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(• n A. Stuart’s 12-year-old, pure Rock
I\. bridge County, Virginia, Rye
\\ hisky” bears certificates of purity from the
state cl t mists of Loth Virginia and Georgia.
We are sole agents for this brand of whisky,
rr.d sell it under a positive guarantee.
'fry a bcttle and you will never use any
ether kind.
We guarantee everything we sell.
Ponds Extract
Our trade-mark on Buff Wrapper around every bottle.
iicfuse Substitutes, INFLAMMATIONS, CATARRH,
ch*apiy.rudeIy' S°,d HEMORRHAGES, and ALL PAIN.
Used Internally and Externally. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
Prices, 60c., Cheap. $ I, Cheaper, $1.75, Cheapest.
Genuine ie strong and pure. Can be diluted with water.
Sole Manufacturers .POND’S EXTRACT CO., 76 FIFTH AYE., NEW YORK.
will have this week TEN-CENT HEADERS comprising 15c,
20c, 25c and 30c goods, which will be sold lor 10c. Every arti
cle is worth more than we advertise it for.
In addition to our 10c sale, we will close out a lot of Ladies’
fancy Slippers and Oxfords, sizes 1 to 4]—Levy & Katzman’s
and Hough & Ford’s goods, finest makers of this country—
goods cost from $4.00 to $6.00 a pair—at 25c on the dollar.
Don’t miss this sale. If you can find a fit, you will surely get a
good, fine slipper for little money. Also a lot of white, pink and
blue Satin Slippers go with that lot.
10 Cents.
A new lot of Printed Dimities,
nice sheer quality, regular
price Si Sc, to be sold for
_10 Cents.
10 Cents.
2500 yards of yard-wide Per
cales in remnants, 10 C. nts.
10 Cents.
One yard wide genuine Lons
dale Cambric, regular price
12 1-2C, for this week 10 Cents.
10 Cents.
Ten pieces of fast black Sat
ines, extra quality,
10 Cents.
10 Cents.
A lot of Ladies’ Leather
Belts,10 Cents.
10 Cents.
^ One lot of Boys’ laundried
■ Sailor Collars, woith 20c and
I 25c, for this week 10 Cents.
' 10 Cents.
A new lot of Gents’ hem
stitched Handkerchiefs, fancy
border, worth 20c and 25c,
for this week 10. Cents.
10 Cents.
One case of Ladies’ fast black
Hose, drop stitch, 10 Cents.
| 10 Cents.
Four yards of striped Crash,
regular price 5c a yard, for
this week four yards for
10 Cents.
10 Cents.
One cake of Pears’ Soap for
this week 10 Cents.
] __j_
10 Cents.
One lot of Wool Challies,
new styles and designs, worth
20c and 25c, this week
_10 Cents.
10 Cents.
Extra full size Huek Tow
els,_10 Cents.
10 Cents.
One set of Whalebone and
Casing, one dozen to the
set,_10 Cents.
10 Cents.
Velveteen Skirt Facings, all
shades, 4 yards length,
10 Cents.
Pure Silk Mitts, regular price
25c, this week 10 Cents.
10 Cents.
A lot of Ladies’ and Chil
dren’s Straw Hats go this
week at 10 Cents.
10 Cents.
Four spools of soft finished
spool cotton, for hand or ma
chine, 200 yards, for this
week 4 spools for 10 Cents.
10 Cents.
Will close out one lot of Chil
dren’s Lace Caps at 10 Cents.
10 Cents.
Two pair of fast black Ladies’
Hose, for this week only two
pair for
_10 Cents.
10 Cents.
One lot of Lindsay's Children
Hose Supporters, 10 Cents.
l 1921 and 1923 Second Avenue.
F. W. DIXON, President. J. P. MUDD, Vice-President.
ople’s Savings Hank and Trust Company,
Capital, - - #100,000
i . • __ n_. _ _ 1 if_ a __ -11
'i '
John Bowman Is Discharged With
out Bail
And Peyton Held in a Bond of
$10,000, Which He
Promptly Gave.
Peyton 6, Bowman gots bond in the Bum
ol flO.OOO, and John T. Bowman dis
That was the result of the habeas corpus
trial, which ended at 5:30 o’clock yesterday
On the night of June 12, in the Florence
bar, Peyton Bowma,n shot and killed Eu
gene Jeffers. It was claimed by the prose
cution that John Bowman had disarmed
and was bolding Jeffers when he was shot.
Both were arrested and charged with mur
At the preliminary trial, which was had
two weeks ago, P. G. Bowman was denied
bail and John Bowman’s bond fixed at
f5000. A writ of habeas corpus was sued
out before Judge Sharpe of the city court,
with the result above stated.
The defense introduced some new evi
dence yesterday, which put a new light on
the deed. One witness swore on the stand
that he heard the deceased threaten the
life of P. G. Bowman and that he was then
looking for a gun or pistol.
No arguments were made, the attorneys
submitting the evidence to the court.
John Bowman was released from custody
immediately after the court aur^unc^d the
decision, and friends were soon on hand to
make P. G. Bowman’s bond. His bonds
men are J. A. Bingham of Talladega, Mr.
Deau of Shelby county and Mr. (Jbalifoux
of Birmingham.
His bond was approved aud he wau re
leased shortly alter the decision of the
Genaral Manager T. H. Aldrich of tho
Temiefssee Company Tenders
Hia Resignation.
General Manager T. H. Aldrich of the
TennesBee Coal, Iron and Railroad com
pany has tendered his resignation as gen
eral manager of that company. His resig
nation was effective July 1, hut was not
known upon the streets until yesterday
morning. ,
Mr. Aldrich has for several years been
Identified with the iron interests of this
section and with the company from which
he has severed himself. He is well known
in this state and was a favorite among
Tennessee company officials. No man has
been more active toward developing this
district than has Mr. Aldrich. By reason
of his resignation the duties of this office
will fall upon First Vice-President H. F.
DeBardeleben. Mr. Aldrich will go into
the pig iron business for himself in Cin
cinnati, and it was this that brought about
his resignation.
To the Age-Herald:
If the prophet Ezekiel bad the present
lashion of big sleeves in bis mind when he
said: ‘‘ Woe unto all women that sew pil
lows in all arm-holes,” the women of the
present day stand in danger of condemna
tion. Get your Bibles, ludies, and read
what be says-- Ezekiel, xiii, 10.
l. e. e.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
We are not exclusive cheese
dealers. We’ve hundreds of
things to make our profit
from, so that we can
afford to sell you cheese
on a basis of profit that
in time would bankrupt a reg
ular cheese house which has
nothing but cheese to sell. If
you want the best New York
cream cheese, or a fine full
cream Western made, or a
good, mild, firm cheese, at a
moderate price, we have them
all in big supply in our refrig
erator room, and always in
fine condition. Williams &
Marks, 2103 Morris avenue.
Jc-HO If
One of the beat known institutions of
learning for girls and young ladies is Misa
M. J. Baldwin’s Augusta Female semi
nary at Staunton, Va. For thirty-two
years the school has been under the man
agement of Misa Baldwin, whose reputa
tion as an educator extends not only over
the entire south, but also over m my of the
western p.Dd northern states, and it has
reached a degreo of prosperity rarely at
tained by any college. Miss Baldwin’s
school has long been noted as a refined
Christian home for girls, and has stood at
the bead of all southern schools in its ex
tensive course in study aDd thoroughness
of instruction. Staunton is situated in the
valley of Virginia, the most beautiful and
healthy section of the soulh, aDd the
school for b°auti!ul aud extensive grouuds
and beallbfulness is unexcelled. The
buildings are comfortable and convenient,
and an elegant gymnasium, well equipped,
with swimming pool, has been adued. For
years Miss Baldwin’s school has been filled
to its utmost capacity, aud parents aud
guardians are urged to write at odcs for
catalogue, which glveB full details.
Music at East Lake every
night by Montano’s band.
Jet a tf _
Dr. Bredius has found in England a
Rembrandt, signed and dated 1663. It is
life-slte portrait of an old man seated ia an
arm Ahair.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
Agents of the East Tennessee, Virginia
and Georgia railway will sell tickets at one
I pod nne-ti}yrd regularfprefgrjjbe round
trip Oh account of Fourth of July.
Tickets will be sold on July 2, 3 and 4,
good to return on the 7th.
Call oh nearest railroad agent for further
information, or write—
L. A. Bell, D. P. a.,
Selma, Ala.
C. A. DlBaussube, D. P. A.,
Memphis, Teun.
J. M. Sutton, D. P. A.,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
J. J. Fabkbwobth, D. P. a.,
Atlanta, Ga.
6-23tii jy4 B. W. Wbknn, G. P. A.
WANTED—To get 250 coal
diggers for any mine in any
state. Address two days, E
J B, Metropolitan Hotel. j2 2t
Mr. L. Gallanty, the merchant
who liad the scrimmage with the
negio cants thieves on Saturday
night, objects to the Aqe-Hebald
reporter’s statement ot the affair. He says
there was no screaming or yelling; simply
a call for policemen to arrest the thieves
whom he and his clerks had caught. He
denies that anybody’s ear was bitten, in
fact, Mr. Gallanty simply elevated his
voice for protection to property, and in be
half of peace and good order. We see
where Mr. Gallanty was right.
Brings comfort and improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world’s best products to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is man
ufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of F'igs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
Commencing July 5, and to
last for TEN DAYS ONLY, the
values we shall offer you will
surpass our record of the past.
J. L. dhalifou^ ^ (Jo.,
Je30 till hu tuo wky
iM&j i , u ■
dfT' "At 1. ~
Matilda.—It was a good turn you did me when you told me ol
Clairette Soap. It makes the clothes whiter than any other, and savei
time and work.
Mary.—Yes, and it does not injure the hands or the clothes.
Sold Everywhere. Made by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, St. Louis.
Dr. Holloway’s
Medical Dispensary,
Established in the City of Birmingham August 3, 1887.
Stcir.cr Building, Corner Isl Avenue and 21st Street, Birmingham, Ala.
Office Hours, 8:30 a. m. to 12 m., 1 :30 to Op.m.; Sunday, 10 a. m. to 12 m.
The Oldest, Best Equipped and Most Successful
Institution oi its kind in the State.
Dr. Holloway is a graduate in every branch of Medicii
and Surgery, ana devotes his whole tii
and cure of Private and Chronic Diseas
by his thorough medical training and
a knowledge of such diseases that cam
general practice of medicine. 1 his,
ment, quick and permanent cures at a: ,
made this the most popular Dispensary in'
No one is ever deceived. After a care
ful examination, for which no charge is
ever made, patients are told exactly what
a guaranteed cure will cost. The amount
in many instances necessary for a perma
nent cure is less than that demanded
monthly, for month after month, by other
doctors and would-be specialists, without
Dr. Holloway gives hie entiro atten
tion to the treatment of all Blood, Skin,
Kidney and Bladder diseases, Syphilis,
Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Pimples,
Blotches, Eczema, Scrofula, Turners^ Ul
cers, Ulcerated Sore Mouth and Throat,
Rheumatism, Womb troubles, Leucor
in fact any and all troubles of a
nature of either sex.
Special attention is called to the treat
ment of the various nervous troubles
DR. HOLLOWAY, caused by early imprudence, errors of
Tuc a r\l n A DCI l ADI r youth, or sexual excesses, resulting in im
I rlt © OLD © KbLIAbLL paired vitality, loss of vigor, etc., unfitting
I’liysician, Surgeon, Specialist the victim for marriage or the pleasures of
Dr. Holloway states with pride that he treats this class of unfortunates
with the greatest success, having patients at the present time in California, New
York City, Texas, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, aud iu
fact nearly every state in the South. An inquiry at the express office will vorify
this; also the fact that Dr. Holloway ships medicines to many more patients
than all of the specialists of this city combined.
Dr. Holloway was the first physician in Birmingham to adopt the Easy
Payment and Low Fee System. All patients have the benefit of this plan.
Patients treated successfully and privately by mail. (No exposure.) Write
for book on Private Diseases and Question Blank, free.
[Birmingham Daily News.] *
No specialist in the South is more lamiliar with the treatment of private disarm
Dsn Dr. Y. E. Holloway. During his long residence in this city he has successfully
treated many thousands of patients suffering with private troubles of every conceivabl
form. Ibis great experience, together with bis skill and ability, not only places tile
doctor at the head ol his profession in such matters, hot is a guarantee to ail that place
themselves nnder his care that they will receive the best treatment possible to be ob
[Birmingham Age-Herald.]
Among the physicians of the city of Birmingham none have had the experience of
Dr. Holloway in the treatment of private diseases. He located and commenced the prac
tice ol hib specialty in this city years before others came, and by bis skill and ability hr.
a iwajs stood at the bead, gaining the confidence and respect of all whom he met. Ha ij
a pleasant gentleman, an able physician, and is recognized as the ieadiug authority la
the treatment of all diseases of a private nature. May he live long and enjoy the reputa
tion he has to richly merited.
Horse Hotel Livery Stable,'
Fullj equipped with good Stock, fine Vehicles, stylish Teams. Best attention
paid to Boarding Horses.
•pl2 tf Fourth Avenue, Opposite Market House.

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