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I don't believe yon, she qnoth,
Yet she her meaning hid
Not from her sighing lover, who
Very well knew she did,
I don't believe yon, she qnoth,
And still he her meaning caaght,
For he was her husband, and folly
Aware that she did not.
The Present (generation
Lives at telegraph speed eats too fast,
retires too late, does not rise betimes,
smokes and (alas, that we Bhonld have to
say it!) chews two mnch tobaooo. The
consequences are dyspepsia, a general
absence of that robnst and manly vigor
which characterized onr ancestors, and a
manifest proneness to early deoBy. Reg
ular hours, a due allowance of time for
meals, the disuse of exoessive smoking,
and altogether of chewing tobaooo, m
connection with a course of Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters, will in nine cases ont of
ten efface ooneeqnences of the abuses of
the laws of health indicated above. A
want of stamina, dyspepsia, nervousness
and biliousness are among these conse
quences, and they are bodily ills to the
removal of whioh the Bitters is specially
adapted. Nor is the Bitters less fitted to
overcome and prevent lever and ague,
hidnev and bladder troubles and rheu
matic ailments. It is also a fine appe
tizer and promoter of convalescence.
Jones has a good deal ot money, hasn't
Well, he ought to have. ,
How is that?
Ue never pays any ontl
"While down in the southwestern part
of the state some time ago," says Mr. W.
Chalmers, editor of theChico (Oal.) Enter
prise, "I had an attack of dysentery. Hav
ing heard of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhcea Remedy I boaght a bottle.
A couple of doses of it completely cured
me. Now I am a champion of that rem
edy for all stomach and bowel com
plaints." For sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
Personally, Gov. MoKinley is worthy
and popular, but in the present attitude
of the people toward him his nomination
in 1896 would be bad politics.
The burden of labor is constantly being
lightened by new inventions, but nothing
new has yet been discovered to brighten
the hours of labor, and make life worth
living like Simmons Liver Regulator
does. It's the king of liver medicines. A
slnggiBh liver depresses one's spirits and
causes languor, besides upsetting the
whole system. But Simmons Liver Regu
lator tones up and strengthens the body.
. Sarah Bernhardt will not wear bloom
ers. In other words, Mme. , Bernhardt
prefers to let a horrible suspicion remain
a suspicion merely.
There is one medicine which every
family should be provided with. We refer
th Chamberlain's Pain Balm. When it is
kept at hand a severe pain of a burn or
scald may be promptly relieved and the
sore healed in muoh less time than when
medicine has to be sent for. A sprain
may be promptly treated before inflam
mation sets in, which insures a cure in
abont one-third the time otherwise re
quired. Cuts and bruises should receive
immediate attention, before the parts be
come swollen, and when Chamberlain s
Pain Balm is applied it will heal them
without matter being formed, and with-
out leaving a scar. A sore throat may
be cured in one night. A piece of flannel
damped with this linament and bound on
over the seat of pain, will cure lame back
or pain in the side or chest in twenty
four hours. It is the most valuable, how
ever, for rheumatism. Persons afflicted
with this disease will be delighted with
the prompt relief from pain which it af
fords, and it can be depended upon to
effect a complete cure. For sale by A. C,
Ireland, jr.
Teacher (to class in philosophy) What
are the properties of heat, Willie f
Willie The properties of heat are to
bake, oook, and roast
Teacher Stoo next. What are the
nrnnnrtiea of heat? -
Johnny The properties of heat is that
it, expands bodies, while cold cotraots
Teaoher Very good. Can yon giveme
nn AYfimnle?
Johnny Yob, Bir. In summer, when it
is very hot, the day is long; in winter,
when it is cold, it crete to be very short.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
Mrs. De Style: Where are your stables?
Mrs. Highupp! We have not room for
stables. We board onr horses; but the
boarding-stables are, very exolusive, very
exolusive, indeed.
precious time and
vatmnm treat"
Further waste
money on drugs,
mania. Ala. Thev
ill Mavn mire
probably tried
you. Yea have
them and know.
and waiting to
man suffering
cure you , and no a
from the following '
Is incnraDie
UtfM.. Kml8lon, Partial
... r..tl Imnoienee, Mralm Ixhaoi
i sat Inn.
MleepleMness, etc. But natures ;
edy mast be scientifically used. lJmS!
I.MIM. vnrauuuwi . ... '
for Its application " 'tms In-
known Dr. Kudea Elects Be . TMs: In
ventlon dm Deen riuuuBiri---if---- --
faction for nearly thirty years, an we refer
sanerers to minaret ui ,
Throw drugs to tb, , dogs, and Join our arm.
Rheumatism. Lame Back,
and Liver uompiainxs, ana
general ill-health.
A nnnVat edition ot Dr. Bawlou oele-
bratodbook -
"Three Classes of Men,"
drill be sent tree, sealed, upon application.
Every man should read it. It is the only foil
and complete guide for self-treatment ever
offend. VrMtosvsrybody. ttom $m It.
The Sanden Electric Co.,
- . m HitiMtti it.. Ssbtst. Ool.
Also Hew York, Cfetoafo Lomlon Eng.
Largest BlsoUo-Uadloal Concern in the Worldl
Mr. J. K. Fowler, secretary and treas
urer of the Corinne Mill, Canal and Stock
Co., of Corinne, Utah, in speaking of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy says: "I
oonsider it the best in the market. . I
have used many kinds but find Chamber
lain's the most prompt and effectual in
giving relief, and now keep no other in
my home." When troubled with a cough
or cold give this remedy a trial and we
assure you that yon will be more than
pleased with the result. For sale by A.
0. Ireland, jr.
Two French officers were standing at
Fort Victrine on the edge of the Sahara
"I'llwagor 50 napoleons, " said one of
them, "that no European ever goes from
here to Fort St. Denis alone and reaches
there allvol"
"Donol" said a quiet voice behind him.
The speakers looked around with a start
and saw that a new personage had sud
denly come upon the scene a small, thin,
swarthy Frenchman in oivilian dress.
"You must not think of it, my donr
sir," cried the young lieutenant, who had
offered the wager.
"Perhaps it may not turn out to be such
a terrible business, after all," said the lit
tle man. "I'm going straight to the colo
nel and ask his permission to make the at
tempt, and I have not the least doubt that
And he did get it, sure enough, though
It was not without a severe twinge of oon
soience that Colonel Lagrange gave his
Rash as he was, however, the bold ad
venturer had a method In his madness,
for the first thing he did was to assume an
Arab dross, knowing that however useless
such a disguise might prove at close quar
ters against the keen eyes of his enemies,
yet if they saw from a distance a solitary
man In native garb they might not think
it worth while to ride after him, as they
would certainly do after a European.
When the hour for starting came, not
merely the old colonel, but every other
offlcor who was not aotually on duty
crowded to the gate of the littlo fortress to
witness the departure of their adventurous
"Can l carry any message lor you to
Fort St. Denis, colonel?" asked the latter,
turning to Colonel Lagrange as coolly as
if he were only setting out for a pionio In
stead of running a risk in whioh the
ohanoes were 90 to 1 of his being killed.
"Woll, sinoe you will go," rejoined the
voteran, laughing in spite of himself, "you
might give this paper to theoommandant,
and I only hope you'll survive to deliver
There is no more grim or dreary spectacle
anon the face of the earth, exoept perhaps
the kindred wastes of central Asia, tnan
the mighty desert that stretches almost
unbroken from the palm groves of Egypt
to the waves of the Atlantic
All at onoe, in the very midst of the hot,
brassy glare which makes all earth and
sky seem on fire together, the palmy crests
of a long line of graceful palms are seen
standing like sentinels along the edge of a
clear, still, shining lake. But it is only
that fatal mirage of the desert, wnion
mocks the weary eye of the lost wanderer,
only to add a keener agony to the bitter
ness of his despair.
To the brave Frenohman, however, this
visionary splendor and this weird, ever
lasting desolation were alike nacKneyea
speotaoles, and forward he went without
evon troubling himsolf to look at them.
Ten miles of the 20 had already been ac
complished, then 13, 14, IB. He had now
achieved three-fourths of his perilous jour
ney, and at length, mounting the crest of
one of the long, wavelike sand ridges, he
desoried far in the distance the low white
walls of Fort St. Denis, with its gay tri-
color flag of France waving jauntily above
But at the same moment he oaught sight
of something else whioh was by no means
so satisfactory a distant group of white
mantles and glittering spear points ana
Arab horses coming straight down upon
The fact was that the Frenoh had so of
ten employed native messengers that every
man, even if he looked like an Arab, was
now an object of suspicion to those desert
But when they neared our hero and saw
that he quietly continued on his waywltfr
out taking any notice of them whatever
they began to think that they must be
wrong in suspecting him, naturally sup
posing that his showing so little fear of
them was a proof that be oouia nave no
reason to be afraid.
As the six wild horsemen closed around
him. brandishing their guns and spears,
but still in doubt whether to attack him
or not. the disguised Frenchman drew him
self up defiantly, indulged In a series of
those exolted gesticulations which are char
acterlstio of Mohammedan pilgrims and
thon called out to them fiercely in Ammo
"Besrone, transgressors of the law I
true believer hath no fellowship with the
sinners who violate the sacred commands
of the prophet."
"What mean you?" asked tho nearest
horseman in a tone of amazement, which
was oertainly not without reason.
"What call you this?" rotorted tho no
cusor with stern emphasis. And quick as
thought he drow forth from beneath the
Arab's white mantle an undeniable pork
. A yell of mingled horror and indigna
tion burst from his comrades as tne "un-
olean flesh" came to light, and their holy
anser broke forth anew when the reprov-
lng stranger produced a small flask of
wine from the pouch of another of the
band. V
This was more than flesh and blood could
bear. One of the zealous Moslems dealt
heavy blow to the wrotch who thus defied
the preoepts of the holy Koran, whoroupon
the fierce Arab leveled his gun and shot
him dead on the spot, bolng himself in
stantly shot dead in turn by the slain
man s brother.
Meanwhile the supposed sausage eater,
being coarsely reviled by two of his com
rades, drew his sword and mortally wound'
ed both. The next moment he went down
before the sixth man's stroke, but in fall
ing he avenged himself with a pistol shot,
and a scouting party from St. , Denis,
drawn to the spot by the firing, found all
the six Arabs dead or dying and the mys
terious traveler looking on with the quiet
satisfaction ot one watching the success of
a great scientific experiment.
' "And who are you?" asked the officer In
command wonderingly when the stranger
bad told his story.
"I am a conjuror by trado, and my name
is Robert Hondln." And that name ex
plained everything. Exchange.
Now Women Aided by an Earthquake.
It is not everywhere that the "new wo
man" gets an earthquake to assist her In
securing her rights. In a certain village
of Calabria the women used all to be kept
very muoh Indoors and not permitted to
take their walks abroad as they wished.
But the other day a aeismio disturbance
destroyed all the nouses in tnesaia village,
and the inhabitants were reduced to tak
ing shelter In temporarily constructed
huts. Naturally the Calahrlan ladles were
able to enjoy more liberty under the con
ditions ot life brought about by the oatai
tronhe. and they have determined solemn'
lv that, havlna once tasted the tweets of
freedom, thoy will never consent to be
cooped up again. They owe a great deal
to that earthquake Chicago Tlnies-Her
A Terrible Ordeal. nfr
Doctor The best thing yon can take
is a tumbler of hot water before break
fast and another just before going to
Mr. Toper Can I put anything in it?
Doctor No. It must be pure.
Mr. Toper Bnt I can't swallow wa
ter neat.
Doctor Never mind. I'll come to
yon twioe a day and chloroform you be
fore you take the dose. Then you will
know nothing about it. Judy.
Hla First Experiment.
'How did yon make such a mess of
your face, Moike?"
"Oi cannot tell a loie, Oi did it w'a
me little hatchet. "Truth.
A "Bicycle Face."
Brooklyn Life.
Didn't Understand the Button.
Hotel Clerk What on earth are you
doing with that eleotrio bell? You've
been ringing it ten minutes.
Farmer Grimes I hev, eat Why,
can't ye see for yerself that the handle's
broke off the danged thing and I am
tryin ter git a grip on it with my twee
zers? Texas Sittings.
"So your papa is willing to trust me
with yon, is hef"
"Yes. He seemed sure you'd fetch
me back to him. " Life.
Not Where She Wanted It.
Mrs. Fly nn Can yea tell me where
I'll get the Columbus avenoo car, offi
cer? "' " ':
Officer Burke Faith, ma'am, ye'll
get it in tho neck if ye don't get off th
thrackl Troth.
Daily, English Weekly and Bpanun
Weekly editions, will be found on
sale at the following new depots,
where . subscriptions may also be
A. 0. Teichman, Oerrilios.
S. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City.
J, B. Hodgen, Doming.
0. 0. Miller, Hillsborough.
B. Dailey, East las Vegaa. ;
L. K. Allen, Las Vegas.
San Felipe, Albuquerque
Jacob Weltmer, City.
Fletcher fc Arnold, Bland, N.M. .
Why is one woman
sttractive and an
other not? It isn't
entirely a question
of age or features
or intellect. The
most admirable and
attractive thing
about an attractive
woman is her wo
manliness. Every
body admires a
womanly woman.
Everybody doesn't
realize just what it
is that makes her
womanly. She must
have health, of
course, because
without it she would lose the brightness of
her eyes, the fullness ot ner cneeKS ana ner
vivacity. Health brings all these things
but health means more than most people
think of. Real health must mean that a
woman is really a woman. That she is
strong and perfect in a sezuai way, as weu
as in every other. That she is capable of
performing perfectly the duties of matern
ity. Upon her strength in this way depends
to a large extent her general health, her
good looks and her attractiveness. Some
women are born stronger than others.
Some are born with what is cauea con
stitutional weakness." It is easier for some
women to retain health and strength than
it is for others. Some seem able to do any
thing they like, whenever they like, with
out serious results. Still, there is no rea
son why women should not enjoy perfect
health. Those who do not, need only take
the proper precautions and the proper rem
edy to become perfectly well and strong.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription will cure
any derangement of the distinctly feminine
organism. It is absolutely certain. Ther.e
are some who have neglected themselves
so long that a complete cure is next to im
possible, but even these will find comfort
and improved health in the use of the " Fa
vorite Prescription." It haa cured hundreds
of women who have received no relief what
ever from years of treatment with good
physicians. It is absolutely unique in the
history of medicine. Such a remedy can
be discovered only once. There is nothing
in the world like it, nor has there ever been.
Hundreds of things that every woman ought
to know, are contained in Dr. Pierce's Med
ical Adviser, which will be sent absolutely
free on receipt of at one-cent stamps to
cover cost of mailing only. World's Dis-
oensarv Medical Association. Bunaio, w. x.
He dropped me for a girl with more
Yes, but that's no sign tie doesn't love
It looks as if the Tillman family ought
to canons before it undertakes to appear
in public
The Wabash Railroad.
Commencing Sunday, September 8,
Wabash trains 4 and 5, between St. Louis
and Kansas City, will have the follow
ing Bleeping equipments:
Mo. 4, Kansas uity to at. bonis, win
have one oompartment sleeper to St.
Louis, and the Denver-St. Louis through
No S, St. Louis to Kansas city, win
have one oompartment sleeper to Kansas
City and the Cincinnati-Kansas city
through sleeper.
The Denver-St. Louis Bleepeer, west
bound, is carried on Wabash train No. 1,
leaving St. Louis at 12:01 p. m. midnight,
arriving in Denver at 7:25 o'olock on the
seoond morning.
The KanBas Ulty-Uinclnnati through
eeper, east bound, rnns on Wabash
train 6, leaving Kansas City at 6:20 p. m
arriving at St. Louis at 2:80 a. m. thence
via B. & C. 8. W. tram No. 4, arriving
Cincinnati 11:30 a. m.
O. S. Chans, 0. M. Hampson,
G. P. &T. A, Commercial Agent,
St. Louis, Mo. 1025 17th St.,
v. Denver, Colo
k 1,000 MILES
Is what the sv.
R. G.&S.and D.&.R.G. R. R.
propose to' do for persons desiring to at
tend the carnival at Denver, Ootober 16
and 17. Full partioulare will be published
later. -
tijmhe taetj E.
In effect August 4, 1895.
Bead down
2 4
10:20 p 8:20 a
11 :35p 9:30 a
2:4S al2:lft a
6:40 a 4:10 p
7:05 a 4:35 p
8:25 a 65 p
10:55 a 8:45 p
11:05 a 95 p
2:35 p 1:40 a
5,15 p 6:15 a
8:55 p 6:43 a
Read up
8 f
8:35 d 7:40
Lv... Santa Fe...Ar
Ar Lamv.. ..Lv
Lv Lamy ....Ar
Ar..Laa Vsas...Lv
Ar..,. Raton ....Lv
Lv... .Raton Ar
11:59 a 3:10 p
ii :ro a s:cwp
10:15 a 1:20 p
Trinidad . .
Ar..Ls Junta. ..Lv
Lv..Ls Junta... Ar
Pueblo.... Lv
.. .Colo Sprlngs.Lv
Ar.... Denver.... Lv
8:50 a 6:50 a
4:45 a 4:45 a
2:59 a 2:59 a
10:20 pl0:20p
Ar.. Salt Lake.. .Lv
i:4Up C4Up
8:35 p 8:35 p
6:50 a 9:35 a
8:58 p 9:34 p
8:50 p
1:50 p 20 p
1:25 p 1:25 p
5:80 a
Ar Oarden ....Lv
llilS a 9:10p
11:33 p 9:07 a
U .ftfl .
Lv..Ls Junta... Ar
Ar.. .St Louis,
Ar. . .Tnneka. .
4:50a 2:20 p
7:00 a 4:55 p!
7:30 a 6:30 p
3Kp 1:00 a
ti . ft si .na I
Ar. Kansas Cltv.Lv
Lv. Kansas City.Ar
. Fort Madison. 1
Streator.... .Li
12:55 a ......
,10:00 pl0:00p
10:30 p 8:30a
Ar... Chicago. ..Lv
Dearborn it. Stat'nl
Read down
1 8
Read up
i a
10:20 p 5:20 p
11:10 p 6:10 p
f.v... Santa Fo...Ar
Ar Lamy
9:40 all :wp
9:05 all :25 p
7:00a 9:21 p
8:30a 8:45 p
8:25 p
t. 6:00p
2:85 p
9:55 a
...... 1:15 p
11:45 a
11 :au p 7 w p
12:07 a 7:36 p
1:25a 8:46 p
25 a 9:20 p
2:45 a
5:30 a
8:25 a
9:00 a
11:10 a.......
3:15 p
11:15 a
11:45 a
2K)5a 9:20p
Lv .amy
LoaCerrilloa ...
AriAlbuquera's. Lv
T A IknnnMn'. A
....San Maroial....
Kinoon. ......
Ar.. ..Deming-.. .Lv
Ar.. Silver City..Lv
...... ni ru. .....
Ar.Albuquerq'0. Lv
8:30a 8:40 p
9:50a 8:35a
5:40 plO :45 a
8:40p 1:35 p
10:35 a 60 p
4:10a 8:30 p
2:20 p 4:15o
8:20p 7:00a
6 StOp 9 :50 a
9:W)pl2:45 p
9:40 p 15 p
L.V.&louqunrq .r
6:10 a 8:11 D
uauup. ......
Ar. .. Phoenix. ..Lv
....The Need ea....
...... Ilaretow
U.n llAI,lt.ll,m.
12:35 a 2:20 p
5:40 p i-.mu
2:55 p 4:30 a
9:55 a 4:00 p
8 :25 a 6 :45 a
7:50a 8:50 p
12:10 a 10 p
7:40p s:zsa
50p 70 a
235 P
1:40 p
100 a
, 5:80 p
Ar.Los Aneeles.Lv
Ar..San Diego. .Li
Ar .National Cl'yLv
10:45 a.
nojmvo. ......
Ar Sn FranolsooLv
H. 8. LTJTZ, Agent, Santa Fe.
O. T. NICHOLSON, O. P. A., Chicago
Denver & Rio Grande Railroads.
Time Table No. 36.
Effective Sept. 1, 1895.
No. 476. milpis No. 475.
Srnnam Lv. Santo Fe.Ar 0:40 Dm
10:55oin Ar.Espanola. Lv.. 40.. 8:15pm
12:35 am Ar.Kmbiulo.Lv... 59.. 2:25 pm
1:25 pm A r .Barranca. L.V.. bb. . l:&pm
3:00 p m....Ar,Tres Pledras.Lv 97.. 11:47 a m
5 m n m Ar . Antonito. Lv.. . 131 . . 9 :55 a m
6:85 1) m Ar. Alamosa. Lv ..160.. 8:40 a m
10:30 p m Ar.Salida.Lv....246.. 4:45 a m
l:al a in. ...... Ar.ioreiioe.i.v..;ui.. i:4( a m
2:40am Ar. Pueblo. Lv.. .843. .12: 25 am
4:12 a in Ar. Colo Spgs.Lv.3S7.. 10:50 p m
7:15 am Ar. Denver. Lv...46S.. 7:45 p m
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Dnrango, Suverton
and nil points in the San Juan country.
At Alamosa for Jimtown, ureeue, uei
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
San Lais valley.
At Salida with main line for ail points
east and west, including Leadviile.
At Florence with a V. V. K. K. lor
the gold oamps of Cripple Creek and
At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river lines for all
points east.
Xbrougn passengers leaving oaniace
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosn, at
which point through sleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
T. J. Helm, uenerai Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
S. K. Hoopeb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
Itcsert Land, Final Proof. aiotlce for
Publication.-Jio. 840.
e, N. M., !
ir 11, 1895. )
United States Land Office,
Santa Fe,
Notice is hereby given that C. Leou Al
lison, of Santa Fe connty, has filed notice
of intention to make proof on his desert
land claim. No. 849, for the s e M, n w
and lot 3. section 3, tp 16 n, r 9 e, before
the register or reoeiver at Santa Fe, N
M., on Saturday, the 19th day of October,
He names the following witnesses to
prove the oomplete irrigation and recla
mation of said land: Matthias J. Nagle.
Tiburcio Montoya, Jefferson Hill, Diego
Gonzales, all of Santa Fe, N. M.
James H. Walked,
- Is not complete
without an ideal
U powder, v
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
delicate and desirable protection
to the face in this climate. x
Iniiit spen hiving thi gnmlae.
Architect & Contractor
Close Fifrnrinr,
Modern Methods,
Skillod Mechanics
' Plans and ipeoirtontions furnishes
on appllostion. Correspondence io
Itnitnd. Sania fe, H. M.
We call especial attention to onr celebrated
Frey's patent flat
We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
jtoib work:
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc,
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank,including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
opening blank book
We are the

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