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A crowded railroad train is completely
in tne minds ana at tne mercy of the en'
ginoer, but if he is sober and competent
we are all ready to trust him, for we
know it ie to his interest to carry us
through safe. But here we are with oor
national financial interest placed com
pletely in the keeping and at themeroy of
n gold syndicate composed of persons who
are strangers to us, and whose interests
may be anything bull compatible with
our safety.
When They're Rebellious anil Hhlrk
Don't attempt to overoome inactivity of
the kidneys with fiery, uninedioated al
coholio stimalants. Use instead Hos
tetter's Stomach Bitters, in which the
spirituous basis only serve as a vehicle for
the superb botanic medicinal principles
blended with and held in perfect solution
by it. Just the right degree of impetus,
and no more, is given to the kidneys and
bladder by this estimable tonic, stimul
ant and corrective, whioh expels through
those ohannels the impurities that give
rise to rheumatism, dropsy and gravel,
and remedies that chronic inaotion of the
organs which otherwise must terminate
in firight's disease, diabetes or some
other formidable renal malady. An in
comparable remedy is the Bitters also for
constipation, dyspepsia, liver campliant,
rheumatism, malaria and nervousness.
Promote appetite and sleep with it.
It is said there is between six and seven
hnndred million dollars in gold in circula
tion in the United States. This is a
mistake. There is very little gold in
actual circulation. The goldin thiscoun
trv is hoarded in banks and safe deposit
vaults. The real money in circulation
is the money of the people silver and
silver certificates.
One night when Mr. Isaac Reese was
stopping with me, says M. F. Hatch, a
prominent merchant of Quartermaster,
Washington, I heard him groaning. On
going to his room I found him suffering
from cramp colic. He was in such agony
I feared he would die. I hastily gave
him a dose of Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy. He was
soon relieved and the first words he ut
tered were, "what was the stuff you gave
me?" I informed him. A few days ago
we were talking about his attack and he
said he was never without that remedy
now. I have used it in my family for
several years. I know its worth and do
not hesitate to recommend it to my
friends and customers. For sale by A. C,
Ireland, jr.
Qood for grand old Missouri and glori
ous Dick Bland, no matter it the state is
Democratic and Mr. Bland a life long
Demoorat. The state convention yester
day declared unhesitatingly and empuat-
ically for free coinage of silver at 16 to I
by on almost unanimous vote. The dec
laration is thoroughly Amerioan and
The V. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
Full many a fish he's landed
At Buzzard's beauteous bay,
But none as fat and frisky
As the fish that got away.
He'd give a year's good fishing
Likewise a year's full pay,
Had he bnt nailed the .fish that failed
The fish that got away I
The difference between pills and Sim
mons Liver Regulator, is just this: Pills
don't go down very easy with most peo
ple, and yon feel them afterwards. While
Simmons Liver Regulator in liquid or
powder is very pleasant to take, and the
only feeling that von have afterwards is
the great relief that it gives fron consti
pation, biliousness, sick headaohe and
dyspepsia. It is a mild lazative and a
What has beoome of all your fine dia
monds? They're still in the family, I
hope? Oh, yes; my uncle has them.
Gawge Cholly was badly frightened
this morning. Willie What happened?
Gawge Just as he turned the oorner the
shadow of one of those big flats fell on
Where are you going What's that? she
And the woman now held np her
Don't be ton gay; I'm tired and sick
Of ogling dndes. Skedaddlel
But, Edgar, love, would you die for me?
Willingly, dear. What is puzzling me
now, is how I am going to live for you.
Rften Don't
Further waste V precious time and
money on drugs, I vacuum treat
ments, etc They u
you. Yeu nave JPJS1 V
fhem and know. 113 m Sa'ur?,
WATS wilUngf and waiting to
enre you. and no iwK? &a. utt9ln.
Iroin the following VWr i s '"on1
Remittal WMknrae, KmlMloim, Partial
r Total Impotence, HnUn i:xhBtlon,
Louse, ltorgetfulnees. IsHUsrtto,
Nlwnlessnesa, etc. Bnt natures own rem
edy must be scientifically used. It Is
TftlOITY, and the greatest possible perfection
lor its application is attained in the well
known Dr. ftamlea Electric Belt. This in
dention haa been sold and given complete satis
faction for nearly thirty years, end we refer
sufferers to hundreds of cures in every State.
Throw drugs to the dogs, and Join our army
of cures & blessing the greatest boon ever
given weak men. This beltaJso cures:
Rheumatism, Lame Back,
an4 Liver Complaints, and
general ill-health.
A pocket edition of D ftaaden'a cele
brated book
"Three Classes' of Mef.,"
ill be sent free, sealed, upon application.
Every man should read it. It is the only full
and oomplete guide for self-treatment ever
offered. Free to everybody. Mend far It.
The Sanden Electric Co.,
Kt. 986 llxteeata. It., Dearer, OoL
Also Sew York, Chicago London, Eng.
Largest Bleetro-lf (dieal Oeooefn in the Worldl
Mr. 0. G. Strong, principal of the pub
lic schools at Anderson, Cal., says: "I
have used Chamberlain's Pain Balm and
have fonnd it an excellent remedy for
lameness and slight wounds."
Lameness usually results from sprain,
or other injury, or from rheumatism, for
which Chamberlain's Pain Balm is es
pecially intended and unequalled. It af
fords almost immediate relief and in a
Bhort time effects a permanent cure. For
sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
Scene Tho upper hall of Dr. Pushom's
select family school, in which pupils enjoy
all the advantages of a relincd homo and
aro thoroughly prepared for collego or com
mercial lifo. Half a dozen promising
young gontlomon aro seatod about tho
stovo listening to Foxy Gallup's graphic
description of how Uodwln tripped up Dr.
Pushem, rolled down stairs with him and
then ran away to New York, a happening
with which Jboxy Is thoroughly familiar,
and which is regarded as ono of the most
Important landmarks in tho history of the
Master Thomas Wintorgrocn (entering)
I say, fellors, tho now boy's just come,
and he'll bo up here in loss'nfive minutes.
Foxy (excitedly) Hurruh I Now we'll
have some fun.' Tommy, you run nnd
mako a big snowball to put in his bed,
and I'll tie a string across the door to trip
him up.
MastorWintergrnen Choose It! Tho old
man's coming up with him, so you'd bet
ter lay low. (The doctor and tho now boy
aro hoard approaching, and the young gen
tlamen quickly throw themselves into at
titudes of docoram. )
Dr. Pushem (entering in company with
the new boy) Young gentlemen, this Is
Mastor Uidgway, my new pupil. Ha will
sharo your studies and have his room on
this floor. I trust that his manners will
not be contaminated by tho association.
(The young gentlemen rise and salute the
newcomer with well feigned cordiality,
and the doctor disappears down the stair
case. )
Foxy I say, young follor, where do you
hail from?
Now Boy (diffidently) I livo In Brook
lyn. Foxy You don't toll mo? Why, that's
not very far away. On clear nights you
can sco tho Brooklyn brldgofrom Tommy's
. New Boy I don't bolieve it. My mother
told me I was coming 100 miles from homo.
Tommy (very politely) Oh, yos, you
can too. Just stop in with me and I'll
show It to you. Tho atmosphere here is so
highly rarefied as you will learn in the
daily sessions of the natural history class
that wo can see through immense dis
tances. After you, please. (As the new
boy crossos the threshold a can of water
which has boon standing on tho top of the
door falls on him, to the intense amuse
ment of his companions. Foxy and Tommy
are assiduous in their expressions of rogrot
at tho disas' r and administer a severe
rebuke to the others for laughter at it. ) '
Foxy (in ploasant tones) Sit close to
the flro, you now fellor, and dry yoursell
boforo you go to bed. I hope we'll get
some sleep tonight, for the ghost kept us
awako last night. Gracious, bow ho did
scream, though I
Now Boy What ghost?
Tommy Why, tho ghost of the boy that
was beaton to death by tho doctor about
two yoars ago. Every onco in awhile we
hear him hollering and scr.iaming, and 1
tell yor there isn't much sleep when that
row is going on.
New Boy (defiantly) I don't believe it,
and, what's more, you can't scare me with
any of your ghost stories.
Foxy (significantly) Well, you needn't
believe it unloss you want to, but you'd
believe It, wouldn't you, if you werb to
see that ghost walk up to your bodslde in
tne mulillo of the night? Thore's tho last
bell, and we'd better got to bed boforo the
old man comes around.
(Exeunt omnos.)
Act II. Time, 10:30 p. m.
Scone Dr. Pushcm's study on the lower
Dr. Pushem (awakening suddonly from
a dozo) My dear, it's so quiot up stairs
tonight that I can't sloep. I wondor what
those boys are up to. I noticed two or three
of them reading the Bibles whon I made
the rounds tonight, and that is always
, ominous. Our last pupil, you remember,
ran away this morning nftor ho arrived
hero, and I don t care to lose this ono too.
Just hand me my rattan, pleaso. I think
I'll stop up stairs and seo what's going on.
(Hixit witn multlod troad.)
Act III. Timo, 10:38 p. m.
Scene Apartment occupied by Foxy
uaiiup ana Mastor w Intorgreen. Half
dozen young gontlomon clad in nightshirts
ciisoovoreu engaged in an animated consultation.-
Foxy Now, thon, Billy, you'd better go
down on the staircase and keep watch for
tne old man.
Billy Trumbull Oh, tho old man's all
right, and, bosldes, I don't wantor miss the
Foxy Well, wo'd bottor all koep out
eyes pooled. That a oil I've softer sav.
Now, just look alive with that shoot and
remember we mustn't run out till Tommy
hollers, "Oh, doctor,' don't boat mo!"
(Drapes Master Wintergroen in a sheet and
pins it togethor in a socuro and artistic
manner.) Quick I Gimme that phosphorus
till I make a pair of eyes and a flory nose.
There I How does that look? Notquitoas
good as the ono we frightened tho last fel
ler with, but it'll do.
Mastor Wintergreen Can't you fix it
so's I can sco? I'm blind as a bat in here
and can't tell which way I'm going.
Foxy Novor mind seeing. You can foel
your way all right aftor you've onco start
ed. Don't fall ovor the stovo. Now, thon,
off yon go and bo suro you holler loud
enough to wake him, (Propols him Into
tho hall and closes the door softly. ) Now,
thon, you follors all koep quiot and listen.
There ho goes I :
Ghost (from without) Oh I Ohl Oh I
Please don't, doctor I
Foxy (danoing with glee) Hear him
now, will you? I'll bet that new toller's
a-trcmbllng in his shoes. Tommy's tho boy
can play ghost bottor'n anyone in the
school. There he goes again. Now out we
go and seo the fun I Come along, fellers I
(Opens the door and sallies forth, followed
by the rest.)
Ghost (writhing in the doctor's grasp)
Oh, please, doctor, I can't help walking in
my sleep I I wan't n-doln nothin, an I
won't do it any nioiel Oh, doctor!
Foxy (aghast) By gosh, follors, the doc
tor's got him, an he's oatohin it I Choese it !
(Exeunt omnos.)
Curtain. Boston Herald.
Hearts Were Not Trumps.
A little follow who was evidently taking
his first lessons in orthography picked up
a heart sbafod pin from his mother's
dressing table recently, and running to
her for the purpose of displaying his talent
said, "That is a h-o-r-t, isn't it, mamma?"
"You aro aline speller, Freddie," replied
the fond, but Ignorant parent. "You
should say h-a-r-t. " All of whioh goes to
show that It is a good idea for parents to
learn how to shoot before they attempt to
teach the young idea. New York Herald.
largest Coin. --.
Tho largest gold ooin in existence is said
to bo the gold ingot, or "loof," of Anam,.
flat, round goldpieee worth about $816,
the value being written upon It In Indian
A boy's description of having a tooth
pulled expresses it about as well as any
thing we have seen, " Just bofore it killed
me the tooth enme out."
"Nothing escnpos your eagle eye, Har
old," said a proud father. "No, nor my
eagle ear either," replied tho lad.
A small boy began his regular prayer in
his regular way, "Now I lay me"
nnd thore he stuck fast. "Down," said
his mother, prompting. Whereupon John
ny set oft again with great alacrity and
fluency,. "Down came a blackbird and nip
ped off her uoso. "
A little tl Id in ono of the public schools
was rebuked for using a slang expression
and excused herself by replying, "Well,
my brother said it." The teacher said,
"Your brother ought to be more careful of
his language." "Oh," said the little ouo
apologetically, "you know you can't stop
boys from bringing slang into the house.
Can you?"
Mother (to Bobby) I'm shocked to hoar
that Willie Waffles whipped the poor cat.
My little boy wouldn't do suoh a thing.
Bobby (with consoious moral superiority)
No, indeed, ma. Mother Why didn't
you stop him, Bobby? Bobby I couldn't,
ma. I was holding the cat.
Little 3-year-old was out In .the fields
the other duy and came running in with,
"I saw a pansy, and I was going to pick it
up, and it was a butterfly, and it tiled
away I"
"What Is an epistle?" asked a Sunday
school teacher of her class. "Tho wife of
an apostle," replied the young hopoful.
Businoss Man (with his foot on his desk,
to small applicant) Boy, don't you know
enough when you etitur a gentleman's of
floe to tako your hat off? Boy (taking off
his hat) Yog, sir. Where shall I hang it;
on your foet?
'Her grandmother was so sick that the
report got out that sho was dead. A sym
pathetic old gentleman met tho child on
the street. "And when is your grand
mother to be buried, my dear?" lie asked
hor. "Not till she's dead, sir. "Chicago
Hard Work.
May Jock sprained both of his arms
last summer.
Algie How did it happen?
May He was the only man at Soa
Boach. Brooklyn Life.
A Smart Dog,
"I suppose you remember my dog, Dag-
obert?" asked tho man with the ginger
"Can't say as I do," said tho grocer,
"though I remembor hearin you say you
had sioh a dog.
"Well, one time I lost him I waited
about four days 'lowin piob'ly he was
away on some of his own businoss. Then
I advertises in the country papor, and what
do you think but the dog comes in home
as cool as you please the day after I put lu
the advertisement !
"Wasted your money, eh?" said the man
from Potato oreek.
"I thought that away myself , " said the
man with the ginger board, "till I heored
the straight of it. You seo, mo and the
dog had had a little fallin out, and I said in
his presence that I didn't care much of
lost Mm. Nex' day be was gono. I found
out afterward he had gone to ono of the
neighbors, and he made hissolf useful chas-
in hawgs and killln rats, so they let him
stay. But they tells me that every morn in
Dagobert he would get the paper and look
over tho 'lost' oolyum, and as soon as I put
that notice In he give one bark and startod
for homo as fast as be could leg it. Socoud
time we had a quarrel, though, tho lost
dog business didn t work worth a cent."
"So it was jlst a coincidence the first
time, was it?" said the man from Potato
"Naw. The next time I had to put in
ono of them there 'come home and all will
be forgiven' personals."
The man from Potato creek looked sod.
Indianapolis Journal.
He Was Prepared.
Julian Ralph, when be went to China,
prepared himself very carefully in pigeon
English, which he had been told he would
find usoful, and on discovering a China
man in his bedroom at a hotol in Shang
hai remarked: "Hello! What ting? What
fashion man you belong? What side you
come?" To whioh the Chinaman replied;
"Tills is Mr. Ralph, I presume. Wo have
mutual friends who suggested my calling
on you. Oh, that's all right I I spent
eight years at school In .Norwich, Conn."
"Ah," said Mr. lialph, partially recover
ing his presence of mind, "voly well, voly
wolll" Argonaut.
A. Why did Jay break off his engage
ment with Miss Oldacres?
X. On account of hor post.
A. Whot was the matter with It?
X. Nothing, only he thought it was too
long. Tit-Bits.
The Difference.
Mynherr Wilhnlm Sappy married Frauloin
Lizzy Nappy, a maiden very soruppy,
full of fight.
And since then it is related that this pair so
- badly mated hare a fine old row oreatod
every night.
All the day long they are busy, are Wilholm
and his Lizzy, but at night they'd make
you dizzy with their tongues.
There'll he ourse and elimination in a Dutch
aocentuation till you're lost In admira
tion of their lungs,
But last night ss they were sitting by the fire
the thought went flitting through her
mind they'd best be quitting all their
And after much reflection on all matters in
connection with, the move In deep dojeo
tlon said the wife:.
"Now, Yilbelm, vat I admire is dat dog and
oat Hariar vat can sit down by der fire
vidont a spat.
Dey sit down nice und kviet, nnd doy iioffur
raise a riot. Now, vy can't ve two try it
yoost like dat?"
"Yaw," said he in rising Ire, "dat same dog
und oat Mariar may sit kviet by der fire
-dat 's all right;
But, metn fran, I dink you bedder yoost to tie
dem two tergedder like ve are und den
see veddor dey von't fight."
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Daily, English Weekly and Spanish
Weekly editions, will be found on
ale at the following news depots,
where subtoriptione may also be
made: .
A. 0. Teiehman, Oerrilloe. :
B. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City.
J. B. Hodgen, Doming.
0.0. Miller, Hillsborough.
B. Caller, East Lae Vegas.
L. B. Allen, Las Vegaa.
San Felipe, Albuquerque
Jacob Weltmer, City.
Vletoher ft Arnold. Bland, tf.M.
Partly Able to Identify Hi in.
Mr. Chugwator went to one of the banks
tho othor day to mako a deposit. While
ho was filling out a blank at ouo of the
counters provided for that purposoa large,
beefy man with n draft in his hand stopped
alongside, seized a pen and proceeded to
indnrso the draft. Binding Mr. Chugwa
tor in his way, ho unceremoniously elbow
ed him to ouo side, scrawled his linmo
hastily oi) tic ba,ck of the draft and stepped
up to one of tho windows.
"I'd like to got this cashed," he said.
The paying teller examined the paper,
looked at the largo, beefy man and replied :
"I don't know you, sir."
"My name is Tugging. I've done busi
ness at this bonk off and on for more than
a year."
"I don't doubt that, but I don't happen
to know you, and you'll have to get some
body to ldontifyyou."
Mr. Tugginmoked round. There was
nobody In sight except Mr. Chugwater,
who stood directly behind him awaiting
his turn.
"You'vo scon mo hero occasionally,
haven't you?" ho said. "I know you very
well by Bight. My name is Tuggins.
You can identify mo, can't you?"
"Oh, yes," replied Mr. Chugwator cheer
fully. "I can identify you, sir. I can
identify you as tho man that shoved me
away from that table just now, sir, but I
don't know your name, sir, and I don't
want to know it, sir. Will you have the
kindness to get out of my way?"
Mr. Chugwator pushed him aside and
stepped to the window, nnd Mr. Tuggins
wont outside to fluil an acquaintance und
to cool off. Chicago Tribune.
It Ended as Usual.
A colored man was standing with his
back to a wall of a grocery ou Gratiot avo
nue, near Boauhien street, a night or two
ago, when a second of tho samo complex
ion came along nnd exclaimed:
"Hoi Dot's yo', am it? 1'zo bin want
in to soo yo' fur a good while. What 'bout
dat fo' dollars yo' owo me?"
"Fo' dollars?" quoried tho other.
"Yes, sah fo' dollars. Yo' has owed
me dat money sonce las' fall. Am yo'
gwlno tor pay or git licked?"
"I owos yo' fo' dollars, does I?"
"Of co'so yo' does. What yo' keep axin
me if yo' owos mo fo' dollars for?"
"If I owos yo' fo' dollars, I kin pay it."
, "When?"
"Right off now, sah. Joss git me out
de change fur a $50 bill. Can't no man
say I owes him fo' dollars longer dan I
kin git into my pocket. Out wld dat
change I"
"Hasyo' got a 150 bill?"
"Whar's dat ohongo?"
"Show me dat bill."
"Show mo dat chango."
"Hu, niggor, doan' yo' fool wid cog
wheolsl" "Coon, doan' yo' monkey wld buzz
saws!" "Hu!"
And then they breathed hard and glar
ed at each othor and began backing off,
and 60 seconds later darkness hid them,
and tho angel of peace smiled as before.
Detroit Freo Press.
An Accommodating Bond.
"In Santa Rosa," remarked a commer
cial traveler, "the streot railway company
lives up to its public announcements 'Ev
ery courtesy shown travelers on our line. '
"Tho last time I was there the conductoi
stopped tho car and sat down to read a
'"What's the matter? Broke down?' 1
" 'No; Joe Thomas wanted to collect a
bill from a follow in that shoeshop. He's
owod it about three years, and this is the
first time Joo has seen him, 1 explained the
" The passenger returned in three min
utes, and wo went a few blooks farther,
when the car stopped again.
"'What's up now? Another debtor in
sight?' I asked.
" 'Just a minuto and wo'U go. Henry
Hoppor and Charlie Hardin wanted to
shako razzlo ilazzlo for a drink.'
"In tho next block the conductor waited
for Will Kcennn to buy a steak for dinner
and look up his blncskmith shop. It's an
accommodating company." San Fran
Cisco Post.
After the Negotiations at Chefu.
"And now"
Tho Count Mutsu smiled amiably.
"After our lengthy labors over the terms
of peace a littlo oold collation"
Ho turned to the representative of the
Flowery Kingdom.
"would notcomeamiss. Yourfavorlte
dish is"
Ho paused for a reply.
It was the chief man of China who an
swered. Evon after the gloomy guests had de
parted the Japanese statesman pondered
whether the words of Li Hung Chang
wero indicative of distemper or a wish for
what ho wanted. Now York World.
Not His Fault.
Judgo-I am surprised that a youth of
your ago, who has boon carefully reared by
God fearing parents, could have become
such a hardened criminal. Where did you
learn to steal?
Prisoner In Sunday school, sir.
Judge In Sunday school? What do you
Prisoner Tho superintendent, sir,
turned out to bo a forger. I had always
boon taught to look up to him as a good
man and to follow his example. Buffalo
An Average Honsekeeper.
Mrs. Blnglo What perfeotly horrible
weathor we are having! I haven't seen the
sun for a weok, and everything is moldy.
Mrs. 'Bingle (a day later) Mercy on us,
Mary I Tho sun is shining right in on the
carpets. Close the shutters. Now York
Explained. v
Wlfo (at breakfast) I didn't hear yon
when you came in last night.
Husband I guess that's the reason I
didn't hear you, Onoe a Week.
"It is the best patent medicine in the
world" is what Mr. E. M. Hartman, of
Marqnnm, Oregon, nays of Chamberlain's
Colio. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"What leads me to make this assertion is
from the faot that dysentery in its worst
form was prevalent here last snmmer and
it never took bnt twoor threedoses of that
remedy to effect a oomplete cure." For
sale by A. 0. Ireland, Jr.
needed flesh, no mat.
ter how you've lost
it, take Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dis
covery. It works
wonders, lly restor
ing tne normal ac
tion of the deranged
organs and functions,
a i it Dunas tne nesn up
r Inn safe and health
standa'd promptly,
pleasantly and nat
urally. The weak,
emaciated, thin, pale
and nunv are made
rtrong, plump, round and rosy. Noth
ing so effective as a strength restorer
and flesh maker is known to medical sci
ence; this puts on healthy flesh not the fat
of cod liver oil and its filthy compounds.
It rouses every organ of the body to ac
tivity, purifies, enriches and vitalizes
the blood so that the body feels refreshed
and strengthened. If you are too thin, too
weak, too nervous, it may be that the food
assimilation is at fault. A certain amount
of bile is necessary for the reception of the
fut foods in the blood. Too often the liver
holds back this element which would help
digestion. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery stimulates, tones up and invig.
orates the liver, nourishes the blood, and
the muscles, stomach and nerves get the
rich blood they require.
Spent Hundreds of Dollars with no Benefit.
M. J. Colkman of n Sargent St., Roxiury,
ffass., writes "After ."w
mitt-ring from dyspepsia
tnl constipation with un
told agony for at least 8
moiUlis, 1 mil more tlmu
pleased to xay that nfter
usinjr Dr. Pierce's Goldeu
Medical Discovery and
Pleasant Pellet, ' for one
month, I was entirely
cured, and from that day
to this I do not know,
thank Cod, what even a
slight headache is. I paid
B doctor on Tremont St.,
Boston, in one day (lor
his advice only,) the sum
nt a.nrn with C, V-
medicine, and derived no M- J- Coleman, Esq.
benefit. I got more relief in one hour from your
medicines, as far as my stomach was concerned,
thaa from all the other medicine I used.
If any person who reads this is suffering from
oy.rcpstu or constipation and will use youf
mtdirinc as 1 have done, lie will uever regret It"
Aristotlo was the first philosopher to
snggest the real canse of the phenomenon
of dow. He said:
The sun's heat raises the vapor, from
which the dew is formed as soon as that
heat is no longer present to Bustain the
(Western Division.)
(J. V. Reinhart, John J. MoCook, Joseph
O. Wilson, Ueoeivers.)
In Effect Sunday, November 1, 1891.
Leave Chicago at 10:00 p. m.; 10:00 p
m. Arrive at Chioago at 10:00 p.m.; 9:00
a. m.
Leave Kansas City, Mo., at 1:50 p. m.;
2:00 p. m. Arrive at Kansas City, Mo.,
at 6:10 p. m.; 5:00 p. m.
Leave Denver at. .1 1 :50 p. m. Arrive at
Denver at 6:16 a. ru.; 4:45 a. m.
Leave La Junta at 7:20 a.m.; 10:10. Ar
rive at La Junta at 10:50 a. m.j 8:55 p. m.
!Lv. Ar.
9: lop.
3 :52a.
1 :25a.
..Albuquerque.. .
. .Coolidire
Vt instate
3 :35p.
7 :50p.
.Navajo Springs
3 :35a.
3 -li)i.
i'eacn springs..
, ...Kinsman
..Needles, Cal...
. 1 lnorfrntt.
11 :35p.
12 :07p.
Ar.. Hnrstow...T,v
Arrive Los Angeles 9:35 a. m.; 6:30 p.
m. Leave Los Angeles at 7:00 a. m.; 6:00
p. m.
Arrive Ban Diego 12:45 p. m.; 9:20 p.
m. Leave San Diego at 2:15 p. m.
Arrive at San Franoisoo at 9:15 a. m.
Leave San Francisco at 9:00 a. m.
Every day but Sunday.
ALBUQUERQUE A., T. k S. F. Railwuy
for all points east and south.
ASH FORE Santa Fe, Presoott k Phoe
nix railway for points in oentral and
southern Arizona.
BLA KE Nevada Southern Railway for
Pnrdy and oocneotion with stage lines
for mining distriots north.
BARSTOW Southern California Railway
for Los Angeles, San Diego and other
California points.
MOJAVE Southern Paoiflo Company for
San Franoisoo, Saoramento and other
northern California points.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
No change is made by sleeping oar pas
sengers between San Franoisoo, Los
Angeles or""dan Diego and Chioago.
The Atlantic A Paoiflo Railroad, the
great middle route across the America?
continent, in Jonnection with the rail
ways of the "Santa Fe route." Liberal
management; superior facilities; pic
turesque scenery; exoellsnt accommoda
tions.; The Grand Canon of the Colorado
the most sublime ot nature's work on
earth, indeseribable.can easily be reaohed
via Flagstaff, Williams or renoh Springs
on this road. To the natnral bridge of
Arizona and Montesunia's well yon can
journey most direotly by this line. Ob
serve the ancient Indian civilization of
Lagunn or Acoma, "the City of the Sky."
Visit the petrified forest near Carrizo.
See and marvel at the freak of Canon
Diablo. Take a hunting trip in the mag
nificent pine forests of the San Franoisoo
mountains. Find interest in the rains of
the pre-hlstorio
Cave and Cliff Dwellers,
View the longest cantilever bridge in
America aoross the Colorado river.
Jko. J. Btbni,
Gen. Pass. Agt Los Angeles, Cal.
C. H. Srzsns,
Ass't Gen. Pass. Agt., San Franoisoo. Cel.
n. H. Vaw 8i.tob,
Geo. Agt., Albuquerque, N. M.
max ra
We call especial attention to oor celebrated
Prey's patent flat opening blank book
W e make them in all
rnanner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc,
book: woirjec
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
f b are the

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