kinds of furni
ture, sewing machines and musical instruments. Remake mat
tresses and all kinds of upholstering.
Come and See Us!
Our special aim is to please everyone with reasonable prices
and as good an article as the market affords.
There is nothing better than
S. S.
Sialic ai Faiiri Groceries.
S-A-Ifl-T-A. FB
Boss Patent Flour.
Club House Canned Goods.
Hesston Creamery Butter.
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
examine our stock and gee our low prices.
Office and Varehousa
Oanta Fo,
Ems and Mis.
Razors ought to be of the finest steel
and so capable of taking and keeping a
keen edge. Oar friend Dads bis razor all
right, of coarse, because it is one he
booght here. No one has any use for a
poor razor. To attempt to shave with
one is inflicting self pnuishment. We
guarantee oar razors to be Al in every
case. They never fail to give absolute
satisfaction to every purchaser. Shaving
outfits like oars are cheap at $3. It is the
tame with all oar cntlery. Our prices
are the lowest in town for first-class
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
Phone 53
Lower 'Frisco St.
New Mexico.
Advices That a Mob Has Attacked An
American School in Asia
Action Taken to Protect American Mis
sionaries in China Instructions to
Admiral Carpenter Sugar
Bounty Hearing Con
cluded. Washington, Aug. 10. Acting Secre
tary Adee, of the state department, to-d.i."
received the following telegram relative
to the attack upon the -American school
in Tarsus, ABia Minor: "Baltimore, Mi.
The mob has attacked St. Paul's institute
at Tarsus. A strong cablegram to Minis
ter Terrill is imperatively neoessary.
Signed, Alexander Ohristey,- 821 North
Charles Btrcet."
The signer is a professor of George
town university and a brother of Prof.
Ohristey, attaohed to St. Pant institute.
Mr. Adee promptly cabled Minister
Terrill directing him to inquire into the
matter and report to the department.
A telegram received at the navy de
partment to-day announced that Com
mander Newell has sailed with the De
troit from Shanghai to Che Foo. The
latter port is fnrtber from the scene of
the riots than Shanghai and the navy offl
olals take this as indicating that the
United states authorities in China do not
fear fnrther outbreaks, especially in the
region near Shanghai. Assistant Secre
tary . McAdoo telegraphed to Admiral
carpenter, advising turn that there was a
great deal of apprehension here that
Amerioan citizens in China might lose
tneir lives and property, and telling him
that every possible effort must be made
to protect Amerioan citizens. He also
asked the admiral to cable him at once
the real situation and whether there is
danger of farther disturbances. Admiral
Carpenter, with flag-ship Baltimore, is at
Magasaokl, Japan.
The hearing before Comptroller Bow
ler on the constitutionality of the sugar
bounty law. which has been in progress
during the past four days, was concluded
to-day. Thomas J. Semms, of New Or
leans, presented a carefully prepared
legal argument, contending: first, that, if
a century's construction of the constitu
tion by congress is binding in courts,
then the power to tax for a bounty for a
particular industry is no longer an open
question; seoond, that this course of leg
islation, with the aoqniescenoe of the peo
ple, is as old as the nation itself, and has
been sanctioned by both direot and indi
rect bounties.
Washington. The state department has
not called on the secretary of the navy
f-jr war vessels to assist in protecting the
missions, bnt it is known at both depart
ments that the Petrel, on her voyage np
the Yang Tse river, assisted materially in
maintaining quiet. There has been re
ceived at the state department u report
from Consul General Jernigan, in which
he quotes from the Frenoh fathers at Wu
Hu, saying that the arrival of the Petrel
at Wu Hn was providential, saving many
lives and preventing anticipated trouble.
British Consul Ford oonfirms the report
and says that had it not been for the
American gunboat the foreigners at Wu
Ho would have suffered in the riots. The
Petrel is the only vessel of the Asiatic
squadron that can go up the river any
considerable distance, the others being of
too great draught. The Petrel on her
last voyage went to Ban Row, 600 miles
above Shanghai. This would not bring
the vessel to the soene of the immediate
disturbances, but it is believed that if a
vessel were sent up the river it wonld
have a quieting effect on the rioters.
Slow Pi ogress Belns .Hade In Clear
ing Away the Koine of Collapsed
Building- In New Vork.
New York, Aug. 10. The work of char
ing away the ruins of the collapsed build
ing at the eorner of West Broadway and
West 3d street will probably cot be fin
ished within two days. The missing are:
Patrick Cashin, Brooklyn; James Orisso,
New York; Edward Henley, Brooklyn;
William Hayes, Brooklyn; Peter Morini,
New York; Thomas McGuire, Jersey City;
John Murphy, Brooklyn; Christopher
Yorke, Brooklyn, and George Smith, New
York. .
Iftlioeklag Disclosures Kexardlng
Treatment of Patients la Chi
cago Insane Asylum Two
Attendants Held for
Chicago, Aug. 10. John. Anderson and
George Gough, the. Dunning insane asy
lum attendants, charged 'with having
kicked Puoik, an inmate, to death, were
giving a preliminary hearing to-day and
held 'for murder. Anderson says that
Puoik was violent and that Gough did the
killing in an attempt to subdue the pa
tient. This confession revealed the root
that violent patients are frequently mal
treated by the attendants at Dunning,
"Happy Jack" Hauler Uot full and
Undertook to Kan the Mining ,
Camp of Hastings-Killed by
the Marshal.
- Denver, Aug. 10. A epeoial to the
Times from Trinidad, Colo., says: Last
evening, at the mining eamp of Hastings,
John Hadley, better known M "Happy
Jack," after getting full of whiskey, un
dertook to shoot up the town. He was
overhauled by Marshal Deardorf, bnt re
fused to surrender to the ofUeer and at
tempted to draw a gun, upon whieh Dear
dorf Bred a ball whieh struck Hadley in
the forehead, killing him instantly.
. Bearish Articles on Silver.
Mew York, Aug. 10. A London paper
has bearish articles on silver, holding that
speculators have large quantities and tha
the policy of the Indian council it against
market, , .
Body of Kev. K. . V heeler Shipped.
Albuqutrque, Aug. 10. The body of
the Rev, E. G. Wheeler, who wan killed in
the recent wreck on the Atlantic it Pacific
road, near Mitchell, was shipped last
night to Winona, Minn. The bereaved
wife accompanied the dead, and many
persons expressed their sympathy for
her. A number of kind friends were
present to see her started on the sad jour
Two Hundred Italians (nit Work and
Endeavor to Prevent their
Places Belns t illed.
ttsburg, Aug. 10. Two hundred
Italians, in the employ of Booth & 1 $ fni,
city contractors, struck for an advance
of 25 cents per day. Other men were se
cured to take their places and to-dny n
crowd of strikers attacked them. Picks
and Bhovels were used Bud several par
ticipants in the fight were seriously hurt.
The police scattered the rioters and are
guarding the workmen. '
Heliograph Slenals.
Denver, Colo., Aug. 10. Communica
tions were exchanged by heliograph to
day between the summit of Pike's peak
and army headquarters in this city, over
sixty-six miles in an air line. A photo
graph was taken of the party of soldiers
on the peak in the act of signaling,
Associated I'ross orreots One of
Several I'.rrorm It ludulucd In
New York, Aug. 10. At the session of
the Catholic Abstinence Union yesterday,
upon motion Rev. P. O'Brien, chairman
of the committee on resolution, there was
adopted a resolution, which thanked the
press, Mgr. Satolli and Archbishop Cor
rigan. Owing to an error in transmis
sion by wire, the word "thanked" ap
peared as attacked. Attention is called
to the fact that the correction may thus
be mode.
Sturm in Oklahoma.
Hennessy, O. T., Aug. 10. The worst
storm in years passed over this section
last night, wrecking severnl buildings
and damaging late corn. A car was
blown off a siding at Dover and a north
bound Rook Island train was disabled.
An NO-Year Old Canadian About to
Lead a Iluxoui Widow to
the Altar.
Toronto, Aug. 10. Sir William P.
Howland, ex-lieutenant governor of
Toronto, and president of the Confedera
tion Life Assurance company, now in his
86th year, will soon lead to the altar the
widow of Jae. Beth, late manager of the
Dominion hnnk. Relatives of the iarti s
are strongly opposed to the match.
New York, Aug. 10. Money on oall.
nominally easy at 1 per cent; prime
mercantile paper, 3 i. Silver, 66;
lead, $3.87)4.
Chicago. Cattle, quiet, steady; Texas
steers, $2.80 $4.00; bulk, $3.26 $3.60.
Sheep, steady; lambs, 10 15 cents
Kansas City. Cattle, steady to strong;
Texas steers, $2.75 $3.50; Texas cows,
$2.25 $2.50; beef steers, $3.75 $5.50;
native cows, $1.00 VJ $3.10; stookers and
feeders, $2.40 $1.25; balls, $2.00
$2.75. Sheep, steady to 10 eents lower;
lambs, $3.35 $4.70; muttons, $2.80 (($
Chicago. Wheat, August, 67; Septem
ber, 67, asked; corn, August, 3$; Sep
tember, 39, bid; oats, August. 20K:
September, 20j 20.
Finance In London.
London, Aug. 10. Gold going into
circulation for holiday requirements ex
plains the decrease in the coin and bullion
in the Bank of England this week. Net
gold importB for the week were 560,000.
The increase in other deposits and the
decrease in publio deposits reflected pay
ment ny ine government of matured
treasury bills and exohequer bonds. The
stock markets were idle to-day, exoept
mines. Americans were negleoted and
irregular. Atlantic it Paoiflo firsts 'keep
strong; the buying very good. The
British trade returns for July are the
best for several months past. Both im
ports and exports show a large increase.
The main feature is the large inorease in
goods exported from here to America.
This gives a healthy construction to the
rise in Amerioan exchange. Paris ex
change is nearing the gold point. .
Miss Outton Charged with Poisoning
Miss Knapp Probable Explana
tion of a Mystery.
s Wellsboro, Pa., Aug. 10. The myBtery
surrounding the death of Miss Elizabeth
Knapp, on May 17, was partially cleared
pp last night by the arrest of Miss Char
lotte Dutton, alias Howell, on a warrant
eharging her with the murder. Miss
Knapp, who made her home in the family
of Chaunoey P. Howell, became suddenly
ill, oo May 16, and died the next day.
The eoroner's jury rendered a verdict
that she died of oorrosive poison admin
istered either by herself or somennknowu
person. The detectives scoured evidenoe
enough to warrant the arrest of Miss
Duttun, who has also been living in the
family of Howell.
It is charged by friends of Miss Knapp
that Miss Dutton was jealous of her.
When arrested she feigned insanity. Two
other mysterious deaths, whioh have oo-
ourred in the Howell family, will prob
ably be charged to Miss Dutton. Shortly
after her appearanoe at Howell's resi
dence, the letters' wife died under pecu
liar oiroumstanoes. Not long after his
young son died with symptoms of
Weekly Hank Statement.
New York, Aug. 10. The weekly bank
statement is as follows: Reserve, de
crease, $1,076,400; speoie, inorease, $5,
TOO; legal tenders, decrease, $2,189,900)
deposits, decrease, $627,300; circulation,
inoresee,$9,800. The banks now hold
$3,940,775 jn exoess of legal require
Flourishing1 Little City of Lockport
Reduced to Ashes in a Few
Chicago firemen Working Hard to
Subdue the Flames Postoffice and
Town Records Destroyed
Damage Estimated at
Chicago, Ang. 10. Lockport, 111., is on
fire. A Bpeoinl train with five engines
left for there this afternoon. At 12:2u p.
m., the business block and twenty-two
houses had been burned. The Ore started
nt 11:30 a. m., and, owing to lack of water
and everything being dry, spread rapidly.
The indications at 12:25 were that the
whole town was doomed.
Workmen tarring the roof of the Phre
nix printing office accidentally started the
Are. In five minntea, it was beyond con
trol. Joliet was called on for help, but
fire there prevented aid being extended.
Chicago was then oalled upon.
Lockport is in Will county, III., on the
ilrtu ngo oanal and has a population of
about 2,000. It is about thirty-two miles
southeast of Chicago and five miles from
Joliet. It contained eight churches, a
newspaper, a woolen mill, a large flour
mill, four carriage shops and various
other enterprises, since the beginning
of work on the oanal the town has grown
Fart of to-day's disaster is the destruo
tion of the postoffice and town hall, in
oludiDg all the records,
A strong wind blew the flames so that
the eotire city seemed enveloped. Peo
pie became panic stricken and hurriedly
began moving to the hills a mile from
the oity.
Lockport has no fire department and
there was bnt one hose cart in town. The
engines sent from Chicago wero given
the quickest run possible over the Chi
cago & Alton road. The wires between
Chicago and Lockport, both telegraph
nnd telephone, went down shortly before
2 o clock and there seems to be little
doubt that the place is almost, if not en
tirely, destroyed. Officials of the drain
age board expressed fears that there
would he little or nothing left by the
time help could arrive from other cities.
At last accounts the estimated loss was
At 2:15 p. m. a telephone message by
way of Joliet, annonnoed that thirty build
ings had been burned and that the loss
was estimated at not less than $500,000.
The fire ongines from Chicago were ploy
ing on the fire nnd the Chicago firemen
were tearing houses down. Ihe marshal
said that he thought they would have the
fire under control in a few minutes.
Mlssonrl Hllver Delegates.
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 10. Under instruc
tions of ttie late Democratic state con
vention held at Pertle Springs, Mo., Hon.
K. P. Bland, its chairman, to-day appoint
ed two delegates from each congressional
district and six from St. Louis to repre
sent Missonri in the national conference
to be held at Washington, D. C, Decem
ber 14, under the call issued lv Senators
Turpie, Harris and Jones (Ark.)
Thirty-live Employes or Itureau of
Animal Industries at Kansas City
Thrown Out of Work.
Kansas City, Aug. 10. The microscopic
department of the bureau of animal in
dustries at this point has been suspend
ed by the secretary of agriculture and
thirty-five women, each drawing a salary
of $50 per month, have been thrown out
of employment. Chief Inspector Shiler
states that the suspension is ordered be
cause the packing companies have no
orders for pork from countries requir
ing miorosoopio inspection at the present
Peace Concluded.
Buenos Ayres, Aug. 10. Peace has been
conoladed between the government of
Brazil and the insurgents of the province
of Rio Grande da Sul.
Young Lunatic In Michigan Imagines
that He Is a Train of Cars. ,
Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 10. There is in
the oounty jail here, awaiting a vaoanoy
in the Pontiao asylum, a young man
who imagines that he is a train of cars.
He was brought from Milan and gives his
name as Walter Rogers. He says that his
home is in San Francisco, whence he made
a remarkably fast run, often attaining a
speed of ninety miles an hour. He spends
nearly all his time in imitating the noises
obtained at the starting up and stopping
of railroad trains. Every sound and
movement he produoes with startling
fidelity to the reality.
Strike Ended.
West Superior, Wis., Ang. 10. The
strike of coal handlers appears to be
broken, as a number of the men returned
to work to-day.
Legal Xotire.
In the district court of the first judicial
district of the territory of Nt w Mexioo in
and for the county of Santa Fe thereof.
Norman B. Cornwall, V
Complainant. Chancery,
vs. -No. 8614.
Mary L. Cornwell, I Divorce.
The above named respondent is hereby
notified that suit for dissolution of the
bonds of matrimony existing between the
said respondent and (he complainant in
said cause and for general relief has been
filed against her in the district court
aforesaid and that unless she enter or
cause to be entered au appearance in her
behalf in (aid cause on or before the re
turn day of process therein, occurring on
the first Monday in October, 1895, a de
eree pro eonfesso therein will be entered
against her in the same.
saix Gio. L. Wtllys, Clerk.
A. B. Rkmshab,
Solioitor for Complainant.
Dated at Santa Fe, N. M., Aug. 10, 1895.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
1 tSsl Powder
Mr. Rafnel Rrc:m,',"au old and respected
resident of Mesula, died last ihursuny
night after a long illness.
W. A. Maxwell has been appointed re
ceiver of the drug store of Dr. i. H. Bur
geasifc Son nt Albuquerque.
The desperadoes, Leandro Martinez and
Pedro Baca, ore in jail nt Springer, and
the Colorado authorities are expeoted to
call for them shortly.
The total valuation "of Colfax county is
$2,484,805; total amount of taxis is $52,
927.66; town tax for Raton, $5,340.55;
school tax for Raton, $3,603.82.
The wind now blowa over the oats
stubble, an indication among old time
agriculturists and people in the rurnl dis
tricts that fall is fast approaching.
Albuquerque Citizen: (iov. Thornton,
in addition to making an address at the
irrigation congress, will be invited to
formally open the territorial fair with
one of his best speeches.
On Sunday, August 4, Rev. E. A. Osborn,
of Gallop, was advanced to the priesthood
of the Episcopal church by Bishop Kcn
drick, Ilev. W. L. Githens being the pre
sentor and vesting the candidate with a
white stole.
One of the best games of base ball
ever witnessed in Grant county was
played nt Fort Bayard one week ago last
Sunday between Troop I and the Fort
Bayard Browns. The score stood 6 to 8
in favor of Troop I.
The naked corpse of an unknown man,
a Mexican, was found floating down the
river at Earlham on Sunday. It is sup
posed that the man was caught in one of
the Hoods and drowned somewhere np the
river. Independent-Democrat.
The Optio is informed that George
Beaty htiB gone np the Gallinas angling
for Plasterer Brnce's sixty-pound trout.
V hen Mr. Bruce was asked how he knew
it weighed sixty pounds, he said it had
scales on its back.
Assessor Childers has unearthed over
3,000 acres upon which final proof has
been made nt the United States land of
fices, but which have never been returned
for taxation, and is still engaged in the
good work. Silver City Eagle.
At 6 o'clock Saturday evening, at Max
well City, freight train first 36, in charge
of Conductor W. B. Hanna, was doing
some switching when Rear Brakeman 1).
W. Miller fell off of a car and under the
wheels, which passed over his legs, almost
severing both off a few inches below the
' Thcft-,)tio -oznUnsa the joke, - whieh
Deputy Loomis put on the paper. The
new bathing resort, near Wagon Mound,
whose medicated .waters are good for
skin diseases, nnd whose accommodations
are so crowded, at present, iB a sheep-
dipping station.
Lyman N. Cook, general suporintend-
end of the New Mexioo Refining & Smelt
ing company, which is building the big
smelter at Cerrillos, has received the
plans nnd specifications, and is now nego
tiating with engineers to ran the lines on
which to erect the works.
A. McFadden, a sheep bnyer from
Wichita, Kas., yesterday went np to
Wagon Mound, where he has a bunch of
4,000 sheep which he will send on to
Wichita for feeding. As soon as he starts
them he will try and buy another bunch.
Las YegaB Examiner.
A big flood oome down the Gila from
above the hot springs Saturday. Prof.
Sohaffner and companions from Fort
Bayard were in camp near the springs
and lost their whole camping outfit. The
water ran into the bath houses at the
springs. Silver City Enterprise.
Chns. M. Shannon wns in tho city
yesterday, en ronte to Clifton to look
after his mining interests there, He has
some seventy-fivs men nt work on the
mine on leases. J.I. Brown, of Silver
City, was accompanying him. Mr. Brown
Academy of.
In... "if, Ts7?
- ' - - -
TEKMBs-Bonrdnnd tuition, per month. O.0O: Tuition of day scholars,
se to ft per month, nrrnriliiii? to crrndc, Music, liistriimriitnl nnd
vocnl. paiiiting in oil nml water colors, on ehinii, rte.. form extra
charges. For prospec-titB or further information, ninily to
Mother Francisca Lamy, Superior.
The Wet Wesslsn Beclws tf ptember 8.
will do the assaying at the mine and look
out for Mr. Shannon's interests. Lords
bnrjj Lilyral.
IheHW ranch at Fleming in this
county was among those badly damnged
by the recent floods throughout the
oounty. The 300-foot tunuel leading to
the water shnft was filled with mud and
debris and the loss by troughs nnd cor
rals being washed nwny is also very con
siderable. It will require fully $1,000 to
make repairs. Silver City Eagle.
Mr. Hopkins, of the Depot hotel, in
Doming, says he cau accomm odato more
electricity than any roan he ever saw.
This, fact was brought to his knowledge
by n series of experiments which Prof.
Max Meyer is conducting with his medi
cal battery. Whjle this battery is so
strong as to double other people
up as a jack-knife, it tins very
little effect on Mr. Hopkins, who holds
the handles serenely, almost withont the
twitching of a single musole.
Foundation Plans Itrpeivetl and F.n
jincor Jirown Making1 Surveys
fur the Mammoth riant.
From Mr. Lyman Cook the Rustler
learns that the foundation plans of the
Cerrillos Bn.elter wore received Monday
of this week. Surveying for the founda
tion was begun this morning by Civil En
gineer H. T. Brown, -nud a contract for
excavating will be let the first of the com
ing week. Approximately 2,000 yards of
material will be handled in excavating
for the foundation of the ma n building,
a considerable portion of which is stone,
which will be nseu in the walls.
Tho specifications for stone work and
excavating for the foundation wero re
ceived last night and the complete plans
are expected tho first of next week.
Correspondence lias been opened np
with several brick manufacturers who will
figure on that work, nnd the contract will
be let very soon. When the complete
plans are received the location of the
roasters will be determined, when Mr.
Brown will lay out the sidings, of which
there will be at least Bix, with a total '
length of about one mile.
The status of affairs of this great enter
prise is now most satisfactory, and every
thing foreshadows a condition of unpre
cedented prosperity for Cerrillos and
The - Cares "
By Hood's Sarsaparilla are wonderful, but
the explanation is simple. Hood's Sarsa
parilla purifies, vital
izes and enriches the
blood, and disease
VV- '&"'i natinnt rAciut ifa iiir.
erful curative powers.
Head this : " My girl
had hip disease when
live years old. She
was confined to her
bed and for Bix or
seven weeks the doctor applied weights
to the affected limb. When she got up
she was unable to walk, had lost all her
strength and day by day she became thin
ner. I read of a cure of a similar case by
Hood's Sarsaparilla, and decided to give
it, to Lillian. When she had taken one
bottle it had effected so much good that I
kept on giving it to her until she had
taken three bottles. Her appetite was
then excellent and she was well and
strong. She has not used crutches for
eight months and walks to school every
day. I cannot say too much for
Hoods Sarsaparilla
It is s splendid medicine and I would
recommend it to any One." , Mas. O. A.
LaRosb, Oroville, California.
Hnnd'e DSflc "r" tartelens, mild, effoe.
two. All OlugguU. JBc
t I '.'ivl t !
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