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Will yoo think of me when I am gone?
BBked Mr. Linger sentimentally, ob the
hnnds of the olook moved toward 12.
Certainly, replied Miss Kittish; how soon
shall I have an opportunity to begin.
Beware of Counterfeiters
Who infest the market and are the means
of robbing Biok people of their money,
and what is of still greater conseqnenoe
of not unfrequently aggravating the
complaints under which they labor. It is
an act of duty we owe to society to warn
the people against these dangerous
frauds. A little care on the part of ihe
purchaser wilt proteot them from the im
position by bearing in mind this fact;
Never buy where it is offered in bulk, (in
kegs or jugs) as the genuine Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters are sold only in bottles
having the handsome steel plate label dis
playing the combat between St. George
and the Dragon, and having at the bot
tom a miniature note of hand for one
cent, bearing a fac simile of the signature
of the prsBident of the company. Over
the cork is a metallic cap, on which is
impressed the name of the artiole, to
gether with a medallion head in the cen
ter. Any person selling the counterfeit
Hostetter's StotnaolVBitters we shall not
heBitate to bring to justice, as we never
fail to conviot. .'"LijefiK
Man I want your opinions in a matter.
Would yon advice me to borrow $10 to
help me out of a tight place? Lawyer
By nil means. Man Very good. Lend
me ten. Lawyer That's all right. My
fee for legal advice is $10 and we'll just
call it square.
The U.S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
In the Alps On reaching a certain
spot the driver turned round on his seat
and observed to the passengers: From
this point the road is only accessible to
moles and donkeys: I must therefore
r.sk the gentlemen to get out and proceed
on foot. '
Last Aogust while working in the harvest
field I became overheated, was suddenly
nttaoked with oratnps and was nearly
dead. Mr. Cummings, the druggist, gave
me a dose of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy which completely
relieved me. I now keep a bottle of the
remedy handy. A. M. Bunnell, Center
ville, Wash. For sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
Though she's discussed by every
A novel theme, as we believe,
Yet, the new woman isn't youDg
She's juBt about as old as Eve.
Mrs. E. E. Davis, of San Mignel, Onl.,
says: "I am trying in a measure to repay
the manufacturers of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy for the great good their
remedy has done me. For years I was a
constant sufferer from weak lungs and
bronchial asthma. My rest at night was
riiafnrhed bv a haokinc cough, bo that I
felt miserable the "greater part of the
time. Many remedies recommended by
friends were tried, none of which proved
suitable to my case. I did not experi
ence any beneficial results until I began
taking Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
After two bottles of the large size have
been used I am pleased to state, my
health is better than it has been for years.
The Boreness has left my lungs and ohest
and I can breathe easily. It has done me
so much good that I want all who are
suffering from lung troublep, as I was,
to give it a trial. For sale by A. C. Ire
land, jr.
Of marriage and its blissfulness
She wrote a great discourse;
Then sold it to raise money for
An absolute divorce.
Well, we have a feminine attorney
among us now, said one Pittsburg lawyer
to another. Yes, was the reply. What
relation is she to us-a sister-in-law f
Self-denial is the one thing most difficult
to inoulcate and always hard to practice,
especially when there are good things to
eat within reach. But there is no self
denial neoessary if you take Simmons
Liver Regulator. It promotes digestion,
prevents dyspepsia and a dose after a
hearty meal of delioaoies will prevent
any discomfort. It's the best good-night
toddy. '
Whether the bike works good or ill,
The dootors all are sure:
They say that it is bound to kill
They say that it will cure,
Truly the people may rejoice. .
VH. man OTinh AH tiflMRA. '
SUI moo " " "
Who leave them thus to take their
Without demanding fees.
When a trifle will bnythe f"te.t
Invention of the dayt .Dr.Hawleii'a Etectric
Belt to a earapleie body battery or ael
i treatment and awuaatced, or money
refunded. It will care without medicine
17" V brilM. Im.il
nb. IKdnev
Nervous DeblH
i. weaiueaa. . wea.
Drains and all elfeeta of early Indiaere-
areateat poaalbto boon, as the nUld,
ZnniMnar eleetrle current la applied
direct to the nerve center and improve
ments are felt from tho arat now used.
A pocket edition of the celebrated electro
medical work,
"Three Classes of Men,"
. ....... . 1 .ll l h. M n nnn
appdoation. Every yonnar. middle-aged
r old man Buffering the slightest weakness
should read It. It will show an oaay. anra
and apeedy way to regain atrentrtA and
health won veryUilnc olae haa failed.
h aoa aimdumili Kf Denver. CoL
Also Hew York, ffeleago dc London, Eng.
Wrest Electro-Uedical Conoer? In the World)
Mrs. S. A. Eell, of Famona, Cal., had
the bad luck to sprain her ankle. "I
tried several liniments," she says, "but
was not cured until 1 used Chamberlain's
Pain Balm. That remedy cured me and I
take pleasure in recommending it and
testifying to its effioaoy." This medicine
is also of great value for rheumatism,
lame baok, pains in the ohest, pleurisy
and all deep-seated and muscular pains.
For sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
And the Elevator Man Doubted if They
Would on Earth.
A well dressed woman walkod into tho
Crocker building yesterday afternoon and
took an elevator. Her husband saw her
from noross tho street and hurrying over
took the next clovntor. Ho went to the
officowhera ho know his wife had business
and found that sho had stepped in and out
again and wont down in the next elevator.
In the meantime his wife had gone
down, and tho elevator dispatcher said:
"Your husband just went up in the ele
vator. I think ho Is looking for you."
Tho lady took tho next elevator up.
Just then her husband came down. He
looked all around and thon inquired of
'the olevator man:
"Have you seen my wife herof"
"Yoa, she just went up this minute."
The man took tho next elevator nnd he
was no more than out of sight till his wife
camo down again.
... "Your husband has just gone up again,"
said the elevator man.
"I guoss ho'll wait for mo this tlmo, so
I'll' go up." i And up she went.
Down oamo hor husband a second after
ward. "Did my wife ooino down again?" ho
"Yes, and just went up again. She
thought you would wait for hor."
"Woll, I'll wait horo."
Ho waited about five minutes, and thon,
growing impationt, took an elevator up
stairs. She had been waiting for him and
came down again just as he disappeared.
"Woll, I will wait for him and catch
him this tlmo," said she.
After standing in the corridor several
minutes she decided to go up stairs and
find him. As sho was whisked out of sight
he stopped out of another elevator.
"Your wifo has just gone up," said the
elevator mon.
Tho husband sworo a little under hla
breath and started to leave the building.
At tho doorhehositntcd, chongedhis mind
and took tho next elevator up. Down
camo his wife at the same moment. .
"He's just gone up again," was the ele
vator man's answer to her weary look of
inquiry, "and ho's mad as a hornet."
"Then I had better go right up and
catch him," said she.
Up she wont and down he came.
"Just went up," remarked the elevator
"I'm demmod if I'm going up again,"
said he. "I'll wait right hero," and ho
sat down on the stairs. Half an hour lat
er lie was still sitting there, and his wifo,
equally determined, was waiting for him.
up stairs.
"I hope they'll meet in heaven," re
marked the elevator man. San Francisco
A tetter.
To an Aspiring Novelist.
Mr Dear Miss Lolla Replying to
yours of the 29th of February, let me say
that it is not so difficult as you seom to
think to bocomo a successful novelist
that is, provided you can manipulate a
pen or atvpewritor. You ask anxiously
about spelling. Havo no fears regarding
that. The proofreader attends to It. Style,
construction and grammar aro equally
looking in importance. All tnat you need
is iucldont. Have your hero and heroine
meet in some unusual way. For instance,
lot your horo drop from the moon and fall
Into a geyser in the Yellowstone National
park. Tho heroine (a prlnoess at the least)
is giving an afternoon tea to a group of
cowboys, in the immediate vicinity. The
hero is spouted up from tho goysor, graos
hold of tho basket of a ballon that Is sail
ing overheard and is not at all surprised to
find that It contains the villain. The hero
and villain hare a duel at short range in
tho balloon, for the possession of tho para
chute, which hangs from the car (and
which the hero reoognizos as an umbrella
stolen from him in Australia). The hero
wounds villain, soouros paraohuto, drops
into the lap of tho princess and asks, "Do
you wonder why I camo 240,000 miles to
see youf" This Is merely to start you ana
the events set forth should not oocnpy
more than a chapter. Tho rest of the story
will suggest itself to you, however. Your
only care must be to put in an incident
every other sentence. Permit mo in aa
vance to hoil you as tho novolist of tho
century. Truly yours.
"Could I only read tho future"
She nervously played with tho fragile
fan, while tho color alternately deepened
and faded upon her cheek.
"The future."
For an instant hor eyos mot the oyos of
the man who stood woltlug for hor to
"I have decided," she said, nnd it
soomed that a great peace had taken pos
session of hor soul. "Make it chocolato
with lots of cream."
Thon sho laughod lightly, as one who
had never known a care. uotrolt lriD-
Hla Object In Speaking.
Ho Miss Perrymead, while I may not
be the man of your choice at this moment,
yet I venture to hope
She I can only be a sister- .
- "As I was saying, Miss Porrymead,
while I may not be your oholoe, I don't
want you to forget me when the tlmo
comes for you to look for a chance Instead
of a oholce. ' 'Indianapolis J ournal.
Impressing Him.
'Western Ball way Manager We are not
going to have telegraph lines run along
our track ony more.
- Foreign Capitalist Why notf
Western Hallway Manager Our
through expresses go so fast that the wind
of them uproots the poles. Truth.
-, -Taat. . ...
First Clubman (looking over paper)
By Jove I The engagement of Miss Van
Domui and old Tllcott is announced. Sht
appears to have really accepted him.
Second Ditto Yea, and, thoy soy, told
him everything.
First Clubman What courage I
Second Ditto What a memory I Vogue.
An Inducement.
"Why, you've already had four
wives 1"
"But they are not alive, dearest."
The Envied One.
"That's a fine, big pig, John. "
"Aye, sir. Gin we were a' as ready
tu dee as that yin, we'd doo." Judy.
Tonsorial Item.
Victim Hadn't you better try the
crimping iron on a piece of paper to see
if it is not too hot?
Barber Don't , need no paper. As
soon as I smell your hair burning I
know right off it is too hot. Texas
A Starter.
Mrs. Twickenham -Will you have a
piece of the mince pie, Willie?
Willie Slimson Yes'm (looking at
the piece), to start with. Brooklyn
At the Stage Door.
Paterfamilias Well, sir, what are
you here for?
Son and Heir Well, guv 'nor, I did
not expect to meet yon. St. Paul's.
Gilded Youth I say, do yon get your
milk out of a beastly cow? Pick Ma
Up. '
. Mamma Not asleep yet, George?
George No j I can't get to sleep be
cause Jack says he's got crumbs in bis
bed. He couldn't make more fuss if it
was the whole loaf. Punch.
Daily, English Weekly and bpanisn
Weekly edition, will be found on
ale at the following news depots,
where subscriptions may also be
A, 0. Teichman, Oerrillos.
B. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City.
J. B. Hodgen, Doming.
0. 0. Miller, Hillsborough.
B. Bailey, East Las Vegas.
L. B, Allen, Las Vegas.
Bad Felipe, Albuquerque
Jacob Weltmer, City.
Fletcher k Arnold, Bland, N.H.
as if con
0 n always
. the bright
est. Maybe
itisnioj. Maybe it
seems so because
consumption is the
most frequent of all
diseases. Consump
tion kills more peo
ple than wars or
Cholera or Yellow
Fever. Fullv one-sixth
of all the deaths that occur in the world are
caused by consumption. And consumption
can be cured. Doctors used to say that it
was incurable, but the doctors were merely
mistaken. It would be strange if medical
science did not make some progress. Many
things were once considered impossible.
The ocean steamer, the locomotive, the
telegraph and telephone, the phonograph,
the electric light all these were once im
possible, and once it was impossible to cure
consumption. That was before the time
of Dr. Pierce'9 Golden Medical Discovery.
Taken according to directions, this standard
remedy will cure 98 per cent, of all cases of
consumption. Consumption is a disease of
the blood. It used to be considered a dis
ease by itself. It is It is caused and
fostered b e blood. Purify
the blood healthy action to
the varibt body and con
sumption t ;t is by weakness
and loss of vitality in the blood. It is cured
by purity and richness of the blood surely,
certainly cured. Those who have consump
tion or any lingering bronchial, throat or
lung disease, and those who are on the road
to them, have a positive remedy at hand.
Any condition of the body that indicates
weakness, any indication of impurity in the
blood, should be attended to at once. Loss
of appetite, loss of flesh, loss of vitality,
nervousness, weakness and unnatural wear
iness, are indications that the body is run
ning down. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery makes the appetite good, the di
gestion strong. It builds up solid, healthy
flesh and vigorous strength. Thousands of
people have testified that it has really saved
their lives. Some of these testimonials,
together with hundreds of things that ev
erybody ought to know about health and
sickness and medicine, have been embod
ied in Dr. Pierce's "Common Sense Med
ical Adviser." This 1008 page medical
work, profusely illustrated, will be sent free
on receipt of ai one-cent stamps to covet
cost of mailing only. World's Disptnsary
Medical Association, Buffalo. N. Y.
James Is Miss Snowball a graduate of
Vassar? William Hhe is, Jfcmes I
thought she was. I beard her nek if the
muzzle of a gnn was to prevent it going
The WbIiumU Itnllroatl.
Commencing Sunday, September 8,
Wabash trains 1 and 5, between St. Louis
and Kansas City, will have the follow'
ing sleeping equipments:
No. 4, Kansas -City to St. Louis, will
have one compartment sleeper to St,
Lonis, and the Denver-St. Louis through
No 5, St. Lonis to Kansas City, will
have one compartment sleeper to Kansas
City and the Cincinnati-Kansas (Jity
through sleeper.
The Denver-St. Lonis sleepeer, west
bound, is carried on Wabash train No. 1,
leaving St. Louis at 12:01 p. m. midnight,
arriving in Denver at 7:25 o'clock on the
second morning.
The Kansas City-Cincinnati through
sleeper, east bound, rnns on Wabash
train 6, leaving Kansas City at 6:20 p. in.,
arriving at St. Lonis at 2:30 a. m. thence
via B. & C. S. W. train No. 4, arriving
Cincinnati 11:30 a. m.
C. S. Cbane, C. M. Hahfson,
Q. P. & T. A. Commercial Agent,
St. Louis, Mo. 1025 17th St.,
Denver, Colo.
In effeot August 4, 1895.
Bead down
2 4
10:20 p 8:20 a
11:35 p 9:30 a
2:45al2:15 a
R.in i.inn
Read up
8 1
Lv... Santa Fe..
Ar Lamy...
Lv Lamy...
Ar.Xas Vegas..
Ar ...Raton ...
Lv... .Raton....
Ar..La Junta..
7:50 pl2:30a
ok piinsup
8:35 d 7:40 d
U:59a 3:10 p
11:35 a 2:50 p
10:15 a 1:20 p
7:05 a 4:35 p
8:25 a 8:05 p
10 :55 a 8:45 p
115 a 9:05 p
2:35 p 1:40a
5:15 p 6:15 a
8:55 p 6:43 a
1:20 p 1:20 p
lln I!,:1ti
7:20 a 10 :10 a
8:50 a 6:50 a
4:46 a 4:45 a
Lv..La Junta...
.. .Colo Spring,
2:59a 2:59a
Ar.... Denver..,
Ar. Crlnnlnflk.
11:50 pll:50p
Ar.. Salt Lake...
7:wp 7:ip
6:35 p 6:35 p
6:50 a 9:35 a
8:58 p 9:34 p
Ar....Ogden ...
Lv..La Junta..
ll;l!i o 9:10 p
11 :33 p v :uv a
4:50 a 2:20 p
7:00a 4:55 p
7:30 a 5:30 p
3:00p 1:00 a
7:40p 5:32 a
10:30 p 8:30 a
Ar...St Louis..
B.Wp ...
3:50d ...
Ar. Kansas City.
1:50 p 2:00 p
1:25 p 1:25 p
tiv.nansai uity
irort Madison
mi -.
g:ua ...
12:55 a ...
10:00 pl0:00 p
Suuxn AMJ naST.
Read down
1 8
Read up
4 2
10:80 al2 :30 a
9:40 all :40p
(IKISal 1:2.1 p
7:00a 9:21 p
6:30 a 8:45 p
8:25 p
8:00 p
5:10 p
9:55 a
l: 13 p
11:45 a
10:20 p 5:20 p
11:10 p 8:10 p
U:30p 7KKlp
1:25 a 8:46 p
Lv... Santa Fe. ..Ar
Ar Lamy...,
Lv Lamy ..
2:05 a 3UP
5:30 a
6:25 a
9:00 a
11 :10 a
3:15 p
10:15 a
11:15 a
.. .socorro. .....
San Marcial....
. ..Ulncon..
Las unices
..Kl Pan
2:05a 9:20 p
8:30a 9:40 p
9:50a 8:35a
8:40 plO :45 a
8:40 p 1:35 p
10:35 a 60 p
t:10a 8:30 p
3:25D 7 KM) a
12:35 a 2:20 p
... Ashfork
n:ip v:2ua
2:55 p 4:30a
9:55 a 4:00 p
8:25 a 6:45 a
9 Ml AtRCn
Ar.. .Prewmtt.. .Lv
Ar. .. Phoenix. ..Lv
...The Needles...
..... Hantow
.Rati HnrnArdina.
12:10 a 1:00 p
7:40 p :zra
5:00 p 7.-00 a
2:15 p
1:40 p
10:00 a
5:80 p
8:30 p 9:50a
Ar.Lne Amretos.Lv
Ar..San Diego.. Lv
Ar.Nattonal Cl'yLv
Ar Sn FranoltooLv
SMI p....
10:45 a....
H. 8. LTJTZ, Agent, Santa Fe.
Q. T. NICHOLSON, O. P. A., Chicago
Denver & Rio Grande Railroads.
Time Table No. 36.
Effective Sept. 1, 1895.
No. 476. MILF.S No. 475.
8:00 am Lv. Santa Fo.Ar 6:40pm
iti-te nm Ar.Ksnnnola. Lv.. 40.. 3:45 pm
12:35 am Ar.Kmbudo.Lv... 59.. 2:25 pm
1 -25 p in Ar . Barranca . Lv . . 68 . . 1:25 pm
3:00 p 111.... Ar.Tres Pietlras.Lv 97. .11 :47 am
5:00 p m Ar. Antonito.Lv...l31.. 9:55 a m
6:35 p in Ar. Alamosa. Lv ,.160.. 8:40 a m
10:30 p m Ar.Salida.Lv....246.. 4:45 a m
1:20 a m Ar. Florence. Lv.. 311.. 1:49 a m
2:40 a m... Ar. Pueblo. Lv.. .843. .12: 25 a m
4:12 am Ar . Colo Spgs . Lv . 387 . . 10 :50 p m
7:15 a m Ar. Denver. Lv... 483.. 7:45 p m
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Durango, Silverton
and ail points in the San Juan oonntry.
Af. aIhttiobr for .Timtonn. Creede. Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
Ban Lois valley.
At Salida with main line for all points
east and west, including Leadville.
At Florence with F. & C. C. R. R. for
the gold camps of Cripple Creek and
it Pnnhlo. flnlnrndo Snrincrs and Den'
ver with all Missouri river lines for all
nninfa Anat.
Thrnncrh nftRRAncrers leavincr Sftnta Fe
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosa, at
which point througn Bieeper win oe re
..FtrAil if rlAairnil.
For ' further information addresB the
T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M
S. K. Hoopeb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
Ieert Land. Final Proof.-Xotlce for
Publication.- No. S4.
rnoi, )
1, N. M
t 11, 1895. )
United States Land Office,
Santa r e,
Notinn in liernhv civen that C. Leon Al
lison, of Santa Fe county, has filed notice
fxt int.ntinn fn miilrA nrnof on his desert-
land claim, No. 349, for the s e i, n w
and lot a, section , tp 11111,11 e, ueiuio
the register or receiver at Santa Fe, N.
M., on Saturday, the 19th day of Ootober,
He names the following witnesses to
prove the complete irrigation and recla
mation of said land: Matthias J. Nagle,
Tiburoio Montoya, Jefferson Hill, Diego
Gonzales, all of Santa Fe, N. M.
James H. Walkeb,
Reduced Kates to Weaver, Colorado.
American Public Health Associa
tion. For the above occasion the "Santa Fe
Rente" will place on sale tiokets to Den
ver and return at a rate of twenty-three
dollars and seventy-five cents, ($23.75.)
Dates of sale Sept. 30, and Oct. 1, 1895.
Good to return Oct. 25.
H. S. Lvtz, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
Geo. T. Nicholson,
G. P. A., Chicago, Ills.
Being satisfied that if jrou have once
used a flat-opening book, you will al
ways use them, and in order to get
you to try one the New Mexican
Printing Co. of Santa Te, will aell you
bound in full leather, with patent
name and the number, or letter, of the
book on the back in gilt letters, at the
following low prices:
5 r. (4M pagea) Cash Book S.SO
r.(4NO ) Journal - - J.OO
7 r. (50 " ) ledger - - 7. SO
They are made with pages 10x16
inches, of a good ledger paper with
rouna cornerea coven. u uwu
are made in our bindery and we guar
antee every one of them.
Architect & Contractor
Close Figurine,
Modern Methods
Skilled Mechanics
Plans and ipeoiOoatious furnishes
on applieatlon. Correspondence so
licited. Santa Fa. N.. M.
We call especial attention to our celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
"We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rale them to order
Of all kinds done withheatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc.
book woirjb:
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
f e are tlie

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