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He Daily New Mexican
Notice is hereby given that orders given
by employes upon the New Mexican Printing
Co., will not be honored unless previously
endorsed by the business manager.
Requests for back numbers of the New
Mexican, must state date wanted, or they
will receive no attention.
AavertlMlnit Hates.
Wanted One cent a word each insertion.
Local Ten cents per line each insertion.
Reading Local Preferred position Twen-ty-tive
bnta per line each insertion.
Displayed Two dollars an inch, single
column, per month in Daily. One dollar an
Inch, single column, in either English or
Spanish Weekly.
Additional prices and particulars given on
receipt of copy of matter to be inserted.
Prices vary according to amount of matter,
length of time run, position, number of
chaiures. etc.
One copy only of each paper in which an
au. appears will be sent tree.
Wood base electros not accented.
No display advertisements aecepted for less
than $1 net, per month.
No reduction in pries made for "every
other day" advertisements.
0. S. Department of Agriculture,
WtiTuH BiiUKAU Office of Observer
Santa Fe, October 25. 1895,
S3 BSSgw g g J $
SIT ; i ; J tT IT B
T3, s3?l2 Is 8 r
9 S 9 d. g
' 3. 3 ? ? p-S.
8:00a. ro. 2:1 51 .IS 5 N E Clear
a :00p.m. 23 40 48 36 i SW i Clear
Maximum Temperature R6
Minimum TemDerature 3S
Tutal Preolpitatlon 0.00
H. B. Hehsiy, Observer
Are you taking Simmons Lives Reo-
vXjAtob. the "Knio op Liver medi
cines?" That is what our reader
want) and nothing but that. It is the
same old friend to which the old folks
pinned their faith and were never dis
Appointed. But another good reconi.
mendation for it is, that it is better
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ens, but works in such an easy and
natural war just like nature itself, that
relief comes quick and sure, and one
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Everybody needs take a liver remedy,
vA everyone should take only Sim
nons Liver Regulator.
Be sure you get it, The Bed
in cn the wrapper. J. H. Zeilin &
Ce,, Philadelphia.
J. T. FORSHA, Prop.
S2.0Q Per Oaf, -g?
Locate!! in the II ap
portion of city,
orner of f luza
Special rates by the week or montb
for table board, with or without
Clothing Jf nt to Order
Sol. Spieg-elberg,
Carry a full and select line of HATS,
CAPS. UI.OVKS, etc., and every
thing found In a first-olass Mtablith
Lemp's St. Louis Beer.
The trade supplied from one bottle to a
carload. Mail orders promptly
A. F. & A. M.
Montezuma Lodge, Mo. 1, meets on the
first Monday evening of eaoh month at
7:80 o'olook, in the Masonio hall, in the
Kahn block, San Francisco 8t. Visiting
brethren are fraternally invited. '
W. 8. Haiboon, W. M.
F. S. Davis, Sec
Coronado Camp No. 3, Woodmen of the
World, meets on the seoond Thursday
evsning of each month at 8 o'olook, in
Astlan hall, I.O.O.F. Visiting sovereigns
are fraternally invited.
J. B. Bbadt, Consul Comdr.
i. B. Sloar, Clerk.
fins aUBreyer whisky at Colorado sa
loon. Too can get engraved visiting oards at
the Naw Mmom, or have them printed
from your plate if yon have one.
Flans for a Handsome Structure Sub
mitted to the Rebuilding Com
mittee To-day.
The territorial capitol rebuilding com
mittee is in session this afternoon at the
Board of Trade rooms. There are pres
ent, F. A. Manzanares, president; A.
Staab, secretary ; W. A. Hopewell, Solo
mon Lnna, and W. H. Pope. Also the
architect, Mr. I. H. Rapp, of the firm of
Rapp Bros., Chicago, who comes to lay
before the committee the complete plans
for the new peblio structure.
At an informal session of the commit
tee this forenoon a number of leading
citizens were called in to view the plans
and examine the specifications, and this
afternoon other citizens, most of those
wno have bo generously subscribed to the
guarantee fund, have been accorded a
similar privilege. Without exception the
plans have been favorably commented on.
In addition to the large and well-drawn
pints showing the arrangement of the
three floors and basement, a large per
spective is displayed giving at a glance
an idea of the structure wher; finished.
The plans call for a building of the
oolonial style of architecture, much more
attractive in design than the former cap
itol. and the interior arrangement is far
more convenient, particularly as to the
location of the senate and house cham
bers, and the supreme court and territor
ial library.
The idea is to utilize as far as possible
the buff oolored Stone preserved from the
old walls and to this end the first story is
to be built of this material, the second
and third stories to be of buff colored
pressed brick with stone trimmings.
Architect Rapp says it can be finished for
$110,000 which will leave ample funds
from the original appropriation of $175,.
000 for supplying handsome furnishings
As the New Mhxioan goes to press the
committee is still discussing the plans,
but it is probable they will be accepted
with few alterations if any.
Very Much IHNuppolnted.
Col. J. Franoisoo Chavez was a very
much disappointed man when he arrived
in town last night and found the land
court had adjourned. He drove his team
seventy-five miles from his ranch in east
ern Valenoia oounty, yesterday, to Lamy
and came in on the train last night,
bringing a witness in his grant oase, Don
Franoisoo Sanchez, only to find that his
case set for to-day can not come up until
The new territorial capitol will be a
There will be a regular meeting of the
Woman's Board of Trade Monday after
noon at 2:30.
The wife of S. D. Lasier, quartermas
ter of Carleton post, O. A. R., died at 2
o'olock this morning of rheumatism of
the heart. The funeral will take place on
Monday morning, at 8 o'olook, and the
body will be buried in San Rosario ceme
The following program will be rendered
by Prof. Perez' band in the plaza to-mor
row afternoon from 3 till 4:30:
March Copenhagen Polka Karl Kops
Sweet Forget-me-not Chattawoy
March The Soldier's Delight Stahl
Quadrille Chesney Wold Green
kulogy Andante and Waltz Bowman
Polka Adieu C. Faust
Galop Wreath of Sparks Rolllusan
Deputy Sheriff S. N. Rose came in from
Cerrillos last night with Gregonio Garoia
and Pedro Perea, charged with wholesale
horse and cattle stealing in south Santa
Fe connty. The preliminary examina
tion is in progress this afternoon before
Justice Smith.
Johu Harrison, of Qlorieta, who has
been in town a couple of days on land
office business, returned home this morn
ing. He says that Captain Ball, at his
ranch three miles north of Qlorieta, near
the eastern line of Santa Fe county, has
trees loaded down with fruit, this being
the first bearing year, and from trees
raised without irrigation.
A largely attended meeting of the citi
zens of Santa Fe is in progress this after
noon for the purpose of drafting resolu
tions taking issue with the statements in
the Colorado Catholic toaching the
character of the native people of New
Mexico. The resolutions will appear in
full in the columns of the New Mexican
on Monday.
It is somewhat amusing, says an ex
change, to see how quiokly some of our
business men will catch on to advertising
in a haphazard sheet or card, which is
once looked at and then destroyed, while
a good daily or weekly newspaper, that is
kept through the day and week, and read
by the whole family and their visitors, is
very reluotantly patronized. Starve your
home paper and you are sure to starve
your business, your oity and your home
industries. It is your live paper that
makes a live and prosperous oity.
The Halloween party for the benefit of
the Woman's Board of Trade hopes for
the usual patronage given by the people
of Santa Fe to all looal enterprises.
The benevolence oommittee , is already
making large demands npoYi the funds of
the Bociety, as the cold weather is the
hard season for the poor. Tickets are
now for sale at 60 cents. Ioe oream And
cake or coffee and sandwiches will be sold
at 15 cents.
for all
afflicted with
in a Single
Application of
CtmcuHA Wobks Wokdbbs, and its cures
of torturing humour are simply marvellous. -
Sold throughout Ih. world. BriHtk depoti F. N.w-
EERT a Hon., 1, King Edward!., London. Potth
i.l-a and Chfn. Corp.. Sot. Prop. Uottac, U- s. A.
The New Mexican reoeived a pleasant
oall to day from Prof. Brodie, superin
tendent of the city public schools. He is
a man, evidently, of liberal educational
training and broad ideas, and has in view
many reforms whioh will be gradually
worked into our looal educational system.
Prof. Brodie believes that the ohildren
should not be orowded, that they should
study earnestly during school hours and
let their tasks end there. Many parents
will thank hiin for taking this humane
stand in behalf of the little ones.
Notaries Appointed Adjourned Meet
ing: of Supremo Court Reward
Offered by the Governor.
The governor has appointed Joseph J.
Jaffa, of Chaves county, and William
Childress, of Colfax county, notaries pub
lic for their respective couuties.
The territorial supreme court will meet
in Santa Fe, on Monday morning at 10
o'clock, for the purpose of passing upon
the Catron and Spiess case and handing
down othor opinions. It is expeoted that
all the justices will be present exoept
Judge Bantz, who has gone to Roswell to
hold district court for Judge Hamilton.
Kxeoujive Offioe,
OE, )
1, 1895. )
Santa Fe, New Mexico.
October 21
Whereas, One Daniel E. Young was, in
the month of October, A. D. 1895, mur
dered by unknown parties in the oounty
of Union, territory of New Mexioo;
Whereas, Parties committing said mur
der are fugitives from justice;
Now, therefore, I, W. T. Thornton, gov
ernor of the territory of New Mexico, by
virtue of the authority in me vested, do
hereby offer a reward in the sum of two
hundred ($200) dollars each for the ar
rest and conviction of the parties guilty
of this murder, said reward to be payable
ont of any moneys in the territorial
treasury appropriated for rewards.
Dated at the executive office this 21st
day of October, 1895.
Witness my hand and the great seal of
the territory of New Mexioo.
seal. W. T. Thobnxon,
Governor of Now Mexioo.
By the Governor:
Lobion Millkb,
Secretary of New Mexico.
It is a truth in medicine that the small
est dose that performs a enre is the best.
De Witt's Little Early Risers are the
smallest pills, will perform a cure, and
are the best. Newton's Drug Store.
The newly organized Azteo club holds
an important meeting to-night.
Mrs. R. E. TwitcheU and son leave in a
few days for San Diego for an extended
Mrs. H. S. Clancy and ohildren to-tnor-row
go to Washington City to spend the
Rev. H. Pouget, chancellor at the
cathedral, is on a visit to the several In
dian pueblos.
Betty Cross is entertaining twenty little
friends to-day in oelebration of her 10th
Gen. Breokenredge, inspector general
of the army, is expeoted to visit Santa Fe
at an early day.
Miss Minnie Collier, pf Raton, is still
visiting iriends in Ohio. She is expeoted
home next month.
Gov. Thornton, Dr. Manley and party
are expeoted home to-night from their
antelope hunt on the Chilili plains.
Miss Madge Taylor left last night for
Jerez, Mexioo, where she will spend the
winter wi'.h Mrs Charles Cadmus.
Beauty on a bike is becoming deoidedly
numerous about the Capital city these
frosty mornings. Nothing prettiort
The ladies of the W. B. T. are prepar
ing to entertain a orowded honse at their
Halloween danoe on Thursday night
Mrs. Louis Baer has been a guest at
Hon. A. Staab's residence all week. She
departed yesterday for her home at Al
buquerque. Hon. E. L. Hall is still confined to his
room by sickness, being afflicted with
jaundice. His host of friends hope to
see him out again ere long.
Mr. Joseph Solignao, nephew of Arch
bishop Ghapelle, left yesterday for Balti
more, where be enters St. Mary's college
to study for the priesthood. Good luok
attend him.
Mrs. 0. F. Remsberg returned Tuesday
evening from a visit with relatives in
Santa Fe. She was acoompanied by her
mother, Mrs. J. H. Walker, who will make
an extended stay in Raton. Reporter.
Chief Justice Reed, Justioes Sluss, Mur
ray and Stone and Clerk Reeder and wife
left for their respective homes yesterday.
Justice Fuller and son left last night, and
go via Atlanta, thence to Raleigh, N. C.
Hon. L. R. E. Paulio, of the Albuquer
que Democrat, returned to his new home
yesterday from San Juan oounty. He
was accompanied by Mrs. Paulin, who
will prove quite an acquisition to Duoal
city social circles.
Messrs. F. A. Manzanares, of Las Vegas;
W. S. Hopewell, of Hillsboro, and Sol.
Luna, of Los Lunas, are visiting the
oapital to-day. As members of the ter
ritorial capitol rebuilding board, these
gentlemen are conscientiously pushing
their work.
The Fifteen club met with Mrs. J. L.
Marsh, on Thursday afternoon. The pro
gram consisted of: A paper by Mrs.
Palen, entitled, "Norman Conquest in
Great Britain;" a reading by Mrs. J. L.
Marsh from Fronde's lecture on "The
Science of History," a paper by Mrs.
Coleman, "What We Enow of Robin
Hood," and a reading by Mrs. Weltmer
from Tennyson's "Lady of Shalott."
Current eventa and the appointment by
the president of a new topic committee
for the next quarter closed the exeroises,
At the Hotels.
At the Palace: Rudd Hardesty, R. P. An
drews, John H. Talbott and wife, James
A. MoClnrg, O. H. Tremtiloy, Denver; A.
O. Ridgway, W. A. Bloom, C. V. Jones,
Pueblo; F. A. Manzanares, I. H. Rapp, Las
Vegas; Hoi. Luna, Los Lunas; P. V. Put
nam, El Paso; T. W. Smith, New York;
W. 8. Hopewell, Hillsboro; O. J. McDon
ald, St. Louis; B. W. Freer, Cleveland;
Herbert R. Brown, Philadelphia; W. A.
Carty, Kansas City; S. Baur Fremont.
At the Exchange: R. Kelley, 8. N. Rose,
Cerrillos; D. A. Clark, L. Van Delinda,
Denver; Franoisoo Sanohez, Tajiqne; J.
Frank Chavez, (Progreso) Valenoia; J. F.
Raff ner, Raton: E. S. Frank, Silver City.
Nothing so distressing as a baoking
eongh. Nothing so foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing to dangerous if allowed
to continue. One Minute Cough Core
gives immediate relief. Newton's drng
Summary of Articles of Incorporation
Recently Filed with the Terri
torial Secretary.
The following oorporationa have filed
artioles with the territorial secretary:
The Vallery Mining Company Incor
porators, George Hocknell, H. A.Johnson
and Alex. Gusdorf; objects, buying, Bell
ing and operating mining properties;
capital stock, 1C0,000; life, fifty years;
directors, Geo. Hocknell and Alex. Camp
bell, of Nebraska, Geo. W. Vallery and H.
A. Johnson, of Denver, and Pedro A. San
chez and Alex. Gnsdorf, of Taos; prin
cipal place of business, Ranohos de Taos.
The Rawls-Hobbie Irrigation & Im
provement Company Objects, irrigating
and cultivating lands aud developing
Lake Van in Chaves county; life, fifty
years; directors, James A. Rawls, Mrs. 8.
M. Rawls, Selah R. Hobbie, John V. Hob
bie and Wallace A. Rawls, of Hngerman,
N. M.j capital stook, $10,000.
The Boston Gold Mining Company
Objects, operating mines and mining
machinery; oapital stook, $500,000; life,
twenty-five years; directors, W. E. Pedwik
and J. B. Andrews, of Denver, and E. O.
Van Greist, C. C. Cotton and C. P. Casey,
of La Belle, N. M.; principal plaoe of
business, La Belle.
The San Jose Land Company Objects,
buying, irrigating, cultivating and oolon
izing lands, erecting faotories for canning
and other purposes, borrowing and lend
ing money; principal place of business,
Santa Fe, N. M.; directors for first year,
Henry E.Verner and Joseph Ryan, of San
untonio, Texas, and Charles F. Easley,
of Santa Fe; life, fifty years; capital stook,
$3,000,000; Charles F. Easley resident
agent in New Mexioo.
The Woman's Christian Temperanoe
Union, of Malaga, N.M. Objects, educat
ing public sentiment np to the standard
of total abstinence and general work in
the temperance cause; life, fifty years;
incorporators, nine ladies of Malaga and
Florence, Eddy county, N. M.
The New Mexico Coal Company Ob
jects, mining and marketing coal; prin
cipal place of business, Gallop, N. M.;
life, fifty years; directors, C. E. van Fos
sen, Isaao Bailey, Stephen Canavan, of
Gallup, and John R.Cross, of Des Moines,
Iowa; oapital stock, $50,000.
Aots at once, never fails, One Minute
Congh Cnre. A remedy for asthma, and
that feverish condition which accompanies
a severe cold. The only harmless remedy
that produoes immediate results, ivew
ton's drug store.
I'hnrch Announcements.
At the Church of the Holy Faith to
morrow, 20th Sunday after Trinity, ser
vices will be as follows: Morning prayer
and oelebration of the Holy Communion,
at 11; evening prayer, at 4:80. Monday,
feast of S. S. Simon and Jude, 10:80 a. in,
oelebration of Holy Communion; Friday,
10:80 a. m., feast of all saints, oelebration
of Holy Communion; 1:30, Litany.
At the Presbyterian choroh to-morrow:
Sunday Bchool at !):45 a. m.; X. Jr. 8. U.
E., junior at 8:00 p. m., senior at 4 p. m.
There will be no preaching service in
this church to-morrow. All are cordially
invited to attend these services.
Services at St. John's Methodist Epis
copal ohuroh: Sunday school at 10 a. m.;
preaching services at 11 a. m.; lipwortn
League at 8:80 p. m.; preaching services
at 7:30 p. m., subject, "The Healer." A
cordial invitation is extended to all to
attend the above services. G. S. Madden,
At the Guadalune ohuroh to-morrow.
Ootober 27, 1895, 21st Sunday after Pen
tecost: First mass, 7:ou a. m., sermon in
Spanish; seoond mass, 10:00 a. m., sermon
in English; vespers and benediotion at 7
p. m. On week days, during the montn
of October, mass at 6:30 a. m. P. Gil-
berton, pastor; F. Deshors, assistant
At the Catholic Cathedral to-morrow,
21st Sunday after Penteoost, services will
be as follows: First mass, 6:3U a. m.; sec.
ond mass at 8:30 a. ra.; solemn pontifioal
high mass at 9:30 a. m., oelebrated by
Most Rev. Archbishop Chapelle, sermon
in English; verpers and benediotion at 7
A. G. Bartley, of Magic Pa., writes:
feel it a duty of mine to inform yon and
the publio that De Witt's Witoh Hazel
Salve cured me of a very bad oase of
eozema. It also cured my boy of a ran
ning sore on bis leg. Newton's drng
The Champion Puglllats.
Says the El Pbbo Times at hand this
morning: "The fight ia ooming to El
Paso. The Times is in possession of in
formation on the subjeot whioh it is not
at liberty to make publio. Indeed, to
make it publio at present might result in
defeating every chance El Paso has of
seouring the big attraction. Too muoh
talk has lost it to other plaoes and the
E) Paso oommittee does not Intend to
risk anything simply to satisfy the cur
iosity of those who. might talk too muoh.
'Those who want to Bee El Paso get the
fight,' said one of the oommittee last
night, 'can rest assured that no stone is
being left nnturned by the oommittee in
its efforts to bring the crowd to Ei Paso.
This should satisfy them. To tell the
world wbat we are doing would be placing
in the hands of our enemies weapons to
work our own defeat.'
"Last night telegrams were reoeived
indicating that El Paso was very dis
tinctly and' emphatically in it. If the
two big gladiators ever meet they will
meet in the vicinity of El Paso. That
they will meet here is almost a oertainty.
Everything is working smoothly and as
soon as the thing is oinohed so there
can be no baoking down, all will be made
public" yW - "
John MoOullough Havana olsars at
Colorado saloon.
Mrs. Bnsh has fitted np the Lehman
Spiegelberg honse with oomfortable sit
ting and dining rooms and resumed
keeping boarders. She will give single
meals or take boarders by the day, week
or month. For terms apply to Mrs. M.
Bush, Santa Fe, N. M.
For Hale at a Bargain.
Good No. 1 first-olaes bar and fixtures,
ice-chest, and one good combination bil
liard and pool table, for sale cheap for
cash. Apply at Exchange offioe,
There are many good reasons why you
shonld use One Minute Congh Cure. There
are no reasons why yon shonld not, if in
need of help. The only harmless remedy
that produoes immediate results. New
ton's drng store.
Milk Punoh 10 ets a glass at the Colo
rado saloon.
Bay, why don't yon try De Witt's Little
Early Risers t These little pills enre
headache, indigestion and eonstipation.
They're small but do the work. Newton's
drng store.
Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Letter List.
List of letters remaining unoalled for
in the postoffioe at Santa Fe, N. M., for
the week ending Oot. 26, 1895. If not
called for within two weeks will be sent
to the dead letter offioe at Washington:
Bunis, M V (2) Martinez, Josefa
Baca, Turnino Montallo, Bictosto
Chavez, Abelina Montoya. Lorenzo
Darveiton, Lillie Pahner, L 0, Mrs (2)
Dominguez. Loreto Polaco, Jose
Garillar, Filioito Josiok, J M
ttleren, Sally Ryan, John E
Goebel, Geo Somosa, Manuelito
Hrne, Thoi J Sanchea. Masedonio
Korber, J a sob Seua, Librada (1 de
Lucero, J J Tenple, J E
Luoas, Lottie Townsend, John
Trujlllo, Guadalupe
In calling please say advertised and
give the date.
T. P. Gabxi,
The body must be well nourished now,
to prevent sickness. If your appetite is
poor take Hood's Harspanlla.
The Paqnln Sanitarium Project.
Mr. M. A. Otero came in last evening
from St. Lonis to look up some matters
pertaining to the sanitarium prejeot at
this end of the line and says that his 00
worker, Dr. Hummel, is now in Chioago
and is pushing the work there. The
plans for the location of the sanitarium
at the springs will probably assume defi
nite shape within the next few weeks.
The medical fraternity of the east all
seem to be highly in favor of the advan
tages whioh this point offers and all that
remains is the arrangement of the nnan
oial details. At the meeting of physioians
in St. Louis to consider the matter
several speeches were made and an artiole
which lately appeared in the Examiner
was read. Dr. Franois Urosson, or Hants
Fe, was in attendance and delivered
several interesting and instructive leo
tures and it is but just to the dootor to
say that New Mexioo has not a better
friend. It is nnderstood that while the
hot springs can not be bought, yet satis
factory arrangements ean be made for
leasing them, and we hope soon to an
nounce that the project is an assured faot.
Las Vegas Examiner.
The World's Fair Tests
showed 00 baking powder
$0 pure or so great ia fan
The Citizen's Latest "Break."
Chae. Flinn, who was taken from his
business at Winslow, A. T., and foroed to
go to Santa Fe, presumably as a witness
in the Oatron-Spiess oase, bnt, like many
other witnesses, was not called npon to
give his evidence, is in the city, arriving
last night" from Santa Fe. Mr. Flinn
does not expeot to reoeive any 00m pen
aation in return for the money he was
compelled to spend on the trip in the in
terest of alleged justice. Albuquerque
Information of Mr. Flinn's affidavit, al
leging .that Editor Hughes had told him
that Lawyer Neil B. Field wrote the famous
libel on the supreme court, had evidently
failed to reaoh the Citizen np to the time
yesterday's issue went to press. After
reading the New Mexican of last evening,
the Citizen has probably oonoluded not
to display quite so muoh solioitnde on
the subjeot of compensation for Mr.
Tinwtrtv Hardware, Stoves.
I have a full lino of Picture Frame
and Vouldinga and in fact everythini
in the household line. I will furnial
you from the parlor to the kitchen on
easy payments and bedrock prioea. I
carry the largest stook in the city. X
repair all kinda of furniture, sewing
machines and musical instrument.
Remake matresses and all kinds of
upholstering. ,
Dealer In
ma-heat Uaah Prleea Pal far Meeeaa
; Haaa deeds.
Beauty hath charms and all the charms
wbioh beauty likes best to don are shown
in our grand display of fashionable jew
elry for this season. Jewels like these
wonld enhance the charms of the most
fascinating belle, and surely no fair ono
would despite such brilliant aids to her
beanty. Like personal loveliness, they
conquer admiration on sight; they score
new victories at every inspection. Those
who look over our stook do not willingly
stop with examination. Beauty may now
be made easily irresistible by a few judi
cious purchases from our display of up to
date ideas in every kind of jewelry.
- GfiKisii Mil
Office and Warehouse Lower 'Frisco St.
Oanta Fe, New Mexico,
THESE Celebrated Hot Sprinn are located in the midst of the Ancient
Cliff Dwellers, twenty-five miles west of Taos, and fifty miles north of
Santa Fe, and about twelve miles from Barranca Station on the Denver
& Kio Grande Railway, from which point a daily line of stages run to the
Springs. The temperature of these waters is from 90 0 to 122 0 . The gases
are carbonic. Altitude 8,000 feet. Climate very dry and delightful the year
round. There is now a commmodious hotel for the convenience of in
valids and tourists. These waters contain 168B.34 grains of alkaline salts
to the gallon ; being the richest Alkaline Hot Springs in the world. The
efficacy of these waters has been thoroughly tested by theniiraclous cures
attested to in the following diseases: Paralysis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Consumption, Malaria, Ilrlght's Disease of the Kidneys, Syphilitic and
Merouuar Affections, scroluia, uatarrn, la urippe, an Female uom
plaints, etc., etc. Board, Lodging and Bathing, $2.50 per day. Reduced
rates given by the month. For further particular address
Ojo Caliente, Taos County, New Mexico.
NO. 4
Imported and Domestic
hay jlistid o-Ainsr;
Our Confections are Always Fresh.
All principal lines being bought direct from manufacturers in
carload lots, we are enabled to make the lowest prioes
- to close buyers.
Olirer ft Imboden Company, Patent Imperial Flour.
Hosca Milling & Elevator Company, Homestead and Jewel Flour. '
J. W. Brown k Co., Dew Drop Brand Canned Fruit, Fish and Vegetables.
Chase ft Sanborn, Fine Coffees and Teas.
y Goods for campers and out of town
wwuoui extra onarge. man oraers soiicitea.
Oldssi and Largest Establishment la Soathwssk ' z. "
Wholesale Dealer in Groceries, Liquors,
Tobacco, Cigars, Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes and Hardware. "
Santa Fo
customers carefully packed '
. i

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