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The only women who are permitted to
wear trouserBin France are KosaBonheur,
Mme.. Dienlafoy, the Parisian archaelo
giat, Mme. 'Fouoault, the bearded woman,
and the feminine stonecutters. For this
privilege the; are taxed from $10 to $13
a year. No woman, however, may wear
trousers by paying the tax. On the con
trary, the government only confers the
privilege on great merit. Trousers are,
iu faot, a sort of diooration given to
women, as the Legion of Honor is given
to men.
Weary and Worn.
When the tired factory operative, the
. weary oat-door laborer, the overtasked
book-keeper or clerk seeks a medical rec
ompense for expenditure of bodily force,
where shall he find it f Could the reoorded
experience of thousands of workers be
voioed, the verdict wonld be that Hostet
ter's Stomach Bitters renews failing
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powers to fresh activity, and relaxes un
due nervous tension as nothing else does.
Digestion, a regular habit of body, ap
petite and sleep are promoted by it, and
it is an admirable auxiliary in the re
covery of health by convalescents. A
fastidious stomach is not offended by it,
and to persons of both sexes in delicate
health who occasionally feel the need of
an efficient tonic, the whole range of the
pharmacopoeia , and the oatalogue of
proprietary medicines does not present a
more useful, safer or more decisive one.
It is also incomparable for fever and
ague, rheumatism and kidney troubles.
Dr. Theodore R. Ticoby, the inventor
of the turbine wheel, is now living in Cbi
cngo. At 72 years of age he is aB hale
and active as most men of 50, Dr. Timby
is a native of Dutchess county, New York,
There is one medioine whioh every
family should be provided with. We refer
th Chamberlain's Fain Balm. When it is
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medioine has to be sent for. A sprain
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mation sets in, wbioh insures a cure in
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quired. Cuts and bruises should reoeive
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Pain Balm is applied it will heal them
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out leaving a Bear. A sore throat may
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ever, for rheumatism. Persons afflicted
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Ireland, jr.
Four generations of the same family
are being taken care of at the poor farm
near Ciddeford, Me. Thereare hereditary
paupers as well as hereditary millionaires.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
guperlor to all others,
A Kentucky family has broken the rec
ord in being visited by a death, a birth
and a marriage within one hour.
The burden of labor is constantly being
lightened by new inventions, but nothing
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lator tones up and strengthens the body.
Sir Thomas MoNeal says: . When a man
insists on telling you how honest he is,
listen to him as if you believed it, but
trade horses with some other man.
"While down in the southwestern part
of the state some time ago," says Mr. W.
Chalmers, editor of theChioo (Oal.) Enter
prise, "I had an attaok of dysentery. Hav
ing heard of Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera
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A oouple of doses of it completely cured
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A piano in a lion oage iB the latest
stage speoialty. It has been introduced
by a hitherto obsoure female piano teaoh
er, who first performed in a Hon oage in a
menagerie at Dewsbury, England. The
experiment is pronounoed a grand suc
cess. The kingly beasts are said to be
very appreciative, and particularly par
tial to Chopin's air.
Further waste
money on drugs,
meats, eto. They
you. Yen have
tham And IcnoW.
precious time and
vacuum treat
will never cure
probably tried.
Nature is AI
and waiting to
man suffering
WATS willing
9 mn iVi n11 tort nor
is inonrauie:
or Total Impoienw, lirtiin KihausUon,
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edy must be scientifically used. It is EIJE
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.i i v .m and iviven comnlete satis-
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A pocket edition of Dr. Baadcn oele-
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The Sanden Electric Co.,
Ira. fl&8 lixteenth St.. Denver. Col.
Alao Hew York, Chicago London, Eng.
Largest Kleetro-Meiloal Concern In the Worldl
EUienObri i
Mr. J. K. Fowler, seoretary and treas
urer of the Corinne Mill, Canal and Stock
Co., of Corinne, Utah, in speaking of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy says: "I
consider it the best in the market. I
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lain's the most prompt and effectual in
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C. Ireland, jr.
An aged desolation,
Bbe sits by old Shannon's flowing,
A mother of many children,
Of children exiled and dead.
In her home, with bent head, homeless,
Clasping her knee, sho sits, '
Keening, keening!
And at her keene the fairy grass
Trembles on dun and barrow,
Around the foot of her ancient crosses
The grave grass shakes and the nettle swings.
In haunted glens the meadow sweet
Flings to the night wind
Eer mystio mournful perfume.
The sad spearmint by holy wells
Breathes melancholy balm.
Dr. Todhunter.
It was sultry in the smoking room.
For one thing the weather was hot, for
another, the commodore had just finish
ed a yarn. Markham always maintained
that the atmosphere became sulphurous
after the commodore had recounted a
personal reminiscence, but then he was
given to exaggeration. Still we felt
grateful that the story had passed off
without the intervention of a thunder
bolt and sat gasping relief and credulity.
Then Mildmay, from sheer nervousness,
I believe, not from any desire for a re
currence of the Ananias episode, stirred
up the colonel. The oolonel was sitting
behind a big cheroot, evidently incubat
ing a kettle wherein to cook the com
modore's cabbage.
"Wonderful escape that, sir!" said
Mildmay, addressing the colonel.
"Yes, sir. We in the snrvioe in the
old days, before it became a school for
step dancing and oircus riding, used to
have experiences which the country nev
er heard of. Adventures were common
as bilberries, sir, in those days. Gad,
sir, a British soldier in those days
thought no more of walking 1,000 miles
through the enemy's country than you
do of step dancing round the park.
"Probably, sir, you've never heard of
the defense of Fort Damli? No, sir, I
don't blame you, sir, if you have not
heard of a feat of arms which preserved
half a continent for her majesty, God
bless herl We've all heard of suppressed
dispatches and ingratitnde in high places
lest the feather bed step dancers should
be replaced by men.
"It was in never mind the date, sir,
and never mind the place. If I mention
ed them, you would recall the episode,
and it is not for me to boast by telling
the full extent of the services it was my
good fortune to render this country.
"A foreign power (no, sir, I will
mention no name damme, sir I I hope
I know my dnty better than to rekindle
international complications) had stirred
up the niggers against us. I was in com
mand of Fort Damli, sir, at that time,
with a handful of men a mere handful
but men, sir, such as your dancing
schools do not turn out nowadays.
"Fort Damli is built on a promontory
running out into the sea and is only
get-at-able from one side. The niggers
had massed all their forces in the plain
iu front of the fort. Twenty thousand of
them, sir or rather, as I wish to guard
against exaggeration, I will say that I
counted 19,863 a-swarming over the
plain thick as cheese mites in a Stilton.
"I bad 93 men all told, including a
one eyed drummer boy, but we laughed
at them, sir. whenever the niggers
came at the fort, we loaded our big guns
with broken bottles, bedsteads, war of
fice regulations, which was about the
only thing they had supplied us with
from home, and mowed them down by
the dozens. When they reached the walls
my boys, giving them cold pig, took tea
with the niggers.
"I used -to sit on the powder maga
zine, smoking a cheroot, as comfortably
as I'm doing now. Gad, sir, how it all
comes back to me I That little devil of
a drummer nsed to nip out after the
fight and mend his drum with niggers'
skins. After about a fortnight of it we
had the niggers piled up three deep fac
ing the fort.
"Well, we had held that fort for
seven weeks no, damme, let's be ac
curate, for 48 days and we looked like
holding it for seven years, or until there
wasn't a nigger left to come on, when
one afternoon, it was about half past 4
on Feb. 21 I'm not likely to forget
that date in a hurry Lieutenant Simp
kins of the Bombardiers, my subaltern,
came to me and said: 'It's all up, sir.
We haven't a round of ammunition left,
and the niggers are preparing for a gen
eral assault tonight. ' He was a brave
man, was Simpkins fell afterward at
Seringapatam, out clean in half by a
annon ball but he looked a bit scared
then. ' ' y
" 'Is that all?' I said offhand:' 'Then
we shall have some fun with the bayo
net. I am surprised at you, sir, for re
porting such a trifle. ' After this rebuke
I turned away, when the little drummer
almost ran into me in his excitement
" 'Captain,' said he, saluting I was
only a oaptain in those days 'three
men-of-war reported in the bay.' Hook
ed out to sea and saw, as plainly as I
see yon, sir, three frigates standing on
the horizon, flying the flying the flag
of the foreign power wbioh was aiding
and abetting the niggers.
"Well, sir, I must admit that when
I saw these ships and remembered that
we had not a grain of powder in the
whole blessed fort I admit, sir, that, for
a moment, I felt at a loss. Another
man, who was less anxious to keep to
facts, might tell yon, sir, that he never
hesitated, but I, wishing to deal with
things aa they were, I confess I felt at a
"But only for a moment. Lieutenant
Simpkins said, with a sort of grin,
'Now, sir, yon had better surrender to
the Fr to the foreign power. ' 'Sir, ' I
answered, drawing myself up, 'a Tom
Unson dies, but never surrenders. ' I
beg your pardon? Yes, sir; quite right
By a perversion of history these words
were attributed to Blucher at Sedan.
But I hope, sir, yon will allow that I
ought to know when they were first Tit
tered. Bluohor may have adapted them.
I make no complaint Well, as I said,
for a monieut a breathing space I felt
that the game was indeed up. I sat
down on one of the now useless 40
pounders to review the situation. As I
meditated my eye fell on some coils of
telegraph wire which Hudson of the
survey department had brought into the
fort before the outbreak of the disturb
ance, to connect us with the capital. As
my glance fell upon it a thought flashed
through my brain.
" 'Saved 1' I cried, leaping from the
cannon. 'The captain's got 'em again,'
remarked that devil's imp of a drum
mer boy. Without heeding this breach
of discipline I sent for Hudson. In a
few words I whispered my idea to him.
He caught my idea at once. 'Captain,'
he oried, 'yon are a genius, a marvel,
a' However, it is not for me to repeat
the compliments, perhaps not altogether
undeserved, he paid my resource.
"With his help Iwound the telegraph
wire round two cannons, connecting ev
ery two guns with a spool of wire. In
this way we connected eight guns on the
land side of the fort and six commanding
the bay. Then the wires from each gun
were taken into the powder magazine,
where Hudson had rigged up an infernal
machine of his own devising.
"We had hardly completed our work
when night fell. 'You are sure they
haven't any muskets?' Hudson said to
me ' before we separated for the night.
'Perfectly,' I answered. 'Only spears
and knives. ' 'Then it ought to be all
right,' he murmured, 'but how about
the ships?' 'Let's settle the niggers first, '
I replied. 'Sufficient for the day are the
ructions thereof. '
"With these remarks he left me, and
I sat in my powder magazine awaiting
events. The hours crept by very slowly.
I tingled with excitemeut, for I knew
the next hour would determine our fate.
At length in the pitchy darkness the
drummer boy, with his only eye glow
ing in the blackness like a carbuncle,
whispered softly, 'Captain, they're com
ing 1' Still I waited.
"Then in the deathlike stillness a yell
broke on the startled air. I knew the
crucial moment had come, and I I
pressed a button. There was a whirring
sound. Then all was quiet again until a
cheer from my men rang out and I knew
that all was well. Seizing my club I
hurried out into the darkness. Every
thing was as dark as as the war office
and the fort was deserted.
"Just outside the gate I stumbled
across a body. I turned it over with my
foot. It was a nigger in fnll warpaint
and unarmed. Then I knew that my
plan had succeeded. Hurrying forward,
whither a dull thud, varied by an occa
sional groan, guided me, I found my
gallant Bombardiers clubbing for dear
life for the bayonets and barrels of
their muskets had been removed by my
orders among a scurrying crowd of
Well, sir, we banged and banged
until we could no longer raise our arms.
As day broke I ordered the drummer to
beat to quarters. He was nowhere to be
found. Shouting to my men, I bade
them retire to the fort. Then the sun
rose, and what a sight met our eyes I
Every cannon in the fort was studded
with spears and knives as thick as a
pudding is of plums, as close as a pin
cushion is of pins.
"What had happened will be obvious
to you, sir. By the telegraph wires and
an electric battery in the powder maga
zine I had turned all my oannons into
electro magnets of 40 horsepower. Con
sequently as soon as the enemy were
within range I turned on the current.
Every steel weapon in the hands of the
niggers simply whirled out of their
grasp and stuck like horse leeches to my
"The absence of the drummer boy
was soon explained. As, against my dis
tinct orders, he had been wearing a
hanger when I turned the current on, he
flew against the nearest gun and stuck
there as a C. O. does to a decoration. It
took six men to haul him off.
"Then, in the joy of victory, a sud
den dread came upon me. How about
the three men-of-war? The foreign
power ought to have landed its myrmi
dons by this time. Scourged by my ap
prehensions, I hurried to the seaward
battlements of the fort There, in the
gray dawn, a strange sight met my eyes.
'.'Nailed to the cruel rocks to the west
ward of Damli lay those three men-of-war,
hopeless wrecks, buffeted by the
waves against the grinding crags. What
had happened was simple enough.
Damme, Mr, it flashed across me in an
instant. The force of my seaward mag
nets bad been suoh that it had deranged
the compasses of these vessels. Follow
ing their distorted guidance, they had
run ashore on the reef westward of the
"Even as I watched I sawa boat push
off from the wrecked flagship. At once
I donned the graceful uniform of my
regiment, the Munchausen's Own, as
the service fondly termed it, and drew
up my gallant 93 in platoons to await
our vanquished foe. A tall officer, of
gallant bearing, his dripping nniform
decorated with a star, stepped ashore. -
" 'Field marshal,' said he, bowing to
me with a grace that left me no doubt
that I was standing in the presence of a
prince of blood royal, 'I have the honor
to surrender to yon my sword !'
" 'Not field marshal,' I answered, ac
cepting the sword as I marked the dia
monds flashing in its hilt, 'only a cap
tain of her majesty's loyal regiment of
Munchausen's Own.' 'Ah,' said his
highness, turning to his followers, 'what
chance have we against a nation where
such men are only captains?' Bowing
low, he followed me, my prisoner, into
the fort
"That, sir, is the true history of the
defense of Damli. The end is plain.
After my victory they sent a general
from home, who reaped its fruits, who
was rewarded by a grateful country by
ticking every condemned letter of the
alphabet after his blighted name. But
the nation has yet to learn to whose re
source they owe the victory of Damli.
Yon were pleased to observe, sir? Eh,
sir? What, sir? Yonr obedient servant,
ir. Waiter, two of the same, with a
lice of lemon. "-New Budget
Daily, BnglUh Weekly and spanian
Weekly edition, will be found on
ala at the following newt depot,
where ubcription may also be
A. O. Telchman, Oerrilloa.
8. E. Newooraer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City.
J. B. Hodgen, Doming.
O. O. Miller. Hillsborough.
B. Bailey, Beat Laa Vegas.
L. B Allen, Laa Vegaa. -San
Felipe, Albuquerque
Jacob Weltmer, City.
Fletcher fe Arnold, Bland, H.K.
THE workman often
rats his lunch on the
same bench where
be does his work.
The office man
snatches a few min
utes from his occu
pation and turns his
desk into a dining
table. Neither gets
the exercise he
needs, neither takes
the proper time for
eatinar. It is small
wonder that the digestion of both gets out
of order.
Nature works as hard as she can, but
there are some things she cannot stand. If
a man gets some foreign substance into the
works of his watch, he doesn't expect the
watch to run until the impediment is re
moved. His own digestive system is a
much more wonderful and delicate mechan
ism than that of his watch, and yet he neg
lects it and abuses it. He lets it get out of
order, and refuses to help it. In the end
his neglect reacts with terrible force upon
himself. The reaction comes on gradually,
however, so that sometimes he scarcely sus
pects the cause.
The cause of nine-tenths of the sickness
of the world is constipation a condition
so common that four people out of five take
it as a matter of course. From this one
cause come indigestion ; disorders of the
stomach, liver and kidneys ; biliousness,
headaches, flatulence, heartburn, impurity
of the blood and the serious complications
that follow. To begin with, constipation is
a little thing, and a little thing will cure it.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are tiny, sugar
coated grannies. They give to nature just
the little help she needs. They are as
gentle as they are efficient, and will per
fectly cure the worst cases of constipation.
There is nothing in the world like them, so
there can be nothing "just as good." The
druggist who tries to sell you something
else has his own interest in view and not
For a free sample package of from 4
to 7 doses, address World's Dispensary
Medical Association, No. 663 Main Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Any one sending 2t one-cent stamps to cover
cost of mailing ouly, will receive free a copv of
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser.
The expense of producing this wonderful book
has been paid by the sale of 680,000 copies at the
regular price, $ 1.50. It has uow been decided to
give away absolutely free, an editiou of yw,OM
copies. Address as above.
Martha Molntyre, an 8-year-old girl
of Hot Springs, 8. P., has as many as two
dozen rattlesnakes, vbich is her fovoite
companions When she was only 4 years
old she was found one pay playing with a
hngo rattler, over which she seemed to
exert a mysterious power, and she has all
of her formidable pets under complete
control. She is the new Elsie Venner.
The Wabash Kallroad.
Commencing Sunday, September 8,
Wabash trains 1 and 6, between St. Louis
and Kansas Gity, will have the follow
ing sleeping equipments:
No. 4, Kansas City to St. Louis, will
have one compartment sleeper to St.
Louis, and the Denver-8t. Lonis throngh
Mo 5, St. Lonis to Kansas City, will
have one 00m part men t sleeper to Kansas
City and the (Jinoinnati-liansas City
through sleeper.
The Den ver-St. , Louis sleepeer, west
bound, is oarried on Wabash train No. 1,
leaving St. Louis at 12:01 p. m. midnight,
arriving in Denver at 7:25 o'olock on the
second morning.
The Kansas City-Cincinnati throngh
sleeper, east bonnd, runs on Wabash
train 6, leaving Kansas City at 6:20 p. m.,
arriving at St. Louis at 2:30 a. m. thence
via B. & 0. S. W. train No. i, arriving
Cincinnati ll:B0 a. m.
C. 8. Cbanb, C. M. Hampson,
O, P.iT.A, Commercial Agent,
St. Lonis, Mo. 1025 17th St.,
, Denver, Colo.
Notice of Administration.
Notice is hereby given that I, the un
dersigned, have been appointed, by the
honorable probate oonrt of Snn Miguel
oounty, administrator of the estate of
Robert H. Longwill, deceased, and duly
qualified as suoh.
All persons having any claims against
said estate are therefore required to
present the same within the time pre
scribed by law.
In effect August 1, 1895.
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Ar Sn FranoiscoLv
H. 8. LTJTZ, Agent, Santa Fe.
Q. T. NICHOLSON, O. P. A., Chicago
Denver & Rio Grande Railroads.
Time Table No. 36.
Effective Sept. 1, 1895.
No. 476. MILKS No. 475.
fi.nnnm T.w Santa 1?a A R iA rt wn '
10:55am Ar.Espanola. Lv.. 40.. 3:45 p m I
12:35 am Ar. Kmlmdo.l.v... :.. 2:25pm
1:25 pm Ar. Barranca. Lv.. 66.. 1:25 pm
3:06pm....Ar.Tre9 Piedras.Lv 97. .11 :47 am
5:00 p m Ar.Antonito.Lv...l31.. 9:55 a m
6:35 p m Ar. Alamosa. Lv.. 160.. 8:40a m
10:30 p m Ar.Salida.Lv....246.. 4:45 a m
1:20a in Ar. Florence. Lv.. 311.. 1:49a m
2 :40 a m Ar. Pueblo . Lv. . . 84.1 . . 12: 25 a m
4:12 a m Ar.Colo Spg9.Lv.387.. 10:50 p m
7 :15 a m Ar . Denver . Lv. . . 463 . . 7 -.45 p m
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Durangn, Silverton
and ail points in the Sau Jnan country.
At Alamosa for Jimtonn, Creede, Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
San Lnis valley.
At Salida with main line for all points
east and west, inclnding Leadville.
At Florence with F. tic C. C. R. R. for
the gold camps of Cripple Creek and
At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river lines for all
points east.
Throngh passengers leaving Santa Fe
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosa, at
which point throngh Bleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
S. K. Hoopeb, Q. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
Nothing so distressing as a hacking
congh. Nothing so foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing so dangerons if allowed
to continue. One Minute Congh Cure
gives immediate relief. Newton's drug
Iecrt Land, final Proof. Xotlee for
Publication.- No. 84tt,
United States Land Orrio:
rriOK, )
e, N. M.,
)t 11,1895.)
Santa Fe
Notice is hereby given that C. Leon Al
lison, of Santa Fe county, has filed notice
of intention to make proof on his desert
land claim, No. 849, for the 1 e n
and lot 8, seotion 8, tp 16 n, r 9 e, before
the register or reoeiver at Santa Fe, N.
M., on Saturday, the 19th day of October,
He names the following witnesses to
prove the oomplete irrigation and reola
mation of said land: Matthias 3. Nagle,
Tibnrcio Montoya, Jefferson Hill, Diego
Gonzales, all of Santa Fe, N. M.
James H. Walkeb,
There are many good reasons why you
should use One Minute Cough Cnre. There
are no reasons why you should not, if iu
need of help. The only harmless remedy
that produces immediate results. New
ton's drug store.
Homeaeekera' Rxcuralon.
A second series of homeseekers' excur
sions have been arranged for, and all
agents east of the Missonri river will sell
tiokets at one fare for thn round trip to
all points in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado,
Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Louisiana,
New Mexico, Oklahoma, North and South
Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and Utah, dates
of sale October 8 and 22, 1895. Return
dates will be October 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29
and November 1, 5, 8 or 12, 1895. For
particulars call on agents of the "Santa
Fe Route."
Geo. T. Nicholson, H. S. Ldtz,
G. P. A. Chicago. Agent, Santa Fe.
It is a truth in medioine that the small
est dose that performs a cure is the best.
De Witt's Little Early Risers are the
smalleat pills, will perform a cure, and
are the best. Newton's drug store.
(Special Train via the Hanta Fe Hoote
-Conferring- of the Pallium upon
Archbishop Chapelle at Manta
Fe, N. M-, Oct. 17, 195.
For the above oooasion the A., T. A S
F. will run a speoial train from Las Vegas
to Santa Fe, leaving Las Vegas Ootober
17, 4:80 a. m.; Romero, 1:4.0 a. m.j Sulz
baoher, 5:00 a. m.; Bernal, 5:15 a. m.; Ri
bera, (San Miguel) 6:40 a. m.; Fulton,
6:10 a. m.j Rowe, 6:86 a. m.; Glorieta,
7:10 a. m.; Lamy, 7:50 a. m.; arrive at
Santa Fe, 8:50 a. m. For particulars oall
on agents of the "Santa Fe Route."
Geo. X. Nicholson, H. 8. Lutz,
G. P. A. Chioago, 111, Agent, Saota Fe.
A. G. Bartley, of Magio, Pa., writes: I
feel it a duty of mine to inform you and
the public that De Witt's Witoh Hazel
Salve eured me of a very bad ease of ec
zema. It also cured my boy of a running
sore on his leg. Newton's drag store.
Is not complete
without an ideal
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
dr'icate and desirable protection
to the face in this climate.
Intiit open haying th gmtae.
i lew!
We call especial attention to our celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc.
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature. .
ff e are flui

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