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NO. 211
Cultivating the voioe without a tuneful
accompaniment is impossible. Happily
both singers and hearers are delighted wiib
ouroheokuiate pianos, used in vocal prac
tice. These instruments have the qualities
which make them admirably adapted to
aocompany the refined and accomplished
vocalist, Nothing could blend more
perfectly than the voice and instrument
when one ol our pianos is nsed. The
better a piano is for accompaniments,
the better it is for instrumental composi
tions. Oar pianos are unexcelled for all
purposes, and their excellence is all the
more remarkable in view of the price at
which we are able to offer them. Our
pianos are generally called wash-boards.
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
il lilt! Gin
Efforts to Pull Off Pugilistic Carnival
in Hot Springs Regard less of
State Authorities.
Corbett Constantly Training Fitzsim
mons En Route to Arkansas
Sporting People Moving To
ward Hoi SpringsWill
the Coventor Use the
Boss Patent Flour.
Club House Canned Goods.
Hesston Creamery Batter.
Phone 53
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies paoked free of charge. Call and
examine our stock and gee our low prioes.
Hay, Grain, Fruit and Lumber.
Great Bend Pat Imperial Flour.
The-Elgm3reamery Butter? v
Fresh Ranch Eggs. 1 " '
Monarch Canned Goods.
Teas, Coffees & Spices first quality
Colorado New Potatoes.
Fresh Poultry & Oysters received
every Friday.
Comer Bridge & Water Sts.
Santa Fe, New. Mexico.
Designated Depositary of the United States
R. J. Palen
J. H. Vaughn
Sterling .Pk-S?'k. '. te?:"ee'
aieTlingiprooiwquHiu !.; ,
Sterling cranks can't work loose,
Hterlinv fork are itronvcst.
Sterling riders never ohauge mounts,
ruu iwm w iivuvn '
Sterling agents wanted in every town In New Mexico and Arizona.
Bert of reference, required. "We carry the .tock-no wait here."
The Sterling agency it money-mKer
DiriHBV A. DoniNBorj.
Jobbers of Bicycle and Sundries,
1618 N. Seeond Ave., Phoenix, Aria.
Memphis, Tenn., Oot. 29. A special
telegram to the Commercial Appeal from
Little Rook, Ark, Bays: Gov. Clark re
ceived information to-day from Hot
Springs which convinced bim beyond
question that an effort will be made to
hold the fight at Hot Springs on schedule
time. From what source he received the
informatioh he deolined to state. The
governor still says he will prevent it. He
cares not whether it takes place publicly
or privately.; "The men shall not fight
on Arkansas soil."
It is believed that Fttzsimmons will be
arrested immediately on his arrival in the
state and placed under heavy peace bond.
Gov. Clark says he has been informed for
several days that an effort will be made
to have the fight in private, . which fact
will compel him to be absent on Arkansas
day at the Atlanta exposition. - , -
Hot Springs, Ark. Tbe flank move
ment made last evening by Gov. Clark
and Attorney General Kinsworthy, ap
pears to have effectually settled toe pos
sibility of Corbett and Fitzsimmons ever
meeting in this state, and ail Hopes ot
pulling off the fight at Hot Springs have
been abandoned.
The attorney general made an affidavit
pon which a warrant for Fitzsimmons'
arrest was issued, and the papers were is
sued by a magistrate of Little Book and
placed in the hands of a sheriff at lexar-
kana. The plan is not to allow him to
reach here.
Attorney Kinsworthy remained in this
oity to-day for the purpose of having the
Australian arrested here in the event mat
he slips through Texarkana without ba
ng apprehended. It is his intention to
have Fitzsimmons plaoed under heavy
bond to keep the peace and thus prevent
the fight.
Detroit, Mich. So confident is "Par
son" Davies that the fistic carnival will
come off at Hot Springs that his entire
ggregation, comprising John li. ouili-
van, Faddy Ryan, Tommy Ryan, Jimmy
Barry and others, will leave for the
prings to-night, arriving on Thursday
This move is necessary, in . a measure,
to save Tommy Ryan's forfeit and to
claim that of the Florida Athletic club,
n case the oontest is not polled off.
John L. Sullivan said: "Will they right r
Well, I guess they will, or leave the coun
try. They have been bamboozling the
country long enough with their windy
war, and have got to do business now or
get out of the game."
Tommy ttyan is declared to oe in ex
cellent condition and down to weight
now. .
Chicago. A dispatch addressed to the
Associated Press and signed by the gov
ernor ot Arkansas was received at tne
Associated Press office in Chicago at
noon: "Little Rook, Ark;, Oot 29. I
ntend to Btop the fight at all hazzards
regardless of the plaoe and time when
attempted. In fact, it is stopped now.
(Signed) , James r. Ularae."
Hot ' Springs. Sheriff Honpt and a
deputy, of this county, left here last
night armed with a warrant for Fitzsim
mons. It is their purpose to meet Fitz
simmons in Texas, return with him, and,
as soon as the train passes over the state
line into Arkansas, plaoe him under ar
rest and bring him on to Hot springs,
thus taking him oot of the hands of the
state authorities completely.
When they arrive here i itzsimmons is
to be taken before a magistrate and
placed under a peace bond. Then it ib
believed that he and Corbett can meet
and "shake hands" In the ring. Fitzsim
mons is not expeoted before to-morrow.
In response to a tip, sent out on Sat
urday night to various sporting head
quarters all over the country, the incom
ing trains are orowded with sports and
others who expeot to see the tight, cor
bett is in active training and is pro-
nouueed in the pink of condition.
Hot Springs. Manager Joseph Vendig
and Secretary Wheelook, of the Florida
Athletio elub, were arrested this after
noon on warrants charging them with
conspiring to commit a breach of the
peaoe. Both were promptly released on
bond. This is but another snrewea move
to lead off the attorney general, who was
preparing to have them arrested upon a
similar charge and carried to Little Rook
for trial. If Fitzsimmons suooeeds in
retting here, there will be a "mill" unless
the governor runs in a squad or minus,
whioh is not probable.
St. Louis. A special from Little Rock
to the Post-Dlspaton says: "At noon
Gov. Clarke received a telegram from
Corpus Ohristi, announcing that Fitzsim
mons left there at :bu o'oiook tor some
point in Arkansas, whioh was not re
vealed by the tioket purchased;
It is oertain that he did not go to Tex
arkana, as he had beep notified that the
governor had!an officer there to arrest
him. It is believed he will go to Hot
Springs by way of Hoxie, and a telegram
was sent to the authorities ot that town
to watch every train.
The governor has about abandoned the
idea of going to Hot springs to-morrow.
If his plans do not miscarry tne Austral'
ian will be in the elotohes of the law be
fore morning.
Sao Antonio, Tex. Fitzsimmons left
Corpus Ohristi this morning and passed
through Ban Antonio for Hot Springs
at 1:80 p. m.
Another Oefaulting Treasurer.
San Francisco, Oot. 29. A Tacotna dis
patch to the Chroniole says that ex-City
Treasurer Boggs, who held the office from
1890 to 1891, is charged with embezzling
$109,000, and the sheriff iB on the road to
Jacksonville, Ore., to arrest bim. ,.
Ex-Senator Dolph favors the ITe of
the Hworrt, If Necessary, to Slain
tain the Doctrine.
Portland, Ore., Oot. 29. Ex-Senator
Dolph, for years a prominent member of
the foreign relations committee of the U.
S. senate, in an address before the Chan
ning club, on the foreign polioy of the
United States, said of the Venezuelan
"There are but two courses for the
United States to pursue, one of which is
to abandon the Monroe dootrins and no
longer to protest against European ag
gression and monarchal domination on
this hemisphere, and submit to the
humiliation such a course would bring
upon the United States; the other is to
enforce our policy oonoerning the affairs
on this oontinent by a protest, and, if
necessary, by the intervention and ulti
mate arbitration of the sword. .We should
also extend to Cuba the Monroedootrine."
Holmes, Accused of a Multiplicity of
Murders, Conducting: His Own De
fense in Philadelphia.
' Our line of men's and boys' over
coats can not be excelled. We have
them in all grades. They are cheaper
than ever before. Gusdorf & Dolan.
A Mood One for Cuba.
New York, Oct. 29. The World says:
Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, son of the
first president of the Cuban provincial
republic of twenty years ago, is npon the
high seas, at the head of a secret expedi
tion whioh he expects to land in Cuba m
a few days. He is aoooinpanied by nearly
100 enthusiastic yonng men, all armed,
who have determined to fight the Span
iards for Cuba's liberation. The expe
dition was quietly fitted ont in this city
during the past three months, and no
money was spared to make it a sncoess.
It started from the Delaware river early
last week. The vessel which carries the
men to Cuba is a large sohoonsr of the
clipper style, fitted with rapid-firing
guns. She has in her hold 500 Winchester
and Remington rifles, 500,000 oartriges,
two Gatling guns, 500 machetes and half a
ton of dynamite. The men who accom
pany De Cespedes are well drilled and
uniformed. Upon arrival in' Coba they
expeot to join the regular revolutionary
army under Gen. Maximo Gomez.
If you want to purchase a fine Ax
minster, Wilton velvet, Brussels or
Moquette carpet made to order, we
guarantee satisfaction both in price
and workmanship. Leave your orders
with us and we shall save you money.
Gusdorf ft Dolan.
Horrible Happening to a Yonng; Wo
man In the lone star State-More
Work for Judge Lynch.
Tyler, Texas, Oct. 29. Mrs. Leonard
Bell, the 19-year-old wife of a farmer,
who bas been visiting her mother, started
to walk home, a distance of half a mile,
at dnsk last evening. On the way she
passed a gin, where men were working.
Soon afterward her mutilated body was
found a quarter of a mile froo her home
at the side of the road. There was evi
dence of a terrible struggle, the body be
ing almost nude.
The fiend, after assaulting her, out her
throat from ear to ear and completely
disemboweled her.
Superintendent Edison, of the Cotton
Belt railway, sent a special engine at onoe
to the Rusk penitentiary, forty-five miles
distant, for blood hounds. The farmers
began a searoh immediately and were
joined by a large posse from this oity,
Exaggerated Badly.
London, Oot. 29. The Graphio states
that it has high offioial authority for say
ing the report reoeived by the Times
from its correspondent in Hong Kong, to
the effeot that China acoords Russia the
privilege of anohoring her fleet at Port
Arthur, and of building railroads connect'
leg Tladivostook and Port Arthur, bears
no semblance whatever to the aotual faots
of the negotiations between China and
Russia. Moreover, the Graphio continues,
Russia has not approaohed the orisis in
an anti-English spirit.
Philadelphia, Oct. 29. In order that
Holmes, iu conducting his own defense,
may have all the privilages ordinarily ac
corded to attorneys, the prisoner's dock
was moved to-day nearer to the bar of the
At the opening, District Attorney Gra
ham said: "I desire to say, in view of
what was said last night before the ad
journment, that a lady known as Miss
Yorke and Mrs. Howard was sent for, saw
the prisoner and had ample opportunity
for an interview with bim."
Holmes said that he had only a three
minutes' interview with tho woman, and
asked that it be renewed during the noon
recess. His request was granted.
Then the prisoner asked that the plan
be produced of the Callow Hill street
house, where he is believed to have mur
dered Feiteel.
The distriot attorney said that such a
plan would be produced at tho proper
"I also ask," Holmes continued, "that
the quantity of liquor whioh Graham said
used in my efforts to exterminate the
Peitsel. family be submitted to an an
alysis. I want to prove that, while it
contains a small quantity of nitro-glyoer-
ne, it is entirely harmless and id sold in
every drug store."
"That never has been iu my posses
sion," said Graham.
Jeanette Peitsel, "Dessa," a daughter
of the dead man, was the first witness
called. She identified several large cray- j
ons of her father.
John T ownsend and Win. H. Ran,
photographers, identified the photographs
of Holmes taken after his arrest. J
Eugene Smith, who found Peitsel's
body in the Callow Hill street house,
September 4, 1891, told a detailed story
of his discovery, already fully published.
The prisoner subjected Smith to a
severe cross-examination, but failed to
shake his testimony.
Holmes again asked to have all wit
nesses excluded from the court room,
and after this had been refused by court,
the district attorney said that, as the
prisoner was without counsel, he wonld
8Bk that all witnesses retire.
Dr. Wm. J. Scott testified regarding his
examination of Peitsel's body just after
its discovery. He verified the claim that
the jar could not have been broken by an
explosion and said that it was dear that
the man died from chloroform poisoning.
The court took a reoees to 2:30 p. in.
Placed Under Big ICouds.
Newport, R. I., Oot. 29. James J. Van
Alen, charged with alienating the affec
tions of the wife of Col. S. C. Colt, has
been arrested and placed under $200,000
We have a nice line of winter caps
at low prices. Buy one now. Gusdorf
ft Dolan.
Death ef aa Old Timer.
Lewiston, 111., Oct. 39. Ool. Lewis W,
Rosa, president of the Lewiston National
bank and founder of thia oity, died to
day. aged 8!l. He was in congress from
In the case of Franois Coffin, at In'
dianapolis, Judge Woods, in the United
States circuit court, granted the super
sedeas asked for and the oase will go to
the United States supreme oourt. In the
meantime Coffin is at large on ball bonds.
Sir MoEenzie Bowell, premier of Can
ada. and Sir Charles Tupper, minister of
iustioe in the Canadian oablnet, arrived
in Washington and are the guests of Sir
Julian Paunoefote, at the British em
bassy. They oome to take part in the
Bering sea convention, tne nist session
of which has been set for to-morrow at
the state department
A. G. Bartley, of Magic, Pa., writes: I
feel it a duty of mine to inform yon and
the publio that De Witt's. Witch Hazel
Salve oured me of a very bad oase of
eozema. It also cored toy boy of a run
ning aore on his leg. Newton's . drug
store. . - - ;- ' -.-
A 10-Year Old Kansas farmer's Hon
In the Tolls for Harder.
Topeka, Oct. 39. A. B. Coulter was to
day arrested at Valley Falls, twenty miles
east of Topeka, on the charge of murder
inr Edward Illston.
Coulter is 19 years old and lives with
his father at Valley Falls. He arrived at
home live days after the murder. He
left the horse and wagon, whioh belonged
to Illston, with his father and went out
into the oonntrv five miles to work. When
captured he had a gun.
Mrs. Bush has' fitted up the Lehman
Bpiegelberg house with comfortable sit
ting and dining rooms and resumed
keeping boarders. She will give single
meals or take boarders by the any, week
or month. For terms apply to Mrs. M
Bush, Santa Fe, N. M.
Examination of Witnesses Commenced
Holmes Manifests Ability as a
Cross-Examiner Evidence
that Elder Peitsel was
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
A Queer Vomeptlc Complication In
volving a Bad Man from
Phosnix, A. T., Oct. 29. L. C. Orme,
sheriff of this county, yesterday Bhot Dr.
Rose, at Mesa, sixteen miles east of
Phoenix, with a shotgun, killing him instantly.
Rose, with two confederates, had at
tempted to murder Dr. WilliamB' family,
consisting of the doctor, his young wife
and daughter. The latter was formerly
the wife of Dr. Rose in Kansas. The con
federates, Burtt and Cooley, were cap
tured and plaoed in jaii. Burtt previous
ly gave the plot away to the sheriff, but
was afraid to refuse to help execute the
plans of the murderer for fear Rose would
kill him.
Sheriff Orme was in Dr. Williams' bed
room awaiting the assassin, while United
States Deputy Marshal Stanklord re
mained outside ti watch. A,, 9:30 Burtt
came and cut the screen and unlocked the
door. At 11 o'clock he returned with
Rose and entered the house. Rose had a
blacksmith's hammer in his right hand, a
wagon spoke in the other and a pistol in
his pocket.
t wo dummies had been placed in Dr.
Williams' bed. Rose struck one with the
hammer. Sheriff Orme said: "Hold up
your hands; I am sheriff of this county,
and have you covered with a double bar
relled shotgun." After waiting a few sec
onds ho again said, "I will surely shoot if
you don't throw up your hands."
Hose failed to do so, and the Bheriff
fired both barrels, killing him.
Rose was wanted by the government for
holding op mails, and also in Kansas for
bank robbery. He was here six months
ago, when he tried to kill his wife, but
was arrested and agreed to leave the
country. He had $300 and seven doses
of ersenio sewed up in the waist band of
his trousers.
New York, Oot. 29. Money on cull nom
inally at 2 24 per cent; prime mercan
tile paper, 4 6, Silver, 67 j lead,
$3.15. " -
Chioago. uattie, receipts v,uuu, in
cluding 2,000 Texaus and 4,000 westerns.
Market quiet and steady; beeves, $3.iu
$5.25; cows and heifers, $1.25 $3.10;
Texans steers, $2.65 $3.65; westerns,
$2.90 $l.05stockers and feeders, $2.20
& $3.85. Sheep receipts, 16,000; market,
slow at yesterday's decline; lambs, $3.90
$1.25; muttons, $2.00 $3-20.
Kansas City. Cattle receipts, 10,000;
shipments, 1,000; market to-day for
best grades, slow; others weak; Texas
steers, $2.25 $3.20; Texas cows, $2.10
$2.50; beef steers, $2.50 $5.00; native
cows, $1.25 $3.25; stookers and feeders,
$2.30 $3.76; bulls, $1.85 $2.75. Sheep
receipts, 3,000; shipments, 1,700; market
steady; lambs, $300 $410; muttons,
$2.00 $3.25.
Chioago. Wheat, October, 584 ; De
cember, 59 bid. Corn, October 39;
November, 29. Oats, October, l;
Deoember, 1834 bld-
The Healer Ahead.
Colorado Springs, Oct. 29. E. B. Jor
dan, who is preachiog against Francis
Solhader, the "healer," addressed an au
dienoe in this city yesterday. His listen
ers did not appear to sympathize with
him and one elderly man requested him
to ask all those cured by Schlader to
rise. The preacher refused at first, bnt
afterward consented. Most of those in
the room got np.
Lnter the whole room was a scone of
confusion and it was necessary to call an
officer to restore quiet.
A new line of the genuine Foster
Kid gloves just received. All shades
and sizes. We guarantee vcry pair.
Gusdorf & Dolan.
Two Murderers Uled In the Klertrle
I'hulr In Xew York To-day.
Dannemora, N. if., 0"t. 29. To-day, for
the secoad tiii in thv history of this
state, two murderers paid thei'penalty of
their crimes on the same day and before
the same set of witnesses. Geo H. Smith,
who murdered old Philip Riohmeyer, at
Albany, and Charles Davis, who outraged
and killed a 6-year old girl named Maggie
Shannon, at Cohoes, were killed in the
electric chair at Clinton prison, being the
twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth subjects
of electrical execution. These were also
examples of quick justice, both btirg
convicted during the third week of Sep
tember and no appeal being taken.
We have an excellent line of ladies'
capes and jackets, the latest styles.
Gusdorf & Dolan.
Thfe fast Through Train
New York, Oct. 29. The New York
Central Railroad company contemplates
putting on a new fast train to Chicago
with the intention of reducing the time of
the run from twenty-five to twenty-two
The train is to connect with the new
fast train over the Santa Fe route to Los
Angeles, which is to Rtnrt on its first
regular trip on Tuesday. By this enst
ern connection the trip from New York
to Los Angeles can be made in ninety-six
hours, deducting the wait of two and one
half hours at Chicago, or exactly four
The previous fastest long distance train
in the world was the California limited of
the Chicago & Northwestern and Union
Pacitio systems, whioh made tin run from
Chicago to San Francisco, a distance of
2,855 miles, in eighty-five hours and
fifteen minutes, the average rate of speed
L.in OT P. mflna en linl.
Portland, Ore. The Union Pacific road 1& Dolan.
will, it is said, in the near future inau
gurate a service iu connection with the
Northwestern and Oregon Railway and
NE-ifHnn companies by which the time
between Portland and Chicago ; will be
shortened twelve hours. The present
time from' this city to Chicago is eighty
four bonrs, and the new service will bring
this time down to seventy-two hours.
It is said a like reduction in time will
be made from San Francisco to Chioag3
in connection with the Central Paoilio.
To all whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that, pursnant
to an order of the district court within
and for the county of Santa Fe, and terri
tory of New Mexico, dirocting the issne
of a commission to take the depositions
of the following named witnesses: Fran
cisco Romero, Jesns Nnrvais, Ambrosio
Ortiz, Ascension Silva, Antonio Jose Sil
va, Valentin Rumero and Antonio Ortiz y
Salazar, the testimony of whom is to be
taken relative to who were and ore the
heirs and lineal descendants of Domingo
Romero, one of the grantees of theMesita
de Juumi Lopez grant, situate, lying and
being in the county of Santa Fe, territory
of New Mcxioo, the Cerrillos Coal A Iron
Company will on the 9'h day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1895, at the oilice of Robert C.
Gortner, a notary publio named in said
or dor, as the person before whom such
depositions f-hall be taken, proceed to
take the depositions ol the witnesses
herein named.
Ceukilt.os Coal it Ikon Company,
By R. E. Twiichell,
Attorney and Agent.
We have a fine selection of gents'
and ladies' underwear at lower prices
than you can buy them east. Gusdorf
"The Common People,"
As Abraham Lincoln called them, do not
CBre to argue abont their ailments. What
they want is a medicine that will cure
them. The simple, honest statement, "I
know that Hood's Sarsaparilla cured me,"
is the best argument iu favor of this
medicine, and this is what many thous
ands voluntarily say.
Hood's pills are the best after-dinner
pills, assist indigestion, cure headache,
The Wrand Old Man Writes a Letter
on Subject ef Outrages on the
London, Oot. 29. A looal paper Bays
Madame Novkoff reoently reoeived the
following letter from Mr, Gladstone anent
the sultan and the Armenians:
Dear Mme, Novkoff: I shall carefully
and for many reasons keep myself to my
self. I see in my mind that wretched
sultan whom God has given as a eurse to
mankind, waving his flag in triumph, and
the adversaries at his feet are Russia,
Franoe and England.
As to the division of shame among
them, I care little enough, but hope that
my own oountry will for its own good be
made oonsoious and exhibited to the
world for its own foil share, whatever
that mav be.
May God, in His mercy, send a speedy
end to the governing Turk and all his
doings as I said when I oould say, and
even sometimes do in my political de
erepitude or death.
Always sincerely yours,
Wm. K. Gladstons.
Possibilities of the Canal.
London, Oct. 29. The Times has a
three-column article on the Nicnraguan
canal from a correspondent lately there,
who says it is olear the projeot oan not
be carried through as a private under
taking, but that it must be under the aus
pices of some strong government, which
without doubt must be the United States
He is convinoed the cost will be nearer
80,000,000 ($180,000,000) than 20,000,000
(tl0O,OOO,O00.l It is useless to suppose,
he adds,' that the government of the stateB
of Central America will be able to supply
the necessary labor. The true source of
labor, he thinks, will undoubtedly be the
West Indies, negro labor being far super
ior to the Chinese.
' Aots at onoe, never fails, One Minute
Cough Cure. A remedy for asthma, and
that feverish oondition whioh accompanies
a severe cold. The only harmless remedy
that produces imnirdmte results. New
A todos quiones ooncierne:
Por esta se da aviso quo de conformi
doA ajML.jirin order, de la corte .iit -j;
en y por el condado de Santn J?e, y terri
torio do Nuevo Mexico, dirigisndo la au
torizacion de nna comisiou tmra tomar
las declaraciones de los Biguiei;t ; testi
gos nombrados: Francisco Romero, Je
sus Narvais, Ambrosio Ortiz, Ascencioa
Silva, Antonio Jose Silva, Valentin Ro
mero y Antonio Ortiz y Salazar, el tosti
monio de quienes se tomara oon referen
da a quienes eran los herederos y descen
dientes liueales de Domingo Romero, uno
de los mercenados de la merced de la Me
sita de .Tuana Lopez, Bituadn y ublcada
en el eoudado de Snrita Fe, territorio de
Nuevo Mexico, la Cerrillos Coal A Iron
Company, el dia 9 de Diciembre, A. D.
1895, en la ofioina del notario publico,
Robert C. Gortner, nombrado eu dicha
orden de ser la persona delante de quien
bo tomaran dichas declaraciones, so pro
cedera a tomar la declaracion de los tes
tigos aqui nombrados.
Cp.kbillos Coal fc Ibon Company,
For R. E. Twiichell,
Abogado y Ageute.
Academy of-
zr- i
TEKUHl-rtoanl and tuition, per month, S2O.0O ! Tuition of day scholars,
8. to S,1 per month, according to grade. Music, Instrumental mid
vocal, painting in oil and water colors, on china, etc., form extra
linricet. For prospectus or further information, aiifly to
Mother Francisca Lamy, Superior.
18B2 to a two.
ton's drug store.

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