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NO. 19G.
A sign like that strikes borne. Every
one's interested in home matters, and un
questionably hardware is one of the lead
ing home topics. Those who have par
chased hardware from us know that oar
goods are not equaled in Santa Fe. The
proof of hardware is in the use. That
test has shown our goods to be Al. There
is no appealing from the verdict of exper
ience. Yon can't go behind the returns of
our customers, and they have returned
our goods the best in use. If you doubt
it, ask them. We will abide by the ans
wer. W. H. COEBEL,
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
6. M
I ami FntT llfflii'i
Profound Sensation Caused in Madrid
by Alleged Demand of (lie
United States.
Report Neither Confirmed Nor Denied
at Washington Meanwhile Insur
gents Are Using Dynamite
Destruction of Railroad
Trains and Bridges.
time passed. It is evidently Judge
Dame's purpose to prevent the fight if
he can, but, notwithstanding his action,
preparations go on and there is no Uoubt
bat that the fight will take place on Oc
tober 31.
. A Claar collapse.
Chicago. Oot,ll. The Koper fe Baiter
Cigar oompany failed today. E. J. Touse
is the assignee. Liabilities $100,000. The
assets exceed that amount by about $25,
000. - .
Destruction Wrought to Pacific Ports
. of Mexico and on Gulf of
BOSS Patent Flour.
Club House Canned Goods.
Hesaton Creamery Butter.
'Phone 53
Careful attention given to special order for oakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
examine our stock and gee our low prioee. .
Hay, -Grain, Fruit and Lumber.
Great Bend Pat Imperial Flour.
The Elgin Creamery Butter.
Fresh Ranch Eggs.
Monarch Canned Goods.
Teas, Coffees & Spices first quality
Colorado New Potatoes.
Fresh Poultry & Oysters received
every Friday. '
Corner Bridge & Water Sts.
Oldest and Largest Establishment in Southwest.
Wholesale Dealer in Groceries, Liquors,
Tobacco, Cigars, Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes and Hardware.
Santa Fo
Now Mexico
Madrid, Oct. 11. It is reported1 oc the
best authority that the Ameircan gov
eminent has notified the Spanish minis
ter at Washington that it is necessary for
opain to act promptly in orusbing the
unban insurrection. The news has
caused a profound sensation here.
Washington. The statement oabled
from Madrid to-day to the effect that the
united States government has intimated
to the8panish minister here that there is
need of prompt aotion on the part of his
government in putting down the Cuban
insnrreotion oan not be confirmed at the
state department. The offioials would
neitner confirm nor deny the report,
tnougn tneir manner mdioated disap-
1 provai or us aocuraoy.
It is believed to be quite probable that
representations nave been made to Spain
of the wisdom of aggressive and aotive
operations against the Cuban insurgents
oy minister ueiome, based on bis per-
buubi views or tne situation and bis
knowledge of the purposes of the friends
or tne insurgents to press their oase vig
orously soon after the assembling of
Havana. Farther news from La
Resbalosa, near whioh place a mixed
train of passenger and freight oars was
attacked by the insurgents, who threw
dynamite shells between the oars, show
that two passengers lost their legs and
The leg of another has been amputated
ana mree otners are in danger of death.
1 wo wounded passengers have already
The insurgents have partially destroyed
with dynamite the iron railway bridges
at Camajudani and Tuinicu, in the
provinoe of Santa Clara.
New York, Oct. 11. Money on call
nominally 2 per cent; prime mercantile
paper, 4&7. Silver, 68; lead, $3.15.
Kansas uny. cattle receipts, 9,000;
shipments, 8,700. Market strong to steady;
Texas steers, $1.8S $2.10; beef steers,
$2.40 $5.20; Blockers and feeders, $2.25
$3.70; bulls, $1.60 $8.00; Texas oowe,
$1.60 $2.60; native cows, $1.26 $3.20.
Sheep reotipts, 3,200; shipments, 700;
market, steady to strong; iambs, $3.00
$4 30; muttons, $2.60 $3.25.
Chioago. Cattle, receipts, 3,500, in
cluding 600 Texans and 1,000 westerns.
Market to-day, for best grades, strong;
Beeves, $3.40 $5.50; oows and heifers,
$1.40 $3.70; Texas steers, $2.86 $3.60;
westerns, $3.10 $4.40; Blockers and
feeders, $280 $3.90. Sheep receipts,
8,000; market, 6teady to strong.
Chioago. Wheat, October, 69 m 60;
December, 60 62. Corn, October.
28; November, 28. Oats, October,
17; November, 17.
Discussed Annexation.
Chioago, Oct. 11. "Shall the United
States Annex Cuba?" This was the real
question earnestly disonssed at the Quar
terly meeting and dinner of the Union
League club, under the formally an
nounced subjeot, "Shall the policy of the
United States be to Extend its Do
minion f"
The selected speakers were Azel F.
Hatch, in the affirmative; Congressman
D. Cooke, in the negative; Harry Reubens.
in the affirmative, and William E. Mason,
in the negative.
The diBoussion took a wide range, and
the desirability of absorbing Canada,
Mexico and Hawaii was disonssed. But
the matter dwelt on most earnestly was
the annexation of Cuba, whioh was learn
edly handled by some of the speakers.
Mr. uaton was in favor or extension in
order that the market might be enlarged.
If Hawaii wanted to raise the flag this
country ought to take advantage of it.
The Nicaragnan canal should be aided
and the United States shonld beoome the
envy of the world.
Mr. Cooke, on the other hand, spoke of
the "Lust for Territorial gain," and oalled
it a "colossal crime." Social and political
reform, he thought, should engage the at
tention of the Americans. He took up
Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and Cuba, and
to the question, "Shall they be annexed f"
he returned an emphatio "No." They
should be aided in maintaining inde
pendent republican governments, he said,
but not annexed.
. The meeting was largely attended by
representative citizens.
.;. Held for JHnrder.
Denver, Oct. 11. Caroline Ann Oaf
feron, wife of Phillip E. Cafferon, who was
murdered at his home on April 8,' last,
was arrested yesterday by the authorities
of Butler, Pa., on the charge of murder.
She is held at Bntler pending the arrival
from Denver of an officer i empowered to
brin gher baok.
ttllpla Kingdom Deal.
Denver, Oot. 11. Dennis Sullivan, T.
Q. Burke, Senator H. O. Bolsinger and
some eastern capitalists have incorporat
ed the Vendome Mining oompany and
bought all the properties of the Herbert
Mining oompany and Shafts mine in
Oilpin oounty. Theprioe paid is $460,
000. The Herbert mine has been a great
prodnoer. There are about forty aorea com
prised in the property purohased iu which
are over ten miles of underground work
fabricated Heport that the President
Had Been Aasatwinated Cir
culated Last Mailt.
Buzzarad Bay. Mass., Oct. 11. There
is absolutely no truth in the report, cir
culated late last night, that President
Cleveland had been assassinated. The
president will leave Gray Gables to-morrow
for Waahington, but Mrs. Cleveland
and the children will probably remain a
few days longer. The president, in oom
pany with secretary Thurber, went out to
the fishing grounds about 9 o'clock to
Chicago. The following statement has
been sent out by the Western Union
tickers in the oity of Chicago:
"umcago, uct u. The statement, sent
out over the Western Union Telegraph
company's tickers, this morning, to the
effect that the Associated Press had start
ed the rumor of President Cleveland' as
sassination proves to have been an im
pious falsehood. The Associated Press
has at no time either started such t
rumor or given it currency. The allega
tion that it had done bo was furnished to
the Stook Quotation oomoanv bv the
United Press in New York. It should
never have been sent out over the ticker
wires and the oompany sincerely regrets
hb transmission."
The original copy of the libel as far
nished by the United Press to the West
ern Union oompany has been turned over
to tne Mew York office of the Associated
Press. f
Back to the Old Home.
Canton, Ohio, Oot. 11. When Governor
McKinley becomes a private oitizen again
next January he will return to Canton
and will occupy the little house which he
and Mrs. McKinley occupied immediately
after their marriage. The house has been
sold since, but the governor has rented it.
and when the couple again take np their
residence in Canton, after an absence of
fifteen years, they will settle in the old
nest, where they will oelebrate their
twenty-ninth wedding anniversary early
in the year. This is,! Mrs. McEiuley's
. r- -
Ruin Caused by the Winds Completed
by the Angry Waters American
Colonists Suffer Sugar Plan
tations and Sugar Mills
Resolutions Adopted In Illinois Ap
proving- the Kalltray Brother
hoods and Indnrelnaj Mov.
at AHseld.
Peoria, 111., Oot. 11. At a meeting of
the Illinois. Federation of Labor to-day,
after a stormy debate, lasting two hours,
the following was adopted:
Whereas, Eugene V. Debs has stated
that the railway brotherhoods have been
repudiated by organized labor;
Kesolved, That the Illinois Federation
ot moor denies Buon assertion and ex
tends to the railway brotherhoods its ap
proval ana assurance of oontinned es
A resolution was adopted unanimously
heartily indorsing Gov. Altgeld and his
Jadge JDoffle Will Exert All HU
. Fewer te Prevent the Palling Off
. of the Proposed right at
Hot Springs.
Hot Springs, Ari;., Oot. 11. The state
ment sent ont from here last night, that
Judge Dqffie had lnstrnoted the sheriff to
do everything in his power, as an officer
of the law, to prevent the contemplated
Bght here between Oorbett and Fltstlm
mon, is entirely (rue. He advised the
sheriff fully as to his duty and said that
be would give him farther information as
Dropped Head in Chicago.
Chioago, Oot. 11. Cyrus C. Cook, a
prominent Republican politician of Ed-
wardsville, III., dropped dead at the Great
northern hotel to-day, whore be was at
tending a meeting of the Illinois Repub
licans. Judge Cook was the Republican
candidate for congress in the 18th dis
trict to sucoeed the late Congressman Ke
mann. A Bad Hag's End.
Chicago, Oct. 11. Harry Lyons was
hanged to-day for the murder, on the
night of February 1, of Alfred Mason, a
soenio artist. Lyons attempted to rob
Mason on the street and fractured his
victim's Bkull with the butt of a revolver.
Lyons was about 85 years old and had a
bad police record. He was nervy to the
A Sugar Trust Rebate.
New York, Oot. 11. The negotiations
between the wholesale groeers in the west
looking toward the abatement of outting
refined sugar prioes have resulted in a
request that the American Sugar Refin
ing company put into effect in western
oities ths same selling plan now in effect
this aids of Chioago. This means that
upon the declaration by a wholesale
grooer that he has maintained tbs list
priees, he is allowed a rebate of.. 3-16
eents per pound. This 8-16 eents is not
taken off the bill of goods as is ths New
York custom, but will be paid to the
grooers at stated regular intervals.
The Wool Market. .
Boston, Oot. 11. The Amerioan Wool
and Cotton Reporter says of the wool
trade: There has been a good demand
for wool the past week and the market
shows oontinned strength and a firm tone.
Medium and coarse wools evidenced an
improving demand. Fine wools continue
aotive. Prioes are practioally nnehanged
and users are meeting dealers readily at
existing prioes.
The Boston market has rnled aotive,
fine to coarse and medium wools selling
in good lots. The recent and put enor
mous sales of Australian have greatly re
duced the supply of most kinds of that
wool in this market, but a fairly aotive
business was done here during the first
half of the period under review. It looks
as though ths high prioe of Australian
eroas breeds had turned theourrent in the
direction of domestlo medium wools, and
similarly as if the ourrent rates for all
kinds of Australian had drawn increased
attention to the territorial wools, of which
large sales have been made.
Well Known Writer Dying. .
Chicago, Oot. 11. Mrs. Clara Dot
Bates, well known as a writer of high
olass literature for juvenile readers, is ill
beyond reoovery and her death is expeot
ed momentarily.
Pittsburg. Jas. J, Cook, ex-chief of
the U. 6. secret service department, bnt
of late years in charge of a looal deteo
tive agency, died this morning of heart
Guaymas, Mexico, Oot. 11. Advices are
slowly reaching this port from the Paoifio
ports of Mexico, and the portB on the west
side of the Golf of California, conveying
the intelligence that the tidal wave, which
swept northward during the four days,
September 30 and Ootober 1, 2 and 3,
oaused great damage to property and
shipping and that a number of lives had
been lost.
The telegraph wires were prostrated
and information somes by degrees, as
people arrive from below. The hurricane
crossed the Isthmus of Tehuantepeo and
swept up the ooast into the Gnlf of Cali
fornia. It was accompanied by a delnge
which oompleted the ruin the wind had
At Topoiombampo, all the houses of
the American colony were greatly dam
aged and the custom house was badly
The Ahomy river, north of Topoiom
bampo, overflowed and destroyed the
sugar plantations and sngar mills thirty
miles away from the channel of the
The damage to the sugar interests in
the states of Sonora and Sinaloa is esti
m a ted -at several millions of dollars.
Several coasting steamers are overdue
at Guaymas and apprehension is felt for
their safety.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Absolutely pure
Advices from Hawaii show that there
have been sixty-five deaths from cholera
in Hawaii np to September 26.
Fred Enodie, an election judge, under
indictment for frauds committed in last
fall's eleotion, committed suicide with
morphine at Kansas City.
At Hartford, Conn., yesterday P. J.
Earle, a professional bicyclist, made a
new world's reoord for a mile, flying start,
oovering the distance in 1:46 1-5.
There is actually a famine in New York.
The stook exohange is worried over it,
but press dispatches admit that the at
tending rise in silver prices will poll the
western railroads out of the slough of
Queen Supposed to Be Head.
Yokohama, Oct. 11. Count Kouromo,
editor of the political bureau, 'has1 for
warded from Seoul, the capital of Corea,
a report upon the recent uprising there.
It is now supposed that the queen of
Corea was killed by the anti-reformers,
who were headed by Tai Bon Kin, the
king's father who forced an entrance into
the palace at the head of an armed force.
Bank Failure In Omaha,
Omaha, Oot. 11. The Citizen's State
bank, of Omaha, failed to open this morn
ing. It is capitalized at only $50,000.
The Freight War.
St. Louis, Oct. 11. Ac addition!1! fea
ture of the western freight war came out
yesterday when the Wabash announoed a
cut of 33 cents on the fifth olass and let
ters A, B, C, D and E, from St. Louis to
Colorado common points. The other
competing roads immediately met the
A Domestic Horror.
Griffin, Go., Oct. 11. News has just
reached this city of a tragedy that oo-
ourred in Pike county, near Milner, on
Monday, in which eight or nine children
lost their lives by poison administered by
their father. Tom Speer, taking advan
tage of his wife's absence, and prompted
by jealousy, administered the fatal drug
to his children. It was "rough on rats,"
and the fiend is now behind the bars.
Arranging for the Protection of mis
sionaries in Turkey Congreu
slonal Contests.
Washington, Oot. 11. By request of
Minister Terril for the protection of the
amerioan missionaries in Turkey, and at
the instance of the stats department, the
navy department has ordered the Marble
head to the gulf of Iskenderoon.
Not one of the eontests filed against the
new members of the house of representa
tives is complete. All the contestants in
the thirty oases are Republicans, - save
Goodrich, who is contesting Cobb's Beat
in the 6th Alabama, and Campbell, who
is contesting Miner's seat. . Goodrich is a
Populist who had the Hepnblican indorse
ment, and Campbell ran as an independ
Demooratio oandidats.
The general opinion is that the oases
of those contestants who are seated by
the next house will have to be very merit
orious as ths Republican majority is
overwhelming and there is no political
emergency whioh would tend to make the
members look on ths oontests with any
thing but an impartial eye to their jua
tioe. The Land Court.
In the U. S. court of private land
claims yesterday, on application of Mr.
Frank Springer, the Dona Ana Bend col
ony grant case was passed for this term.
Judge S. B. Newoomb is one of the attor
neys. He writes from Las Cruoes that he
has suffered a slight stroke of apoplexy
and is confined to his bed, henoe this re
quest to postpone the oase.
The Coyamunge grant was submitted
to the court to-day by Lawyer John H.
Knaebel. The San Clements grant oase
was oalled and passed, no one appearing
for olaimant, Col. J, Frank Chavez.
Kedneed Hates to City of Mexico
Meeting Congreso Amerlranlsta.
For the above occasion the "Santa Fe
Route" will place on sale tiokets to the
City of Mexico and return at one fare,
($58.75) for the round trip, dates of sale
Ootober 7 to 10, inclusive, continuous
passsge in both directions, final limit for
return thirty days from date of sale.
H. H. Lots, Agent,
Oko. T. Nicholson, Santa Fe. N. M.
G. P. A., Chicago, ll.
Chicken raising is becoming quite an
industry in and around rlaton.
Fred Harvey has charge of the new
dining oars on the Santa Fe system
There will be more new residences built
n Raton within the next twelve months
than in any former year of the town's ex
istence, says the Mange.
Owing to the recent heavy rains, grass
will be plentiful for stook during the
winter all over the territory.
H. S. Church has gone from Eddy
White Oaks to take charge of the office re
cently established their by Eddy
Robert P. Thompson, an industrious
stockmnn on the Mimbres, has reoeived
his commission as sheep inspector for
Grant county.
It is probable that the merchants of Al
buquerque will soon arrive at an agree
ment whereby all will close their planes
of business at 7 p. m.
yuan bunting has begun and every
lover of the gun is now happy. (Juail
are said to be plentiful this season and so
are hunters. Eddy Independent.
Ths Westover boys put up this year for
J. P. White, 327 tons of alfalfa, which is
only a small part of the immense amount
he intends feeding to steers this winter,
Roswell Irrigator.
Dr. Bowyer is trying the sernm treat
ment, discovered by Dr. Paquin, of at,
Louis, upon ene of the consumptive vis
ltors in Las Cruoes. Both patient and
physician are thus far satisfied with the
John R. Shannon, son of Mrs. Alice
Shannon and a clerk in the local freight
office of the Santa Fe railroad, and Miss
Grace Maud McDonald, of Denver, were
united in marriage at Albuquerque, on
Monday evening.
I. S. Osborne is having his place at
Hagerman, which adjoins the townsite on
the north, fenced. It comprises 200 nores
of fine land, whioh was sown to alfalfa
this year in order to get the land in good
condition for an orchard.
Word is reoeived from Los Lunas to
the effect that Solomon Luna finished
shearing 32,000 sheep there the other day
and that it took fifty-two men qnite a
time to complete the job. Eleven thons
and lambs out of the flocks were Bold to
eastern buyers.
New Mexico is gradually but snrely be
coming self-supporting. There will be
leas Hour, grain, hay, fruit, butter and
eggs shipped into this territory in 1896
than has been received formerly in one
month. Raton Range.
The little 3-year-old child of Carlos
Sais, who lives above Carbonier's mill,
was accidentally drowned Monday by
tailing into a well. The child was play
ing in the yard and getting too near the
curb fell into the ynwning depths and be
fore its mother, who saw it fall, could
rescue it, life was extinot, Las Cruces
Four earthquake shocks occurred at
Sabinal, N. M., down the country, on Fri
day night, the first at 7:11 o'clock in the
evening and the last at 7:1! o'clock in the
morning, just twelve hours apart to the
minute. The second and third occurred
at 10:25 o'olock in the evening and at 3:15
o'clock in the morning, respectively,
M. W. Neff has the contract for supply
ing wood to the Confidence mill at Gra
ham. He is now engaged in building a
chute 1,200 feet long down the mountain
side leading to the mill, through which
the wood will be run to the mill, thus
saving a great deal of hauling. The chute
will be ready for use in a few days. Sil
ver City Sentinel.
There was a lively soramble in the
oounty commissioners' room in the court
house this morning over the disposition
of about $137, the amount yet due N. Se
gura for services as oounty assessor, and
against whioh amount Charles Ilfeld pre
sented a note for $309; Robt. L. M. Ross,
an aoconnt for $200; Mrs.Sallie Douglass,
$200; Major Arthur Morrison, $150, and
the Browne k Manzanares Co., $220.19
in all $1,076.19. Las Vegas Optic.
M- R. Lovell, R. L. Lovell and J. P. An
derson, deputy U. S. marshals, came down
from Denver, Colo., last evening, having
in custody and placing behind the bars
here George H. Edwards. Qearaa W. w,i,
and Thomas Rivera, who are charged with
breaking into the postoffioe at Blossburg,
Colfax oounty, on September 11. There
was also in the party a woman by the
name of Lonisa Voss, who turned tntn
evidence, and will be held as an import
ant witness against the accaisv d. Lm v.
gas Optic.
Of your life to visit the great oity of
Santa Fe to Denver and return via
E. G. & S. and D. & It. G. R. 11.
Tickets on sale Ootober 11 to 1G. Good
to return until October 20.
For Male
One of the best lots on Gold avnnnp.
popular business street of AlbnniiRrnn
N. M., cheap. Address, box 191, Albu
querque, N. M.
Tinware, Hardware, Stoves.
have a full line of Picture From a
and Mouldings and in fict everything
in the household line. I will furninh
you from the parlor to the kitchen on
easy payments and bedrock prices. I
carry the largest stock in the city. I
repair all kinds of furniture, sewing
machines and musical instmimnntn.
Remake matresses and all kinds of
We lead
Others follow.
... rl - .,
! ?PUL ft it "FORKS IKf
Comfort and style aro the twin features
of footwear. They're always found in
our shoes, and this fact makes our goods
onderfully popular in Santa Fe. There's
form in what we show, and it is the cor
rect form every time. That's why people
form such a high idea of our shoes.
Academy &
13 1 A ...!.t . ..... . . . .
i-iimra anu uuuoi, r monin.wanp.ipw: 1 union or day scholar!,
to per month, according to grade. Miuio, instrumental and
vocal, painting- in oil and water colon, on china, etc., form extra
w iiruqwiui or lurmer inronnauou, apply to
tlother Francisca Lamy, Superior.

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