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NO. 221
We carry a foil line of hardware, and
every artioU we show is worth carrying,
too, and worth baying for the same rea-.
Bon. Whea yon want hardware, yon want
hardware, first-olaes ware that has
wear in it, beoaaae it ia good metal.
Anything else can't be low prioed enough
to be worth buying. Wear is the teat of
ware, and Judged by this test our ware
can't be beat anywhere. We know what
onr goods are. So do onr custom
ers. Bay where yon know what yon are
getting, and yon are sore of getting what
yon ask and pay for, first-clasg goods at
moderate prices.
Catron Block - Santa Fe.
I iB
I have a full line of Picture Frame TT A'DTalXTA UT
and Mouldings and in fact everything
in tfce household line. I will furnish
you from the parlor to the kitchen on
easy payments. I carry the largest
stock in the city. I repair all kinds
of furniture.
In this line I have just received
a large invoioe for yon to se
lect from. See for yourself.
Cut Glass Ware, Cooking Ranges and
all the latest novelties in household
Prices Cut 50 Per Cent.
BOSS Patent Flour.
Olub House Canned Goods.
Hesston Creamery Butter.
Phone 53
Careful attention given to special orders for cakes and pastry.
Campers' supplies packed free of charge. Call and
examine our stock and get our low prioes.
Hay, Grain, Fruit : and Lumber.
Great Bend Pat Imperial Flour.
The Elgin Creamery Buttei.
Fresh Ranch Eggs.
Monarch Canned G-oods.
Teas, Coffees & Spices first quality
Colorado New Potatoes.
Fresh Poultry & Oysters received
every Friday.
GIV1 TTS A. QAIj'X,! ' -
Corner Bridge & Water Sts.
Evidence of Canadian Efforts to En
croach on American Terri
tory in Alaska.
British Encroachments will Be Vigor
ously Resisted by Plucky South
American Power Patriotic
Feeling Aroused English
May be Expelled from
Disputed Territory.
Washington, Not. 9. The state depart
ment to-day received from Oen. Duffield,
ehief of the eoast and geodetio survey,
his report on the surveys of Alaska,
which are the basis of the bonndary line
claim of this government. The report
shows that the Canadian line encroaches
on American territory 2214 feet at Forty
Mile ereek and 22 feet at the marking'
point on the Yukon river.
The first information of the exoited
public feeling in Venezuela, resulting
from the British demands, reached here
to day in Caracas papers up to Novem
bet 1.
The prevailing Bentiment is for imme
diate war preparations, although some
conservative journals urge moderation.
The Britian ultimatum has not been
received, bat the publication of its snb
stauoe has aroused an outburst of pat
riotism. Diario de Caracas, a semi-official gov
ernment organ, says:' "In case an emer
gency arises and the government of Vene
zuela is obliged to resort to armB, the
English will be expelled from the disput
ed territary. The public may rest as
sured that it will be only neoessary for
the government to send a telegraphio
dispatoh to the frontier in order to have
this expulsion oarried out."
River Steamer Burned.
Cincinnati, Nov. 9. The steamer, B. S.
Rhea, of the Sidney Dillon it Scotia Bar
rett line, burned at Riverside this morn
ing. The loss is $55,000.
Anticipated Wold Shipments.
New York, Nov. 9. Rumors are current
on Wall street that arrangements have
been completed for the shipment of $2,
000,000 in gold to En rope next Wednes
Aesasmlnated by An Unknown JIan in
a Corn Field-fatal Shooting
Affair at a Dance.
Officials Dismissed for Ill-Treatinfir
Armenians Loaded with Honors
and Decorations.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
New York, Nov. 9. Money on oall nom
inally at 1 2 peroent; prime mercan
tile paper, 3 6V . Silver, 67; lead,
Chioago. Cattle, receipts, 700, mostly
Texans; dull and weak at yesterday's
prioes. Sheep, dull and weak.
Chicago. Wheat, November, 67M; De
cember, 68 . Corn, November,
29)6 ; December, 28. Oats, November and
December, 18)4.
Howe Brothers, the Iowa Embezzlers,
Wo Not Seen to Have Escaped by
Fleeing to Mexico.
City of Mexico, Nov. 9. Seoretary of
State Marisoal has notified U. S. Minister
Matt. W. Ransom that Richard C. Rowe,
for whom a claim had been made for
extradition, would be delivered to the
authorized offloers of the United States.
The crime for whioh Rowe is wanted is
helping his brother, Chester Rowe, treas
urer of Poweshiek county, Iowa, to em
bezzle $33,000.
Chester Rowe has taken out naturaliza
tion papers, and, being now a citizen of
Mexico, can not be extradited, but will
be tried here for bringing stolen proper
ty into the country.
Want Woel Protected.
San Angelo, Texas, Nov. 9. The annual
meeting of the Texas Wool Growers' as
sociation adopted strong resolutions de
claring for a protective tariff on wool.
Nerlous Hebelllon In China Kebela
Armed with ftaaslan JRIflee
Flelds Strewn with Dead
Shanghai, Nov. 9. The Mercury reports
that a mutiny has broken out among the
soldiers of Kin Eiang and that they are
defying the officials, who seem powerless.
A panic exists among the natives and the
wealthier classes are leaving. The foreign
representatives are armed, having been
warned, and are prepared for any emer
London. Special dispatches from
Shanghai say that the rebels in the north
west of China are mostly armed with
rifles of Russian manufacture.
Their leader has sent an ultimatum to
the imperial government announoing his
intention to march upon Pekin should
his answer prove unfavorable. The
rebels number over 80,000 .men and the
imperial foroea are reported utterly in
capable of resietecoe and to be commit
ting exoesses in the territory under their
Whole towns and villages have been
subjected to rapine and fields are littered
with corpses.
Fight Opened on Cameron.
PBUadelphis, Nov. 9. Frank Willing
Leach has deolared for a Philadelphian
for senator to snooeed Senator Cameron.
Owing to his closeness to Senator Quay
his declaration ia regarded as signifi
cant. It may mean that Pennsylvania's
silver senator will have to fight hard to
return to Washington. Leaoh said :
"I have no personal cnoice, out any
one of the following will bring oredit to
the offloe, the elty and the party: John
Wannamaker, George H. Uranam, iionn
Russell Young, Boies Penrose, or Chas.
0. Harrison. . , .
An Arkansas Han Arrested, Convict
ed and Hanged for the Murder
of His Wife He Talked
Too H neb.
Little Rook, Nov. 9. Wm. Newman,
once a prominent farmer, was hanged at
Clinton, Van Buren ooonty, yesterday for
the murder of hie wife on August 18
last. .
At hie wife's funeral, standing by her
grave and surrounded by the mourners,
Newman exclaimed, "before God I never
m n rAmrmA mv wtfa."
This led to his arrest and conviction
on oironmstantial evidence, it being shown
that Newman wanted to get rid of hi wife
In order to marry anoinet woman.
Beaver City, Neb., Nov. 9. Albert Ap
plegate was shot to death in a corn field,
near Wilsonville, yesterday by an un
known man. A posse of citizens at once
started in pursuit of the assassin, but has
not overtaken him. Applegate had
estranged the affections of the wife of a
man in Denver, who is said to be the as
sassin. ' v.
Nebraska City, Neb. This morning at
1:30 Tom Mftber, a well known character
about town, shot and fatnlly wounded
Miss Mand Feesler at a dance. Maher
had been drinking heavily and became
enraged at the sight of Mnnd Fessler
preparing to go home under the escort
of another man. Fred Planner received
two bullets in the oheel: while attempt
ing to disarm Maher, Maher was ar
rested. ' -
Weekly Bank statement.
,. New York, Nov. 9. The weekly bank
statement is as follows: Reserve, in
crease, $1,655,650; loans, decrease, $1,
768,600; specie, increase, $210,500; legal
tenders, inorease, $73,500; deposits, de
crease, $926,600; circulation, decrease,
$89,300. The banks cow hold $19,260,
050 in excess of legal requirements.
Both British and American Ambas
sadors Trifled With Murderers of
the Pittsburg Bicyclist Abuse
of the Armenians Con
tinued by the
The Puritan, or the Vail Blver Line,
with US Passengers, fast on .
the Bocks at Big Unit
New London, Conn., Nov. 9. The
steamer Puritan, of the Fall River line,
with 250 passengers and a large quantity
of freight, went ashore on Big Gnll island
this morning. This information was
brought to New London by the mate,
who rowed over from the steamer with
the boat's orew. The steamer lies hard
and fast on the rocks. Wrecker Scott
prooeeded to the steamer's assistance
with two tugs.
Acquitted en Technicality.
Huntington, W. Va., Nov. 9. Edward
Morris and wife, charged with the murder
of their 6 year old daughter last March,
were to-day acquitted on acoount of a de
fect in the indictment. ' :
The Fifteen Hundred Excursionists
from Illinois Accorded a Koyal
Welcome at Southern Ex
position City.
Nashville, Nov. 9. The 1,500 excur
sionists from Chioago were awakened to
day by the booming of cannon, and after
a hurried breakfast were escorted to the
theater Vendome, where only the cere
monies of part of the program permitted
by rainy weather were carried out.
Gov. Turney was ill at home in Win
chester and the welcoming address was
delivered by Ernest Pillow, speaker of
the state senate and acting governor,
who paid a fine tribute to Chicago and
the northwest.
William MoCarthy, mayor of Nash
ville, followed.
F. W. reek, president of tbe Chicago
Southern States association, responded.
Gov. Altgeld acknowledged tbe wel
come on behalf of Illinois. Mayor Geo.
B. Swift followed on behalf of Chioago.
Major J. W. Thomas, president of the
Tennessee Centennial association, and
Judge C. C. Kohleaat, of Chicago, finished
the oratorioal program.
Pleads that He has Been Mick
Omaha, Nov. 9. Banker Frank John
son, of the Citizen's State bank, which
recently failed, who mysteriously disap
peared last week, returned to-day. He
declares that he has been sick in western
Nebraska and knew nothing of the at
tachment of his property and the oharges
that he had left tha country on account
of the bank soandal.
Senators Morgan and Pngh Have We
dded to Stamp Alabama In the
Interest ef Silver. .
K.nlni.h.ni Ala VnT. 8 RAimtrTrs
Ml.lUlllguniui '', " " ,t,
Morgan and Pngh, Congressman Black
head and several other silver Democrats;
as a result of a conference held here yes
terday, have deoided to make a hot silver
campaign inside the party. Congressman
Underwood and his followers were for
party harmony and the temporary rele
gation of silver to me rear, out were out
voted. Senators Morgan and Pngh will
stnmn the state for silver, beginning at
Tuscaloosa to-day.
San Franoisoo. U. S. Senator John P.
Joneais strongly of the opinion that
there will be a separate silver party in
the campaign next year, growing out of
the silver conlerenoe at Chicago near
Christmas, the call for which is being
prepared by the executive committee
formed at the Memphis conference last
summer. v
Seoretary Goorge P. Keeney, of the
local branoh of the Amerioan League,
says that Senator Jones expressed him
self as follows on the outoome of the
"I think that the eleotions just-held
demonstrated beyond the possibility of
any doubt whatever that the issue of 1896
will be flatly between tbe champions of
gold and silver, and the question can no
longer be settled within party lines. If
the battle between the metals be not
forced on a straight issue and on unmis
takable lines, the brokers of London and
New York will dominate the government
of the country during the next four years
whichever of the two old parties win.
"The best thing for the silver men to do
ie to get together iu Chioago and outline
a plan of organization for a completely
separate and independent party. In my
opinion a distinctively silver party could
win." ' .
Constantinople, Nov. 9. The Official
Gazette announoes that Bahri Pasha, who
was dismissed from his official position
in pursuance with the representations of
British Ambassador Sir Phillip Curry,
Oiiring to ill treatment of the Armenians,
has been decorated with the grand corden
of tho Osmanien orier "as a reward for
This step upon the part of the suits 13
considered to be not only a distinct mark
of his approval of ill treatment of the
Armenians, but a deliberate snob of
Great Britain, particularly as, in addition
to the decoration bestowed npon Bahri
Pasha, tbe Official Gazette published a
long list of names of Tnrkish otfloials in
Armenia dooorated by the saltan for
"good services."
In fact, it, seems as if the saltan was
openly defying tbe powers.
It is understood that Vali of Alpho,
who is to be snooeeded by Grand Vioar
Kamil, was dismissed in consequence of
representations of U. S. Minister Terrill
that Vali had refused to permit the U. S.
consular agent at Alpho to visit a natu
ralized American citizen named Gnend
jiam, of Armenian origin, who had been
imprisoned for life.
Ambassador Terrill obtained permis
sion from two grand vicars for the con
sular agent to visit Gnendjiam, but Vali
persisted in his refusal to permit the
prisoner to be seen.
The Amerioan ambassador made the
strongest representations to the porte
and sacoeeded in obtaining the dismissal
of Vali.
Gnendjiam is now on his way to Con
stantinople to be tried before Ambas
sador Terrill.
Eleven Kurds, charged with murder of
Frank Wenz, of Pittsburg, Pa., the bicy
clist, have been taken to Erzeroum to
be tried there in tbe presence of the British
consul in the absence of tho American
Over 100 Armenians were arrested yes
terday at Stamboul. Inquiries as to the
cause failed to obtain a satisfactory answer.
His Keck Was Broken.
New Orleans, Nov. 9. Brother Ambro
sio, aged 30, who to-day climbed into the
third story window of St. Aloyaius oollege
to adjust a curtain, fell backwards to the
stone curb. His neck was broken.
Besnlt of a Sudden Drop In Futures.
New Orleans, Nov. 9 The failure of
T. J. Majors & Co. wan announced on the
Cotton exchange to-day. They were
heavy bulls and the immediate oanse of
the failure was a drop of twenty-five
points in futures this morning.
The Old lloman Better.
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 9. Alien W. Thar
man Bays of ex-Senator Thnrman's ill
ness: "Father is muoh better to-day. If
he does not have another relapse I would
not be surprised to see him get np." Ex
Senator Thurman will be 82 years old on
next Wednesday.
. Chureli Announcements.
At the Presbyterian chnrch to-morrow:
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.; Y. P. S. C.
E., junior at 8 p. m., senior at 4 p. m.
There will be no preaching service in
this church to-morrow. All who do not
worship elsewhere are oordially invited
to attend above services.
Services at St. John's Methodist Epis
copal ohnrch: Sunday sohool at 10 a. m.;
preaohing services at 11 a. m.; Epworth
League at 6:80 p. m.; preaohing services
at 7:30 p. m. Good musio will be pro
vided for the preaohing services of both
morning and evening, xou are cordially
welcomed to these servioes. G. S. Madden,
At the Catholio Cathedral to-morrow,
23fSunday after Pentecost, services will
be as follows: First mass, 7:00 a. m.; seo
ond mass at 8:30 a. m., sermon in Span
ish; third mass at 9:30 a. m., sermon in
English; fourth mass at 10:30 a. m., ser
mon in Spanish; vespers and benediction
at 7 p. m. On the 12th feast of San Diego
in Pueblo of xesuque.
At the Choroh of the Holy Faith to
morrow, 22d Sunday after Trinity, ser
vioes will be as follows: Morning prayer
and celebration of the Holy Communion,
at 11; evening prayer, at 4:80. Next
Friday the litany will be read at 4:30 p. m.
At the Gnadalupe ohnrch to-morrow,
November 10,1895, 23d Sunday after Pen
tecost: First mass, 7:00 a. m., sermon in
Spanish; seoond mass, 10:00 a. m., sermon
in English; vespers and benediction at 7
p. m. On week days, during taw mourn
of November, maBs at 6:80 a. m. P. Gil
berton, pastor.
Blood Will Tell
Most surely upon the condition of the
physical system. If the blood is pure and
full ol vitality it Will carry health to all
the organs of the body ; it will expel the
germs of disease and the result will be a
condition of perfect health. If it is im
pure and impoverished, such a condition
will be impossible. The best way to
Keep the Blood Pure
la by tbe use of Hood's Sarsaparilla, be
cause Hood's Sarsaparilla is the best blood
purifier that medical science has ever pro
duced. This is the secret of its wonderful
cures of scrofula, salt rheum, nervousness,
sleeplessness, rheumatism, and all other
diseases which originate ia the blood.
la tho only True Blood Purifier promi
nently In the public eye today. It is sold
by all druggists, tl; six for $5. Prepared
only by O.I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
HnnH'a DM la " babltual eouitliw.
vvm 0 tun, jrnee '
Eleven car loads of cattle were shipped
from Deming on Thursday.
T. Rouanlt sold and shipped last week
two oarloads of canned tomatoes from his
cannery at Las Cruces.
The Browne fc Manzanares Co. are hav
ing 5C.000 pounds of wool scoured at the
Ludemann plant at Las Vegas.
Alfred E. Hawkins, oharged in court
with unlawfully catting timber belonging
to Uncle Sam, has had bis case continued
at Las Vegas.
Miss Francis Willard will visit New
Mexioo tbe latter part of next month,
and deliver some temperance lectures
6h. will be well worth bearing.
The talk of an electrio road through
Mora may seem dead, bnt those who are
on the Inside know that there is more en
couragement now than ever before. Las
Vegas Optic.
For the last six months the county
board has been formulating a plan to re
organize the county debt and place the
county on a better financial basis. It is
stated that when this work is completed
it will make a very material difference in
favor of the oounty. Las Vegas Exam
iner. Something of a sensation was created
in court at Albuquerque, when Donioio
Sandoval stood up before the bar and
pleaded guilty to an indictment for mur
der in the first degree. The oourt refused
to accept the plea of guilty, and appoint
ed B. S. Rodey to defend. Sandoval ib
charged with- the murder of Viotoraino
Tenorio in the Nacimiento country, July
29lh last. The witnesses are Pedro and
Trinidad Gallegos.
The Citizen gives circulation to one of
Judge Burns' semi-annual jokes as fol
lows: One of his friends informs the
Citizen that Hon. Wm. Burns, the wide
awake internal revenne man, has fallen
heir to a $600,000 estate by the death of a
great nnole in Ireland. If so Judge Burns
is in the same position as the man who
finds a sure enough good gold mine. He
says nothing about it.
Mr. Lefren, the jeweler, has reoeived
from his brother, in Sweden, a consign
ment of finger-rings manufactured from
a metal invented and patented by the
brother in Sweden. It represnts pnre
gold and Mr. L. informs ns that it does
not corrode and that nitric acid (in which
he kept it for forty-eight hours) has no
effect whatever upon the metal. Its cost
is less than 5 per cent that of gold.
White Oaks eagle.
Dr. G. S. EasterdBy and Dr. Tascher
spent yesterday in Peralta and vicinity,
and combined professional duties with
pleasure. They returned last night lit
erally, laden down with quail. Dr. East
erday carried several dozen of the tooth
some ooturnix vulgaris in one bunch, and
proved himself as snocessful with the gun
as he is in the treatment of suffering hu
manity. The spoils of the sport have
been divided among friends. Albuquer
que Citizen.
J. A. Naugle, general manager of the
Sonora railroad, reoently passed tnrougn
Albnqnerqne to Chicago in his private
car. His road is now getting ready to
Bbip 80,000 head of cattle destined for
breeding and fattening purposes in
northern states. These shipments will
pass through Albuquerque and will make
business move lively on the Santa Fe
system. Mr. Nangle was accompanied by
Geo. M. Merrick, a mining expert of
Dan Stnart Reaches El Paso To-niglit
and Thinks He Has Things
All Fixed.
The El Paso papers have at last found
out that Dan Stnart is to visit Juarez to
arrange for the big prize fight. The
New Mexican aunounoed this fact four
days ago. A Dallas dispatch of Thursday
night says Stnart would leave there on
yesterday. He is reported to have said:
"I think the place and time for Corbett
and Fitzsimmons to settle their difficulties
will be found and fixed between now and
8nL'ay. I am making this move indi
vidual? and alone and intend -to offer
such purse and protection .that neither
man can refuse to accept if he intends or
wants to fight. The whole sporting
world is in a mood to see this champion
ship matter settled in the ring."
Stnart will go to Chihuahua and inter
view Gov. Ahumada in person, and ob
tain a written agreement from that official
promising non-interference. This accom
plished he is sure other details can be ar
ranged. According to the terms submit
ted by Stuart, Corbett and Fitzsimmons
are to meet in El Paso, Texas, and go
from there to J narez, where the battle is
to take place for the purse of $20,000 and
$10,000 aside, Stuart depositing the
amount of the purse in a responsible
party's hands, and agreting to forfeit it
if the fight fails because of legal inter
ference. In the event the fight comes off
Stuart gives FitzsimmouB his pergonal
guarantee that the $2,500 forfeit of the
Florida Athletic club will be paid to him.
It is understood that Stuart will put up
trie $1U,U0U side bet for ltisimmoiiB.
Your Sunday Dinner.
Order Sunday supplies from Simmons',
east side of the plaza. He has the
choicest meats, including venison, pork,
veal, pigs feet, tripe and head-cheese, also
butter, saner kraut and mince meat. Try
him for good goods and low prices.
Hedueed Kates to California.
$56.90 via the ,:8anta Fe Route" to Los
Angeles and San Diego, $66.90 to San
Frauoisco and return; tickets good for
return passage six months from date of
sale, allowing stop-overs at any interme
diate points. For particulars call on or
address agents of the Santa Fe Route.
H. S. Lutz, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
Gko. T. Nicholson, G. P. A.,
Chioago, 111.
John MoOnllough Havana olgars at
Colorado saloon.
iy m
Men, women and children can always
find prize shoes in onr stock. There's
nothing gained by wearing inferior foot
wear. No one ever saves money by doing
so. There isn't enough wear in a poor
shoe to make it worth while to wear it.
Attempting to make a poor shoe pasa for
a good one is like trying to make a quar
ter pass for a dollar; it can't be done.
Onr shoe are up to date in style, hand
some in Bhape and appearance, first olass
in quality, and low in price. As good a
shoe as ours would oost you more any
where else. Come and see for yourself.
Academy of
TKBMH: Board and tuition, per month. ajM.OOi Tuition of day scholars,
4 to nil per month, according to grade. Music, liratrnmcntnl mid
vocnl. painting' In oil and wntnr colors, on china, etc., form extra
charges. For prospectus or further Information, apply to
Mother Francisca Lamf, Superior.

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