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If you want a sure relief for
limbs, use an
Bear in Mind Not one of the host of counterfeits and Imita
tions is as good as the genuine.
Question before the House Mose John'
son (at the club) Iaay, fellahs; let's get
np a football 'leven. We'se all got big
feet an' oould put p a powerful strong
game. Sporty Jackson (derisively)
Taik p. reef, dar, niggah; taik a reef.
How's we gwine toe grow long nairr
Mrs. W. B. Meek, who resides at Camp
tonville, Cel., says her daughter was for
several years troubled at times with se
vere cramps in the stomach, and woold
be in euoh agony that it was necessary to
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Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy she concluded to try it,
She found that it always gave prompt re
lief. It was seldom necessary to give the
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land's Pharmacy. -: .
Clerk Here's another big batch -of
complaints. Manager What s the mat
ter? Don't the people like the soapf
Clerk Oh, yes; they say the soap is all
right, but they don't think the poetry is
np to the standard.
Sore throat. Any 'ordinary case may
be onred in one eight by applying Cham
berlain's Fain Balm as directed with each
bottle. This medicine is also famous for
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When a lot of people there were at the
Wortlebnrys last week and yet how dnll
it was I Yes, dear, But it was much
brighter after you left.
This is the day of anti-this, and anti
that, but what people need most now
adays is, the anti-bilious medicine, Sim
mons Liver Keornlator. the kimr of liver
medicines, and better than pills. "I have
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ladies of a constipated habit nothing
equals it." Laura T. Craig, Ellenbury,
The wife Two weeks ago you said my
' husband couldn't live and now he's nearly
well. The doctor Madam, I can only
express my regrets.
De Witt's Sarsaparilla is prepared for
cleansing the blood. It builds up and
strengthens constitutions impaired by
disease. Newton's drug store.
TTnm infnnttA AN) fthft flrflanf InVfll alec
ulated the poet. Yea, answered the father
of six marriageable dangntere; due tney
do take on awful lot o' coal. .
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purines the blood,
cures eruptions, eczema, sorofnla and all
diseases arising from impure biooa. ssew
ton's drug store.
George You would marry the biggest
fool In the world If he asaedyou, wouldn't
j'ouf Ethel Oh, George, that is so
sudden. -
Aots at once, never fails, One Minute
Cough Cure. A remedy for asthma, and
that feverish condition which accom
panies a severe eold. The only harmless
remedy that produces immediate results.
Newton's drug store. :
Let dogs delight to bark and bite
We never will do so;
We'll just converse both day and night
We're pugilists, you know.
Messrs. C. F. Moore & Co., Newberg,
Ore., say: "We sell more of Chamber
lain's Congh Remedy than all others put
together, and it always gives satisfac
tion." Mr. J. F. Allen, Fox, Ore., says:
"I believe Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
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H. Hitchcock, Columbus, Wash., says:
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy sells well
and is highly praised by all who use it."
For sale by Ireland's Pharmaoy.
It seems a shame, almost a crime,
And causes me muoh worry,
That everpone has lots of. time
When I am in a hurry.
When a trifle will boy the greatest healing
Invention of the day? Pr.Hainlfa Electric
Belt la a complete body battery tor acid
treatment, aad .lanUnirt, or
refunded. It win cue without medicine
nneamatiasB, bnaban, Hiilallea. Lame
Back, Kidney taflQmt Ceaanlalnta,
Nervous Debility, Weakness, Leasee,
Arabia and all etfeete at early fwmarm
Mou or exceaa. Te weak aaea It la tna
reateat peaaibto bean, as the aalkL
eootalnc electric current to applied
direct ta the nerve center and Improve
ments are felt from tbe Brut hear uaedL
A pocket edition of the celebrated electro
medical work,
"Three Classes of Ken."
Illustrated, ia sent bee, sealed, by audi upon
application. Kvery young, aidant a a: ml
or oM hum suffering the slightest weakness
should read it. It will show an caav. sure
and uneedy way to retrain etrentli anal
heaJuk when everythlnc else haa tolled.
The Bir.ZZTi EtX3TE:SC3.i
So. 980 Btxteenth IK envar. Col.
AJao New York, CMntajo 4k Landau, Kaaf.
largest Electro-Medical Oonwri! In the World
pains in the back, side, chest, or
In the insane asylum at there is a
white haired old man whose story inter
ests every visitor. .
When I saw him, he was sitting in the
library at a dosk apparently onguged in a
laborious mathematical calculation.
He, oovcred shoot af tor sheet with flguros
And occasionally paused to gaze at his
work with intense interest.
The busy worker was neatly attired in
black, and his serene and intellectual face
bore not the slightest trace of insanity.
The superintendent who aooompanied
me picked up a sheet of paper and called
ray attention to It. On every line appeared
the figures 77,777.
"Every sheet is like that," he said.
"The old man does nothing else all day
long." -
, "What do these figures moan f" I asked
at the suggestion of my companion.
11! "It is the number of my lottery ticket,"
-was the ready answer. "No. 77,777 in the
lottery has drawn the capital prize of 1100,
000, and the money will be here tomor
row." Then the poor follow smilod, and a joy
ful light came into his eyes.
"It will make me the happiest man in
the world," he said. "Not that I care for
it myself, but I have made a present of the
ticket to my wife, and she needs the
money." -
" You are very fortunate, " I replied, "in
getting the ticket with the winning num
ber." "Yes, and I droamod it, " was the re
sponse. "The number came to me in my
dreams three successive nights, and so I
bought the ticket. My wife laughod at
me, but it drew the prize, and when it
comes tomorrow I am going to give it to
her in 100 $1,000 bills."
, He bent over the table and began figur
ing again In his slow and methodical way.
"A strange delusion," I said to the su
perintendent. "Has It any foundation?"
"It is a very sad story," replied the
official. "The old man has been here 80
years, and during all that time he has
talked of nothing but his prize and the
happiness it will bring to his wife.
"His name is Colonel S , and he
came from one of our upper counties. He
had a small estate and a wife with very
large ideas.
"The colonel's house would have sup
ported the two comfortably but for the
fact that his beautiful and high spirited
wife was always making extravagant de
mands. She squandered his money) forced
hlin to mortgage his plantation and then
made him borrow large sums right and
"At last the oolonel could borrow no
longer, and his creditors began to press
him. This made his wife furious, and she
stormed and raged at him and told him
that he must provide her with funds.
"Her husband bore it all patiently, but
he was driven nearly crazy by his oredltors
and his nagging wife. One night he
dreamed that he hod purohasd No. 77,777
In the lottery and that it was the win
ning ticket. He had the same dream three
times that night, and the next day he
went to the oity and bought the ticket.
"His wife scolded him for his folly, and
in her angry mood she threatened to de
stroy the ticket. The colonel knew that
she was just the woman to do suoh a thing,
and he concealed the precious bit of paper
and waited for the next monthly drawing.
"Matters grew worse, and the two were
hardly on speaking terms. One Saturday
the colonel went to the postoffice and oame
back at breakneok speed, spurring lila
horse all the way. He rushed into the
house and throwing his arras around his
wife's neck told her that they were saved
and that his ticket had drawn the prize.
"The woman turned pale and gasped for
breath. Her husband showed her the offi
cial list of the drawing and shouted for joy.
But not a word oame from his wife. A
hopeless look of despair came over her face,
and for the first time- she was afraid to
meet the eyes of the man who stood by her
side..: ,.. . '
"A terrible thought flashed through the
oolonel's mind, and without a word he
hurried .to the . secret place where he had
concealed the ticket.
"It was gone. The beautiful tigress
whose greed and temper had wrecked his
life had carried out her threat. She had
found the ticket and destroyed it. There
was no doubt of that, for she was the only
one in the house with tho exception of her
husband who had access to the room where
the paper had been deposited.
"When the colonel returned to his wife's
room, she threw herself on her knees at
his feet. She wept and kissed his hands
- and refused to be oomfortod. The colonel
knew that the case was hopeless, for tho
Havana lottery always required the ticket
itself and no tale about its destruction
would do any good. He helped his wife
to her feet and kissed her, and told her
that it was all right, they would make a
new start and get along somehow.
"But the woman had made up her mind.
She tore herself away from her loyal, pa
- tlent vlotim and went into another room,
locking the door behind her. The report
of a pistol told what had occurred, and
when the oolonel broke open the door he
round his wife dead, with a bullet through
her heart.
1 "The neighbors found him sitting by
the dead woman's side talking about his
prize. His reason had deserted him, and
since that day he has been just as you see
him now. He belioves that his wife is liv
ing, and his entire time Is spent in de
vising plans for her comfort and pleasure."
"Will he ever recover?" I asked the su
perintendent. - -
"Never. He has been In this condition
80 years and is now 65 years old. It is
best for him to remain as he is. If .he
should regain his reason, nothing but sor
row would come with it." ; - '
I walked back to the table and found
the colonel covering another sheet of paper
with the figures 77,777.
"I hope your prize will come tomor
row," I said pleasantly.
"It Is sure to come," he replied, "and
then my wife will feel like a new woman.
Wean-going to travel-and build a new
home and enjoy life. There are only two
of us, and 1100,000 will be enough for us.
I am anxious for tomorrow to come on my
wife's aooount. You see, she needs the
money, and I don't know what she would
have done if it had not been for this stroke
of good fortune."
. The superintendent and I left him at his
work, smiling and happy, waiting for the
tomorrow that will never oome. Wallace
P. Reed, - -;
. Bow It Waa Done,
Tears came to the surface of her brown
ayes. ' '
, "How can yon treat me tor" the asked.
"By eating a nickel's worth of peannta
at noon I take away my appetiteInstead of
pending 86 or 40 oents for lunch' was
his reply.
She ww at that moment disassembling
her fourth plate of vanllla.--Indlanapolif
"You say that horse isn't afraid of any
thing. Can my wife drive himf" "I don't
know, sir. I've never seen your wife."
Letty Leftover (ooyly) I have only seen
20 summers Sallie Slydig Is that so?
Why don't you consult an oculist? Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
Jones asked his wife, "Why is a hus
band like donghf " He expected she would
give It up and was going to tell her It was
"because a woman needs him," but she
said It was "because he was hard to get off
her hands." Town and Country Journal.
"Studying a woman," remarked a corn
fed philosopher to a bumptious young
man, "is muoh like looking into a mirror.
You seem to be looking Into the inmost
depths of her mind when you really see
only your own reflections." Indianapolis
"I hardly know what to make of the
new minister, ' ' said the king of Mbwpka to
his forty-second wife. As usual, woman's
aptitude for estimating a man at his true
value came to the front. "Suppose you
make a stew of him, "she suggested, and it
was done. Pearson's Weekly.
Mrs. Bloozln Have you been to any of
the fall openings, my dear? Mrs. Buzbuz
Not exactly, but I tumbled into a coal
hole the other day. Koxbury Gazette.
"Nerve?" said the man from Newport.
"Nerve? Why, that feller would go into a
livery stable and ask them to let him leave
his bioyole with them." Cincinnati En
quirer. An old member of the London Stock Ex
change says, "The only time a man of ex
perience takes his wife into his oonfldenoe
is to tell her he is not making any money."
Household Words.
Mrs. Sweet Do you find 'it economical
to do your own cooking? Mrs. Burnem
Oh, yes. My husband doesn't eat half as
muoh as when we had a oook. Tonkers
Statesman. ,. .
The class in natural history being asked
the difference between a dog and a tree,
the head boy answered, "A tree is covered
with bark, while a dog seems to be lined
with it." Sunny Hours.
When Sawney died, his widow s faoe
gleamed through her tears as she remarked
"There's one satisfaction In the thought
that poor Jim has gone where he won'
have to get up in the morning to make a
Ore. That's something he never could
abide." Boston Transorlpt.
Harie Why does Marie still continue to
look under the bed every night? Adele
She is one of the kind that never gives up
hope. Toledo Blade.
"Has. Clara taken to wearing bloycle
bloomers yet, Jennie?" "No, not yet.
don't believe she will either. Do you,
Mame?" "No. Those sawdust leggings
they sell are so unreliable." New York
"I'd like to sell you a good wheel only
been used a month, 1805 model, pneumatio
tires" "No use to try. I've got a
pneumatio pocket book." Indianapolis
Superintendent of Insane Asylum
What's that woman howling about? At
tendant She doesn't like her straitjacket.
"Does she want it taken off?" "Yes. She
wants one with puffed sleeves." Tit-Bits.
AU Arranged.
"You ask me to marry you, George?'
she said slowly. "Do you know that I
am rioh?"
"In my own right?"
"And that you will have to eome to me
lor money?"
"Even for a cab fare?"
"And that you may have to walk In
pleasant weather?"
, "Yes." ;
"And you are willing to marry me and
take the chances?"
: "Then lam yours, George, and I hope
you may De nappy. Household words.
A Frank Critlo.
Artist There, sir, Is my latest cloture,
Ingenious Friend Well, you haven't
economized paint on It, have you? What
do you call It anyway?
Artist What do I call it? Why, sir,
that Is an autumn sunset.
- Ingenious friend You don't say so
Well, I don't blame the sun at all for set'
ting. Richmond Dispatch.
., Incredible.
"I understand that the railroad com
panies are making great preparations for
carrying Dtoyoles next summer."
"Yes, wheelmen are beginning to get
their rights, Why, I know of one road
this year that actually refused to allow
more than two trunks to be put on top of
one wheel." Brooklyn Life.
Pleased Her.
Angelina (shortsighted) Edwin, dar
ling, do get me a hat like that lady's. It
la so Ohio, so utterly tfrench. St. Paul's.
The Scorcher.
He tumbled from his weary wheel '
And est It by the door,
Then stood as though he joyed to feel
His feat on earth onoe more;
And as he mopped his rumpled head
His faoe was wreathed in smiles,
"A very pretty ran," he said,
"I did a hundred mtletl"
"A hundred mile I" I cried. "Ah, thiak
What beauties yon have seen)
The reedy streams where oattle drink,
The meadows rioh and green.
Where did you wend your rapid way
Through lofty woodland aisles?"
He shook his head. "I cannot say,
I did a hundred miles!"
"What hamlets saw your swift tires spin?
Ah, how I envy you I
To lose the city's dust and din.
Beneath the heaven's blue.
To get a breath of oonntry air,
To lean o'er rattle atllesl"
He only said, "The roads were fair ;
I did a hundred miles I"
-Chicago Tribune.
A. G. Btrtley, of Magio, Pa- writes: ' I
feel It a doty of mine to Inform you and
the publlo thatDe Witt's Witch Hazel
Balve eared me of a very bad east of eczema-
It alio onred my boy of a run
ning tort on hit leg. Ntwton's drug
t tore.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
ahow Royal Baking Powdar
atcpariot to all than.
, Good health is better
Yuan diamonds, neaitti
is life. No pleasure can
be taken without it. It is
'the most precious thinir in
I the world, and many people
l are careless about it. Thev
I neulect their little ailments
I they ignore nature's danger sig
nals and run rieht onto the rocks
, of disease. All diseases have
! insignificant beginnings. Con-
sumption is but the fruit of
neelected catarrh. A slight cold
develops into pneumonia or bron
chitis. A little indigestion grows
into liver complaint."
The best wajr to cure a disease
is to prevent it. The next best
- way is to catch it before it de
velops to its worst stage.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery is a medicine for the
whole body. It searches out the
weak spots and builds them up.
It is a strengthened a purifier and
a cure. It puts the digestive sys
tem into an active, healthy con
dition, purifies and enriches the
blood and forces out all poisonous
matter. Taken in time, it will
cure 98 per cent, of all cases of
consumption. It is a purely vege
table compound that works in
perfect harmony with nature. It
tones up the whole body and pro
duces strong, hard, healthy flesh.
It has cured hundreds of cases of
consumption, bronchitis, asthma,
chronic nasal catarrh and kindred
maladies, which had withstood
the effect of every other medicine.
A large number of testimonials
and photographs of those cured
have been printed in the "Med
ical Adviser," 1000 pages 300 il
lustrations, sent for twenty-one
Cents (in stamps,) to cover post
age and wrapping. World's Dia.
pensary Medical
Association, Buf
falo, N. Y.
Cora Do the young men ever kiss you
against your will? Florenoe Yes. I
got tired of the old way.
It is a truth in medioine that the small
est dose that performs a eure is the best.
De Witt's Little Early Risers are the
smallest pills, will perform a cure, and
are the best. Newton's drug store.
To all whom it may concern:
Notioe is hereby given that, pursuant
to an order of the distriot oourt within
and for the oounty of Santa Fe, and terri
tory of New Mexico, directing the issue
of a commission to take the depositions
of the following named witnesses: Fran
cisco Romero, Jesns Narvais, Ambrosio
Ortiz, Ascension Silva, Antonio Jose Sil
va, Valentin Montoyaand Antonio Ortiz y
Salazar, the testimony of whom is to be
taken relative to who were and are the
heirs and lineal descendants of Domingo
Romero, one of the grantees of the Mesita
de Juana Lopez grant, situate, lying and
being in the oounty of Santa Fe, territory
of New Mexico, the Cerrillos Coal It, Iron
Company will on the 9th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1895, at the office of Robert C.
Gortner, a notary public named in said
order, as the persori before whom suoh
depositions shall be taken, prooeed to
take the depositions of the witnesses
herein named.
Ceebillos Coal & Ibon Company,
By R. E. Twitohkll,
Attorney and Agent.
'Nothing so distressing as a haoking
eough. Nothing so foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing so dangerous if allowed
to continue. One Minute Cough Cure
gives immediate relief. Newton's drug
A todos quienee oonoierne:
Por esta se da aviso que de eonformi
dad con una orden do la oorte de distrito
en y por el oondado de Santa Fe, y terri
torio de Nuevo Mexico, dirigiendo la an
torizaoion de una oomision para tomar
las declaraolones de los siguientes testi.
gos nombrados: Francisco Romero, Je
sub Narvais, Ambrosio Ortiz, Ascenoion
Silva, Antonio Jose Suva, Valentin Mon
toya y Antonio Ortiz y Salazar, el testi-
monlo de quienes se tomara eon referee
eia a quienes eran los herederos y desoen
dientes lineales de Domingo Romero, nno
de los meroenados de la meroed de la Me
sita de Juana Lopez, situada y ubloada
en el oondado de Santa re, territorio de
Nuevo Mexioo, la Cerrillos Coal & Iron
Company, el dia 9 de Diciembre, A. D
1895, en la ofleina del notario pnblioo.
Robert 0. Gortner, nombrado en dioha
orden de ser la persona delante de quien
so tomaran diohas declaraciones, se pro
cedera a tomar la deelaracion de los tea
tigoB aqui nombrados.
Por R. E. Twxtohell,
Abogado y Agente,
Say, why don't you try De Witt's Little
Early Risers? These little pills eure head
ache, indigestion and constipation. They
are small, but do the work, Newton's
drug store. -
Burlington Konte.
The summer has eome and gone: the
beautiful autumn is again with us; the
great Burlington continues to eome and
go every day in the year, and will con
tinue to run tbe best equipped trains
from Denver to Chicago, St. Louis,
Peoria, ymnoy, Kansas City, St. Joe,
Omaha, Lincoln and intermediate points,
without change 01 oars.
The Burlington has long been tbe es
tablished favorite route of the traveling
publlo, and will continue to be the leader
in everything pertaining to the safety
and comfort of its patrons. Through
vestibuled trains leaves Denver at 11.-00
a. m. and 9:60 p. m. and oarry the finest
Pullman Palaee Bleeping Cars, Famous
O. B. A Q. Dining Cart (meals a la oarte),
Reclining Chair Cart and splendid day
ooaches. Notwithstanding the many ad
vantages offered by this line, our rates
are as low as via any other. All ticket
agents will eonsider it a pleasure to give
full particulars, ticket you, oheok your
baggage to any point in the United States
or Canada. Remember your looal agent
ean make you as good rates as oan be ob
tained in Denver, but should y3U desire
any speoial information, kindly write
G. W. Vallery, General Agent, 1089 17th
street, Denver, Colo. - ,
There are many good reasons why yau
should use One Minute Cough Cure. There
tre no reasons why you should not, if in
need of help. The only harmless remedy
that produces immediate results. New
ton's dreg store.
Have I a good oast? asked ths client.
Splendid, replied tbe lawyer. Would yon
advise me to sue it? Well, no, said the
lawyer, slowly; I would advist you to
compromise it. But if I'd aue I'd win,
wouldn't If
Yet, yes; of oourse, but, you tee, you're
man of ovor 40 now, and you mighty
not live until we oould get it to trial.
It's lust at easy to try One Minute
Cough Cure at anything elst. It't ettier
to oort a ttvere eough or oold with it.
Let your next purchase tor a cough bt
One Minute Cough Cure. Better medioine;
better results; better try It. Newton's
drug ttort. . 1
Denver & Rio Grande Railroads.
Time Table No. 36.
Effective Oct. 15, 1393.
No. 476. MILKS No. 415.
8:50 am Lv. Santa Fe.Ar 6:10 pm
11:15am Ar.Esuanola. Lv.. 40.. 8:55 pm
12:40am Ar.Embmlo.Lv... 59.. 2:110pm
1:80pm Ar. Barranca. Lv.. 60.. 1:80pm
3:06pm. ...Ar.Tres Piedras.Lv 97. .11 :52 am
5 rfX) p m Ar. Antonito. Lv.. .Ml . . 10 :00 a m
6 :10 p m Ar . Alamosa . Lv . . 160 . . 8 :40 a m
10 :30 p m Ar . Salida. Lv.. . . 246 . . 4 :45 a m
1:20a m Ar. Florence. Lv... 111.. 1:49 a m
2:40 a m Ar. Pueblo. Lv.. .843. .12: 25 a m
4:12 am Ar . Colo Spgs . Lv . 3K7 . . 10 :50 p in
7 :15 a m Ar . Denver . Lv. . . 468 . . J :45 p m
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Durango, Silverton
and all points in the San Juan oonntry.
At Alamosa for Jimtown, Creede, Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
San Luis valley.
At Salida with main line for all points
east and west, including Leadville.
At Florence with F. t C. C. R. R. for
the gold camps of Cripple Creek and
At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river lines for all
points east.
Through passengers leaving Santa Fe
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosa, at
which point through sleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
S. E. Hoopkb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
The healing properties of De Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve are well known. It
cures eczema, skin affections and in sim
ply a perfect remedy for piles. Newton's
drug store.
Reduced Kates to California.
$56.90 via the "Santa Fe Route" to Los
Angeles and San Diego, $66.90 to San
Fraupisco and return; tiokets good for
return passage six months from date of
sale, allowing stop-overs at any interme
diate points. For particulars oall on or
addreBS agents of the' Santa Fe Route.
H. S. Lutz, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
Geo. T. Nicholson, G. P. A,,
Chicago, 111.
Legal Notice.
District oourt, Santa Fe oounty.
Daniel Carter No. 853S.
vs. Assumpsit
C. G. Story and f by Attach
James M. Allan. J ment.
To C. G. Story and James M. Allan, de
fendants above named:
Yon and eaoh of you are hereby noti
fied that Daniel Carter, the above named
plaintiff, has brought the above entitled
suit against you in which he seeks to re
cover the sum of three hundred and seventy-eight
and 20-100 dollars against you
together with interest from December
13, 1891, and costs for work, labor and
services rendered to you as custodian and
watchman of your property in Glorieta,
in said county of Santa Fe," territory of
New Mexico; that your said property has
been attached in said suit; and that unless
you appear at the next regular term of said
oourt, appointed to be held on the seoond
Monday of December, 1895, being Mon
day, December 9, 1895, judgment will be
rendered against you and each of yon in
said suit and your said property sold to
satisfy the same.
Dated Santa Fe, N. M., October 25, 1895.
Geo. L. Wyllys,
Geo. W. Enaebel, , Clerk.
Attorney for Plaintiff, Office and Post
office address, Santa Fe, N. M.
OHt-HM am o era
aas tern tae ataMiiM for forty yenr. and 1
ptw. wiwr tun wr miuiv.
rarmhlnt, eleanlr, healthful and harm Km.'
A telloata, inrlalhle protection to ths faoe. I
Wttkereryavxof POUOXrftamai
BOX la glvaa free of charge.
f e call especial attention to onr celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening Wank book
We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
job wozrjk:
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc.
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
flfe are the

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