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'?*= ?
Homo office, Whito Bidg., Seattle, Alaskan Hotel, Juneau.
, ...
: '! m i M l ! ) i ) H ! 11 W i I i I'K'fl < i i-frftr .
i' was p::iU to advertise the s le of Electric Coffee Percolaters !'
! ! at $7.50 each in a weekly magazine forgone issue. ;!
;; We are selling: the best electric coffee percolater made ;;
;; for $5.00 each, but we do not pay such an enormous sum for
I! advertising:. a
11 Third and Franklin St*. Juneau, Alaska. T
7 m 11 u i t n 1111111?i m n n i?1111111 n??iti 11 i)i in i hI
> - ? ? ? -
yf hen ordering BEER
insist on RAINIER PALE
C: JmE
and Ic?vo your order early for
g Dark and White Fruit Cake ?
| Pumpkin and Mince Pies
for Thanksgiving
I GRAFFsl^Hii j
(Juneau Transfer Co.
Moving Carefail D ? ;* |
? Baggage to and from AH Boats *
I Peerless Bakery g
S Bakers of Fine Pastry of all g
?-;i kinds. Only the best of mater- >?
1 lal used. Try the Peerless brand, r]
&j Its Quality insures Its continuous
I use. v > ?:? ?> * + + B
(Formerly Lempke'e)
THEO. HEYDER, Propr. || |
| 125 Front St Phone 222 il
? Ju?t Arrived?A full line of fall and %
| ^p". Suits $20.00 "* |
? Work. Material. Style. Guaranteed X I
t H. HEIDORN, Merchant Tailor $ J
5 222 Seward Street. JUNEAU
' H i I 11 KliHililll
^ Scandinavian Hand Laundry $
J First class band laundry done +
? at 323 Sovcnth Street. Tablo X
* linen a specialty. Experienced );
A and guarantee satisfaction.
lilMillliHill i-rH-WH f-T
II McCloskeys j
Remington Typewriter Company
bru eatahllahed aa office in Juneau at
the corner of Front and Main Streets.
Come la and -Jet the latest Remington
Idea. t : :
When in Seattle Stop
at the Place for
It's Fire-Proof. Modem and Convenient rf
RATES $1.00 Per Day and Up f-1
CoraerPike aad Siitfi
Free Auto Bus Meets all Boats ar.d Trains M
C. O. Walston & Conrad Freed inc. Props. B
Ladles, we can sell you furs at '/2 (
the price of a year ago. W. H. CASE.
?t i r n H I n |.I-I || H I ?]?
} osteopath;;
J Rooms 6 ami 6 Malony Bldg. ??
j- Consultation and Examination X
X Fpoo. Phono 262.
? Gr-duato American School of ]!
J Osteopathy, Kirksvllle, Mo. ' ?
Seven years' active practice. ? ?
4- Office hours, 9 to 12 m. 1 to S
I p. m.. or by appointment. *?
Wk-H-H-I H i H 1-4-1 M"l I-M-H4
U. S. Mineral Surveyor
U. S. Deputy Surveyor
William PalJister, M. D.,
Specialist in the treatment of diseases
Tivl deformities of the eye and car.
nose and throat
Offices: fourth Floor. Goldstein Build ins
Office and Residence telephone can he
had from central.
?= *
J l? Sold At
! San francisco Bakery j
| G. VESSSRSCrfMIDT. Prop. ;
United State* Mai!
Juneau-Sitka Route
Leaves Juneau :or Douglas, Fun
tcr, Hoonah, Gypsum, Tonakee,
Killisnoo. Chatham and Sitka evory
Wednesday at 12:01 a. m.
Juncau-Skagway Route
Leaves Juneau lor Douglas, Eagle
Klver, Sentinel Light Station, El
and Rock: Light Station. Comet,
Haines. SkagWay every Sunday at
12:01 a. m. Returning, leaves
Skagway the following day at 12:02
a. m.
! B. ML Befirends Co.::
Carpet Department
We make a specialty of cut or- <>
^ der carpets and have an ex- ?
? pert man to do our work. *
? Large stock of rugs, Wild's LI
? noleum. Window Shades, Wall <>
Z Paper and Curtain Rods. If you
? havo an old carpet you want <?
<> made over, phone us and we o
? will send a man out to give you J
?> an estimate on the Job. Our
? prices are reasonable and all ^
? work guaranteed to give full 4?
| satisfaction. J'
X We Lite to Show Goods < >
Order fur# for Xmas while we have
a good assortment. W. H. CASE ?
The New Fall and Winter styles aro
now ready. You are cordially Invited
to call and Inspect them. F. WOL
LAND. 10-1-tf.
NOTICE?We buy, sell, exchange ev
erything. Heaters and ranges for
sale; Universal Repair Shop, 321
Franklin. 10-28-lm.
Look for Juneau Drug Co.'s special .
an page 6. 11-16-tf J
Empire ads reach most readers.
tho attack of tho TreadwoU toam in
tho Thanksgiving day gamo, was the
topic of discussion around town yes
terday. That Junoau wau dloappolnt
od in tho showing of ita team is put
of n great deal of credit
The inaccessibility of .luneau'n ball
caps. The team was unable to prac
no time except on tho final practice.
Lack of scrimmage, also was keen
er the second game scheduled will bo
played, unless tho local team ie to bo
strengthened considerably.
The average playor of auction whist
it not a successful bidder, because
ho has no system of declaring sayc E.
J. Tobin in the Chicago Horald.
While it is not absolutely neces
sary to have any positlvo oyatom,
yet the best results arc only obtained
by those wheuso one.
If a player will use common Bonse,
in making a declaration to his part
nor, by using equal Intelligence, can
determine the strength of the hand
and can make his own declaration so
that the best results may bo obtained
frotn the combined hands.
The writer has advocated n system
that is based on tho mathematical
possibilities of the twenty-six cards
of neir and partner, that much bo
successful in a number of bands whero
tho strength averages up evenly.
Take a given number of hands,
say 100, and you will find they will
average to contain three tricks and
a friction. This means that if the
hand you hold contains tho avorago
number of tricks or thrco and one
quarter, tho three others will contain
nino and three-quarters. Your part
l ncr's hand should contain one-third
tricks, consequently tho combinod
hands of self and partner contain six
and one-half tricks.
Now, with only six and ono-balf
tricks In both hands a declaration of
one would not bo successful, so that,
unless the hand contains more than
throo and one-third tricks, a bid of
one spado should bo the only declara
tion. If, however, the hand contains
four tricks, your declaration Bhould
be to toko ono odd trick for this rea
If your hand contains four tricks,
and your partner's contains ono-third
of tho nine tricks in the other three
hnnds, the combined strength of the
two hands Is seven tricks. If your
hand contains five and one-half tricks
your partner's five one one-half tricks
your partner's contains ono-third of
seven and one half. Tho combined
strength being eight tricks, and tho
opening declaration should be to take
two odds.
It is not an even money shot that
Eddie Collins will leave tho Athlet
ics. Ho is the most likely man for
the pivot job that could bo found any
where. And Eddie is not much in
clined to seek now pastures. Ho
likes tho climate over In the Quaker
One of tho interesting matters for
consideration at the next meeting of
the directors of tho National League
will bo tho claim of President Ebbetts
of tho Brooklyn Club against Garry
Herrmann of tho Cincinnati Reds. As
Ebbetts and Herrmann are members
of the board tho case will be tried
by Barnoy Droyfuss, of Pittsburgh,
N. H. Hompstead of Now York, and
C. H. Thomas, of Chicago.
It will bo recalled that last winter
Ebbetts purchased the release of Joe
Tinker from tho Rods for $15,000. Eb
botts and Herrmann signed a writ
ten agreement at tho Waldorf-Astoria
to the effect that if Tinker did not ac
cept the Brooklyn club's terms and
refused to report to Manager Robin
son the deal would be called off.
Tinker went to tho Braves and de
clined to sign with the Ebbetts out
Joe Mandot and Johhny Kilhane
will meet in Akron on Dec. 7.
James Frank, hcaa of tho Michigan
League, says the minors are tired of
being the baseball goats.
California cut out prlzo-fightlng by
popular vote, Three world's cham
pions onco lived In the same block in
Carlisle Smith, who was out of the
world's series, will be back as good
as ever In tho spring, 3ay the bone
A former fighter, Eddio Santry, was
elected to the Illinois legislature. It
looks good for tho revival of boxing
in that state.
Matty hands hands It high and roy
al to Rudolph when he says that
"Dick" has the best head of any pitch
er in baseball. Matty's admirers won't
agree with him.
Harry Grant, who won tho Vander
bilt race twice in succession, is again
burning up gasoline in the western
There aro two "buzzes" in football
this season?"Buzz" Catlett of Michi
gan and "Buzz" Law, of Prlncoton.
And both can "buzz" some.
Hamilton. Ont, is training a mara
thon runner ta succeed its Jimmy ,
Duffy, who is off to the war. Tho
new runner is named Arthur Jamlo
- . ? Set jv,
uiouH swimmer Estrnde. and a great
?-yi-?ii't:--, ' ' !udini
<?.. <??
? - :
iween North and South Amorica duo
to the European war his revived in
terest In the project of an aU-rail
rout? connecting the United States
with the countries of the Southern
Hemisphere, says the November Pop
ular Mechanics Mugoeliio. When the
plan is carried out, as it Is almost
certain to bo some day, for stragetlc
as well as commercial rdasohs, It
the United StateB govorniuont now
has -surveying parties in the field se
Such a railway, reaching continu
ously from the great platoauB of Cen
Amorica and beyond, would constitute
the biggest enterprise of its klud ev
er undertaken, if it wore not that moro
than half of the lino hns already been
built, and Is in oporation.
Since the surveys for the Pan-Amer
ican railway woro made, there has
been a steady development in railway
building in South Amorica, particular
ly in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argen
tina, so that much of the work plann
ed at that time has already been
That portion of Western Canada ly
ing oast of the Coast Range, formerly
considered a forbidding country with
an Arctic climate, has been Invaded
by two trunklino railways, and Its
resources are being rapidly develop
Half a doxen different routes would
bo available for forming the link
through the United States. Over a
routo passing down the Pacific coast
to El Paso, Tex., and thence through
Mexico City to Ayutla, the total dis
tance of rail from Fairbanks, Alaska
to Buenos Ayres. Argentina, would
be about 12,700 milos. About 7,000
miles of the distance is covered by
oxisting railways, leaving only about
G.000 miles to bo built. On a basis
of a libera] estimato the entire un
dertaking could probably bo complet
ed for less than $300,000,000.
Every variety of climate, from arc
tic to tropical, as well as topograph
ical conditions of tho mout diverso
kind, would be encountered in build
ing and operating such a line.
Owing to the difficult construction
and the long gaps to be filled, by far
the biggest expenditures will bo re
quired in building through Contral
America and the Northern part of
South America. This is the portion
of the line survoyed and estimated for
the Pan-American railway.
J. F. Chamberlain, well know com
mercial man, recoived a ibad cut Just
underneath his left oye from a flying
piece of rock, vhilo watching tho
steamship Ma.lposa load copper ore
at Ellamar a few days ago. Dr. W.
W. Council of Cordova, mended the
The American Prose Association has
sent out plato pictures of Colonel Goe
thals builder of the Panama canal,
who hns been slated to build the Al
aska railroad, and an article accom
panying the engraving says:
"If he makes the dirt fly in Al
aska as fast as he did the Panama
Aalaskihns will be traveling In
Pullmans Instead of dog teams
from one place to another."
? ?? + ?.+ ?? + +j
? ? + ? ? i ?
London has sent 791 teachers with
the British forces.
Cholera cases are said to bo In
creasing in Vienna.
-Yale has a standing army of 25,
000 living graduates.
"Peace may result," says a headline
?in the baseball world.
Now we are Informed that waste In
foodstuffs causes high prices.
Norway and Sweden are said to view >
tho European situation with anxiety.
They are too close to bo comfortable.
The American horses shipped to the
European battle Hold have and ex
cellent chance do cscapo tho. foot and
mouth diseuse.
The Confederate cruiser Alabama,
with 60 victims to her credit, still
holds the record as a merchant mar
ino destroyer.
The Mount Holyoke College author
ities have gathered 1,000 bushels of
apples from their own premises for
use in tho college.
Tho improvement of the pig iron
market along with othor indications
has produced a better feeling in the
steel trade circles.
The shipment of poultry Into.,the
New York market from districts
whero the foot and month disease
prevails has boon prevented.
cholera antidote thnt has been ship
ped to many points has been the cause
Both nalt and fresh water flnh are
caught in -Lake Maracnibo, Venezue
In ono block In Chicago thore are
>ni<l to bo J.,698 peoplo and eight bath
Woven wire poles for oiectric wlros
For every 100,000 persona In Lou
????? *
John wanamatcor nas purcaascc
Joslah Hartzell, aged 81, one of
President Mckinley's old frionds, is
Direct trana-Paclflc service has bcon
established betwoon Canada and Si
beria by tho arrival of tho Nijnl Nov
gorod at Vancouver, B. C.
Five well known men of Newark,
Ohio, who wore caught In a poker
game, wore given 30 days and put on
probation. In order to effect their
capture tho doors of*a private resi
dence wore battered down.
Champion Tillio Alcnrta, a Wood
laud cow, has set a now record for
milk production in excess of 30,000
pounds in a year. Tillle Alcarta Ib a
5-year-old Holstcln-Frelsian. Sho set
a now record last year, surpassing by
a fow pounds tho 29,592 pounds mark!
Piade by a Massachusetts cow.
In an appeal to Kansas farmers
Governor HodgeB urged that they give
a million bushels of wheat and a
quarter of a million bushels of corn
or more, to suffering Belgium. Ho
asked that Thanksgiving day bo Bet
aside as a day of giving and urged
every farmor in the stato to glvo one
half of one per cent, of his wheat and,
In the United States District Court
for the Territory of Alaska, Div
ision, No. 1, at Juneau.
IN THE MATTER of the involuntary
bankruptcy of Tho Royal Fruit
WHEREAS, a petition was. on the
24th day of November. 1914, tiled here
in in adjudication of bankruptcy
against tho Royal Fruit Company, and
it appears therefrom that said bank
rupt >hau not domcstlcuted itsolf in
the Territory of Alaska, and has no"
resident agent therein, and that per
sonal service of a subpoena herein can
not bo made upon it therein; now on
motion of Gunnison & Robertson, at
torneys for said petitioners.
IT IS ORDERED that service of Sub
poena be made by publishing this or
der, together with said subpoena. In
The Alaska Dally Empire, a news
paper published at Juneau. Alaska, in
said District, once each week for two
consecutivo weeks, tho last of such
publications to be made on tho 5th day
of December, 1914; and by mailing a
copy of this order and said petition
and subpoena to the last known place
of business of said The Royal Fruit
Company, in said District, on or be
fore the day of tho first publication.
WITNESS, the Honorable Robert W.
Jennings, Judge of tho said Court,.and
tho seal thereof, at tho City of Juneau,
in said District, on the 27th day of
November, 1914.
(seal) J. W. BELL,
In the United States District Court for
the Territory of Alaska, DIv.
No. 1, at Juneau.
IN THE MATTER, of the involuntary
bankruptcy of Tho Royal Fruit
United States of America, Territory of
Alaska, DIv. No. One., ss.?
To The Royal Fruit company, a cor
poration, in said District, GREETING:
For cortain causes offered boforo the
District Court of the United States of
America, within and for tho First Judi
cial Division of the District of Alas
ka, as a Court of bankruptcy, we com
mand and strictly enjoin yon, lying all
other mnttora asido and notwithstand
ing any excuse, that you personally ap
pear boforo our said District Court to
bo holdon at Juneau, in said District,
on the 15th day of December, A. D.,
1914, to answor to a petition fllod by
\V. B. Glafko Company, a corporation,
the City of Portland, Oregon, and
Halowood Company, a corporation, of
tho City of Portland, Oregon, and Bal
rour, Guthrlo & Co., a corporation, of
tho City of Portland, Oregon, andd
Clossct & Devers. a corporation, of
the City of Portland, Oregon, In our
said Court, praying that you may ho
adjudged a bankrupt; and this you
aro In no wlao to omit, tinder tho
pains and penalties of wha: may bo
WITNESS tho lion. Robert W. Jen
nings. Judge of tho District Court, and
the ;ce! thereof, at Juneau, this tho
27th day of November, A. D? 1914.
First publication, Nov. 28, 1914.
Last publication,^ Dec. 5, 1914.
Edison Diamond Disk phonograph
214 Soward Ct., opp. Bchrcnds bank. It.
"All of tho news all the time."
4 4 444444 v 4 4 4 4 4 4
4 ?'
v ?!? ?!' 4,4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Catholic - Church.
High Mans at 10:30 a. ra.
Sunday School at 2:3u p. ra.
Evening services at 7:30 p. ra.
4 4 4
Presbyterian Church.
(John B. Stovens, Pastor.)
Morning service at 11. Subject,
"The Larger Law of Love." Evening
aervico at 7:20. Subject, "Definite
Knowledgo of God."
Sunday School moots at 12. Young
people's mooting at 6:30, subject,
"Missionary Heroes. An Invitation to
all these services Is oxtcnd&A-'he pub
Methodist Episcopal Church.
(R, C. Blackwoll, Pastor.)
Services morning and evening at 11
and 7:30 o'clock. Sermons by the pas
tor. Thomcs: "Jesus, the Giver of
Life" , and "The Everlasting Failure,
or the Man Who Gets It All." Sun
day School at 12 m. Prayer meeting
and choir practice Thursday ovening.
Meeting of the Woman's Social Union
Friday at 2 p, m.
V ??? V
Trinity Episcopal Church.
(Rev. Goorgo E. Rcnlson, Rector.)
Services for tho first Sunday In Ad
vent, as follows:8 a. m? Holy Commun
ion; 11 a. m., morning prayer and ser
mon; subject of sermon, "God's Mes
sengers." Special music. Anthem by
tho choir. Sunday School at 12:30.
Evening prayer and address at 8 p.
m. Spcial muBic by quartet Every
one is cordially welcome. Choir prac
tice on Friday evening at 7:30.
4> ? ?
Christian Science.
Sor vices arc hold in Christian Sci
ence church, Fifth street between Main
; nd Soward. every Sunday at 11 a. m.
Subject for tomorrow's lesson ser
mon," Ancient and Modern Necro
mancy, Alias Mesmerism and Hypno
tism, Denounced." All are welcome.
Sunday School at 10 o'clock. Wednes
day night meetings at 8 o'clock of
each week. Freo reading room ovory
Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 5.
Spruce and hemlock?delivered to
part of the city. Blockc for fireplaces.
P. O. Box 871, Juneau. 12-lC-tf
Look for Juneau Drug Co.'g opeclal
on page 6. 11-16-tf
Ns C?
: offers the moot richly furnished
j and thoroughly heated rooms at
I Rates
jj Large well lighted rooms. La*
| dies' parlor; Free Library. Com*
! merclal sample roome.
Five story reinforced concrete
| bluldlng.
; Beautiful view down the chan*
j net and over the city.
: The Alaska Grill i i;
4 9
* ? V
1 '
The Beit Appointed ; |
?Ucc in Town 1 ?
' '
; Best of Everything Served ! !
! at Moderate Prices ;
Members of Juneau Lodgo No. 420,
B. P. 0. E. are hereby notified to moot
at the club rooms at i o'clock tomor
row afternoon for the funeral of Mru.
M. Bean. It
H. I. LUCAS, Secy.
Tho most appropriate Xtnaa gilt
would bo a piano. See what the Ju
neau Music House can do tor you, opp.
B. M. Behronds Banks, 214 Seward St,
Empire want ads get results.
? r j
-H'S-H it i-H I > 1 I I ? I i 1 8 f i i i i iI 118 ill H I II ?
juneau band ;;
1 invites yourself and friends to their ball to be
j1 given on the evening of |)
December tenth ::
Dancing at nine o'clock. A nine-piece orches
tra will bo In attendance. The entire band !!
') will also render some late dance music, at [ |
:: juneau rink ::
Largo committees will serve on iloor; special -?
attention will be showti strangers in city. Late !
I; ferry services to Douglus, Trcadwcll and Thane. \ J
Admission, Spectators? Admission, Dancers?
V Gentlemen, 25c; Ladies, Free Gentlemen, $1.00; Ladies, Free ? ?
?t 11111111 n 11111111111111111111111 ii 11111111 iT
t? ? < .
t = inyr a worn
1 In this new store we have an up-to-date htoeE 03 <f
;)RUGS, fresh and new from the manufacturer. Hay* %
% you visited this store??if not, an invitation is extend-1 ?
? ed to you to do so at once. ?
for our success, and it is due to the fact that we have Z
; on hand ONLY one grade of materials? ?
:> lHt JBtsi 2
A call will convince you that our prices are ^
RIGHT, and our services are at your command. \ >
a we guarantee every article that we sell. * ?
FREE DELIVERY?Phone your wants < ?
PHONE NO. 13 4 |
THE" =
S ? . - . ? .? * ?r- * . ? *
I To Thought Work and Entertainment

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