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President Distributes
Patronage to faithful
W VSHIXOTON* June ('resident
Wood row Wilson yesterday s?'itt the
following noiaiiutiiuh (I) till* ITnited
States S<*uul< :
Ylbert Schmedetuauii. of Wisconsin,
tu !??? minister plenipotentiary and en
voy extraordinary to .Norway
.Nathaniel l> Stewart, of Ceorgia. in
1m' consul at .Milan
liichard I.. MflraKf, of Lincoln.
NVli. editor of iti van * t ominom r to
be memU-r ?>f the i'anaca canal e mi
nt issioti.
Summers Iturkhart. to be i n ted
States district attorney for X?w .M<-\
Oliver I" New mail at:?! K I.. Sid
dons to l*e com in issionen- for the IMs
trict of Columbia.
Frank I' Walsh, of Missouri. J >hn
It Commons, of Wisconsin, Mrs. W.
Ikirdeti llarriman. of X v? Vork: Fred
erick A iw-latio, of Chicago: Harris
\Vein?t(M-k. of California: S Thurs'oti
Italian!. of Kentucky; Joitn it l.e in
on. of Illii.o s: Jam ?* O'Connell, of
\V;i Inn ton ?*itv. ami AuMtin B. (far
i ixiii. of to-orgta. to In* member* of
'ii< commissu>ti on industrial rela
t ion*.
Other Posit'ons Decided Upon.
\\ VSIIINMTOX. Juue 27. Presi
de ' Wilson yesterday withdrew the
notiii' ition of former Jusutiee James
\V 11 raid, of New York, appointed
ambassador t. Spain, that he might
- Inn: the nomination as ambassa
dor to Cermany
I ? ? l'r< sidetit has also decided up
appointment of Beuton Mc.Mil
.a <?' Tennessee, to be minister to
r i. and Kr?derick Court land Pen
<1. of Pennsylvania, to be ambus
?;ulor to Austria.
Iletiton Me.Milliu is one of the most
? list nguishcd citizens of Tennessee,
i. r it.- sn'.s ami early no's he was a
N ad'tig member of the National House
<: Itepr. x-ntaiives. and later he was
t.overnor of his State.
Minority House Leader
Attacks Administration
U VSIIIXtiToX, Juno ?C.-j.r?
settfative J a me* It. Maim. of lilitioi*.
tlu minority louder in ?i ?? Xatioaal
ilutiin* Of ItrprritrlilallN* tllUde a it
roil) attack oU At tor tic > (irurnl J i*
(' McKe>ttoldn in lb** yester
day afternoon. ami imuieatly ut*< u the
I'midrut for upholding liiui. n ac
mount of the Control ei?y aitti I ?le
? An.in ? v MeNab. in (lit- San Fran
raM'> It.- saul MeNab had not
m I'r.-tddent and Attorney
? ? it* I..: >it up and bet; but that he
iu'l iuai:< them eat their word*. He
: that :r thtened rabbits hud never
run uuu> from danger quicker thun
.mi and \!<l;.v nobis had run when
(? ddicitv wa> uiv"ii to the San Fran
t* im*O
IMX'til.AS. Aru.. Jtun* 27.?A ?liw
pa(? lt from tlov iv?qu?iru. of Souora.
U)i ibf K??i?ral troop* uml?-r lii-u
Oj.-Ua with whuoi tin- <'oi.?l!tiitioiuii
t - under (ii ii (X riKon, * have been
" (t iuliiiK Miuf last Thursday, have
I . ? u iitmplett'ly defeated. and that
? . > art' now mi .1 dlsorderlx rout froui
the Held of battle.
LoMxjN, June 2" t'roumrtie Suth
?'flillHi UrVMUUlivH t. Ituke uf Suth
erland. died this morning. age.i *?2
year Tli<* Ituke of Sutherland iva*
born in i*j| ami ?ucce--deei to his li
lie in IV?_- The Mur<ju> i>? of SUllurii.
a?.cd year*. <*ill mictvtil to tin- ti
VASHixtrro.N*. june to.- rmt
? <1 States Senate yckterdu) Uitelljooll
otittrttted the nomination o t W, J.
Iltni. of Atlauu. (?>uri.ia. to he di
rector of the re!i?u? to succeed K.
I tana Imratid VV. J Harris is chair
man of tin l>emo<'ratic State central
committee lor lieorciv i!it> uouiina
tion mom held up by Republican Sen
ator* in retaliation because the lk-uu>
erat* prevented the coiiliriuatiou ol
Iturand. hi* pr- dec* >wr, alio a a*
nominated for another term la?t It
reinber b> Koruter l'reaident William
II Taft Th? Republican* have beeu
holding up the nomination* of nearly
all of those thai I'reaid* ut Wil*on ha*
aplMiilited to kUCCeed tho*i> 1 Itto Re
publican appututi-e? ?hoe- uoiuina
lioUk the Itetuocrati* auuid not per
mit to t?e couliruied during the short
keaaiao of Congress la*t aiuter.
Scandal Promised
In England
?o-o- -
!X>MM>.\ June 7 Hi*hl> inter
< development* ur. |iruiiiUf(l 111
a ?uit intuitiuk the Mill uf the late
John Siutt Murra> to Inch leaven $6,
uou.oon tu laidy Saekviile. a relative
uf a former minuter uf the liritinh
ru> eminent at WaMhiugtoii
? 11 O O O 1 ?
All kiit?4*riher? tu the Fourth of
July celebration fund who have not
already paid will plea*e do no now.
Call at Rehrendu hank
finance: committee:.
\K\V YOltK. June 21 Former Cor
,?ii i(ton Coiiini.-i.ioin r James It. Gar
n-Id. alter xurd Secretary of the In
rmr, ii-i-tllieil for tli?- defense iu the
i. n i di-soiutio Hint today. He
< i -i to- had never found anything
.. in th luuuageinent of the Unit
? ?I St.i St. ? | corporation, and that
had discovered no pools. He ad
t< : 'hat In had never examined the
it.11.ut* of the meetings of the corpor
on ml tha in- had never examined
uitiies..es under oath.
?o -o?
W KSIIIXGTdNf. Jinn- 21. Hepre
.lative Will K Humphries, of Wash
i ?; ha.- introduced a bill exclud
ii Hindoo from the Pn ted States.
WASHINGTON. June 27. - Repre
hi'UU ive Carter Glass, of Virginia. In
t iMiu -itl (In- administration currenc)
reloriu bill today.
GOI.DIJKa- i. Ore. June 27.?Fran I
I *..111101111. the 1 leiidale bank robber
*h<> ? m apiii .mth $3 300 in cash afle
u suce? s*tul d tylight old up. la starv
in* in the mountain near here am
viust mvi- himself up. as there is be
I eved to be id nii-i bs of his escai)
I.ACROSS, WIS.. June 27. ? Emm
Guild, daUK iter of Henry Gund, th
in iiii millionaire of thia tit v. was mat
rii-i last uiKht to Albert lidwurd Pllti
I of Hiiliuga, Mont.
TORONTO. June 27.?Jack Johnson,
the colored pugilist, arrived here yes
terday. It is said that he has departed
from Chicago to remain permanently,
lie is quoted as saying that he would
forfeit his $15,000 buil bond rather
than go to prison.
Relatives Say He Is Fishing.
CHICAGO, June 27.?The author
ities are investigating the report that
is in circulation that Jack Johnson,
the pugilist, who is out on hail pend
ing an appeal from his conviction for
violating the provisions of the Mann
white slave act. has jumped his bail.
The olficers were told by the relatives
of Jack Johnson in this city that the
tighter had gou tlshing.
Best Horse Show
Trophy to Russia
LONDON, June 27. ? The interna-1
tional contest for the King Edward
?up took place last night. The con
< test of riding and jumping, and is re
garded us the most highly valued tro
phy of the International Loudon Horse j
Show. It was won by Russia first,
France second, and England third.
King (leorge V, of England, and Pres
ident Poincare. of France, were pres
ent and witnessed the victory of the
jCaar's representative.
SEATTLE. June 27.?Mayor L. M
Price of Cordova, superintendent of
bridges for the Copper River & North
western railroad, was instantly killed
and Caleb Corser. manager of that
road, was seriously injured in the J
wreck of a motor speeder on the line]
of that railroad. They were making a
I tour of inspection of the road at the
! time of the accident.
11 ; 1111 111 11 11 i 11 r i i i i 1111
| League Base Ball
ti 11111ii111 ii 111111 ii 11 it
Standing of Clubs.
Won Lost PcL
Seattle 42 20 .618
Vancouver 39 27 .5141
Portland 32 30 .510!
Victoria 33 37 .471 j
Tucomu 33 38 .465
Spokane 24 45 .348
Yesterday's Scores.
At Seattle Seattle, 2; Taocma, 1.
At Portland?Portland. 4; Vancouver,
At Spokane- Spokane, 5; Victoria, 1
Standing of Clubs.
Won Lost PcL
I.os Angeles 40 32 .605
Sun Francisco ... 44 40 .524
Sacramento 37 30 .487
Oakland 38 42 .475
Portland 39 45 .464
Venice 33 42 .440
Yesterday's Scores.
At Sacramento?Sacramento, 7; Los
Angeles, 5.
At Oakland -Portland, 6; Oakland. 4.
Standing of the Clubs.
Won Lost Pet.
Philadelphia .... 44 15 .746
Cleveland 40 25 .615
Washington 34 29 .540
Chicago 36 32 .529
! Boston 31 28 .525
Detroit 27 40 .403
St. Louis 24 44 .353
New York 18 41 .305
Yesterday's Games.
At Washington--Morning game: i*nii
udelphia. 11; Washington, 2. After
noon gaiue: Philadelphia. 10; Wash
I Ington, 3.
, At Chicago?Chicago, 7; Cleveland, 5.
At Boston?Buatou-New York gutne
postponed; wet grounds.
Standing of the Cluba.
Won Lost Pet.
Philadelphia .... 3!) 16 .709
New York 35 23 .603
( Brooklyn 30 26 .536
Chicago 31 29 .61"
r Pittsburgh 26 34 .433
. Boston 26 33 .431
] St. l,ouia 25 35 .411
? Cincinnati 22 37 .373
Yesterday's Gamea.
At Philadelphia ? Morning game;
Brooklyn. 5; Philadelphia. 2. After
noon game: Brooklyn. 4; Philadel
phia, 2.
At Cincinnati Cincinnati, 5; Chlca
go, 3.
a At New York- Morning game: Nev
e York. 5; Boston. 4 Afternoon game
r- New York. 11; Boston, 3.
i. At St. Louis?St. Louis, 5; Pittsburgh
MacDonald Says World's
Largest Gold Body here
Joseph Mac Donald made the atate
ment more than ten years ago, while
holding the position of superintend
ent of the great Treadwell mines,
that he believed the Alaska-Juneau, sit
uated less than 2 miles from town, in
Silver How basin, was the biggest gold
quart/, mine in the world. Yesterday,
Mr. MacDouald, who had hut just re
turned from a trip of inspection
through tlie wonderful development
work, declared that he was now pos
itive that his statement made prior
to leaving Juneau was being proved
"The Alaska-Juneau mine," he said,
"is the greatest mine I have ever seen,
and is coming up to the predictions
that 1 made over ten years ago.
"The mine has been worked from
the top in a small way for a number
of years. Now, the ore body is cut
by the great tunnels and it" is prov
ing to be of immense magnitude. Ex
cepting the big iron deposits of the
Massaba range, I do not know of a
larger ore deposit in the world than
that held in the zone immediately back
of Juneau. The same ore shoots that
penetrate the Alaska-Juneau property
are in the Perseverance proper
ty. Yes, I have every reason!
to believe that it is Just as good. The j
Kbner property lying next to the Alas-j
ka-Juneau is another good property j
that I am acquainted with, and though
the values may not be so high, it is
my opinion that it will yield at least
a dollar per ton profit.
"I have gone through the Alaska
Juneau property recently and am thor
oughly acquainted with its resources
The Ilrst ore body encountered is 500
feet wide and will yield 78,750,000
tons; the portion in the basin below J
the old workings is 1200 ft. wide and j
1500 ft. in length, and will yield 176,-1
400,000. The two bodies will yield a
grand total of 254,150,000 tons. .Mining
and milling 5,000 tons per day it will
take 141 years to work out the j
property above the tunnel level.
The ore has a value running
from $2.25 to $2.80 per ton. Under
the gravity system that is being in
stalled it can he mined and milled tor
cents per ton allowing ten cents
loss in tailings or lack of recov
ery. I am working a big mine down
in Mexico, hut in magnitude it is small
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_ . j
Floating Court
House on Way
SEATTLE, June 27. ? The Cutter
Thetis arrived here from San Fran- |
cisco last night on her way to Alaska ]
to become a floating court house for ,
Judge ltobert \V. Jennings and the oth-1 |
er officers of his court that will go to |
the Alaska Westward for two months^
beginning July 15th.
SEATTLE, June 27.?Mrs. Kelly has
again instituted divorce against S.
Foster Kelly, her husband, the form- :
er Seattle banker who acquired a
great deal of notoriety a few years
I ago by eloping with Mrs. iva May I
1 Henry, wife of a bank clerk in the in
stitution of which he was an officer. 1
After the elopement, Kelly and Mrs
Henry separated and the former re
turned to his wife who dismissed the 1
suit she had started against him nnd
forgave him. Apparently there was a 1
complete reconciliation, and the Kellys
began living together again.
Among the excursionists on the Jef
ferson is a personal representative of
President Woodrow Wilson. After the
trip he will make a report directly to
the President on conditions in the
North as he sees them.
Seth Mann, alawyer of San Fran
cisco, who is said to be particularly
fitted for an intelligent study of Alas
ka conditions on account of his famil
iarity with mining and mining law,
guiucd through his handling of many
ca*es of quartz and placer litigation
in the California courts, has received
the apointment from President Wil
Mr. Mann has been practicing law
in California for many years, and
though he has never held ollice, has
been consistently prominent in Demo
cratic circles.
Mr. Mann Friend of Secretary Lane.
The appointment of Mr. Mann was
the direct result of the receipt by
President Wilson of the comprehen
sive album of amps and pictures of
Aluska. compiled by the Alaska bureau
and presented to the President. With
the album went a note explaining the
tour to be taken this summer and ask
ing that a representative be appoint
ed to accompany the excursion and
i make a report to the President. The
I President then assured Senator W.
! L. Jones and Charles 0. Helfnor that
' he would appoint some one to make
I the trip.
[ Mr. Mann was appointed at the sug
r gestion of Secretary of the Interior
I Franklin K. Lane. Mr. Mann made
the nominating speech before the con
; ventlon when Secretary Lane was a
. candidate for Governor of California.
IMease take notice that we
have no agent or agents in the
v field in Juneau or elsewhere sell
: ing clothes for us. We have one
place of business, and that is at
'?Jour store.
Sports Committee
Report Program
The Fourth of July sports commit
ice, of which P. 15. Jackson is the
lead, lias arranged the following pro
gram of sports to be held on the base
nail park:
Baseball?Tread well-Douglas vs. Ju
neau; 4:30 p. in., prize, $250.
Baseball ? Juvenile event; 10:30
l. in., prize ?25.
Girls' race, under IB, first prize $5;
second prize, $2.50.
Girls' race, under 12. first prize, $3;
second prize, $2.
Bicycle race?Free for all, to Sal
mon creek and return?first prize,
M">; second prize, $10.
Sack race Boys under 18; prize, $3.
Three-legged raced?Boys under 10,
prize, $5.
Marathon race - To Salmon creek
ind return; free for all; first prize,
$15; second prize, $7.50.
Boys' race?Under 15, first prize, $5;
second prize, $2.50.
One hundred Yard Dash free ior
ill; first prize, $15; second prize, $7.50.
One Hundred Yard Dash?-Indian
men, first prize $7.50; second prize, $4.
Native Boys' Race?Under 15, first
prize, $3; second prize, $2.
Contest throwing baseball greatest
distance, prize $5.
Fastest time around bitses?Prize,
Obstacle Race ? First prize, $10;
second prize. $5.
Finn Horse?Prize, $5.
Nail driving contest for girls, con
testants to furnish own hammer;
prize $3.
Pie Eating Contests?Boys under 18;
prize, $3.
Chasing Balloons?Five-dollar tags
on each balloon.
.Motor cycle race.
Catching greased pig:
Tug of War?First prize, $100; sec
ond prize, $50. At 7:30 p. m. on Front
All entries must be made to Chair
man P. E. Jackson, of the sports com
mittee by 2 p. m. July 4. Where two
prizes are given there must be at
least three entries.
Grand ball at Elks' hall, commonc
Ing art 9 p. m. Admission free.
WANTED?A bright boy, about 1(
years of age, to work afternoons. All
year Job; school boy preferable. In
<iulre Empire office.
We load nnd others follow. HE
MARX set the pace and fix thi
INC. They have no competitors. W<
have the sole agency for this grea
house In Juneau and handle the!
lines exclusively. Inspect our stocl
before buying. We guarantee a per
feet fit. A pair of dress shoea or i
hat given with each purchase befor
the Fourth of July.
A complete lino of tobacco Jars an
pipe racks at BlIRFORD'S.
Taft Tearful Popular
Government May Fail
CINCINNATI, June 27.?In an ad
dress here today former President Wil
liam II. Taft declared that he is fear
ful that reformers will k? to extremes
iii fliis country to such an extent that
they will destroy the permanence of
popular government in the United
States, and with the individual liber
ties of the people.
Excursion Arrives
Saturday Afternoon
Gov. J. F. A. Strong today received I
[a cablegram from J. E. McPherson,)
secretary of the Alaska Bureau of the
New Seattle Chamber of Commerce
stating that the Jefferson will arrive
in Juneau at 1:30 tomorrow after
noon and remain here until midnight.
.Mr. .McPherson is in charge of the ex
cursion party aboard the Jefferson.
At the offices of the Alaska Steam
ship company it is stated that the Jef
ferson left Sitka at three o'clock this
afternoon and that she will arrive in
Tread well at six o'clock tomorrow
morning and that she will dock in Ju
neau at 12:30.
Yesterday President John Reck, of
the Juneau Commercial Club, received
a cablegram from J. I.. McPherson,
while the Jefferson was in Wrangell.
stating that the Jefferson would ar
rive in Juneau today at noon and re
main until evening. This cable to Mr
Reck, of course, was an error on the
?part of some person, but nothing ser
ious has resulted from the fact that
it was erroneous. The later advices
are in line with the itinerary ar
ranged before the Jefferson sailed
from Seattle and as published i i The
Then- are 120 people aboard all
told, many of whom are representa
tives of the leading newspapers and
periodicals of the United States. These
men are out on a voyage of discov
ery looking for the truth about Alas
ka. It will be up to the Commercial
Club committee to assist them in
gathering information about Juneau
ami the great gold belt that is being
developed. There will be launches at
the ferry float at 2 p. m. to be at the
service of tin* committee in conveying
the visitors to Sheep creek and to Sal
mon creek where large developments
are now under way. At the same hour
members of the committee will meet
in the lobby of the Occidental hotel
those who desire to make the journey
I to Silver Bow Basin. This journey
will take the visitors to the Alaska-Ju
neau mines, the Kbner mines and the
Perseverance mines, while the journey
I to Sheep creek will reveal the build
ing of the great reduction plant of
| the Alaskn-Gustiucau Mining company
and the tunnel leading to the Perse
; vorance. The trip to Salmon creek
will give a comprehensive view of the
great power development that is built
and building for the Alaska-Gustineau
I Mining company.
John I'. Johnson, one of the oldest!
pioneers and founders of the City of
Tacotna, died suddenly at the resi
dence of Captain Albert Nilsen at
Dundas Bay Cannery last Wednesday.,
The immediate cause of his death was!
heart failure. .Mr. Johnson, at the!
time of his death was I'l years of age. I
He came up to Dundas bay about!
three months ago. Mrs. Nilsen, wift j
of Captain Nilsen, the manager of the I
cannery, is a daughter of the deceased.
Deceased is survived by three sonsj
and three daughters Mrs. Nilsen, Mrs.
Paulson, wife of the head of the i
Paulson-Barnes Co., of Taconia, Miss
I.ou Johnson, head of the Lou John-|
son Company, of Tacotna, Albert, a1
civil engineer for the City of Tacotna, |
Kdward, manager of a department fori
Rhodes Brother, Tacotna, and Via
tor, who is employed with the Copper!
River & Northwestern railroad.
The body was brought to Juneau
today and will be shipped to Tacotna
for interment in the family plot in
that city.
'* #
A Card of Thanks.
* *
* The members of the Juneau *
* High School band extend their *
* sincere thanks to the commit- *
* tees of Juneau, Douglas, Tread- *
* well and Sheep creek, to the *
* Alaska Gastineau Company, the *
* Juneau Ferry & Navigation Co. *
* and others that rendered aid to *
* them in connection with the *
* Sheep creek excursion and *
* dance, and to all those whose *
* patronage contributed to make *
' * the affair the great success *
* that it was. *
J. W. Coombs, proprietor of the
'* Coombs sawmill at Haines, arrived
? in Juneau on the Georgia this morn
3 ing on some business matters and will
leave for home again on the Mariposa
tonight. Mr. Coombs has had the
1 new mill in operation for several days
r and reports that everything moves
* along first rate. The new mill gives
better satisfaction than the one that
1 was destroyed by fire last winter. He
e also states that the demand for lunv
her is now good and there are enough
orders on hand to keep It going fot
some time. Many people have beer
j waiting for lumber in order to build
Haines is now quite n lively place
The "Beauty Doctor" . attracted a
packed liou.se at the Orpheum last
night and the comedy, choruses and
specialties produced by the Frank
Rich Company were received with
laughter and enthusiasm.
Miss Kdith Wilma's contralto solos
were entitled to special mention, and
the comedy of Herb Hell and Ira Rob
ertson was appreciated as it always
has been in Juneau.
The Sunshine Chorus measured up
fully to the expectations of the audit
ors. The members are all pretty and
the uniforms set them off to the best
advantage. Their dancing, stage work
and singing called forth frequent en
cores. The scenery and stage setting
was good, and with the stage filled
with pretty women It was worth see
Tonight's performance at the Or
phcum by the Frank Rich Company
will he "A Mixed Affair," und
the same performers will star. Miss
W'ilma will appear in the title role.
Two Plays in One.
i In addition to the regular perform
ance, there will he a chorus girls'
vaudeville contest. In this there will
he a half dozen or more specialties
that are not in the regular program,
land the audience will be allowed to
decide upon whom the cash prize of
fered by the management shall be
The advance sale of seats already
guarantee that there will be a anoth
er large audience tonight.
The Georgia arrived from Skagway
this morning bringing the following
passengers from Lynn canal ports:
From Haines ? Henry Brie, David
Wilkinson, J. W. Combs.
From Kensington?J. S. Morgan. Ad
rll Herman.
From Jualln?Andrew Anderson, J.
P. Bogle, John Nyholm, John Jacob
son, Nick Sikem, H. N. Andreen, An
drew Bunston, D. S. Hinds, R. J. Crav
en, O. N. Nelson, S. G. Murray.
From Eagle river?J. N. Nelson.
There will be a complete change at
the Gross Show tonight. Four Inter
esting reels, including the "Animated
Weekly" showing the world's greatest
1 and latest events, will be shown. It
will be worth your while to see it.
? City dock; Just opened; fresh stock.

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