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The little maid,
With eyes of brown.
Now twines the wool
From Germantowu
In grotesque bags .
Of red and bine
And calls them shoes,
Prepared for you.
Nor be ye sad,
Nor overawed;
Ye cannot wear
The things abroad; .
Yet still the shapes,
All knit and fleooed,
Will fifty cost
Yon, at the leastl
Mrs. W. B. Meek, who resides at Camp
tonville, Cal., says her daughter was for
several years tronbled at times with se
vere cramps in the stomach, and would
be in such agony that it was necessary to
call in a physician. Having read about
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy she oonoluded to try it.
She found that it always gave prompt re
lief. It was seldom necessary to give the
second dose. "It has not only saved us
lots of worry and time," she says, "but
also doctor bill. It is my opinion that
every family should have a bottle of this
remedy in the house." For sale by Ire
land's Pharmacy.
Ahl oried Joan of Are. The maid of
Orleans drew herself up proudly. I will
live in history as the first female to wear
a oont of male, and a gleam of triumph
shone in her eye the nether garments to
match. In her exultation she caused her
barbed steed to prance-until the 'rivets
rattled in her cast-iron bloomers.
Sore throat. Any ordinary case may
be cured in one eight by applying Cham
berlain's Pain Balm as directed with each
bottle. This medicine is also famous for
its onres of rheumatism, lame back end
deep-seated and muscular pains. For
sale by Ireland's Pharmaoy. -
What do you think! exolaimed one
emancipated woman. I don't know!
was the startled rejoinder of another.
What do If Our president, Miss Tomasa
Buoy, has taken to smoking cigarettes.
What! We muBt impeach her at onoe.
The idea of her doing anything bo un
manly! -
This is the day of anti-this, and anti
that, but what people need most now
adays is, the anti-bilious medicine, Sim
mons Liver Regulator, the king of liver
medicines, and better than pills. "I have
used no other anti-bilious remedy for six
years and know from experience that for
ladies of a constipated habit nothing
equals it." Laura T. Craig, EUenbury,
My good man, said the titled gentleman
who had been violating a munioipal or
dinance, I am not subject to the lawB
here; I belong to the nobility. Well,
begorrah, replied Mr. Terence Flynn, for
the matter o' that, naythere am Oi. Oi
belong till the police force.
De Witt's Sarsaparilla is prepared for
cleansing the blood. It builds up and
strengthens constitutions impaired by
disease. Newton's drug store.
Farmer Hardaore ! Fate is always agin'
the farmer. Mr. Citiman: What is the
matter, Mr. Hardaore f Farmer Hard
acre: Why, I've got a bustin' big crop
of oats for the first time in four years,
an' there's nuthin' to feed 'em to any more
but bioyole and trolley oars.
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purifies the blood,
cures eruptions, eczema, scrofula and all
diseases arising frum impufe blood. New
ton's drug store.
Acts at once, never fails, One Minute
Cough Cnre. A remedy for asthma, and
that feverish condition which accom
panies a severe eold. The only harmless
remedy that produces immediate results.
"Newton's drug store.
It is a truth in medicine that the small
est dose that performs a oure is the best.
De Witt's Little Early Risers are the
smallest pills, will perform a cure, and
are the best. Newton's drug Btore.
You van Believe
The testimonials published in behalf of
Hood's Sarsaparilla. They are written by
honest people, who have actually found
. in their own experience that Hood's Sar
saparilla purifies the blood, oreates an
appetite, strengthens the system and ab-
solutely and permanently cures all dis
eases caused by impure or deficient
blood. .
Hood's Pills for the liver and bowels,
aot promptly, easily and effectively.
- Hood's Sarsaparilla, taken at this sea
pon, will make you feel strong and vigor
ous and keep you from siokness later
on. . ::' ,' .
When a trifle will buy the greetett i hwOlng
Invention of the dayt Dr.SuMleB'S Eleetvlc
Mien in a conpnn weuy wwry r
. gjwatmmiU And fraarutoed, or money
m Ti. r.1l .-- .Ul.Ant Muttntni
II raj Im . TV - VIUV i IVUVUH unw-i i
KlH-niunttnm, Lnmbara, Set-flea, Lama
Back, Kidney mmA JUver Cojaplalntat
Hervona owuht, m reaajwaa, . -o-p,
. 1 II M mwIv ladlwp
linn nl arffM T WC-k it tB IM
rreateat peaaible Um, a the mil-,
-milliln- eleeaie com rat la applied
Ulrcet to the nerve eentera and improve
ments are felt from the flrat hoar
A pocket edition ot the celebrated electro-
neaiou van, ..-.'s..w;:".
"Three Classes of Men
lllnati-ttil.lit unnt fn. seated, bv nail no
application. Every yoaaar. middle
or old mum (uttering the sUa-test weakneu
should read It. It will ahow an eaajr. Bare
and npeedjr way to regain alrencUi and
neaitn wnen everyinum eiae naa wmmm.
No. 980 Sixteenth St., Denver, Col
Also New Turk, VhleMKo de London, Eng.
Utgest Eleotro-lIeJlcul t'oucerj I the Worlill
Messrs. C. F. Moore Co., Newberg,
Ore., say: "We sell more of Chamber
lain's Congh Remedy than all others put
together, and it always gives satisfac
tion." Mr. J. F. Allen, Fox, Ore., says:
"I believe Chamberlain's Congh Remedy
to be the best I have handled." Mr. W.
H. Hitohoook, Columbus, Wash., says:
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy sells well
and is highly praised by all who use it."
For sale by Ireland's Pharmacy.
An Incident In the Lives of Some Bicycle
It was an instructive incident, showing
that the blcyclo, like (loath, equalizes all
men, and, ovon mora difficult tusk, all
women. The members of tho household
and their guests wern seated on tho piazza
enjoying the rest thut comes betveeon aft
ernoon tennis and tea. They wore all
aplck and span as to attire. The white
and blue flannels of tho men and the or
gandies of tho girls were perfection In
their way, while nothing more placidly
correct thau the gray silk of the gray
haired mistress of the house is ever seen,
even in that placidly correct suburb.
Suddenly there appeared ufkin the scene
a group of tho most dlamotrically opposed
class. There were two men, sunburned,
bearded to an unbecoming and untidy de
gree, dusty, dirty, torn and disreputable
looking. Behind them trailed three de
jected looking women, who formed admi
rable companion pieces to them, so dirty,
torn, burned, worn and disheveled were
they. They all advanced timorously to
ward the house. Tho piazza group sur
veyed them with susploion and disdain.
Were they tramps or gypsies? At any rate,
they were "thoroughly disreputable look
ing customers, " as one of the household
party remarked audibly.
The less impossible looking of the two
men addressed the house party.
"Beg pardon," said he, lifting his tat
tered cap, "but can you tell us whore we
can got something to eat in the town?"
Supercilious glances were exchanged
among the doorstep group. But the gen
tle, gray haired hostess, whose sight and
hearing are both a little dull, spoke kindly
to the waifs.
"If you will go around by the side path
to the kitchen door, my good man," she
eald, "I think the oook"
But she was interrupted.
"Pardon mo," said the spokesman for
the tramps, "but wo are looking for an
eating house or hotel. Wo are," he added
modostly, "not quite so bad as we look.
We have been-making a bicycle tour from
Boston and"
"A bioyole tour!" shouted one of the
men on the poroh.
"Oh, how lovely!" exclaimed one of tho
girls on the porch.
"Won't youoome right up and join usf"
cried the host. "There's ten coming, isn't
there, mother? And later there'll be din
ner. There are no hotels In town."
"Wouldn't you like to fjeahen up a bit?"
asked one of tho girls.
"Where have you left your wheels? Be
low tho shrubbery? I'll send for them.
Come, you must toll us all about It. We,"
confidentially, "are thinking of just such
a trip ourselves."
So through the magic of the bicycle the
waifs became honored guests and tho hun
gry were filled. New York World.
Always In Style.
Conduotor Plenty of seats, gentlemen.
Sit down.
1 I I
They sot down way down. Truth.
She Was Right.
The benighted barbarian, In accordance
with the time honored custom of his trbe,
lay In wait in tho grass, waiting for the
approach of the maiden whom he had
oliosen to woo.
As soon as she passed, he arose, and
-with one blow of the large and knotty club
he carried felled her to the earth.
She awoke from the consequent swoon,
to find herself flung across his shoulder
as he proceeded toward his hut. Though
dazed at first, she realized that she had
been proposed to in the regular '.style.
"Dear me, Mr. Gwrrbblu," she twittered,
"this is so sudden!"
In her cose there was really some excuse
(or the remark. Life. '
Simply Following Instructions.
"You say that I'm not altogether objec
tionable to your parents, " he said ruefully.
"No," she replied. "Father and mother
both speak very highly of you."
"Then why does that big dog assault
me every time I come near and chew a
piece out of my clothes?" :
"Oh, you mustn't mind Brutus. He's
trained to do that. Aunty has gotten al
most enough samples from him to mako a
lovely patchwork quilt;" Washington
Star. .. : .- : ;
Flaying on the Bnlna.
"These firemen must be a frivolous set,"
aid Mr. Spillkins, who was reading a pa
per. .'
"Why so?"
"I read in the paper that after a Are was
under control the firemen played all night
on the ruing. Why didn't they go home
and go to bed like sensible men, Instead
of tomplng about like children?" Texas
Sittings. -
A Ralaon d'Etre. T.
"I wonder," said tho Washington Base
ball club gloomily, "what we two or three
ohronio tailenders are on earth for any
how." "Great Scott I" exclnlmod the New York
nine, "we fellows have got to have some
body we can beat, haven't we?" Wash
ington Star.
The Dnke and the Dnehew.
"Hal I am told your family made Its
money In trade."
" Tls false! They were counterfeiters."
- "Thank heaven!"
! Their graces the duke and the duchess
f Amerloanonsls) are happily reconciled.
Detroit Tribune.
He Helleved.lt.
"I read the other day," said the man
who does not go, "that baseball Waa In
vented by the Indlaus."
- "Guess it is so," said the man who
toots, "And we got a lot of wooden one
a-playin HI" Indianapolis Journal,
In the hearts of human creatures
Lives the hinging to be free,
Lives the wiah to dwell as equals
In the courts of liberty.
Bince the rorld was first created
Hen have battled for their rights;
They have burned the thongs of thraldom
In the fires of freedom's lights.
Turn the leaves of history over, 1
Look on every blood marked page,
Note what victories of valor
Mark an era in each age.
Hid the deeds that an recorded
In the tomes of deathless fame
Those that blaze with brightest glory
Were inspired by freedom's name.
Susie M. Best in Philadelphia Ledger.
I'm Growing Old.
My days pass pleasantly away ;
My nights are blessed with sweetest sleep t
I feel no symptoms of decay;
I have no cause to mourn or weep ;
My foes are impotent and shy ;
My friends are neither false nor cold.
And yet, of late, I often sigh
I'm growing oldl
My growing talk of olden times,
My growing thirst for early news,
My growing apathy to rhymes,
My growing love of easy shoes,
My growing hate of crowds and noise,
My growing fear of taking cold,
All whisper in the plainest voice
I'm growing old!
I'm growing fonder of my staff ;
I'm growing dimmer in the eyes;
I'm growing fainter in my laugh;
I'm growing deeper in my sighs;
I'm growing careless in my dress;
I'm growing frugal of my gold; '
' I'm growing wise; I'm growing yes
I'm growing old!
I see it in my changing taste ;
I see it in my changing hair;
I see it in my growing waist;
I see it in my growing heir ;
A thousand signs proclaim the truth,
As plain as truth was ever told,
That, even in my vaunted youth,
I'm growing oldl
John Q. Saxe.
The Land of "Pretty Soon."
I know of a land where the streets are paved
With the things which we meant to achieve.
It is walled with the money we meant to have
And the pleasures for which we grieve.
The kind words unspoken, the promises broken
And many a coveted boon
Are stowed away there in that land some
where The land of "Pretty Soon."
There are uncut jewels of possible fame
Lying about in the dust,
And many a noble and lofty aim
Covered with mold and rust,
And, oh!- this place, while it seems so near,
Is farther away than the moon.
Though onr purpose is fair, yet we never get
To the land of "Pretty Soon."
The road that leads to that mystio land
Is strewn with pitiful wrecks,
And the ships that have sailed for its shining
Bear skeletons on their decks.
It is farther at noon than it was at dawn,
And farther at night than at noon.
Oh, let us beware of that land down there
The land of "Pretty Soon."
Ella Wheeler Wilcox in Elmira Telegram.
The Up Hill and the Down Hill.
Strode a lordling from his palace
On the hillside's stately crest,
Pacing downward to the valleys
In enjoyment's idle quest,
But the breeze about him blowing
Seemed to murmur on his track,
"Ah, the road that's down hill going
Will be up hill coming back."
Tripped a maiden to the fountain
From her cottage in the vale,
Stepping boldly up the mountain
With her empty water pall,
And methought the brooklet flowing
Whispered ever on her traok,
"Oh, the road that's uphill going
e Will be down hill coming back."
And a lesson I did borrow,
As of some chance opened book, '
From the breeze's murmured sorrow
- And the whisper of the brook
If the down hill has an ending,
Choose onr pathway as we will,
We had best begin ascending ,
With our faces to the hill.
Chambers' Journal.
A Man of Sense.
The man who makes the best of things
With riches can dispense.
Since heaven has endowed him with
A fund of common sense.
Though ho may live in poverty,
He has a happy lot,
Because he doesn't sit and mourn
For what he hasn't got..
The man who makes the best of things
Is tolerably rare,
But when you find him you will see
A man devoid of care.
His rule of life is simple just
To do his level best,
And then he does some resting
And lets others do the rest.
The man who makes the best of things,
He knows where he is at.
He is a true philosopher,
And to him I doff my hat.
But when I run across a man
Who's always finding fault
I know, without your telling me,
He isn't worth his salt.
Somerville Journal.
A Love Song to a Wife.
We have been lovers tor forty years.
O dear cheeks, faded and worn with tears,
What an eloquent story of love ye tell!
Your roses are dead, yet I love ye well!
0 pale brow, shrined in soft, silvery hair,
Crowned with life's sorrow and lined with
Let me read by the light of the stars above
Those dear, dear records ot faithful love,
Ah, fond, fond eyes of my own true wife!
Ye have shone so clear through my checkered
Ye have shed such Joy on its thorny way,
That I cannot think ye are dim today.
Worn little hands that have toiled so long,
Patient and loving and brave and strong,
Ye will never tire, ye will never rest,
Until you are crossed oa my darling's breast.
O warm heart, throbbing so close to mine I
Time only strengthens such love as thine
And proves that the holiest love doth last
When summer and beauty and youth are past.
Three Kisses.
Childhood upon her brow dropp'd kissel
' With crooning song, he lingered by her side,
And with bright hope her pulses wildly beat.
"Ah, this is lifel" she cried.
Youth from her gentle lips drank kisses rare,
As warm as southern winds that faintly
blow, 1
And with soft fingers stroked her golden hair.
" 'Tis love!" she murmured low. '
Age with ohIU kisses fann'd her furrowed face.
O'er her dim eyes she felt his icy breath.
Gently he clasped her in a elose embrace.
She whispered, "This is death!"
Llmle E. Dyaa.
No More Worrying. . ,
Hain't a-goln to worry any more
Hain't a-goin to fret and fuss about HI
We'll git what's a-eomin to us, shore,
' Er, thank Ctodl we'll git along without it,
James Whitcomb Riley.
" A. G. Bartley, of Msgio, Pa., writes: I
feel it a doty of mine to inform yon and
the publio thatDe Witt's Witch Hasel
Halve eured me of a very bad oase of eo
zema. It also oured my boy of a run
ning eora on his leg. Newton's drug
The U. S. Gov't Reports
$how Royal Baking Powdar
aaparior to mil otbera.
Half the fun of
life is lost by
many people
through their
neglect of one of
Nature s most
rigid laws. Na
ture insists on
regularity. Peo
ple who allow the
continuance o f
any irregularity
in their digestive
organs soon have
to pay the pen
alty. Free and
Tegular move
ment of the bow
els, is the surest
sign of good
The first ques
tion the doctor
asks is: "Are your bowels regular?" If
not, he gives something to make them
so and quite often that is all he needs
to do.
Assist Nature occasionally in removing
offending matter from the stomach and
bowels and you need never be very sick.
Remember that assistance don't mean
violence. What is needed is a gentle but
efficient helper that will work so easily
Hid so naturally that there will be no
shock to the system.
Of all the remedies that have been pre
pared, Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets best
fill all the requirements. They are made
of refined, concentrated vegetable ex
tracts. One is a laxative two a mild
cathartic. They aire constipation, bil
iousness, dyspepsia, distress after eating,
sour stomach, "heart-burn," dizziness,
foul breath and all disorders due to im
perfect digestion. Each little vial holds
from forty-two to forty-four Pellets, and
sells at the same price as the more com
mon and cheaper made pills. A free
sample package (4 to 7 doses) will be
sent on request. Once used, they are
always in favor. World's Dispensary
Medical Association, 663 Main Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
To all whom it may concern :
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant
to an order of the distriot court within
and for the oounty of Santa Fe, and terri
tory of New Mexico, direoting the issue
of a commission to take the depositions
of the following named witnesses: Fran
cisco Romero, Jesns Narvais, Ambrosio
Ortiz, Ascension Silva, Antonio Jose Sil
va, Valentin Montoya and Antonio Ortiz y
Salazar, the testimony of whom is to be
taken relative to who were and are the
heirs and lineal descendants of Domingo
Romero, one of the grantees of the Mesita
de Juana Lopez grant, situate, lying and
being in the oounty of Santa Fe, territory
of New Mexico, the Cerrillos Coal & Iron
Company will on the 9th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1895, at the office of Robert G.
Oortner, a notary publio named in said
order, as the person before whom such
depositions shall be taken, proceed to
take the depositions of the witnesses
herein named.
C'ekeillos Coal & Ibon Company,
By R. E. Twitohell,
Attorney and Agent.
Nothing bo distressing as a hacking
cough. Nothing so foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing so dangerous if allowed
to continue. One Minute Cough Care
gives immediate relief. Newton's drug
store. ,
A todos qaienes eonoierne:'
Por esta se da aviso que de oonformi
dad con una orden de la corte de distrito
en y por el oondada de Santa Fe, y terri
torio de Nuevo Mexioo, dirigiendo la au
torizaoion de nna comision para tomar
las declaraoiones de los siguientes testi
gos nombrados: Franoisoo Romero, Je
sus Narvais, Ambrosio Ortiz, Asoenoion
Silva, Antonio Jose Silva, Valentin Mon
toya y Antonio Ortiz y Salazar, el teBti
monio de quienes se tomara oon referen
da a quienes eran los herederos y descen
dientes lineales de Domingo Romero, uno
de los mercenados de la meroed de la Me
sita de Juana Lopez, situada y ubloada
en el oondado de Santa Fe, territorio de
Nuevo Mexico, la Cerrillos Coal & Iron
Company, el d,i 9 de Diciembre, A. D.
1895, en la ofloina del notario publioo,
Robert C. Gortner, nombrado en dioha
orden de ser la persona delante de quien
so tomaran diohas declaraoiones, se pro
oedera a tomar la deolaraoioa de los tes
tigos aqni nombrados.
Ckbbillos Coal & Ibon Company,
For R. E. Twitobell,
Abogado y Agente.
Say, why don't yon try De Witt's Little
Early Risers? TlieWlittle pills oure head
aohe, indigestion and eonstipation. They
are small, but do the work. Newton's
drug store.
Burlington Itonte.
The Bummer has come and gone; the
beautiful autumn ia again with us; the
great Burlington continues to eome and
go every day in the year, and will con
tinue to run the best equipped trains
from Denver to Chicago, St. Louis,
Peoria, Quincy, Kansas City, St. Joe,
Omaha, Lincoln and intermediate points,
without ohange of ears.
The Burlington has long been the es
tablished favorite route of the traveling
publio, and will oontinue to be the leader
in everything pertaining to the safety
and eomfort of its patrons. Through
vestibuled trains leaves Denver at 11:00
a. m. and 9:50 p. m. and earry the finest
Pullman Pnlaoe Sleeping Cars, Famous
0. B.t Q. Dining Cars (meats a la carte),
Reclining Chair Cars and splendid day
ooaohea. Notwithstanding the many ad
vantages offered by this line, our rates
are as low as via any other. All tioket
agents will oonsider it a pleasure to give
full particulars, tioket you, check your
baggage to any point In the United States
or Canada. Remember yonr looal agent
ean make yon as good rates as ean be ob
tained in Denver, but should you desire
any special information, kindly write
G. W. Vallery, General Agent, 1039 17th
street, Denver, Colo.
There are many good reasons why yen
should use One Minute Cough Cure, there
are no reasons why you should not, if in
need of help. The only harmless remedy
that produces immediate results. New
ton's drug store.
New Vast tnltfornla Train.
On Oetober 29 the Santa Fe Roots will
inaugurate new and Btriotly limited first
class servioe to Southern California.
The California Limited willleave Chicago
at 6,00 p. m.' daily, reaching Lob Angeles
In three days and San Franoisoo in three
end one-half days, a saving of half a day.
Time from this station correspondingly
Equipment will consist of superb new
vestibuled Pullman palace and compart
ment sleepers, chair ear aud dining oar.
through to Los Angeles without change.
This will be the fastest and most lux
urious service via any line to California.
Another daily train will oary through
palaoe sleeper and tonrist sleeper to Ban
Franoisoo and tourist aleeper to Los
Angeles, aa at present.
For full particulars inquire of loosi
agent Atobison, Topeka fc Santa Fe R. R.
Denver & Rio Grande Railroads.
Time Table No. 36.
Effective Oct. IB, 1895.
No. 478. MILKS No. 475.
8:50 am Lv. Santa Fe.Ar 6:10 pm
11:15am Ar.Kspanoia. Lv.. 40.. 3:55 pm
12:40a in Ar.Embudo.Lv... 59.. 2::Wpm
1:80 pm Ar. Barranca. Lv.. 60.. 1:90 pm
3:06 p m....Ar.Tres Pieilras.Lv 97. .11:52 a m
5:00 p m Ar. Antouito.Lv...l'.il..lO0 a m
6 :10 p m Ar. Alamosa . Lv . . 160. . 8 :40 a m
10:30 p m Ar . Salida . Lv.. . . 246 . . 4 :45 a m
1:20 a m Ar. Florence. Lv.. 311.. 1:40 a in
2 :40 a in Ar . Pueblo . Lv. . . 843 . . 12: 25 a m
4:12am Ar.Colo Spgs. Lv.3S7 . . 10:50 p m
7:15 a m Ar. Denver. Lv... 463.. 7:45 p m
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Durango, Silverton
and all points in the San Juan oountry.
At Alamosa for Jimtown, Creede, Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
San Luis valley. .
At Salida with main line for all points
east and west, including Leadville.
At Florence with F. & C. C. R. R. for
the gold camps of Cripple Creek and
At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river lines for all
points east.
Through passengers leaving Santa Fe
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosa, at
which point through sleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
S. K. Hoopeb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
The healing properties of De Witt's
Witoh Hazel Salve are well known. It
cures eczema, skin affections and is sim
ply a perfect remedy for piles, Newton's
drug store.
- ICal Notice.
Distriot oourt, Santa Fe oounty.
Daniel Carter No. 3535.
vs. I Assumpsit
C. G. Story and f by Attach
James M. Allan, j ment.
To C. G. Story and James M. Allan, de
fendants above named:
You and each of yon are hereby noti
fied that Daniel Carter, the above named
plaintiff, haB brought the above entitled
suit against you in which he seeks to re
cover the Bum of three hundred and seventy-eight
and 20-100 dollars against you
together with interest from Deoember
13, 1891, and oosts for work, labor and
services rendered to you as custodian and
watchman of yonr property in Glorieta,
in Baid oounty of Santa Fe, territory of
New Mexico; that your said property has
been attached in said snit; and that unless
you appear at the next regularterm of said
oourt, appoi-ted to be held on the second
Monday of December, 1895, being Mon
day, Deoember 9, 1895, judgment will be
rendered against you and eaoh of you in
said euit and your said property sold to
Batisfy the same.
Dated Santa Fe, N. M., October 25, 1895.
Geo. L. VVyllys,
Geo. W. Enaebel, Clerk.
Attorney for Plaintiff, Office and Post-
office address, Santa Fe, N. M.
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Cough Cure as anything else. It's easier
to oure a severe congh or oold with it,
Let your next purchase for a cough be
One Minute Cough Cure. Better medioine;
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drug store.
Architect & Contractor
Close Figuring
Modern Methods
Skilled Mechanics
Plans and specifications tarnishes
on application. Correspondence so
licited. Santa Fe, N. M.
ohi-hau am or box
I bu bean the aUndrtrd for fortr yenm and
I pupU-W KMMf UUD 9T9T 001010-
I Is the Ideal eomnlexlon nnwr!M htitlfvtn. I
refmhlnf , cleanly, healthful and harmlehi
A uelk-te. Invlalbie protection to the face.
I WHh erwrj- of POZZOSi rs m ma i
u wwhi mviM s ri ri
BOX la liven free of mhmxtm.
We call especial attention to our celebrated
Frej's patent Sat opening blank book
We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc.
We are the best equipped establishment
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work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
. Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
We are the

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