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The Daily New Mexican
Notice is hereby given tlmt orders given
by employes upon theNaw Mkxican I'rintiiiff
Co., will not be honored unless previously
endorsed by the business manager.
Requests for back numbers of the Nkw
Mkxican, must state date wanted, or they
will receive no attrition.
AlvertiMiiitf Itnles.
Wanted One cent a word each Insertion.
Local Ten cents per line each insertion.
Heading Local Preferred position Twenty-live
trfnts per line each insertion.
DisplayedTwo dollars an inch, single
column, per month in Daily. Our dollar au
inch, single column, in either English or
Spanish Weekly.
Additional prices and particulars riven on
receipt of copy of mutter to be inserted.
Prices vary uccording to amount of matter,
length of time to run, position, number of
changes, etc.
i hie copy only of each paper in which an
ad appears will be sent free.
Wood base electros not accepted.
No display advertisements accepted for less
tiiMi $1 not. per month.
No reduction in price made for "every
other duv" advertisements.
i'BR f
2. 1S95.J
Santa le, August 1:
s. 9
9 0
V B.
1 9 t ?
e c -.2
c ' 1 0
6:mia. in. 2:1 10
e:00p. m.l 2;i ;;i
3 ICIenr
MLxiimiDi Teuiuoruture
Minimum Temperature ft
Total 1'reciiiitatiou 0.19
H. B. HBK8SY. Observer.
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ulator, the "Kino of Liver Medi
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Clothing .Wnile to Order
SOL. Spiegkelberg,
Carry a full and select line of HATS,
I A I'll. (iLOVKN, etc., and every
thing found in a first-class establish
ment. Henry-Met
The trade supplied from, age bot
tle to a carload. Mail orders
promptly filled.
Uundalupe at. Manta Fe.
A. F. & A. M.
Montezuma Lodge, No. 1, meets on the
first Monday evening of each month at
7:30 o'clock, in the Masonic hall, in the
Kahn block, San Francisco St. Visiting
brethren are fraternally invited.
W. S. Uabbodn, W. M.
F. S. Davis, See.
Coronado Camp No. 8, Woodmen of the
World, meets on the first Wednesday
evening of each month nt 8 o'clock, in
Aztlan hall, 1. 0.0. F. Visiting sovereigns
are fraternally invited.
J. B. Bbady, Consnl Com dr.
J. B. Sloan, Clerk.
Terms of Sale .
The Law and the Facts Regarding the
Expenditure of the Money Pro
vided by the Legislature for
Court Purposes.
The Albuquerque Oitizen and the San
Jnan Index are painfully unhappy about
the disposition that has been made of the
speoial appropriation made by the last
legislature for court purposes, and iu
timnte that Santa Fe has improperly se
cured more than its share thereof.
What are the facts? Chapter 22 of the
laws enacted by the 31st legislative as
sembly of New Mexico provides that "In
payment of the expenses of holding any
regular or speoial term of the district
court for any county of the territory, any
snoh district court so held may issue cer
tilicates of indebtedness against the terri
tory o .New Mexico, whioh said oertin-
cates of indebtedness shall be issued only
for such expenses of sncb courts as shall
be Approved by an order of the court in
whioh such expenses shall be incurred;"
and the same act further provides that,
upon being duly presented with suoh
certificate or certificates by the clerk
of the conrt authorizing the issue
of the same, "It shall be the duty
of the auditor of public acoouuts of
the territory to audit and approve
such certificate or certificates and draw
his warrant for the amount thereof upon
the territorial treasurer, payable out of
the funds of this territory due to said
territory by the Albuquerque National
bank and the New Mexico Savings Bank
A. Trust company, of Albuquerque, and
not otherwise: Provided, That the cer
tificates as aforesaid shall not be issued
in excess of $6,175 for any such expense
incurred in any one judicial district in
this territory." And au aot of the legis
lative nssembly of 1S87, still in full
force, provides: "That all warrants
dtawn by the auditor of the territory
shall be paid in the order of their
issue, by the said treasarer, out of the
moneys of the territory as they shall
come to his hands."
Since the passage of ohapter 22 by the
last legislative assembly, Reoeiver Soho
tield, of the defunct Albuquerque Na
tional bank, has paid into the special
court fund created thereby dividends col
lected on account of the Albuquerque
National bank to the amount of $'J,7G6.42.
AgaiiiHt this fund the courts have drawn
as follows:
First judicial distriot, $1,951.22; 2d
judicial district, $100.45; 5th judicial
district, If.:!, 1KH. 10, making a total of $8,
955.71, all of which has been paid in cash
in strict conformity to law, and there is
still a cash balance of $810.65 in this
special fund. As it is probable that the
Albuquerque National bank, under the
present receivership, will come near pay
ing out in full, this fund will unquestion
ably be swelled by subsequent dividends
so that each judicial district will receive
its full apportionment of $6,175 in cash.
It is true that the 1st and 5th jndioial
districts have so far drawn nearly all of
the money in the suspended banks fund,
and the 3d and 4th districts have drawn
nothing, bnt thiB was no fault of either
the territorial or court officials. It was
doue just as the law direots and was
chiefly the result of urgent criminal busi
ness in the 1st and 5th distriots.
The most of the amount used in this
district was expended in ho'ding the late
special term of the distriot court in Santa
Fe county; but the fruits of that speoial
term seven red-handed murderers con
victed and sentenced to die on
the gallows are so substantial and so
creditable to the entire territory that no
friend of law and order ought to be dis
satisfied, even if more of the cash in the
special court fund was unavoidably used
during the term than any one anticipated
at the beginning.
VV hen once the trial of the murderers
of ex-Sheriff Chavez was commenced, it
could not be stopped until the jury
brought in a verdict, and, even if it had
been possible, the New Mexican is per
suaded that no good citizen of the terri
tory would have wanted it suspended
short of a verdict calling for a suspen
sion nt tbo seven murderers. Similar cir
cumstances surrounded and rendered im
perative the expenditure of the $3,904.10
in the 5th judicial distriot. It was un
avoidably used to promote the ends of
justice. Possibly the law would have
been more equitable if it had provided
for an apportionment of the cash as it
came into the special fund to the credit
of the respective districts, bnt that was
clearly not done, and if blame attaches to
any one in the premises it is to those
who framed and enacted the same.
In reiterating its foolish complaint
about the recommendation of Judge
Laughlin that $3,000 should be levied in
San Juan oonnty for court purposes in
1896, the San Juan Index goes entirely
outside of the record and the realm of
truth to find an excuse for finding fault
with the New Mexican. It insists that
the nssessor of San Joan oonnty was de
layed in completing his work by the
slowness of the New Mexican in filling
his order for tax sohedules. The ignor
ance of the Index on this subject is as
dense as old cheese. In the first place
assessors do not' order the blanks they
require. They simply designate the num
ber needed and the blanks are ordered
by the territorial auditor. And, in the
second place, the blanks for assessors
could not have been ordered by the aud
itor nor printed by any one before the
passage and approval of the .appro
priation bill, the change in a line
of which might have ohAnged the
form of the blanks, and the appro
priation bill passed by the last
legislature did not become a law until
February 27, 1895. Then the order for
assessors' blanks was placed with the
New Mexican, the necessary paper was
Not only is it the most effective skin puri
fy lng and beautifying soap )n the world, but
It Is the purest, sweetest, and most refreshing
lor toilet, bath, anil nursery. It strikes at the
-cause of had comiilexions, falling hair, and
simple baby blemishes, via.: the Clogged,
Inflamed, Overworked, or Sluggish Fori.
I'uum lump l TM.VKr.,BuUii.VM.tl
ir OAALV .
ill II
ordered by wire from BoBton, the 70,000
blanks were twice run through the ruling
machines of this office and twice more
through its presses, and the entire order
wns filled and the blanks delivered in less
than thirty days after the appropriation
bill became a law. Possibly the Index
office could have done better; certainly
uo other printing plant iu New Mexico
For the further information of the In
dex it ma'y be added that the paper
could not have been ordered in advance
of the passage of the appropriation bill
because it is always of a peculiar kind,
useful for no other purpose than assess
ors' blanks, and no prudent business
man would think of investing Beveral
hundred dollars in stook of this kind
until he knew what was required by law.
Regarding the $3,000 tax levy recom
mended by Judge Laughlin, the Index
misrepresents the views of the county
commissioners and nine-tenths of the
intelligent people of San Juan county.
They realize that the recommendation
was proper and timely and have acted
accordingly. The Index simply misstates
the facts when it intimates that this
$3,000 levy was intended to be in excess
of any other levy for court expenses iu
San Juan county for 1896. Of course the
county commissioners were not in any
way bound by the recommendation of
Judge Laughlin; they might have fixed
the levy at a much less amount; but they
would have had no longer terms of court
than they made money provision for.
They doubtless acted wisely in modifying
their tax levy for court purposes to con
form to the recommendation of the pre
siding judge.
Capt. Pershing, lately agent at the
narrow gauge depot, has gone to Creede
to take the D. & K.'Q. express agency.
The Madrid Black Diamonds play in
Albuquerque on Sunday next, thus post
poning the Madrid-Snnta Fe game an
other week.
City Marshal Gold lnstevenlng arrested
Tung Lee for selling tobacco to little
boys and he will be accorded a hearing
before Justice Borrego this afternoon.
This is Tung Lee's seoond or third of
fense All work ou the $20,000 improvement
in hand at the Nationnl military ceme
tery is progressing most satisfactorily.
The stone work on the lodge will be
finished by Friday. Mr. Crichton has
been employed by Digneo Bros, to do the
oarpenter work.
Mrs. Brown, of Washington, D. C, sent
out as principal teacher at Ramona In
dian sohool for gir's, has received notice
that she has been appointed superintend
ent in full charge of the school, the . de
partment having wisely decided not to
add to the offioial responsibilities of Col.
Jones. The Ramona school will be
opened early next month.
The attention of Postal Inspectors
Fredericks and Waterbury is again called
to the many complaints respecting the
prompt delivery of mail. Here is a
sample from a Denver business man: "I
am a subscriber to the daily New Mex
ican, but it has been coming very irregu
larly, and of oourse I am disappointed
whenever I fail to get it."
Miss Dusenberry, the Colorado bike
bloomer girl, surprised the local talent
last evening and came wheeling gaily
around the plaza just as the twilight con
cert opened. Mr. Arthur Enaebel aoted
as her escort. The wheelmen were wild
to oatch a glimpse of her face, but a
heavy black veil prevented that. She
left this morning for the south, with Ed.
Andrews as paoe-maker.
General Agent Helm hopeB to induce
the D. & R. O. people to put on chair
cars in and out of Santa Fe next month,
or as soon as the road improvements
now in hand are finished. Practically, the
whole of the Espanola line is receiving
new ties and heavy raiU will be laid be
tween the White Rook canon crossing and
Espanola. South of that point the steel
is first-class.
Kinlook, the Sanden's third baseman,
who recently played here, has come back
to Denver. Kinlock had a trial on the St..
Louis national league team, and did well,
whereupon the siok player whose place
he was filling got well with, remarkable
promptitude, and there was no vaoancy
for Kinlock. He is a fine third baseman,
and the way he lines them over to first
shows that his wing is a brant. It is
said that Rowe will try him on the Den
ver association team soon.
At the special meeting of the New Mex
ico Horticultural society yesterday Prof.
T. D. A. Cookerell, entomologist of the
Agricultural college, gave a most inter
esting lecture upon the insect pests
found in this locality, their life history
and kindred subjects of importance to
all horticulturists. The lecture treated
all topics touched upon in a fluent and
faoile way which betokened his intimate
knowledge with his subject and was in
telligible to the youngest as well as the
oldest of his hearers.
Mores Disappeared.
"I have been suffering with sores on
my face. I was unable to sleep and had
no appetite. I began taking Hood's Bar
saparilla and after I had used two bottles
(felt like a different man. The sores
disappeared, my appetite increased and I
can now sleep soundly." Henry Reichers,
Georgetown, N. M.
Hood's Pills cure all liver ills.
United Htates Land Office.
Santa Fe, N. M., Aug. 12, 1895. Notice
is hereby given that the approved plat of
the official survey of the following town
ships, to wit: Township 8 n., r. 7 e.,
township 12 n., r. 6 e., township 13 n., r. 6
e., township 19 n , r. 10 e., of the New
Mexico meridian, will bo filed in thin office
on the 14th dny of September, lh95, aud
that on and after Baid date we will be
prepared to reoeive applications for the
entry of lands in said townships.
James H. Walked, Register.
I'kpbo Deloado, Receiver. '
Krexh .Melon Cheap '
Mesilla valley water melons at your
own prioe. A car load now on sale nt retail
at Mrs. Felipe Delgado's storeroom, lower
'Frisoo street, K, M. Bali., Orowor.
Crop Reports from All Parts of New
Mexico Continue Most Satisfactory
Promises of Plenty.
U. S. Depabtment of Aosioultcbe,
Weather Bureau,
Santa Fe, N. M., Aug. 13, 1895,
The past week has been moderately
cool with partly cloudy weather. Fre
quent showers have occurred and iu a
few cases acoompanied by hail, whioh did
some damage.
The frequency of rain has made it dif
ficult to i.nrvest crops of grain and
alfalfa. Corn has grown rapidly and is
looking very well. Fruit of all kinds is
in splendid condition and the yield of
apples will be very large.
The stock ranges are in the best possi
ble condition and in many places a good
crop of gramma grass can be out for hay.
Stock is in good condition and in a few
weeks will be very fat.
The following extraots from a few of
the reports received at this office will be
found of interest:
Bernalilo. Brother Gabriel. Heavy
thunder and lightning with high wind
and rain on the 6th and 8th, doing some
damage to arops, causing them to "lodge
down." Apples this season are very
large in this locality, some measuring
twelve and one-half inches in circumfer
ence. Engle. E. J. Westervelt. This week
has been cool and dry on the plains, but
there hnve beeu thunder storms in the
mountains nearly every day.
Gallinas Springs. J. K, Whitmore.
The past week has been vry faverable
for corn and all other crops Mid grass on
ranges has not been so good sinoe 1880.
Las Vegas. Dr. F. II. Atkins. This
week also has been damp, therefore crops
are maturing rathtr slowly. There has
beeu some damage to alfalfa from the
excessive moisture. Irrigated crops are
exceptionally fine this moist season.-
Las Cruces. New Mexico Agricultural
College. The weather has been some
what cloudy and uniformly warm. We
had light rains, but no hard winds. Plants
are not making so rapid growth, as they
are now maturing. Grapes are ripening,
some varieties give indication of being
troubled with blnck rot.
Monero. D. W. Caldwell. Crops have
made excellent progress during the past
week. The potato orop will be consider
ably better than was expected. Oats and
other small grains are being harvested.
Ocate. E. M. Cosner. The week has
been a oool, cloudy and wet one. Wheat
in the low level places is so tall that it is
being lodged by the light winds whioh
strike it. Corn is very backward, in faot,
we are having too much rain.
Ranchos de Taos. A. Gusdorf. And
still it rains! Retarding haying and not
doing much good to crops. We have had
about enough for a while. On the 5th we
had a hail storm which lasted about two
minntes; the hail-stones being very large,
did some damage in places, although 'the
area affected wns not. large. If the rains
would how cease, wheat and onts would
be ready to harvest in ten or fifteen days.
Rinoon. C. H. Kaitt. The week has
been warm and some cloudy, with an oc
casional light shower. The temperature
has been remarkably uniform, particular
ly at night. Plant, growth of every kind
has been very good.
Santa Fe U. S. Weather Bureau. The
past week has been very favorable for
the growth of all crops. With the excep
tion of peaches the fruit crop will be the
largest ever grown in the county. Corn
in splendid condition. Frequent showers
make harvesting slow and difficult.
SpringeT. D. Coughlin. Generally
olondy and warm with frequent showers.
Heavy rain and hail on the 10th doing
considerable damage to garden truck,
which had attained excellent headway
under the influence, of the refreshing
Watrous. Dr. E. J. Pring. Hailstorms
have been froquent, bnt doing very little
damage to standing orops. The tem
perature has been unusually low and
orops are suffering from too muob rain.
Miss Gulliford will,
when her private
classes reassemble
iti Seotenibei'. nlsn
open a kindergarten on the most modern and
approved principle, assisted by another
thoroughly, trained teacher.
Fine MoBrrtyer whisky at Colorado sa
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Designated Depositary
R. J. Palen
J. H. Vaughn
Crma, from $8.00 to $4.00 per Day. Spatial Bates to Fmona or FartiM
by tbo Week' or Month.
Mr. H. J. Loomis is on the sick list.
Mr. Andy Home ie in from the Coohiti
Mrs. J. L. Stubbs and daughter, of
Denver, are sight seeing about Santa Fe
Mr. Allan H. McDonald, editor of the
Silver City Sentinel, is visiting friends in
the capital oity.
Mr. H. E. Fox, of Albuquerque, is in
the city conferring with hie business
partner, Mr. Hiokox.
Mr. C. C. Hall, the well known Albu-
querquean, and his charming wife, are
guests at the Palace.
Mr. H. Parkman, miuister in charge of
St. Paul's mission, Las Vegas, is iu town,
the guest of Mrs. Thomas Smith.
Prof. W. H. Searaon, late of Rolls, Mo.,
the new president oftthe New Mexico
school of mines, passed down the road
yesterday en route to Socorro.
: At the Exchange: A. Home, Thornton;
T. A. Whitten, Albuquerque; W. N. Alii
son, Lewis Bookman and family, Topeka;
Press Clements, Cerrillos; O. M. Rosen
dale, Chicago'.
' Mr. ThoB. Lowthian is in the oity to.
day en ronte from Denver to the Coohiti
country whero he has large mining in
Hon. E. L. Hall, who, by the way, is
making a model offioial, returned last
night from the Chioo region of Colfax
oonnty, where his cattle herd is now
grazing. He says settlers allege that no
such crop and range grass season was
ever known thronghout Colfax.
At the Palace: S. Burkhart, Albuquer
que; John N. Flavor and wife, GrBy
House, I. T.J Mrs. John Flaver Bird and
baby, Gray House; Mrs. J. L. Stubbs and
daughter, Denver; F. J. Radford, Trini
dad; Allah H. McDonald, Silver City; B.
Hooper, FresoottjH.E. Fox, O. O. Hall
and wife, Albuquerque.
Among the prominent gentlemen in
terested in the outcome of the A. &, P.
case who are in the city are D. B. Robin-
sonncting president of the Santa Fe
system; A. F. Walker, reoeiver, Atlantio
& Pacific Railroad company; W. K. Gil
lette, general auditor; J. J. Frey, general
manager; W. A. Bissell, assistant freight
traffic manager; C. B.F. Palmer, seoretary
to Reoeiver Walker; E. C. Nettlas, seore
tary to George R. Peok, and J. B. Robin
son, secretary to D. B. Robinson. Albu
querque Democrat.
John MoCullough Havana cigars at
Colorado saloon.
The highest prices paid for second
baud goods. Your furniture will be
taken, overhauled and repaired and
sold on Bmall commission. Give him
a call before buying new or auction
ing off your old household goods.
J. T. FCRSHA, Prop.
llM Per DoVi Mwtouf""?
Special rates by the week or month
f; r tnblo board, with or without
of the United States
- Cashier
Oldest and Largest Establishment in Southwest.
Wholesale Dealer in Groceries, Liquors,
Tobacco, Cigars, Dry G-oods, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes and Hardware.
Santa Fe
Out of Town Orders a
Imported and Domestic
isiA-ir jlistid gkr,.a.i:n
Our Confections are Always Fresh.
AU principal lines being bought direct from manufacturers in
carload tots, we are enabled to make the lowest prices ; ;
- , ..- to olose buyers.
Oliver ft Imboden Company, Patent Imperial Flour.
Kosca Milling A Elevator Company, Homestead and Jewel Flour.
J. W. Brown Co., Sew Drop Brand Canned Fruit, Fish and Vegetab les.
Chase A Sanborn, Fine Coffees and Teas.
. - r
Ur Goods for campers and out of town customers carefully packed
without extra charge, Vail orders solioited.
Bioyole eyes suggest long sights as the
bicycle is along distance traveler. Every
one Alrould belong sighted, that is, be
able to see far. If you can't have a far
sight without glasses, you can secure it
with their aid. Bpeotaoles not only give
a largely increased range to the vision,
but make it stronger, dearer, steadier
and iu all ways more serviceable for use
. in this work-a-day world. You oau use
your eyes to effective advantage if you are
provided with properly fitted spectacles.
Our examinations are free and oar prices
for glasses low.
New Mexico
Finest in
the World.
FE, N. M.
A. C. IRELAriD, Jr., Prop. , '

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