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One year, by mail 310.00
Six months, by mail 5.00
Per month, delivered ? ? 1.00
Entered as second-class matter November 7. 1912. at the postofllce at Ju
aeau, Alaska, under the Act of March 3. 1879:
PRESIDENT WILSON and his cabinet are demonstrating that
Alaska is not to be overlooked, even though there are
many serious problems confronting the nation brought!
about by conditions obtaining in foreign lands. The Na
tional platform pledges regarding Alaska are to be redeemed.
A few days ago Secretary of the Interior Franklin K. Lane an
nounced that he would ask for $5,000,000 for next year's pre
liminary construction work on the Alaska government rail
road. This is of course a part of the $35,000,000 pledged by the
government for such railroad construction. Now comes Secre
tary of Commerce W. S. Redfield, asking Congress to vote, hah'
a million dollars for-the protection of ocean going commerce inj
Alaskan waters, nearly half of which amount to be devoted
to a dragwire survey of the channels and a proper charting of the
same, the balance in providing new vessels for the geodetic sur
vey service.
President Wilson, in his message to Congress only two days
ago, reiterated the need of more aids to navigation in Alaska
waters, stating that "the surveys were woefully incomplete and;
that shins and lives had been lost at nearly every point in thread-1
ing th?i courses that were supposed to be well-known channels."
Both President Wilson and Secretary Redfield severely crit
icised the condition of the vessels now in use by the geodetic
survey service, characterizing them as "wholly inadequate and
unfit for service, and so nearly unseaworthy that our own in
spectors would not have allowed private owners to send them to
CONGRESSMAN J. A. FALCONER, of the State of Washing
ton, threatens to introduce a bill in Congress at the pres
ent session providing for prohibition of the liquor business j
:n Alaska. Moreover he also threatens to devote a great deal
' his energy toward securing the passage of the bill..
No doubt Mr. Falconer feels strongly on the subject and is ac
uated by very high motives, but would it not seem more polite
:'cr him to wait until the people of Alaska have had an oppor
anity to express themselves on the subject. Alaska is in no
e responsible for the arid conditions obtaining in the State
ashington and is not particularly interested in it. But sup
osing our Delegate to Congress had the right of initiating a
measure laying restrictions on the people of the State of Wash
ington, and should proceed to do so, would not the people of the
State, including Congressman Falconer find just ground for the
criticism of the act?
While the people of Alaska are barred from passing any
laws affecting the liquor traffic, they have a means of bring
ing the desire for such legislation before Congress through their
legislative bodies. Moreover, many of the population now in
Alaska, have a distinct recollection of the conditions that ob
tained in Alaska during the reign of National prohibition in the
Territory. And the conditions as existing at that time were not
ideal in any respect.
VOLUME one, number one, of the Petersburg Weekly Report,
made its debut on December 5. It is one of the brightest
and newsiest papers published in Alaska and deserves to
succeed. The editor and publisher, Lynn W. Miller, is a news- ,
paper man of abundant experience, besides having an intimate .
knowledge of Alaska, her resources and her people. The people i
of Petersburg are to be congratulated in that Mr. Miller decided to:
cast hie lot with them. In his foreword which is appended, the ;
publisher gives his reason for choosing Petersburg as his field. 1
Mr. Miller says:
"It is a time-honored custom in establishing a news
paper for the publisher in his initial issue to give rea
sons?oft'times more or less apologetic?for his selec
tion of the particular community in which he launches
his journalistic enterprise. This is usually followed by i
a declaration of the paper's policy in matters political
and of general interest. The Report is able to meet the j (
first clause of this custom requirement with brevity? i
and without apology.
The publisher believes Petersburg offers the best
field for a weekly newspaper of any place in Alaska,
or, in fact in the entire Northwest country. We found
it to be the only town in the Northwest of equal popu- t
lation, or of half of its commercial importance, unpro- J
vided with a news medium. Upon closer inquiry, we as
certained the sense of the business men and citizens v
generally to be that Petersburg wants a newspaper. c
These favorable conditions, together with the fact ! '
that the town has the resources and natural advantages 5i
which insure its steady and substantial growth, are the a
"reasons" for the Petersburg Weekly Report.
"The first purpose of this paper will be to chroni- c
cle the news of Petersburg and vicinity, and its policy ! ti
to advocate every matter and enterprise advanced tend- ?
ing toward the development of Petersburg and this im
mediate section of Alaska.
"Politically: While the editor is a Republican, in
view of the total lack of evidence showing the existence $
of that party as an organization in Alaska during the ?
recent campangn, it would approach the Quixotic to
announce the paper's intention to support anything so a
intangible. The Report will, therefore, be non-parti- bl
san, and will endeavor to give fair and full credit to as- Z
pirants for and incumbents of local and territoral offic- b
ial position, regardless of their political leanings.
"In conclusion, we wish to earnestly solicit the co
operation of the citizens of Petersburg in our efforts to r<
make of the Report a newspaper creditable to a town, ?
which in the near future should be classed among the
largest and most important cities in Alaska."
SEWARD, Nov. 30.?Dr. Green of
Tacotnn, in a letter to Frank Cotter,
report# tho discovery of a groat pay
streak on Candle Crook, a tributary
of the Talaiona which flows Into tho
Tacotna. He says that Aitkcn and
Tom. VcKlnnon, tho owners of the
property had a Keystono drill work
ing on tho ground all last winter and
last summer. Thoy also had a crew
of 22 men working in an opon cut
at the timber line where tho ground is
i only 5 to 7 feet deep.
Writing of tho ground, tho doctor
! says: "The paystreak here is 150
j foot wldo and gets Wider aa it good
down stream, being 430 foot whore
| they quit drilling. Tho drill holes
! show an average of 37 to tho square
| foot of bedrock along the left bank
: of the paystreak. , Thirty feet from
this vein it averages 36 and from that
place to the extremo right limit of
| the paystreak It gradually tapers off
to fifty cents to the square foot of
VALDEZ, Nov. 27.?On October 13,
Sakar Judas shot and killed a native
named Wassella about 15 miles above
Naknek. and shot and wounded Ban
ley Kovlv, also a native, at the same
time Tho natives had been drinking
natlvo beer and wero all. more or less
It seems Wassella had been abus
ing the mother of Judas, a boy 12
years of age, and ho secured a gun
and shot Wassolla through tho fore
head, Just botwoon tho oyes, killing
hlin instantly. Kovlk heard the shot
and was coming to the fish houso,
whero tho shooting occurred, to find
out what was tho matter, when Judas
fired a shot at him, wounding him In
the chin. The last shot was made
because the boy was frightened and
not because Kovlk or Judas bad had
any trouble. Judas has been bound
over to tho district oourt charged
with murder.
SEATTLE, Doc. 5.?A gigantic mas
todon skull, dug from the frozen
ground 110 foot bolow the surface, has
been brought to Seattle by CapL S.
C. Barrlngton, president of the Side
stream Navigation Co. of Dawson.
The skull and two enormous tusks
were dug out of a mine shaft within
30 miles of Dawson by George Nunan,
a miner. ,
Tho ground was frozon from the
surface down, and tho miners thawod
it out with a wood fire as they dug.
They broko off a ploco of the skull
before they realized what they were
finding. When tho hard point of ono
of the tusks appeared thoy dug with
extreme care and finally unearthed I
two tusks about seven feet loug, a
sths:!!. r. numLer of teeth and a huge
.oj. Lone.
The tusks weigh each more than 150
pounds, and a single tooth weighs 20
pounds. The remains are brown from
being burled thousands of years in
tho frozen ground, but are well pro
served. The teeth are ridgod, and the
crowns are as wide as a 3tove lid.
H. Crowhurat, 2109 2nd avenue N.,
has the interesting curios at his home.
He will send thom to Son Francisco
for exhibition In the Panama-Pacific
"The country where these relics i
were obtained is rich in mastodon re- I
mains," said Prof. Trevor Kincald,
head of tho University of Washington !
department of biology, today.
"In Siberia there have boon found '
skeletons with large parts of frozen
flesh still adhering to them. The fro- .
zen condition of the ground preserves
them iii good condition." I
> ? ? ]
SEWARD. Dec. 1.? The Gateway :
"A rumor Is now being circulated to :
:ho effect that Don. McKenzto who ,
>vob formerly U. S. CommlBBloncr in
.ho Koyukuk is a candidate for the t
^airmanship of the proposed com*
nission which Secretary Lano Is said c
o have in view for tho government f
>f Alaska."
t , , t
VALDEZ, Nov. 29.?Under the dl- C
ection of Rev. C. H. Molonoy, a Boys r
.1 ushers' Club has been organlzod.
This club is modeled on the plan of I
ho Boy Scouts and is not connected
rith that organization. Yesterday the f
lub made its first mush up to the ^
>ako stream. Next Saturday a trip ^
o the Valdez glacier will bo made
f tho weather conditions are favor* i
ble. At the Lake stream a number
f chairs belonging to tho Sleem me- g
aortal was found, which had been
arricd away by boys and hidden in c
he old cabin on the road. The boys
arried the chairs back to the Club "
oom." 2
SEWARD. Nov. 2S.?Dr. Baughman.
ame warden, estimates tho numbor 6
f mooso killed on Eenal peninsula
lis season at forty. Tho season op- ?
ned on August 20. Without looking ^
t his records he soys that the nmn- j;
sr of bears killed on tho peninsula
ere flfteep or twenty. Black boor
tvo no season and the seccon for N
rown bear opens on November 14.? th
J ate way.)
New, cozy, convenient flat of two ...
>oms, rurplshed complete for light
jusekcoping. ?20. apply 619 East St. tk
Largest stock of Parisian Ivory this gg
io of Seattle at Porftn's Prescription m<
ia.-mr.cy. 12-3-dt U.
:Condonecd Statement of Condition at close of buslnoos, Nov. 7, 1914 |
Real Btnte, furniture and flxturc? 29,923.36
United States and other bondB..- 51,925.00
Totol $960,821.54
Cauital ..... : - 4 50,000.00
Surplus and undivided profits r ? 31,770.40
Totol $960,821.54
SEWARD, Nov. 28.?At the meet
ing of tho Moose lodgo last night it
was proposed to glvo a Christmas
tree on Christmas night for tho chil
dren and tho proposal will undoubted
ly be carried out It is also tho in
tontion now to namo one day on which
a regular annual Moose celebration
will be hold in Soward.?(Gatoway.)
He came home proudly and announc
ed that ho had Insured bis life in hor
favor for $20,000.
; "You aro so kiud and thoughtful,
dearest," she said. "I'll novor say an
other word against your gotting a mo
tor cycle."?(Yollow Strand.)
Survey No. 1004.
Juneau, ..laoka, Dec. 3, 1914.
In pursuance of the Act of Congress
approved May 10, 1872, Josoph Woyor
horBt. whoso post offlco address 1b
Douglas, Alaska, has mado application
for a patent of those certain lode
mining claims situated on tho oasterly
side of Douglas Island and about one
mile northwest of tho town of Doug
las. Alaska, In tho Juneau Land Dis
trict, Juneau Recording Precinct, Ter
ritory of Alaska, and known and call
ed the "Mars" "Venus" "Jupltor" "Sat
urn" "Uranus" "Morcury" and "Kos
rfios" aa Includod In Survey No. 1004,
and described by the official plat and
by the field notes on file in the offico
of the registor of the Juneau Land
District at Junoau, Alaska, to which
roforonce is hereby made, as follows;
? Boginnlng at Cor. No. 1 of tho Mars
lode claim, whenco U. S. M. M. No. 5
bears S. 56* 41' 49" E. 2S09.13 feet:
thence S. 45* 00' W. 1417.55 foct to
Cor. No. 2: thcr.ce N. 44a 20' \Y. 000
feet to Cor. No. 3; thence N. 45* 00'
E 1417.5E feet to Cor. No. 4; thence
S. 44* 20' K. 600 feet to the place of
.Said Mara lode containing in the ag
gregate 19.524 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of tho
Venus lode claim, whence U. S. M. M.
No. 5 bears S. 52? 25' 45" 3. 1297.94
feet; thence S. 45* 00' W. 594.77 feet
to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 57* 31' 30"
W. 1499.40 feet to Cor. No. 3: thence
N. 45* 00' E. 367.19 feet to Cor. No.
4; thonco 9. 50? 29' 30" E. 222.36 feet
to Cor. No. 5; thence S. 40? 17' E.
159.99 feet to Cor. No. 6: thonco S.
70* 24' E. 87.20 feet to Cor. No. 7;
thonco S. 59? 40' E. 271.42 feet to Cor.'
No.. 8; thence S. 73* 14' E. 63.39 foot -
to Cor. No. 9; thence S. 62? 10' E.
568.26 feet to Cor. No. 10: thence S.
??? 43'- E. 42.50 feot to Cor. No. 11;
thence. S. 62? 34' E. 174.50 feet to
2or. No. 12; thonco S. 55? 39' 30"
S. 138^6 feet to Cor. No. 1, and the
jlaoe. of hoginning.
Said Vonus lode containing in tne j
iggrcgato 18.406 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of tho Jupl- 1
or lodo claim, whence U. S. M. M.
*o. 5 bears S. 75* 38' 51" E; 1496.01
loot distant: thenco S. 45* 00' W.
?99.86 feet to Cor. No. 2; thenco N.
>7* 31' 30" W. 1499.46 foot to Cor.
?4o. 3; thence N. 46* 00' E. 599.85
'eot to Cor. No. 4; thenco S. 57? 31'
10" E. 1499.46 feet to Cor. No. 1, the
>laro of beginning.
Sold Jupiter lode containing in the
iggregato 20.157 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of the Sat
irn lode, whence U. S. M. M. No. 5,
?oars N. 88' 22' 11" E. 1874.24 feet
listant: thence S. 45' 00' W, 599.40
eot to Cor. Nor 2; thence N. 57* 31'
10" W. 1499.46 feet to Cor. No. 3; j
henco N. 45? 00' EL 599.40 foot to
lor No. 4; thenco S. 57' 31' 30" E. ?
499.46 foot to Cor. No. 1, tho place
if beginning.
Saturn lodo containing in the ag
rregate 20.142 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1, of the j
Jratnus Lode, whonco U. S. M. M.
to. 5 bears N. 23' 57' 58" E. 736.86 [
eot; thenco S. 45* 00' W. 599.85 feet I
o Cor. No. 2; thence N. 47' 06' 30"
V: 1491.46 feet to Cor. No. 3: thence
f. 46* 00' E. 599.85 foot to Cor. No.
; thence S. 47' 06' 30" E. 1491.46 feet
o Cor. No. 1, the placo of beginning. ;
Uranus lodo containing in tho ag- I
rogatc, 20.525 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of tho Mor- g
ury lodo whonco U. S. M. M. No. 5 j
oars N. 36* 09' 32" E. 1323.29 feet; (
lence 8. 46* 00' W. 599.40 feet to fl
or No. 2: thence N. 47* 06' 30" W. |
491.46 feet to Cor. No. 3; thence N. :
5* 00' E. 699.40 feet to Cor. No. 4; r
lenco S. 47* 06' 30" B. 1491.46 foot to g
or. No. 1. tho placo of beginning.
Mercury lodo containing in the ag
rogate 20.509 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of tho Kos- |
ios lode, whence U. S. M. M. No. 6 I
sars N. 35* 6' 49" E. 1204.69 feet; "J
lenco 8. 51* 65' B. 723.47 feet to Cor. j
0. 2: thence S. 45' 00' W. 504.39 j:
i?t to Cor. No. 3: thenco N. 51*- 55'
t. 738.47 feet to Cor. No. 4; thonce
. 45' 00' E. 604.39 feet to -Cor. No. 1.
19 place of beginning.
Kosaos lode containing in the. ag- I
?dga.tb 10. 034 acres.
That th'o total area contained in said |
T--c>7 No. 1004 Is 159.297 acres.
That said survey. !o In conflict with j
e-following named lode claims, to- -1
t; New Kowee, V. 8. Survoy No.- m
9; Rose, XJ. S. Survoy. No. 172; Bel- i
int. U. S. Survoy No, 175 and Lucy, I
S. Survey No. 59; that said con- ^
filets in the aggregate containing
3.058 acres which Is hereby excluded
from this survey, No. 1004, leaving a
net total area for said survey of
120.239 acres, said conflicts above
mentioned being moro accurately de
scribed In the orflclal plat and field
notes of said survey N. 1004 to which
rofcicnco is hoioby made.
That thore are no adjoining unpat
ented mining claims to said survey
No. 1004 and the only claims, patent
ed or unpatented in conflict are those
mentioned above,
Juneau, Alaska.
foregoing notice bo publlnhod for tho
statutory porlod in the Alaska Daily
Erapiro. a daily nowspapor of general
circulation printed at Juneau, Alas
First publication, Doc. 4, 1914.
Last publication,
No. 01651
Juneau, Alaska, November 28,1914.
the undorslgncd, R. F. Lowis, of 3424
Webster Street, Oakland, Cal., by his
agent, T. F. Kennedy, of Juneau, Alas
ka, has made application in this of
fico as assignee of Elwln Rasoy un
dor the provision of Socs. 2306 and
2307, to mako soldier's additional
additional homestead ontry of tho fol
lowing described tract of land lying
about one milo Northeast of tho town
Bito or Juneau and in Lat 58* 18' N. and
Long. 134* 24' W., towlt:
Sur. 1084.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1, idontical
with Cor. 1, Sur. No. 289, whence U.
S. L. M. No. 3 boars S. 71" 15' W.
72.11 chs? thenco S. 12" 24' E. 6.13 1-2
chs., to Cor. No. 2, idontical with Cor
No. 2, Sur. 289, thence E. 1.48 chs.,
to Co;*. No. 3. thence N. 3" 02' W. 1.46
chs. to Cor. No. 4. Idontical with Cor.
No. 2, Sur. 162. thcnco N. 5S4 08' E.
3.40 chs. to Cor. No. 5, Identical with
Cor. No. 2. Sur. 161, thonco N. 68*
29' E. 3.16 chs. to Cor. No. 6, Identical
with Cor. No. 2, Sur. 160, thence NI
1.30 chB. to Cor. No. 7, thence E. 1.51
chs. to Cor. No. 8, thenco N. 49" 15'
E. 1.W chs. to Cor. No. 9, Identical
with Cor. No. 2, Sur. 159, thence N.
58? 02' E. 3.48 chs. to Cor. No. 10,
Identical with Cor. No. 2, Sur. 168,
thence S. 75? 54' E. 3.19 chs., to Cor.
No. 11. idontical with Cor. No. 2, Sur.
157, thcncc N. 67" 04' E. 3.21 chs. to
Cor. No. 12, identical with Cor. No. 2,
Sur. 156, thenco N. 2.27 chs. to Cor.
No. 13. thonco W. 20.33 chs. to Cor.
No. 14, thcncc S. 6.53 chs. to Cor. No.
1, the place of beginning, containing
an area of 9.61 acres. Mag. Var. 32*
30' E., as additional to homestead ap
plication of said Rasoy for tlio E%
N. W. K E. Vt S. W. Vt See. 4, T. 105.
N. R. 33 W. which he entered. No;
6774, at Wortblneton. Minn.
Anv and all persons claiming ad
: vchrc'y any por.io-i of the sn!d lands
are required to file with the Register
and received of the U. S. Land Of
! flee at Jnneau, Alacka, their adverse;
clnim tlicrcto. under oath, during the:
; period of publication, 6r within thirty:
days thereafter, or they will be barred
by the provision of tho ctatuto.
Attorncy-lnFact. j
Juneau, Alaska, Nov. 2S, f914.
It is hereby ordered that the fore-;
going notice be published for tho stat
utory period of sixty days in tho Al
aska Daily Empire, a nowspapor of
general circulation published In the i
vicinity of tho land applied for.
Rcglstor, j
First publication, Dec. 1, 1914.
Last publication Feb. 3, 1915.
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