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Seward street is in very bad repair1
from "third to S\>vith. In placet great
gaps exist the full width of the street:
caused by the decay and dtsappear
ance of certain planks. These pit
falls ore a hindrance to team t raffle
and a ineuace to pedestrians.
The street commissioner has fixed
up some of the holes ou different
streets but says he could uot get
around to this street for two reasons:
lack of planking and time to do it.
In speaking of this particular
street a certain business man said:
"Yes. that street is bad?but there
are others and this town can't afford
to replank them every year. What
we should do is to macadamize our
streets. There are quantities of rock
available. I understand that the
Alaska-Juneau Company, which is
driving a tunnel through the mountain
just opposite lower Franklin street,
is willing to co-operate in the matter
of furnishing rock for city pavements.
"This rock will have to come dowu
the hill, and the company has no use
for It. It strikes me that it would
be good business for the city to get
it and replace the rotten plank
streets with solid rock thoroughfares.
Perhaps the city council will take
some action on the matter?1 don't
"A short walk about town discloses
the fact that the following streets
could be improved by giving them a
rock foundation: Lower Franklin,
up to Fifth: all of Front; Seward to
Fifth: .Main to Fourth; Gold. Second
to Fifth: all of Second. Third, Fourth
and Fifth. These streets are traveled
over constantly and when not floun
dering through mud one is in danger
of going through a plank with dire
"The rock is coming out of that tun
nel and a little shute would land it
almost where it is needed. Now,
what will our city dads do about
Seattle Fish Dealers Send
Boat here for Halibut
Local fishermen are stirred up over
conditions in the halibut Ashing in
dustry. The story wrongs they suf
fer at the hands of the Seattle Ash
dealers has been told in The Empire
but they can see no present means
of guarding against the thefts of
which they are the victims unless
some provision is made to care for
the Ash here at home or a new market
found immediately.
The arrival In Juneau yesterday of
the San Juan Fish Company's large
halibut schooner Comet, has only
servced to intensify the interest in
the situation.
The Puget Sound Ashermen are on
strike for a half cent per pound rise
in the prices paid by Ash boat oper
ators. The fish boats working out of
Seattle are all tied .up as a conse
quence and the Comet was sent up
here for a crew. She did not stop long
and it is said around the waterfront
that she did not get a crew.
"We could bring those Seattle
sharks to time now," said a promi
nent fisherman, "if we were only or
ganized properly.
"The strike that Is now on would
;ive us the chance to secure fair
treatment for the present at least, if
we made them understand that no
more fish would be shipped unless we
get a square deal. But in order to
1 have absolute security there must be
a cold storage plant in Juneau that
will take care of our fish when the
I catch comes in."'
Fish Industry |
Is Attractive
The local land office yesterday had !
two applications for cannery sites. 1
F. C. Barnes of Portland, Or., has j
made application for lands, under the
soldier's additional homestead act,
for 10.20 acres of land at l^ake bay
near Wrangel. The ladn is wanted
for a cannery site.
The Seldovia Salmon Company has
qmade application for 2.39 acres of
land at Seldovia for a trading and
manufacturing site. Jules Redel
sheimer. of Seattle, is president of
the company. The land will be used
for a salmon cannery.
Sheep Creek Power
Reaches Perseverance
Yesterday the electric current from
Sheep creek. 300 horse power, was
turned on at the Perseverance Mine
and the new motors were given a try
As soon as the machinery gets to
running smooth the new compressors
will be utilized, giving a capacity for
20 machine drills in the mine.
Superintendent Jackson has every
thing practically in readiness for the
new force that isto be used. A great
convenience in the mine is the elec
tric system that is now being in
The Daily Empire job office has
just printed a reply brief for Winn &
Burton, attorneys for the appellant
in the case of Barron vs. Alexander,
now in the circuit court of appeals
for the ninth circuit.
Beautiful sets ladies' furs for the
wife, sister or sweetheart, at W. H.
CASE. tf.
Bride Tours Alaska
With Her Husband
Juneau Is honored today by the
presence of a former society belle
of Columbia, Tennessee, the daugh
ter of John B. Ashton, a wealthy mill
owner of that place.
Miss Rachael Ashton was married
to Mr. F. W. Smith, of Washington,
D. C.. last July and they are now
| finishing the latter part of their wed
i ding journey.
Mr. Smith being a United States
government postofflce inspector, they
were perforce compelled to combine
with the pleasures o' honeymooning
a devotion to the service of their coun
| try.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been in
j Cordova for several weeks where Mr.
I Smith was in attendance at court
| during the trial of ex-postmaster Jo
j ?eph Diggs.
It is planned to leave on the
I southbound trip of the Dolphin and
continue the homeward journey by
pleasant stages.
Extensive preparations for drilling
for oil in the Katalla oil fields are be
! ing made by the Amalgamated Devel
- opment Company, according to James
A. McNeir. the managing director of
the company with offices In Van
couver, B. C., who is enroute to Ka
Mr. McNeir says that the company
is to be reorganized and renamed;
new financial blood is to be injected
into it. and beginning next spring the
new company will devote its opera
tions to boring for oil and develop
ing wells that are now producers.
The ball being arranged by the la
dies of Trinity church for Dec 12.
still remains the subject of conversa
' tion In social circles.
peace plenlpolentlarles have reached
a temporary peace agreement, but
nothing la Known as to Its terms. It
Is expected that orders for an immed
iate cessation of hostilities will bo Is
sued his evening.
RIEKA, Nov. 30.? The Montene
grins are bombarding Skutarl, a Tur
kish town near the Montenegro bor
der. King Nicholas is personally di
recting the operatiaons.
LONDON, Nov. 30?Official advices
from Constantinople state that there
is a probability that an agreement
for an armistice for a fortnight will
be signed by the peace plenipolen
liaries tomorrow.
LONDON, Nov. 30. ? Winston
Churchill, tlrst lord of the British ad
miralty, in an address here last night
declared that a general war would
plunge Europe into the desolatiou of
the middle ages, and the writers of
its history would declare that this
generation of men had gon mad and
had torn themselves to pieces.
Continuing Mr. Churchill expressed
the hope that the threatened calamity
would be averted, although the war
clouds that had settled over the con
tinent showed no trace of Btlver lin
ing at the present time.
Political Unrest
in Poland
LONDOI^, Nov. 30.?A special dis
patch to the Chronicle from Warsaw,
Poland, says that pamphlets are be
ing distributed in the streets culling
upon the Polish people to celebrate
the anniversary of the Polish revolu
tion of 1830.
The government has called oit
troops and the city is being patrolled
in all parts to prevent any demon
stration. The people are greatly ex
cited but the government apparent
ly has the situation well in hand.
A number of arrests have been
made, chiefly of men circulating lit
Cruiser Sails
for Smyrna
MALTA, .Nov. 30?The United
States cruiser Tennessee, which ar
rived here yesterday has sailed for
Symrna, Turkey.
Purchased Stolen
Goods; Arrested
NEW PORT. Idaho. Nov. 30,?Wil
liam Vane, a rich Justice of the peace
has been arrested on a charge of
purchasing stolen goods.
SEATTLE. Nov. 29. ? A new eve
ning paper to be called the Seattle
Evening Sun will begin publication
here about Feb. 1, next. The Incor
porators of the company are E. H.
Wells, founder and former editor of
the Seattle Star, and John P. Hart
man, a Seattle attorney. It is said
to be a purely business enterprise, and
Its political course will be directed by
Mr. Wells.
NAVY, 6; ARMY, 0.
the football game between the Army
and Navy elevens today the score
was: Navy, 6; Army, 0.
Woman Is Dead;
Sweetheart Held
PORTLAND, Or., Nov. 30. ? Alias
Mathilda Schmidt, a young woman ot
this city, died suddenly yesterday!
andthoritles are puzzled as to wheth
er she suicided by taking carbolic
acid or was murderod.. John F. Car
rere, her Bweetherat, is being held
pending the completion of an Investi
gation which is being held.
Hospital Patient
Committed Suicide
DENVER, Col., Nov. 30. ? Dr. John
F. Cherrlngton, a witness calfcd In
the investigation being made into
the death of Miss Maude White, a pa
tient in a local hospital, tefWlfled that
she committed suicide..
Two Years for
Bank Clerk
PENASCOLA, Fla., Nov. 30?Wil
liam Bell, a clerk In ttie First Nation
al bank of Pensacola, who confessed
to steullng a package containing J55,
ooo a year ago has been sentenced to
two years In a reform school. Bell
returned the money.
Dynamiter Enters
Plea Not Guilty
EOS ANGELES, Nov. 30.?Carl
Reidelbach. alias Wnrr, alias Davis,
who attempted to dynamite the Los
Angeles police station recently, to
day entered a plea of not guilty.
Mickey Admits
Three Murders
BUFFALO. N. Y., Nov. 30.?Thomas
Hlckey has confessed to the murder
of a third boy, Edward Morey, of
Lowell, Mass., twenty years ago.
Hlckey was arrested a few days ago
in this city for the murder of Joseph
Josephs, a six-year-old bay, who dis
appeared a year ago, and whose body
was found recently In a sewer. He
also confessed to the murder of Mich
ael Kruke, a New York newsboy, ten
years ago.
S. L. Colwoll Is one of Seward's
solid businessmen. He hus been in
Juneau for the past few days but
has gone to the Sitka hot springs for
a short sojourn.
Mr. Coiwell is a member of the
present city council at Seward.
Two years ago the people voted
on the proposition of incorporating.
A fult ticket was elected for the city
government that was to be. Mr. Col
well fought ugainst incorporation,
but nevertheless he had the high
est vote cast for members of the
council. Mr. Col well's opposition de
feated Incorporation.
This last olection Mr. Coiwell
looked with a kindly eye on incor
poration and It carried, as a matter
of news it was again announced that
Mr. Coiwell had the highest vote. All
of which shows that Mr. Coiwell is
a man of parts and possesses the
confidence of his fellow townsmen.
Royal Typewriter^, for rent or sale,
W. H. CASE, the Typewriter man. tf.
Dan Tinto was picked up by the
local police yesterday, charged with
disorderly conduct. Municipal Judge
Fox assessed a fine of (20.00
The family and relatives of the
late Alex Nadeau wish to express
their gratitude for the kindness ex
tended by friends and by the Elks
and Odd Fellows during their re
Mrs. Alex Nadeau,
Albort Nadeau.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 30.?In an in
terview here yesterday James It.
Mann, the Republican leader In the
House, gave it ns his opinion that
only appropriation bills would be
passed by Congress at the present,
or short,; session. He intimated how
over, that the special session which
is to bo convened in April, will proK
ably be a prolonged and stormy one.
Repblican Senator
From Maryland
BALTIMORE, Md., Nov. 30. ? Gov
ernor Phillip L. Goldsborough has ap
pointed William P. Jackson, of Salis
bury, United States |>enator, to suc
ceed the late Senator. Rayncr. The
new senator Is Rcphblican National
committeeman for Maryland, and he
will serve until the next session of
the legislature which will not meet!
until January, 1-914. I
Two Senators to
Remain Steadfast
WASHINGTON Nov. 30.? Accord
ing to reports circulated here Sena
tor Miles Poindexter, of Washington
and Senator Joseph M. Dixon, of Mon
tana, will be the only open and avowed
members of the Progressive party in
the United States Senate at the forth
coming session of Congress. Other
senators like Cummins, of Iowa, Bris
tow. of Kansas, Borah, of Idaho, Craw
ford, of South Dakoha, and Clapp, of
Minnesota, who have been classed as
"insurgents," it is alleged will re
main within the Republican party,
nominally at least
Cut Out Spoils,
Says Gov. Lister
SEATTLE, Nov. 30. ? Governor
elect Ernest Lister, the only Democrat
in Washington elected on the State
ticket, has announced that there will
be no "spoils of office" during his
regime, but that his efforts will l-o
directed towards cutting off a. num
ber of slate commissions, which he
states are useful chiefly as affording
places with good salary attachments
for a number of politicians, near-poli
ticians and their friends. 'Most of
these commissions have been exist
ence for a number of years.
Asks Probate of
Second Will
NEW YORK, Nov. 30. ? Albert T.
Patrick, who was released yesterday
from Sing Sing penitentiary, where he
was undergoing a life sentence for
murder, has announced that he will
seek to have probated the second will
of William March Rice, the million
aire. for whose murder Patrick was
convicted. Patrick was charged with
having forged the fecond .will, and
now that he has been pardoned he
will try to have It validated
NEW YORK, Nov. 30.?Charles H.
Hyde, former city chamberlain of this
city lias been found guilty of brib
ery in connection with his office.
COLLEGE PARK, Md., Nov. 30. ?
The Maryland Ogrlcultural College,
located here, was burned to the
grounrd last night.
SEATTLE, Nov. 30. ? John Good
fellow, n pioneer banker and broker,
of this city, died suddenly yesterday.
CHICAGO. Nov. 30.?Mrs. Camer
on. mother of Luclle Cameronu, who
became Infatuated with Jack John
son has given her daughter up In
sheer disappointment.
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Balkan Allies Decimate
the Turkish Forces
awful ravages of the war with the
Balkan States is revealed here In a
semi-official statement which de
clares thatsince the beginning of the
I war no less than two hundred thous
and Turkish soldiers have become In
efficient, either through capture, or
being killed, wounded or through
Appeal to Save Sickles' Relics
NEW YORK, Nov. 30.?Sheriff Jul
ius Harburger has made an appeal to
J. Picrpont Morgan, John D. Rocke
feller, Andrew Carnegie and other
New York millionaires to take up the
indebtedness of General Daniel E.
Sickles, and thus prevent the sale
of' relics that are historic and valu
The home of General Sickles ami
Its contents were recently levied ui>
on for debts amounting to about $200,
000. Two years ago his wife from
whom he had been separated for for
ty years paid a part of his debts, and
almost Impoverished herself, she
claims. General Sickles la a civil
war veteran and had a brilliant rec
ord. He lost a leg at Antletain.
Suffragettes Continue Havoc Unabashed
LONDON, Nov. 30. ? The suffras
sett(6 have resumed their physical
j demonstrations and have continued
| their work of destroying the con
tents of mail boxeB by pouring chemi
cals on the contents.
It was learned this morning that
they had even invaded the general
postodice and had deluged with acids
the mail boxes of a number of big
financial concerns.
The detective force of the city has
been Increased and Postmaster-Gen
eral Herbert Samuels has announced
that the offenders will be vigorously
The suffragettes are evincing a de
' flant attitude, and declare that they
will keep up their campaign of vio
lence until 'the right of women to
the vote Is recognized by the govern
ABERDEEN, Scotland, Nov. 30. ?
A militant suffragette was found hid
ing today ni a hall where Lloyd
George, the British Chancellor of the
Exchequer was speaking. The worn
an was carrying a box which the
police thought was an infernal ma
chine, but when the suffragette was
arrested It was found to be a box
of flre crackers.
Steamer Spokane
Sails North
SEATTTLE, Nov. 30.?Steamer Spo
kane sailed at nine o'clock last night
for Ketchikan and Juneau. Among j
her cabin passengers are Andy Bays, i
M. Guddman, Geo. A. Bettes, J. W.
Jerome, C. H. Cosgrove, Flora B. Hal
ey, J. Cornelicn, Mabel Smith, Rev.
George Kostromellnotf, V. A. Peterson
and wife, Miss Irene Turner, Roy V.
Thief Syndicate
Gets Big Loot
dHICAGO, Nov. 30. ? The police'
haco unearthed a syndicate of twen
ty thieves, who it is alleged are head
ed by Dr. Edward B. Stalhulte and
Joseph Todd, who it is alleged have
secured a half a million in loot.
Scotch Suffragette
Whips Preacher
I ABERDEEN, Scotland, Nov. 30. ?
Mi:taking him for Lloyd George, a
suffragette today horsewhipped Rev. |
Forbes Jackson, a Presbyterian min- i
ister. Grace I>ocke the suffragette, j
who was arrested carrying a suspic
ious looking package, when denied an
immediate trial removed her shoe and
hurled Jt at the magistrate.
Chas. Gunlach and Richard Dor
wait had a mix-up on Nov. 27, which
has been the causo of two separate;
prosecutions In the commissioner's
The first warrant Issued is on com
plaint of Richard Donvaldt charging
Gunlach with pointing a gun at com
plainant's body. The defendant Is
having a jury trial before Judge Gro
ver Winn this afternoon.
The second warrant was issued on
the complaint of Chas. Gunlach and
charges assault and battery against
Richard Dorwaldt. This case will
also be tried today If there is time
when the first action is over.
Fairbanks Bank
Cases Are Ready
VALDEZ, Nov. 30. ? Considerable
Interest centers In the trial of Cap
tain E. T. Barnette, the principal de
fendant In the Washington-Alaska
bank casea, of Fairbanks, and Falson
Joslin. W. H. Parsons, F. E. Barbour
and E. L. Webster also Indicted for
making false statements regarding the
assets of the tank in the published
District Attorney Crossley m al
ready here, and he will he assisted
by R. M. Gibson, of Pittsburg, a*
special prn :cutor. .Ma . > wl'iioisca
have alretdy reached here and a num
ber of att. nncys have also arrived, and
more are exoected on tivj Northwest
ern on w'.iicn is also J idgo Thos R.
Lyons, of Juneau, who will try the
Mining Congress
Advises Wilson
SPOKANE, Nov. 30.?The Ameri
can Mining Congress at its session
here this week adopted a resolution
recommending to President-elect Wil
son the appointment of a man from
one of the public land states as sec
retary of the interior in his cabinet.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Nov. 30. ? A
movement for the recall of Mayor
George F. Alexander has been
launched by his political enemies.
To Juneau patrons:
I wish to announce that I am pre
pared to give prompt and efficient
service in delivering, coal 1 aiding
freight, baggage, etc.
Phono Order 5-7 or 55 tf
JEWELRY proclaims the refine
ment, dignity and character of th?
wearer. By the Jewelry you wear you
aro judged. The choicest assortment
of rich, fashionable Jewelry?the dig
nified, elegant kind?and all moder
ately priced at I. J. SHARICK'S.
SPECIAL Apple Sale Saturday and
Monday. $1.00 and $1.25 per box.
Sanitary Grocery, Phone 85.

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