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If you want a sure relief for pains in the back, side, chest, or
limDs, use an
, Bear in Mind Not one of the host of counterfeits and imita
tions is as good as the genuine.
Did you know, naked the philological
orank, that the word idiot originally
meant the common man as distinguished
from the office-holder? -
You needn't give it away that I said so,
said the Congressman, but it has pretty
much the same meaning yet.
A. K. Eilpatrick, of Filmore, Cal., had
the misfortune to have his leg caught be
tween a cart and a stone and badly brnised.
Ordinarily he wonld have been laid up
for two or three weeks, but says: "After
using one bottle of Chamberlain's Fain
Balm I began to feel better, and in three
days was entirely well. The peculiar
soothing qualities whioh Chamberlain's
Pain Balm possesses I have never noticed
in any other liniment. I take pleasure in
recommending it." This liniment is also
of great value for rheumatism and lame
pacx. , J or saie-py a. j. ireiana, jr.
" Mamma, said the little girl at the flower
show who had absorbed during the even
ing a glass of lemonade, a quantity of
eiaerana some grape i pioe. i wibu fuu
would buy me a drink of water. I want
something to unthirst me.
Geo. W. Jenkins, editor of the Santa
Maria "Times," Cal., in speaking of the
various ailments of children said: "When
my children have croup there is only one
patent medicine that I ever use, and that
is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It pos
sesses some medical properties that re
lieve the little sufferers immediately. It
is, in my opinion, the best cough medicine
in the market." If this remedy is freely
given as soon as the croupy cough ap
pears it will prevent the attaok. It is
also an ideal remedy for whooping cough.
There is no danger in giving it to chil
dren, as it contains nothing injurious.
For sale by A. C. Ireland, jr.
Will: If you are eo muoh in love with
that little angel, why don't you propose
to her?
Gus (moodily): I have seen both her
father and mother and I can't be sure that
she won't grow to look like one or the
other of them.
The popularity of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and the high esteem in which it
is held leads us to believe it to be an
article of great worth and merit. We
have the pleasure of giving the experi
ence of three prominent citizens of Re
domlo Beach, Cal., in the use of the rem
edy. Mr. A. V. Trudell say9: "I have
always received prompt relief when I used
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy." Mr.
Jnmes Orchard says: "I am satisfied that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy cured my
cold." Mr. J. M. Hatoher Bays: "For
three years I have used Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy in my family and it? re'
suits have always been satisfactory." For
sale by A. C. Ireland, jr;
Teaoher of a Class in Civil Government
Of how many bodies is Congress com
posed r
What are these bodies called?
The House of Representatives and
hesitating and the House of Correction,
Economy is something that everybody
tries to practice, and yet just a little
oversight will sometimes rob the most
frugal and thrifty family of a year's sav
ings. You want to do as 3. P. HiJkman,
' of Monticello, Ga., did. He writes: "For
six years I have kept Simmons Liver
Regulator in my house and used it in my
family and have had no need for a doctor.
I have five as healthy children as you can
Have there not been
experience when life
Romantic Miss:
moments in your
seemed full of unsatisfied wants?
Mr. Hardhead: Y-e-s: that's, so,
At such times I always fly to music for
relief." What do you do, Mr.' Hardhead?
I advertise.
No exouse for sleepless nights when
you can procure One Minute Cough Care,
This will relieve all annoyances, cure the
most severe oough and give you rest and
health. Can you afford to do without it?
.Newton's drug store.
Johnny: What's the difference between
a visit and a visitation?
Pa: A visit, my son, is when we go to
see your grandmother on your mother's
Yes. .
A visitation is when she comes to see
us. -i
The breath that swelled the bngle Wart
Or woko the warcry's storms' thrill,
Though cold the breasts it kindled last
Is heard iu freedom', anthems still.
Our sacred slain I In death thty won
A cause whose justice never dies;
And all our land from sun to sun
Is radiant with their sacrifice.
First heroes of a final strife,
The proud degrees of fame they fill;
Ennobled from the files of life
To kings by right of brave good will.
Each rules in sleep a conquered realm.
We ask not here what pillowed head
Tore corded hat or feathered helm.
They all are crowned among the dead.
We own our sway, our homage decks
With offerings sweet their chambers
Their scepters touch our reverent necks
As round their.silent thrones we lean.
No tears for them, imperial yet
Their honors bloom with rich increase;
And all a nation's love is set
To guard their palaces of peace.
Bring tribute to their perished prime.
Their country's loss, our freedom's gain;
And, wreathed with faireBt flowers of time,
In glory let them rest and reign.
Theron Brown in Youth's Companion.
is the title of a neat illustrated volume
have just issued for men. It gives in
plain language the effeots following youth
f ul indeteretions' and latter excesses as
Seminal Weakness, Impotenoy, Drslrs
and Losses, Vericooele, Atrophy or unde
velopment, and points out an easy srd
sure treatment and eurs at home without
Danos 01 Msdioihbb. It also explains
the esuse aud ears of Rheumatism, Sola
ties, Lumbago, Kidney Complaint, eta.,
without medicine. It is in fast a truth
ful relume of my thirty years1 wonderful
ssoeess in the ouring of these eases and
very young, middle-aged or old man suf
fering the slightest weakness should read
it and know Just where he stands. It is
sent free, sealed, by mail upon request.
Or. Sanden, 926 16th St. Denm. Colo;
"Yes, sir, that bicycle's haunted, and
that's nil there is to it. I don't know a
thing about spirits and things like that,
but if yon ever catch me riding that
wheel after midnight I won't know it. "
Thus did George Springwell vehe
mently declare that the supernatural
had taken hold of his bicycle. The tale
that Springwell tells is certainly a queer
one, and one that is apparently vouched
for by a number of his friends. They
declare that any one riding the wheel
after 13 :80 o'clock on any night will
wish he hadn't. The sensations experi
enced by such a rider are described as
startling in the extreme and accom
panied by manifestations that are of
the hairraismg variety.
Springwell lives in a modest little
house on Lombard street, and is a olerk
in one of the large dry goods houses. He
came to Buffalo last July from New
York and just before he left the metrop
olis he' bought a secondhand bicycle
from a reputable dealer. This he took
to Buffalo and lias ridden it steadily to
and from his place of business. He is
not what would be called a bicycle
crank, using the machine merely as a
means of locomotion between his house
and the store. It was only a few weeks
ago that he was aware of the supernat
ural qualities of the wheel, and this he
discovered in a startling manner. He
was accustomed to leave the wheel in
a small room in the rear of the kitchen
every night. One day he bought a cy
clometer, and with the aid of the in
strument he found that the wheel was
He took careful note of the miles reg
istered on the iittlo machine and soon
began to see that there were small dis
crepancies, periods of exactly three
miles, for which he could not account.
Every night as he looked at the cy
clometer he took careful note of the
amount registered, and every morning
it was just three miles more. This both
ered him considerably, but he dismissed
everything with the thought that the
instrument was defective in some way
or other.
But a few weeks ago lie rode out into
the conntry for the first time in the
evening. He took a trip to the Falls,
spent the evening there and wheeled
home in company with a friend. He
reached Tonawanda about 11 o'clock,
and waited there till midnight. Then
he slowly pedaled over the brick boule
vard toward home. He was somewhat
tired, and his friend, a man named Zei
ler, being more of a wheelman, was
about a sixteenth of a mile ahead. Just
as Springwell reached the clump of trees
on this side of Kenmore he began to ex
perience what, if his story is true, is
something distinctly marvelous.
, He declares that as he was riding
along moderately he struck a ohill blast
of air. This was on an August night,
and he could not account for the extreme
Cold. Then something began to work iu
his throat. Before he was aware he was
a prey to a most horrible and vague fear
horrible because of its vagueness.
Something terrible he felt was about to
happen. He glanced from right to left.
Nothing could be seen or heard. He
thought he wonld call to his friend
ahead, but felt powerless.
Then, as he was riding, a powerful
something seemed to suddenly wrap it
self about him. He oou Id feel cold hands
suddenly seize his hands as they guided
the machine, and he could not release
them from the iron grip. He knew that
he was in the power of some supernat
ural monster and that the machine had
passed from his control. He wavered
from side to side. The wheel described
curious curves and he thought for a min
ute he was going to be thrown to the
ground. All this time he did not have
any control of the wheel He tugged
with all his force at the handle bars,
but this did not deviate the wheel from
its path a single inch. .
Terrified beyond description, he could
not shont. He felt a sickening sensation
sweep through hin. He felt that some
thing immeasurably monstrous had
complete oontrol .of every action. Of a
sudden the pedals began to revolve with
rapidity that he declares was nothing
hart of marvelous. He flew up the
stretch that intervened between him and
his friend with inconceivable rapidity,
some unknown power having its ghostly
feet on the pedals. On he flew, His
friend was passed as though he were
standing still. He tried to cry out as
he passed him, but oould not
, On into the gloom beyond till the
city line was reached, then on again
over the asphalt The long stretch of
smooth pavement flew from under him.
He jumped, cor tracks, hardly feeling
them as he passed. Under the white
glare of the electric lights he passed
with his demon companion. He oould
feel that the ghostly rider behind him
was panting under the exertion. He
ccu'.d feel a clammy breath ou the back
of his neok that seut terrible shivers
through his whole body.
Snringwell declares witn an expres
sion that is indubitable evidence of his
honesty that he will never forget this
awful ride till the last moment pi nis
life. The sensation accompanying this
mad flight he says he is powerless to
describe. There was not only the Horri
ble thought that he was in the power of
the supernatural, but other emotions
that he says no language can ever por
tray were concomitant, uis very soul
was swayed by their intensity and
seemed to be in a shadow of something
inexpressibly terrorsome and ghoulish.
On be flew, and he could make out a
shadowy something dancing before him,
something vague of outline and white
in oolor. It danced now here, now
there, and he felt rather than saw that
it was mocking him. On in the leader
ship of this phantom he flew. He cross
ed the Belt line tracks with a bound,
then felt he was slowing up. But still
he kept on until the curve that Dela
ware avenue takes before it reaches the
culvert where the Park road passes over
it. Ahead he could see the white shim
mer of an electric light illuminating its
dazzling circle beneath it. He felt the
icy hands that had never relaxed their
pressure from the moment he had first
felt them loosen a bit of their grip.
He was regaining oontrol. But the
maohiue seemed to be dragging some
thing behind it. He felt he could now
turn and see the ghostly monster behind
him. He craned his head a bit, and at
that moment he felt a terrible blow
over the head. Stunned, he dropped
from his wheel and lay on the pave
ment. He describes the half glimpse of
the thing behind him as something too
inexpressibly monstrous to attempt to
He lay on the pavement for some five
minutes, when Zeiler came up. He was
riding like mad. Zeiler stopped when
he saw his friend and helped him to his
feet. When Springwell told his story,
at first Zeiler thought he was joking,
but he was finally convinced from the
look of abject terror in Spnngweli's
face. They revisited the place next day,
Springwell unstrung and hardly able to
wheel. From the spot where he first felt
the power of the something to where he
was hit is exactly three miles and a lew
rods over. "
Springwell wrote to the man from
whom he bought the wheel, and he re
ceived an answer that is certainly queer.
The dealer said that a man brought the
wheel in in good shape' and asked a
very small price for it, and that he, the
dealer, thinking it bad been stolen,
would not buy it. The man swore it had
not been stolen, and offered to let it re
main there until he was satisfied. He
had kept it through the winter and nev
er a sign of any claimant ; hence he had
sold it
Springwell is at a loss to account for
the strange occurrence. He is utterly
unable to say what could have been the
cause, save on the hypothesis that some
man was murdered while on it, and that
it has thus become haunted. However
that may be, the fact remains that the
cyclometer registers of its own accord a
little over three miles every night
Buffalo Express. ,
Mystic Attributes of Number Nine.
It is by nines that eastern presents
are given when made on a scale of great
magnificence. "To the nines" expresses
a state of perfection, as "dressed up to
the nines." Chauoer, Haywood and
Shakespeare speak of a nine days' won
der ; a cat has nine lives ; a tailor is the
ninth part of a man ; Shakespeare makes
Hotspur cavil on the ninth part of
hair ; it was a number of magical power
dear to witohes, as we read in "Mac
beth;" Shakespeare again has the "Nine
Sibyls of Old Rome ;" we have the games
of nine men's morris and ninepins the
butcher bird is called the nine killer,
from its habit of impaling nine of the
animals on whioh it feeds before it be
gins its meal ; the nine of diamonds is
called the curse of Scotland ; there were
nine muses, nine planets; nine orders
of angels angels, arohangels, virtues,
powers, principalities, dominions,
thrones, cherubim, seraphim; th
Etruscans had nine gods, who alone ha
the power of hurling thunderbolts ; th
Novensiles were the nine Sabine gods
the novendial ashes were the ashes of
the dead buried on the ninth day ; the
nine worthies were Heotor, Alexander,
Julius Ceesar, Joshua, David, Judas,
Macca beans, Arthur, Charlemagne and
Godfrey of Bouillon : , there were,
too, nine worthies of London, whose
chronicles were written by R. Johnson
in (lie sixteenth century ; every ninth
wave, as Tennyson sings, is said to be
the largest, and last, not least, posses
sion is nine points of the law. Pythag
oras made three the perfect number
nine was consecrated by Buddhism and
is revered by the Moguls and Chinese.
Westminster Gazette.
If a flowering
plant does not
blossom, there's
little beauty in it.
If it is sick and
faded and with
ered and lifeless,
nobody cares for
it. It falls short
of its object in
being. It is in
com pi e te un
finished. Times without
number women
have been liken
ed to flowers
and rightly. But
what of her
whose physical
condition corres
ponds with the
plant? What of
the woman whom
weakness has
made not wholly
and wholesomely
a woman ? Many
things lead to de
rangement of a
woman's delicate
organism. It may oe due to carelessness.
It may be due to ignorance fostered by
mistaken parents on the plea of preserving-
It may result from improper treatment 01
some minor trouble. Whatever sickness a
woman has. it seems always to affect the
organs which make her a woman and these
in turn work upon an tne rest, mere is
much insanity among women. It is really
surprising that there is not more.
The troubles peculiar to their sex work
trnncrlv nti the nerves. Thev dra&r upon
the most delicate nerves in the body and
the inflammation always present causes a
debilitating- drain that will enervate the
most rnhnst.
tlr Pierce's Favorite Prescnotion Has
brought comfort and health to thousands
of Buttering women. for many years, ur.
Pierce has been Chief Consulting Physician
at the Invalids' Hotel and Sursrieal lnstl
tute at Buffalo, N. Y. He has used the
"Favorite Prescription" all the time, witn
uniform success. With it, there is no
need of the commonly insisted upon ais
tressiner examinations and "local treat
ment." Twenty-one cents sent to World'
Disrjensarv Medical Association. Bunalo,
N.Y., will bring a doctor book of iooo pages.
Of the Territorial Treasurer of New Mexico for the Third quarter of the 46th Fiscal Year beginning Sept 2, 180S,
and ended November 30, 18H0.
Interest Fund
Casual deficit bond interest
Penitentiary onrrent expense fund
Salary fund
Court fund
Miscellaneous fond
Compensation of assessors
Transportation of convicts
Deficit fund, 44th fiscal year
University of New Mexico
Agricultural College
New Mexico School of Mines
New Mexioo Insane Asylum
Normal Schools of New Mexico
Territorial Normal Institutes
Branch Agricultural Exp. Stations
Cattle indemnity fund
Sohool fund
Interest on deposits
Territorial purposes 45th fiscal year. . . .
Territorial institutions 45th fiBcal year..
Deficit fund 42d fiscal year
Territorial purposes 46th fiscal year. . . .
Territorial institutions 46th fiscal year..
Deficiency fund 46th fiscal year..
Special court fund
Normal School, N. M., (Silver City). . . .
Normal School, N. M., (Las Vegas)
Territorial Purposes 47th fiscal year. . . .
Territorial Institutions 47th fiscal year.
Bnt why, they asked him, why should
von be so hated of Your fellows? Even
the baseball umpire attains some recog
nition as human after frost.
I ain't a baseball umpire, moaned the
unhappy one. I am one of those people
who learns a popular song after it is al
most forgotten.
One Minute Cough Cure is rightly
named. It affords mBtant relief from
suffering when afflicted with a severe
couch or oo I (J. it acts un ine tnroac.
bronchial tubes, ana lung ana never
fails to give immediate relief. Newton's
drug store.
Oh, doctor, said the mother, I'm glad
vou've cornel We have lust had such
soare! We thought at first that Tommy
had swallowed a half sovereign.
And vou found out that he hadn't r
replied the doctor.
Yes; it was only a half penny.
Wife Here's an aooount of a man who
shot himself rather than suffer the pangs
of indicestion. Husband I he fool
Whv didn't he take De Witt's Little
Earlv Kisersr l used to sutler as Daa as
he did before I commenced taking these
little pills. Newton's drug store.
The World's Fair Testa
Showed no baking powder
SO pare or so great In Iesv
wing power as the Royal
Hew Fast California Train.
On October 29 the Santa Fe Boate w
inaugurate new and strictly limited first
cIbbs service to southern California.
The California Limited will leave Chicag
at 6,00 p. m. daily, reaching Los Angeles
in three days and San Francisco in three
and one-half days, a saving of half a day,
Time from this station correspondingly
Equipment will consist of superb new
vestibnled Pullman palace and compart
ment sleepers, chair oar aud dining oar,
through to Los Angeles without ctmuge,
This will be the fastest ana most lux
arious service via any line to California,
Another daily train will oary through
palace sleeper and tourist sleeper to San
Francisco and tourist sleeper to Los
Antreles, as at present.
For full particulars inquire of local
agent Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe B. B,
If suffering with piles, it will interest
you to know that De Witt's Witch Hazel
Salve will oure tnem. inis meaicine is t
specific for all complaints of this char
acter, aud if instructions (which are
simple) are carried out, a oure will re
suit. We have tested this in numerous
oases, and always with like results,
never fails. Newton's drug store.
Title of fnnd or account.
Sept. 2, 1895.
Leather Covered Pianos.
A decided novelty in the way of piano
casing the invention of a Milwaukee
musio dealer is on exhibition in the
University building, Broadway. After
several years of study and experiment
the inventor hit upon leather as the most
attractive as well .as the. most durable
artiole for iuoasing pianos. The instru
ment was built in Buffalo. The oolor of
the leather selected for the first speci
men instrument was a rioh black, hand
somely embossed, giving the impression
of exquisite carving. Not only does the
instrument thus inoased present a most
attractive and dignified appearance, bnt
it has the advantage of being something
in finish that cannot be marred or
spotted. Milwaukee Wisconsin.
Agrlppioa and Nero.
The mother of Nero, the infamous
Agrippina, was one of the most vioious
women of any age or country. The char
acter of her son was the product of her
early, careful and systematic training
in all kinds of vice. He was just as
muoh an example of the power of edu
cation as the most noted of reformers,
the difference being iu the quality of
the education.
One Minute Cough Cure is a popular
remedy for oroup. Bate for ehildren and
adults. Newton's drug store.
. Bedueed Katee to California. ,
$86.90 via the "Santa Fe Route" to Los
Angeles and Baa Diego, 966.90 to Ban
Franoisco aud return ; tickets good for
return passage six months froai data of
sale, allowing stop-overs at any interme
diate points.. For particulars-eall oo or
addteee-agents of the Bant Fe Route.
H. 8. Lute, Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
' Qao. T. NiOHOtson, G. P. A,,
Ohieago, 111.
Being satisfied that if you have once
used a flat-opening book, you will al
ways uae them, and in order to get
you to try one the New Mexican
Printing Oo. of Santa Fe, will sell you
bound in full leather, with patent
name and the number, or letter, of the
book on the back in gilt letters, at the
following low prices:
5 Or. (400 poxes) Cash Book S5.S0
6r. (4HO ' ) Journal - .00
7 tjr. (SOO " ) Ledger - - 7.80
They are made with pages 10x16
inches, of a good ledger paper with
round cornered covers. The books
are made in our bindery and we guar
antee every one of them.
Coughing irritates the delioate organs
and aggravates the disease. Instead of
waiting, try One Minute Cough Cure. It
helps at onoe, makes ex peotoration easy,
reduces the soreness and inflammation.
Every one likes it. Newton's drug store.
' ONuwiie o box
has been the standard for forty yean and 1
. m more popular to-aar man erer wore.
I Is the Meal eomnlexion powder bcantlfrtnc. I
rerresnuic, cieanir, neaiinnu ana n&nuieM. .
I A delicate, InvUlble protection to the face. I
; Witn every box o PtwiOKra a mag- i
MX a given free ad rnrge
Balances Sept. 2, 1895..
Receipts during the quarter.
Total to be accounted for.
Payments during the quarter..
Balances November 30, 1895.
I certify the foregoing statement to be true
and oorrect.
Samuel Eldodt,
Territorial Treasurer.
Santa Fe, N. M,, December 3, 1895.
dur. quarter
22,557 24 $
4,461 47
1,760 41
5,141 25
12,695 57
412 21
8,057 85
1,570 37
582 57
620 97
888 90
1,613 88
1,843 87
7,534 311
4,572 85
488 51
1,943 74
1,228 93
383 45
1,129 62
3 48
161 60
4,078 76
21,933 73
28 39
637 78
1,121 74
1,880 45
1,716 40
f 8,145 88
53 79
10 08
33 75
5 02
5 02
117 62
32 58
67 48
4,671 18
90 00
417 24
594 40!
13,107 84
3,278 45
14 01
14 01
229 76
67 01
to funds.
from funds.
2,490 4U
2,359 41
65 51
2,870 62
314 69
1,262 61
589 96
505 07
942 19
1,861 81
422 07
286 89
dur. quartet
135 91
694 40
13,107 84
3,278 45
$ 105,971 03 1$ 28,133 90 $ 17,116 63 f 17,116 63j$ 69,037 87 j 65,067 56
10,920 00
27 50
2,285 36
8,096 64
9,278 12
409 19
7,028 82
60 02
773 74
115 00
1,500 00
2,250 00
4,000 00
4,651 43
1,900 00
8,874 72
468 56
4,890 82
7,104 96
Nov. 30,1895
14,811 51
5,074 75
596 79
1,665 65
7,193 26
68 66
3,900 15
1,561 14
123 42
505 97
2,161 59
737 59
108 46
4,481 62
521 09
101 22
2,025 89
1 90
1,516 86
8 18
164 HO.
1,519 21
11,828 77
136 08
300 90
229 76
67 01
105,971 08
28,133 90
184,101 93
69,037 87
ft 65,067 66
Disposition of Funds.
First National Bank of Santa Fe
Bank of Commerce, Albuquerque ,
First National Bank of Las Vegas
First National Bank of Albuquerque. . . ... ,
Taos County Bank
New Mexico Havings nans & xrust no. . . .
Albuquerque National Bank (general)
Albuquerque National Bank (special)
San Miguel National Bank
First National Bank of Raton
Bank of Roswell
National Bank of Commerce of New York.
Cash items
Funds not available.
Funds available
Deduct interest due.
Free cash balance. '..If 10,730 10
6,187 98
2,577 06
7.069 90
7,080 21
8,516 10
3,187 16
4,700 98
7.070 82
7,097 25
3,541 98
3,592 06
9,878 40
37 86
65,067 56
14,958 76
50,108 80
9,378 40
Piles of people have piles, but De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve will onre them.
When promptly applied it cures scalds,
and burns without the slightest pain.
Newton's drug store.
In effeot October 29, 1895.1
Read down
2 4
10:10 pit :00 a
11 :00 pll :50 a
2:45 a 2:5Sp
6:40 a 8:45 P
8:20 a 8:10 p
10:55 al0:50p
11 5 a 2:40 a
12:50p 4:.19a
2:35 p 6.-00 a
5:15 p 8:1(0 a
8:40 i) :40n
1 :20 p 1 :20p
2:30p 2:80p
lt;15 all:lOp
11:43 p 9:40a
6 :.! :50 a
0:S0a 4:50p
4:50 a 2:55 p
7:00a 5:00p
7:30a 5:30 p
3KK)p 1:00a
ru:wp s:aua
Lv... Santa Fe...Ar
i.v L,omy ....at
Ar..Lai Ve?al...Lv
Lv.... Raton Ar
Ar..La Junta.. .1
Lv..La Junta.. .i
.. .Colo SDrinari.
Ar.... Denver Lv
Ar..alt LaKfi... l.v
Ar....iifden ....Lv
Lv. La Junta.. .Ar
Ar...St Louis.. .Lv
Ar.... Newton... Lv
W nhita
Ar... Topeka.... Lv
Ar. Kansas Clty.Lv
Lv. Kansas Cltjr.Ar
..Fort Madison....
Ar... Chicago.. .Lv
Dearborn it. Stat'n
Of the Auditor of Public Accounts of the Territory of New Mexico, Oiving a
Detailed Statement of the Receipts and Expenditures During the
Third duarter of the 46th Fiscal Year, Ending Nov. 30, 1895.
Alejandro Sandoval, collector Bernalillo county
C. C. Perry, oolleotor Chaves oounty
Hugh Smith, oolleotor Colfax oounty
Jaoob Bohaublin, collector Dona Ana oounty
J. D. Walker, oolleotor Eddy county.
Roman Uasaus, oolleotor Ouadalupe oounty
A. B. Laird, oolleotor Grant county
Oeorge Sena, collector Lincoln oounty
Joan B. Martinez, collector Mora oonnty
Martin Lopez, oolleotor Rio Arriba oounty
A. H. Dunning, colleotor San Juan county
Solomon Spiegelberg, collector Santa Fe county
Carlos Oabaldon, collector San Miguel count;
Max L. Eahler, collector Sierra eounty
M. Cooney, oolleotor Socorro connty
Bonifacio Barron, oolleotor Taos eounty
W. A. Overbay, collector Union oounty
Solomon Luna, colleotor Valenoia county
Marcelino Garcia, territorial auditor
J. A. LaRue, secretary Cattle Sanitary Board
. H. Bergmann, superintendent New Mexioo Fenitenciary,
Geo. L. Wyllys, olerk 1st Judioial District
O. N. Marron, olerk 2nd Judicial District
W, B. Walton, clerk 8rd Judicial District
Felix Martinez, clerk 4th Judioial Distriot
George Curry, olerk 5th Judicial Distriot
8,693 15
2,012 30
826 29
641 13
634 28
1,481 30
365 16
2,413 89
227 61
2,118 16
1,432 22
649 82
1,497 16
414 03
916 59
266 71
90 00
4,500 00
1,830 15
198 16
517 15
299 20
436 55
265 85
Total 127,716 66
Read up
a l
9:35 all :20p
6:40 a 7:25 p
3:20 a 2:50 p
1:50 12:55n
11:20 p 9:30a
:. pii:tra p
1:00 p 7:00 p
2:25 p90 a
7:40 p 7:40 p
n B:35 n
11 :10p 9:00 a
3:12 p :za p
8;25a 8:00 p
2:40 n 8:45 n
11: 15 pll :15 a
man a Mup
9:10 a 1:65 p
9:00a l:25p
1:15a 530a
Read down
1 8
10:10 p 8:15 a
u :u p m a
11 :30 p 9:40 al
12:07 a.
1:25 a.
2:05 all :50 a
6:15 a
8:40 a
10:45 a.;.....
10:05 a
11:40 a
2:05 all :50 a
8:45 a 5:25 p
4:20 pll :28p
7:15p 1:45 a
9:50 a 9:50 a
6:30 d 6:30 D
12:15 p 2:10 p
3:30 D 1:15 p
6:50 p 6:05 p
10:10 pl0:10 pi
10:45 a.
Lv . . .Santa Fe. . . Ar
Ar Lamy....Lv
Lv Lamy . . .Ari
. . LOi Uerrllloi
. . . Rnrnalillo.
Ar.Albnaiiera'e. Lv
LiVJMDuquerq e.ar
...San Mareial
....Las uruees
Ar . .El Paso....Lv
Ar.Alhtiatiera7e. Lt
. Ashfork
.Phoenix.. .Lv
. Raratow
..San Bernardino.
Ar.Loa Anrelei.Lvl
Ar. .San Diego. .LtI
Ar Sn FranelteoLvl
Read up
4 2
i .9n ..lo.qn
12:30 pll :40p
ll:56all:25 p
9:20a 8:45 p
90 a 8Kp
5:12 p
4:15 p
1:25 p
11:00 a
8:15 a
11:48 a
...... .100 a
9:20 a 8:45 p
9:00a 8:15 p
o . i a o .on .
8:45 p 7:27a
2110 p 2:10 p
6:30a 6:30a
.on 9. .in n
10:25 p 9:10 a
4:00p 4 rK) p
10:00 a
5:30 p
"California Limited" (No. 8) aud "Chi
Limited" (No. 4) run solid between
Chicago and Los Angeles. These are
strictly nmitea trains ana carry ouij pas
cengers who pay full first class fares.
Equipment consists of magnificent vesti
buled Pullman Palace Sleepers, Dining
Cars and Free Reolinin'g Chair Cars.
Trains nnmber 1 and i carry Pullman
and Tourist Sleepers between Ohieago
and Ban Franeisoo, Los Angeles, El Paso
and City of Mexioo. Dining Cars be
tween Chicago and Kansas City. Free
Reclining Chair Care between Chioago
and La Junta. West of Kansas City
meals for these trains are served at the
famous Harvey Eating Houses.
Close eonneotions are made in Union
Depots at Chioago, Kansas City, Denver,
Colorado Springs and other prinoipal
stations on the "Santa Fe Route" with all
lines diverging. For farther particulars
eall on any agent of the "Santa Fe Route"
or the undersigned.
H. . IiTTTZ, Agent, Santa Fe.
0. T. NICHOLSON, a. P. A., Chicago
City Ticket Office, First National Bnk
10 08
33 75
5 02
5 02
145 64
Licenses f M21 74
Interest fund 28 89
Penitentiary ourrent expense fund 1,830 45
Salary fund 1,716 40
Supreme court fund ,
Compensation of assessors 53 79
Transportation of oonviots
Territorial institutions, viz:
University of New Mexico.
Agricultural college
New Mexico Sohool of Mines
New Mexioo Insane Asylum
Special deficit 44th fiscal year
Normal schools
Normal school, Las Vegas
Normal school, Silver City
Normal institutes 32 68
Branch agricultural experiment stations... 57 48
Casual deficit bond interest 637 78
Territorial institutions 15th fiscal year. . 594 40
Cattle indemnity fund 6'1 18
Territorial purposes, 46th fiscal year. 13,107 84
Territorial institutions, 46th fisoal year 3,278 45
Deficiency fund, 46th fisoal year
Territorial purposes, 47th fiscal year 229 76
Territorial institutions, 47th fisoal year 67 01
Sohool fund 90 00
Claims prior to March 4, 1889
Speoial oourt fund (Warrants drawn against the Albuquerque
suspended banks), viz:
First Judioial Distriot
Second Judicial Distriot '
Third Judioial Distriot ,
Fourth Judioial Distriot .'
Fifth Judicial District
f 2,226 00
7,288 93
9,113 42
409 19
6,827 67
89 87
763 81
1,500 00
2,250 00
4,000 00
115 00
3,288 95
1,270 48
V,9o6 66
4,392 79
468 55
11 92
1,108 01
8,206 81
2,000 00
"982 98
.927,716 66 53,207 81
Auditor's Office, Santa Fe, N. M., Deo. 3, 1895.
Maboelino Gaboia,
Territorial Aud'tor.
The fbmm
F lv Ft -V E ft Ft.
25c. s Number.
Fer Sale Everrohsre.
Thb Forum will take up for discussion, during
1895, an unusually wide range ot timely and
Important topics by the most eminent writer,
fn the fields ot Politics, Finance, Sociology,
Literature, Religion, Art, and Science.
Te naS The Feram is te keep la teaea
with the test thouaM et the .
Te fee wltkest The Fern Is te miu
the feest heists slaw talahlas.
A catalogue ot th writers wk fcave contributed artteles to THB WOUVM la
the runt would umbrae practically every wan of eminence In America, and ami
of ihoiic In Europe. A list of subjects treated wonld cover la the widest degree all
topics of contemporaneous interest. THE FORUM Is therefore of Inestimable value
te any one who desires te keep cloeely la touch with the beet of current.taoaght.
Union Square, New York.

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