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The Eoycoft of FulTman Now Ae
r times Proportions
Roads Tied Up and More Men
Ordered Out—Labor Organi
zations Take a Hand.
Chicago, Juno 30.—A meeting of the
chiefs and masters of labor organizations
in Chicago was held at the headquarters of
the American Kailway union today, os
tensibly for the purpose of passing resolu
tions denouncing Ibe hired force for cor
porations to oppose the contestants of tbe
rights of labor. Theqneslion announced
as Involved wns bRrely touched upon at the
meeting, the resolution passed bearing
chiefly on the attitude of the state officials
and asking for the abrogation of franchises
held by the railroads under the Btate law,
which, it is claimed, is being violated by
T the roads in refusing to supply transporta
tion facilities unless they are permitted to
r run Pullman cars. The most important
clauses of the resolution bearing upon the
action of the state officials were drafted by
a woman, lurs. Fanny Kavanaugh.
The swinging into line of tho many trade
unions present wbb brought about by
speeches made by alt the prominent labor
leaders in the city. While not acting in
concert, the unions were all pledged at or
-snno-ue meeting to join in supporting
the railroad men in their struggle, and at a
later meeting of trades and labor assembly,
the central division of the united laborers,
a committee was appointed to wait upon
tho officials of the American Railway union
and offer the united strength of every trade
and labor organization in the city.
The tender was made at headquarters
thisafternoon, and it was pledged that
every union man in the city would go ont
immediately if the officers of the railroad
union deemed it necessary. The proposi
tion made and accepted was that in case the
trouble between the union and railroads
was not sealed within the next day or two
every union man in the city of Chicago,
from the highest to the lowest, would be
called out in sympathy with the railroad
At the lowest estimate, this will be a
strike among the labor unions alone of over
150,000 men. Added to this will be the
many thousands who will be thrown out of
employment by the forced shutdown of all
industries effected by labor agitation. It
for Chicago alone the enforced
’ «t i. 000 men, not count
hen >■ n are now ont of
^an crip,'ing aud great
hundreds o. factories and
i of the lockout or strike
tied correctly at the pres
We ultimate disaster, which
rfollow, Is sufficient in appear
ance Lo cause the most courageous to shud
der. When the proposition was made to
the union officials today there was scarcely
n man who did not pause to estimate tho
After a lengthy discussion with the ex
ecutive boaid of the American Railway
union President Debs accepted the offer of
the unions on condition that they would
not strike until called upon to do so by the
union. Whether this call is issued is de
pendent upon the action of the railroads
who are now fighting the union. The la
bor men and their followers all over the
city have caught the strike fever, and in
many quarters it is threatened that there
will not be any wait for orders from the
American Railway union, bat that strikes
would be declared next week.
The news of the action of the Trades’
union was not believed at first, but has
been fully authenticated. The result
among business men was plainly noticea
ble. Not one is there to predict other than
the most widespread disaster in case the
union decides to call upon the laboring
classes for assistance. Ac almost com
plete psralysis of the_ business interests
will result and it is needless to say that
every effort is being made to induce the
labor leaders to reconsider their action .
With the issuing of boycott aud strike
orders today the American Railroad union
added several more roads to the list of cor
porations already affected. The first road
to which the UDion directed the attention
of the men was the Rock Island. Orders
to tie up that road were issued yesterday
and went into effect early thia morning.
All tbe yardmen struck. The shopmen
will go out Monday and the union has di
rected the general tie-ap of the liue from
Chicago to Texas.
The strike on tbe Nebraska division waa
ordered iate thia afternoon. On the North
western the fall strength of tbe union wsb
shown when an order to the rond men on
theGaleDadivislon was issued and promptly
obeyed. The firemen, trainmen, the oper
ators and clerks were all reported out to
night on tbe division mentioned, and fur
ther orders were issued to tie up the Wis
consin division as soon as possible.
Tbe most important tie-up today of a
new line was tbe strike ordered on the
Chicago and Calumet Terminal. The men
were out at 6 o’clock tonight, and the
walkout has resulted in the closing of a
number of factories using oil as fuel. It
was reported at headquarters that the
Calumet strike would result in tbe closing
of tbe Standard Oil plant and the Chicago
refinery. Abont 5000.men areemployed by
tbe oil company here and about 3000 at the
refinery will bo affected.
Reports at headquarters touight were to
the effect that the firemen on the Illinois
Central road engines had gone ont in a
-“—-♦'-body. The firemen division on tho Central
numbers about 300 men.
The firemen on tbe Santa Fe met this
afternoon, and after discussing the situa
tion the members decided to withdraw
from the brotherhood and Join Ihe Ameri
can Railroad anion. Forma1 notice of the
charter of the lodge was sent out aod the
men all quit work thia afternoon.
In the Fan Handle yards all firemen and
engineers joined the strikers, as did a
number of Fort Wayne men. On tbe Santa
Fe fifty-freight handlers refused to handle
cars switched by non-union crews, and
striking they marched in a body to the
union headquarters, where they organized
a local union of their own.
On account of the action of the Milwau
kee in handling Pullman car* and refusing
to withdraw from the Managers’ associa
tion, a general strike on that road was or
tiered, but the men, returned to work at 2
m. A coramfttne of men. not members
the union, waited upon tho. union of
fit ials this afternoon to dry to have the
strike order postponed until a definite an
swer could be secured Irom the company,
■B^^but tbe request for a delay was refused aod
V V -
the order is uow in effect. The men, how*
ever, will not strike until morning.
The action of General Manager Newell of
the Lake Shore in working the switch
tower for Rock Island trains caused the
union board to declare a strike on that
road this afternoon. Strikes were also de
clared on the Nickle .Plate, the Northern
Indiana, Big Four and the Colorado Mid
land. On the Big Four the complaint is
the company has Pullman cars at Cincin
The order for a general strike on the
Gould systems was also issued this after
noon. On account of the Michigan Cen
tral being a member of the Managers’ as
sociation, a strike was ordered on that
road, and almost immediately a number of
yardmen and roadmen went out.
It was reported at nmoo headquarters
that the railroad people had asked the
Western Union and other telegraph com
panies to cupply men to take the plscea of
the striking operators on the differtnt
divisions and acting on the same union
officials are threatening to cause a strike
among the Wesiern Union operators who
have recently joined the union.
A general tie up on the Union Pacific had
been attempted, and the men on the Chi
cago Great Western have been ordered out.
Union officials say that there is nothing in
too reports that the employes ot the
Chicago Elevated roads and the street car
lines iiave been asked to strike. A com
plete tie-up was reported on the Mouon as
far south as Lafayette, Ind. Late tonight
it was announced that an understanding
had been arrived at by the union officials
and the grand officials of the flremeu’s
brotherhood. All firemen would be per
mitted to act either in a body or individ
ually in supporting the union. Strikes
among the firemen will be ordered on all
roads in conseqaence.
The engineers of three divisions in Chi
cago have agreed to take advantage of the
interpretation of the rules by Chief Arthur
and refuse to work with green crews.
What is looked npon as a significant
move on the part of the capitalists, aa the
union designates all emoloyers, was the
visit to headquarters today of P. H. Stude
baker of Studebaker Bros. Mr. Studebaker
is a large stockholder in the Pull
man company, and while the con
terence between he and the union ofii
ciads was secret it was given out that it wea
1VI vuv pwao *' » w
tomorrow, it is not known whether the
subject will be a compromise with the
Pullman company or a protection to the
Studebaker works.
The strike assumed such prominence to
day that over ten roads abandoned all at
tempts to run any mail and passenger
trains. Freight business is almost entirely
snspeDded, and many roads have refused to
accept business of any nature. The sub
urban service on all of the roads, except
the Milwaukee, has practically been aban
doned, _
Chattanoooa, June 30.—A special to
the Times from Cincinnati from thor
oughly reliable sources says that the at
tempted boycott of Pullman cars at Cin
cinnati has been an absolute failure. Every
train in aud out of the city scheduled to
haul Pullmans has been run and has hauled
such cars. All roads are commencing to
handle freight, again. The Cincinnati
Southern is fully able to handle all busi
ness offered.
Indianapolis, Ind., June. 30.—Alex
Shields, president of the American Rail
way union at Hammond, lnd., and several
other strike leaders were brought here this
morniog by United States officials. They
were all released on their own recogni
zance, but President Shields held a confer
ence wilh Governor Matthews, at which it
was agreed that troops would not be called
out if the stopping of trains at Hammond
ceases. Immediately after the conference
President Shields sent a dispatch to the
strikers at Hammond telling them to stop
all interference with trains until his ar
rival. He left for the scene of the disturb
ance shortly before noon. The governor
says that it the agreement reached at the
conference is carried out troops will be un
necessary. He will watch the situation
closely, however.
Be sure to get coupons.
Given to every cash customer
by Caheen Bros.
New Ouleanh, June 30.—The Atiantas
took the second game today through the
locsi'a poor base running aud costly errors.
It wes a snappy and interealing game
throughout and abounded iu pretty plays.
York, Baker, (Jnmpuu and Whistler fielded
superbly, Braun’s pitching was not ef
fective, as the visitors hit at opportune
moments. The score:
Runs—New Orleans, 8; Atlanta, 9.
Base hits—New Orleans, 14; Atlanta, 10.
Errors—New Orleans, 4; Atlanta, 3. Bat
teries—New Orleans, Braun snd Peeples;
Atlanta, Underwood and Zabner.
Runs—Nashville, 7; MemphlB, 8. Base
hits—Nashville, 8; Memphis, 1. Errors
—Nnshville, 2; Memphis, 3. Batteries—
Nashville, Shaw and Sweet; Memphis,
Wadsworth and Bulan,
At Pittsburg: Kuna— Pittsburg, 10;
Brooklyn, (L. Base bite—Pittsburg, 14;
Brooklyn, 12. Errors—Pittsburg, 0; Brook
lyn, 4. Batteries—Pittsburg, l.'olcolough,
Uumbert Merritt; Brooklyn, Kennedy and
At Chicago: The Chtcngo-New York
game was postponed on account of rain.
■ At Cleveland: Huns—Cleveland, 3; Bal
timore, 5. Base hits—Cleveland, 9; Balti
more, 8. Errors—Cleveland,5; Baltimore,
3. Batteries—Cleveland, Young and Zim
mer; Baltimore, Inks and Clarke.
At Cincinnati: Huns—Cincinnati, 12;
Washington, 0. Base hits—Cincinnati, 16.
Washington, 0. Errors—Cincinnati, 1;
Washington, 2. Batteries — Cincinnati,
Parrott, Tannelian and Murphy; Wash
ington, Mercer aud Dngdale.
At Louisville: Runs—Louisville, 6; Phil
adelphia, 13. Base hits—Louisville, 11;
Philadelphia, 14. Errors—Louisville, 2;
Philadelphia, 3. Batteries — Louisville,
Menefee, Pepper and Grim; Philadelphia,
Weyhing and Buckley.
At St. Louisr Runs—8t. Louis, 10; Bos
ton, 9. Bose hits—St. Loafs, 15; boston,
16. Errors—fit. Louie, 3; Boston, 5. But
lories—St. Louis, Clarkson and Pelts; Bos
ton, Lovett and Ganzal.
Caheen Bros, give coupons
to every cash customer.
LaFayktte, Juno 30. — [Special. 1—A
democratic mass meeting was held hero
today, 500 strong, tali of enthusiasm.
They nominated J. R. DowdeH and J. J.
Robinson lor the legislature and 3. H.
Abernathy and R. T. Owen lor commis
sioners. __
In India the natives work fbr wages on
which no American could feed himself.
To Speak in Birmingham and Besse
mer Monday—He Will Arrive
Here Today.
Colonel Oates will speak at the Winnie
Davis wigwam tomorrow nigbtat 8o’clock.
Every democrat and other voter in Bir
mingham and Jefferson county who possi
bly can do so should be present on this oc
casion; and everybody else who deBires to
bear an able speech by democracy’s stand
ard-bearer should not fail to attend.
Colonel Oates will preach pure democ
racy and patriotism, and it will do good to
hear him.
Monnay afternoon at 2 o’clock Colonel
Oates will address the voters of beat 33 at
Bessemer. A delegation of democrats wil I
probably go down from Birmingham, and
large numbers of democrats from that por
tion of the county will, no doubt, attend
the speaking.
Colonel Oates w ill arrive in Birmingham
today and will be met. by a great number of
democrats tonight and tomorrow morning.
He has been speaking in Lauderdale and
Colbert counties the past two or three days
and reports from that section indicate that
largo and enthuslactic auriiencea have
greeted him at every place.
Passed Through the City Last Night
En Route From Fort McPher
eou to Arizona.
Lasi uight Lieutenants Bayliss and Todd
of the United States army passed through
the city with forty-seven Indian soldiers
en roots from Fort McPherson, Atlanta, to
Fort Uranr, Arizona. These Indian sol
diers have oeen in training at Fort Mc
Pherson for sometime and will hereafter
be stationed on the frontier in actual ser
vice. When they got off Georgia Pacific
No. 60, it was really amusing to watch
them give signs, for only one or two spoke
A command from the commanding offi
cer to one of them brought about signs
that made lots of curiosity seekers about
the depot run. Several hundred peopla,
late as it was, gathered to see these rod
men. They took supper at the station and
left on Alabama Great Southern fast mail
No. 1._
The directors of the Jefferson County
Savings bank met yesterday and paid their
stockholders a nice dividend out of lb?ir
earnings of the past six months. The con
densed statement will be found in auother
portion of this issne.
The negro voters are cordially invited to
iitieuu iutJ ttt tut: vuuuie uhyib
wigwam on Monday night, when Kon. VV.
C. Oates, candidate for governor on the
democratic ticket, will address the public
on the political issues ol the day.
Sleeping After Meals.
Physicians now declare that any one
who feels inclined to sleep after a meal is
committing a crime against his digestion
by not indulging his somnolency. The
theory that these iconoclasts advance is
that when a person has taken a heavy din
ner the stomach demands a special influx
of blood wherewith to accomplish its work
of digestion. Tho brain cannot meet this
demand unless tho cerebral functions lx;
meanwhile purtially or wholly suspended;
lienee tho benefit of “40 winks.’’ Dys
peptics will find this a very pleasant med
icine, and if there are some who still think
it an indolent practico all we can hope for
is their reformation.—New York Dispatch.
Indeed He Does.
Jack—1 heard a man who is worth $10,
000,000 say today that lie was much hap
pier when ho hadn’t a dollar.
Tom—Just tho same ho prefers tho dol
lars to tho happiness, and if you don’t be
lieve it you try to separate him from one
of his doTlitrs.— Detroit Free Press.
is easier than getting well.
Regular habits and proper at
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sential. *
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Of TV. H A.
There was quite a lively scene about 9
o’clock last night in a store near the Bur
nett saloon on Second avenue. There was
a yell and a scream; another yell or two
and fully 100 pecp'e rushed to the store
door in less time than it takes to tell it.
It developed that a negro had attempted
to get off with a pair of pants, but was
caught by tbe storekeeper. The negro in
his fight began to bite the man’s ears and
that is what raised tbe yell.
Will J .ckson and John Sadler were ar
rested i.ud charged with grand larceny.
When my little girl was one
had a scab form on her face,
ing until she was
head to foot. The! She had
forty on her head at one time, and more on
her body. When six months old she did not
weigh seven pounds, a pound and a half less
than at birth. Then her skin started to dry
up and got so bad she could not shut her eyes
to sleep, but laid with them half open. About
this time, at the earnest request of friends, I
started using the Cuticura Remedies, and
in one month she suns completely cured.
The doctor and drug bills were over one hun
dred dollars, the Cuticura bill was not more
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old, strong, healthy and large as any child of
her age (see photo.) ami it is all owing to
Cuticura. Yours with a Mother’s Blessing,
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the Great Blood Purifier, let a
21st street. __
Ryan & smith, carriage mar
Repairer*. General Black
avenue and 17th atreet.
, Manufactory.
. nicely repaired and recovered 01
notice. Also boot and shoe repairing
done. Shop 322 South Twentieth at
mingham, Ala.
Pork Packer*, Avenue H and 7t
riHE IhENIX bAk Aflm 4AIEK
I | lovKI Patent l lilBrool Safea
tales. Avenue E and lWh street,
tv , er, 211 2Ulh street.
ers. Machinery and Arehitecturui
Works, 1st avenue and lath atreet.
O tuicrs and LuUdera of iron and steel s
mini work. Higliwuy bridges a &p
' Itmlngham, Ain,
/' b. HAILEY,
V. . 1C( Is, gt £S
Ulit is’ and
: o uvenne.
WM. M. L
ing court pro
ventious and"
Offices :

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