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Yes, said Willie Wibbles, I went to the
reception with a boil on my neck.
And what did your friends think of
All jealous, deah boy. I was the ewell
est thing there.
The Present Generation
Lives at telegraph speed eats too fast,
retires too late, does not rise betimes,
smokes and (alas, that we should have to
siy it!) chews two mooh tobaoco. The
oonsequences are dyspepsia, a general
absence of that robnst and manly vigor
which characterized our ancestors, and a
manifest proneness to early decay. Reg
ular hours, a due allowance of time for
meals, the disuse of excessive Bmoking,
and altogether of chewing tob,aooo, in
connection with a course of Hostetter's'
Stomach Bitters, will in nine cases out of
ten efface consequences of the abnses of
the laws of health indicated above. A
want of stamina, dyspepsia, nervousness
and biliousness are among these conse
quences, and they are bodily ills to the
removal of which the Bitters is specially
adapted. Hot is the Bitters less fitted to
overoome and prevent lever and ague,
kidney and bladder troubles and rheu
matic Ailments. It is also a tine appe
tizer and promoter of convalescence.
Lemme outl yelled the chimpanzee:
Lemme ont. I want to get at Mm
Why, Jooko, said his mate, what on
earth is the matter? -
See that dude going along the gravel
Yes. '
Well, I'm after him, I heared him say
he believed we were his ancestors.
There is one medicine whioh every
family should be provided with. We refer
th Chamberlain's PBin Balm. When it is
kept at hand a severe pain of a burn or
scald may be promptly relieved and the
sore healed in much less time than when
medicine has to be sent for. A sprain
may be promptly treated before inflam
mation sets in, which insures a cure in
about one-third the time otherwise re
quired. Cuts and bruises should receive
immediate attention, before the parts be
come swollen, and when Chamberlain's
Pain Balm is applied it will heal them
without matter being formed, and with
out leaving a soar. A sore throat may
be cured in one night. A piece of flannel
damped with this linament and bound on
over the seat of pain, willoure lame baok
or pain in the side or chest in twenty
four hours. It is the most valuable, how
ever, for rheumatism. Persons afflicted
with this disease will be delighted with
t'.ie prompt relief from pain . whioh it af
fords, and it can be depended upon to
effect a complete cure. For sale by A. C.
Ireland, jr.
Did the oaptain of the football team
keep his head? Yes, his and the upper
portion ot his trunk.
U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
And must we say farewell? she falter
ed. Yes, he answered. Sho shuddered.
She hated to sit up another two hours,
but he was firm in his purpose.
No people suffer so much from physi
cal disabilities as those whose business
requires little or no muscular exertion.
The lack of exercise oauses the liver to
beoome sluggish and the result is constant
constipation, indigestion, biliousness and
sick headache. To prevent this take Sim
mons Liver Regulator; it keeps the liver
active and make one's condition as com
fortable as those who have much exercise.
Ohio Man fin Kentucky) And what
kind of water has your town pure?
Col. Scott Putty good, sfth! You can
see how the lawns look, sah!
"While down in the southwestern part
of the stato some time ago," says Mr. W,
Chalmers, editor of theChico (Cal.) Enter
prise, "I hadan attack of dysentery. Hav
. ing heard of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy I bought a bottle.
A couple of doses of it completely cured
me. Now I am a champion of that rem'
edy for all stomach and bowel com
plaints." Tor sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
There is an awful warn'og to those par
ents who continue to nf.me ohildien after
.Imir relatives. Ud in Knott county,
Kentucky, on Caney creek, the practice
has been carried to an excess, and the
result is that the Sloan family numbers
among its members the following: Big
Isom's Sloan, Hard's Isom, Son's Isom
Isom Sloan, Hard's Isom, Son's Isom
Tanm's Isom. Jailer Isom. Andy's Isom
Summ's Isom, Jimbo's Isom, Big Isom's
Isom and Sorrel Head Isom's isom.
When a trifle will buy the ffestest aealttg.
Invention of the dayt Dr. Ramie1 KlectHj
I -nmn1eie body battery to Hit
treatment. "nl frnaraitel, or money
refunded. It will cure without medicine
Bhenmatlein, Lumbago, BciMlea,
Back, Kfcteey Uw Complaint,
trains and all eBeeta of
eta oi oartv Indiscre
tion or eiWM. l wew men n
irreateat poealble boon, the mil
Mootblne; eleetrle current 1 applied
direct to the nerve renter and improve
ments are felt from the flrat boor need.
A pocaet eaiuon o ww wnwMm
medical work. - . . -
"Three Clas$e$of Men,"
illustrated, ia sent free, sealed, oymau upon
application. Kwery yonnKi Madle-ageo
r old man suffering the slightest weakness
should read it. It will how'
mid speedy way to regain "
health when everything els has tailed,
- Ho. 80 CMKleeltiU 8., Denver, vob
AHaa Hew Tork.rblcauu c London, En
largest Electro-Medical tucer;. iu the Worklt
Mr. J. K. Fowler, secretary and treas
urer of the Coriune Mill, Canal and Stock
Co., of Corinne, Utuh, in speaking of
Chamberlain's Congh Remedy says: "I
consider it the best in the market. I
have need many kinds bat find Chamber
tain's the most prompt and effectual in
giving relief, and now keep no other in
my home." When troubled with a cough
or cold give this remedy a trial and we
assure you that you will be more than
pleased with the result. For sale by A.
C. Ireland, jr.
If I had the time to find a place
And sit me down full face to face
With my better self, that stands no show
In my daily life that rushes so,
It might be then I would see my soul
Was stumbling still toward the shining goal ;
I might be uervod by the thought sublime,
If I had the time!
If I had the time to let my heurt
Speak out and take in my life a part,
To look about and to stretch a hand
To a comrade quartered in no luck land;
Ah, God! It I might but just sit still
And hear the note of the whippoorwill,
I think that my wish with God's would
If I had the time!
If I had the time to learn from you
How much for comfort my word could do,
And I told you then of my sudden will
To kiss your feet when I did you ill
If the tears aback of the bravado
Could force their way and lot you know
Brothers, the souls of us all would chime
If we had the time!
',, i : , Eiehard E. Burton.
I don't know exactly why Jack called
me governor, but I suppose it was be
cause I was some years older than he
was and because, when he was a wee
toddler, I had made him kites and
showed him how to spin tops, and per
haps because I used to help him out of
sorapes, either with his teacher or some
playmate too large for him to "lick."
At all events, I got the name, and it has
stuck to me. What surprised me most,
however, was to hear it a few weeks
ago, when I supposed Jack was thou
sands of miles away. I was strolling
leisurely down an old street in Dublin,
looking about for some old landmark of
the "stamping ground" of my child
hood. How things had changed I Yonder
where the little frame chuioli had been
was a stately stone edifioe. Over the old
golf links had been built long rows of
stores and houses, but tnere yes, it
must be there was a house that had not
been changed. j
"Governor," said a voice behind me,
isn't that the house where Alice
I never should have known the speak
er had it not been for the epithet. It
was Jaok, careworn and gray and look
ing 35 instead of 27.
Jack, old boy, what brings you Here.'
I thought you were in America. "
I have been in New Orleans lor a
good many years. Helen used to like the
climate, but the company's agent here
has gone, and I must needs come and
take care of the business until another
man is appointed. Besides the president
knew that I once lived here and thought
it would be both a change from my sur
roundings and a pleasure to see the old
place. But isn't that Alice's old homer'
Yes," said I, I am quite sure or. it,
but you ought to know best. Wasn't she
once a sweetheart of yours;
"Oh, don't speak of that! You pain
met It brings back such a flood of sad
recollections even to look upon the! old
scenes. I don't know that you have
heard, but I am a widower. "
My poor fellow 1 I extend you my
most heartfelt sympathies. But I didn't
know yon had ever married. However,
we have kept such poor track of each
other that I don't wonder at my igno
rance. But can't you tell me something
of yourself? Come, I'm your 'govern-
Well, 'governor,' " said he, with a
faint shadow of his old smile, "I left
America nine years ago. I went straight
to Quebeo and lived there three years.
It was there I met her who became my
wife. We were married just six years
ago last month. Her health failed and
we went south. She grew worse, gave
birth to our first child and died. That
was a little over two years ago, and as
the ohild is in good bands (my sister-in-law's)
I consented to come here. "
"But, Jack, what made you go to
America? Why didn't you stay here?"
Well, it was the same old tale of
the young workingman not being fit to
marry his idol. As you said, Alice was
my sweetheart. She said so herself, dear
girl, but her brother Tom there was
the difficulty. I called on Alice very
often and had asked her to be my wife,
though I was but 19. She said 'Yes,'
but Tom wouldn't hear of it. I tried
to bring him around by all manner of
means, but he was resolute. He had
never liked me, and he never hesitated
to tell me so. In fact, he took great
pleasure in rating me before as well as
behind my back. '..
' 'One night I think it was Halloween
a crowd of young follows got out on
a lark, and in their sport took Tom's
small donkey ont of its shed, and push
ing it upon the roof of a wagon house,
which sloped almost to the ground, tied
it there. Tom thought I waf the prime
mover in the trick, though I "knew noth
ing of.it, and accordingly the next
night, when I called, promptly showed
me the door, with the injunction never
to set foot inside it again. '
"I saw Alice at times, but she seemed
somewhat changed.' So after I had tried
11 in my power , to straighten things I
got angry about it, and when I was of
fered a position in Canada I was glad to
leave, Hy marriage was not spite work.
I loved Alice and always shall, but I
knew I conld be happy with Helen and
then she said she loved me. "
Just then we passed the house. It was
the same old place we both remembered.
The same trees and bushes spread their
branches about the lawn. In one corner
of the yard stood a large, old fashioned
backet pump and on one of the boards
of the side fence was the. rude, weather
stained carving, "Jack Higgini and
Alice Neal."
Jack turned red, then white, as he
looked at the names and then glanoed
at me. ': : ' 'i 1
"Do yon suppose she lives' there
now?" he asked.
''I'm rare I don't know," I replied,
"but let's ask some one."
Several persons passed, bat all seemed,
in a buiry, so we went into a Btore
across the street and inquired. . Yes, Tom
Neal and his sister lived there. Did we
know them? Indeed I No, his sister was
not married. Some fellow off in Amer
ica jilted her, so they said.
"Well, Jack," said I, after we oame
out, "I'm not a matchmaker, but if, as
you say, you always have had a warni
affection for Alioe, why don't you begin
again? It isn't too late."
Jack blushed to the roots of .his hair
and said he should never go there after
having been shown the door. I tried to
coax him, but it would not do, yet all
the time I could see he wished to meet
his old "flame" once more.
Jack and I lived together at the same
hotel and daily I spoke to him of going
to call as a friend. At last the day be
fore he was to return to New Orleans I
got him down near Neal'H home. We
passed it six or eight times, and I began
to feel foolish at promenading up ana
down the street. Onoe he stopped in
front of the gate and he put forth hie
hand to open it, but drew baok like a
young schoolboy. Then I told him that
I had had enough oi sucu tooling and
that when we approached again we
would have to go in. We came up. 1
opened the gate and pushed him forward
up the steps.
"Heavens, 'governor!'" lie gasped,
"Ring the bell for me!"
Tom Neal oame to the door and greet
ed us warmly.
"Jack," said he, "I owe you an
apology have owed you one for years.
I found out who did that work with the
donkey and I'm sorry I ever treated you
as I did."
We began to chat of old times, and
shortly Alioe came down stairs. She waf
the same girl we had known, only ma
tured. I felt sure that she had seen us
before we entered, for she was dressed
in her loveliest. She met Jack not quite
like a sweetheart, but very tenderly.
It did me good to tell them of Jack's
diffidence and what a hard time I had
to get him to come. They were a little
displeased that he did not come before,
and when we said something about sail
ing Alice exclaimed :
"Sailing! What! Are you going
"Yes," returned Jack demurely, "1
start tomorrow."
Alice hummed to herself a moment,
then going over to him and taking his
bands in her own, said :
"Well, I don't propose that you shall
go without me. I have loved you, and
you me. You once asked me to be youi
wife, but we were separated. I know
you are too bashful to ask me again, so
I ask you to be my husband. "
To say that we were surprised is put
ting it mildly, but Jack turned to me
and said, "'Governor,' you are a
matchmaker.after alL "Chicago News.
Future of the Microscope.
As the physician's assistant and guide
in diagnosis, the microscope is coming
rapidly to the front. It is now the cus
tom with some advanced physician
whenever there is a case with obscure
symptoms, or where consultations are
thought necessary, to draw a few drops
of the patient's blood and examine it
under the miorosoope. This almost in
variably decides the condition and is,
in many diseases, an infallible guide,
as the blood is the great sewerage sys
tem of humanity. It takos up and car
ries to the lungs whatever impurities
may exist. There they are consumed or
exhaled. It therefore stands to reason
that the blood is the index to the state
of the system.
Another test adopted by all up to date
dootors is the examination of the per
spiration after a great degree of heat
has been applied to the body. The suf
ferer is put into a steam box,, and after
some moments of profuse perspiration
the surface of the body is scraped with
a sharp steel instrument, by means of
which whatever impurities are thrown
out may be taken from the pores. This,
with the blood examination, is thought
by some practitioners to afford all of
the assistance necessary in determining
the nature of the most obsoure diseases.
Of course, there are what may be called
new diseases, and this method will en
able the skilled microscopist to detect
them and study their genesis and treat
ment. New York Ledger.
Fare to a Star.
Besides being a great astronomer, Sit
Robert Ball is a man of figures. He tells
us what it would oost to reach one ot
tbe most distant stars, supposing a rail
way were constructed to it from London
and that the low rate of 1 penny per 100
miles prevailed. If the intending pas
senger could present to the booking clerk
the whole of the national debt of the
United Kingdom a sum exoeeding
670,000,000 he would require 5,000
huge carts to convey it in sovereigns to
the tieket office. Even when the poor
olerk had accomplished the lengthy task
of counting the "fare," he would want
another 103,000,000 before he would
feel justified in issuing even a third
class ticket, and there could not be a re
turn one for the money. Scottish
Float Indiana.
The history of Canada, especially it
earlier history,' preserves the story of
many a deed of heroism and devotion
on tbe part of Christian missionaries
who worked and perished among tbe In
dians, but there are few stories which
reflect so much credit on Indian piety
as that published from Quebec. - Mou
tagnais and Eskimos came from the
southern shore of Hudson strait to wor
ship in the province of Quebeo. This in
volved a tramp on foot of 1,000 miles
through an inhospitable' country,
through forests, across rivers, mountain!
and lakes, to render a duty they owed
to their religion. Boston Transcript.
China's Name In Chinese.
China and the Chinese know nothing
of the names given to them by the Eng
lish speaking world.
The ancient name of China is Tien
Hia. When the present dynasty began
its reign, then the whole country was
called Ta-Tsing-Kwoh. Chung-Ewoh
was the nam given to that part known
to Americans and English as the Middle
Kingdom. '"""' '"".
Daily, English Weekly and bpanien
ale at the following news depot,
whera ubeoriptiona may alio be
A. O. Teiehman, Oerrillot.
8. E. Newcomer, Albuquerque.
B. T. Link, Silver City.
J. B. Hodgen, Doming. '
O. O. Miller, Hillsborough.
B. Dailey, East Laa Vega,
If. B Allen, La Vega.
San Felipe, Albuquerque .
Jaoob Weltmer, City.
Fletcher Arnold, Bland. N.K.
woman never really
knows the meaning
of happiness and
content until Bhe
is the mother of
a healthy, happy
child. She never
reaches the full de
gree of womanly de
velopment until she
has felt the pleasing
responsibilities of
maternity. All this
happiness may be
marred or may be
turned into misery
if the child is not a
healthy child. The
health of the child depends on the health
of the mother, both before and after birth.
Heredity i3 strong, and it is every woman's
duty to give her children the best possible
chance in life. Nothing that she could pos
sibly give them can be as valuable as health.
Wealth cannot be enjoyed without health.
Nothing can be enjoyed without health.
Health is life. People who are not healthy
are only half alive. The child who starts
out with a robust body and vigorous, virile
health, has everything to be thankful for
and nothing to be afraid of. You cannot
expect such a child to spring from a weak
and sickly mother. Most all of woman's
weakness and particularly the weakness
that most strongly influences the health of
children, comes trom some derangement or
disease of the distinctly feminine organs.
All such trouble is as unnecessary as it is
terribly distressing. Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription will cure all troubles of this
nature. There is no guess-work about this
statement, and there is no qualification.
The "Favorite Prescription" should be
used promptly and persistently until the
symptoms entirely disappear. In every
case, it restores peneui ucauu auu bususl
and assists in the healthful and regular per
formances of all the natural tunctions. i ne
Kxvnrite Prescription" snouia oe lanen
regularly by every woman during the entire
period of gestation. It gives strength to
all the organs involved, lessens the pains
and danger of childbirth and insures the
health ot roin moiner anu l-uiiu.
If you care to know all about the ," Favorite
prescription, aua to rcau mc io,umunj i Hun
dreds of grateful women, send 21 one-cent stamps
to cover cost of mailing only, and receive free a
copy of Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Aaviner 1008 pages, profusely iltustrated.
Address, World's Dispensary Medical Associa
tion, No. 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
I am not of a jealous disposition, but I
really objeot to your kissing your cousin
Tom. I did nothing of the kind. But I
saw yon. Then that shows that you do
not love me any more, when you prefer
to believe what yon see to believing what
I tell you.
The Wabash Jlallroad.
Commencing Sunday, September 8,
Wabash trains 4 and 6, between St. Louis
and Kansas City, will have the follow'
ins sleeping equipments:
No. 4, Kansas Uity to St. Liouis, will
have one compartment sleeper to St,
Louis, and the Denver-St. Louis through
No 5, St. Louis to Kansas uity, win
have one oompartment sleeper to Kansas
City and the Cincinnati-Kansas City
through sleeper.
The Denver-St. Louis sleepeer, west
bound, is carried on Wabash train No. 1,
leaving St. Louis at 12:01 p. m. midnight,
arriving in Denver at 7:25 o'olock on the
second morning.
The Kansas Uity-uincinnnti through
sleeper, east bound, runs on Wabash
train 6, leaving Kansas City at 6:20 p. m.,
arriving at St. Louis at 2:30 a. m. thence
via B. & 0. S. W. train No. i, arriving
Cincinnati 11:30 a. m.
C. 8. Cbane, C. M. Hampbon,
Q. P.ifcT. A. Commercial Agent,
St. Louis, Mo. .. 1025 17th St.,
Denver, Colo.
Notice of Administration.
Notice is hereby given that I, the un
dersigned, have been appointed, by the
honorable probate court ot au Miguel
county, administrator" of the estate of
Robert H. Longwill, deceased, and duly
qualified as such.
All persons having any claims against
said estate are therefore required to
present the game within the time pre
scribed by law.
. , . . Administrator.
In effeot August 4, 1895.
Read down
Z 4
10:20 D 8:20 a
Read up
a i
Lv... Santa Fe...Ar
Ar Lamy....Lv
Lv Lamy ....Ar
6:35 pll :20p
aaft n 7in n
11:10 p 9:10 a
11:35 p 9:30 a
2:45 alii :U a
6:40 a 4:10 p
7:05 a 4:3! p
8:25 a 6:05 p
10:55 a 8:45 p
115 a 9:05 p
12:50 pllp
2:35 p 1:40 a
5:15 p 0:15 a
8:55 p 6:43 a
l:20p l:20p
2:80p 2:30p
11:33 p 9:07 a
6:50 a
4:50a 2:20 p
7:00a 4:55 p
7:30 a 5:30 p
3:00 p 1:00 a
7:40p 5:32a
10:30 p 8 :30 a
Ar..Laa vearas...lv
Ar ...Katon ....Lv
11:59 a 8:10 p
Lv... .Raton Ar
(ll:;a 2:50 p
limn a l !Hi n
Ar..La Junta.. .Lv
Lv..La Junta. ..Ar
Pueblo.... Lv
...Colo Sprlng-iXv
Ar.. ..Denver. ...Lv
i:xi o:sua
4:45 a 4:45 a
11:50 pll :50p
10:20 pl0:20p
Ar..Solt l4ake...l.vl
i:wp i:up
Ar....iJifilen ....L.V
Lv. La Junta. ..Ar
o:.w p nun
6:50 a 9:35
8KWp ....
3) p
1:60 p 2:00
1:25 p 1:25
5:30a ....
Ar...8t Louis.. .Lv
Ar.. Tnrinka Lv
Ar. Kansas Clty.Lv
Lv. Kansas Clty.Arl
..Fort Madison. Lv
....atreator Lv
Ar . . Chloaoro. ..Lv
12:59 a ....
10:00 pl0:00
Dearborn it. Btat'nl
Read down
10:20 p 5:20 p
ll:10p 6:l0p
U:30d 7:00p
Read up
4 2 i
Lv... Santa Fe...Ar
10:80 al2 :30 a
Ar Lamy
9:40 all :40p
9K15all:25 p
7:00a 9:21 p
6:30 a 8:45 p
8:25 p
6:00 D
Lv Lamy ...
12:07 a 7:36 p
.LosUorrilloa ...
i:a a s:w p
2:05 a 9;20p
2:45 a
5:80 a
6:25 a
9:00 a. ......
11:10 a.......
3:15 p
Id :15 a
11:46 a.......
....San Maroial....
Klnoori...... .
r rAmlfiff.. .Lv
2:35 p
9:55 a
11:45 a
Ar.. Silver City.. Lv
Lai jrueei
..HI Paao
2:05a 9:20p
8:30a 9:40 p
9:50 a 3:35 a
5:40 plO :45 a
8:40 p 1:35 p
ifti as a 6:00 D
Lv.Albuquerq'e. Ar
12:35 a 230 n
5:4Up i:zua
8:55 p 4:80a
9:55 a 4:00 p
8:25 a 6:45 a
7:50a 8:50 n
A r . . . PrflEOOtt . . . Lv
7:40 pl2:20a
4:10 a 8:30 p
2:20 p 4:15 a
8:2)p 7:00a
8:30 n 9:50 a
Ar... Phoenix. ..Lv
....The Need e..
12:10 a 1:00 p
.JSnn Bernardino.
i:4Up :wa
5 .-00 p 7 KID a
Ar.Lcn Ang-elei.Lv
Ar..San DFevo..Lv
9:i0pl2:45 pi
9:40 p 1:05 Pi
1:40 p
10 KM
10:45 a.
...... JUUJBW. ......
Ar Sn FraneiicoLv
. . i
H. 8. LTJTZ. Agent, Santa Fe,
G. T. NICHOLSON, O.JP. A., Chicago
Danver & Rio Grande Railroads.
Time Table No. 36.
Effective Oct. 15, 1895.
No. 476. MILf.S No. 475.
8:50am Tv. Santa Fe.Ar 6:10 pin
11:15 am Ar.Esiranola. Lv.. 40.. 3:55 pm
12:10am Ar.Kmliudo.Lv... 59.. 2S'Jpm
1:30 pm Ar.Harraiii-a.Lv.. 66.. 1:80 pm
3:06p m....Ar.Tres Piedras.Lv 97. .11:52 am
5 :00 p m Ar . Antoiilto . Lv.. . 131 . . 10 :C0 a m
6:10 p m Ar. Alamosa. Lv.. 160.. 8:40a m
10:30 m Ar.Salida.Lv....24.. 4:45 a m
1:20 a m Ar. Florence. Lv.. 311.. 1:49 a in
2 :40 a ni Ar . Puelilo. Lv.. .843. . 12: 25 a in
4:12 a m Ar.Colo Spes.Lv.3n.. 10:50 p m
7 :15 a m Ar . Denver . Lv. . . 463 . . 7 :45 p m
Connections with main line and
branohes as follows:
At Antonito for Durangn, Silverton
and ail points in the San Juan conntry.
At Alamosa for Jimtowu, Creede, Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
San Luis valley.
At Salida with main line for all points
east and west, inoluding Lendville.
At Florence with F. & C. C. R. R. for
the gold oainpa of Cripple Creek and
At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river Hues for all
points east.
Through passengers leaving Santa Fe
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosa, at
which point through sleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Banta Fe, N. M.
S. K. Hoofeb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
Nothing so distressing as a hacking
cough. Nothing so foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing so dangerous if allowed
to continue. One Minute Cough Care
gives immediate relief. Newton's drug
Burlington Jtoute.
The summer has come and gone; the
beautiful autumn is again with us; the
great Burlington continues to come and
go every day in the year, and will con
tinue to run the best equipped trains
from Denver to Chicago, St. Louis,
Peoria, Quinoy, Kansas City, St. Joe,
Omaha, Lincoln and intermediate points,
without change of cars.
The Burlington has long been the
tablished favorite route of the traveling
public, and will continue to be the leader
in everything pertaining to tne saieiy
and oomfort of its patrons. Through
vestibuled trains leaves Denver at 11:00
11. and 9:50 p. m. and carry the finest
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars, Famous
C. B. & Q. Dining Cars (meals a la oarte),
Reclining Chair Cars and splendid day
coaches. Notwithstanding the many ad
vantages offered by this line, our rates
are as low as via any other. All ticket
agents will consider it a pleasure to give
full particulars, tioiet you, check your
baggage to any point in the United States
or Canada. Remember your looal agent
can make you as good rates as can be ob
t'.ined in Denver, but should ysu desire
any special information, kindly write
G. W. Vallery, General Agent, 1089 17th
street, Denver, Colo.
There are many good reasons why you
should use One Minute Cough Cure. There
are no reasons why yon should not, if in
need of help. The only harmless remedy
that produces immediate results. New
ton's drug store.
Ilomeaeekers' Excursion.
A second series of homeseekers' excur
sions have been arranged for, and all
agents east of the Missouri river will sell
tickets at one fare for thn round trip to
all points in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado,
Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, ljonisiana,
New Mexico, Oklahoma, North and South
Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and Utah, dates
of sale October 8 and 22, 189S. Return
dates will be October 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29
and November 1, 5, 8 or 12, 1895. For
particulars oall on agents of the "Santa
Fe Route."
Geo. T. Nicholson, H. S. Ldtz,
G. P. A. Chicago. Agent, Santa Fe.
It is a truth in medioine that the small
est dose that performs a oure is the best.
De Witt a Little Early Misers are the
smallest pills, will perform a cure, and
are the best. Newton's drug store.
Special Train via the Banta Ve Konte
-Conferring- of the Pallium npoa
Archbishop Chapelle at Santa
Fe, K. M., Oct. 17, 1HOS.
For the above occasion the A., T. & S
F. will run a special train from Las Vegas
to Santa Fe, leaving Las Vegas October
17. 4:80 a. m.: Romero, 4:40 a. m.; Sulz-
bacher, 5:00 a. m.; Bernal, 6:16 a. m.; Ri-
bera, (San Miguel) 6:40 a. m.; Fulton,
6:10 a. m.; Rowe, 6:85 a. m.; Glorieta,
7:10 a. m.; Lamy, 7:50 a. m.; arrive at
Santa Fe, 8:50 a. tn. For particulars call
on agents of the "Santa Fe Route."
Geo. I. Nicholson, H. 8. Ldtz,
G. P. A. Chioago, 111. Agent, Santa Fe.
A. G. Bart lev, of Magic Pa., writes: I
feel it a duty of mine to inform you and
the public that Pe Witt's Witoh Hazel
Salve oured me of a very bad case of ec
zema. It also oured my boy of a running
sore on his leg. Newton's drug store.
Is not complete
: without an ideal
Combines every element of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
dedicate and desirable protection
to the face in this climate.
Insist npoa having ths gravis.
it is for iau tmmmT.
We call especial attention to onr celebrated
Frej's patent flat opening blank book
"We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
job woirik:
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc.
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
...t ,.-T

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