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VOL. 32.
NO 145
I have a full line of Picture Frames and Mouldings and in fact
everything in the household line. I will furnish you from the
parlor to the kitchen on easy payments and bedrock prices. I
carry the largest stock in the city. I repair all kinds of furni
ture, sewing machines and musical instruments. Remake mat
tresses and all kinds of upholstering.
Come and See Us!
Our special aim is to please everyone with reasonable prices
; and as good an article as the market affords.
There is nothing better than
S. S.
e li Fun mum
Boss Patent Flour.
' Club House Canned Ooods.
Hesston Creamery Butter.
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
examine our stock and gee our low prices.
Office and Warehouse
Onntn Po. - -
Gnttis i frail.
Hard wear indeed, so hard that there is
not muoh wear left for his clothes, what
ever may be Baid of the man. But there
is plenty of ware and hardware too, left
in oor great stock, facts tell and every
body knows that oar display of hardware
disoounts everything in town. Kitohen-
ware, ironware, tinware, catlery,farm and
garden implements, everything is here,
sod whatever is here is selling at a lower
price than yon can find anywhere else.
Do not forget that every article we seep
in stock is not only low priced, but a gilt
edged value. You owe it to yourself to
get the most for your money. Pay your
jnst debt to No. 1, which means, among
other things, come and see us.
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
Phone 53
Lower 'Frisco St.
- New Mexico.
Charges of Discrimination Ayainst
Atlantic & Pacific Interest Made at
Allmqnerque To-day.
Receiver Walker's Frank Response
Working Solely as Conscientious
Agents of the Courts.
Albuqoerque, Aug. 13. The legal con
test in whioh the A. & P. railroad bond
holders ask for a separate receivership
for that toBd waxes hot in Judge Collier's
oourt to-day.
of Francis 8. Bangs and John Dougherty,
on behalf of the A. & P. bondholders'
committee, were read this lorcr.
They charged the present A. , T, . 8. F.
reoeivers with unjust, unfair and dis
honest treatment of A. fc P. affairs, es
peoially as to oharges for equipment and
expenses, and in maintaining the divi
sions of through rates which the receivers
found in force when they came into office
The first pffidavit for the receivers was
that of A. F. Walker, one of the reoeivers,
He denied minutely and emphatically all
the charges made against tne reoeivers
and explained in detail the nntruth and
unfairness of the statements in plaintiff's
A large number of other affidavits re
main to be read. Receiver Walker dis
claimed any connection with the A., T. &
8. F. reorganization committee and main
tained that the rec ivers had at all
times acted solely as t..e
of the courts having jurisdiction of the
property. He also olaimed particularly
that the question of a proper division of
rales was now in the hands of the special
master for full inquiry, the present
plaintiffs being, by stipulation, parties to
the reference, with authority to call it up
and push it to a finish at any time.
New York, Aug. 13. Money on oall
nominally easy at 1 per cent; prime
mercantile paper, Z) Silver, 66;
lead, $3.37.
Chioago. Cattle, market fairly active
and steady. Sheep, quiet and Bteady.
Kansas City. Cattle, market weak to
lOo lower; Texas steers, $2.S0 $3.50;
Texas oows, $1.60 $2.60; beef steers,
$3.10 d $5.50; native oows, $1.25 $3.00;
stookers and feeders, $2.50 $1.60; bulls,
$1.60 $2.70. Sheep, murket active,
strong; lambs, $3.00 $5.15; good mut
tons, $3.00 $3.50.
Ohioago. Wheat, August, 66; Septem
ber, 66 . Corn, Aogust,38; Septem
ber, 38. Oats, August, 19)4; September,
Estimated that the Corn Crop of Kan
nan this Year will Beacn 300,- .
000,000 Bushels.
Chicago, Aug. 13. "The bigness of our
corn drop beggars arithmetic," said
Frank P. MoCIellan, editor of the Topeka
State Journal, in an interview here to
day: "You will understand in a measure
the corn figures of Kansas, when I say
that the crop will be more than 800,000,
000 bushels. It will give five bushels, or
400 pounds, to every man, woman and
child in the United States, and leave
enough to send several ship loads to
Looks lilke War.
San Francisco, Gal., Aug. 13. Japan is
evidently preparing for another war.
The little island empire wants twenty
new war ships, and to-morrow Irving M,
Soott will sail for Japan to secure the
oontraota for building some of the war
vessels. San Franoisoo is the port near
est to Japan where fighting ships can be
built, and as the Union iron works have a
reputation for constructing first-class
ships, Mr. Scott expects to return with
enough contracts to keep his oom pany
busy for some timj.
Enthusiasm For Missions.
Old Orohard, Me., Aug. 12. -At Dr. A.
B, Simpson's Christian Alliance meeting
yesterday $65,000 was pledge for mis
sionary work. This is the largest collec
tion ever taken in the world in a Bingle
day for missionary purposes. Nearly
9,000 people attended the morning meet
ing and the wildest enthusiasm prevailed.
In five minutes forty watohes and other
pieces of Jewelry were given by people
in the audience. The largest individual
offering Was by Rev. J. F. Holden, of
Texas, who donated real estate in Califor
nia valued at $10,000.
At 5 o'clock the baptism was held in
the ocean and 100 candidates were im
Two Trained Bear Proprietors Killed
by a farmer In Hew Ysrk Because
they Would Not Leave Ilia
Premises. '.
Middletown, N. Y., Aug. 13. Three for
eigners, having three trained bears, loit
ered around James MeComb's plsoe, a
mile from Summitville, yesterday. At
dark MoOomb ordered them away. They
refused to go, when, p. oouring a shot-gun,
MoComb sent two charges into the party.
One of them died before reaching Sum
mitville and another is dying. MoComb
gave himself up.
Business IMsaaters.
Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 13. The bank
of Shelby, a small ooncern, has suspend
ed. Minneapolis, Minn. Jones, lumber
man, haa been foroed to assign. His
liabilities are $169,000; assets, $218,000.
Hr.nxed lu England. ,
York, England, Aug. 18. Robert Hud
son, a young and highly ednoated man,
who haa run through his own and his
wife's fortune was hanged here to-day
for the murder of his wife and child on
Helmsly Moor, Yorkshire, on June last.
He out their throats, shot them and bur
led them on the moor. Hudson had ad
vertised for another wife under the name
of Hooter. - .. "
Horse Meet la Milwaukee.
Buffalo, N. Y Aog. 13. Joe Patohen
will be shipped to Milwaukee to go in
the exhibition mile raoe for a purse of
$1,500. Gentry, Patohen and Robert J.
will meet at Fleetwood park the last week
in August sod not before.
Unlit Hlill fioing. .
New York, Aug. 13. Nesslage & Fuller
will sheep $100,000 in gold in to-morrow's
Attacked by Kurelars.
Constantinople, Aug. 13. The Vali of
Salonica telegraphs that a Bulgarian
baud numbering about 1,000 men, is said
to have attacked the vilinge of Jauakli,
in the diet riot of Kirdjali, and burned
2!I0 houses. The Armenians are also said
to have killed twenty-five of the inhabit
ants of Jauakli.
The Indiana will Wo Went The ItcR-
orvatlon to Be Kcnlly 1'lii'on a
Washington, Aug. 13. The acting sec
retary of the interior ),, iipproved the
agreement made with the Southern lite
Indians of Colorado, whereby a majority
of them will take lauds in severalty and
the rest settle on the western third of the
present reservation. After severalty al
lotments have been made the lands re
maining will be thrown open to settle
ment. The reservation oontains over
1,000,000 acres.
Huntington's HiicoosHor.
San Francisco, Ang, 13. The Examiner
says that Gen. Thomas Hubbard, who
represents the Soarles interest 8 in the
Southern Pacific campany, is the man
who will succeed C. P. Huntington as
president of the road when Huntington
dies or retires. Huntington, it is said,
thinks highly of Hubbard's abilities and
wishes him to be his successor. Hunt
ington and Hnbbard made an agreement
whereby Senator Stanford was ousted
from the presidency of the road in 18!)0.
According to this agreement Hautington
was to be president for ten yenrs.
Brice Men Talking; of a Dai-It Horse
Free Coinage the Main Ihnuc.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 13. Democratic
leaders throughout the Miami valley have
started a movement to nominate John A.
MoMahon, of Dayton, as the Democratic
state convention in Springfield next week.
Since the oounty convention ot yesterday
it is claimed that Senator Brice's friends
will control the convention, and probably
go no further than to reaffirm the plat
form of 181)2.
Senator Brice, as temporary chairman,
will sound the key note, and his friends
are more interested in the platform than
in candidates. There has been some feel
ing engendered in the silver fight. Mo
Mahon has kept out of the tight and is re
garded as acceptable to both factions.
Ex-Gov. Campbell has declined to allow
his name to be used and Congressman
Sorg and Tom Johnson refuse to be
In the event that the free silver men
should control the convention, the nomi
nee for governor will be Johu U. ihomas,
of Springfield, or James Kit bourne, of
Columbus. The senatorship supersedes
the contests for places this year. Mo
Mahon was a candidate for senator
against Brice six years ago. If he should
ran it would be with a view to becoming
senator and assisting Brioe as a presiden
tial aspirant.
Lost Art Berovered.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 13. Geo. Cromley,
Cornelius Shay and John Ryan, iron and
steel workers, have discovered the lost
art of welding copper or irontostee1.
They show Beveral samples of the ma
terials perfectly welded. The last reoord
history gives or these materials naving
been welded was in 500 B. C. The yalue
in the discovery comes in the fact that
copper offers greater resistance to the
aotion of salt water than any other metal.
The Carnegie company has offered the
men a fixed prioe for the secret. A shop
has been fitted up for the men at the
Homestead plant, where to-morrow the
men propose to weld a plate of oopper to
an ingot of niokel steel armor plate. The
Carnegie company hopes to be able to
cover all armor plates for the big battle
Judge Solon O. Thntcher, a prominent
Eansan, is dead.
There is fresh talk of u new issue of
government bonds.
Indianapolis ball players were mobbed
at the conclusion of a game at Terre
At Fort Smith, Ark., Cherokee Bill has
been sentenced to be hanged September
Ten deaths from smallpox and five new
cases are reported at the quarantine sta
tion at Eagle Pass, Texas.
A cyclone swept over Baltimore and
damaged property, worth $100,000. The
most serious loss was the destruction of
St Elizabeth Catholic church.
At Danville, N. Y., four inches of rain
fell in two hours. Lightning strnok in
several places, and muoh damage was
done among the farming eommnnity.
', Deposits of A.,T. AS. F. securities under
the reorganization plan to August 6 were
$127,075,600 out of $129,320,776 4s, $78,
181,000 As and inoomes out of $79,191,
107, $4,968,000 Bs out of $5,000,000, and
998,730 out of 1,020,000 shares. . ,
No demonstration has been made to
day in the Omaha polioe row, but the A.
P. A. board served notioe On the old
board that it would formally demand the
records at 10 a. m. to-morrow. A fight is
expected. '
The remains of Sonora Maria Ruis de
Burton, widow of the late Brig-General
Henry G. Burton, were embalmed at Chi
cago to-day and forwarded to San Diego,
Oal. She died of gHstrio fever yesterday
at the Sherman house while about to olose
a $15,000,000 land deal in Lower Califor
Ho Truth In the Heport that Amlias
sador Knstls Has Abandoned
the Colored Kansan to
His Fate.
Paris, Aog. 13. There is absolutely
nothing in the sensational story circula
ted by a New York newspaper to the
effect that U. 8. Ambassador Eustis has
dropped the case of John L. Walter, for
merly U. S. consul at Tamative, Mada
gascar, recently sentenced , to twenty
years' imprisonment by coort martial.
Oo the contrary Ambassador Eustis is
pursuing the matter most energetically
and hopes soon to arrive at a satisfactory
Senator Harris at the National Cap
ital Preparing for the Coming:
Free Silver Conference.
Official Information of Chinese Lega
tion Regarding Oriental Riots
Advices from Minister Denby
American Interests will
Be Protected.
Washington, Ang. 13. Senator Harrs,
of Tennessee, who with Senator Turpie,
of Indiana, and Senator Jones, of Arkan
sas, was appointed on the committee at
the Memphis free silver convection in
charge of the conference to be held here
on the 14th and 15th of this month, is in
the city making preparations for the
gathering of free silverites. The parlors
of the Metropolitan hotel have been en
gaged as headquarters and will accommo
date abont 100 delegates. Free silver
men have been invited from all parts of
the United States and Senator Harris
predicts that thirty states will be repre
sented. The senator is reluctant to discuss the
important features of the conference in
advance of the meeting, which he expects
to adopt resolutions in favor of the free
and unrestricted coinage of silver at a
ratio of 1G to 1, and to Bppoint commit
tees to advance in every legitimate way
the interests of silver.
Representative Cox, of Tennessee, is
the only delegate who has arrived: "The
object of the conference," he said, "is to
perfcot an organization inside the Demo
cratic party. We have no sympathy with
movements," looking to independent ao
tion. At the hotel it is estimated that
the attendance will not exoeed 100.
The following cablegram signed by the
Chinese foreign office, the Tsung Li
yamon, was received at the Chinese lega
tion to-day: "No Americans were injured
in the recent riots, though several En
glish were hurt. Five rioters have been
arrested." Ihe omoials of the legation
maintain strenuously that the Chinese
government will exercise every effort to
bring the guilty to justice.
Advices have been received at the state
department that Minister Denby is con
sulting with British and Chinese author
ities relative to a oomplete investigation
of the riotB at Ku Cheng. There is no
donbt expressed at the state department
that United Btates interests will be care
fully looked after when the commission
is appointed.
Mora Claim Will He Pniil.
Madrid, Aug. 13. At a meeting of the
cabinet ministers to-day it was decided
to pay the Mora claim in a lump sum in
September with interest.
Four Young .Hen Jailed In Fort Smith
for a Merles of the Most
Atrocious Crimes.
Fort Smith, Ark., Aug. 13. Rufus
Buck, Samuel Meoa Judy, Lucky Davis
and Albert Stake were lodged in the U. S.
jail here to-day. They are young men
who have in the last ten days made a
criminal reoord almost without a parallel
in the Indian territory. They murdered
John Garrett, a negro deputy marshal,
ten days ago; they met Mrs. Rosette Wil
son, two miles from Sapulpa, and outraged
her each in turn; two dayB later, they
went to the house of Mr. Hasson, between
Snake Creek and Duck Creek, and assault
ed Mrs. Hasson in the presence of her
husband. They are charged with out
raging two other women, robbing two
stores and holding up three individuals.
They robbed a stockman named Callahan
and killed the negro boy with him.
Defaulter Pleaded Unllty,
Pierre, S. D., Aug. 13. The defaulting
state treasurer, W. W. Taylor, pleaded
guilty to the embezzlement of $367,023.34
in Judge Gaffrey's court to day. Taylor
will be sentenoed to-morrow.
Cuba Forms a Provisional t.overn
ment with Representative lieu -at
the Helm.
New York, 4wg. 13. Cubans in this
oity are delighted at the news that a pro
visional government has been formed ic
Cuba with representative men as its offi
cials. Colonel Lopez de Queralta, a prom
inent Cuban patriot, said: The president-elect,
Oeneral Maoeo, is a Cuban to
the oore of his heart. He is a native of
Manzanillo, and the owner of vast prop
erty in Cuba. General Maceo is about
65 years of age And has a record as a
soldier. In the revolution of 18C8 to
1878 he was commander of an imperial
division and distinguished himself on the
field. . .
"Joaquin Castillo, who has been select
ed as diplomatic agent to the United
States, is well known in New York and is
extremely popular. He was born in San
tiago de Cuba. He is about 85 years old.
He was ednoated at the University of
Pennsylvania, studied medioioe and be
came a surgeon general in the United
States navy.
"All the men seleoted for the new gov
ernment are oapable and brilliant Cubans,
and we regard their election as significant
of a glorious epoch in the history of our
island." '
Injunction Denied.
New York, Aug. 13. Justice O'Brien,
in the supreme court to-day, handed
down a deoision denying the motion for
an injunction to restrain the reorganiza
tion committee of the Distilling & Cattle
Feeding oom pany from purchasing or
acquiring the property of the trust, ad
vertised to be sold to-morrow.
lllotons Italian Htrikers.
Pittsburg, Aug. 18. One hundred and
fifty Italians, employed on the excava
tion of a oonduit, in Alleghany, struok
yesterday for an advance of 25 cents a
day in wages. Other men were secured
and to-day the strikers tried to drive the
new men from their work. Stones, re
volvers sud olubs were freely used and
two Italians had their heads split open.
The mob was dispersed by the polioe.
The World's Fair Tests
thawed no baking powder
to pan or so great In leav
nlng power aatbo Royal,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Interesting" Mining News Notes (fath
ered from Territorial Exchanges
of the New Mexican.
- v"
The output of the Hillsboro gold mines
during the week ended August H was 4"5
The regularity of bullion shipments
from Mogollon speaks well for that dis
trict. Two car loads of matte from the Van
smelter in Silver City reached the Deming
sampler Inst week.
Five leasers are at work on the Hum
ming Bird mine at Hermosa. Good ore
is coming out.
The Floridas, Cook's Peak, Tres Her
manas and in fact every camp surround
ing Deming are filling up with prospect
There is a well-founded rumor to the
effect that certain parties are contem
plating the erection of a 10-stamp mill at
the Hillsboro hot springs.
Three Mexicansare making $2 per day
each, since the rainy season set in, wash
ing gold from the dirt in Snake and
Bonanza gulches near Hillsboro.
The Magdalena mines have been tem
porarily closed down on account of no
cars to load. There are now thirteeu
loaded ore cars on the tracks here.
Thomas Lannon, one of the owners of
the Happy Jack mine, at Hillsboro, made
a new arid very rich discovery on that
property last week, about 300 feet from
the tunnel.
A prominent mining expert from
Chicago was at Hillsboro all last week ex
amining the Standard oompa.iy'8 minus.
Schwartz, Doran fc Morris nre taking
out high grade ore from their lease on
the Pnlomas Chief, at Hermosa.
The Deming sampler is working a large
force and is rushed to its utmost capacity
by the heavy shipments inoident to the
mining revival throughout the county.
The Cooney mining camp has become
considerable rejunevernted since the ad
vent of the rainy season, and the mills
which were idle have resumed work and
once more add their quota to the bnllion
The Helen Mining company at White
water is pursuing the even tenor of its
way, and the output of bullion is in no
way being affected by the. two law suits:-.
bow docketed in the district oourt of So
corro county.
The Texas mine at Central is being
worked steadily with a small force of
men, the stopes are furnishing some very
high grade ore. The shaft is now down
230 feet, and a oontrnot will probably be
lot shortly to sink it 100 feet deeper.
Charles Allen and George Burk, of
Deming, says the Headlight, have struck
some rich ore on their claim in the
Victoria district. It runs high in silver
and lead and carries some gold. A car
load shipment will be made to the Dem
ing sampler soon and the boys will un
doubtedly receive a big draft. Their
claim is one of the best in the country.
The old reliable Maud S,, Mogollon
distriot, under the able management of
Col. E. C. Bennett, is maintaining its well
earned reputation. The ores below the
200 foot, or water level, which is the base
line, continue to carry gold in consider
able quantities, while the concentrates
are high grade, and pay handsomely for
Several stockholders of the Four
Creeks Mining company came in from
the north, Wednesday, and loft at once
for the company's property at Baldy.
This company has sufficient ore in sight
to keep their mill running regular, and
by the 20th expect to start the works with
a full force of men. The outlook for
Baldy is promising very muoh. Springer
Academy of.
TEBM8 :-Hoard and tuition, per month. MO.00 i Tuition of day scholars,
X to per month, according to grade. Music, instrumental and
vocal, painting' in oil and water colors, on china, etc., form extra
- charges. For prospectus or further information, apply to
Mother Francisca Lair, Superior.
VUti Nit Hfien Begins Hrntrntbeir
Times are somewhat livelier at Pinoa
Altos, says the Headlight, than they have
been for several months past, and tho
indications are favorable for a renewal
of the old time prosperity. All the mills
in camp are running steadily since water
has become plentiful, and there are no
idle men to be seen around town during
the day time. The Mexicans are working
the gulches and arroyas, and they appear
to be satisfied with their earnings.
He Itcrlnres that He is 1'oHitively
Void of PreNidcntlol A
pirntloiiH Duluth, Aug. 13. Tho News-Tribune
this morning published an interview
with Secretary Carlisle, who said: "It
would bo indelicate for me to disouss the
vacancy occasioned by the death of Jus
tice Jackson at this time, except in so
far ns to allude to that portion of Justice
Field's remarks, whioh oredit me with be
ing a presidential aspirant. It seems to
nie as if a man's word should go for some
thing, bnt it does not seem to with some
people. I have denied that I have any
presidentio! aspirations and it is scarcely
necessary to deny it again."
A Letter From ilr. Jefl'rej'.
In the course of a letter acknowledging
the invitation of President Weaver to
speak at the territorial fair, President
Jeffrey, of the D. A R. G. company, writes
from Denver:
"I appreciate the compliment and if I
was so situated that I could comply with
your request I should take mnch pleasure
in doing so, for New Mexico is so clearly
allied to Colorado mid the interests of
each are so intermingled that whatever
assists or retards the prosperity of the
one is a factor for good or ill in the pro
gress of the other.
"Unfortunately I have but just returned
from Europe, having been absent from
my headquarters for some ten weeks, and
white I should esteem it a privilege to
be with you at the nnnunl meeting of
your territory in material wealth, I do
not feel that I can, consistent with my
duties, take advantage of your offer.
During my recent absonce, considerable
work accumulated that needs my person
al attention, and as I Bhall have to go
east in September upon business connect
ed witli this company, I nm compelled to
iorego tho pleasure of accepting jour in
vitation." OTICE to tourists. In. regard to
transportation from Glorieta to
tho Upper Pecos River, address
J. W. Harrison,
Glorieta, N. M.
Milk Punch 10 ots s glass at the Colo
rado Baloon.
Hon. L. F. Parker, of St. Louis, at
torney for the 'Frisco road, is among the
big guns taking part in the A. & P. case
at Albuquerque.
Mariano Armijo, who is charged by his
New York wife with bigamy and who was
reported to have been arrested a few
days ago, was brought before United
States Commissioner R. W. D. Bryan at
Albuquerque yesterday and bound over
in $1,000 bond to appear before the com
missioner at i) o'clock this morning.
Socorro Advertiser: The oity has
about got down to its normal condition
niter the flood, and few signs are left of
the late disaster. The railroad is em
ploying all the idle men, and none need
suffer who are able and willing to work.
The work will continue at least two

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