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The Daily New Mexican
Notice is hereby given that orders given
ny employes upon tlieNmv Mexican Printing
Co., will not be honored unless previously
endorsed by the business manager.
Requests for back numbers of the New
Mkxican, must stute date wanted, or they
will receive no attention.
Advertising Katrs.
Wanted One cent a word each Insertion,
Local Ten cents per line each insertion,
Keading Local Preferred position Twen-
ty-tive imits per line each insertion.
Displayed Two dollars an inch, single
column, per month in Daily. One dollar an
inch, single column, in either English or
punish Weekly.
Additional prices and particulars given on
receipt of copy of matter to be inserted.
Prices vary according to amount of matter,
length of time run, position, number of
cuanges, eie.
One copy only of each paper In which an
ad. appears will be sent free.
Wood base electros not accepted.
No display advertisements accepted for less
taan $1 net. per mouth.
No reduction in price made for "every
other day" advertisements.
Tlie Katioual Irrigators Royally Ke
ceived in the Capital City-Three
Cheers and a Tiger for
Santa Fe.
Our Fruits at the Fair Win the Big
Prize Personal Mention and Newsy
Notes Pertaining to the Great
ready for receiving a rush of home seek
ers. He added that no region of the west
could long lack settlers after it were made
known that it could produce such fruits
as Bauta Fe has on show at the fuir.
The display of wind mills, steam
pumps, gasoline engines, etc, at the fair
grounds is one of the most attractive
features. Some phenomenal pumps are
shown and photographs of reservoirs
filled with water by them indicate that
many practical men throughout the west
are aiding m the solution of the irrig:
His Lifeless Body Found at the Bottom
of a Shaft of One of His Mines
Death Supposed to Have Been
Caused by Foul Air.
The arid country's futu
(J. S. Department off AnRTnnr.Trmte.
Wnii'uuii Uuhkau Office oe Ohsekvkh
Santa Fe, September ID. 1895,
8 3
3 J? w.
5 -13 3 o
s a
t C H
1 O 1
ft :00a. ro . i 2;I2 59 67 S 3 Clily
n:uup. in.' z;i i.i i oi i is i sk u i.'hiy
Maximum Temperature 74
Minimum Temperature fiS
Total Precipitation. .... O.lis
H. B, Hkhsky, Observer.
Are you taking Simmons Liver Reg
ulator, the "King of Liver Medi
cines?" That is what our reader
want, and nothing but that. It is the
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Everybody needs take a liver remedy,
fr.a everyone should take only Sim
ir.ons Liver Regulator.
Be sure you get it. The Red
is cn tbe wrapper. J. II. Zeiliii &
Oii PMladeUshla.
J. T. FORSHA, Prop
S2.N Per Day,
oeatoi! in the It list
do it ion or rlf.v
orui'r or 1'lazn
Special rates by the week or month
for table board, with or without
Clothing .Wade to Order
Sol. Spiegelberg,
Carry a full and select line of II ATS,
:AIS. UI.OVKS. etc., and every,
thingr found in a first class establishment.
Lemp's St. Louis Beer.
AM, tilltOP ItliaiKKAI. WATF.lt
The trade supplied from cine bottle to a
carload. Mail orders promptly
A. F. & A. M.
Montezuma Lodge, No. 1, meets on the
first Monday evening of each month at
7:30 o'clock, in the Masonic hall, in the
Kahn block, San Francisco St. Visiting
brethren are fraternally invited.
W. 8. Habbodm, W. M.
F. 8. Davis, Sec
Coronndo Camp No. 8, Woodmen of the
World, meets on the second Thursday
evsning of eaoh month at 8 o'clock, in
Aztlan hall, I. O.O. F. Visiting sovereigns
are fraternally invited.
J. B. Bbady, Consul Com dr.
J. B. Sloan, Clerk.
After giving three hearty cheers and i
tiger for Santa Fe, the delegates to th
national irrigation oongress, who spent
yesterday here, boarded their special
train on the A., T. & S. F, for a
jnnket among the farniB and orchards
and thrifty towns in the lower Rio
Grande and Pecos valleys. Their trip
will oover nearly 1,400 miles.
The delegates were load in their ex
pressions of surprise and delight over
what they saw in Santa Fe. Citizens
vied with one another in entartaining
them. Homes and gardens and orchards
were thrown wide open to them, and
while many were interested in the his
toric sights by far the greater number,
naturally, foutid their chief delight in the
wonderfully productive orchards, in the
new irrigation systems, built and build
ing, the great hydraulic dam, etc. The
many oivil engineer in the party
were specially pleased with these feature's
of modern Santa Fe. Not a fow of them
were practical fruitgrowers and ex pressed
astonishment at what was revealed to
them as the carriages conveyed them
from orchard to garden. Samples of
choice frnits raised by irrigation were
given them freely everywh&re and when
they reached their train they found the
baggage car piled high with baskets of
good things to supply them while en
route throngh the lower country.
The irrigators are in the Mesilla valley
this afternoon where Las Crnces is show
ing them every attention and to-morrow
they enter the Pecos vnlley. Gov. Thorn
ton and wife, ex-Gov. Prince, Hon. C. M.
Shannon and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Maltby,
of Missouri, guests of Mrs. Thornton,
Hon. Geo. Curry, Manager Blodgett, of
Pecos Irrigation company, Hon. G. A.
Richardson and other leading citizens of
the territory are on the train and doing
all things necessary to entertain the
guests and to reveal to them the resources
of our rich territory. Gov. Thornton
and party will be with them until Tuesday.
As briefly announced in these columns
last evening, the first prize for the best
and most varied fruit display at the terri
torial fair was awarded yesterday after
noon to Santa Fe county. The collection
is a superb one and no orehardist who
takes pains to examine the size, flavor
and wide range of fruit products therein
shown can doubt but that the highest
honors have been worthily bestowed. A
New Mexican representative spent the
better part of Wednesday looking over
the fruit exhibit, and found a marvelous
display there from Dona Ana, Colfax,
Chaves, Eddy, Bernalillo and San Juan
counties, and for a while he tried to re
concile his first impression that all of
them were good enoagh to win a first
prize, but when the small frnits,
the apricots, plums, cherries,
raspberries, strawberries, blackberries,
currants, etc., were taken into acoount,
along with the eighty varieties of bddIcs.
sixty-eight of pears, twenty -five of plums,
twelve of peaches and two of quinces,
whioh went to make up our home display,
it was readily to be seen where the first
prize would go if justice were considered.
naturally Banta l'eans are muoh gratified
over the receipt of a telegram from Mr.
Rivenburg announcing the award of the
sweepstake prize to this county.
The pyrotechnic display last niirht was
A grand bioyole parade is billed for to
night. Joe Boile is entered for the half-mile
running dash to-day.
Cochiti has a magnificent exhibit on
view in the exposition hall.
There were over 500 residents of Santa
Fe at the fair grounds yesterday.
A light shower of rain passed over the
fair grounds about noon yesterday, bnt
did no harm to the race track.
In the bioyole races, Vorhes won the
half-mile heat in 1:12, and Keen won the
championship mile raoe in 2:36.
Hon. W. S. Hopewell, Mr. Fred Lindner
and Banker Booher, of Hillsboro, have
been largely instrumental in showing the
visitors at the fair what Sierra county
can do. The mineral exhibit is bv far the
largest and most attractive on thegrounds.
The 2:30 class trotting for $300 was
won by Lizzie S, in 2:28; Luoky John
won three straight heats in the 2:40 class
paoing race, purse 200, best time 2:47;
cne naif mile running race was oaptured
by Ben Cannon over Artless, the time of
the heats being 61 J$ and 50.
The Raton base ball players beat the
Athletics, of Albuquerque, yesterday
rather worse than they beat the Indian
school nine. The score stood 25 to 4 in
favor of Raton. The Santa Fe and
Gallup teams cross bats to-day pnd the
winner of this game will play the Raton
team for the first prize to-morrow.
The base ball sports of Las Vegas will
be interested in learning that at Albu
querque Tuesday tbe forenoon game
stood, Albuquerque 1, and Santa Fe 4.
The Santa Fe team, it is said, played a
Pueblo import, and the Albuquerque
enoagh imports to make the
snap. Las Vegas Ex-
tion problem
is ail right
fcx-Gov. L. A. Sheldon got a hearty
greeting at the hands of all Santa Feans
yesterday. He was one of the foremost
men m the discussions at the irrigation
convention, ana nis speeches and opi
ions were received witn marked con.
sideration. It is faint praise to say that
uov. neiuon made one of tho best execu
tives New Mexioo ever had.
Among the irrigation delegates who
spent yesterday, here were Mr. A.
Comer, the original water-melon man of
Kooky lord, Colo., who has done
much to make that section famous fo
melon growing. He is a notive
Cooper county, Mo., and found a genial
oia-time friend in Judge J. H. Walker,
iur. corner was eiatea over what he saw
in Santa Fe's orchards
The land department of the government
wasamy represented at the irrigation
congress by dudge Best, assistant lan
oemmissioner, whose home is in Georgia
iiucge nest and his good wife spent yes
terjny nere and were shown every hospi
taniy oy uoi. u. i. Coleman, Judge J.
Walker, Col. Thos. M. Jones and other
citizens. They dined at the U. S. Indian
School last evening and left during the
night for Washington, going via Colo
rado Springs.
Five carriage loads of the delegates yes
teraay otternoon halted at Solicitor Gen
eral Victory's orchard on their way from
the upper reservoir to the depot and they
pliLcnuou gictii numinniuu hi me iruit'
ful pioture there visible. Ths loaded
down plum, peach, pear and apple trees
were enough to set them to talking, but
when they gathered big ripe red cherries
from the trees thoir enthusiasm over the
productive nature of this soil and climate
knew no limits.
The prize watermelons were carved
the Citizen offioe this morning after being
omoiany weighed. The largest, whioh
won the first prize a years's subscription
to me iauy citizen was sent in by Fe
lipe Hubbell, of Pajarito, six miles from
Albuquerque, and weighed seventy-one
pounds and four ounces. The seoond
prize a year's subscription to the Week'
ly Citizen won by C. W. Uptegrove,
of Helen, Valencia oounty, was a melon
weighing sixty-three pounds and eight
ounces. Albuquerque Citizen of last
Col.Stevenson, one of the irrigation dele
gates from Utah, who spent yesterday id
Santa Fo, is the respected father-in-law of
oar. jamos beligmau. For years he has
been a recognized authority on all mat
ters pertaiuincr to irrigation. He is n
promineut member of the American So
ciety of Civil Engineers, and was for
many years president of the Polyteohnic
sooiety ot Utah. As a consulting en
gineer on all mining and irrigation mat
ters he reluotantly admits that he has
some kind of a reputation. Thoroughly
aiivn to tne importance or reclaiming
arid lands he makes it a point to attend
all irrigation conventions,
It is hardly possible to express in
words the foelings of pleasure which the
parade this morning in Albuquerque ex
cited in the breasts of its beholders,
Though as a background to the piotare
mere was a dasn ot war in it, all its scenes
were those of the triumphs of peace and
progress, of hope and happiness in the
future. There was displayed evsrv con
ceivable product of this fair dime, ar
ranged Doth in trim and fantastic shapes,
while the numerous floats loaded with the
coming men and women of the next gen
eration, and all filled with joy and hilarity,
befitting the occasion, gave to the event
an interest not possible to be equi
Uov. Ihornton and staff brought up the
rear, and thus concluded one of the
grandest parades ever witnessed in the
western country. Albuquerque Citizen.
That Tired Feeling
Is a oommon complaint and is a danger
ous symptom, it means that the system
is debilitated because of impure blood,
anu in tnis condition it is especially liable
to attacks of disease. Hood's Sarsapa
nlla is the remedy for this condition, and
also for that weakness which prevails at
the change of season, climate or life.
Hood's Pills act easily, yet promptlv
and efficiently on the bowels and liver. 26o.
city, is
nine had
game a seeming
Citizen MoLean, of Rooky Ford, Colo.,
said yesterday, after seeing Santa Fe's
orchards, that this valley had better get
Postmaster Gable returned from Albu
querque last night.
Mr. Felipe B. Delgodo, of this
visiting friends in Las Vegas.
Mrs, J. H. Sloan is in attendance upon
the Mew Mexico musical contest At Las
Mr. Arthur Seligman has returned home
after a delightful visit to Cape May and
other eastern resorts.
Mrs. T. B. Catron and her youngest
son returned to their home in Santa Fe
from Massachusetts last eight.
Mr. J.N. Tholl, of Dallas, Texas, who
has recently invested considerable capital
In the J. C. Bender mines, near SanPedro,
is in the oity to-day.
Las Vegas Optic: Jamee fl. Carlisle,
the conductor who has been transferred
to tne santa Fe branch, will remove to
the territorial capital. His family will
probably go over to "the ancient" to
morrow. Hon. Carl Wiedenstein is in the oity en
route home to Watrons after seeing the
fair. He is gratified over the eharacter
and extent of the exhibits there this year
Dr. Thos. H. Bates, of Dallas, Texas,
interested in south Santa Fe county's
mines, is visiting the city.
Pat Cullen, well known in Santa Fe
oounty, died yesterday at Golden from
the effeots of foul air at the bottom of a
shaft on his mine.
It appears that he went down into the
mine alone about 1 o'olook yesterday
afternoon. John Deboo, who was camp
ing with him, had business in Golden and
did not return until about 6 o'olook laBt
evening, when he discovered Pat's ab
senoe, and, in searching for him, mads
tne horrible disoovery above named.
Mat Cullen, a brother of the deceased,
in Salt Lake City, has been wired for in
structions as to the disposition of the re
mains. Tbe deoeased was the owner of valu
able gold properties in south Santa Fe
oounty Bnd his untimely death will serve
to interfere with pending negotiations to
introduoe large oapital for development
purposes in that locality.
'Tis a feat to fit the foot. Johnson &
Co. can do it to vonr heart's nnntont.
There will be a meeting of Aztlan
lodge, No. 8, 1. 0. 0. F., this evening at
their hall on lower Frisco street.
A bargain we have 300 pounds of bre
vier and 150 pounds of nonpareil type,
good oondition, for sale at this offioe.
Mr. D. B. Robinson, first vice president
and general manager of the A., T. it S. F.
system, has been at Albuquerque all
week in attendance at the fair. He is ac
companied by a party of Chioago friends
and they will arrive here in their speoial
train to-morrow forenoon on a visit
Archbishop Chapelle.
A O I ...
n o-uurae power upright engine an
boiler, goods oondition, for sale at this
John Wilkerson, whose death at St,
Vincent was reoorded in these columns
yesterday, was buried from Gable's un
dertaking rooms in Fairview cemetery at
12:30 this afternoon. Rev. F. T. Bennett
oonduoted the funeral service.
Santa Fe's beautiful plaza looked like
a green-carpeted parlor yesterday, when
filled with the happy exoursionists and
tneir hospitable entertainers. The fine
Highest Honors World's Pair
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
We lead
Others follow.
HPCome and examine our fine stook.
Tinware, Hardware, Stoves.
have a full line of Picture Frame
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you from the parlor to the kitchen on
easy payments and bedrock prices. I
carry the largest stock in the ritv. T
repair all kinds of furniture, sewing
machines and musical instruments.
Remake matresses and all kinds of
music discoursed by Prof. Perez' band
contribnted much to the pleasure of the
While Santa Fe has contributed some
600 people to swell the orowd at the Al
buquerque fair, with oharaoteriatio gen
erosity and impartiality, this oity also
sent a delegation of about fifty to the
territorial musical contest at Las Vegas
A speoial to the New Mexican irom
Albuquerque announces that the big ball
game there this forenoon resulted as fol
lows: Gallup, 7; Santa Fe, i. These re
snlts were accomplished in spite of the
faot that Jones, the left-handed Santa Fe
twirler, struck out twenty-two men. Gal
lup is now virtually 'certain of the first
prize. . ?
a ne a., 1, a, a. a . company has gener
ously made a rate of 1 cent per mile for
all parties who visit Santa Fe October 17,
to attend the festivities at tbe cathedral
attending the oonferring of the pallium
upon Archbishop Chapelle. It is expect
ed that several thousand visitors will be
here on that oooasion.
Mrs. A. J. Loomis, the pretty and ver
satile wife of Chief Clerk Loomis in Col
lector Shannon's offioe, is visiting Santa
Fe to-day. She honored the New Mex
ican with a call and was much interested
in viewing its several departments, being
of the oraft herself. Mrs. Loomis has
been a power behind the throne in the
Silver City Eagle offioe for over a year
and has displayed marked ability both in
the journalistic and business lines. She
leaves for her home at Silver City this
Notice to Teachers.
In oompliance with a resolution passed
by the territorial board of eduoation,
notice is hereby given that the oounty
board of eduoation will meet at the court
house in the oity of Santa Fe on Septem
ber 27 and 28, 1895, for the purpose of
examining applicants for teaohers' certificates.
under the ruling of the territorial
board first grade certificates are only
good for two years Bnd seoond and third
grade certificates for one year from date
of issue. ' J. H. Cbibt.
Maud L. Hubt,
Cosme Hebbeba,
Board of County Examiners.
Daily, English. Weekly and ttnaman
Weekly editions, will be found on
sale at the following news depots,
where subscriptions may also be
A. C. Teichman, Cerrillos.
S. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City.
J. B. Hodgen, Deming.
0. O. Miller, Hillsborough.
B. Dailey, East Las Vegas.
L. B. Allen, Las Vegas.
San Felipe, Albuquerque
Jacob Weltmer, City.
Fletcher & Arnold, Bland, N.M.
S. SPITZ, The Jeweller,
S A.2STT.A. PE. IT. 2&.
Striking effeots in jewelry give sur
prise and pleasure to all; suob effeots as
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jewelry display is fresh and sparkling as
spring water, the emblem of purity and
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able to promise you that everything hew
and taking for the season has been found
a place in our list. Like the sun we're
always shining, but this season we out
shine our previous selves with a dazzling
array whioh comprises everything.
Groceries li Pumas,
Office and Warehouse tower 'Frisco St.
Santa Fe, - . - New Mexico.
Imported and Domestic
HIA-IT JL2STJD :r.-a T-nt
I offer fruit, etc., at the folio wine
prices in lots to the amount of 60
cents or more:
Fine larse Bears ner lh
Pine large apples per lb
Large Siberian crab ap-
Pies per lb
German vrunes nnr lh
French prunes per lb
New Santa Fe honev. . ner lh
New sweet cider. per gal
2 l-2c
1 l-2c
Leave orders with E. ANDREWS.
Fine MoBrayer whisky at Colorado sa
loon. ',
You oan get engraved visiting cards at
the New MixioiH, or have them printed
from your plate if you hive ou?
I v
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simple baby blemishes, vii.! the Clogged.
Sold thrirtoiit lha twirl- British dinott New.ii.
Htrikes at Bland.
A private letter from Bland informs
the New Mexican that big strikes have
been made this week in both the Crown
Point and the Iron Kin mines. The ore
encountered in the Urown Point is high
grade free gold. The strike in the Iron
King was made by Joseph 8. Eagle, who
took charge of this work about two
weeks ago. Details will be given in these
columns as soon as obtained.
Sint as Had tin Reported,
Sheriff Guadalupe Ascarate, of Dona
Ana county, who was a visitor at the oap
ital yesterday, reports that the aooounts of
ths recent shooting affray at Las Crooes
were exaggerated. He says that Ben
Williams will not only recover, but will
probably not lose his, arm, and that
Morgan's injuries are not serious.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
uesignated Depositary of the United States
R. J. Palen - -J.
H. Vaughn -
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8antaFof - . Caw tbxlco.
Santa Fe Lager Beer.
', m AMurAOTuaaas o
Palace Avenue, - - Santa Fe N. M.

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