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NO. 197.
A sign like that strikes borne. Every
one's interested in home matters, and un
questionably hardware is one of the lead
ing home topics. Those who have pur
chased hardware from us know that onr
goods are not equaled in Santa Fe. The
proof of hardware is in the nse. That
test has shown onr goods to be Al. There
is no appealing from the verdict of exper
ience. Yon can't go behind the returns of
onr onstomers, and they have returned
onr goods the best in nse. If yon donbt
it, ask them. We will abide by the ans
wer. W. H. COEDEL,
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
Kitchen, utensils
Tbe Governor of Arkansas Has Joined
in the Movement to Prevent
the Fiffht.
A Little Chilly.
Middletown, N. Y., Oct. 12. Ice formed
in this city an eighth of an inch thick
last night. T' -ire was a slight flurry of
Staple il Fij Gtstiri
Whether the Efforts of the Minority
Will Win Remains to Be Seen
Law on the Subject in ArkansasGovernor's
The Trade of .Hex leu.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 12. The board
1 ..iiiue has appointed a committee to
j a.. ct an agent to travel in Mexioo and
"ippoint agents in the City of Mexico, and
in all the Mexican states, to foster trade
relations between Mexioo and Cincinnati.
A 4(oeer Kind of a Story from Utah
The MormOD Church and the
Democratic Ticket.
According to the Latest Reports Four
Hundred Armenians Were Killed
' in the Recent Rioting.
-aid nanittoii o-
Boss Patent Flour.
Club House Canned Ooods.
Hesston Creamery Butter.
Phone 53
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
examine our stock and get our low prices.
Hay, Grain. Fruit and Lumber.
Great Bend Pat Imperial Flour.
The Elgin Creamery Butter.
Fresh Ranch Eggs.
Monarch Canned G-oods.
Teas, Coffees & Spices first quality
Colorado New Potatoes.
Fresh Poultry & Oysters received
every Friday.
Corner Bridge & Water Sts.
Little, Rook, Ark., Oot. 12. Governor
Clarke's letters to Judge Duffle, Sheriff
Honpt and Dan Stuart, together with the
telegram tu Jim Corbett and Bob Fitz
simmons, given to the pnblio by the As
sociated Press exclusively last night, are
the subject of mnoh disonssion here to
The sentiment hre and at Hob Springs
is overwhelmingly in favor of the fight.
It is well known here that pesftonsHy thai
governor is not violently opposed to the
oonteat. He is qnoted as having said re
cently that seven-tenths of the people of
Arkansas wanted it, two-tenths were ln-differeot-nd
that all the olamor raised
against it came from the other tenth.
wnen Jndge Duffle brought the matter
to tne governor's attention officially, how
ever, he at onee began a olose investiga
tion or nis authority in the premises,
which resulted in the letters referred to.
Gov. Clarke disoovered that the act of
1891, making prize fighting a felony,
never passed. The two honses oonld not
agree on the bill and it was sent to a con
ference oommittee and when the report
was preetad to the house it was adopt
ed sim by a viva voce vote, the ayes
and nays not having been called.
As the, law of 1893 sought to amend
this act, it would seem that there is no
law on the subject of prize fighting in
this state. The law relating to riots, un
lawful assemblages, etc, can, perhaps, be
brought into requisition to cover the
case should the governor deem it neces
sary to go to extreme measures.
By this law the governor is authorized
to call ont the militia without waiting for
a request trom tne looal authorities and
is empowered to expel with foroe all dis
tnrbers of the peace.
in this oonneotion, it is an interesting
fact that, sinoe the legislature refused to
appropriate money for the maintenance
of the state militia, nearly every oompany
of citizen soldiers in the state is dis
The most enthusiastic advooates of the
contest believe that the matoh will be
brought off on sohedule time.
Austin, Texas, Oot. 12. A well known
sporting man of this city says there is
bnt one place on tne American oontinent
where the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight can
be pulled off, and that is at Mew Laredo,
Mexioo. He-adds that three weeks ago
the Florida . Athletio club signed papers
to have the fight in a bull ring at Mew
Laredo and op to this hour they have not
asked for release from contract.
Bait Lake, Utah, Oot. 12. Serious com
plications are likely to come up in politi
cal affairs in Utah. It is rumored that
two prominent candidates on the Dem
ocratic ticket have been disciplined by
the Mormon church "for. participating in
politics." . A meeting of the Democratic
territorial committee has been oalled for
Monr.y next and another Democrat!
convention may be eailed.
Want an Export Duty.
St. Louis, Mo., Oot. 12. The Missouri
state grange, in annual session at War-
renton, has adopted resolutions demand-
tog the protection of agricultural prod
ucts by an export duty, as a right to
whioh farmers are entitled as long ns pro-
wxiiiiuu ib given to manuiacturers.
A ttreat Land Sale.
Helena, Mont., Oot. 12. Private ad
vioes received at Helena state that a treaty
has been signed by the Blaokfoot Indians
to cede to the government a large section
of the Blaokfoot Indian reservation.
The consideration is $1,000,000. The
ceded portion includes some of the most
valuable land in Montana.
Rather Mixed Statement Regarding
Operations in Dardanelles Russia
will Not Send War Ships to
the Scene Refugees Leave
the Churches.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
The Transfer Soon to Be Made Prop,
erty Heady to Wo to the Sew
Sentence Cut Down.
Pierre, B. u., Uot. 12. The supreme
oourt to-day handed down a decision in
the case of W. W. Taylor, the defaulting
state treasurer. The sentenoe is out
down to two years, and is to begin on
August 14.
Oldest and Largest Establishment in Sonthwett. '
Wholesale Dealer in G-roceries, Liquors, :
Tobacco, Cigars, Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes and Hardware.
Santa Fo
Now Mexico
New York, Oot. 12. Money on call
nominally 2 per cent; prime mercantile
paper, 4&6. Silver, 68; lead, $3.15.
(Jhioago. Cattle, receipts to-day, 700:
Market to day, for beBt grades, qniet;
Beeves, $3.40 $5 60; cows snd heifers,
$1.40 $3.70: Texas steers, $2.85 $3.60:
westerns, $3.10 $4.40; stookers and
feeders, $2.80 $3.90, Sheep receipts,
10,000; market, strong.
Kansas City. Cattle reoeipts, 1.400;
shipments, 8,200. Market slow bnt steady;
Texas steers, $2.00 $3.00; beef steers,
$8.60 $6.20; stookers and feeders, $2.25
$3.75; bulls, $1.60 $2.60; Texas cows,
$1.90 $2.60; native oows, $1.00 $3.25.
Sheep reotipts, 1,000; shipments, 2,100;
market, steady; lambs, $2.85 $4 50;
muttons, $2.25 $8.25.
Chicago. Wheat, October, 69; De
cember, 60J, bid. Corn, case, 29; Octo
ber, 29; November, 29 29. Oats,
Ootober, 11 17 bid; December, 18.
Weekly Bank Statement.
Mew York, Oot. 12. The weekly bank
statement is as follows: Reserve, de
crease, $2,294,626; loans, decrease, $3,
596,200; epeoie, decrease, $76,000; legal
tenders, decrease, $3,870,700; deposits,
deorease, $6,608,800; circulation, increase,
$63,700. The backs now hold $14,176,
900 in excess of legal requirements.
. Death of a Veteran.
Lexington, Ky., Oot. 12. Gen. W. L.
Landrnm, of Lancaster, Ky., a veteran of
the Mexican and civil wars and a personal
friend of Gen. Grant, died last night,
aged 68.
- President Cleveland on Board. .
New York, Oot. 12. The steam yaoht,
'One Idea," with President Cleveland on
board, is anchored in the sound off Sand's
Point, Long Island, hnving stopped there
for tne purpose oi ashing. $
i . . v. i ,, ,
The Young Woman was Pretty and
the New Messiah Had a Sink-
. y-'-;iBsf Spell. .
St. Paul, Oot. 12. U. S. Judge Caldwell
said this afternoon that the exact date
for the sale of the Atchison, Topeka &
Santa Fe railway can not be fixed until
Attorney Geo. Peck, now iu this city, re
turns to Mew York, bnt that the sale will
probably take place the latter part of
November. Arrangements have been
made whereby the property will be turned
over to the purchasers on the day of
Many Oil Claims.
Douglas, Wyo., Oot. 12. There have
been located up to date in the neighbor
hood of Douglas abont 100,000 acres of
oil claims. This is all good land, with
unmistakable prospects of oil on the sur
face. There will probably be some drill
ing commenced. before next year.
Madagascar's U,neen.
Paris, Oot. 12. It is semi-officially an
nonnoed that a rigorous protectorate will
be established by France over the island
of Madagascar, assuring to France the
preponderance of the entirS administra
tion. The queen, Sanavanala III, will be
retained, but the prime minister, her
husband, Rainilairivony, will be trans
ported. .
A Religions) Publication.
Chicago, Oot. 12. It is announoed that
the Christian Endeavor societies have de
oided to start a monthly in Chicago, to be
known as the Christian Endeavorer. The
four great forward movements for which
this paper will stand will be: First, mis
sionary extension; second, Christian citi
zenship; third, evangelistic endeavor, a
movement to carry the gospel among the
people not ordinarily reached by oburoh
services; fourth, tbe rescue of the Sab
Constantinople, Oot. 12. Advices from
Trebizond say that 200 persons were
killed or wounded during the rioting
there between the Turks and the Armenians.
A communication, made Doblio bv the
lursisn government, states that the Ar
mnniaus at Trebizond attacked the Mus-
selmans before the authorities oonld inter
vene and that fifty persons were killed or
It is added that the Armenians at Ro-
dosto, Armenia, also tried to attack the
Musselmans of that place, but were pre
vented by the police. An Armenian was
killed by a policeman.
The Russian government has oanoelled
the order for the diepatoh of a war ship
to I remzond, owing to representations
to the Russian oounoil there that it might
lead to farther exeitement and disorder.
The last of the refugee Armenians left
the churches of Stamboul yesterday in
the presence of the dragomans of the dif
ferent embassies, the government having
promised cnai tne refugees should not be
The sultan has sent a message to Sir
Phillip Carrie, the British ambassador.
expressing his satisfaction at tbe eucoess
of the measures taken by the ambassadors
to dear the Armenian churches of refugees.
Later, Sir Phillip Currie had an audi-
enoe with the sultan and at the latter's
request Isman Bey was sent to Bessika
Bay, near the entranoe to the Dardanelles,
to survey the sites for forts.
Ihree vessels laden with munitions
have been dispatched to the forts at the
Dardanelles, and it is known bevond
doubt that the work of laying sub-marine
mines in the strait -has been commenced.
Athens. The Greek consul at Trebi
zond, Armenia, has sent a report to his
government that 400 persons were killed
or wounded daring the recent conflicts
there between Tnrks and Armenians.
Corea In Another Turmoil 'I he D.
Legation a Hefnge Admiral
Carpenter's Cable.
Washington, Oot. 12. Admiral Car
penter, in oommand of the Asiatic squad
ron, oabled the navy department to-day
that he had dispatched the gun boat
Petrel from Che Foo to Chemulpo, the
sea port of Seonl, the capital of Corea. The
Yorktown had already gone to Chemulpo.
Admiral Carpenter's cipher cable said
affairs in Seoul are in a very disturbed
state and officers of the "king's party"
have taken remge in the V. a. legation
building. It is reported, Admiral Car
penter says, that the queen of Corea has
been assassinated.
Denver, Oct. 12. Within a few days a
great . ohange has corns over Francis
Sohlader, "the healer' and messiah." On
Thursday he held the hands of one woman
in his own for two hoars, while 1,600 peo
ple waited in the line for him to. treat
them. At the end of that time the woman
swooned and the "healer" had a sinking
spell, lasting several minutes.
The woman was young and attractive.
Sohlader has not explained why ha held
this person's hands so long, but he says:
"The work is getting stronger and soon
some wonderful things will take plaoe."
He has a haoking cough in oonsequence
of standing out doors in thin olothes in
all kinds of weather aid in the face is
vary wan.';
Thete is no dimlnuition in the erowd
seeking relief from his treatment.
It's just as easy to try One Minnte
Cough Core as anything else. It is easier
to onre a severe oongh or oold with It.
Let your next pnrohase for a sold be One
Minnte Congh Core. Better medioine;
better results; better try it. Newton's
drug store.
Hint for Bio fjtrande Farmers.
Sheridan, Wyo., Oot. 12. The largest
practical ' irrigation enterprise in this
oounty has been organized by a number
of farmers and land owners living on
Columbus Pass, Five-Mile and Six-Mile
oreeks. The organization will be known
as the Granger Ditoh oompany, and will
operate with a oapital of $50,000, one-half
of which haB already been subscribed.
The oompany will take water from. the
north fork of Tongue river. . The main
ditch will be thirty miles long, and .Will
furnish water for abont 12,000 Sores of
choice farming land.
The incorporators and stockholders of
the oompany all own land nnder the pro
posed ditch, and all are prosperons far
mers. - ';' '
Attacked by .Italians.
Massowak, Abyssinia, Oot. 12. The
Italian native troops have attacked 1,800
Abyssinians in a strong ' position, near
Braailat. The latter fled, leaving twenty
killed and a number wonnded. The
Italian troops lost eleven killed and
eighty wounded.
i - Wool Exports. .
-' Washington, Oot. 12. As a result of the
repeal of wool duties the exports from
Uruguay to the United States have
nearly trebled. Aoeordingto figures sup
plied to the state department by U. S.
Consul Edward Scram at Monte Video
they reaohed during the past flsoal ysar
$8,075,886. A still larger increase is ex
pected for the oalendar year, based on
heavy orders from Amerioa for wools.
Aets at onee, never fails, One Minnte
Oongh Cure. A remedy for asthma, and
that feverish condition which aoenmpanies
a severe oold. The only harmless remedy
that produces immediate results. New
ton's drug store.
made an Assignment.
New York, Oot. 12. J. B. Brewster &
Co., incorporated, mannfactnrers of car
ridges, made an assignment to day for
the benefit of their creditors to John A.
Carver. The offloers of the company are
Joseph 0. Smith, president, and It. Schuy
ler i ncser, treasurer and secretary.
Assignee uarver says the liabilities
will be somewhat in excess of the com
pany's capital stook, $135,000. To offset
this he says the firm held pledged bills to
the amount of $150,000.
Ball Player to be Hanged.
Freeport, III., Oot. 12 Frank W. Har
ris, tbe professional ball player who
mnrdered Charles W. Bengal last May,
was found guilty to-day and sentenced to
be banged.
In a Bad Fix.
Enoxville, Tenn., Oot. 12. L. K. Burnes,
a prominent olothier and extensive cap
italist, aged 45, committed snioide to-day
by shooting himself in the head. The
oause assigned is bad health and business
A Ploneer'M Heath.
Washingfon, Oct. 12. Col. Hampton B
Denbam died here yesterday, aged 65.
He was born in Ohio and was related to
tbe Blaine and Ewing families. He went
to California in 1846 and was one of the
Rnoker relief party which carried provis
ions across the mountains to starving
N. Segnra expects to harvest at least
1,000 bushels of corn on his place at Pe
nasoo Blanco.
The board or county commissioners
have raised the assessment upon the
Haggin fc Hearst cattle interests from
8,000 to 11,600 head. Silver City Enter
From thirty acres of land Price Walters
this year put up 225 tons of alfalfa.
Mnoh has been written concerning the
productive soil of Colorado, but have
they any ranch in the Centennial state
which can equal the above record f San
.yuan Times.
Bell & Stephens shipped forty-four and
three-fourths pounds of gold last Friday,
the result of a short run of their 10-
stamp mill on Pacific ore. Most mining
oompanles ship gold by the ounce, but
Bell & Stephens are more fortunate.
Their shipments made at regular and fre
quent intervals usually run from forty
to 100 pounds. Silver City Enterprise.
The five Chinamen arrested a few days
ago by Deputy United States Marshal H.
Scott Knight, oharged with being unlaw
fully in the United States, had their hear
ing, and upon their being presented to
the court by District Attorney Hem
ingway and no evidence on the part of
the Mongolians being produced the court
ordered them to be deported to the
"flowery kingdom" at the expense of the
United States. Warrant of deportation
will be executed on Thursday next, and on
that evening Scott will leave the city
with his heathen friends for San Fran-
oisoo. Albuquerque Citizen.
F. C. de Baoa, ohairman of the board
of commissioners of San Miguel county,
will officially notify U. S. Marshal E. L.
Hall, at Santa Fe, in reply to his letter,
advising snoh an estimate, the amount of
rental to be paid by the. United States for
the use of the Las Vegas court house, the
figures per annum to extend back during
the several years of its occupancy, as fol
lows: Conrt room, per day, $5; grand
jury room, $3; petit jury room, $3; wit
ness' room, $3.50; attorneys' room, $2.50;
judges' room, $2; olerk's office, $3; total,
$21 per diem; total, thirty days, $630;
salary of janitor, thirty days, $30; fuel
and lights, $66; grand total per annum
$1,450. Las Vegas Optic.
The Healer In Denver.
Franois Sohlader, who first oame prom
inently before the public in the capacity
of a "healer" while sojourning in New
Mexico a few months ago, continues to
be the sensation at Denver. The Denver
papers do not hesitate to surrender ool
umns of their space to detailing the past
and present doings of the remarkable man.
He is constantly surrounded by crowds
of visitors, who hang reverently upon his
skirts, and he continues to be over
whelmed with letters from everywhere.
Amazing oures of paralysis, rheumatism,
deafness and blindness ore eagerly testified
to by many responsible persons, who can
have no conceivable reason for trivintr
false evidence. Among the number is
Fitz-Mac, the well known newspaper
writer, who has been deaf as a lamp post
for years. He says he went to Bee Sohlad
er at Albuquerque, and that his hearing
has since wonderfully improved and is
still improving, just ns the healer told
him it wonld.
Of your life to visit the great city of the
Santa Fe to Denver and return via
R. G. & S. and D. & R. G. R. R.
Tickets on sale October 14 to 16. Good
to return until Ootober 20.
The Earth Trembled.
Denver, Oot. 12. A speoial to tbe
Times from Lead City, S. D., says: At 7
o'clock last evening the central and north
central portion of Blaok Hills felt an
earthquake shook. The windows rattled
and the houses rooked bnt there was no
serious damage. The shook was felt over
a region thirty-five miles sqnare.
Say, why don't yon try De Witt's Little
Early Risers? These little pills onre
headache, indigestion and constipation.
They're small but do the work. Newton's
drug store. .
Chnreh Announcements.
At the Catholio Cathedral to-morrow,
19th Sunday after Pentecost, servioes will
be as follows: First mass, 6:80 a. m.; seo-
ond mass at 8:80 a. m.; third mass at 9:80
a. m.; fourtn mass at w.tm a. m. vespers
and benediction at 7 p. m.
At the Presbyterian ohuroh to-morrow:
Snnday sohool at 9:46 a. m.; Y. P. 8. 0. E.,
junior at 8:15 p. m.; senior at 4 p. m.
There will be no preaching service in this
ohuroh to-morrow. . ,
Servioes at St. John's Mefhodis't Epis-'
oopal ohuroh: Prsaohing at 11 o'clock
and 7:80 p. m., by Rev Thos. Harwood, D.
D. Snnday sohool at 10 a. m. and Ep
worth League at 6:80 p. m. A oordial
invitation is extended to all to attend the
above servioess. G. S. Madden, pastor.
At the Church of the Holy Faith to
morrow, 18th Sunday after Trinity, ser
vices will be as follows: Morning prayer
and celebration of the Holy Communion,
at 11; evening prayer, at 4:80. The Rev.
F. T. Bennet will officiate. Next Friday
(St. Lnke), oelebration of the Holy Com
munion at 10:80 a. m.; Litany at 4:80 p. m.
At the Goadalnpe ohnroh to-morrow,
Ootober 18, 1895, 19th Sunday after Pen
tecost; First mass, 7K)0 a. m., sermon in
Spanish; second mass, 10:00 a. m., sermon
in English; vespers and benediotion at 7
p. m. un week days, during tbe montn
of October, mass at 6:30 a. ni. P. Gil
berton, pastor; F. Deshors, assistant
If ilk Punoh 10 ots a glass at the Colo
rado saloon.
. For Male mt a Bargain.
Good No. 1 first-class bar and fixtures,
ioe-chest, and one good combination bil
liard and pool table, fur sale cheap for
cash. Apply at Eichange office.
The Silver City Tragedy.
The Silver City Enterprise is at hand
this morning with a detailed account of
the deplorable tragedy which resulted it
the death of Marshal Cantley. The re
port is essentially the same as that
printed exclusively in these columns on
Thursday afternoon. It shows that Mar
shsl uantiey was clearly tbe aggressor
and that Mr. Fielder acted in self defense.
Editorially the Enterprise tabes almost
identically the same view of the false nnd
mischievous reports of the unfortunate
affair first sent out or Silver City as that
heretofore expressed by the New Mexican.
It appears that Mr. W. B. Walton, clerk
of the oourt and editor of the Headlight,
promptly filed a oorreot aoaount of the
affair for both the Associated and United
Press associations, but some malicious
wretoh succeeded in side-traoking Mr.
Walton's dispatches and securing the
transmission of his own false substitutes.
As the Nsw Mexican remarked, on Thurs
day evening, this individual onght to be
"smoked out and taught a wholesome les
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is pure. Therefore purify your blood
with the best blood purifier, Hood's Sar
saparilla. Mrs. Bush has fitted up the Lehman
Spiegelberg house with comfortable sit
ting and dining rooms and resumed
keeping boarders. She will give single
meals or take boarders by the day, week
or month. For terms apply to Mrs. M.
Bush, Santa Fe, N. M.
For Male.
One of the best lots on Gold avenue.
popular business street of Albuquerque,
M., cheap. Address, box 194, Albu
querque, N. M.
JiCtter List.
List of letters remaining unoalled for
n the postoflice at Santa Fe. N. M.. for
the week endinir Oct. 12. 1895. If not
oalled for within two weeks will be sent
to the dead letter office at Washington:
Hiddlc. W K M(,i,t,. n H f
Cnsndor. Jose V (2) Ortez.'Hafael
Cnrria, Coscino Uevera. S
Diaz. Edwardo Kovoru, Julian
jarcia, Militas Kevern, Honifueio
TllVum. Thos llni-nin. KniMtat.!..
Harnner, Mnjor USA Uevera, Uafanl
Hansburg, J Kowdlaz. K P
Loufu, Geort'p Romero, A M Kael de
I.ucero. Donisio Thyora. Michael
-ewellnu, Sojihromo Vileneiu, M Sumlovnl v
v erenlio. Giuseppe
Williams, Chas.
say advertised and
Minasco. Ambrosiu
.tlestiis. b bena do
In calling pleaso
give the date.
T. P. Gable,
Is the Four
by Hood's
That Is
saparilla a:
That Is .
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and other blood diseases.
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Feeling, strengthens the nerves, gives
energy In place of exhaustion.
That Is Why the sales of Hood's Sar
snparilla have increased year after year,
uatil it now requires for its production
the largest Laboratory in the world.
b the only True Blood Purifier promi
nently in the public eye today. Be sure
to get Hood's and only Hood's.
Hftrd' Pillc ,s!r '"t. ey to tab
1 1UUU a rills easy In effect Uceute.
Academy of.
A ,
Gouduotsd T . :
-." " "..
TERMS: Board and tuition, per month. tSO.OO: Tuition of day scholars,
to as per month, according to grade. Music instrumental and
vocal, painting in oil and water colors, on china, etc., form extra -charge.
For prospectus or further information, apply to
Mother Francisca Laiy, Superior.

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