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If you want a sure relief for pains in the back, side, chest, or
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Allcock's ESS
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Penelope: Yes; but I looked at the
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Julia Raymond was Dulnton's cousin,
and he had boon dangling about her for a
month. . Discouraged nt his want of suo
oess he determined to go awuy from her.
He had indiscriminately stuffed his third
portmanteau when a letter was brought to
him. "Gad," he thought, "from Julia!
Why can't she leave me alone?" It was a
dainty missive, asking him to dine with
her that night. "We two together," she
wrote, "quite to ourselves. Did you say
you were going away today? But that
will not matter; you can go as well to
morrow." He sat down to think the matter out.
He was determined to leave by the mid
night train, but nnw no particular rea
son why he should not spend tho evening
with her. Her house lay botweon him and
the station; there was not muoh time to
lose, and since she chose to send her invi
tations at so ridiculously short a notice he
considered that he might appropriately
take his luggage with him. Accordingly,
at 8 o'clock he chartered a cab, which,
loaded with his impedimenta, went trail
ing heavily off toward Miss Raymond's
Julia, from an upper window, was as
tonished to see Dalnton superintending
the unloading of the cab before her door.
Indeed, she was distinctly angry, and
came down to meet him in a very high
and offended spirit. His three portman
teaus were piled together in the hall,
crowned with a hatbox, a few chaotic par
cels and a guncase.
"You see, Julia," Dain ton said, "I have
' ' You seem to have oome to stay. ' '
"Oh, no, I assure you," he said oheer
fully. "You see, I am half way to the sta
tion here. It was really too much bore to
think of going back to my place again to
night, and so I brought my baggage
along." . ;
"It was very thoughtful of you," she
"Very. I was astonished at my own dis
cretion." She looked at him closely. He was quite
happy and unconcerned apparently, and
Julia's anger gave way to disappointment.
She hod thought he would not go.
"You are really going tonight?" . .
"I am really going. In three hours and
n half I shall be gone."
"And when are you ooiialng back?"
"I really don't know. It entirely de
pends on olrcurastances."
"On what oirouinstances?"
"I'm afraid I cannot tell you."
"But, my dear oousin, you ought to
"I suppose we are oouslns about tenth
cousins," said Dalnton, "but you needn't
make so much of it."
She raised her eyebrows. "You have
not answered my question," she said,
"but it does not matter. Shall we go in
to dinner?"
The first half hour was rather silent.
Dalnton had a pleasant feeling of security.
Somehow the thought of his luggage in
the hall solaced him. His game, he oon
sidered, was to wait. Certainly Julia's
mood was unusually gentle; he had never
seen her quite so bewitchingly sincere. Al
so he bad never felt so much in love with
her before. The situation was one to be
sedulously nursed.
"I hate partings," said Julia, "even
little, unimportant ones like this."
"Do you?" said Dalnton. "Yes, I sup
pose they are rather sad."
" Sad is hardly the word, is it?"
"Perhaps not. Would you use a stronger
"I should say they were foolish."
"Oh, no, not foolish. Only necessary."
"But are they necessary?"
"My dear cousin," he said, "you ask
such searching questions. To answer you
in general terms I should say yes."
"But in this particular instance?" -she
asked. She looked at him with a great
purple grape pressed against her lips.
"In this particular instance," he an
swered slowly, "it is eminontly necessary
forme." She flnsned a little and dropped
her eyes. Dalnton was feoling deliciously
confident by this time. He was infinitely
glad that he had come. J ulla shot a quick,
Inquiring glance at him over the rim of
her wineglass, sipped and set it down.
"I suppose," she said, "that for some
people it is the easiest thing in the world
to break a pleasant friendship."
"As easy," said Dalnton, prompted by
a sudden inspiration, "as to break this."
He emptied his glass and broke the stem
across the middle.
"Oh," she ried, "how oould you! You
are so praottcal in your illustrations. . I
cannot inatoh that glass in London."
"Then I will match it for you out of
"I bought them last year in Florence."
! "Then I will go to Florence."
"Oh, you need not trouble, thank you.
I can find the address."
"But I should like to be of some service
to you, Julia. Cousinship surely admits
of that, and I may as well go to Florence
as anywhere."
"You are very strange, and, if I may
ay so, very silly tonight."
"You must remember," he said, "that
I ant leaving you."
"You are going entirely of your own
accord." ' . . r i.
"Of course," he said, "if you wish me
to stay"
"My dear oousin" she began.
"No, not on those terms. If I stay you
must forget this cousinship, Julia. I have
been very patient, haven't I?"
"I am afraid," she said, "I don't quite
understand. "
"Oh, yes," he said, rising, "you do.
You know I have been patient. " He took
her hand. "This is a very pretty hand,"
he said, "for a cousin I" She did not seem
to mind his familiarity in the least. "Sup
pose," he went on, "that next year we go
to Florence together for a long time?" He
kissed the hand he held and had to fight
hard to keep his seL possession.
, "Ig this," she said, "to be considered a
"Precisely," he answered. "Shall it be
next year?" -
"My dear oousin," she said, "let it be
when you like."
He had to hurry woefully to catch his
train. "I must go, Julia," he said. "I
made up my mind, and I must keep the
first strong resolution I ever made, but I
hall be back In a week."
- He came back in three days. New Bud
get. . - , '. : -
Jawt Beeaped.
An English newspaper has an Item
about a little Scotch boy who, while play
ing on the docks, fell into the water and
was with great difficulty rescued by a by
stander: . . "' -
- "You ought to be very glad I was neat
by," said his rescuer.
"I am," replied the boy. "And I'm to
glad ye got me out. What a llokln I wad
got from my mlther If I'd been drooned."
Youth's Companion. .
Amid Many Interruption. He Kept Bight
on, Undismayed.
' I hope you will not accuse me of tak
ing an unfair advantage, Miss Jarvis," be
gan Wesley Hlgglutop, slipping into the
unoccupied seat by the side of the young
woman, "but I saw you getting on this
train, and I came along. 1 am going 85
or 80 miles anyhow and farther still if
necessary. I want to have a talk with
"Mr. Hlgglntop
"I know what you are about to say I
am taking a liberty not warranted by our
short acquaintance, and all that sort of
thing. But I am not. I have been in thl
car nearly a quarter of an hour, Miss Jar-
vis, waiting for a good excuse to come aud
take this seat, and when I saw that loose
jointed old Algerine, with the blue black
whiskers and the molasses colored suit of
clothes, that got on at the last station,
making for this seat, I felt it to be a duty
to forestall him. will you oonge me by
taking a look at those whiskers, Miss Jar-
"I see them, Mr. Higglntop."
"Well, that's why I popped down here
so suddenly. I am not vnin, Miss Jarvis,
but I took it for granted"
"Yes, you seem to have taken it for
granted," she interjected.
"That between a young man of at least
average respectability in appearance and
a seedy old hunks with dyed whiskers no
young woman of taste oould hesitate a
moment. Hence"
"Upon my word, sir"
"Hence I am here. Of two evils, Miss
Jarvis, always ohoose the better looking.
When I want any figs, young man, I'll let
you know. You will oonfer a favor by
strolling along down the aisle. I was go
ing to say, Miss Jarvis, that there's noth
ing accidental about this. I am on this
train in pursuance of a deliberate design.
I am sitting by your side entirely on pur
pose. At exactly 10 o'olook last night I
made up my mind I wouldn't hang on by
my eyelids any longer. I decided I would
seize the first opportunity"
The train had been going at the rate of
40 miles an hour. The sudden application
of the airbrakes brought it quickly to a
stop. There was a confused sound of voices.
Rifle shots were heard. Mr. Higglntop
listened a moment and resumed:
"I decided to seize the first opportunity
to tell you"
"For heaven's sake, what"-
"To tell you that I"
"No, no! I mean what is that noise
about? Something dreadful is happening!
I am sure it is!"
"There's some disturbance at the for
ward end of the train I presume. Viola
"Oh, Mr. Higglntop, at such a time as
this how can you"
"A man as far gone as I am doesn't stop
to reason about things. I have only
known you about six weeks, but I think I
have wanted you all my"
Crack! Snap! Boom!
The wildest consternation reigned. Pas
sengers were crouching down between the
seats. Faces were pale with terror. And
the fusillade continued, varied now aud
then by a louder explosion. A bullet oc
casionally came through a window and
buried Itself in the woodwork of the car.
"Oh, Mr. Higglntop"
"My name is Wesley."
"Are we in any danger?"
"Danger? I feel as if my whole future
were at stake. This is the most momen
tous orisis of my life. My darling girl' '
"Oh, Mr. Higglntop"
"Wesley. My name is Wesley."
Crack! Crack! Crack! Boom!
"How oan you think of anything"
"I oan't, dear. I can't think of anything
except that the sweetest, loveliest girl on
Crack! Crash! Boom!
"Is holding my hand, in clasp so eager,
She dropped It instantly.
"I I didn't know it," she faltered.
He merely gathered her trembling little
hands in his own and held them fast.
"You have only known me six weeks, "
he resumed, "but"
Boom I
"If it had been six years"
"Please, Mr. Hig"
"Well, Wesley'"
"You darling!"
Crack! Crash I Crash!
"Oh, what will become of us?"
"Viola, dear, it only rests with you to
say. I don't believe in long engagements,
Four weeks from this day take your
hands away from mine, and I'll kiss you
before all these people, you willful girl.
There! Now you're acting sensibly,
Hello, conductor t What's the matter?"
"Train robbers," replied the uniformed
guardian of the train, who had just en
tered the car. "They've looted the express
oar and got away with (35,000. The dan
aer's over now, though. The gang's gone.
Those last shots you heard were to keep
everybody soared till the thieves had got
dear. You can all get up from under the
seats now. I guess none of you is going
to be fatally killed."
"And now, darling," resumed Mr. We
ley Higglntop, "I have only to say that"
But he spoke in a tone too low to be
heard except by the ears for whioh it was
When the train moved off again, how
ever, after a further delay of IB or 30 min
Utes, he still held those little hands in his,
Chicago Tribune.
Parried by a Joke.
One of Henry Clay's most formidable
Kentuoky opponents was John Pope, a one
armed man, for many years a member of
congress and at one time United States
senator. He was onoe running against
Mr. Clay in the Lexington district, and
the contest was close and exciting.
As election day approached Mr. Clay
heard .that an Irishman in Lexington
who had always been one of his political
supporters had announced his purpose to
vote for Mr. Pope. Mr. Clay went to see
him and Inquired the reason.
"Faith, Mr. Clay," said the man, "an
I've oonoluded to vote for the man who
has only one arm to thrust Into the treas
ury." Eouth's Companion.
'" Bobbedl - " ' 'v;"
Our correspondent at Guthrie writes us
as follows under date of nineteen hundred
and something:
"The westbound express, due at 18:15
this afternoon, was held up by female
bandits about ten miles east of this city.
Several kodak views of a bonnet that was
just too lovely for anything were taken,
but the male passengers who had seats
were courteously allowed to keep them.
Great exoitement prevails. "Detroit Trio-
Cumulative Evidence.
"You ought to be very proud of your
Wife. She is a brilliant talker."
"You're right there."
"Why, I oould listen to her all night."
"I often do.'.' Texas Sittings.
It's juBt as easy to try One Minute
Cough Cure ae anything else. It's easier
to eure a severe oough or cold with it.
Let your next purohase for a cough be
One Minute Oough Cure. Better medioine;
better results: better try it. Newton's
drug store.
The World's Fair Testa
- ahowed no baking powder
M pweo or so great in ka
oabtg power aa tho Royal '
One's physical feelings, like the faithful
fetter, search and point out plainly the
bet of disease or health.
If a man is not feeling well and vigorous
if he is losine flesh and vitalitv. if he is
listless, nervous, sleepless, he certainly is
tiot well. The down hill road from health
to sickness is smooth and declines rapidly.
At the hrst intimation ot uisease, tne
wise man takes a pure, simple vegetable
tonic. It puts his digestion into good ac
tive order and that nuts the rest of his
body in order. The medicine that will do
this is a medicine tnat is gooa to take in
any trouble of the blood, the digestion, or
the respiration, no matter how serious it
may have become.
The medicine to take is Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. It is a remark
able remedy. It cures diseases in a per
fectly natural way, without the use of
strong drugs. It cures by helping Nature.
It has a peculiar tonic effect on the lining
membranes of the stomach and bowels.
By patting these membranes into healthy
condition, stimulating the secretion of the
various digestive juices and furnishing to
the blood the proper purifying properties,
it reaches out over the whole body and
drives disease-germs before it into the
usual excretory channels. It builds up
firm muscular flesh, makes the skin and
the eyes bright.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
has been found wonderfully efficacious in
the treatment of skin diseases eczema,
tetter, erysipelas, salt-rheum from com
mon pimples or blotches to the worst case
of scrofula.
Dad he says that the world's all right,
Sun by day, an' a fire at night;
When he broke his legs in the railroad
Thanked the Lord that it warn't his
When the only house that he owned
burnt down,
Pitched a tent 'bout a mile from town;
While the rest was a-orying' fit to kill,
Thanked the Lord we was livin' still!
Jest don't matter what comes along,
While the whole world's sighin' he's in
fer song!
De Witt's Sarsaparilla is prepared for
cleansing" the blood. It builds npand
strengthens constitutions impaired Dy
disease. Newton's drug store.
To all whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant
to an order of the district court within
and for the county of Santa Fe, and terri
tory of New Mexico, directing the issue
of a commission to take the depositions
of the following named witnesses: Fran
oisoo Romero, Jesus Narvais, Ambrosio
Ortiz, Ascension Silva, Antonio Jose Sil
va, Valentin Montoyaand Antonio Ortiz y
Salazar, the testimony of whom is to be
taken relative to who were and are the
heirs and lineal descendants of Domingo
Romero, one of the grantees of the Mesita
de Jnana Lopez grant, situate, lying and
being in the county of Santa Fe, territory
of New Mexioo, the Cerrillos Coal & Iron
Company will on the 9th day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1805, at the office of Robert 0.
Oortner, a notary publio named in said
order, as the person before whom euoh
depositions shall be taken, proceed to
take the depositions of the witnesses
herein named.
Cebbillos Coal & Iron Company,
By R. E. Twiiohem,,
Attorney and Agent.
The healing properties of De Witt's
Witoh Hazel Salve are well known. It
enres eczema, skin affections and is sim
ply a peifeot remedy for piles. Newton's
drug store.
A todos quienes conoierne:
For esta se da aviso que de oonformi
dad eon una orden de la eorte de distrito
en y por el condado de Santa Fe, y terri
torio de Nuevo Mexico, dirigiendo la au
torizaoion de una oomision para tomar
las declaraoiones de los Biguientes testi
gos nombradoB: Francisoo Romero, Je
sus Narvais, Ambrosio Ortiz, Aseencion
Siiva, Antonio Jose Silva, Valentin Mon
toya y Antonio Ortiz y Salazar, ol testi
monio de quienes se tnmara oon referen
oia a quienes eran los herederos y desoen
dientes lineales de Domingo Romero, uno
de los meroenados de la merced de la Me
sita de Juana Lopez, situada y ubloada
en el condado de Santa Fe, territorio de
Nuevo Mexioo, la Cerrillos Coal fc Iron
Compnny, el dia" 9 de Diciembre, A. D.
1895, en la oficina del notario publioo,
Robert 0. Gortner, nombrado en dicha
orden de aer la persona delante de quien
so tomaran diohas declaraoiones, Be pro
oedera a tomar la deolaraeion de los tes"
tigos aqui nombrados.
Cebbillos Coal & Ibon Company,
For R. E. Twitohell,
Abogado y Agente.
Acts at once, never fails, One Minute
Cough Cure. A remedy for asthma, and
that feverish oondition which accom
panies a severe eold. The only harmless
remedy that produces immediate results.
Newton's drug store.
Burlington Honte.
The Bummer has come and gone; the
beautiful autumn is again with us; the
great Burlington continues to come and
go every day in the year, and will con
tinue to run the best equipped trains
from Denver to Chicago, St. Louis,
Peoria, Qoincy, Kansas City, St. Joe,
Omaha, Lincoln and Intermediate points,
without change of oars.
The Burlington has long been the es
tablished favorite route of the traveling
publio, and will continue to be the leader
in everything pertaining to the safety
and comfort of its patrons. Through
vestibuled trains leaves Denver at 11:00
n. m. and 9:60 p. m. and earry the finest
Pullman Falaoe Sleeping Cars, Famous
C. B. & Q. Dining Cars (meals a la earte),
Reolining Chair Cars and splendid day
ooaehea. Notwithstanding the many ad
vantages offered by this line, our rates
are as low as via any other. All tioket
agents will consider it a pleasure to give
full particulars, tioket you, check your
baggage to any point in the United States
or Canada. Remember your looal agent
can make you as good rates as ean be ob
tained in Denver, but should you desire
any apcoiRl information, kindly write
O. W. Vnllery, General Agent, 1089 17th
street, Denver, Colo.
It is a truth in medioine that the small
est dose that perform a oure is the best.
De Witt's Little Early Riser are the
smallest pills, will perform a cure, and
are ths best. Newton's drug store.
Denver & Rio Grande Railroads.
' Time Table No. 36.
Effective (Jet. 15, 1S95.
No. 476. MIT,
8:50 am Lv. Santa Fe. Ar.. .
11:15 a m At'.Espanola. Lv..
12:41) a in Ar.Knibudo.I.v...
1:30 p m.....'. Ar. Barranca. Lv..
3:O0pm....Ar.Tre9 Piedras.Lv
P.S No. 475.
6:10 pm
3 :55 p m
2:30 pm
1 :30 u in
97, .11 :52 am
o:uu p m Ar. Aiitomto.l.v..
6:10 p m Ar. Alamosa. Lv .
10:30 p m Ar.Solida.Lv...
1:20 a m Ar. Florence. Lv.
2 :40 a m Ar . Pueblo. Lv. .
4:12am Ar . Colo Spgs . Lv
7:15 am Ar. Denver. Lv...
160.. 8:40 am
246.. 4:45 am
311.. 1:49a m
84:!.. 12: 25 am
37.. 10:50 ii m
463.. 7:45 pm
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Durangn, Silverton
and nil points in the San Juan country.
At Alamosa for Jimtown, Creede, Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
San Luis vslley.
At Salida with main line for all points
east and west, including LeadviUe.
At Florence with F. fc C. 0. R. R. for
the gold camps of Cripple Creek and
At Foeblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river lines for all
points east. .
Through passengers leaving Santa Fe
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosa, at
which point through sleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M,
S. K. Hoopeb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
Nothing bo distressing as a hacking
cough. Nothing so foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing so dangerous if allowed
to continue. One Minute Cough Cure
gives immediate relief. Newton's drug
store. .
Kedueed Kates to California.
$56.90 via the "Santa Fe Route" to Los
Angeles and San Diego, $66.90 to San
Francisco and return: tickets good for
return passage six months from date of
sale, allowing stop-overs at any interme
diate points. For particulars call on or
address agents of the Manta Fe Home.
H. S. Lutz, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M,
Geo. T. Nioholson, G. P. A.,
Chicago, 111.
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purifies the blood,
cures eruptions, eczema, scrofula aud all
diseases arising from impure blood. New
ton's drug store..
New Fast California Train.
On October 29 the Santa Fe Route will
inaugurate new and strictly limited first
class servioe to Southern California.
TheCalifornia Limited willleave Chioago
at 6,00 p. m. daily, reaching Los Angeles
in three days and San Francisco in three
and one-half days, a saving of half a day.
Time from this station correspondingly
Equipment will consist of superb new
vestibuled Pullman palace and compart
ment sleepers, chair car aud dining oar,
through to Lob Angeles without change.
This will be the fastest aud most lux
urious service via any line to California.
Another daily train will oary through
palaoe sleeper and tourist sleeper to San
Francisoo and tourist sleeper to Los
Angeles, as at present.
For full particulars inquire of looal
agent Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R.
Say, why don't you try De Witt's Little
Early Risers? These little pills oure head
ache, indigestion and constipation. They
are small, but do the work. Newton's
drug store.
Proelamatlon ofHeward.
Whereas, On the 28th day of August,
1895, one Manuel Pino was murdered in
the oounty of Socorro and territory of
New Mexico by one Jack Hinton; and
Whereas, The said Jsok Hinton is now
a fugitive from justice, now, therefore, I,
W. T. Thornton, governor of the terri
tory of New Mexico, do hereby offer a
reward of Two Hundred Dollars ($200)
to be paid out of any money in the terri
torial treasury appropriated for the pur
pose of rewards, for the arrest and de
livery to the sheriff of Socorro oounty, of
the Baid Jack Hinton.
Done at the exeoutive office on this, the
16th day of November, A. D., 1895.
Witness my hand and the great seal of
the territory.
seal W. T. Tbointon,
Governor of New Mexioo.
By the Governor:
Secretary of New Mexico.
onc-hau1 am w eox.
I tau been the standard (or fortr Tn and '
. mure mpuw to-aajr tnan ever neiora.
I II the Meal complexion powder beaotlfyimr, I
reireBoinf, oieaniy, neaimrui ana narmieie, ,
A dellotf , InvUlble protection to the taot. I
. With ewy kwx of POUONPB a mtf 4
mm uvup rurr
BOX la a-tvea tree ot charm.
We call especial attention to our celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style yon wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc,
book: work:
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn -out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
are flio

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