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NO. 204
Short days make long nights, when
darkness holds sway upon earth. Folks
mast have the means of light for the barn
a well as the parlor, in order to
safety and security. We take pleasure in
calling attention to onr stook of lanterns,
which meets the means and convenience
of all onr neighbors, without an excep
tion. Don't mope r.ronnd in the gloom
and feel your way in the dark when yon
can get a good lantern for $1. Oar stook
of general hardware is well selected and
Catri.. ock . Santa Fe.
nil Fancy GroBeries.
Boss Patent Flour.
- ' Club House Canned Goods.
Hesston Creamery Butter.
'Phone 53
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
'. examine our stock and get our low prices.
Hay, Grain, Fruit and Lumber.
G-reat Bend Pat Imperial Flour.
The Elgin Creamery Butter.
Fresh Ranch Eggs.
Monarch Canned G-oods.
Teas, Coffees & Spices first CLuality
Colorado New Potatoes.
Fresh Poultry & Oysters received
every Friday.
Corner Bridge & Water Sts.
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Designated Depositary of the United; States
J. Palen - - ?3;
J. H. Vaughn
g ipokei don't br eak,
nm imnki ni&n't. work
. HtAt-llnv frame never buckle,
nil. - Rterlinar bearing! run true,
looms! . . Sterling rlden never change mounts,
r. . i . ' Nt.viinff vnnflii win iub run.
num lurni siraiiauav. .
neiv oi meranwi raquirau.
ThfjStwr.lnff ancy U a money-maker.
LOCAL AGENT. Jobbers of Bicycls and Sundries, .
' 1618 M. Second Ave., Phosnlx, Arts.
The Florida Athletic Club Puts the
Kibosh on Arkansas Hot
Springs To-day.
Probably a Move in the Interest of El
Paso The Lower Rio Grande
Likely to Get the Mill
Next Month.
El Paso, Texas, Oet. 21. The indica
tions are that the Oorbett-Fitzsimmons
fight will be held fa the vioinity of this
oity, near the point where Captain Jones,
of the Texas Rangers, was killed a few
years ago. Jones believed at the time he
was on TexBS soil. Along the Rio Grande
river, jost below 1 Paso, there are a
number of strips of land formed by the
constantly changing oonrse of the river,
whieh are in dispnte and over which .
at present by either the United States or
Mexico, as the boundary commission has
not yet passed npon them. There are
some pieoes on the left bank belonging
to Mexioo and some on the right bank
belonging to Texas, and some of the
owners of these pieoes have titles from
botn tbe United states and Mexican gov
ernments, yet neither of these govern
ments is exercising any jorisdiotion over
these particnlar pieces of land. The con
tinuous shifting of the river has caused
these islands or strips of land to be con
sidered nentral gronnd, and it was partly
to settle these disputes that Mexico and
the United States appointed a commis
sion eight years ago to determine
between the two countries. The claim
ants of the respective lands have been
expecting to see the matter settled for
the past fifteen years, and it is not likely
that the matter can be settled at all soon,
as the commissioners have no final juris
diction in the matter and can only recom
mend to their respective governments
their findings and agreements.
This state of affairs is due to the utter
disregard whioh the United States govern
ment has paid to the Rio Grande water
question for the past fifteen years. As it
would take at leaBt several weeks to make
the surveys and determine the ownership
of the present neutral territory there is
now a splendid opportunity for having
the proposed contest come off on this
ground, where neither government can
Hot Springs, Ark. Attorney General
Kinsworthy went to Little Rock to-day
with a complete transcript of the evidence
and records in the Corbett habeas corpus
case, tried on Saturday before Chancery
Judge Leatherman. The supreme court
will rerjew he same at the earliest prac
ticable moment and may do it to-day.
General Kinsworthy said that he be
lieved the supreme court . would reverse
the chancellor's Judgment, bnt refused to
say why he thonght so. He also said that
he believed that the deoision was not
correot. He would not disolose, if he
knew, what. action Gov. Clarke would
take should the supreme conrt sustain
the deoison. .
The Florida Athletic club will meet re
presentatives of Corbett and Fitzsim
mons to-day for a disonssion of the art
icles of agreemeat, whioh Julian, who has
full power from Fitzsimmons to act, says
positively that be will not sign. Brady
says that Julian should bring his man
here and let him and Corbett settle tbe
matter in the arena.
Hot Springs, Ark; The fight between
Corbett and Fitzsimmons is declared off
by the Florida Athletic club. At a con
ference this morning between the man
agers of Corbett and Fitzsimmons, the
club asked that the oontest be postponed
untu jNowember 11. Brady acqmesed;
Julian would not. The contest was then
deolared off. Brady then said his last say,
that Corbett would meet any man in the
world, Fitzsimmons preferred on Novem
ber 11, the man to be named within
twenty-four hours. Vendig announced
that he would matoh Maher against Cor
bett and nno some one to take his place
against O'Donnell, the contest between
Maher and Corbett to be for $50,000 a
Heaitly Duel Near Oeuvcr.
Denvor, Oct. 21. Cbatles Ruse ia dead
and James Girard is dying at Watkins,
twenty one miles east of Denver, as the
resnlt of a duel with razors. Both men
were employed as section hands on the
tlo railroad. Ihere had been
' u landing between them.
Thirty Persons stnireveil Injuries
Two Women and Child Huripoacd
to Have Been lrowned.
New Orleans, Oct. 21. The little iron
bridge, leading from the Algiers ferry
house to the floating wharf where the
ferry boat lands, broke down last even
ing. Thirty persons bad bones broken
or sustained other -more or leas serious
injuries. Annie Missin, aged 8; Mary
Sam, aged 11, and an. unknown woman
who are missing, are supposed to have
been drowned.
Later advioes say that it is believed all
were saved except one woman and two
Daring But Fool Hard'.
Butte, Mont., Oct. 21. A daring bnt
fool hardy attempt was made yeBterday
morning by two men to blow np and rob
the bank of Hoge, Daly & Co., at Anacon
da, and both men, A. L. Firpo and Will H.
Darliug, blacksmiths, were captured and
are now in jail.
And Several Others Wounded A
Warning to Peacemakers.
Viator, Colo., Oct. 21. In a fight at the
gold field yesterday, Daniol Benton, for
merly sheriff of Douglas county, was
killed, and Frank Smith, T. F. Burt and
Andrew Coyle were wounded. Marshal
Taylor had taken a gun away from Tom
Cook, who was having some trouble with
his wife. Cook and his friend, Smith,
then went to Taylor's house armed, and
demanded a return of his gun. Taylor
and his friends then barrioaded the door.
Benton came to act as peace-maker, and
the duel between him and Smith resulted
in seven shots being fired. The others
wounded were bystanders.
Destructive Prairie Klre.
Topeka, Has., Oct. 21. During the
past four days a destructive prairie fire
has swept over parts of four counties in
western Kansas and a large scope of
oountry in eastern Colorado. Over 200,
000 acres have been thus devastated.
Senator Teller Talks entertainingly
Of Colorado's mineral Ontpnt and
Her Bright Prospects.
The business portion of Fairchild, Wis.,
was burned this morning. Loss $75,000.
At St. Louis the jury in the trial of
Maud Lewis, for tbe murder of State Ben
ator Peter Morrissey, in her honse of ill
repnte, laBt May, returned a verdiot of
murder in the second degree, and assessed
her punishment at fifteen years in the
The New York Herald's correspondent
in Rio de Janeiro telegraphs that the Bra
zilian foreign office has reoeived an im
portant declaration fromoiEngland rela
tive to the island of Trinidad. No details
can be learned, but a hasty summons for
a eabinet oounoil has been issued.
A Detroit dispatch says a blizzard
struck Mlohlgan last night and has been
raging with great violence. The mercury
has fallen to below freezing point, and
the wind has increased from twelve to
thirty miles an hour. Nearly every point
in the state report Hurries oi snow. ,
Gen. Clarkson, representing Senator
Allison and Seeretary Hsnn, the personal
friend of William McKinley, jr., are auuit
for an early presidential convention,
Speaker Reed declined to disouss the mat
ter, bnt Chairman Joseph H. Maoley
wired from Denver that he hoped the
convention would be held in May or early
in June, and that he was on his way to
8an Franoieoo to ascertain wont induoe
ments wonld be offered for holding the
convention there. Senator Thurston is
also on the eoast and says San Francisco
will suit him.
Presideut Cleveland and oabinet left
Washington for Atlanta at 11 a. m. to
day.,. The Chicago health department to-day
declared diphtheria and typhoid fever
epedemio in Chicago. The department
reported 880 new oases of diphtheria last
week, 49 4-10" per cent of which were fatal
Charged to impure water. ' "
At New Orleans to-day cotton futures
dropped 42 points and great excitement
prevailed. Emmet k Pusoh, eottoo
brokers, gave notice of their inability to
meet obligations.
John MoCullough It a vans cigars at
Colorado saloon. -
Denver, Oot. 21. A special tothe
Tiinos from Washington says: Senator
Teller arrived here last night to attend a
meeting of the supreme council of 33d
degree Masons, and will remain here un
til Wednesday. He tells the newspaper
men that Colorado is on tbe eve of a new
era of prosperity, caused by the inoreased
production of her gold output, and pre
dicts that Cripple Creek will be the
greatest mining camp in the world. He
says, however, notwithstanding the states'
gold produotion, the people there are at
staunchly for silver as ever. While he is
not hopeful of aooomplishing much in
the next session of congress, he Bays the
silver agitation will be continned. He
thinks the president will make an open
ing for this by a recommendation for the
retirement of greenbacks.
four Persons Hilled.
Steuben ville, Ohio, Oct. 21. The east
bound accommodation train on the Pan
handle railroad crashed into a wagon at
Miller's station crossing this morning,
killing Edward Cogan, 8arauel Cogan, jr.,
Samuel Cogan, sr., and John Campbell, all
of Youngstown.
New York, Oot. 21. Money on call easy
at 2 and 2 per oent; prime mercan
tile paper, i 6. Silver, 67; lead,
Chicago. liattie, receipts ie,uuu, in
cluding 8,000 westerns; market strong;
good grades 100 higher; beeves, f 3.10
$5.15; cows and heifers, $1.25 $3.45;
Texans steers, $2.65 $3.40; westerns,
83.85 w $4.10; stockers and feeders, $2.20
$3.90. Sheep receipts, z,uuu; market,
Kansas Uity Uattle receipts, ,ouu;
shipments, 1,600; market steady; Texas
steers, $2.25 $3.00; Texas oows, $1.50
01 $2.00; beef steers, $3.00 $4.20; native
oows, $1.00 $3.25; stockers and feeders,
$2.60 $3.95; bulls, $1.50 f B.OO. Bbeep
reeiiots, 7,000; shipments, 800: market
steady; lambs, $2.90 & $4 40; muttons,
H2.00 it 83.15.
Chicago. Wheat, Ootober, 59 V; De
cember, 60U. Corn, October 29; Novem
ber, 29. Oats, uotober, lift; veoem-
ber, 17ft. '
Don M. Defeated.
Detroit, Oct. 21. Don. M. Dickinson
was defeated for the nomination for
mayor in the Demooratio oity convention
to-dav. The nominee is Alderman Sam
Golwater, labor candidate, who received
fifty-one votes to tblrty-fonr tor Dickin
son on the first ballot,
Execution Postponed.
Denver, Oot. 21. The supreme court
having granted a writ of habeas corpus
in the case of Abe Taylor, under sentence
of death for the murder of the town mar
shsl at Alamosa, the execution set for this
weak at Canon City is postponed. The
rehearing will probabjy take plaoe within
two weeas.
Hundreds or Coal Miners Near Leav
enworth tMrlko for Advance
of Waces.
Great Britain Issues an Official Note
Tour-bin? the Reply Sent to
President Cresno.
Some Smooth Talk by the Two
Gazettes Another Declara
tion on the Monroe
London, Oot. 21. In view of the many
reports in circulation regarding the at
titude of Great Britain toward Venezuela,
the following official announcement was
made to-day :
"In eonsequenoe of Venezuela's not of
fering nn apology or reparation for the
Urana inoident, the Marquis of Salis
bury has taken steps to inform her as to
what reparation Great Britain requires;
but, as relations between the two coun
tries have been broken off for some years,
the communication was not sent through
the direot diplomatic channel. As the
document has not reaohed its destination
it is not considered desirable to give its
contents, but it is couched in foroible
tones and points ont that Great Britain
will not permit Venezuela to overstep tbe
boundaries marked by the courses of the
rivers Cuyuna and Amacnra, bnt is willing
that the question as to other disputed
territory should be submitted to arbitra
The Westminster Gazette this after
noon says; "Great Britain and the United
States are not going to be led by the ears
by a pack of Venezuelans. President
Cleveland knows that we have no inten
tion of land-grabbing in South America
and Monroeism has no better friend than
tbe old oountry. In due time Seoretary
Olney will no doubt tell the Venezuelans
that they can not expeot the united States
to espouse the quarrel when they deliber
ately presume, on their limited resources,
to attempt to bluff a great power."
The St. James Gazette Bays: "The very
able New York Post fairly applies the
term, 'blatherskite,' to the Tribune and
similar publications and politicians,
whose monthings on Venezuelans affairs
are an example of their habitual letting
loose of foaming tall talk. The United
States government, however, is no blath
erskite and does not listen to the opinions
of advisers of that order."
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest JJ. S. Gov't Report
Colfax County's Latest Mystery Tnrns
Out to Be a Cold-Blooded
inert Together.
Berlin, Oct. 21. A dispatch to the Tag-
blatt from Vienna says field marshal, D.
O. Adelsheim and wife committed snioide
Mexican Cattle.
Tombstone,' A. T., Oot. 21. -In an in
terview here, J. Wallace, a large cattle
owner, of Mexico, said that there had
been a great advance in the price and de
mand of cattle during the past year or
so, and more especially reoeutly. Within
two years,' cattle whioh brought $6 and
$7 a head in American money, not includ
ing the 10 per cent duty levied by the
federal government, are now worth from
$12 to $14. A large proportion of this
beef lb consumed in the United states,
but larger quantities than ever before
are shipped abroad.
A Marvelous Yarn.
Phoenix, A. T., Oot. 21. B. Elliott is
in Phoenix. He is' the Kansas man
whose fame arose with a dream. He
dreamed that his brother, lost to his
knowledge for thirty years, had located
in Prescott, A. T., and then he dreamed
the pleasing sequel that he and his
brother traveled to a near-by point,
where they found a mine of surpassing
richness. Elliott had faith in his dream.
He went to Prescott and found his
brother, strange to say. Then tbey
traveled to the mountains of the dream
and found the mine. The mine has not
been developed and may not be the Gol-
conda of dream books and of fairy tales,
yet it is said to show remarkable rich
The Cardinal at Las Vegas.
Cardinal Gibbons and party arrived
here in their speoial oar about 1 o'clock
this morning, and his eminence preached
at the east side Catholic ohuroh at 9 a. m.
His text was taken from St. John, chap
ter 4, paragraph 47. The sermon was elo
quently and forcibly delivered and was
listened to by as many people as the
ohurch wonlk hold. The entire sermon
will appear word for word in Monday
evening's Optic The east side Catholio
churchohoir rendered some of the ohpioest
music ever heard in the oity, being as
sisted by Mrs. Hernandez and Miss Edith
Bothgeb. v
After the beautiful services of the
Catholic ohurch were over, a reception
was held by Cardinal Gibbons and Aroh
bishop Cbapelle at, the parochial resi
dence, whioh was attended by hundreds,
the mayor and the oity counoil attending
both tbe services and reception in a body.
The distinguished party left for the east
on the noon train. Las Vegas Optio
Sunday Extra.
Brief announcement of the death of
Dan J. Young, for years a leading stock
man Of Colfax county, was made in these
columns on Friday last. First reports
bad it that he had suffered a fatal fall
from his horse while riding over the
range at his rauoh near Folsom. But
such seems not to have been the case.
The Eaton Reporter at hand this morn
ing says:
"Wednesday about noon two children
discovered his team standing in the road
about five miles northeast of Folsom.
Not seeing any driver they looked in the
bed of the wagon where they discovered
Mr. Young lying still as if dtad. They
unhitched the horses and rodetotheranoh
of Mrs. Barto Martin, Mr. Young's sister,
about Beven miles distant, who brought
him to her house. It was discovered that
ho had been shot with a large calibered
gun in the right side, the ball ranging up
ward, coming ont at the breast a little to
the left. The left side of his faoe, his left
side and arm were badly bruised.
"Mrs. Martin sent for assistance and
made every effort to revive him and
although he lived until 8:30 p. m. he never
spoke a word.
"There are several theories as to tbe
probable cause of his murder, but there is,
as far as we have been able to ascertain,
absolutely no due to the party or parties
who did the deed or the reason for it.
One theory advanced is that he probably
discovered some one stealing cattle or
horses and that he was put out of the way
for that reason, as it is asserted that east
ern Colfax and western Union counties
are infested with a large organized band
of cattle and horBe thieves."
The body was brought to Raton on
Saturday and the funeral took place that
afternoon. The business houses, as a
mark of respect, were closed from 2 to 4
p. m. County Superintendent of Schools
John Morrow and the members of the
city school board, of which he was one,
acted as pall bearers.
An executive proclamation was issued
to-day offering a reward of $200 for each
one implicated in this crime. Raton has
held a mass meeting and Colfax county
residents will Jhin in offering a large re
ward. '
Mrs. Bush has fitted up the Lehman
Spiegelberg house with comfortable sit
ting and dining rooms and resumed
keeping boarders. She will give single
meals or take boarders by the day, week
or month. For terms apply to Mrs. M.
Bush, Santa Fe, N. M.
Lost. On Thursday morning between
the Claire hotel and cathedral, a black
hand-painted fan. Leave at the Claire
and reoeive reward.
Hanta Fe 17, Madrid 4.
With a good team behind Wynkoop
and Parsons, who were in the points for
the Santa Fes, they were sucoesBful in
beating Madrid's Black Diamonds, on the
local grounds, to the tune of 17 to 4.
Douglass, of the Northwestern league,
and Clarke, who played with the Sanden
Electrics here in July, were the battery
for the visitors. The Santa Fes played
ball from the start, the visitors succeed
ing in making but four hits oft Wynkoop,
and fanning the air twelve times; The
base running of Will Parsons and Webber,
and the general all-around playing of
Charlie Parsons, Morgan, Ashford, O'Brien
and Estes deserve Bpeoial mention. The
visitors had no features to speak of, their
nlavinor being very ragged. The home
team may close the season in Cerrillos
Sunday next.
Leavenworth, Kas., Oot. 21. Three
hundred miners employed at the North
Leavenworth coal shaft, quit werk to-day
and visited the Home Rherside mines for
tbe purpose of inducing the men em
ployed there to quit The North Leaven
worth company is paying 80 cents per
ton for mine-ton coal and the Home
company is paying 70 cents. The walk
out is to force the Home Riverside com
pany to pay 80 oeuts. A strike seems al
most certain.
For Sale Cheap. Two first-class
tickets to Colorado Sittings. Apply at
MoKensie's hardware store.
As an Athlete
It Is necessary that my system should be
In first class condition, wnetner in train
inv for rnnnln. anarrins or heavy weight
Juggling, I always begin by taking Hood's
Barsspsrllla. It'keeps my system in gooa
non&itinn and I vladlv recommend it."
L. O. jAquw, 168 11th St., San Francisco.
Hood's Garsaparilla
Is the only True Blood Purifier Promi
nently in the Public Eye. Get HOOD'S
The Pecos Valley Qnill Driver Talks
of His Towns-A Thrifty Re
gionThose P. I. & I.
Mr. Wm. H. Mullane, editor of tbe
Current at Eddy and the Irrigator at
Roswell, in the famous Pecos valley, has
been in tbe oity for several days-attending
the church festivities. He declares the
oity of Eddy to be the most beautitut
and attractive of nny of its size tin New
Mexico. It has more than thirty-two
miles of shaded streets with acaroely a
tree missing. Its drainage is perfect;
clear sparkling water flowing on both
sides of all its wide streets and a com
plete system of water works bringing
pure water from the foot-hills of the
Gaadalupes, tlirtte miles from town, for
culinary and fire protection purposes. A
well equipped fire department, electric
light, ioe factory and amply capitalized
mercantile establishments make Eddy a
place that any man might be proud to
call his home and more especially
when its almost perfect climate is
considered. "The amount of land
under a perfect system of irrigation,"
said Mr." Mullane, "is 400,00 acres
in the Pecos valley. Here the largest
storage reservoir on the American conti
nent is located. Near Roswell are grown
the finest apples on earth, a reward hav
ing been offered for the finding of a
single wormy apple. The town of Ros
well which controls a tract extending for
a hundred miles in every direction is
peopled with the most energetic and pnb-
lio spirited set of business men in the
territory, and is now grading its streets
and bmlding more than any other town.
"All that the lower Peoos valley con
tains has grown up in five years. Its
great farms, the Tansill farm, the Bolles
place, the Greene farms and hundreds of
smaller irrigated homes are very produc
tive. Thousands of tons of alfalfa were
harvested this season. It sells at $7 a .
ton baled, and stock feeding is a new in
dustry thpt will place much ready money
in the hands of the farmers.
'The resignations of the P. I. & I. com
pany officials last week, which inoident
has created considerable talk over the
territory, is only what might be expected
on the completion of the building of the
great irrigation works, there being no
further necessity of tbe employment of
men of such calibre as W. A. Hawkinsand
C. C. Blodgett, attorney and general man
ager. It ib tbe general opinion that a
conservative and economical policy will
be pursued in the future and that genial
and well-respected gentlemen, Mr. G. A.
Richardson, who has so faithfully repre
sented the company as assistant attorney,
will represent tbe company's interest iu
the future in a legal way. While it is
rumored that A. a. Goetz, toe present
assistant secretary and treasurer, may
occupy the position of general manager,
it is also hinted that Mr. Goetz does not
care to leave his present position at
Colorado Springs, otherwise the mantle
of general manager could fall on no more
worthy a man than A. G. Draper, who, as
assistant auditor, has been with the com
pany from the start and is really the best
qualified as well as the most popular man
in the Peoos valley, at Roswell and Eddy
and all intermediate points."
The healint? nrnnerties of De Witt's
Witch Hazel Snlva are well known. It
cures eczema, skin affections and is sim
ply a perfect remedy for piles. JNewton's
drug Btore.
Milk Punch 10 ots a glass at the Colo
rado saloon.
For Male at a Bargain.
Good No. 1 first-class bar and fixtures,
ioe-cheet, and one good combination bil
liard and pool table, for sale cheap for
cash. Apply at Exchange office.
Academy; ot
Hnnrl'a DSHc""9 habitual ronallpa
nUOU S fills ti01u y,M w cent.
TERMS: Bonrd ami tuition, per month. 920.00: Tuition of day wholAnt,
to Off per month, according to crade. Musio, Instrmnrntiil autt
. vocal, paititing in oil and water color, on chinu, etc., form extra
charge. .For prospectus or further Information, apply to
Mother Francisca Lamy, Superior.

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