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)i vo.i w-:i; a sure relief for
mans, u.s sa
Bear in Mind Not one of
tions is as good as the genuine.
With hef own lily hands she did knead
- Bread with which tourists to kfeed,
But the tramps loudly cursed,
Suspecting the worst,
And tied at the top of their kspeed.
Mrs. V. B. Meek, who resides at Camp
tonville, Cal., says her daughter was for
several years troubled at times with se
vere cramps in the stomach, and wonld
be in snoh agony that it was necessary to
oall in a physician. Having read abont
Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy she concluded to try it
She found that it always gave prompt re
lief. It was seldom necessary to give the
second dose. "It has not only saved us
" lots of worry and time," she says, j'Ght
also doctor bill. It is my opinion that
every family should have a bottle of this
remedy in the house." For sale by Ire
land's Pharmacy.
Now in the swamps the 'possums
Hang high; the rabits run
And the fiddle in the cabin's
In a fidget for the fun.
Sore throat. Any ordinary case may
be cured in one eight by applying Cham
bprlnin's Pain Balm as directed with eaoh
bottle. This medicine is also famous for
its cures of rheumatism, lame back and
deep-seated and muscular pains. For
sale by Ireland's Pharmacy.
Marriage, we Own, is a lottery,
Yet here a great difference lies;
There are times when we do not envy
The man with the capital prize.
This is the day of anti-this, and anti
that, but what people need most now
adays is, the anti-bilious medicine, Sim
mons Liver Regulator, the king of liver
medicines, and better than pills. "I have
used no other anti-bilious remedy for six
years and know from experience that for
ladies of a constipated habit nothing
equals it." Laura T. Craig, Ellenbnry,
In future years when amonrous youths
Desire a hasty marriage,
They will not fly on steed or bike
But take Dad's horseless carriage.
De Witt's Sarsaparilla is prepared for
cleansing the blood. t builds up and
strengthens constitutions impaired by
disease. Newton's drug store.
To put your trust in princes is
Unwise in many cases;
But it is worse to trust in kings
When the other man has aces.
Pure blood ' means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purifies the blood,
cures eruptions, eczema, scrofula and all
diseases arising frum impure blood. New
ton's drug store.
Whenever this man was angry,
He patriotic grew;
His face got red, he then tnrned white,
. And made the air look blue.
Acts at once, never fails, One Minute
Congh Cure. A remedy for asthma, and
that feverish condition which accom
panies a severe eold. The only harmless
remedy that produces immediate results.
Newton's drug store.
People who live in the temperate zone
Freeze to the marrow and melt in the
, bone
Twice in the course of a summer's day.
And this is the temperate zone they say.
It is a truth in medioine that the small
est dose that performs a cure is the best.
De Witt's Little Early Risers are the
smallest pills, will perform a cure, and
are the best. Newton's drug Btore.
The cashier stole him bogs of gold,
Of silver many a tray;
Of bond and bill he stole his fill,
And then he stole away.
Messrs. C. F. Moore & Co., Newberg,
Ore., Bay: "We sell more of Chamber
lain's Congh Remedy than all others put
together, and it always gives satisfac
tion." Mr. J. F. Allen, Fox, Ore., says:
"I believe Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to be the best I have handled." Mr. W.
H. Hitchcock, Columbus, Wash., says:
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For sale by Ireland's Pharmacy.
When a trifle will buy the greatest healing
Invention of the dayt Ur.Sandcn'a Electric
nlt la acomolel body battery for selt
treatment, and irnaraiiteed, or money
refunded. It will
nu cure
without medioine
Rheumatism, Lnmliuo, Sciatica, Lame
luutii. kiIiit and Over Comnlalnts.
Nervons Hetotlity, Weakness, . Losses,
Drain and all effect of early Indiscre
tion or excess. To weak men It la the
trrcntest possible Itoon, as the mild,
nnoMtlug electric current fa applied
direct to the nerve centers and improve
ments are felt from tfee first hoar (tied.
A pocket edition ot the celebrated electro
medical work,
"Three Classes of Men;1
illustrated, is sent free, sealed, by mail upon
application. Every jroniis. middle-aged
or old Minn suffering the slightest weakness
should read it. It will show an easy, snre
and speedy way to regain strength and;
health when everything else baa tailed.
No. 990 Mr iwnlli HI., Drniw, Col. .
AisoNew Yrk,'MoH London, Eng.
Uirjost liloolro-JIoOlcal Ooncer- lu ibe World!
pains ia the back, side, chest, or
Plaster !
the host of counterfeits and imita
Whtn that the evanescent shows of litu
Are vanished from ua or nro memories
Of flowers and times and ships of other seas;
While friends and swoothearta death '3 resist
less knife
Has slit away even whilo lovo was rife,
And one by ono are lost tho golden koys
That opod our thoughts and gave the power
to please,
And we're as nothing whether for joy or strife
What shall we be when comes that certaip
Singers in fame's great cage of birds, not
Shapes in the commonplace of things unsung?
Out ot the paradise of holy rhyme?
Oh, let my soul floo to some world sublime
And feel that it will Btill be living, young!
Edward S. Creamer in Now York Sun.
"It was a hot day in Juno," said the old
oattleman as he thoughtfully road the
maker's name In his sombrero, "an while
not possessin one of those yere heat gauges
to say ackerate I'm allowiu it was ridin
hard on jest soch weather as this. The
Tuoson mail was in, an a band of us was
at tho postoiBoe a-makin-of demands for
letters when in oomes Cherokoe Hall,
lookin some moody, an sots himself down
on a shoeboz.
"'Which you no doubt thinks as how
you'll take some missivoa youso'f this
mornln,' says Dock Peters, a-notioin of his
gloom an aimin to p'int his ideos up somo
other trail. 'Pass over them documents for
Ghorokee Hall an don't try for to hold out
nuthiu on to us, for we're way too. peevish
to stand any offlshul gayetles today.'
" 'Thore ain't no one woakminded enuf
to write to me none,' says Cherokoe,
'which I remarks this yero phenomenon
with pleasure. Mallbags pack grief, not
joy, an I ain't honin for no hand in the
game whatever. It's 16 years since I buys
a stamp or gets a letter, an all thirst there
fore is assuaged complete.'
"'Fifteen years is shore a long time,'
says Enright, an then we all hops into our
letters again. Finally Chorokee breaks in
onoe more.
" 'I ain't aimin to invest Wolfvllle in no
superstitious fears,' says Cherokee, 'but I
jest chronicles as a curront event how I
was sittin into a little pokor last night,
an throo times straight I pioks up tho
hand tho dead man hold jocks up on
eights on it win every time.'
" 'Who all lose to it?' asks Dan Boggs,
some breathless.
" 'Why,' says Cherokee, 'It's every time
that old loghorn as comes in from Tucson
back some two weeks ago.'
"'Yes,' says Boggs, a-gettin mighty
decided, 'an you bet your snddlo an throw
the pony In doath is flxin its sight for him
right now. It's shorely a-warnin, an I'm
glad a wholo lot it ain't none of the boys,
that's all.'
"You see, this yero strauger who Chero
koe alludes at comes over from Tucson a
little whilo before this. He has long whito
ha'r an beard, an, jedgin from the, rings
on his horns, he was maybo a-oomin 60.
Ho seoniod like ho had plenty of money,
an we takes it ho's all right. His leavin
Tucson showed ho bad senco, so we oashes
him at his ovn flgger. Of courso we all
never asks his name none, as askin names
an lookin at tho brands on a boss is speshul
roodo in tho west an shows your bringin
up, an frequent your bringin down, but
he allows he's oallod old Bill Gentry, to
the boys, an he an Faro Nell nro particular
"'Talkin to him,' says Faro Noll, 'is
jest like a-lyin in tho shade. Ho knows
everything, too, all about books nn things
all over the world. Ho was a-tollin me,
too, as how ho had a daughter like me that
dies way book some'ers about whon I was
a yearlin. He feels a heap bad about it
yet, an I gets so sorry for him, so old nn
" 'An you may gamble,' says Boggs, 'If
Nell liked him, ho's all right.'
" 'If Nell likes him, that makos him all
right,' says Cherokee.
"We was still talkin an readin ovor our
mail in the postoffloo whon all at once we
hears Jaok Moore outside.
" 'What's this yere litoraturo as affronts
my eyes pasted on to tho outside of Uncle
Sam's wyokeyup?' soys Mooro mighty
truculent. We all goes out, nn there shore
enuf Is a notioe offerin 81,500 reward for
some sharp who's been standiu up the
stage ovor on tho Lordsburg trail.
" 'Whoevor tacks this up, I wonder?'
says Enright. 'It nevor was here ten min
utes ago,'
" 'Well, jest you nil hover around an
watch tho glory of its comin down,' says
Moore, a-outtiu on it loose with his knife
an toarin it up. 'I herewith furnishes tho
information cold, this yero camp of Wolf
vllle knows its business an don't have to
be notified of nuthiu. This yoro outfit has
a vigilance committee all regular, an
whloh I'm kettle tender therefor, an whon
it oomes nochoral to announce somo notice
to the ptibllo you will perceive me a-per-radin
of tho scenery on a hoss an promul
gate of said notice vlvor voce. Am I
right, Enright?' ,
" 'All right as preachin, Jack,' says En
right. 'You speaks throoth like a runnln
"'But whoever Stioks up that notice Is
.the Information I pants for, ' says Boggs,
n-piokin up an readin of the pieces.
' " 'I rcqkou I posts that notice some my
self,' said a big, squar' man we don't
know, who conies in that mornln on the
stage, an who was then u-saunterin about
the suburbs of the crowd a-listonln to the
. "'Well, don't doit no more, pardner,'
says Moore, mighty grave. 'We're no
doubt way wrong, but wo have our own
peooollar notions about what looks good,
so after now don't alter the landscape none
round yere till you first gits our views.'
" 'I'm offerin even money postin notices
wouldn't hurt this camp a little bit,' says
the stranger.
" 'Well, comin rlgiit to oases,' says En
right, 'It don't hurt as none, but it grates
on us a whole lot. The idee of a mere
stranger a-strollin in an a-tackin np of no
tices like ho was etandln a pat hand on
what ha knows an we not in it Is a heap
onpleosant. So don't do it no more.'
" 'Well, I don't aim to do It any moro,'
lays the man, 'but I still clings to my
Idee that notloes ain't no setback to this
" 'Which the same boln a mere thoery,'
says Doo Poets, 'personal to yourse'f, 1
holds it would bo onpolite to discuss It; to
lot's all wheel under cover for a drink. '
"So we all lines up on the Early Bird
bar, an the drinks ends the talk, as they
alien ought to.
"Along onto night we get oooler, an by
second drink time in the evonin every one
was movln about, an as It happen quite a
band was in tho Bed Light, somea-drlnkin
an exohangln of views an some buokln the
various games whloh was goln wide open
all around. Cherokee Hall was s-alttln
behind his box, an Faro Noll, who lotted
a hoap moro on Cherokee than on any ot
us sooinod liko, from n liltl'i girl, she'd
give n Dony for a smile from Cherokee
was sittin up at his shoulder on the look
out stool. The game was goin plenty live
ly when along comes old Gentry. Chero
ke6 takes a look at him an seems worried
a little, thinkin no doubt of thorn hands
the dead men held, but goes on deulln
without a word.
" 'Where you done been all day?" asked
Noll to the old man. 'I ain't seen you
none whntover since yostcrdoy . '
"'Why, I gets tired an done up a lot,
settin again' Cherokee last night,' says tho
old man, 'an so I jest prowls down in my
blankets an sleeps till about an hour ago.'
"So the old man buys a stack of bluos'
an sets them all on tho ten, It was jest
then in oomes the big man who was postin
of the notices former an points a six shoot
er at Gentry on says:
" 'Put your hands up put them up
quick, or I'll drill you I Old as you bo I
don't take no chances.'
"At the first word Nell comes down off
hor stool like a small landslldo, whilo
Chorokee brings a gun to tho front in a
flash. The old man was right up with the
procession, too, an stood thar, his gun in
his hand, his eyes a-glittorin an his whito
beard a-curlin like a oat's. He was clean
strain, he was.
" 'Let me got a word In, gents,' says
Cherokee, plenty ca'm, 'an don't no ono
set in his stack unless he's to a hand. I
does businoss yere my way, an I'm shoroly
due to down tho first man who shoots
across any layout of mine. Don't mako no
mistake, or the next census'll oount one
behind, shoro.'
" 'What be you all aimin to celobrato,
anyhow?' says Jack Moore, gottin tho big
man's gun, while Boggs gets Gentry's.
'Who's Wolfvtllo entertainln yero, I'd like
to know?'
" 'I'm a Wells-Fargo detective,' says the
big mon, 'an this yere, ' a-pointin to old
Gentry, 'is Jim Yates, the biggest holdup
an stage robber between here an Frisco.
That old tarrapin'll stop a stago like a
young one would aclook, jest to see what's
into it. He's the man I was pastin up the
notice for this mornln.'
" 'He's a liar,' says tho old man a-gettin
uglier every minute 'Give us our six
shooters an turn us loose, man. If I don't
lance tho roof of his lyin mouth with the
front sight ot my gun, I'll cash in for a
hoss thief or anything olse you say.'
" 'What do you say, Enright?' says
Moore. 'Let us give 'em their gatlin's an
lot them lopo. I've got money as says the
Wells-Fargo bill paster can't take this yere
old Cimmaron a little bit.'
" 'Whloh I trails in,' says Boggs, 'with
a few chips on the same card.'
"'No,' says Enright. 'If this yere old
man's a-rustlin the mails, we can't know
it too quick. Wolfvllle is a straight camp
an don't back no criminal plays, none
whatever. '
"So Enright calls a mectin ot the
stranglors, of which he was head, an we
all goes over to the New York store to talk
it over. Before we done powwows two
minutes up comes old Monte, tho stage
driver, all dust an cuss words, an allows
ho's been stood up out by the Cow springs
six hours before an is out the mallbng an
the Adams company's box. Wo all looked
at old man Gontry, an ho shorely seemed
to oripple down a whole lot.
"'Gontry,' says Peots after a minute,
Wftlkin over to him, 'I hears you tell Nell
you was sleepln all day. Jest take this
yere oommitteeto your budweran let's see
how it looks some."
"'The turn's agin mo,' said the old
man, 'an I lose. I'll cut it short for you
all an tell you right off tho reel. I hold up
the stage this afternoon mese'f.'
" 'This yere's straight goods, I take it,'
says Enright, 'an our duty's plain. Go
over to tho corral an get a lariat, Mooro. '
" 'Don't let Enright hang the old man,
Cherokee,' says Nell, beglnnin to ory.
'Please don't let 'em hang him.'
" 'This holdln your gun on your friends
ain't no picnic, ' says Cherokee, flushin up
an turnln paler than ever, 'but your word
goes with me, Nell. Now, this yore is the
way we does: I'll make them a talk, an
you run over to the corral an bring the bost
hoss you see saddled. 1 11 still be talkin
when you oome baok, an you creeps up an
whispers to the old man to make a jump
for the pony while I covers the deal with
my six shooter. If they gets him then,
they'll get him in the smoke. It's playin
it low on Enright an Poets an tho rest,
but I'll do it for you, Noll.'.
"So Chorokee says to the girl, 'Goodby,'.
an squares himself for what be knows will
bo a desperate play, an from which it's
goin to be some unusual it ho comes out
alive. Then he begins to talk, an Nell
makes a quiet break for the corral. But
no hoss was needed. Cherokoe didn't talk
a minute when all at once tho old man
tips off his chair in a 'ploptlo fit. A 'plep
tio fit is a very permiscus an tryin, an
when he oomes to himself he was camped
just this side of the dead line an could
only whisper.
" 'Come yero,' says ho, a-motlonin to
Chorokee. 'There's a stack of blues whore
I sets it on the ten, open, which you ain't
turned for yet. Take everything I sot an
put it with It. If it lose, It's yours, of
course; if it win, give it to the little girl.'
"This was all he says, an ho dies tho
very next second on the list. There was
over 13,000 in his war bags, nn we all pos
sesses ourse'fs of it mighty prompt an
goes over to the Bed Light an puts it on
the ton along of tho stack of blues. Chero
kee goes on with the deal, an I'm blessed
if tho ton wasn't loser, an Cherokee gets it
all. .
"'But I won't win agin a dead man,'
says Cherokee, an gives it to Nell, who
wasn't so superstitious.
" 'Do you mind,' says Boggs as we all
takes a drink after, 'as how I prophesied
this yere tho minute I hoars Cherokee
a-tclliu about his jaoks np on the eights,
the hand, the dead man held?'" New
York Times.
A Bad Break.
"That's a portrait of your grandmother
as she looked when she was a young lady,
is it? How strongly it resembles you, Mist
"You only say that to flatter mo, Mr.
Spoonamoro. Grandma was quite a beau
ty, and everybody knows that I don't make
any pretensions of that kind.
"Indeed I am not trying to flatter you,
Miss Benderby! The family rosoinblanoe
is striking. I've, often known oases of
that kind. There were two sisters I was
acquainted with when I was a boy. They
looked wonderfully alike, Just as that por
trait looks like you, and yet one of them
was as beautiful as a poet's dream and
the other was dreadfully that Is, I mean
she wasn't at all, or rather she was lack
ing in that attractive quality, you know,
that constitutes what a lovely frame this
portrait has, hasn't it?" Chicago Tribune.
Changed Her Mind. .
May Why, Daisy, you have Mr. Cadly
down for four waltzes I I thought you said
that he trod on your toes and yon would
never waltz with him again?
Daisy (winking the other eye) So I did.
But I have stuffed cotton In my toes slnoe
his grandfather died and left him $2,000,
000. New Orleans Times Democrat, ,
A. G. Bsrtley, of Magic, Pa., writes: I
feel it a doty of mine to inform yon and
the public thatDe Witt's Witoh Hazel
Halve cored me of a very bad case of ec
zema. It also oared my boy of a run
ning sore on his leg. Newton's drag
The U. S. Gov't Reports
gfiow Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
llie Beauty
Features don't mat'
ter so much. Most
any features will do
if the complexion is
clear, the eves britrht
ana tne lips rosy. Hearty, nealtliy whole
someness is better than mere beauty of
features. A face full of the glow of good
health full of the kindliness and uood
humor that health brings, is bound to
be an attractive face a face that will
make friends. The face tells the story
of the whole body. " Murder will out "
and so will "female weakness" and
nervousness and other disorders peculiar
to women.
If there is a drain on the system and
Itrength, the record of it will show in
tne race. It tnere is nerve naggin
"bearing -down" pains, draeeine am
pulling at the most sensitive organs in a
woman's body, the face will show it.
Abused nerves draw lines of care and
worry on the face. Nervous -prostration
writes its warning on the face long before
it comes. Sleeplessness, nervousness and
debilitating drains make more wrinkles
than age.
Niue-tenths of the sickness of women
comes from some derangement of orcans
distinctly feminine. Nine-tenths of this
sickness can be cured and avoided by the
use ot Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
There is nothing miraculous about the
" favorite i'rescription " nothing supernatural.-
It is the result of rational thought
and study applied to medicine.
It has been prescribed by Dr. Pierce
for over 30 years. It has made thousands
of women healthy and happy, and has
brought joy to thousands ot homes.
In "female weakness" it acts directly
and strongly m healing ana strengthen
ing the parts that are most severely tried,
It clears out impurities and promote!
reeuiaruv at au umes.
To all whom it may conoern:
Notioe is hereby given that, pursuant
to an order of the distriot oonrt within
and for the county of Santa Fe, and terri
tory of New Mexico, directing the issue
of a commission to take the depositions
of the following named witnesses: Fran
oisoo Romero, Jesus Narvais, Ambrosio
Ortiz, Ascension Suva, Antonio Jose Sil
va, Valentin Montoya and Antonio Ortiz y
Salazar, the testimony of whom is to be
taken relative to who were and are the
heirs and lineal descendants of Domingo
Romero, ono of the grantees of the Mesita
de Juana Lopez grant, annate, lying and
being in the oonnty of Santa Fe, territory
of New Mexico, the Cerrillos Coal fc Iron
Company will on the 9th day of Decern
ber, A. D. 1895, at the office of Robert C,
Gortner, a notary pnblio named in said
order, as the person before whom such
depositions shall be taken, proceed to
take the depositions of the witnesses
herein named.
Ckbbillos Coal & Iron Company,
By R. E. TwnonELL,
Attorney and Agent
Nothing so distressing as a hacking
congh. Nothing so foolish as to sutler
from it. Nothing so dangerous if allowed
to continue. One Minute Cough Cure
gives immediate relief. Newton's drag
A todos qaienes eoneierne:
Por esta se da aviso que de conform!
dad eon una orden de la oorte de distrito
en y por el oondado de Santa Fe, y terri
torio de Nnevo Mexioo, dirigiendo la an
torizaoion de una oomision para tomar
las declaraciones de los siguientes testi-
gos nonibrados: Francisco Romero, Je
sus Narvais, Ambrosio Ortiz, Asoencion
Silva, Antonio Jose Suva, Valentin Mon
toya y Antonio Ortiz y Salazar, el testi
monio de quienes se tomara oon referee
eia a qnienes eran los herederos y desceu
dientes lineales de Domingo Romero, uno
de los mercenados de la merced de la Me
Bita de Juana Lopez, situada y ubicada
en el oondado de Santa Fe, torritorio de
Nnevo Mexico, la Cerrillos Coal & Iron
Company, el dia 9 de Diciuinbre, A. D.
1895, en la ofloina del notario publico,
Robert C. Gortner, nombrado en dioha
orden de ser la persona delante de quien
so tomaran diohas declaraciones, se pro-
cedera a tomar la deolaraoion de los tes
tigos aqai nombrados.
Cebbillos Coal fc I eon Company,
Por R. E. Twitohkll,
Abogado y Agente,
Say, why don't yon try De Witt's Little
Early Risers? These little pills onre head
ache, indigestion and constipation. They
are small, bat do the work. Newton's
drag store. '
Burlington ICoate.
The summer has oome and gone; the
beantifnl autumn is again with us; the
great Burlington continues to come and
go every day in tne year, and win oon
tinue to run the best equipped trains
from Denver to (Jbioago, ot. Louis,
Peoria, Quiney, Kansas City, St. Joe,
Omaha, Lincoln and intermediate points,
without change of oars. .
The Burlington has long been the es
tablished favorite route of the traveling
public, and will continue to be the leader
in everything pertaining to the safety
and comfort of its patrons. Ihroogb
vestibuled trains leaves Denver at 11:00
a. m. and 9:50 p. m. and earry the finest
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars, Famous
C. B. & Q. Dining Cars (meals a la oarte),
Reolining Chair Cars and splendid day
ooaohes. Notwithstanding the many ad
vantages offered by this line, oar rates
are as low as via any other. All ticket
agents will consider it a pleasure to give
full particulars, ticket yon, oneoK yoar
baggage to any point in the United States
or Canada. Remember your looal agent
can make yon as good rates as can be ob
tained in Denver, but should you desire
any speoial information, kindly write
G. W. Vallery, General Agent, 1089 17th
street, Denver, Colo.
There are many good reasons why yen
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are no reasons why you should not, if in
need of help. The only harmless remedy
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ton's drug Btore. ,
Hi ew fast California Train.
On October 29 the Santa Fe Route will
inaugnrate new and strictly limited firet
claBB service to Southern California.
TheCalifornia Limited willlsave Chioago
at 6,00 p. m. daily, reaohing Los Angeles
in three days and San Franoisoo in three
and oi;e-half days, a saving of half a day.
Time from this station correspondingly
Equipment will oonsist of superb new
vestibuled Pullman palaee and compart
ment sleepers, chair oar and dining oar.
through to Los Angeles without obange.
This will be the fastest and moat lux
urious service via any line to California.
Another daily train will eary through
palaoe sleeper and tourist sleeper to San
Franoisoo and tourist sleeper to Los
Angeles, as at present.
For full partinnlars inquire of looal
agent Atohison, Topekn & Santa Fe H. R.
Denver & Rio Grande Railroads,
Time Table No. 36.
Effective Oct. 15, 1895.
No. 476. MILES No. 475,
8:50am Lv. Santa Fe.Ar 6:10 pm
11:15am Ar.Kt4paitola.Lv.. 40.. 3:"5im
12:40am Ar.linilmdo.I.v... "9.. 2::i0pm
liSOpin Ar.Harrniica.Lv.. 66.. 1:30 pm
!':W p m....Ar.Trea Piedras.Lv 1)7.. 11:52 a m
5 :00 p m Ar . Antonito . Lv.. .1:11 . . 10 :00 a m
6:10 p m Ar. Alamosa. Lv .160.. 8:40 a m
10:; p m Ar.Salidu.Lv....246.. 4:45 a in
1:20 a in Ar. Florence. Lv..!!U.. 1:49 a m
2:40 a m Ar. Pueblo. Lv.. .843. .12: 25 a m
4:12 a m Ar.Colo Swr8.Lv.3K7.. 10:50 u in
7:15 a in i.Ar. Denver. Lv... 468.. 7:45 p m
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Durango, Silverton
and all points in the San Jnan country.
At Alamosa for Jitntown, Creede, Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
nan L,ms valley.
At Salida with main line for all points
east and west, including LeadviUe.
At Florence with F. & C. C. R. R. for
the gold camps of Cripple Creek and
At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river lines for all
points east.
Through passengers leaving Santa Fe
at 8 a. m. take sapper at Alamosa, at
which point through sleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
S. K. Hoopeb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
The healing properties of De Witt's
Witoh Hazel Salve are well known. It
oures eczema, Bkin affections and is sim
ply a perfect remedy for piles. Newton's
drng Btore.
Being satisfied that if you have once
used a nat-opening book, you will al
ways use them, and in order to get
you to try one tne New Mexican
Printing Co. of Santa Fe, will sell you
bound in full leather, with patent
name and the number, or letter, or the
book on the back in gilt letters, at the
following low prices:
S Hr. (400 pages) Cah Book -tr.
(4MO Journal .
7 4f. (500 " ) ledger -
They are made with pages 10Uxl6
inches, of a good ledger paper with
round cornered covers. The books
are made in our bindery and we guar
antee every one 01 them.
Keduccd Hates to California.
$56.90 via the "Santa Fe Route" to Los
Angeles and San Diego, $66.90 to San
Francisco and return; tickets good for
return passage six months from dnte of
sale, allowing stop-overs at any interme
diate points. For particulars call on or
addrosB agents ot the Santa Fe Route.
H. S. Lutz, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M,
Gxo. T. Nicholson, G. P. A,,
Chioago, 111.
It's just as easy to try One Minute
Congh Oare as anything else. It's easier
to enre a severe congh or eold with it,
Let your next parcliase for a congh be
One Minute Coogh Core. Better medioine;
better results; better try it. Newton's
drug store.
Legal Kotlec.
District oonrt, Santa Fe county.
Daniel Carter No. SS35.
vs. Assumpsit
C. G. Story and by Attach
James M. Allan. J ment.
To C. Q. Story and James M. Allan, de
fendants above named:
You and eaoh of you are hereby noti'
fled that Daniel Carter, the above named
plaintiff, has brought the above entitled
suit against yon in which he seeks to re
cover the sum of three hundred and sev
enty-eight and 20-100 dollars against you
together with interest from December
13, 1891, and costs for work, labor and
servioes rendered to you as custodian and
watohman of your property in Glorieta,
in said county of Santa Fe, territory of
New Mexioo; that your said property haB
been attached in said suit; and that unless
you appear at the next regular term of said
court, appoiLted to be held on the seoond
Monday of December, 18U5, being Mon
day, Deoember 9, 1896, judgment will be
rendered against you and eaoh of yon in
said suit and your said property sold to
satisfy the same.
Dated Santa Fe, N. M.,Ootober25, 1895.
Geo. L. Wyllyb,
Gzo. W. Enaebei., : Clerk.'
Attorney for Plaintiff, Office and Post-
office address, Banta Fe, N. M.
1 has been the standard for fortr jem and '
uiu.n pupuiar KMiay man ever ueiore.
U the Ideal oomplexlon powder-beantlfrln,
ci.vBuiuii, meanif , nenuiuui ana DarmiBM. j
A dellof, InTlilble protection 10 the too.
, With every box of POZZO! rs mg i
BOX la (riven freo of charge
We call especial attention to onr celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc.
book woirik:
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law "enacted by the
last legislature.

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