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Good morning, doctor! Yon seem to
be troablbd about something. Dootor:
I am; rheumatism is what's bothering me.
Passer: Yon surprise me; I din't know
that yon had rheumatism. Doctor: I
haven't; it's a patient, bat I'm afflicted
with the same old trouble of what to
prescribe for him.
Mrs. W. B. Meek, who resides at Camp
tonville, Cal., says her daughter was for
several years troubled at times with se
vere cramps in the stomach, and would
be in such agony that it was necessary to
call in a physician. Having read about
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy she conolnded to try it.
She found that it always gave prompt re
lief. It was seldom -necessary to give the
second dp ao. "It has not only saved us
lots of worry and time,", she says, "but
also doctor bill. It is my opinion that
every family should have a bottle of this
remedy in the house." For sale by Ire
laud's Pharmacy.
Mr. dinger was here last night. Fiddle
back: Was he? Say, 111 give you a
quarter if you'll tell me whether he kissed
your sister or not. Harold: I can't do
it. Why not? Harold: She gave me a
half dollar to keep it quet.
Sore throat. Any ordinary case may
bo cured in one night by applying Cham
berlain's Pain Balm as directed with each
bottle. This medicine .is also famous for
its cures of rheumatism, lame back and
deep-seated and muscular pains. For
sale by Ireland's Pharmacy.
Traveled Guest (meaningly): In Eu
rope the custom of tipping has been re
duced to a systemone-twentieth of the
bill. Thus a one-dollar check entitles the
waiter to five cents. Waiter: Yes, sah.
But in this land o' liberty, sah, every
go'man feels free to gub a quarter, sah.
Say, why don't yon try De Witt's Little
Early Risers? These little pills cure head
ache, indigestion and constipation. They
are Bmall, but do the work. Newton's
drug store.
Medium (who is giving a private seance,
in sepulchral tones): The spirits are
about us (sharp tat-tat heard in direction
of door; shiver runs through audience and
). The new servant: Please, ma'am,
am I to cook all those sausages for sup
per? It's just os easy to try One Minute
Cough Cure as anything else. It's easier
to cure a severe cough or oold with it.
Let your next purchase for a cough be
One Minute Cough Cure. Better medicine;
belter results; better try it. Newton's
drug store.
It's a pity, said the visitor, that your
poet should have died so young. He had
such a bright future ahead of him! Yes,
said the editor, his last words were that
he saw it blazing!
Nothing so distressing as a hacking
cough. Nothing so foolish as to Buffer
from it. Nothing so dangerous if allowed
to continue. One Minute Cough Cure
gives immediate relief. Newton's drug
Friend: Why didn't you ever marry?
Maiden Lady: Because, by the time my
relations thought I was old enough to
marry, the men thought I was too old.
It is a truth in medicine that the small
est dose that performs a cure is the best.
De Witt's Little Early Risers are the
smallest pills, will perform a care, and
are the best. Newton's drug store.
A woman can't help gossiping
With every one she hails;
And even mermaids in the sea
Are always bearing tails.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others
I see, said the Chinese Emperor, that
Pugilist Corbett, after all his talking, is
not going to fight.
-w . l : . f : Tr r'l 1 n,l Un
with a moarnfal, faraway look in his
eyes, he added: If we had only had that
much foresight!
The healing properties of De Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve are well known. It
oures eczema, skin affections and is sim
ply a perfect remedy for piles. Newton's
' drug store.
I say, tell me. I hear you've been in a
'marvellous country, where everything
4rows rapidly and luxuriantly.
Grows? Woll, I should say so. Why,
if yon stick your cane in the ground the
next morning it will be covered with
Ferry Seen Hargreaves to-night?
Wallace Saw him down at the billiard
room with Boswell.
Flaying billiards?
Playing Boswell, mostly. Cincinnati
When ft trifle will buy the greatest healing
1 nventlon of the day? Dr. Sanden'a Electric
Belt Is a complete body battery for sell1
treatment, and guranteeo', or money
refunded. It will cure without medioine
Kheumatlam, Lumbago, HcuMlea, Lame
Back, Kidney and IJver Complaints,
Nervous Debility, Weakness, Losses,
Drains and all effects of early Indiscre
tion or excess. To weak men It Is the
greatest possible boon, si the mild,
nootliintc electric current to applied
direct to tlic nerve centers and improve
ment are felt from the first hour used.
pocket edition of the celebrated electro
medical work,
"Three Classes of Men,"
illustrated, is sent free, sealed, by matt upon
application. Every younr, middle-aged
or old man suffering the slightest weakness
should read it. It will show an easy, snre
unit apeedy way to retrain strength and;
health when everything else has failed.
No. M Sixteenth St., Denver, Col.
iLisoNew fork, 4iil air; le London, Eng.
Uitgeut Uieclro-Ui'dical ooncer:: lu the World!
Messrs. C. F. Moore & Co., Mewberg,
Ore., say: "We sell more of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy than all others put
together, and it always gives satisfac
tion." Mr. J. F. Allen, Fox, Ore., says:
"I believe Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to be the best I have handled." Mr.' W,
H. Hitchcock, Columbus, Wash., says:
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy sells well
and is highly praised by all who use it."
For sale by Ireland's Pharmacy.
She pulls a rose from her rose tree,
Kissing its soul to him
Far over years, far over dreams
And tides of chances dim.
He plncks from his heart a poem
A flower sweet messenger,
Far over years, far over dreams,
Flutters its Boul to her.
These are the world old lovers.
Clasped ill one twilight's gleam.
Yet he is but a dream to her,
And she a poet's dream.
-8. M. B. Piatt.
The torrent of homeward traveling hu
manity was flowing down Piooadllly. The
city man, warned by his physician that if
growing dyspepsia was to be checked he
must walk to and from his work, trudged
manfully homeward. The clubman wan
dered wore leisurely to his digglngB to
dross for dinner. A white petticoat here
and there flashed out from the trousered
At the corner of Half Moon street there
was a momentary block a swearing cab
man delayed to hurl a volley of oaths at a
smart brougham across which he had in
exousably drawn. An appreciative audi
ence in the front rank of the walkers
laughed, though what there was to amuse
in the coarse language It was hard to see.
Suddenly there was a quick, bright
flash, a ringing report, a dead fall of a
body and a woman seized and pinioned by
prompt and powerful arms. Then the
walkers gathered round and enjoyed the
tragedy even more than they had appreci
ated the blasphemy.
The victim, who was "dead as nail In
door," proved to be Lord Charles Sum
mers. The Nemesis, a true, daughter of
night, was Julie Panton, a demimon
daine as Impulsive and dangerous as she
was dissolute. And her wantonness and
reoklessness brought her this way to the
gallows. The wonder lasted for nine days,
and then the puppy's eyes were opened.
What the world wondered at was that
Charlie Summers, of all people, should
have proved licentious. The husband of a
woman who was as charming as she was
beautiful, he and she had passed for pat
terns to all contemplntors of matrimony.
And now, of a sudden, all dignity, all hon
or, was gone. Death and ignominy had
come at one blow. In truth, it was an in
glorious heritage that his offspring drew
at a stroke. Nor was the horrid acquisi
tion all, for dispossession was at its heels
and victimized them too.
"My money go to the ohildren of a prof
ligate dog I Not a farthing of it! Lot the
litter starve, for all I caro, and the sooner
the better!" And the opulent uncle nursed
his wrath and his gout.
"No, no," he went on, "so long as
Charlie showed himself a gentleman after
ho married although, mind you, I always
said he'd be better as a bachelor so long
he might look forward to inheriting my
money. But now there's an end of him
and his, so far as I'm conoorned. I'm sorry
for the young woman, his wife, but she1
took her chance, and it's turned up a
blank. Now it's Edward's turn." (This;
was Lord Edward Summers, Charles' twin
brother, double and alter ego.) "And
Edward, as long as he shows himself a
gentleman, shall walk in Charlie's shoes.
Not that I look upon Edward as a paragon
of virtue. On the contrary, I fear he's not
altogether a Joseph. But, then, I've no
reason to suppose that his peccadillos are f
vulgar, uiu uruw me iiue an vulgarity.
And the old gentleman gave a grunt of
satisfaction, as much as to say, "Now, I
think that's a very virtuous and proper
view to take of life. "
Having thus delivered himself, Lord
Stonehouse called for pen and ink and
wrote, commanding a visit from his nephew
and clearly hinting that the corner in his
heart which Nephew Charles had occupied
was now "to let," and Edward might be
Its tenant during good behavior.
But it is open to doubt whether the old
misogynist would have been so ready to
replace the one by the other had he known
that the two brothers had been equally
enamored of Miss Flora Carew, and that it
had only rested with her to decide whether
she should become Lady Charles or Lady
Edward Summers. However, the secret
had been kept, and Lord Stonehouse never
even dreamed of it. And the next day
Lord Edward called on his uncle, as he
was bidden.
"Edward," said the old peer, "this is a
devilish nasty business!"
"It Is, uncle."
"It'll drag the family horribly in the
"It will, unole."
"I suppose nothing can be done to hush
the matter up? I suppose they'll hang the
trollop, and not be content to do that
without turning up all the disgraceful par
ticulars?" , "I fancy not." "
' "There's no possibility of squaring the
reporters, Is there?"
."None, I rhould think. The murder of
a lord Is much too valuable for oopy. "
"Then there's nothing further to bo said
about the cursed business, except this
that not a farthing more of my money
shall go to his brood. I shall not even
continue the allowanoe I made him to his
widow." -
"And Why not, under"'
"And why not, Tedf Why, because
I've got better things to do with my mon
ey than toemploy It in keeping out of beg
gary the spawn of a vulgar libertine. No,
Ted, not one word on their behalf, I beg
you.. , The young woman I pity, but she
has made her bed, and she must lie on It."
"You must forgive me, uncle, when I
say that I think you have ooine to a too
hasty conclusion and that, when you have
heard further particulars, you will think
so too."
"I beg you to explain yourself, Ted."
"I will do so, uncle, as clearly as I can.
Oh, God help me I" suddenly exclaimed
the young man, b trying bis face In his
bands and startling Loid Stonehouse by
the sudden change from the unnatural
calm which had possessed him hitherto.
"Oh, God help me! God help me!" And
his whole frame shook as only does a
strong man's in mortal agony.
"Ted, Ted, my boy I" oried the old man,
whose pride only had been touohed up till
now, but who found his heart at the light
of the young man's overwhelming grief.
"Ted, Ted, my boy, my poor fellow! It's,
of course, as bad as bad can be for you. I
forgot, Ted, you loved him so."
"Loved him, unole, loved him I Yes, I
loved him, and I've killed him!" -:
"Ted, my poor lad, you don't know
what you say!"
"You don't think' I know what I am
saying, nnclef Yes, yes, unole, I do. It's
burned so deep into my brain that I seem
unable to say anything else but 'I've killed
hlin, killed Mm!'"
"Ted, you're 111; you're overwrought,
my boy, by the calamity. Ring the belli
A brandy and soda will put you right."
"As you will, uncle, but it'll take more
than that, I fear."
Aud Lord Edward got up and stood
leaning on the iiiantclpir Into
the fire until the butlur nt ooine and
gone. He then strode to the I.Jile, poured
out and swallowed a stiff glni of spirit
and faced bis uncle with resolve at hi
"The fact is, uncle," he said, standing
with his back to the flro and speaking
calmly and deliberately; "the fact Is,
uncle, that Julie Panton never knew
Charlie at all. She mistook him for nio.
You know that no stranger could tell Us
apart. I was meant to be her victim.
That is all and that is what will have to
be told at the trial. It's even worse than
you had expected, I'm afraid." And when
the one man stopped speaking, the other,
too, kept silent. Indeed not another word
was said by either.
How long he stood there waiting Edward
did not know. Finally, he took his hat
and left the old man looking straight Into
Such was the story, as near as I could
gather it from Jiord Stonehouse and from
my friend Edward Summers himself. Lord
Charles I had never been intimate with,
but I am sure that no one oould have been
more astonished at his falling a victim to
the jealousy of a dissolute woman than I
was to learn that Edward had got entan
gled in tho foul meshes of suoh a one as
Julie Panton. It was only the old story
Let us be open as the day,
Each one doth to the other say
When he would better hide himself.
I would have gone bail for Edward's
pureness of living to any amount, and
here he was, another Ulysses, who had
proclaimed to me a hundred times the
practicability of virtue, forgetting his
glory in the foul pleasures of jtioea. With
the horrible trial that followed and the de
tails of the vulgar intrigue my faith in
goodness took wings, and with Edward's
disgrace and sudden and complete disap
pearance thereafter began my own loss of
self respect, my own rapid demoralization.
Not that I appear very different probably
to the world than I did, for I have learned
to patch up the gaps in my modesty with
hypoorisy, which matches it well. In
speaking of which I am reminded that the
last of poor Edward's canting lectures was
called forth by my remarking that hypoc
risy is one of the healthiest signs in a
community, for it shows that virtue is the
fashionable rule, otherwise there would be
no objeot in aping it.
Ten years have gone. Lord Stonehouse
died soon after the trial, and all his for
tune passed to Lady Charles Summers and
her ohildren. Not a word was said in the
will of Edward, and I know that he had
practically nothing to live on. Attempts
from time to time to trace him have been
made, but to no purpose. Wherever he
went he evidently assumed successfully
some evasive name. After all, he was
rather a fool to give himself away. I'm
Inclined to think I should find him a trifle
too virtuous for me and something of a
bore if he turned up now, so perhaps It's
better as it is.
"Oh, it's you, Brown, is It? Why, I de
clare you quite startled me. I was so en
grossed In writing that I didn't hear the
door open. A letter, Is ltf Thanks."
An envelope with a South African post
mark addressed in a strange hand. Inside
a letter by all that's extraordinary ! a
letter in Edward Summers' handwriting.
But what's thisf Dated two years ago
Mt Dzab Gilbert Death, as I remember
you onee saying in the dear, good old days
that are passed, death, the great arithmetician,
will one day reduce us all to a common de
nominator. This I write with a request at
tachedthat when I have gone ad majores it'
shall be forwardod to you. Since I last saw
you I have suffered something but I have,
too, known something more than happiness.
Poor devil! He doesn't seem to have
got over his hypooritical phraseology.
And in this letter I propose to myself the
luxury of being a little ungenerous. Yes, so
far ungenerous as to let just one person know
that Charles was guilty, and that I was not
the hypocrite you imagine. Far, far my great
est trial has been the knowledge that I had
lost yonr love and respect and the love and re-
speet of Flora Carew, whom I almost loved
better than my own soul. And here I solemn
ly charge you, by our friendship, to keep the
contents of this letter to yourself, but I feel I
cannot die without leaving one heart loving
and one mend believing in me.
Gilbert, by the God in heaven above us, I
swear to you Julie Panton was unknown to
ine, even by name, when she killed my brother.
Edward Bummers.
Phew I He expects me to believe that,
does her No, my dear Edward, I really
can t. sketch.
Tibetan Monasteries.
Of all the wonders of the Tibetan re
ligion none Is so striking as theabundanoe
of monasteries. These great assemblages
of religious houses are full of monks, or
lamas, and the marvels associated with
them are truly surprising. Their number
is amazing. They literally swarm in the
inhabited portions of Tibet, and a tra
veler journeying through the country
passes monastery after monastery In end
less succession.
So numerous are they that Mr. Bookhlll,
the Indefatigable American explorer of
Tibet, tells us that while the population
of eastern Tibet is but small one-flfth of
it consists of lamas. He also says that In
his joumey from Jyekundo in Tibet to
Ta-chien-lu, on the frontier of China, a
distanoe of 600 miles, he passed 86 large
monasteries, five of whloh contained from
3,000 to 4,000 lamas. Many monasteries
in other parts are equally large.
The great monastery of Kumbum, near
the Lake Eoko-Nor, contains 1,000 monks.
Chiamdo, which is one of the chief tewns
tn eastern Tibet and contains 13,000 in
habitants, seems to be half composed of a
glgantlo monastery, and Captain Bower,
in his reoent journey through Tibet, pass
ed tho large town of Hiuohl, which seemed
to hlin to be all monastery. The wealth
of some of these monasteries Is astonish
ing. All the Year Round.
A Blind Fvrson's Senses.
Throughout my whole life, my blindness
lias had this remarkable feature in it: I
always have before my eyes a brilliant
light, so that the, .whole air around me
seems, as it were, incandescent. 1 appear
to be walking in light. In this light I can
call up at will all sorts of beautiful colors,
which I see mingled with the radiance
and forming part of It. Thus, my blind
ness has always been for me In a certain
way brightness.
As I grew older there came to me other
abnormal peculiarities, whioh have been
mercifully sent as compensations. I can
always tell when others are looking at me,
and I can generally tell whether they are
looking at mo In kindnoss or the reverse.
My sense of hearing Is extremely sensitive,
and through it I can read character in the
tones of the voices ot men and women
around mo.
I can also discern character accurately in
the touch of the hand. I have oertain In-,
tinots for whloh I have no exact name,
which sometimes make me foresee future
events. My senses of touch and smell are
excessively delicate. Argosy.
Homeseekers' Excursion.
A seoond series of homeseekers' excur
sions have been arranged for, and all
agents east of the Missouri river will sell
tiekets at one fare for the round trip to
11 points in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado,
Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Louisiana,
Mew Mexieo, Oklahoma, North and South
Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and Utah, dates
of sale Ootober 8 and 22, 1895. Return
dates will be October 11, 16, 18, 32, 25, 29
and November 1, 5, 8 or 12, 1895. For
particulars eall on agents of the "Santa
Fe Route."
Gko. T. Nicholson, H. S. Lots,
G. P. A. Chicago. Agent, Santa Fe.
A foul breath is
one of the greatest
afflictions that a man
or woman can have
An affliction not
pnly to themselves,
but to those with
whom they come in
contact. A foul
-breath is a dreadful
discourager of affec
tion, or rather of the
demonstration of af
fection. It would nrobablv be more so if
people only realized just what bad breath
means. Bad breath is one of the symptoms
or constipation, borne ot tne otuer svmrj
toms are sour stomach, loss of aooetite.
sick and bilious headache, dizziness, heart
burn and distress after eating. These things
mean indigestion. They lead to dyspepsia
and worse things. They all start with con
etipation, and constipation is inexcusable
Decause it can De cureo curea easily,
quiciy ana permanently, uy tne use oz UT.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. Thev are a tier.
feet remedy for this most common of all
troubles. They give to nature just the little
help that she needs. They are very mild in
their action, and act without any violence
whatever. In this, they are different from
many preparations ollered for a similar our
pose. Sometimes the remedy is worse than
the disease, Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets
are mild, but they are infallibly efficient.
Thev do the work which thev are intended
to do, without deranging the system in any
way. They hot only give immediate relief,
but the benefit derived from them is per
manent. You can stop taking them by
and by and there is no danger that you
will become a slave to their use. The drug
gist who tries to sell you something else
"just as good," either does not know what
he is talking about, or he makes more
money on the other thing. If you care
more for his prosperity than you do for
your own neaitn, late tne oilier thing. If
you value your health, insist on having Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. A free sainnle.
of from 4 to 7 doses, will be sent to any
A copy of Dr. Pierce's celebrated 1008
page book, "The Common Sense Medical
Adviser," profusely illustrated, will be
sent free on receipt of twenty -one (ai)
cents in one -cent stamps to cover cost
ui mailing vmy.
Address, World's Dispensary Mkd-
icai. Association, No. 663 Mam Street;
ounaio, . x. j
I had a long argument with Digliy this
morning, said the controversial man, aud
I convinced him.
So he told me.
Ha! He acknowledged it to you, did
Yes. He said he'd rather be convinced
than talked to death any day.
A. G. Bartley, of Magio, Pa., writes:
feel it a duty of mine to inform you and
the publio that De Witt's Witch Hazel
Salve cured me of a very bad oase of
eczema, it also cured my boy of a run
ning sore on his leg. Newton's drug
store. . ,
To all whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant
to an order of the district court within
and for the county of Santa Fe, and terri
tory of New Mexico, directing the issue
of a commission to take the depositions
of the following named witnesses: Fran
oisoo Romero, Jesns Narvais, Ambrosio
Ortiz, Ascension Suva, Antonio Jose Sil
va, Valentin Montoya and Antonio Ortiz y
Salazar, the testimony of whom is to be
taken relative to who were and are the
heirs and lineal descendants of Domingo
Romero, one of the grantees of the Mesita
de Juana Lopez grant, situate, lying and
being in the county of Santa Fe, territory
of New Mexico, the Cerrillos Coal & Iron
Company will on the 9th day of Deoem
ber, A. D. 1895, at the office of Robert C.
Gortner, a notary publio named in said
order, as the person before whom such
depositions shall be taken, proceed to
take the depositions of the witnesses
herein named.
C'ebbillob Coal & Ikon Company,
By R. E. Twiiobell,
Attorney and Agent,
. There are many good reasons why yen
should use One Minute Cough Cure. There
are no reasons why you should not, if in
need of help. The only harmless remedy
that produces immediate results. New'
tou s drug store.
A todos quienes concierne:
Por esta se da aviso que de oonformi
dad con una orden de la oorte de distrito
en y por el oondado de Santa Fe, y terri
torio de Nuevo Mexico, dirigiendo la au
torizaoion de una oomision para tomar
las declaraeiones de los siguientes testi-
gos nombrados: Franoisoo Romero, Je
sus Narvais, Ambrosio Ortiz, Aeoencion
Silva, Antonio Jose Silva, Valentin Mon
toya y Autonio Ortiz y Salazar, el testi
monio de quienes se tomara eon referen
cia a quienes eran los herederos y descen
dientes lineales de Domingo Romero, uno
de los mercenados de la merced de la Me
sita de Juana Lopez, situada y ubloada
en el oondado de Santa Fe, territorio de
Nuevo Mexico, la Cerrillos Coal & Iron
Company, el dia 9 de Diciembre, A. D.
1896, en la ofioina del notario publico,
Robert C. Uortner, nombrado en dicha
orden de ser la persona demote de quien
so tomaran dichas deolaraoiones, se pro
cedera a tomar la deolaracion de los tes-
tigos aqui nombrados.
Cxbbillos Coal &, Ibon Company,
Por R. E. Twitohkll,
Abogado y Agente,
De Witt's Sarsaparilla is prepared for
cleansing the blood. It builds op and
strengthens constitutions impaired by
disease. Newton's drug store.
Professor, how does the hair out suit
The hair is altogether too snort a lit
tle longer, please.
Piipa hlnnil mpnnft otMiA health. De
Witt s Darsapaniia purines ins oiuuu,
Hiifu Avnnfir.na. pnumi. AArnfnlA And All
diseases arising from impure blood. New
ton's arug store.
New Vast California Train.
On Ootober 29 the Santa Fe Route will
inaugurate new and strictly limited first-
class servioe to Southern California.
The California Limited willl9ave Chicago
at 6,00 p. m. daily, reaching Los Angeles
in three days and San Franeiseo in three
and oue-half days, a saving of half a day.
Time from this station eorrespondingly
Equipment will oonsist of superb new
vestibuled Pullman palace and compart
ment sleepers, chair oar aud dining ear.
through to Los Angeles without change.
This will be the fastest and tnoBt lux
urious service via any line to California.
Another daily train will oary through
palace sleeper and tourist sleeper to San
Franoisoo and tourist sleeper to Lob
Angeles, os at present.
For full partioulars inquire of loeal
agent Atohison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R.
International Hegatta, Austin. Texas,
.ovembrr 4-7, 15.
For the above occasion the Santa Fe
Route will place on sale tiekets to Austin,
Texas, at one faro for the round trip,
(182.25.) Dates of sale. November 1, 2
and 8, 1895. Final return limit Novem
ber 10, 1895.
li. . JjUti, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
Gxo. T. Nicholson, G. f. A.,
Chicago, Hi;
Danver & Rio Grande Railroads.
Time Table No. 36.
Effective Oct. 15,1895.
No. 476. MILKS No. 475.
8:S0um Lv. Santa Fe.Ar 6:10 pni
11:15 am Ar.Kspunola. Lv.. 40.. 3:55 pin
12:40am Ar.E1nb11do.Lv... 59.. 2-.a0in
1:90pm Ar. Barranca. Lv.. 66.. 1:30pm
3:06 p m.... Ar.Tres Pledras.Lv 97. .11:52 a m
5 :00 p 111 Ar . A utoiiito . Lv.. . 131 . . 10 KX) a m
6:10 p in Ar. Alamosa. Lv.. 160.. 8:40a m
1030 p m Ar.Salida.Lv....246.. 4:45 a 111
1 :20 u m Ar. Florence. Lv.. 311.. 1:49 am
2:40 am Ar. Pueblo. Lv.. .843.. 12: 25 a m
4:12 a hi Ar.Colo Spgrs.Lv.M.. 10:50 p in
7:15 am Ar. Denver. Lv... 483.. 7:45 p in
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Durango, Silverton
and all points in the San Juan country.
At Alamosa for Jimtown, Creede, Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
San Luis valley.
At Salida with main line for all points
east and west, including Leadville.
At Florence with F. fc C. C. R. R. for
the gold camps of Cripple Creek and
At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river liues for all
points east.
Through passengers leaving Santa Fe
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosa, at
which point through sleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
, T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
S. K. Hoopeb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
Legal Notice
District oourt, Santa Fe oounty.
Daniel Carter " No. S535.
vs. Assumpsit
0. G. Story and by Attach- ,
James M. Allan, J ment.
To C. G. Story and James M. Allan, de
fendants above named:
You and eaoh of you are hereby noti
fied that Daniel Carter, the above named
plaintiff, has brought the above entitled
suit against you in which he seeks to re
cover the sum of three hundred and seventy-eight
and 20-100 dollars agaiust you
together with interest from December
13, 1894, and costs for work, labor and
services rendered to you as oustodian and
watchman of yonr property in Glorieta,
in Baid county of Santa Fe, territory of
New Mexico; that your said property has
been attached in said suit; and that unless
you appear at the next regular term of said
court, appoiuted to be held on the second
Monday of December, 1895, being Mon
day, December 9, 1895, judgment will be
rendered against you and eaoh of you iu
said Buit and your said property sold to
satisfy the same.
Dated Santa Fe, N. M., October 25, 1895.
Geo. L. Wvllvs,
Geo. W. Enaebel, Clerk.
Attorney for Plaintiff, Office and Post
office address, Santa Fe, N. M.
Acts at once, never fails, One Minute
Cough Cure. A remedy for asthma, ami
that feverish condition which aocom
pacies a severe eold. The only harmless
remedy that produces immediate results.
Newton's drug store.
Being satisfied that if you have ones
used a flat-opening book, you will al
ways use them, and in order to get
you to try one the New Mexican
Printing Co. of Santa Fe, will sell you
bound in full leather, with patent
name and the number, or letter, or tne
book on the back in gilt letters, at the
following low prices:
S Or. (400 paces) Cash Book SS.SO
BOr. (4HO " ) Journal - 0.OO
7 Or. (SOO " ) Ledger - 9.SO
They are made with pages 10x16
inches, of a good ledger paper with
round cornered covers. The books
are made in our bindery and we guar
an tee every one of them.
Is not complete
without an ideal
Combines every element, of
beauty and purity. It is beauti
fying, soothing, healing, health
ful, and harmless, and when
rightly used is invisible. A most
de'icate and desirable protection
to the face in this climate.
Inritt npea having tot gwuln.
We call especial attention to our celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to or der
ctob work:
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc.
book work:
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
-by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
We art

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