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The Daily New lexical
Notice is hereby given that orders given
by employes upon the New Mexican Printing
(Jo., will not be honored unless previously
endorsed by the business manager.
Kenuests for back number, of the
or they
Mryidan. muststate date wanted.
will receive no attention.
Advertising Jtateo,
Wanted One cent a word each Insertion.
Local Ten cents per line each insertion.
Reading Local Preferred position Twen-ty-Uve
tents per line each insertion.
Displayed Two dollars an inch, single
column, per month in Daily. One dollar an
inch, single column, In either English or
.Spanish Weekly.
Additional prices and particulars given on
receipt of copy of matter to be inserted.
Prices vary according to amount of matter,
lougthoftime run, position, number of
changes, etc.
One copy only of each paper in which an
ad. appears will be sent free.
Wood base electros not accepted.
No display advertisements accepted for less
than $1 net, per month.
No reduction In price made for "every
ther day'' advertisements.
Wkathbb Buheau Officii or Obsbbvhh
RVltH f
0 1 0 n
H 50 O -1
I 4
s'f P-s.
38 33 E 3
47 22 N " 6
0 0
6:0Ua.ro. 23 12 33 ; li v ear
K-onn. J 23 02 I 47 I 22 i N I 6 iCtear
Mnvimiim TfilYinflmtlire 5'
Minimum TnmnnrfltlirA U
Tital Precipitation ;Vt"'
Folsom Case in U. S. Supreme Court-
Famous Land Suit Land Office
Transactions New CorporationsNotes.
and everyone needs It at all times of the
year. Malaria is always about, and the
only preventive and relief is to keep the
Liver active. You must help the Liver a bit,
and the best helper is the Old Friend, SIM
MONS Liver regulator, the Red Z.
Mr. C. Himrod, of Lancaster, Ohio,
broke a case of Malarial Fever of three
years' standing for me, and less than
one bottle did the business. 1 shall use
it when in need, and recommend it."
Be sure that you get it. Always look for
the RED Z on the package. And don't
forget the word REGULATOR. It is SIM
only one, and every one who takes it is
sura to be benefited. THE BENEFIT IS
ALL IN THE REMEDY. Take it also for
Biliousness and Sick Headache; both are
caused by a sluggish Liver.
J. H. Zeihn & Co.. Philadelphia.
The Exchange Hotel,
Best Located Hotel In City.
$ 1 .50 E2. $2
Special Rates by the Week or Month
for Table Hoard, with or without
M. E. Corner of Plaza.
Clothing Wade t Order
SOL. Spieg-elberg-,
Carry a full and select line of HATH,
CAPS, ULOVISS, etc., and every
thing found in a first -class Mtabliih-meut.
Lemp's St. Louis Beer.
The trade supplied from one bottle to a
carload. Mail orders promptly
A. F. & A. M.
Montezuma Lodge, No. 1, meets on the
first Monday evening of eaoh month at
7:80o'olook, in the Masonie hall, in the
Kahn blook, Sao Francisco St. Visiting
brethren are fraternally invited.
W. 8. Haioo, W. M,
F. 8. Davis, See.
Ooronado Camp No. 8, Woodmen of the
World, meets on tne seoona xnnrsaay
craning of each month at 8 o'olock, in
Aztlan hall, I.O.O.F. Visiting sovereigns
re fraternally invited.
J. B. Biady, Consul Oomdr.
i. B. Bloak, Olerk.
fin MoBrayer whleky at Colorado sa
Yon ean get engraved visiting oards at
the Naw Mmioam, or have them printed
tram you puts if you have one.
It is announced from Washington that
the case against S. M. Foleom, the Albu-
qnerqne bank wrecker and embezzler,
has been argned and submitted to the U.
S. supreme oonrt. This oase involves a
question that excites great interest
among lawyers oan appeals in criminal
cases be taken from the V. 8. district
conrt to the cironit oonrt of appeals.
This case was so taken np and preeented
to the oironit oonrt of appeals at St. Louis
bnt there the conrt was divided on the
question of jurisdiction and so the mat
ter was certified up to the supreme court.
Man; of the best attorneys hold that the
statute is plain enough and does not
allow appeals in criminal oasea. Should
the supreme court hold to this view r oi
som would be reincarcerated in the peni
tentiary to serve out his seven year sen
The Albuquerque Democrat prints a
press dispatoh under date of New York,
Nov. 20, which says:
"The hearing of a suit, in which William
C. Reeves sues United States Senator
Stephen B. Elkins, of West Virginia, to
reoover interest claimed by him in cer
tain lauds in New Mexico and also for an
accounting, was commenced to-day be
fore Judge Patterson in A speoial term of
the supreme court."
Not Reeves, but William C. Renoher, is
the party who is suing and the case is a
famous one, involving lands now covered
by the Cerrillos town site. Years ago
Rancher's father was surveyor general of
New Mexico. Under his administration
certain so-called non-mineral bearing II.
S. lands in south Santa Fe county were
put np at publio auotiou and bought in
by the Glkins-Catron syndicate at $1.25
per acre. By an inside agreement W. C.
Kenoher was to have a one-third interest
in the lands and he alleges that a deed to
that effect was executed, nnder which his
interest in the land was to be held in
trnst for him by the defendant, Elkins,
to be turned over to him whenever he
paid the $1.25 per acre. About eight
years ago Rencher came to Santa Fe and
offered to pay the necessary money, but
he fonnd that Catron had filed a suit in
Elkins' name agaiuBt "all unknown own
ers" to quiet title. Rencher pnt in an
answer, tiled a cross bill and tied np thiB
snit in New Mexico and now he brings
suit in New York because there he suc
ceeded in getting personal service on
Elkins. The senator says he sold a por
tion of the lands claimed by Renoher to
T. B. Catron on the same conditions as
they had been previously held by
Rencher. He also pleads that Renoher is
barred by statute of limitations.
Sheriff C. C. Perry and Deputies J. I.
Hinkle, 8. P. Painter and C. L. Ballard
arrived from Roswell, Chavez county,
this morning with the following boarders
for Hotel de Bergmann: Giok fiarkins,
laroeny of a horse, one year; John Coop
er, larceny of a mare, six months; Santi
ago Peralta, assault with intent to com
mit mnrder, one year; Cirzo CaBtillo,
murder in the second degree, three years;
R. A. Franklin, larceny of eattle, one
year. Upon the arrival of the train from
the south these prisoners were promptly
landed in the penitentiary.
The following persons have made origi
nal homestead entries at the U. S, land
office in this oity during the week: Man
uel Gutierrez, Bernalillo oonnty, 160
acres; Eleonor C. McEellar, Mora oonnty,
171.05 acres; David Stewart, Bernalillo
county, 80 acres; Percy C. Crews, San Mi
guel county, 160 aores; Hannah Downs,
Bernalillo county; Casimiro Pando, ttio
Arriba county, 71.72 acres; Chas. H.
Woods, San Juan county, 160 aores. The
following persons have made final proofs
on their homesteads: Joaqnin Duran,
Guadalupe eounty, near Puerto de Luna,
160 acres; Epimenio Valerio, Mora
county, near Rooiada, 89.34 aores.
Judge Walker, register of tbeU. S. laud
offioe, says that laud office business has
been uncommonly good so far this
Surveyor General Easley is preparing
an important letter to the commissioner
of the general land office on the subject
of small land holdings.
The governor has appointed James C.
Plemmons, of Hermosa, Sierra county,
and Edward MoTeigne, of Richardson.
Lincoln county, as notaries public
The Little Fanny and the Silver Creek
Mining companies, of Cooney, Sooorro
oounty, have filed certificates of the ap
pointment of A. G, Morrow as their agent
in New Mexioo, vice Stewart L. Tatrum,
whose appointment has been revoked.
The Monte Christo Mining company
has filed articles with the territorial sec
retary reciting the following particulars:
Incorporators, Wo, B. MoCreery, of Flint,
Mich.; J. B. Henny, of Freeport, III.; J. C.
Koitz, of Cleveland, Ohio; J. A. Wood, of
Kansas City; Christian Weigand, James S.
Dnnoan and Frank A. Manzanares, of Las
Vegas; objeots, acquiring and developing
mines, constructing and operating redno
tion works, maintaining canals and pipe
lines; capital stock, $500,000; life, fifty
years; directors, same .s the incorporat
ors; principal place of business, Chicago,
111.; mines located near Golden, Santa Fe
The mild end of a Dakota blizzard
struck the Santa Fe range last night and
the crest of Baldy mountain has been en
veloped in the folds of the storm king's
ulster nil day. No snow in town, how
ever. Don Fernando Herrera, a substantial
resident of Rnidoso, Lincoln county,
called at this office to-day for the pur
pose of substantially indionting that he
could not do without the Spanish edition
of the New Mexican.
David S. Lonitzki is at the front to
day with an eularged advertisement call
ing public attention to his splendid stock
of furniture, household goods and qneeos
ware. These goods are direct from the
factory and are marked to sell at prices
never before quoted m New Mexico. It
will pay you to examine this stock.
Mr. Chas. Dyer, superintendent of the
western grand division of the A., T. & S
F., passed up the road Inst night en ronte
to his headquarters at Pueblo. Ex-Gov.
Prince met him at Lamy Junction and
had a conference with him on the neces
sity of improved mail and passenger
service for this city.
A letter from Denver Says the general
missionary committee of the M. E.
church has appropriated for 8panish
work in New Mexico $11,656 with $1,800
for schools; for missionary work among
the Navajo Indians, $1,116,
Delightful Dramatic and Musical En
tertainment at the County Seat
of Rio Arriba County.
Highest Honors-World' Fair.
S. SPITZ, The Jeweller-ss
Kcitnrert Hates to (California.
$56.00 via the ''Santa Fe Route" to Los
Angeles and San Diego, $66.90 to San
Francisco and return; tickets good for
return passage six months from date of
sale, allowing stop-overs at any interme
diate points. For particulars call on or
address agents of the Santa Fe Ronte.
' H. S. Lutz, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
Geo. T. Nicholson, G. P. A.,
Chicago, III.
Pure blood means good health. De
Witt's Sarsaparilla purifies the blood,
cures eruptions, eczema, scrofula and all
diseases arising frum impure blood. New
ton's drug store.
Special meeting of the building and
loan board this evening.
A Raymond Whitoomb exenrsion
party will reach Santa Fe Saturday night
and spend Sunday here, departing for the
west at 1 p. m.
- nr Willi'
- A warm shampoo with Cutlcura Soap,
and a single application of Cutlcura
(ointment), the great Skin Cure, clear the
scalp and hair of crusts, scales, and dand
ruff, allay Itching-, soothe irritation, stim
ulate the hair follicles, and nourish the
roots, thus producing Luxuriant Hair,
with a clean, wholesome scalp.
SoM throtirliotrt tilt WnrM. PoTl Dare ClIM.
Guar., Sail fropmton, Uiua, t. . A.
As to Judge Prince's Home.
The way in which the editor of one of
the territorial papers that is hostile to
Judge Frinee keeps asserting that he has
removed from New Mexico is amusing,
especially to those who understand the
animus. The wish is father to the
The only foundation is that his son has
gone to sohool for the winter in Denver.
If every one in New Mexioo, who has
found it desirable to send a child to
sohool in the east or north, was thereby
considered to have changed his residenoe,
our population wonld be considerably
The fact is that Judge Prince has
never thought for a single moment of
leavins the territory: and if the editor
aforesaid ever visits Santa Fe he will
find him living in the same hause which
for sixteen years has been his home, un
less absent on business or to represent
New Mexioo at some national meeting,
as at Minneapolis in October and Omaha
next week. 11 the editor in question in
stead of in j urine the territory by report
ing the loss of prominent citizens would
devote a little time and money to aiding
it by attendance nt eome of these con
gresses, it would at least show more pub
lio spirit.
Bv the way, it may gratify him to
know that Judge Prinoe has just ar
ranged to build a house at his Kspanola
orchard as a residence during the frnit
Mr. J. P. O'Brien has rt turned from a
trip to Golden.
Mr. Wm. White returned to-day from a
surveying trip in the Rio Pneroo region.
Mr. J. D. Hughes, business manager for
the New Mexican, is on a trip to the
central part of the territory.
Messrs. A. Staab, Simon Nusbaum and
Mortimer Kaufman went to Las Vegas
last night on business before the district
AtthePalaoe: Jim Curry, Espanola;
Wm. Green, San Marcos, Texas; Frank J.
Woods, Chicago; C. C. Perry, 0. L. Bal
lard, S. P. Painter, John I. Hinkle, Ros
well. At the Exchange: H. R. Whiting, Al
buquerque; Edwin Laube and wife,
Ouray; Mrs. Hnrbitz, Durango; E. Yox
all, wife and child, Denver; B. W. Buns
dick, St. Lonis; M. W. Lawrence, Garden
City ; G. Bovard, Albuquerque.
Mr. L. W. Voung, of Prescott, A. T., was
in the oity yesterday and spent the day
with his friend, Mr. Weltmer. He left
this morning on a trip to Chicago. He
is a thorough-going business man and a
genial gentleman who expressed himself
as much pleased with the oapital city.
He may return here.
Mr. C. L. Ballard, a well known and
popular citizen of the lower Peoos valley,
aocompanied Sheriff Perry up from Ros
well to-day. ' '
Correspondence New Mexican.
Tierra Amarilla, Nov. 16. Last Thurs
day evening the residents of this village
and the court visitors were most delight
fully entertained. An amateur theatrioal
performance was presented by the young
ladies of the place, for the benefit of the
Catholic ohnrch in conrse of ereotion
here. The program rendered was of a
most entertaining and enjoyable char
acter. From time to time the brass band,
under the ablo management of Mr. Harry
Boalby, delimited tbe audience with the
sweetest of Btrains and gained for itself
laurels 'of which many a more preten
tious organization might well be prond
Prologue Head by Miss Burns
Three Little Mniils .. ......
E. Burns, M. Burns, M. Mnrkley
Duet Comic Paul and Virginia
Her Letter Bret Hurt . . . . Virginia Met nrtliy
Murder Will Out Comedy
Vocal Solo L. G. Head
The Raven - A. B. Renehan
The Sweet Family : Farce
Guitar Solo.. Miss Burns
The Medical Man A Love Farce
The Gypsy ( 'ouutess -.
..V, flJCClirtliy uuu m. minis
Chorus. . ...... .'i. : My Sunny Home
Guitar Soto Vocal Harry Boalby
Closing Remarks Judge N. B. Laughlln
Miss Marguerite Burns, as Ma Sweet,
whs a most decided sucoeBS. In her in
imitable style Bhe introduced to the audi
ence her four handsome daughters, whom
she recommended for various accomplish
ments. The "new" and "catchy" tuneB,
to uBe Ma Swoet's own words, were re
ceived with great applause.
Mamie Markley, as uionana uauspout,
Ma Sweet's vounorest daughter, distin
guished herself (as her ma said she would)
ior gigsiing. ot Klls(51,uK ""'u
exceedingly well done.
Miss Burns, as Betsv Heimay, anomer
daughter, proved that as a ohnmpion of her
sex she has no peer. Her Bdvioe to suf
fering womankind to vote, vote early and
vote often, was received with deserved
..... . . w
"The Kaven," uenverea Dy mi. a. o.
Renehan. needs no comment. Mr. Rene-
han's reputation as an eloontionist is well
known, and he treateu tne weira poem in
a manner at onoe individual and unique.
The vocal solo by Mr. L. G. Read was
well rendered and added much to the
pleasure of the evening.
"Her Letter," a story of early California
life, and one of Bret Hart's most forcible
poems, was rendered in the clear, expres
sive voice peculiar to Miss Virginia M.
McCarthy. In seleoting this poem the
idea was not alone to entertain the as
sembled company, but to honor the poet
of the west the land of olondless skies
and fresh breezes,of graceful prairies and
flowering canons.
In the ooinedy, "Murder Will Out," Miss
P. Romero, as Dinah, a negro maid, im
personated the original dusky lady to
perfection, aDd to Miss J. Vigil was left
the work of making the end speech which
oontained the all truthful aud rather sug
gestive remark, "We must always remem
ber that some time or other 'Murder will
The "Medioal Man," Alphonso de Pickle
ton, a confirmed bachelor with some land
ed property (on his boots), and also
"rents" in the same boots, was moBt
forcibly personated by Miss M. Burns,
and Miss E. Bums, as the lady who finally
oompels Alphonso to realize that soles
(souls) always, without exception, go in
pairs, was above critioism.
Bpth ladies possess rare dramatio abil
ity and as a result the "Medical Man"
was Highly enjoyed.
Miss V. M. McCarthy, as Gipsy Countess,
and Miss M, Burns as oount were heartily
Thacks are returned to Messrs. Mar
tinez, Einderman, James Sargent and J.
Bums for their kind assistance in helping
equip the hall, and to J. Burns and J.
Sargent, committee on stage arrangements.
A nure Crane Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
They are papa's, and all right for him,
but all wrong for, the little girl. When
spectacles are necessary, they are very
necessary, but nothing can be worse tnan
speotaoles that do not fit the eyes, as they
fail to Bupply a want that must he met
fully to save the sight from inlnry. Speo
taoles can't be bought off hand. It needs
the aid of an optician to assure the selec
tion of a properly fitted glass. We make
a specialty of ocular examinations, for
which we charge nothing. Our prices
for optical goods are the lowest in town.
The onrtain used and which worked so
admirably during the performance was
the ii.vention of Mr. J. Burns. The door
receipts were good.
. A Cord of Thanks.
The undersigned, members of the grand
lodge, Knights of Pythias, earnestly re
quest that the New Mexican will allow us
through its valuable columns to return
our most sincere and knightly thanks to
Brothers Easley and Gable for the many
courtesies and favors extended to us
daring our stay in Santa Fe.
J. J. Lesson,
C. S. Bahnev,
L. A. Garb,
Auq, Winkler,
S. C. Meek,
0. O. Clark,
Wm. M. Bobbowdai.e,
W. W. Ribdon.
A Mountain SIlMhap.
Mr. C. C. Ridgway, of Washington, P.
C, well and favorably known in this city,
who is staying at present at the Jemez
hot springs, met with quite a serious ao-
cident the other day and he and his 00m
panions miraculously esoaped with their
lives, rney naa Daen attending iuo iohbi
of the Dueblo of Jemez and on tneir re
turn to the spring, in the dark of the
night, the wagon fell down a preoipioe
and it was with great difficulty that tne
oocupants got from under the wagon
without any serious injury. The wagon
was full of men and women. An Egyp
tian deotiBt, Dr. Farah, one of the party
received some bruises only.
Mr. Ridgway has made many friends in
this territory and will return home after
Christmas fully restored to health.
"The Common People,"
As Abraham Lincoln called them, do not
care to argue about their ailments. What
they want is a medicine that will cure
them. The simple, honest statement, -1
know that Hood's Sarsaparilla onred me,"
is the best areument in favor of this
medicine, and this is what many thoos
ands voluntarily say.
Hood's pills are the best after-dinner
Dills, assist indication, cure headaehe,
Thanksgiving Proclamation.
In pursuance of the well known custom
of returning thanks to the Giver of all
Gifts for the blessings bestowed upon us,
and in thankful consideration of tbe
copious and bounteous rains, whioh He
in His all-wise mercy has bestowed npon
the people of this territory during the
past year, granting to them a plentiful
harvest and a season unprecedented in
the history of New Mexioo;
In acknowledgement of our indebted
ness to Almighty God for the manifold
blessings and mnroies vonehsafed to the
people of our territory, I earnestly reoom
mend that
bkr, 1895,
be set apart and observed as a day of
thanksgiving aud prayer. On that day,
let as assemble at our respective places
of worship, and with gratefnl praise and
thanksgiving, confess onr responsibility
to God, theCreater of all, and renew our
determination to live better and more
npright lives in the years to eome. May
we not forget to eomfort the sink, cheer
the unfortunate, .and manifest- charity
towards all.
Given under my hand and the great
seal of the territory of New Mexico, at
the executive office at Santa Fe, on this,
the 13th day of November, in the year of
Our Lord, One Thousand, Eight Hundred
and Ninety-five, and the one hnndred
and twentieth year of our Amerioan Inde
pendence. W. T. Thornton,
Governor of New Mexioo,
By the Governor;
Lobion Mili.ib,
Scoretary of New Mexico.
Well shod gives the idea of comfort on
foot, and that is lust where you want
comfort at all times. If there is not 00m
fort in our footwear, then there is no
suoh a thing anywhere, and the knack of
knowing how to be oomfortable is a lost
art. In shoes, comfort and high quality
are apt to go together. As a rule, the
best is the most comfortable shoe. We
are giving ourselves no more than our
due in claiming that we sell quality and
comfort at reasonable prices, as in the
past, so in the present. Confidently in
viting the attention of our neighbors to
the style, quality and ease represented in
onr stock, we at the same time quote suoh
prices as yon desire.
Say, why don't yon try De Witt's Little
Early Risers f These little pills oure head
ache, indigestion and constipation. They
are small, but do the work. Newton'i
drug store,
Milk Punch 10 ots a glass at the Colo
rado saloon.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
John MoCullongh
Colorado saloon.
Havana oigars at
MrB. Bush has fitted up the Lehman
SDiesrelberir house with oomfortable sit
ting and dining rooms and resumed
keeping boarders. She will give single
meals or take boarders by the day, week
or month. For terms apply to Mrs. M
Bush, Santa Fe, N. M.
New Fast California Train.
On October 29 the Santa Fe Ronte will
inaugurate new and striotly limited first-
class service to Southern California.
The California Limited willleave Chioago
at 6,00 p. m. daily, reaching Los Angeles
in three days and Han c rancisao in tnree
and oue-balf days, a saving of half a day,
Time from this station correspondingly
Equipment will consist of superb new
vestibnled Pullman palace and compart
ment sleepers, chair car aud dining car,
through to Los Angeles withont change,
This will be the fastest and moat lux
arious service via any line to California,
Another daily train will oary through
palace sleeper and tourist sleeper to San
Franolsco and tonrist sleeper- to Los
Anseles, as at present.
For full particulars inquire of local
agent Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R.
David S.
Centrally Looated.
Lower Frisoo Street.
First Furniture Store you Come To.
No TBOUBLE to Show Goods.
Free Delivery.
My Holiday Furniture
Just Received
Equaled in City of Santa
I will furnish you from the pallor to the
kitchen on easy payments. Highest cash
price paid for second hand goods.
THESE Celebrated Hot Springs are looatea in tne miast 01 1110 n.mij.iv
Cliff Dwellers, tw enty-ttve miles west of Taos, and fifty miles north of
Santa Fe, and' about twelve miles from Barranca Station on the Denver
nde Knilway, rroir
The temperature o
& Rio Grande Railway, from which point a daily line of stages run to the
;enneratureoI these waters is iroin nux inoBmra
are earbonie. Altitude 8,000 feet. Climate very dry ana aeiignpui ine year
,1 n, 1. n um.nrnr,rllr..ia lintt.1 fni tllA onVPnlIlCe Of ill-
valids and tourists. These waters contain 1B86.34 grains of alkaline salts
to the gallon; being the richest Alkaline Hot Springs in the world. J he
efficacy of these wnters has been thoroughly tested by themiraclous cures
attested to in the following diseases: Paralysis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Consumption. Malaria, Bright s Disease of the Kidneys, Syphilitic and
Mercnlinr Affections, Scrofula, Catarrh, La Grippe, all Female lorn
plaints, etc.. etc. Board, Lodging and Bathing, $2.S0 per day. Reduced
rates given by the month. For further particular address
Ojo Cftliente, Taoa County, New Mexico.
H. B.
G-ranulated Sugar per cwt
Colorado Potatoes
Basket Fired Japan Tea, per lb
Condensed Cream, pound can
Catsup, pint bottle
y. Syrup, gallon can ,
Macaroni, two 1-lb packages
Vermicelli, two 1-lb packages
Fine quality roasted coffee, 3-lbs 1.00
Good Family Flour, 50 lb sk 1 .00
Patent Flour " 1.15
Oldeet end Ltrgett E.tabllahmeni la Bomthweat. ,
Wholesale Dealer in Groceries, Liquors,
Tobacco, Cigars, Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes and Hardware.
Santa Fe
Now Mexioo
Bar-fioek Ivo.
Visible Wrlthur,
. Perfect Alignment,
Automatic Actions.
Eiw of Operation.
It is impossible for tn operator, how
ever expert, to reach the limit of speed
on this machine.
ffe want gilt-edged firms to represent
ns in all towns In New Mexico, Arieona
and Sonora, Mexioo, and, quality of goods
considered, oar ' discounts are the beet
qnoted anywhere. - Exolnslve ageneles
given. Old machine of all makes taken
in trade. Write for estimate, sending
name and nnmber of your typewriter.
We earry a foil line of typewriter ribbons, oatbons, papers and general supplies.
We are old short-hand reporters and recognize the needs of the profession. All onr
goods warranted the best, ;
:p iiridrinir' & teOBinsrsoiT,
18-18 N. 8E00MD AVE., PHOENIX, ARIZ.

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