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The plaintiff's attorney iu the breach
' of promise case thought he would make
life a harden to the unfortunate young
man who wns the unwilling defendant.
Do you mean to Bay, he risked, after a
lot of embarrassing questions, that after
you had been nbseut for an entire month,
yon did not kiss the plaintiff to whom
yon were engaged to be married when yon
first saw her on your return f
I do rexponded the dtfendent firmly.
Will you make that statement, to the
Certainly, if necessary.
Do you think that they world believe
One of them vould I know.
Ah, indeed. And why should he, pray?
Jiecaune lie wan present wrien 1 Ilrst Baw
her. He was at the gite when I rode up,
and she stuck her head out of the stoond
story, nud I said to her, how d'ye dof
and said I'd be back to supper in half an
hour. I'm no giraffe, and everybody
smiled except the lawyer.
It Milken n Shudder.
To think of chills and fever. But
we really have it supposing us to be so
nnfortnnate our frames undergo a series
of ahooks which bear a close analogy to
those produced by an earthquake. Roast
ed next, we are drenched by perspiration
afterward. Truly a delectable oondition
of things. Bnt how easy to remedy and
how speedily! The certain means of re
lief is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
Tested as well where malaria is prevalent
in its most virulent forms, as where it
takes on a milder guise, it has proved
itself to possess both a remedial and pre
ventive euicacy of tne nignest order. ' In
South America, Guatemala, Mexico and
the Isthmus of Panama, no less than
throughout the North American oontinent,
its success as a means of forestalling and
relieving miasmatic disease has been un
paralleled. Use the Bitters for dyspepsia,
constipation, bilious and kidney trouble,
nervousness and debility.
The wreath had been nrennred with nil
theVnoet careful preparations known to
tm florist's art, and as a memorial from
MoCloskey's children bore the touching
word Papa.
Bnt the best work has its defects and
nid during its transit the P dropped off
Mr. Clancy approaches, and, while look
ing at the beantifnl floral offering, sees
this among the others.
That's the first time I knew that brother
MoOloskeybelonged to the A. F. A.
One night when Mr. Isaac Reese was
stopping with me, says M. F. Hatch, a
prominent merchant of Quartermaster,
Washington, I heard him groaning. On
going to his room I found him suffering
from cramp colic He was in suoh agony
I feared he would die. I hastily gave
him a dose of Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy. He was
' soon relieved and the first words he ut
tered were, "what was the stuff you gave
met" I informed him. A few days ego
we were talking about his attaok and he
enid he was never without that remedy
now. I have used it in my family for
several years. I know its worth and do
not hesitate to recommend it to my
friends and customers. For sale by A. C.
Ireland, jr.
I used to feel a little mean at robbin'
the beehives, said the tender hearted far
mer, but since I got to thinking it over
I see that I amjdoin' 'em good. If it wa'nt
for me takiu' the honey, all them bees
would be out of work all next summer
There are some people who never wear
dark glasses and yet they never see any
thing bright; it's the people who are dys
peptic and soured. Everything is out of
joint with such people. "I suffered many
years with dyspepsia and liver troubles
but have been relieved since taking Sim
mons Liver Regulator. I know others
who have been greatly benefited by its
uso." James Nowland, Carrolton, Mo.
You have a bad cold, he said.
I have, she replied huskily, I am so
hoarse that if yon attempted to kiss me I
couldn't even scream.
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
. so pare or so great la leav
eaing power as the Royal
Sad mistake If it were not so childish
and out of date. I conld take a real good
cry, said the woman with the short hair.
What is the matter, dearf
I wore my husband's vest down town
shopping yesterday, by mistake, and there
wore three great big cigars stioking out
of the top pocket. I never noticed it
till I got home.
When a trifle will buy the greatest healing
In ventlon of the day? Dr. Nanden'e Electric
llelt la a complete body buttery for Ml
Ircnliiirnt, nnd srnannteedl or money
refunded. It will cure without medicine
Khenmntlum, Lumbago, Srtntlca, Lame
Hack, Kidney and Elver Complaint
Nervona Itebtlity, Weakness, Losses,
strains and all effects of early Indiscre
tion or excess. To weak men It Is the
greatest possible boon, the mild,
dootblns; electric current Is , applied
direct to the nerve center and improve
ment are felt from the first hour used.
A pocket edition of the celebrated electro
medical work,
"Three Classes of Men,"
snouia reaa . i win snow sn wwi
nnd speedy way to retrain strength and
health when everything else has failed.
Wo. S0 Mxteenth Nt, Denver, CoL
Also Mew York, Chicago de London, Eng.
largest Electro-Medical Concern i n the Worldl
Mr. C. G. Strong, principal of the pub
lic schools at Anderson, Cal., Bays: "I
have used Chamberlain's Pain Balm nnd
have found it an excellent remedy for
lameness and slight woundB."
Lameness usually results from sprnin,
or other injury, or from rheumatism, for
whioh Chamberlain's Pain Balm is es
pecially intended and unequalled. It af
fords almost immediate relief and in a
Bhort time effects a permanent cure. For
Bale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
And So He Purchases a Croquet Set and
Starts In.
"Thoro'." exclaimed Mr. Wigglesworth,
toiling up the stops at noon unci setting
down along, flat box. "There's something
that's got life iu it."
"Why, Ellery, what is it?" said his wife,
giving a little Bcroa.ni and backing away.
"Don't shy, " grinned Mr. Wigglesworth;
" 'twon't bite. It's acroquet set," ho add
ed triumphantly, throwing open the lid
nud disclosing the brightly painted mallets
and balls.
"O-o-o-h-hl" oried Mrs. Wigglesworth,
clapping her hands. "Hownicel Andwill
we play with itf"
"Play with it!" mimicked Mr. Wiggles
worth; "wha'd ye think we'd do; hang it
on the parlor wallP Might wear it to the
governor's reception, I s'pose. Or mebbe
the hired girl would liko to stuff a turkey
with it she's tried most everything else."
Finishing his dinner to the accompani
ment of this cheerful stylo of commont,
which Mr. Wigglesworth, along with other
men, kept in reserve especially for his
wifo, he went out on tho lawn and adjust
ed the wire hoops according to diagram.
"Best exorciso in the world," ho boast
ed, waving a mallet in the nil'. "Old
Wetherboo told me he reduced his weight
nine pounds in two wooks. Comu down
here I" he called to his wife, "nnd lot's
have a game.'"
Mrs. Wigglesworth adjusted the ball un
dor her husband's direction.
"Do I knook it through this first wicket
first?" sho asked.
"Coarse," tartly answered Mr. Wiggles
worth; "think ye had to knook it through
tho last one first? Might try to got it
through the sevonth one fourth, I s'pose.
Mrs. Wigglesworth's now rules for croquet,
got up by herself."
Putting her tonguo betweon her teeth,
Mrs. Wigglesworth struck smartly at the
ball and dug a hole in tho lawn. Quickly
rooovering, she dealt a second stroke, avoid
ed the ball and. tore the wicket out of tho
"That's tho way," howled Mr. Wiggles
worth. "That's the way to go through
the wickots."
Ho took tho bont wire from his wife's
mallet nnd thrust it back in tho ground.
"Lemmo show ye," ho said in a tone of
importance, while Mrs. Wigglesworth
stood back and adjusted her hair.
Mr. Wigglesworth sont his ball through
the first wickot, and nearly got it through
the second, nnd probably would have done
so anyway if tho minister hadn't leaned
over the fence at that moment and dlscon-
oerted his aim.
"Delightful gamo," commontcd ths
minister in a kindly tone. "Full of life,
requiring tho oxerciso of skill and an ad'
mirablo discipline for the temper. I am
very fond of it. "
Encouraged by this favorable .opinion,
Mrs. Wigglesworth bunted her ball under
tho wire arch and struck tho ball of her
"Bravo!" cried tho minister, gleefully
dapping his hands. "A good stroke.
Now, you can croquot his ball out of your
He explained how this could be done,
and under his Instruction Mrs. Wiggles
worth sont hor husband's ball morrlly
bounding to the far extremity of the lawn,
slowly followed by the husband himself,
muttering. The minister was a finished
porfornier, and with his intelligent assist
ance Mrs. Wigglosworth discovered a skill
that nobody oould have believed she ever
was capable of. Smoothly she glided
through the wickets, tnppod pleasantly
against tho turning stake, and then set
her sails for the return homo, while anon
she would set upon hor husband tho op
posing ball and sond it out of the county.
"You think yoursolf mighty smart,
don't ye?" Mr. Wigglosworth hissed be
tween his gritted teeth to his wife when
the minister's back wns turned.
Mrs. Wigglesworth suffered a littlo smile
of triumph to momentarily flicker into her
.face, and at that the blood of Wigglosworth
boiled over.
"Who's playing this game nnywnyf" he
snorted, glnring at the minister.
"Why-, Ellery!" expostulated Mrs. Wig
glesworth. "loan boat the whole box and dicoof
ye!" ejaculated her husband angrily, ns
with a lucky stroko tho balls collided. The
full knowledge of the indlgnitlosput upon
him in the gamo singed through his recol
lection, and he trod the balls into olose
"Look out there!" he warned, waving
the minister to one sido.
Then he put his foot on the ball, lifted
his mallet aloft and smote with a strength
born of long bottled up anger. Tho mallet
shrieked through its oirclo, there was a
momentary agitation of tho atmosphere,
nd Mr. Wigglosworth was rolling among
the wiokots with his foot in both hands
and n oonnocted stream of yells Issuing
from his lips, such as the minister said
afterward he could never havo believed
the human lungs wore equnl to producing.
"Wow wow wow!" howled Mr. Wig
glesworth, curling about the homo stake
and thrusting ono leg up toward tho heav
en while he still gripped the other foot
"Let me help yon," suggested tho niln
istor, leaning ovor him with a look of sym
pathy in his countenance.
Mr. Wigglesworth Btraightened out like
a cracked spring.
"You get out of this yard!" he yelled.
"Don't you think bocause I go to your
church and drop an omolopo in the con
tribution box that you can come around
bore putting on airs and trying to make
my wife think she's the head of the fam
ily! I want you to understand that I can
ran this ranch without any"
With a face frozen in horror the minis
ter had already dashed up the street, and
Mr. Wigglosworth turned the battery on
his wife. But that lady had discreetly van
ished. A neighbor saw a man pacing wildly
about the lawn, waving above his head a
painted mallet. At every blow, struck
with terrific violence, a wire wicket would
go sailing through the air and rattle upon
the barn roof far distant. The man limped
dreadfully, the neighbor said, nnd accom
panied eaoh limp with a groan and gome
remarks that were more than adequate to
the occasion. So there is no doubt that it
was Mr. Wigglesworth. New York Re
corder. " -
An Inadvertence.
Nelson Well, I'm the luckiest ohap la
the world.
Stanley How sof
Nelson It appears that Madge broke
with me about the same time she did with
jack Boodles, and now she's sent me back
his prosonts instead of my own. Phila
delphia Call.
The Small Boyl Idea.
Boy I want to buy some paper.
Dealer What kind of paper?
Boy I guess you better gimme fly pa
per. I want to make a kite. Philadel
phia Record.
Legol Notice.
Cruz Sanchez, et al.,
Hartman fc Weil, a
partnership com
pnHcd of George
W. Uartman aud
Alfred Weil,
No. H441K Couu
t,y of Santa Fe,
In the District
Iu pursuance of a final deoree made and
entered on the 6th day of May, A. I). 1895,
whereby it was provided that, in the event
of the failure of the defendants herein to
pay the complainants within twenty days
the sum of $1,868 oo, with U per cent in
terest thereon from March 1, 1891, and
costs as therein decreed, the property
hereinafter described shonld be sold to
satisfy said deoree, I, William H. Pope,
special master, hereby give notice, the
condition of payment not having been
complied with, that T will on the 10th day
of September, 18U6, at ten o'olook in the
orenoon of said day, at the front door of
the court bouse of the county of Spnta
Fe, territory of New Mexico, offer for sale
and sell to the highest and best bidder for
cash, as an entirety, the following de
scribed property, to-wit:
The southwest quarter of the southeast
quarter of section thirty-two, township
thirteen north, range nine east, New
Mexico prinoipal meridian, together with
all veins of coal and improvements
thereon, situated near the town nf Cer-
rillos, in Santa Fe county, New Mexioo
said property being known as theO'Marn
ooal mine.
The purchaser or purchasers shall upon
said sale deposit with the undersigned
special master at least ten per cent of the
purchase money together with a memo
andum signed by or in behalf of said
purchaser or purchasers promising to
pay the balance of said purchase money
immediately upon the confirmation of
said Bale by the court and the tender of
the special master's deed. The under
signed speoial master on the day of sale
and from time to time thereafter may
adjourn and keep open said sale in his
discretion; and from and after the date
of the sale of the said property by th
undersigned in the manner aforesaid, the
defendants and all persons .claiming
under them shall be and stand absolutely
debarred and foreclosed of aud from all
equity of redemption, in and to the lands,
real estate and premises herein ordered
to be sold.
William H. Pope,
Speoial Master,
A. B. Renkhan,
J. H. Suthkiilin,
Solicitors for Complainants.
Dated at Santa Fe, this August 9, 1895.
Legal Notice
In the district court of the first judicial
diRtriot of the territory of New Mexico in
and for the county of Santa Fe thereof.
Norman B. Cornwell, )
Complainant. Chancery,
vs. V No. 3614.
Mary L. Cornwell, j Divorce.
Respondent. J
The above named respondent is hereby
notified that suit for dissolution of the
bonds of matrimony existing between the
said respondent and the complainant in
said cause and for general relief has been
filed against her in the district court
aforesaid and that unless she enter or
oause to be entered an appearanoe in her
behalf in said cause on or before the re
turn day of process therein, occurring on
the first Monday in October, 1895, a de
oree pro confesso therein will be entered
against her in the same.
seal Geo. L. Wyllys, Clerk.
A. B. Renkhan,
Solicitor for Complainant.
Dated at Santa Fe, N. M., Aug. 10, 1895
To Boston.
A one-fare rate for the round trip for
the Twenty-sixth Triennial Conclave
Knights Templar, whioh .will be held in
Boston August 26th to 30th, inclusive, has
been made by the Burlington Route.
Tickets on sale from Colorado points
August 17th to 22nd, inclusive.
A slightly higher rate will be charged
for tickets whioh are good going by one
and returning by another or different
routes. Take advantages of these greatly
reduced rates and visit your friends in the
east. Select your own route and write to
the undersigned for rates and fall parti
culars. Apply to your agent or Geo. W.
Vnllery, General Agent, 1039 Seventeenth
street, Denver, Colo.
U. A. It.,
Louisville, Hy., dept. 10-14,
For the above oooasion the Santa Fe
route will place cn sale .tickets to Louis
ville, Ky., and return at one fare for the
round trip to Chicago or St. Louis, added
to 1 cent per mile from those gateways to
Louisville and return. Dates of Bale
September 6 to 8, 1895, good for return
passage until September 25, 1895.
For particulars call on agents of the
"Santa Fe Route." "
- H. S. Lutz, Agt.
Gio. T. NiflBOMON, G. P. A.
Daily, English Weekly and Spanish
Weekly editions, will be found on
sale at the following; new depots,.
whore subscriptions may also be
A. 0. Teichman, Oerrilloa.
S. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City. ,
J. B. Hodgen, Deming.
C. O. Miller, Hillsborough.
B. Dailey, East Las Vegas.
L. R. Allen, Las Vegas.
San Felipe, Albuquerque
Jacob Weltmer, Oity.
Fletcher fe Arnold. Bland, N. M.
Architect & Contractor
Close Figurine,
Modern Methods,
Skilled Mechanics
Plans and specifications furnished
on applloatlon. Correspondence so
lioited. Santa Fe, N. M.
Not till life's heat has cooled,
The headlong rush slowed to a quint pace,
And every purblind passion that had ruled
Our noisier years at last
Spurs us in vain, and, weary of the race,
We care no more who loses or who wins
Ah, not till all the best of life seems past
The best of life begins.
To toil for only fame,
Hand clappings and the fickle gusts of praise.
For place or power or gold to gild a name
Above the grave whereto
All paths will bring us, were to lose our days,
We, on whose ears youth's passing bell has
In blowing bubbles, even as children do,
Forgetting we grow old.
But the world widens when
Such hope of trivial gain that ruled us lies
Broken among our childhood's toys, for then
Wa win to self control
And mail ourselves in manhood, and there rise
Upon us from the vast and windless height
Those clearer thoughts that are unto the soul
What stars are to the night.
A. 8t. John Adcock.
How Beautiful I
How beautiful is rest!
After the long and wearying day of care,
When motionless the fervid summer air,
To feel that toll and striving are all done,
To watch the fields and hills at set of sun,
Type of that land by every nation blest
flow beautiful is restl
Bow beautiful is sleep I
After the fever leaves the throbbing veins,
To olose the oyes tended by fond love's puins,
And 'neath the shadows of the earthly streams
To gently glide into the land of dreams,
Where memory and fond youth their visions
How beautiful is sleep!
Bow beautiful is lovel
The heart that beats in sympathy with thine,
The smile thut lights the earth with rays di
vine, The song that soothes the soul in pain and woe,
The hands that clasp thine own when hot tear)
The tender tone, like musio from above
Bow beautiful is lovel
Bow beautiful is hope I
When breaking stormclouds show the blue sky
After the snow melts and the vapor lifts.
When spring returns and the white dove
draws near
To dwell with us, type of tho spirit dear,
When rainbow arches crown life's mountain
How beautiful is hope!
Bow beautiful was peace I
When brothers met in strife thut foes abhor
On orinison fields of internecine war ;
When fond hearts bled far o'er a shuddering
While brave souls fled to join the seraph band ;
When triumph tones proclaimed that war
might cease
Bow beautiful was peace I
How beautiful is death I
After all care and pain and toil aro o'er
To olose the eyes upon this earthly shore,
Followed by memories of undying love,
Welcomed by guardian angels from above,
Eow tranquil to resign this laboring breathl
How beautiful is death I
Julia Noyes Stickney,
The Children.
Only to keep them so,
Soft, warm and young,
The wee feeble fingers,
The babbling tongue,
Tears that we kiss away,
Smiles that we win,
Careless of knowledge,
As guiltless of sin,
Only to keep them so,
Frank, true and pure;
Of our full wisdom
So lovingly Bure;
Our frown all they shrink from,
Our flat their law ;
Our store, whence all gladneaa
They fearlessly draw.
Only to keep them so,
Sweet hands that cling,
Sweet lips that laugh for us,
Sweet tones that ring,
Curls that we train to wave.
Feet that we sulde.
Each fresh step a wonder,
Each new word a pride.
All the Year Round.
Dear Mother Earth)
Dear Mother Earth, full oft I long
To sing thy praises in a song!
I ache to lay me down to rest
Somewhere upon thy yielding breast,
To turn my pavement wearied feet
Beyond the seeming endless street
And seek some dimpled oountry plaoe,
Half cool, half warm, for thy embrace.
Then kiss thue, prone upon my taoe,
Dear Mother Earth!
Like old Antooua long ago,
Whose strength surged up from earth below,
I feel there is a peaoe in thee
Which thou dost whisper unto me
When thus I press thee, cheek to cheek.
Thou art so strong and I so weak.
And some time there shall oome a day
When tender, trembling hands shall lay
Me deep to mingle with thy clay,
Dear Mother Earth 1
Thy gift to me shall oome to thee,
And as thou art, so shall I be.
I owe thee all, and so must try
To make thee better ere I die.
And as we twain are one I see
Bettering myself may better thee.
And so I rise from thy embrace
Revived and with a hopeful grace,
Thus having met thee face to face,
Dear Mother Earth!
J. Edmund V. Cooko.
' Shall I Begret?
Shall I regret my youth is gonef
And gone its sweet attendant train,
Fond hopes which unto me alone
It should be given to attain,
Illusions which should ne'er dispel
The slow, remorseless inarch of time,
Desires I should not fear to tell
When prose hadta'en the place of rhyme.
Beliefs which, though they changed with
me, ,
I should not laugh to have believed,
And trust and hope and love of thee
All gone since love has been deceived.
All these are gone, shall I regret
That thou hast robbed me of my youth?
No; rather let me thee forget
And strive to still believe in truth.
And if in this I si nuld suooeed
Shall I regret the means of graoef
A happiness of honest deed
Is more worth winning than a (ace.
-Pall Mall Budge.
The Eye.
A little spot, just bordered round
With oolors caught from posy bedW
A window where the panes are bound
In sashes framed in human heads
The Iris is
A passageway, unlit, but used
By messengers who know the way
Te human souls, at times abused
By idle ones who stop to play ,
- Thero, purposeless.
-WiUls Walton Fronts.
Whoever walks a furlong without sympathy
walks to his own funeral drest In kki
t or you, iiocketless of a dime, may purohass
the ick of the earth.
To glanoe with an eye or show a bean in its
pod oonfounda the learnlns of all times.
There is no trade or employment bnt the
young man following it mey become
hsroi '
-Walt Whitman.
"It is the best patent medicine in the
world" is what Mr. E. M. Hartman, of
Marqunm, Oregon, says of Chamberlain's
Culio, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"What leads me to make this assertion is
from the faot that dysentery in its worst
form was prevalent here last summer and
it never took bnt two or three doses of that
remedy to effect a complete cure." For
sale by A. C. Ireland, jr. .
To Become a Mother t
If o, then permit us to
Bay mat ut. fierce
tavonte rreacrip
tion is indeed,
a true
" Mother's Friend,"
Childbirth Easy
bv preparing: the
svstera for oarturi.
cion, thus assisting Nature and shortening;
I " Labor." The painful ordeal of childbirth
1 D -..l.i 1 nf . j i jt
to tuiutu ui us iciiuis, auu uic uaugcrs
thereof greatly lessened, to both mother ami
child. The period of confinement is also
greatly shortened, the mother strengthened
and built up, and an abundant secretion of
nourishment for the child promoted.
Send io cents for a large Book (168 pages),
giving all particulars. Address, WORLD'S
Dispensary Medical Association, 66j
Main St., Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. Fred Hunt, of Glenville, JV, Y.t
says: "I read about Dr. Pierce's F.
vorite Prescription being so good for a wo
man wan cinid, so I
got two bottles last
September, and De
cember 13th I had a
twelve pound baby
girl. When I was
confined was not
tick in any way. I
did not suffer any
pain, and when the
child was born I walk,
id into another room
and went to bed. I
keep your Extract of
Smart-Weed on hand
all the time. It was
very cold weather
and our room was Mas. Hunt.
very cold but I did not take any cold, and
ntvL-i ii.iu anj uuer-pain or any oiner pain.
It was all due to God and Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription and Compound Extract
of Smart-Weed. This is the eighth living
child and the largest of them all. I ant
fercd everything that flesh could suffer with
the other Dames. I always had a doctor
and then he could not help me very much,
but this time my mother and ray husband
were cione wun me. aiy DaDy was only
even days old when I got up and dressed
no icii my room ami stayea up all day,"
Mrs. Chilsey I see statistics show that
seventy-five per cent of male criminals
are unmarried.
Mr. unnsey vvnion snows now many
men prefer matrimony. And the ensuing
silenoe was so deep that Mrs. Chilsey
couiu near nerseii reneci.
(Western Division.)
(J. VV. Reinhart, John J. MoOook, Joseph
0. Wilson, Receivers.)
In Effect Sunday, November 1, 1894.
jjeave utuoago at 10:00 p. m.; 10:00 p
m. Arrive at Chicago at 10:00 p. m.; 9:00
a. m.
Leave Kansas Oity, Mo., at 1:60 p. m.j
z:uu p. m. Arrive at Kansas Ulty, Mo.,
at 6:10 p. m.; 5:00 p. m.
.Leave Denver at. .11:50 p. m. Arrive at
Denver at 5:15 a. n,.; 4:45 a. in.
Leave La Junta at 7:20 a.m.; 10:10. Ar
rive at La Junta at 10:50 a. m.; 8:55 p. m
Lv. Ar.
.Navajo Springs..
....Hoi brook
....Ash Fork
..Peach Springs..
...Needles, (Jul...
9:40p. 3:30a,
2:45(1. 9:lfln,
3:07n. 9:15a.
:i::r,u. 10 :05a.
H:M)a. limp,
6:5()a. 1:25a.
8:15u. 6:10a
3:35p. l:35p.
z :iip. 1 :ua,
2:2Ui. 12:35a.
12:03p. 10:18p.
8:10a. 2:55p.
9:30a. 7:50i).
luwia. axwp,
12:S5d. 7:35n,
7:20a. 5:40p.
fi:uua. 4:sup,
lain. 8:40n.
4:30a. 2:55p.
3:35a. 2:00p.
2:10a. 12:40d,
2:45p. 9:50p.
4:mp. 11:401),
6:05p. 1:40a.
U:35p. 10:10a.
X::)p. 4:10a.
10:30p. 6:10a.
12:50a. 9:00a.
s:.wp. 7:iH)a.
7:35p. 6:10a,
5:10p. 3:10a.
2:p. 12:32a.
3:52a. 12:07p.
4:15a. 2:2011,
Ar . . B arstow. . . Lv
2:20p. 12 :10a,
Ar.,..Mojave. ..Lv
Arrive Los Angeles 9:35 a. m.; 6:30 p.
m. Leave Los Angeles at 7:00 a. m.j 6:00
p. m.
Arrive San Diego 12:15 p. m.; 9:20 p.
m. Leave San Diego at 2:15 p. m.
Arrive at San Franoisoo at 9:15 a. m.
Leave San Francisco at 9:00 a. m.
Every day but Sunday.
ALBUQUERQUE A., T. S. F. Railwuy
for all points east and south.
ASH FORK Santa Fe, Freseott k Phoa-
nix railway for points in oentral and
southern Arizona.
BLAKE Nevada Southern Railway for
Purdy and oocnection with stage lines
for mining distriots north.
BARSTOW Southern California Railway
for Los Angeles, San Diego and other
California points.
MO J AVE Southern Paoiflo Company for
Ban Francisco, Saoramento and other
northern California points.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
No ohange is made by sleeping oar pas
sengers between San Franoisoo, Los
Angeles oPdan Diogo and Chicago.
The Atlantio Sl Paoiflo Railroad, the
great middle route across the American
oontinent, in Jonneotion with the rail
ways of the "Santa Fe route." Liberal
management; superior facilities; pic
turesque scenery; excellent accommoda
tions.; . "
The Grand Canon of the Colorado
the most sublime of nature's work on
earth, indescribable, can easily be reaohed
via v lagatalr, Williams or Peaoh Springs
on this road. To the natural bridge of
Arizona and Montezuma's well you can
journey most directly by this line. Ob
serve the anoient Indian civilization of
Laguna or Aooma, "the City of the Sky."
Visit the petrified forest near Cnrrizo.
See and marvel at the freak of Canon
Diablo. . Take a huntiug trip in the mag
nificent pine forests of the San Franoisoo
mountains. Find interest in the ruins of
the pre-historie
Cave and Cliff Dwellers
View the longest oabtilever bridge in
America across the Colorado river.
Jmo. J. Btbmi,
Oen. Pass. Agt., Lot Angeles, Cal.
0. H. Hpcibb,
Ass't Qen. Pas. Agt. San Franoisen, Cal.
H. 8. V. Hi, TCI,
Gen. Agt., Albuquerque, N. M.
We call especial attention to oar celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
W e make them in all
'aanner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc,
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
VTe are tie

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