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;anta fe
NO. 209
Short days make long nights, when
darkness holds sway upon earth. Folks
most have the means of light for the barn
as well as the parlor, in order to
safety and security. We take pleasure in
calling attention to our stock of lanterns,
which meets the means and convenience
, of all our neighbors, without an exoep
' tion. Don't mope around in the gloom
i and feel your way in the dark when yon
: can get a good lantern for $1. Oar stook
of general hardware is well Beleoted and
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
and Faner Groceries.
Boss Patent Flour.
Club House Canned Goods.
Hesston Creamery Butter.
Phone 53
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
examine our stook and gee our low prices.
Hay, Grain, Fruit . and .Lumber.
Great Bend Pat Imperial Flour.
The Elgin Creamery Butter.
Fresh Ranch Eggs.
Monarch Canned G-oods.
Teas, Coffees & Spices first quality
Colorado New Potatoes.
Fresh Poultry & Oysters received
every Friday. v
Corner Bridge & Water Sts.
Director of the United States Mint
Makes a Statement Regarding:
; Gold Output.
Handsome Showing Predioted for Colo
rado, New Mexico and the Rocky
Mountains 6-enerally Riches
of Cripple Creek Produc
tiveness of Leadville.
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Designated Depositary of the United States
R. J. Palen
J. H. Vaughn - Cashier
Sterllnjr spoke don't break,
' Sterling sprockets quickly canted,
Sterling crank oan't work Ioom, , .
sterling torki are strong'
Sterling-frame never buckle,
Sterling bearing run true,
Sterling rider never change mounts,
Sterling wheels
i win the raoet.
Sterling aawnta wanted In avery town In New Mexico ana Ariiona,
cem or rererenoes required. -Bwrri w "
TheSterlina? umi ! a money-maker.
JODDer OI MOyote ana sunonn,
1618 H. Second Ave., Phoenix, Aria.
New York, Oot. 26. A Bpecial from
Washington Bays that R. E. Preston, di
rector of the mint, makes the following
"I am satisfied that the gold produot of
the world will not be less than $200,000,
000 for the year 180S, an Increase of $20,
000,000 oyer 1891. Of this inorease the
United States will contribute not legs
than $7,600,000. -
"Colorado will show an increase of
from $3,500,000 to $4,000,000, California
$2,000,000, and Arizona, New Mexico,
Idaho and Montana will make a hand
some showing.
"In Colorado, the principal inorease
will come from the Cripple Creek dis
trict. This district altogether will pro
dace $16,000,000 this year. It required
some time to eonvince capitalists tbat
this was a wonderfully rioh district. The
shipments of rioh ore. made last year,
have removed all doubt abont the future
of the Cripple Creek conntry.
"Leadville will also show an increase
this year in its output of gold. Home
mines of this region are very productive.
In the Leadville region there are fonnd
gold, silver, copper, lead and iron. There
is a general revival of gold mining
throughout this region."
New York, Oot. 26. Money on oall nom
inally at 2 per cent; prime mercan
tile paper, 1 6. Silver, 67; lead,
ChioRgo.-fJittle, receipts 8,000, ship
ments, 4,000; market steady; beeves, $3.25
$5.00; cows and heifers, $1.25 $8.50;
Texans steers, $2.55 $3.60; westerns,
$2.90 $4.10; stookers and feeders, $2.25
$3.50. Sheep receipts, 2,000; market,
steady; lambs, $3.90 $4.25; muttons,
$2.00 $8.20.
KanBas City. Cattle receipts, 700;
shipments, none; market qniet; Texas
steers, $2.00 $3.25; Texas oows, $1.90
$2.55; beef steers, $3.25 $5.00; native
eows, $1.00 $3.25; Btockers and feeders,
$2.85 $4.75; bulls, $1.60 $2.50. Sheep
receipts, 800; shipments, 2,000; market
strong; lambs, $2 60 $125; muttons,
$2.10 $3.25.
Chioago. Wheat, October, 59; De
cember, 60. Corn, October 30; Novem
ber, 29. Oats, October, 184; Decem
His Mysterious Letter Opened, Bat
Its statements Not Believed.
San Franoisoo, Oot. 26. The Examiner
Bays that in the mysterious letter, to be
opened in case that Theo. Durrant was
eonvioted, Durrant makes the statement
that he saw the last details of the murder
and saw Rev. J. George Gibson and an
other man, prominent in church affairs,
bonding over the body of Blanohe La
mont. The Examiner says that Dorrant's
lawyers have opened the letter already,
bnt do not believe the statements made
in it.
Weekly Bank Statement.
New York, Oot. 26. The weekly bank
statement is as follows; Reserve, in
orease, $1,890,525; loans, decrease, $1,
827,500; speoie, inorease, $1,299,800; legal
tenders, decrease, $308,000; deposits, de
crease, $1,270,900; circulation, decrease,
$80,600. The banks now hold $16,689,
700 in excess of legal reqnirements.
Chamberlain Tnrned Down by Brit
ish Uniana Declines to tio Into
the Wold Fields Mteol.
Washington, Oct. 26. The state depart
ment is in possession of the fall text of
the dispatches sent by Joseph Chamber
lain, secretary of state for the oolonies of
the British oabinet, to Sir- Charles Lees,
governor general of British Guiana, con
cerning the strengthening of the frontier,
the Increase of polios and purchase of
Maxim gnns in British Uniana territory.
The department has been famished
also with the detailed aotion of the high
council of British Gaiana upon the recom
mendations of Minister Chamberlain.
Mr. Chamberlain requested informa
tion bs to whether capitalists oan be
fonnd who' will take a concession for the
gold field oovering the same territory a
the Venezuelan concession to tne united
States svndioate; he urged the construc
tion of a road from the Bariia to the
Bran rivcri to protect the gold fields
against Venezuelan encroachments', and
insisted on the immediate purohase of
Maxim guns to man the frontier.
When the high oounoil opened its ses
sion these suggestions were brought for
ward by the secretary of British Gaiana,
bnt the oounoil defeated the - resolution
by a vote of ten to eight, thue rejecting
the polloy laid aown oy ins uruisn can
inet. , . ' .
Bloody right In Montenegro.
Gettlnje, Montenegro, Oot. 26.-rA
bloody fight between Mohammedans and
Catholics has taken place at oouiagi, ai
bana. Many were killed on both sides.
Ex-Uov. Beverldge and Other Promi
nent llllnolsaaa Ban a Lottery
Without Knowing It.
Chicago, Oct. 28. The indiotment
against ex-Gov. John L. Beveridge,
Samuel M. Biddisou and Frederiok D,
Arnold, for alleged violation of the lot
tery laws, has been dismissed by Gen.
John O. Blaok, U. 8. district attorney.
They were offloen of a late insurance
oompany, the eemi-tontine feature of
whioh was said to be in the nature of a
lottery. They were surprised to learn that
ther ware violating the federal taws and
immediately abandoned the feature.
Returned to Episcopal Faith.
Milwaukee, Oot. 26. Rev. Walter C.
Clapp, who about a year ago seceded
from the Episcopal and joined the Ro
man Catholio chnroh, las returned to the
EpiBcopal or Angelician faith.
Russia's Aggressive Movements in the
Far East Really Seem to Threat
en Serious Trouble.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Francis A. Collin (sentenced to Eight
Years In the Penitentiary by the
Federal Court at Indianapolis.
Indianapolis, Oot. 26. Judge Baker, of
the federal oonrt, to-day sentenced Fran
oiB A. Coffin, a former president of the
Indianapolis Cabinet company, fonnd
guilty of aiding in wreoking the Indian
apolis National bank, to eight years in
the penitentiary. This afternoon an ap
plication for a writ of supersedeas will
be made before Judge Woods. If suo
oeesfol it will allow the prisoner to re
main out on bond until his case is passed
npon by the U. S. supreme court.
The miners' mass convention of Mas
sillon, Ohio, to-day votefl to declare the
strike off.
Inter-State Commerce Commissioner
Martin A. Knapp has written an open let ¬
ter to Senator Chandler, of Mew Hamp
shire, in regard to the criticism Of him
by the latter in oonnection with the new
trunk line agreement. Mr Knapp favors
the railropd pool.
A Constantinople correspondent says:
"A hundred Turks were arrested on Sat
urday and thirty-eight t3oftas and five
students of the military oollege on Mon
day. All are closely oonnected with the
Young Turkish agitation. The outlook
is serious."
Rio Janeiro, Brazil, telegraphs that in
the event that Brazil should be compelled
to pay what her government regards as
outrageous claims, made by European
nations, she will retaliate. Retaliation
will take the form of an increased rate of
duty npon all goods entered at the cus
tom house from countries which press
their claims.
A meeting was held in London of the
Armenian Relief Fund oommittee for the
purpose of raising '8,000 more.
The British ambassador at Constanti
nople has declared that this amount will
be necessary to preserve the Armenians
from starvation daring the winter. The
Duke of Westminister, who is the chair
man, expressed the committee's most
hearty thanks for the handsome dona
tions by the citizens of New York.
The general land office is in constant
reoeipt of complaints tbat the men oper
ating mines are stripping the public
lands of forests. One eharge, it is eaid, is
that Marous Daly, the manager of the
Anaoonda mining property, in Montana,
has out about 75,000,000 feet of lumber.
The commissioner has recommended in
his annual report that the law permitting
timber to be out for mining purposes be
repealed and that the forests of these
regions be put under a forestry system.
Bather a Uood Reason,
Springfield, 111., Oot. 26. Gov. Altgeld
announced to-day that he- would not be a
candidate for the U. 3. senatorship next
year, as, even if the Democrats make a
grand sweep next year, the Republicans
with seventeen hold-over senators are
oertain of a majority of five or six on
joint ballot in the legislature.
Oriental Situation Viewed with Deep
Interest at Washington John Bull
Patting Uncle Sam on the Back
Order of the Double
ATnz Blown Up on the Chicago Jtlver
and Several Persons Killed
and Burned.
Chicago, Oot, 26. The boiler of the tug
boat Morford exploded on the river this
morning, killing John Eriokson, fireman on
the Morford, and John Ferguson, captain
of the tug U. B. Ureen.
The injured are: Chas. Dix, burned,
will die.
John Cullinan, captain of the Morford,
burned, will reoover.
Daniel MoRae, lineman, will reoover.
financial Paralysis.
London, Oct. 26. A Berlin dispatoh to
the Times says: Baron von Hammer
stein, Prussian minister of agrioultnre, at
a banquet at Ratibor, said the imperial
government was deliberating how to meet
the serious danger arising from the fall
in the prioe of silver. His remarks, how
ever, were somewhat obsoure, and it is be
lieved can soareely be interpreted as
favoring measures looking to bimetal
ttplendid Record Made by the New
American Liner, Mt. Pan I, from
Southhampton to New York.
New York, Oot. 26. The new American
line steamer, St. Paul, dropped anchor at
quarantine at 8:14 this morning, having
made her maiden voyage from Southamp
ton in the remarkable fast time of six
days, seventeen hours and fifty-one min
utes. Had not her port engine been
stopped on October 28 for twenty-one
hours, owing to a defective air pump, the
teamer would no doubt have broken all
reoords from Southampton. One day's
run showed the splendid - average of
nearly twenty-one and one-half knots for
twenty-four, hours. ,
An Excellent Snsa-estlon.
Chioago, Oot. 26. Steve Brodie, dis
gusted at the fistic fissco, offers a purse of
$5,000, to be contested for in private by
Corbett and Fitzsiminons, with twenty
men on a side. He has posted a forfeit of
$500. '
Hail Destroyed.
New York, Oot. 26. In the fire follow
ing the collision at Trimmer's Rook, Pa.,
on the Pennsylvania railroad, on Thurs
day morning, the entire eargo of news
papers for Colorado, New Mexioo, Ari
zona and other western country was
burned. The loss through the destruc
tion of mail will, it is believed, amount to
Onenchlns Fire With Coal Oil.
Glsssboro, N. J., Oct. 26. The Whitney
glass works burned to-day. A blaze was
discovered bv an employe, who picked
op a bucket 'of ooal oil, thinking It was
water, and threw it on the Are. For a
time it looked as if all that eeetion of the
town would be destroyed. The loss is
over $100,000; fully insured.
London, Oot. 26. The Times' Hong
Kong correspondent learns from a re
liable sooroe that by the recently con
cluded Ruhso- Chinese treaty Russia ob
tains rights to anchor her fleet at Port
Arthur and to construct and work nnder
Russian administition railways from
Nertchinsk and Isitsihar to Vladivostock,
and from Tsitsihar t3 Port Arthur, to
gether with other commercial advantages
to whioh the most favored nations the
clause is not applicable. Bnt the Chinese
reserve the option to purchase the railways
twenty years hence at the price to be ar
ranged hereafter. While no official con
firmation of this report is to be had, no
body seems to doubt it, and war talk
is heard everywhere.
This afternoon the papers of London
all publish long articles agreeing that
British intervention in the far east is
nocessnry. The St. James Gazette says:
"Even a war with Russia wonld be less
disastrous than to allow her, without a
blow, to get snob a grip on China. She
could throttle all other powers and choke
off their commerce. Unless Russia end
China give neoessary assurances it is a
case of untilaisra, and perhaps the most
serions step our diplomacy has had since
the Crimean, war.
The Pall Mall Gazette sums up the
startling news from the far cast with the
statement that "Russia has annexed
China," and in the oonre of a long article
on the subjeot adds:
"If this treaty is to stand, roll up the
map of Asia."
In oonolusion the Pall Mall Gazette
urges the re-oooupation of Port Hamilton
by the British and the immediate
strengthening of the British fleet in
Chinese waters, "lest Japan lose her fleet
at the first blow."
Washington. The cable reports that a
Russian fleet of fifteen vessels was on its
way to Corea attracted muoh attention
among the diplomatic representatives of
the east. It is regarded bs presenting
grave conditions, if the facts as reported
are true. The fact that Fosan ia one of
the points toward which the Russians
are heading is pointed out as Bpeoially
significant. Fusanis at the southeasterly
extremity of Corea, and is the point near
est to Japan, being only twelve hours
sail from the Japanese mainland. Fur
ther north is Won San, the strategic
point in Corea which the 'Russians have
long songbt to secure. It is on Brongh
ton's bay, in the middle of the east of
Corea. The bay is the only useful harbor
in the stretoh of COO miles along the east
ooast of Corea. The harbor is perfectly
sheltered, and is open the year around.
Leading authorities agree that it will
ultimately be the terminus of the Trans
Siberian railway whioh Russia is building.
For these reasons the movement of the
Russian fleet towards those points of
strategio importance is watched with
keen interest.
London. The alarming dispatch of the
Times from Hong Kong, published yes
terday, announcing that Russia, by a
treaty recently conclnded with China,
had acquired the right to atiohor a fleet
at Port Arthur and build railroads whioh
would connect Vladivostock with that
port, remains the absorbing subject of
newspaper comment, although the report
has not yet been confirmed by the British
foreign office.
The Westminister Gazette points out
that an excellent opportunity is now of
ered for making the beginning with what
it describes as a "union in higher diplo
macy between the United States and Great
Britain, to whioh all thinking men in the
English speaking world so oonndently
look forward."
London. In oonnection with the situa
tion in the far east the English news
papers make much of the announcement
to-day that China conferred the order of
tha double dragon upon several high offi
cials of the Russian foreign department.
An Illinois Legislator Indicted for
Ottering: to Kill His Own Bill
for a Consideration.
Peoria, III., Oot. 26. The grand jury
this afternoon returned an indiotment
aorainst Simon Schafer, of Chicago, repre
sentative in the last legislature, for offer
ing to receive a bribe. He introduced
the bill to prohibit the feeding ot slop to
cattle. There is evidenoe that he tried to
get money from a Peoria distillery to kill
the bill.
That Tired Feeling
And other troubles pain about my
heart, indigestion, liver complaint, dizzy
pells and headaches made me a neat
sufferer. After other medicine failed
Hood's Garsaparilla
Oav m wonderful relief.-. I alwayi
take It now when I have any bad feeling.
I am alio very muoh pleased with Hood'
riiis." mbw. K. B.UROOOH, Lebanon, Ore,
Raton continnes to grow and prosper.
There are forty-three prisoners in the
Albuquerque jail awaiting trial.
The Raton Water Works company is
furnishing a splendid supply of absolute
ly pare water.
Moye Wicks, an Albuquerque lawyer,
has been offered the position of counsel
of a big irrigation and lnd oompany of
Los Angeles.
The head-line man of the Optio should
read up a little. He says: "The New
Mexico Bopreme oonrt rejects the Peralta
land grant." '
District court will convene at Tierra
Amarilla on November 4. There are
some forty oases on the docket to be die
posed of.
Gen. Thomas G. Pitcher, who served
with distinction through both the Mex-
oan and civil wars, died at Fort Bayard
on Sunday.
A quiet wedding took plaoe at Pinos
Altos last Wednesday, when Harry White
hill, son of ex-Sheriff Harvey Whitehill,
and Miss Cora Derbyshire were united in
J. M. Archuleta, jr., through M. Gomez,
made a delivery and shipment of 5,000
lambs to Mr. Reynolds, of Omaha. The
lambs were sleek and fat. Lumberton
Apples are selling at the Chisum and
other orchards in Roswell at about $2 per
100. Many grape vines in the lower
valley are bearing their second crop for
this year. -Eddy Cnrreut.
Hon. R. L. Young, district attorney,
and family left for New York, Monday,
21st. ; He will be gone for two or three
weeks. In the interim Judge S. B. New
comb will attend to Mb duties as district
attorney. Rinoon Weekly.
Eighteen cars of cattle were fed here
yesterdav, going east from Deming.
Some four additional trains of cattle
went east last sight. Cattle were loaded
yesterday by the Santa Fe, at Deming,
Silver City, San Marcial and Magdalena;
and it wasn't a very good day for cattle
either. Las Vegas Optic
D. L. Kemp and W. W. Bosh were ar
rested Monday by J. L. Dow on the
charge of cattle theft of a yearling heifer.
The preliminary examination was held
Monday before Justice Roberts who
bound Mr. Bush over in the sum of $750
to appear before the next term of court.
Mr. Kemp was discharged. Eddy Cnr
eent. The U. 8. Bupremc court has entered
this: "No. 550. Stephen M. Fulsom,
plaintiff in error, vs. the United States;
motion for leave to make oral argument
herein granted, aad cause assigned for
hearing on the third Monday in Novem
ber nest, after the onses already set down
lor mat any.
Ia the district court at Albuquerque,
the case of Coons and others enjoining
the oity of Sooorro from issuing more
bonds, the 4 percent limit having been;
reached, was argued by E. V. Chavez for i
the city and o. Alexander for the com
plainants, on motion to modify so as to
allow current expenses.
Mra. Clara Armijo and her little daugh
ter, Beatrice L., and Miss Bruyn have ar
rived in Albuquerque from Jew iork.
The first named charges her former hus
band, Mariano Arnujo, with bigamy,
and she will appear before the U.S. grand
jury now in session at Albuquerque. Mrs.
A r mi jo's maiden name was Clara Willis.
She appears to possess much refinement
and delicate feeling.
Brother David, who for so many years
was in oharge of the Christian Brothers'
school, of this city, left for St. Louis to
day to take charge of advanced pupils in
the Brothers' school of that city. As a
man and a scholar Now Mexico loses in
Brother David one whom she oan not af
ford to spare, while St. Louis gains a
prize indeed. Las Vegas Optic
Citizens of Raton offer a reward of
$1,250 for the arrest and conviction of
the murderer or murderers of D. J.
Young, the Union oounty commissioners
and the governor of the territory yet to
be heard from. Las vegas uptio. ine
Optio is in error. An executive order
waa issued last Monday offering a reward
of $200 for the apprehension of each per
son implicated in this crime.
On the evening of the 17th at 7 o'olock
p. m. at the ranch of Jesus Duran,near
Charuberi no, Delana Portillo was shot
and killed by Albino Villa, who had been
drinking heavily all the afternoon. The
woman was engaged in preparing sup
per when Villa, with a 41 caliber pistol,
shot her from behind, the ball entering
the left shoulder and coming out in front.
Tho murderer esoapod and has not as yet
beer captured.- - lias Cruces Independent.
Tuesday m- r. ing, Frank Abbott, fore
man for Bnraiio.ci A Rnyolds, owner of
several thousand head of sheep, at Mal
pis mountain, twenty miles south of Fol
som, Colfax county, went to that plaoe,
and swore out warrants for the arrest of
the Vigil brothers for attempted murder.
It seems Abbott had some tronble in set
tling up with the two brothers about not
attending the sheep in the proper manner.
Thty, thinking he was unarmed, drew a
Winchester, but he happened to have a
Bix-shooter without any ammunition, and
stood them off. A deputy sheriff is on
their track, and perhaps has them in
ebarge by this lime. Las Vegas Optio.
Itcv. Father roin.
Eddy will shortly have a resident pas
tor of the Catholic chnroh in the person
of Rev. Father Grom, formerly pastor
at Las Vegas. Father Grom is an Alsa
oittn, though a thorough English scholar.
He converses readily i;i German nnd
Spanish and his mother tongue is French.
He also speaks, though not so fluently,
Italian, Portuguese and tho usual Latin
and Greek- demanded of every priest.
Father Grom is a talented musician and
of the cultured French type of gentlemen.
On account of our very heterogeneous
population, it is fortunate we have so
cured a man who can converse with each
of tho many nationalities in their own
langnage as well as represent the Peons
valley in Catholic oircles with credit
everywhere and especially to those who
oonteinplate making their homes here.
Eddy Current.
(Sudden Oeath of Wife of AmliasMador
F.uhMm A Prominent I'ennxyl
vania Democrat Passes
HnnrTs Plll tMteieu, -, iio
IIUUU S fills Ult AllaragtUtt. Ho.
Philadelphia, Oot. 26. Samuel Joseph,
a Democratic politician nnd wealthy
contractor, died to-day. At the Demo
cratic national convention at Chicago, in
1891 he gained national fame as the
author of the popular campaign slogan,
"Grovef, Groverj four more years of
Grover." " - - -
Paris. Mrs. James B. Eustis, wife of
the U. S. ambassador, died suddenly this
moruiug at Rotath, Ireland, of heart
Steamer Ashore.
Asthabnla, Ohio, Oct. 26. An unknown
steamer and a schooner she has iu tow
are ashore six miles west of here. The
life-saving crew has gone to the scene.
Being satisfied that if you have once
used a flat-opening book, you will al
ways use them, and in order to get
you to try one the New Mexican
Printing Co. of Santa Fe, will sell you
bound in full leather, with patent
name and the number, or letter, of the
book on the back in gilt letters, at the
following low prices:
5 Hr. (400 pages) Cash Book 5.50
HOr.(4H ' Journal - . A.00
7 r. (560 " ) Ledger - 7.50
They are made with pages 10x16
inches, of a good ledger paper with
round cornered covers. The books
are made in our bindery and we guar
antee every one of them. '
Academy of
. , : ..... . , . , . . f-y
TEBlISi-Poard and tuition, per month. B)O.0O; Tuition of day scholars.
w to 5 per month, accnrdhiir to grade. Music. itt,-trumF-t:tul nnd
vocal, painting: in oil and wntir colors, on cihina, etc.. form eMru
charges. For prospectus or further information, apiily to
Motto Francisca Lam, Superior.

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