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NO 172
VOL. 32.
Plain sailirg and a Btnooth way. TheBe
are what yon want, and we have smoothed
the way for all to boy hardware at rea
sonable prioes. We carry only first-class
goods, but we sell them at figures often
asked for second and third class articles)
, About the poorest thing on earth Is poor
hardware; iw fact the almshouse hasn't,
anybody in it quite so poor. We haven't
any room for it in onr stock, and wide
awake buyers haven't any money to waBte
in suoh purchases.
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
DHfflME &
Tinware, Hardware and Stoves.
I have a full line of Picture Frames and Mouldings and in fact
everything in the household line. I will furnish you from the
pcrlor to the kitchen on easy payments and bedrock prices. Z
carry the largest stook in the oily. I repair all kinds of furni
ture, sewing machines and musical instruments. Remake mat
tresses and all kinds of upholstering.
M ii Feci Gru
Boss Fat9nt Flour.
Club House Canned Goods.
Hesston Creamery Butter.
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed freo of charge. Call and
examine our stock and get our low prices.
Oldest and Largest Establishment in Southwest.
"Wholesale Dealer in Groceries, Liquors,
Tobacco, Cigars, Dry G-oods, Clothing.
Boots, Shoes and Hardware.
Santa Fe
Come and See Us!
Our special aim ia to pleaae everyone with reasonable price
and aa good an article aa the market affords.
rhere is nothing better than
S. S.
New Mexico
Nervousness Caused at the Treasury
Department by the Extraordinary
Raid on Gold Reserve.
Reserve Below $100,000,000 Mark
and Likely to Be More Reduced
Treasury Officials Express Con
fidence in Western Crops.
Washington, Sept. 18 Th news that
$1,500,000 had been withdrawn to-day
from the sub-treasury at New York for
export was reoeived here with surprise
and the announcement created for a mo
ment something like a sensation in the
treasury department.
This feeling, however, was not shared
by. high officials, who apparently regard
the withdrawal as incident to the specu
lative spirit that seems to pervade Wall
street at this time.
By some officials it is thought that the
withdrawals are made with the sob pur
pose of forcing another bond issue.
It can be stated, however, on excellent
authority that there will not be another
bond issue.
Those cognizant of the foots state that
the Morgan-Belmont syndioate, under the
terms of the contract, undoubtedly will
protest the gold reserve against the in
roads of the speculators, and will see that
a reasonable balance is maintained.
No doubt is expressed that as soon as
the grain shipments from the northwest
oome in, there will be an abundant sup
ply of foreign bills on the market to meet
every demand, and the withdrawals, it is
thongbt, will neoessarily cease.
To-day's statement of the condition of
the treasury shows the gold reserve to be
Dr. Wyman, surgeon general of the
marine hospital service, speaking of the
cholera in Honolulu, said to-day thai the
quarantine service on the Pacifio coast is
in very good condition at every port of
The navy department to-day made pub
lic its aotion in the case of Captain Geo.
VV. Sumner, late in command of the U. S.
cruiser Columbia, tried recently by court
martial at the Brooklyn navy yard on the
charges growing ont of the injury sus
tained by his vessel in docking her at
Southampton in July last.
The captain was found guilty. The
sentence of the oourt is as follows: "To
be suspended from dnty only for a period
of six months on waiting orders pay and
to be reprimanded by the honorable sec
retary of the navy."
Train Wrecked on the Michigan Cen
tral .Engineer Badly Hurt Xo
Passengers Injured.
Marshall, Mich., Sept, 13. The west
board North Shore limited train on the
Michigan Central was wrecked here
shortly after noon.
The locomotive jumped the track
on a curve. George Feppit, engineer, is
under the engine badly injured.
Three passenger coaches were thrown
from the truoka. No one was injured
except the engineer.
A worn out wheel flange caused the ac
cident. TUB MAKKETS.
New York, Sept. 13. Money on oall
nominally easy at 1 per cent; prime
mercantile paper, h. Silver, 67;
lead, $3.25.
Chioago. Cattle, reoeipts, 5,000, includ
ing 2,500 westerns and 1,000 Texans; mar
ket qniet, prices steady; beeves, $3.50 vi
$5.65; oows and heifers, $1.40 $3.75;
westerns, $3.00 $1.40. Sheep reoeipts,
10,000; slow.
Kansas City. Cattle reoeipts, 6,400;
shipments, 4,500; market strong, higher;
Texas steers, $2.80 $3.75; Texas oows,
$2.25 $2.50; beef steers, $3.05 $4.05;
native cows, $1,35 $3.25; stookers and
feeders, $2.65 $1.20; bulls, $1.40
$2.85. Sheep reoeipts, 3,100; shipments,
none; market, steady. Lambs, $3.00
$5.00; muttons $2.65 $3.00.
Chicago. Wheat, September, 57; Oc
tober, 5!)4'. Corn, September, 82;
October, 81. Oats, September, 19;
October, 21.
Another Disaster During the 4. A. It.
Encampment Many Hurt by Col
lapse of Urand Stand Hos
pitals All 'nll.
Lonisvile, Ky., Sept. 13. The week of
unprecedented hospitality and good will,
in connection with the 29th national en
campment of the G. A. R., closes with
sadness. '
While the funerals of the fhe victims
of Wednesday' explosion were in pro
gress, fully 100 people, were suffering
from injuries sustained at the collapse of
the grand stand, during the display of
fireworks last night.
In addition to the fifty reported in
jured, there are about fifty others, who
were taken to their home in carriages
by friends.
The hospitals are full of patents suffer
ing from the effects of heat and from in
juries reoeived at the aocident last night.
All these are reported doing well.
Mrs. H. Hirsohfled, who had her feet
mashed and hip dislooated, may not re
cover. Edward Hoar, a musician, of Spring
field, Ohio, who was not on the grand
stand, but on top of the sanitary booth
that eaved in during the fire works, is in
a eritioal condition.
While the ladies of the G. A. R. and
Woman's Belief oorps, as well as the na
tional encampment proper, continued in
session to-dav. there was no Bpecial at
traction for people who are not delegates
to their assemblages.
At WoBder park the entire day was de
voted to the greatest "Old Kentuoky
barbeoue" ever spread.
The ttreet ears were overtaxed by a
multitude en route to the great frollo of
the blue and the gray, at which tho former
were special guests.
Executed In Texas.
Paris, Texas, Sept. 13. Charles H. Key,
murderer, gambler and robber, was exe
cuted shortly after noon to-day for the
killing of Smith McLaithline, in the
Chickasaw nation on July 21, 1891.
Ieath of the Oldest Mason and the
Oldest Methodist Preacher
in America.
Pittsburg, Sept. 13. Rev. Dr. Samuel
Wakefield died to-day at West Fewton.
He was said to be the oldest Mason and
the oldent preacher of; the Methodist
Episoopal ohuroh and very likely the
oldest of any denomination in the world.
He had been a member 'of the Masonic
fraternity almost seventy-five years.
He published several hooka on the
ology and music when comparatively
young, which made him widely known.
"Wakefield's Thee logy" has beoome a
classic in the life time of the Methodist
Episcopal church.
Sirs. Lease on ngails.
Wichita, Kss., Sept. Mrs. Lease
says: "John J. Ingalls' J$r bfe'ore the
public has been one of d-aeit and false
hood. Not only is he a rWitiool fraud
but he has built up his splendid reputa
tion as an orator by using quotations
stolen from French nnd Spanish writers.
He is the most orratic, inconsistent, con
tradictory, pitiful and con torn pi ible figure
in Kansas history."
Verdict of Coroner's Jury in Minne
sota Kail Disaster-Coin iiany
St. Cloud, Minn., Sept. 13. The verdict
of the coroner's jury, in the matter of the
Melby railroad aocident, was as follows;
"We find that the direot cause of the
accident is to be laid to Engineer Haines,
in acting on wrong orders. We further
blame the oompany for ordering paseen-
ger trains to meet at a blind siding where
there is no agent and where no lights are
kept; also in allowing the conductor to
send two orders to the engineer, when
only one was needed."
Senator Thurston lletter.
Omaha, Sept. 13. Telegrams received
at the headquarters of. the Cnion Pacifio
to-day bring the news that Senator John
M. Thnrstou is much better.
Important Testimony Against the
Accused Went Into the Church
with Blanche l.amont.
San Francisco, Cal., Sept. 13. The trial
of Theodore Dnirant is becoming more
interesting. The district attorney has
proved the death of Blanche Lamont and
has established that the body'found in the
belfry of Emanuel church was her corpse
and that the clothing hidden in the rafters
of the edifice was worn by the girl on the
day she disappeared. The prosecution
is now putting in evidence eonneoting
the prisoner with the crime. The wit
nesses for the people will be called in
ohronioled order, the intention being to
form a chain, the links of which will be
testimony showing the movements of the
murdered girl and the defendant on the
fateful 3d of April.
San Franoisco, Sept. 13. In the trial
of Theodore Durrant, Mrs. James Cros
sett, who knows him well, will testify
that, on the afternoon of April 3, she rode
to the mission upon the same car with
Durrant and Blanche Lamont.
Shortly after 4 o'clock the car arrived
at 22d street and Durrant assisted the
girl from the oar and then gave his hand
to the older lady. The three walk to the
side-walk together nnd stopped there to
Durrant introduced Blanche Lamont to
Mrs. Orossett. A few moments later, he
and Blanche, talking and laughing, walk
ed toward the church.
In felpite of the fire the Ureat Sew
York Paper Appeared an Usual
this Morning.
New York, Sept. 13. This morning's
World was probably the only regulnr
issue of that newspaper which contained
not a line of advertising.
The flooding of the press room, on ao
oount of the fire, reduced the press
capacity so it was possible to print only
eight pages, and eight solid pages of ad
vertising were thrown away rather than
out the news down.
In spite of the delays due to the fire it
self, and subsequent upon it, the stop
ping of all the tyye-setting machines by
cutting off the gas, the paper went to
press on time.
The World is receiving from the news
papers throughout the country expres
sions of regret at its loss.
The World expresses its gratitude for
the cordial interest manifested, assuring
its friends that no serious damage has
been done, owing to the fire-proof nature
of the building.
Earthquake In Honduras.
London, Sept. 13. A speoial from
Teguoigalpen, Honduras, says that reports
have been received from Yetapan to the
(fleet that, in a severe earthquake on
Tuesday, 250 people were killed and $1,
000,000 worth of property destroyed.
New York. Telegrams, addressed to
correspondents at various points in Cen
tral America, have failed to bring any
verification of the reports of earthquake
with heavy loss of life in Honduras.
Inspector Waterbury makes Two Ar
rests for Bobbing the Hails in
Xew Mexico.
Denver, Sept. 13. Chief Postoffloe In
spector MoMechen received a telegram,
yesterday, afternoon, from Inspector
Waterbury, at Clayton, N. M., annonnoing
the arrest of Otis Suyder and Elmer, alias
James Baker, for cutting open and rob
bins mails near Clayton. Ono hundred
and fifty letters were stolen. -
Lord Duiiiaven Declares That the
Valkyrie Will Never Again Race
in American Waters.
Doubtless Uncle Sam will Continue to
Do Business as Usual at the Old
Stand London Papers Take
Sides with Dunraven.
New York, Sept. 13. In the Erie basin
to-day, the Valkyrie was hauled into a
position between two steamers, just out
side of the dry dock, where she had sev
eral times been dried ont for cleaning
and repairing purposes.
The crew, under command of Capts.
Cranfield and Sycamore, were immediately
set to work to strip the yacht and pre
pare her for her voyage home.
The sailors worked with th" -alacrity
and effectiveness, an
o'clock had lowered her top-J
moved the bow-sprit gear. '
The yaoht will doubtless, ue Ketou
rigged for the ocean voyage, as she waa
when she sailed from England for Amer
London. The oonolusion of the inter
national yaoht races for Amorioan's cup
furnishes a text for articles in all the
London afternoon newspapers.
In general, the press npholds Lord
Dunraven in his refusal to sail over the
course yesterday without a guarantee
that it would be kept dear of excursion
boats and other craft.
The Fall-Mall Gazette says: "We hope
the Earl of Dunraven will consent to sail
for the propoeed cup off Marble Head,
as all are anxious to see the comparative
merits of the yachts tested, and may the
best boat win. Should the Valkyrie win,
which we think is improbable, neither
Lord Dunraven nor any one else would
bother to challenge again for Amerioa's
cup, which a new trophy would replace.
Should the Valkyrie lose, we know Lord
Dunraven would take his beating like a
sportsman. Thus the races of 1895 would
be brought to a pleasant conclusion and
a further challenge for a new enp wonld
be only a matter of a few years.
"If the Valkyrie returns without a race,
it means that her owner is oonvinced that
he did not have fair treatment at the
bands of the committee, and no contest
for a cup is ever likely to occur, even
though the committee decided that future
races should be sailed where there was a
certainty of a fair course."
New York. The Defender, gaily deco
rated with flags, left Bay Kidge this
morning, presumably bound for New
New York. Whatever doubt may have
existed as to Lord Dunraven's intentions
as to racing the Valkyrie in this country
again was dispelled this morning by Mat-
land Kersey.
He said: "The Valkyrie will never
again race on this side of the Atlantic.
The races are over and that settles it.
I haveuothing more to say on that
Kersey, speaking of the offer of a cup
by Col. Taylor, of Boston, for a race be
tween the Valkyrie and Defondor, said
that, as Lord Dunraven had decided not
to race his yacht again in America, it
would be idle to discuss that or any other
Sensation Caused in Walt Street by
Immense l.old Engagements ror
Europe Bond Syndicate
Anionic the Shippers.
New York, Sept. 13. The engagements
of gold at the sub-treasury up to 11
o'clock, aggregating $1,500,000, for ex
port on to-morrow's steamers, had a de
moralizing effection on share speculations,
and the quotations at 11 o'clock were U
and Yi per cent below the final transacts-s
of yesterday.
The faot that hazard ureters ana im
portant members of the government
bond syndicate ship gold increases the
already great surprise in Wall street.
A member of the firm made the follow
ing statement: "We believed that, dur
ing the first half of September, a sufficient
amount of grain and ootcon ana otner
bills would have been offering and the
neoessity of exporting this gold would
thus have been averted. Our shipment
of gold is an imperative necessity, in or
der to fulfill our business obligations
with Europe. We hold that it will be a
temporary expedient and that within the
next few weeks plenty of bills will be of
fering and everything will come around
oil right."
The firm reoites the low prioes ruling
for our bread stuffs, the slow movement
of cotton and the fair supply of that
staple already in European hands, as the
causes for their shipment of gold.
The Hanover National bank has de
posited $500,000 in gold at the sub
treasury in exchange for greenbacks.
Five hundred thousand dollars in gold
was withdrawn from the sub-treasury
this morning. It is part of the engage
ments announced for export.
The Commercial National Bank of
Commeroe and the American Exohange
National bank have eaoh deposited at the
sub-treasury $200,000 in gold in exohange
for greenbacks.
New York, Sept. 13. The following
announcements of gold shipments by to
morrow's steamers have been made: W.
H. Crossman fc Bro., $1,000,000; Hoskir
Wood fc Co., $500,000; Hard & Rand,
$200,000; Nesslage & Fuller, $100,000;
Lazard Freirs, $3,500,000; Handy & Har
mon, $160,000.
Handy & Harmon have increased their
gold shipments to $250,000.
five Prominent Men Found Uullty
of Deadly Assault and Arson
In 11. IS. tonrt
Fort Smith, Ark., Sept. 13. George
MoElroy, Henry Hook, Charles Hook, Dr
John McBland and Thos. StufHebeam,
prominent oitizene of the Indian nation
have been eonvicted in the U. S. court on
fuiir charges, including deadly assault
and arson.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Absolutely pure
Their cases grew out of an attack by
the vigilantes upon the homes of Bruce
and Eugene Miller, harborers of outlaws,
ear Jei.nmg, O. T., on April lfi, 18!)i.
In the fight, "Dutch John" was killed;
Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, aged 70, and Her
man Miller, aged 3, were wounded, and
two houses were burned.
The defendants were acquitted of the
murder of "Dutoh John" last spring.
John MoCullough Havana olgars at
Colorado saloon.
Major Llewellyn has gone east to con
clude the sale of his extensive mining
properties nt the Hillsborough placers.
Rinoon Weekly.
Mrs.Capt. J. C. Lea departed last week
for Sherman, Texas, to place her daugh
ters in college, there, and to visit friends.
Roswell Register.
Franoisco Lopez, brother-in-law of
Donaciano Chaves, the Barela's lawyer,
died at f o'clock yesterday morning, from
apoplexy. Albuquerqne Citizen.
The streets of Silver City are in better
condition to-day than they were before
the flood, a fact which speaks volumes
for the enterprise of the people.
It is estimated that the Mexicans en
gaged in placer mining in the gnlches at
I'inos Altos have averaged among them
over $8,000 per month sinoe the rainy
season begun.
Mrs. Bantz, and Mesdames Armstrong
and Miller, mother and sister of Jndge ii.
D. Bantz, who have been visiting here
for some weeks returned to their home in
St. Louis on yesterday's train. Silver
City Eagle.
The body of Pedro Ramos, the Santa
Fe track walker, was found about three
miles north of Las Cruces, horribly
mutilated, by being run over by a train.
It is not known how the nooident oc
curred. The many friends of Frank Story, the
popular mail messenger on the route be
tween Silver City and Rinoon, will be
pleased to learn of his promotion to a
responsible position on the Pittsburg,
Fort Wayne it Chicago.
Las Crooes note: H. B. Holt came
home last Saturday from Silver City.
The department of justice has decided to
dispense with the services of a stenogra
pher, except in important cases, when a
stenographer may be employed by the
The local attorneys, members of the
territorial bar association, met at the of
fice of Warren, Fergusson ifc Gillette the
other evening and appointed a committee
on arrangements to prepare foi meet
ing of the association in this oity on Oo
tober3. Albuquerque Citizen.
At a meeting of the board of directors
of tho Colfax connty Agricultural associa
tion, held at Maxwell City, the following
officers were elected: Chns. Springer,
president; D. R. Manning, vice president;
E. S. Warren, secretary and treasurer and
W. P. Stebbins, general superintendent.
Collector A. B. Laird gives notice that
on the 27th day of September he will ad
vertise for sale all that property in Grant
oounty apon which the taxes have become
delinquent, and that after the 1st day of
October, 1895, by the direction of the dis
trict attorney, he will distrain and soil all
personal property upon which the taxes
are then delinquent. Silver City Sentinel.
Paul Sutherland, a student in the Agri
cultural college, who graduated from the
preparatory department last year and
was enrolled in the college freshman olass
this year, has passed a successful exam
ination for a cadetship at Aunapols, and
has been appointed from the west Texas
district. Young Sutherland goes to An
napolis to take final examination. His
success Bpeaks well for the work done in
the preparatory department of the col
lege. Independent Democrat.
Academy of.
Conducted by
TEBH8 lBonrd and tuition, per month. MO.: Tuition of day tchoUrt,
to per month, according: to grade. Music, instrumental and
vocal, paiiititigr in oil and water colors, on china, etc., form extra
charges. For prospectus or further information, apply to
Mother Francisca Lamy, Superior.
The taxes levied in Grant oounty are as
follows: Territorial purposes, (i mills;
territorial interest, 1.75; cattle indemnity,
.50; schools 2.50; general, 2.50: court, 3.20;
Laird judgment, 3.50; oounty interest
bond funding, 1885, .30; oounty interest
bond funding, 188!), 2.50; special deficit,
.50; road .10; bounty .10. In precinct
number eleven Deming a special levy
of 3 mills was made for school purposes
and preoinot number twenty-four Rico
lite a speoial levy of 6 mills. These
levies mr.de the total rate of taxation at
2.30 per cent.
New Mexico is as large as the New Eng
land states, New York, New Jersey and
Maryland, combined, and exceeds in area
the united kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland. Its resources are, with the ex
ception of California, more varied than
any other state or territory in the Union.
Its climate more nearly reaches perfec
tion than any other state or territory.
Thore is room here for thousands of peo
ple of industry, and especially for farm
ers who wish to locate west and have a
small amount of means at command.
Las Vegas Optic.
The enrollment of students in the Agri
cultural college nt the end of the first
week was eighty-live, after dropping one
of the pretaratory classes. Estimates
for tho current year are as follows: Agri
cultural department, $1,150; chemical,
$3,750; mechanical, $3,150; botanical,
$1,800; zoological, $1,850; historical $2,
125; preparatory, $3,875; mathematical,
$1,650; business, $.'1,10(1; executive, $1,-
00O; Las Vegas station, $1,800; San Juan
station, $1,800; secretary and treasurer,
$1,200; janitors, $650; library, $760;
books, $250; printing, $2,000; insurance,
$500; furniture, $200; miscellaneous, $1,-
000; total, $10,200.
While in towu Judge Louis Sulzbacher
filed n petition in the probate court for
the purpose of being appointed adminis
trator of tho estate of K. H. Longwill,
nnd that auxiliary letters of administra
tion be issued to him, which was granted,
nnd now ths judge will act as sncli and
will attend to all such matters pertaining
to the estate of the deceased. Dr. Long
will had, at the time of his death, con
siderable property in this and other
counties of New Mexico. Las Vegas Op
tic. Dr. Crosson has moved his offioe and
residence to the Sena block; adjoining the
court house. Office hours, 10 to 11 a. m.;
2 to p. in,; 7 to 8 p. m.
We have ladies' and gents' Mackintoshes,
good quality, at $5.50 each; the very best
at $8.50. Buy one now. Uusdorf
Attention Ladle.
While in Denver I learned the only
genuine Improved Tailor System of
dress-titling. This Bystem drafts on the
same principles as the merchant tailor
uses and with the sanid results. By this
method every seam is in the proper place;
the garment maintains a perfect propor
tion to the figure, and perfect ease is se
cured. I will cut and guaiaatee an abso
lute fitting pattern. Mits. C. A.Haynes
Dealer in
HiglieHt Cash I'ricrM Putil for Second
11 nnil ooita.

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