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li you vuit a. sure reliet tor
limb3, use an
Bear in Mind Not one of
tions is as good as the genuine.
This girl is not religious, and
In phurch she has no place,
But at the dinner I remarked
About her oharming grace.
If you're in doubt whether your trouble
ib indigestion or dyspepsia, just take a few
doses of Bimmona Liver Regulator it will
settle the whole question. "I have tried
Simmons Liver Regulator" for dyspepsia
and find it just the thing to relieve me.
A small dose after meals is sure to pre
vent indigestion." S.S. Perkins, Sharon,
Ga. ''It is the best medioine to aid digee
t ion. J. J. Black, Dunoan, Arizona.
Mr. Hayseed (in city hotel) Wal, I
guess you'll have to blow out the gas,
Mandy, Mrs. Hayseed Why, Joaiahf
Mr. Hayseed The porter made me pro'
mise not to do it.
Geo. W. Jenkins, editor of the Santa
Maria "Times," Cal., in speaking of the
various ailments of children said: "When
my children have croup there is only one
patent medicine that I ever use, and that
is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It pos
sesses some medical properties that re
lieve the little sufferers immediately. It
is, in my opinion, the best oough medicine
in' the market." If this remedy is freely
given as soon as the eroupy cough ap
pears it will prevent the attack. It is
also an ideal remedy for whooping oough.
There is no danger in giving it to chil
dren, as it contains nothing injurious.
For sate by A. C. Ireland, Jr.
Aha, oried the swarthy man, and they
want dresses which" are dreams? They
shall have them. Aha. Swallowing his
fourth cheese sandwich substantially
intact, the Parisian modiste fell into a
troubled slumber.
A. E. Eilpatrick, of Filmore, Cal., had
the misfortune to have his leg caught be
tween a cart and a stone and badly bruised.
Ordinarilv he would have been laid up
for two or three weeks, but says: "After
using one bottle of Chamberlain's Fain
Balm I began to feel better, and iu three
days was entirely well. The peouliar
soothing qualities which Chamberlain's
Fain Balm possesses I have never noticed
in any other liniment. I take pleasure in
recommending it." This liniment is also
of great value for rheumatism and lame
baok. For sole by A. C. Ireland, jr.
Englishman (producing a pocket coiu)
My great-great-grandfather was made a
lord by the king whose pictnre yon see
on this shilling.
Yankee (with a similar gesture) What
a coincidence! My great-great-grandfather
was made an angel by the Indian
whose pioture you see on this cent.
The popularity of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and the high esteem in which it
is held leads us to believe it to be an
article of great worth and merit. We
have the pleasure of giving the experi
ence of three prominent oitizens of Re
dondo Beach, Cal., in the nse of the rem
edy. Mr. A. V. Trudell says: "I have
always reoeived prompt relief when I used
Chamberlain's ' Cough Remedy." Mr.
James Orchard says: "I am satisfied that
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy cured my
cold." Mr. J. M. Hatcher says: "For
three years I have used Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy in my family and its re
sults have always been satisfactory." For
sale by A. C.Ireland, jr.
Rouge and paint and powder
On her dresser find a place;
It's a question, - merely, whether she
Or time shall change her face.
Wife Here's an account of a man who
shot himself rather than suffer the pangs
of indigestion. HuBband The fooll
Why didn't he take De Witt's Little
Early Risers? I used to suffer as bad as
he did before I commenced taking these
little pills. Kewton's drug store.
Maud I den't see how you can stand
being engaged to a man who has to woik
Marie He comes to see me afternoons,
Maud Pshaw! How insipid! When
he's gone, yon must feel as though you
had been to a matinee.
r St
Further waste
money on drags,
menu, etc. They
you. Yeu have
them and know.
WATS willing
precious time and
will never care
probably, tried
Nature b At
and waiting to
cure you. and no
la incurables
or Total Impoteyy, Bretfa Ejj"j.
NIoeplomMa, etc. But natures own rem.
eny must be eclentiacally qied.
TBK'ITT, nd the rreatont poMlble perfection
for it application is attained in he well
known Dr. TSandea Eleetrle Belt. This in
vention has been sold and given complete satis
fantinn tor nairlv thlrtv years, and we refer
offerers to hundred of cures in every State.
n, -1 . .1 (nln nil inm
?, and Join our army
he greatest boon ever
- of cures in bleulnjs the greatest not
given weak men. This beUalso eureai
Rheumatism, Lame Back,
and Liver Complaints, and
general ill-health.
A pocket edition of Dr. gsasdWSi eels
orated book .
ThfCG Classes of Hen,"
vrm be sent free, sealed, upon application ,
Every man should read It. It Is the only full
and complete guide for self-treatment ever
offered. Free to everybody. Bum Is.
The Sahden Electric Co.,
: M MxUsatfc It, BtmTW, M.
AIM Hew Tswk, rktes LsUsa, E
Lamest Haetro-afe Ileal OMuwrnln the Worldl
pama in tne Dacn, siae, cncst, or
Porous S
the host of counterfeits and imita
A Real Huitlcr.
An amusing story comes from the
studios of Purls. In muny of tho impres
siouist schools of artists washing blue is
largely employed to produoe tlio tints
which will bost convey mysterious and
sssthetia effects. A young nrtist latoly
took two of his newest inspirations, in
which starch hml boon hugely consumed,
to one of tho well kuuwn dealers in Paris
and the latter, pitying rather than admir
ing, offered a small sum or both- pieces
and consented to place them on show. The
next day n tall Ani3rlcan presented him
self in the shop, and drawing out his oheck
book eagerly demanded the price of one of
the pictures.
For a moment the donlor was tempted
to believe in tho whims of his protege and
the wtsdom of his purchase. But the
American was no illusionist If tho artist
was. He said:
"I guess, sir, it doosn't matter much to
me what this picture does or does not rep
resent. This noble blue oomos from my
own factory in Chao. I knew it at once
by the azure tlnt,'which is a secret of our
firm. We call It Freshness and Beauty
starch; that's what we call it." Ho then
obtained the address of tho artist and com
missioned him to paint a large picture
with the Inscription: "This work of art Is
painted entirely with the starches manu
factured by Messrs. Blank & Co. of Chi
cago. Prize of so many dollars to the
guosser who oomes nearest to its mean
ing." Pall Mall Gazette.
Row HI. Rival Fixed Him Nit.
-New York World.
A Reformer.
"Do I ride a bicycle?" said the heavy
man as a look of disgust came over ills
face. "Well, I should say not. I can get
bumps enough from the fellows who do
ride them without trying it myself.
"Do you see this arm?" he added, roll
ing up his coat sleeve and disclosing a
badly scraped foreonu. "That's tho result
of my last encounter with a bicycler.
"Run into? Of course. I was crossing
the street, and a fellow came whizzing up
behind me at the rate of about SO miles an
hour. No time to dodge. He was looking
over his shoulder a some girls, I guess.
Anyhow, we collided. I went down on
that ami, as you see. I rolled over three
times, got on my feet and turned around
toswenrat the other follow, but I didn't
even have that satisfaction."
"Why not?"
"He hadn't come down yet. Must have
thrown him 80 feet up into tho air, I
should say, and when he did come down
he struck on his head. That was 30 hours
ago. He hasn't come to yot.'.'
"Poor follow! He was seriously hurt,
then." ': -
"Doubtful if he recovers, hut I sent him
the best doctor and the best professional
nurse I could find, and I'll spend 1300 to
bring him round all right."
"That's generous of yon. The accident
could not be blamed to you."
"Generous nothing! He won't think
It's generous when he gets on his feet
again. He'll wish we'd let him die.
. "Because, sir, just jis soon as he recov
ers I'm going to go round and kick him
till he'll never be able to think of a bloyole
again without feeling sharp pnins shoot
ing up his back." Buffalo Express.
A Comedy of the Times.
Ha was in u great hurry.
He rushed into the old style office build
ing and bounded up tho stairs two steps nt
a time.
Many a time and oft he had bounded up
those stairs before without thought as to
who might be coming down and never had
met with an ncoident.
But on this occasion it was different.
When half way up, he paused. "Curses on
my luck!" he cried. To right and to left
he looked for escape from the predicament
In which he found himself, but without
There was nothing roseniblinjtpscnpe on
the premises, t If ,
"I have been able to pass others here be
fore," he exclaimed. 1 x.
But that did not help him.
Slowly, slowly, like a sullen soldier In
retreat, he backed down the stairs to the
main hall.
"Curses on the one who made them!"
he orled in the bitterness of his defeat!
Then he crowded himself into aoorner
and let the girl with the balloon sleeves
pass. Chicago Post.
Two Good Cltlsen..
First Cltlsen--What we want in. a non
partisan government.
Second Citizen That's the talk. We
need a good, olean man like Mr. Ropub.
: First Citizen Huh! "Be mean a man
like Mr. Demo. Old Repub is a born ras
cal. - Second Citizen Old Demo ought to
have been in the penitentiary long ago.
First Citizen You're a liar.
Seoond Cltlsen You're another.
They fight. New York Weekly. .
: The mil Stylet.
' The voloe from the past sank to hoarse
"You are made much of," it observed.
The girl of the period laughed uneasily.
"I wonder," she faltered, "if they will
make any more uf me."
Try as she would, she could not banish
the haunting thought that possibly dresses
would bo made fuller than aver. Detroit
Tribune. .
Lack mf Arrangement.
Hamlet Harrtuptou (meditating)
Things are nil out of place with ine. I
wish I oould only get the shine off my
coat and put it on my shoes I Truth. .
Siwplctan Confirmed.
Oue of the prlnoipal men in the bureau
of printing and engraving had a somewhat
peculiar experience in New York recently.
He hud occasion to visit the metropolis
on busiuos3, and after a stay of several
days at one of the chief hotels he called for
his bill. When it was given him, he ten
dered in payment a brand new i0 silver
certificate. The clerk looked at it and
then passed It back.
"What's the matter?" said the official.
"I can't take that," replied the clerk.
"I don't think it's good."
"Not good I" exclaimed the official.
"Not good I Why, man, it's good. I made
it myself."
"Yes," said the clerk, "sol thought."
Washington Post.
"What are you thinking of, Madge?"
"Whether I would rather have you for a
frlond or Jack for a husband."
"Well, can't you have both?"
"That depends upon Jaok." Brooklyn
DUgiuted Cltlien,
A man with his hat well back on his
head and wearing a confident, jaunty air
sauntered up to the elks' inclosure in Lin
coln park yesterday morning and inspect
ed the animals inside.
"They don't look like such terrible crea
tures, ' ' he said, addressing a bystander. 1 ' I
don't believe they're half as savage and
treacherous as the papers say they are."
"I'm satisfied to stay on this side of the
fence and look at them," responded the
"I wouldn't be a bit afraid to get in
there," rejoined the first speaker. "The
trouble Is that when a man is afraid of
the animals they know it as well as he
does, and they go for him. Animals ain't
fools. If I had any business with these
elks, I wouldn't hesitate a minute. I'd
get right over there and make them under
stand their plaoe. I wouldn't be cross, but
I'd show 'em who was master."
He ollmbed to the top of the fence and
loaned over.
Two big elks were lying down on the
ground- about 80 feet away.
"Get up," he colled out, fixing his eye
on one of them. "Get up and oome here,
yon lazy brute!"
He shook the fence as he spoke and the
two animals jumped to their feet and
oame at him like a shot.
They struok the fenoe with a terrifio
bang, and the man on top, taken by sur
prise, lost his hold, fell back on the out
side and rolled over and over in the dirt.
He gathered himself up, brushed the dirt
from his olothes, pioked up his hat, placed
it carefully on his head, pulled the brim
down over his forehead and started away.
"That settles it," he said. "I'm a mem
ber of the Order of Elks in good standing,
but I'm going to have the name changed,
by jimmlny, or I'm going to pull out of
it!" Chicago Tribune.
There Were Others.
"Look!" she almost shrieked in her rage
as she shook the paper under his face.
"Oh, villain, villain, I have found you out
in all your base perfidy. "
"I I bog your pardon," said the young
man, "but I'm afraid I don't quite follow
"This is your letter to me?"
"It breathes the tenderest affection,
doesn't it?"
"I flatter myself," he answered, with a
complacent bow, "that it does."
"It is ardent in its protestations of un
dying devotion, Isn't it?" t
"If it was as I intended it, there's no
doubt about its being so."
"Look look here," she hissed, "and
then turn your face in shame! Here are
the unmistakable traces of carbon paper.
This letter was manifolded !" Washing
ton Star.
. Reformed. '
The well dressed gentleman called at the
door uf the house of the kind hearted lady.
' ' Two years ago, " began the well dressed
gentleman, "I oame to your door as a poor
tramp. It is to you that I owe my refor
mation." "Me?" said the well dressed lady.
."Yes. Perhaps you have forgotten it,
but you gave me a piece of steak. I bit at
It. A few more attempts aroused in me
the slumbering spirit of determination,
and I resolved to oonquer that steak or
die. In three days I conquered it, and the
spirit of determination before mentioned
had got stich a start that it has kept right
on, und I want to thank you"
But the kind hearted lady had slammed
the door. She resolved to never aid another
tramp, but the next one that oomes along
will get the usual worm welcome. Cin
cinnati Gazette.
How He Would Know Him.
A certain farmer who lived in northern
New York, and who was by no means
noted for his resemblance to Apollo, had a
son of 6 or 7 who had more wit than pedi
gree. One day a stranger oame to the farm,
and seeing the lad ssked, "Sonny, where's
your father?" i
a "In the pigpen,', was the reply.
"In the pigpen? Thanks 1" And as
the man moved in the direction indicated
l'enfant terrible shouted: "I say! You'll
know him 'cause he's got his hat on!"
Boston Budget.
A ioh tot Him.
The Foreman It's goin to hustle us to
get the paper out this week. Slug 7 is
bllin drunk, and he'll stay that way for
the next three or four days.
. Editor of the Plunkville Bugle Ain't
he fit to work?
"Oh, he's wlllin, but he oan't tell one
box from another. "
"Turn him loose on that Scotch dialect
story. Nobody will know the difference."
-Indianapolis Journal.
Generally Vied.
She Yon soy your verses and other
literary efforts have appeared in all tho
leading magazines?
He Yes; evory big advertiser uses my
work. Brooklyn Life.
De Witt's Little Early Risers for bil
iousness, indigestion, oonstipatioc. A
email pill, a prompt cure. Newton's drng
Wyokoff So Moggson has moved into
his new home in Harlem is he going to
have a house warming?
Kurdler I'm afraid not j it's a steam
heated flat.
One Minute Cough Cure is a popular
remedy for oroup. Safe for children and
adults. Newton! drng store.
Thr world Is ever as we take it,
And lite, dear child, is what
we make it. "
This was the sen
timent of an old
ladv to her grand
child Mabel. And
many a Mabel has
found it to be true,
and she has taken
care of her health.
I nmti -w sne Keeps on nana a supply
' iWi ' of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, and so is not troubled with those
wasting diseases, weaknesses, "drairging
down" sensations and functional irregu
larities that so many women endure.
" Favorite Prescription " contains no al
fohol to inebriate ; no syrup or sugar to
derange digestion. Ks peculiar in its rem
edial results as in its composition.
As a powerful, invigorating tonic, it im
parts strength to the whole system, partic
ularly to the womb and its appendages.
For feeble women generally, Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is unequaled as an
appetizing cordial and restorative tonic.
A Book of looo pages, telling how to cure
these diseases by home - treatment, sent
free on receipt of 21 cents in stamps for
postage and wrapping only. This book is
profusely illustrated with wood-cuts and
colored plates, also with a vast number of
reproduced photographs of those cured by
the use of Favorite Prescription" and
without having to go through the ordeal
of consulting a doctor. Full names and
addresses are given so you can correspond
and learn their experiences in curing them
selves. Address, with stamps, World's
Dispknsary Medical Association, No.
663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. Jos. O. Col
IIN8, (P. O. Box 187)
of Alfred Centre. Alle
gany Co., N. Y., writes:
" I took Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription
for three mouths and
it helped me more
than all the other
medicines that I had
taken. Had been sick
for four monthd with
uteriue troubles can
now be around 011 my
feet without any
trouble whatever : be
fore taking ' Favorite
Prescription' I could
nariuy get arouna at
all. I hope this state
Burnt wilt benefit others."
Mrs. Collins,
Mr. Closefist What! One hundred dol
bus for Christmas presents? You oan't
have it! I oan't nfTord it! You'll have to
let some one do without.
Mrs. Closefist I oan't do it. I have
the list here, end there is no one I can
slight; and, at the lowest, it amounts to
a hundred dollars.
Mr. CloBeflet I can do without one;
cut mine out.
Mrs. Closefist (after a little figuring)
All right! Now I will only need ninety.
nine dollars aod one cent,
Notice for Pnbllcatlon.
Homestead Entry No. il'JGj.
Land Office at Banta Fe, N. M., )
Deo. 18, 1895.
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his olaim, and commute the same to a
cash entry, and that said proof will be
made before the Register or Receiver, at
Santa Fe, N. M., on January 25, 1896.,
viz: Toribio Vigil, of San Miguel County,
N. M., for the 8. W. of sec 8, tp. 16 N,
R. 18 E. He names the following wit-
neesses to prove his continuous residenoe
upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz:
Atanasio Roibnl, Pedro Maes, Hilario
Roibal, Victor Roibal, all of Feoos, N. M
James H. Walkkb, Register.
No exouse for sleepless nights when
you can procure One Minute Cough Core.
This will relieve all annoyances, cure the
most severe couch and give you rest and
health. Can you afford to do without it?
Newton's drug store.
crystal;carnival at leadville,
MARCH 4,1896.
For the above occasion the Santa Fe
Route will place on sale tickets to Lead
ville and return at a rate of $9.35.
Dates of sale December 81, 1895 and
January 1, 1896, final return limit Jan
nary 5, 1896, also February 1 and 2, good
for return passage February 5, 1896. Dar
ing the month of January tickets will be
sold on Saturdays, good until the follow
ing Monday at a rate of $16.65. Tickets
will also be sold at this rate on Wednes
day, January 15, good to return January
18. These tickets will be good going
and returning via the same or going via
one and returning via another line. Open
ing exercises will take place January 1,
1896 and the above rates will include ad
mission tickets to the Ice Pabice.
H. S. Ltiiz, Agent,
Snnta Fe, N. M.
Geo. T. Nicholson,
G. P. A., Chioago, 111.
Mrs. L. R. Patton, Rockford, 111.,
writes: "From personal experience I
can recommend De Witt's Sarsaparilla,
a cure for impure blood and general de
bility." Newton's drug store.
Frorlninution of Reward.
Executive OrnoE, )
Santa Fe, N. M. )
Whereas, on the 17th day of November
A. D. 1895, one Will L. Cheney, late of the
county of Dona Ana, New Mexico, was
murdered near Nutt station, by parties
unknown; and,
Whereas, the parties who committed
the said crime are now fugitives from
justioe, and the sheriff of said county
having shown deligence in endeavoring
to arrest said parties, and having so far
Now therefore, for the purpose of
seouring the arrest and conviction of the
murderer or murderers, I, Lorion Miller,
acting governor of the territory of New
Mexico, do hereby offer a reward or two
hundred dollars, payable out of nny
money in the territorial treasury appro
priated for the payment of rewards, to
the party or parties who shall arrest and
deliver the aoansed to the sheriff of said
county of Dons Ana to be payable npon
the conviction of the acoused in the dis
trict court in which the cause is tried,
and upon the certificate of the sheriff of
Dona Ana stating the names of the party
or parties .who have earned the reward.
. Done at the exeontive office, this. 10th
day of December, A. D. 1895.
Witness my hand and the great seal of the
territory of Now Mexico.
Seal Lobion Milleb,
Acting Governor of New Mexico.
Bv the Governor,
Lobios Muxes,
Seoretary of New Mexico.
Coughing irritates the delicate organs
and aggravates the disease. Instead of
waiting, try One Miunte Cough Cure. It
helps at onoe, makes expectoration easy,
reduoes the soreness and inflammation.
Every one likes it. Newton's drng store.
Holiday Rates.
For the above occasion the Santa Fe
route will plaoe on sale tiekets to all
points in New Mexico and Colorado at
one fare for the round trip. Dates of
sale, Dee. 34, 25, and 81, and January 1,
1896, good to return January 2, 1896.
B. 8. Lore, Agent,
Santa Fs, N. M.
Geo. T. Nicholson,
G. P. A., Chioago, III. 1 -
m 3 mn'i
D3nver & Rio Grande Railroads.
Time Table No. 36.
F.ffeotive Oct. 15. 1893. J '
No.47li. MILKS No. 475.
8:50am T.v. Santa Fe.Ar 6:10 Dm
11:15 urn Ar.Espanola. Lv.. K.. 8:55pm
12:l am Ar. bmbudo.Lv... su.. 2:30pm
1:30 pm Ar. Barranca. L.V.. w.. iwpm
3:06 p m....Ar.Trea PiedraB.Lv 97. .11:52 a m
5:00 p m Ar. Aiitonito.Lv... 131.. 10:00a m
6:10nm Ar. Alamosa. Lv.. 160.. 8:40am
10::to m Ar.Sallda.Lv....246.. 4:45 a ra
1:20 a in Ar. Florence. ijv..:iii.. l:f a ni
2 : a in A r. Pueblo. Lv.. .SB. . 12: 25 a m
4:12am A r . Colo Spgrs . Lv . 387 . . 10 :50 p m
7:15 am Ar . Denver . Lv. . . 483 . . 7 :45 p m
Connections with main line and
branches as follows:
At Antonito for Durango, Silverton
and all points in the San Juan oountry.
At Alamosa for Jimtown, Creede, Del
Norte, Monte Vista and all points in the
San Lnis valley.
At salida with main line for all points
east and west, including Leadville.
At Florence with F. & C. C. R. R. for
the gold camps of Cripple Creek and
At Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Den
ver with all Missouri river lines for all
pomtB east.
Through passengers leaving Santa Fe
at 8 a. m. take supper at Alamosa, at
which point through sleeper will be re
served if desired.
For further information address the
T. J. Helm, General Agent,
Santa Fe, N. M.
B. K. Hoopeb, G. P. A.,
Denver, Colo.
Piles of people have piles, bnt De
witt s Witch Hazel salve will oure them
When promptly applied it cures soalds,
and burns withont the slightest pain.
Newton s drug store.
In effect October 29, 1895.
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3 1
Ly. .. Santa Fe... Ar
Ar Lamy ....I.v
Lv Lamy ....Ar
Ar.Las Vegas... Lv
L,v....Katou Ar
11:00 pll :50 a
11:35 pl2rf)l a
2:45 a 2:55 p
9:35 all :40p
:; an:
6:10 a 7:
0 :40 a n :4 p
8:20 a 8:10 p
10:55 al0:50p
lltffia 2:40 11
12 SOp 4:30n
2:35 p 8:00 a
5:15 p 8:30 a
3:40 p 3:40 p
1:20 p l:20p
3:20a 2:50p
Trinidad .
1 !ftu 1112
1:155 p
Ar..La Junta. ..Lv
Lv..La Junta . .Ar
11 9(1 n Q
i:m a
10:30 pl2:l
..tColo SDrlrm....
1:05 D
K-M n 9-
1:12 p
Ar. .Salt Lake. . . I.v
z:a p 11
7:40 p 7
K:tK n A
1:00 a
1:40 n
Ar....Oeden ....Lv
Lv. La Junta.. .Ar,
6:35 p
11,15 nll:10p
11:10 p 90 a
11 :i.ip:Jo
0:80 p 0:50 a
6:50 a 4:50 p
4:50 a 2:55 p
7:00 a 50 p
7 :30 a 5:30n
:iz p t:sz p
8:25 a 8:00 p
e-jnn n-ix
Ar...St Lou li... I.v
Ar.... Kewton.. .Lv
nil ;1K n
Ar., . Topeka. .. .Lv
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30 p 1:00 a
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8:50 p 6:05 p
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10:00 a
6 .-OOP
10:45 a
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Ar Sn FranotscoLv!
"California Limited" (No. 8) and "Chi
oago Limited" (No. 1) run solid between
Chicago and Los Angeles. These are
strictly limited trains and carry only pas
cengers who pay full first olass fares.
Equipment consists of magnificsnt vesti
bnled Pullman Palaoe Sleepers, Dining
Cars and Free Reolining Chair Cars.
Trains number 1 and i earry Pullman
and Tourist Sleepers between Chioago
and San Franolsoo, Los Angeles, El Paso
sod City of Mexico. Dining Cars be
tween Chioago and Kansas City. Free
Reolining Chair Cars between Chioago
and La Junta. West of. Kansas City
nieuls for these trains are served at the
famous Harvey Eating Houses.
Close connections are made in Union
Depots at Chicago, Kansas City, Denver,
Colorado Springs and other principal
stations on the "Santa Fe Route" with all
lines diverging. For further partlculsrs
call on any agent of the "Santa Fe Route"
or the undersigned.
H. S. LTJTZ, Agent, Santa Fe.
9. 1. NICHOLSON, G. P. Chicago
City Tiokct Office, First National Bank
If suffering with piles, it will interest
yon to know that De Witt's Witch Hatel
Salve will ears them. ' This msdioios is a
speciflo for all complaints of this char
acter, and if ' instructions (which ar
simple) are oarrisd oat, a care will re
sult. We hate tested this in numernns
nne, and always with like results. It
never fulls. Newton's drng store.
We call especial attention to our celebrated
Frey's patent flat opening blank book
We make them in all
manner of styles.
We bind them in any
style you wish.
We rule them to order
Of all kinds done with neatness and des
patch. We carry a large and com
plete line of commercial stationery,
consisting of wedding cards, business
cards, programs, etc.
book woirik:
We are the best equipped establishment
in the whole southwest for this line of
work, and our unequalled facilities
enable us to turn out work at the
lowest possible figures.
We carry a full and complete line of all
Legal Blank, including those required
by the Brand Law enacted by the
last legislature.
We are the

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