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VOL. 32.
NO 144
J" !L.i..3j'
I have a full line of Picture Frames and Mouldings and in fact
everything in the household line. I will furnish you from the
parlor to the kitchen on easy payments and bedrock prices. I
carry the largest stock in the city. I repair all kinds of furni
ture, sewing machines and musical instruments Remake mat
tresses and all kinds of upholstering.
Come and See TJs !
Our special aim is to please everyone with reasonable prices
and as good an article as the market affords.
There is nothing better than
S. S.
' Boss Patent Flour.
Club House Canned Goods.
. Hesston Creamery Butter.
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
examine our stock and gee our low prices.
Gin aifl Prims
Office and Warehouse Lower 'Frisco St.
Oanta Fo, - " New Mexico
Hard wear indeed, bo hard that there is
Dot much wear left for his clothes, what
ever may be said of the man. But there
is plenty of ware and hardware too, left
in oar great stook. Facts tell and every
body knows that oar display of hardware
discounts everything in town. Kitchen
ware, ironware, tinware, cutlery,farm and
garden implements, everything is here,
and whatever is here is selling at a lower
price than yon can find anywhere else.
Do not forget that every article we keep
in stock is not only low priced, but a gilt
edged value. You owe it to yourself to
get the most for your money. Fay your
j ust debt to No. 1, which means, among
other things, come and see us.
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
... t
Phone 53
Quaker City Visited by One of the
Fiercest Conflagrations in Its
History To-day.
Immense Paper Box Factory and Many
Dwellings Burned Fire Depart
ment SlowWater Supply
Deficient Loss Over
Philadelphia, Aeg. 12. One of the
neroest fires that ever visited this city
originated at 8:30 this morning in the
rear of the paper box faotory of Brown,
Bailey & Brown, 412 Franklin street. The
building, five stories high and extending
through to Eighth street, is a complete
The faotory was surrounded by small
dwellings. The flames leaped aoross
Willow street to the dwellings on the
sonth side of that thoroughfare and are
rapidly eating their way through to Cal
low Hill street, a block south. A strong
breezejrom the northwest is blowing the
flames and it seems almost impossible to
save the dwellings on the south Bide of
Willow street, between Franklin Bnd
Eighth streets. The dwellings and stores
on Eighth street, north of Willow, are
It is reported that three employes were
burned to death in the box factory, bat
this can not be verified. The flames are
spreading rapidly, and the block, bounded
by Franklin, Willow, Eighth and Callow
Hill streets, will probably bo a total loss.
In the rear of Brown's faotory and facing
on Eighth street was Buck & Co's big gas
fixture and ohandelier factory. This firm
carried a big stock and its loss will be
Yeager fc Davis' big oobI yarl on the
southeast corner of Eighth and Willow
streets is burning at this hour, 10:30 a.
m. Several firemen, overcome by the
intense heat, were removed to the hos
pital. The loss at this writing is about
The fire Btarted at 8:30, but it was
nearly 9 before an engine responded to
the alarm. The delay proved disastrous.
The firemen turned their attention to
saving the adjoining bnildings, but the
supply of water was inadequate and it
looked for a time as if the whole block,
hounded by Franklin, Eighth, Willow and
Callow Hill streets, would be swept away.
i he firemen worked heroically until 11:15,
whflu the fire was under oontrol. The
prinoipal losers are Brown & Bailey and
Buck & Co. The former's loss will reach
$150,000, with insurance of $100,000.
Buck & Co's loss is between $100,000 and
$125,000, with insurance of between
$75,000 and $80,000. Yeager & Bro., coal
dealers, place their loss at about $20,000,
while the loss on burned dwellings is
about $50,000. Several firemen were hurt,
bnt none fatally.
In Utah the district court has declared
that women have the right to .vote
for the ratification or rejection of the new
constitution and also for the officers of
the proposed state.
The statement of the condition of the
treasury shows: Available cash balance,
$183,382,323; gold reserve, $103,031,101.
The exports of specie from the port of
New York for the past week am'ounted to
$2,008,800 in gold and $897,618 in silver.
Ihe imports for the week were: Gold,
$10,931; silver, $58,160; dry goods, $3,
078,192; general merchandise, $7,231,166.
Opening; Skirmish of Legal Ulanta In
Atlantic A Pacille Keeoivershlp
Vase at Albuquerque.
Denver, Aug. 12. A special to the
Times from Albuquerque says: The
first mortgage bondholders' application
for separate receivers for the Atlantic &
Paoiflo division of the Santa Fe system
was called to-day before Judge Collier.
Judge Sterry, general counsellor for the
Atlantio .fc Paoiflo, who is resisting the
application, argued that the court had no
jurisdiction, especially daring vacation.
Gen. John W. Noble and F. G. Uennings,
counsellors for the Atlantic & Paoifio re
organization committee and the Union
Trust company, argued that the court
had jurisdiction. The court sustained
the latter, after whiob a recess was taken
until to-morrow.
Italian Strikers Attack Men at Work
-Strong Kesistance Several In
jured on Both Sides.
Pittsburg, Aug. 12. One hundred Italian
laborers, formerly employed by Booth &
Flinn on street improvements, now on a
strike for an advance of 25 cents per day,
attacked the workmen on the Squirrel
Hill this morning. The workmen made
strong resistance, and several were injur
ed in both orowds, bnt none fatally. The
poliee captured twenty-one rioters march
ing under a red flag.
Notice a Given Out In Colored Church
ea Canae the Oricunlaatlon of a
Negro molt In Wlnatou. -
Winston, N. C, Aug. 12. It was given
ont in the oolored ehurohes yesterday
that an attempt was to be made to lynch
Arthur Tattle, a negro, on trial here for
the murder of Policeman Viokers last
May. After churoh, 150 negroes marched
to the jail, armed with pistols and guns.
Mayor Gray assured the negroes that
there was no danger of a lynching, but
many of the mob refased to leave. Sheriff
Mcs.rtb.or ordered out the Forsythe rifle
men and swore in a number of deputies.
The mob began firing at the ofiloers, sev
eral of whom were struck with bird shot,
bnt none were seriously wounded. The
riflemen fired several volleys into the
orowd, causing the negroes to disperse in
quiok order. Fourteen rioters were ar
rested. . v ;
elected Speaker.
London. Aug. 12. William 0. Cully,
mumher of -narliament for Carlisle, was
Ire-elected speaker of the house of com
mon without opposition.
Colorado Marshal Killed.
Denver, Aug. 12. A special to the
Times from Victor, Colo,, says: Marshal
Wm. Shea, when attempting to arrest
Patrick Gibson for disturbing the peace,
was shot and killed by the latter's
brother, Bill Gibson. The -Gibsons es
caped and a posse is pursuing tliuin. The
Gibsons are deputy sheriffs.
Ilrlce Hcaten In II in Home County
IliinctalllHm In Km-ope.
Lima, Ohio, Aug. 12. The free silver
men succeeded in getting the best of the
day at the home of Senator Brice nt the
convention. Seven out of the ten dele
gates chosen from Allen county to the
Democratic state convention nre for free
silver. The silver men seem to have
caught their opponents unawares. They
claim to have also carried the Lorain
connty Demooratio convention.
London. The bitnei-!lio question seems
again ooming to the. front. Hitherto
the German government's action has not
been regarded in financial circles here ns
a serious attempt to denl with the ques
tion, but as only intended to quiet the
df lands of the agrariau party iu (ier-
'. Un the other nanu tlio Associated
PressiB informed by the omcials of the
bimetallic league in London that advices
which have been received there leave no
room for doubt that there is a general de
sire among the Berlin authorities to
promote an international monetary con
ference which would not be merely one of
a dootrinal character, but wh-.eh would
aim at practical results. There is no
doubt that the London gold men have
been taken aback by the large number of
members of the present British cabinet
who are bitnetallists. For the same rea
sons the bimetallic lengue is greatly
elated and is prosecuting a more extend
ed agitation throughout the industrial
and agricultural centers of the country.
It is distributing literature broadcast,
while its agentB are very active in push
ing their propaganda, which, moreover,
is having the co-operation of some labor
Kcvincd FisnrcH Showing the Stale
of the Hrend Stalls Product
of the Nntion.
Washington, Aog. 12. The report of
the statistician of the department of ag
riculture shows the condition of crops
Augntit 1, showing an improvement in
corn in July from 99.3 to 102.6. The
averages for some or the large and prin
cipal states are: Ohio, 89; Kentucky,
113; Indiana, 100; Illinois, 106; Missouri,
115; Kansas, 90; Nebraska, 76; Virginia,
102; North Carolina, 98; Georgia, 108.
The condition of spring wheat has
fallen since the last report 6.3 per cent,
being 95.9, against 102.2 for the month
of July. The conditions by stntes are as
follows: Michigan, 69; Illinois, 63; rt'is
cousin, 87; Minnesota, 102; Iowa, 111;
Kansas, CO; Nebraska, ?!); Sonth. Dakota,
91; North Dakota, 101; Washington, 75)
Oregon, 91; California, 73.
The condition of oats has advanced l.
per cent since the last report, being 85.5
against 81.2, July 1.
Spring rye conditions are 81 against 77
in July, while barley has fallen to 87.2
from 91.9 in July.
Funeral of the l-ate Justice .IneUson
l.aixely Attended ut NaMhville
Nashville, Tenn,, Aug. 12. The funeral
of Justice Howell Edmunds Jackson oc
curred to-day at Belle Meade, the famous
home of his brother, Gen. W. H. Jackson,
six miles west of this city, in the pres
ence of many distinguished men from a
distance, and a very large concourse of
personal friends. The services were
conducted by Rev. J. II. MoNeilly, of the
Presbyterian churoh, and Rev. R. T. Lin-
cave, of the Christian churoh.
Single-Handed He Held a Unas of
Oklahoma Outlaws with His
Kansas City, Aug. 12. A speoial to the
Star from Eufalia, I. T., says: The out
laws expected here to day rode into town
a few minutes ago. Deputy Marshal
Johnson encountered them alone and
with aWinchester held them in place
until 0eputy Sheriff Weeks, of Hancock,
O. T.. and a posse came up. The gang
was completely surprised. They were
disarmed of their Winchesters and pistols
and proved to be the men wanted. They
are eharged with all the crimes from
horsestealing to murder. Otllcet Grant
Johnson will take them to Fort Smith to
answer for recent depredations in the
Creek Nation, after which they can be
tried by the Oklahoma authorities.
A New York Millionaire Attempts to
Clean His Plrtol with Fatal
New York, Aug. 12. Edward M. Cam
eron, 'a millionaire, was found dead last
night, and it was supposed that heart
disease caused his death. The Ooroner'e
inquest to-day, however, developed the
fact that when he was cleaning a pistol in
his room, yesterday afternoon, the weapon
was accidentally discharged and the bullet
passed through his heart.
New York, Ang. 12. Money on call
nominally easy at 1 per cent; prime
mercantile paper, 3$ 1. Silver, 66;
lead, $3.37'.
Chicago. Cattle, best, steady; others,
5 to 100 lower. Sheep, quiet at last
week's olosing prices. -
Kansas City. Cattle, market steady for
best, others weak; Texas steers, $2.50
$3.75; Texas eows, $2.00 $2.70; beef
steers, $1.00 $5.50; native eows, $1.28
$3 20; stockers and feeders, $2.15
3.85: bulls, $2.00 $2.75. Sheep, steady ;
lambs, $1.00 $5.10; muttons, $3.00
Chicago. -Wheat, August, 65; Septem
ber, 65. Corn, A ngnst, BG; Septem
ber. mK. Oats. Annual, 19: September.
United States and England Urged to
Intervene in Behalf of Their
Subjects in China.
State Department Fully Alive to the
Situation Views of Minister Denby
Navy Department Has Or
dered Detroit to Foo Chow.
Specinl Tieii-Tsin Dispatch. Copyrighted
1M15 by the Associated l'ress.
Tien-Tsin, China, Aug. 12. A meeting
of foreign residents of this city was held
here to-day. It was decided to communi
cate by cable the necessity of the imme
diate intervention in China of the United
Stntes and British governments, and the
following telegram was addressed to the
Associated Press:
"The foroign community of Tien-Tsin
express sympathy with the friends of the
Ku Cheng victims. They consider the
Chinese officials guilty and the British
and Americans blame the continued
apathy of theirgovernoieuts for the situa
tion. They regard England's demands
for an inquiry into the Ku Cheng massa
cre to be useless, for, as before, the offi
cials will buy innocent heads as substi
tutes for the actual criminals. They pro
test that the Czechuen coinniisbion im
plicated the officials of that province,
liny In nd and America must send an ulti
matum threatening reprisals. Diplomacy
is nseless. We implore attention. Signed,
Dickenson, chairman."
Washington. Acting Secretary Adee,
of the state department, to-day scanned
the Associated Press cable from Tien
Tain, and said that nothing of the kind
had been received nt the state depart
ment. He furnished the following state
ment: The state department has re
ceived a reply from Minister Denby to
instructions, cabled him on the 7th iust.,
relative to the reported looting of the
American missionary property at Yang
Foh, near Foo Chow. Minister Denby
urgently represented the facts to the
yauion on the 10th, aud obtained in
stant promises of protection and
redress. Yung Fun is bolieved by the
officers of the state department to be the
same as Sung Full and log Hok, men
tioned in the press telegrams, the varia
tions in name being doubtless due to
erroneous transmission over the trans
Siberian cable, iu tho course of which
many transcriptions and repetitions are
Acting Secretary MoAdoo, of the navy
department, dictated the following: "The
navy department received this morning
from Admiral Carpenter a cablegaam an
nouncing that he had dispatched the De
troit to Foo Chow, the nearest poiut for
that vessel to reaoh the scene of the near
est disturbance.
A cable was received this morning
from Capt. Newell, commanding the De
troit, pnnonncing his arrival to-day at
Pagoda anchorage, about nine miles be
low the eity of Foo Chow.
Another cable has also been received
from Admiral Carpenter, announcing his
departure from Nagasaki for Che Foo,
China. Che Foo is the nearest and best
port for communication with the Ameri
can minister at Pekin.
. The department has again to-day cabled
Admiral Carpenter regarding matters iu
China and advising him to keep in close
and constant communication with Min
ister Denby."
A dispatch from Denby indicates that
the American minister does not share the
views of other citizens in China, who
think that reprisals should be made.
A high official of the navy said to-day
that it would not be right for United
States war vessels to begin bombarding
Chinese towns and killing Chinese people,
who are entirely innocent, because these
riots have taken place in the interior,
especially since the Chinese government
has already assured our minister that
everything possible is being done to pre
vent further trouble aud to bring the of
fenders to justice.
Another lloily Iteeovered.
New York, Aug. 12. The body of
another victim of the West Broadway dis
aster, the fourteenth thus fur, was un
earthed to-day.
Suicide of an Old Soldier.
Camp Douglass, Wis., Aug. 12. Philip
Spinner, of troop B, U. S. cavalry, who
has been in the service twenty-nine years,
committed snicide in camp at 8 o'clook
this morning by shooting himself through
the heart. The body was shipped to Fort
Sheridan. Spinner served under Goneral
Merritt in the "fighting fifth" during the
Indian wars in the west.
Coehitl IMntrlet Culling.
Several heavy mining deals tnat will
be of material interest to Bland nre on
The Lone Star people have added sev
eral burros to their pack train.
The telephone has been removed from
Codington fc Finch's store to the post
oflioe building.
Thos. Lowth'itn,, Henry Woods and
Wm. Middleton are expeoted in camp in
a few days. ,
Next week the Cochili Mining A Reduc
tion Works company will pay their work
men off in full, and then our oitizens will
be happy.
The Beckman stamp mill is running
night and day on ore from the Lone Stnr.
That the mill is a success is proved be
yond a doubt.
The Little Mollie mine is pushing
work rapidly and taking out a good
quality of ore whioh they are packing to
the Beckman stamp mill.
On Monday night of this week Milt.
Cunningham, while attempting to cross
the gulch on a foot log, slipped and fell,
sustaining serious injury from which he
has since been suffering.
With the Beckman stamp mill running
full blast night and day, the Santa Fe fc
Coehiti railway soon to be bnilt, smelters
to be erected at Cerrillos and at the river,
mines-working to their full capacity, the
Crown Point shipping a car load of ore
to Pueblo daily, Bland is rapidly oomiug
to the front. Keep your eye on Bland, if
you want to make money. Bland Herald.
; Veteian JournitllNt Head
San Francisco, Aug. 12. Frank M.
Pixley, the veteran editor and politician,
died here last night after a lingering ill
ness. He came to California forty years
ago and was one of the moBt prominent
men in the state.
Four years Ago Pilley wns forced to
retire from active journalism through
nervons prostration and writer's paraly
sis, lie was 70 years old. Ills fortune is
estimated at $1,000,000.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
lOVfeS fill
1 1 aa7 sm ujmm
Ae&owteev pure
Several hundred thousand sheep nre to
be dipped at Wagon Monnd this year.
Miss Lulu, daughter of Judge Hamilton,
has returned to Socorro from California.
Florida lint, at the foot of Cook's Peak
range, is covered with grass over a foot
Dr. S. W. Swope has been appointed
Santa Fe physician and surgeon at Deal
ing. W. S. Pragor has bought the Evening
Star mine in the Jiearillns. , The shai' is
100 feet deep.
Filadelfo Baca, secretary' of the Amer
ican legation iu Mexico, is now at Agnus
Calientes, Mexico.
A number of swarms of bees have re
cently passed over Socorro, evidently
bound for the mountains.
Col. Cockroll, oongressman-eliH't from
Texas, and his daughter, have been visit
ing J. H. Cookroll, at Roswell.
A number of linemen have been busy
for several days past replacing the poles
and wires on the Magdalena branch.
Wm. E. O'Leary, ex-business manager
of the Optic, has returned to Las Vegas
from a visit to his homo 111 Chicago.
Trains on the Silver City branch got
into the county seat Monday evening for
the first time since the Hood of July 21,
Mrs. W. T. MoCreight will leave Albu
querque to-night for the east to purchase
a tine line of fall and winter millinery.
Vol. 1, No. 1 of the Irrigator, published
at Hagermnn, Chaves county, is nt hand.
The paper preseuts a nent appearance.
D. P. Carr, representative of the Albu
querque Citizen, is seriously ill nt his
residence iD Silver City, of typhoid fever.
W. C. Davenport, who killod Big Wei
sel, nt Carlisle mining camp, is still in
jail at Silver City in default of $1,000
The normal school nt Silver City will
open for tho term on September 2. Prof.
Selby, formerly of the Doming public
schools, is prinoipal.
The contract for the carpenter work on
Veeder Bros.' two-story building, on tho
west side of tho plaza nt Las Vegas, has
been let to John Hill at $5,000.
Mrs. Martin M'rose, who fled from New
Mexico with the rustler, contributed $.50
to El Paso's coffers, a few days ago, for
drawing a revolver upon an officer.
Arrangements have already boon made
for the shipment of over 10,000 head of
Mexioan oattle from Doming after the
quarantine is raised on November 1.
A petition is being circulated asking
the government to cancel the star, route
mail contract between Eddy and Itoswell
so the mail may be carried by railway.
The farmer who locates in this dry re
gion does not know of the evils of "innd
bound crops." He can drive on the
roads of New Mexico every day in the
C. H. MoLenthan, whose home is in La
Huerta, a beautiful addition to Eddy, re
ports that of the 400 young fruit trees he
had when the season opened, but one has
given up tho ghost.
Messrs. Lindauer and Carpenter, of the
Sapello Cattle company, will make a di
vision of their cattle shortly, each taking
half and continuing the business re
spectively. Deming Headlight.
Col. Goss, of the military school, in
forms the Citizen that the school will
open on September 2 in the building
known as the Albuquerque sanitarium,
Lon Honeywell, of Water Canon, re
ports the conutry looking beautiful. The
cattle have all loft the mountains, and
are fattening very fast on the luxuriant
grass of the mesa.
Rev. J. A. Menanl, the Presbyterian
synodical missionary, who left Albuquer
que on the 7th of May for a trip thruugh
England, Scotland and Ireland, returned
home on Friday night. j
Academy of
TERMS: Hoard and tuition, per month. ftliO.OO i Tuition of day scholars. .
to W(J per month, ncvordlnir to itrnile. Music, instrumental niil
vpeal, pnliitinir in oil and water colors, on china, etc, form extra
charges. For prospectus or further information, apply to
The Kent WfwHon Raglan Nrptember X.
It is said that Fred Lindner thinks
seriously about moving his stock of gen
eral merchandise from Kingston to Hills
boro and occupying the Hillshoro Mer
cantile company's store.
At the called meeting of the board of
school examiners at Las Cruces, last
Saturday, Father Lassaigne tendered his
resignation. Superintendent Sherley ap
pointed Judge J no. It. Mot'ie to succeed
M. W. Mills lost thirty or forty head of
young horses this summer by wolves.
Wolves art reported as very ravenous
down about Mr. Mills' Red River ranch, f,
and nil kinds of stook have suffered more
or less. SpriDger Stockmnn.
Judge Harris, of Hope, Eddy connty,
reports that his grapes nre ripening. Ho
also has 1,000 npple trees growing finely,
bnt three having died since planting. "I
am qnile sure onr foot-hill country is
good for apples," lie said, "for tho
orchard is a beauty, and it was not well
planted, either."
John Singleton, of Florence, now has
170 stands of bees which ho recently re
moved from Eddy to the district of larger
alfalfa farms. lie has partly constructed
houses to shelter the bread winners, win
ter and summer, and his place attracts no
little attention from travelers on the road
aud the railway.
The puhlio school board of East Las
Vegas is thought to be on the point of
employing auother teacher, fixing up an
other room and taking pupils not resid
ing in the city, but chnrgiug them tuition.
The Optic doubts if this will meet with
the approbation of the tax-payers of the
city, when taken in connection with the
fact that all home children, under 7 years
of age, have been excluded from the
schools for the coming year. Also, be
cause such action can bnt damage the
private schools of the city. However,
tho Optic will be glad to havo an ex
pression of opinion on this subject from
any of its readers. Las Vegas Optic.
Though it is not generally known the
mi'squito bean is the most nutritious
food, weight considered, known to tho
western rancher. This food keeps horses
coats looking like mole skins. Hogs
thrive on the mesquito beans and sheep,
goats and cows fatten quickly on them.
Thousands of tons nre shipped nnnunlly
from Texas to Germany for feed for
cavalry horses. No more profitable an
occupation can bo found than gathering
tho mesquite beans which annually go to
waste in the I'ecos valley and storing for
feed, when tho beans would Bell ns well as
any grain. Eddy Current.
Blood Pure
If it is, you will be strong, vigorous,
full of life and ambition; you will have a
good appetite and good digestion;
strong nerves, sweet Bleep.
But how few can Hay that their blood
is pure! How many people are suffering
daily from the consequences of impure
blood, scrofula, salt rheum, rheumatism,
catarrh, nervousness, sleeplessness, and
That Tired Feeling.
Hood's Sarsapnrilla purifies, vitalizes
and enriches tho blood. Therefore, it ia
the medicine for you.
It will give you pure, rich, red blood
and strong nerves.
It will overcome that tired feeling,
create an appetite, give refreshing Bleep
aud make you strong.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the Only
True Blood Purifier
Prominently in the public eye today.
Mnnd'e Dillc th after-dinner p!'l and
IIUUU famtly calhurtio. 11'.
Mother Francisca Lamy, Superior.

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