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JOHN W. TROY, Editor and ManagerT
Oao year, by mall _____ ? flO.OC
Six month*, by mail .. - _ 6.00
Per month, delivered 1.00
Entered as second-class matter November 7,1912, at the postofUco at Ju
neau. Alaskn, under the Act ot March 3. 1S79.
"Mother" Jones, speaking after her interview with John D.
Rockefeller, Jr., said: "I just told Mr. Rockefeller one thing
and that was that we have beer, misrepresenting him terribly
myself among the others." The union leaders who talked with
the New York millionaire the next day agreed with Mother Jones
that Mr. Rockefeller was reasonable, and they concluded that
everything might be amicably settled.
It is morally certain that if Mr. Rockefeller would speak out
loud that he would have some good things to say about the really
able men that he discussed his Colorado troubles with?the min
ers whose istelligent labor have added immensely to his wealth.
And that reminds us that many of the differences in this
world between groups of people as well as among individuals could
' be amicably settled if those concerned would meet and talk it
over. It is the best way in the world for one to get another's
viewpoint, and unless all those engaged in controversy get the
adversary's viewpoint there is little hope for agreement.
For months Gov. Amnions, the much misunderstood Gov
ernor of Colorado, tried with might and main to get the labor
leaders and the coal mine operators to come together and talk
things over. Several times he got the leaders of the two fac
tions into adjoining offices, but never closer.
President Wilson endeavored to accomplish the same thing
on more than one occasion before the promising conferences of
last week at.26 Broadway.
However, the fact cannot be escaped that the striking min
ers have been ready for a meeting all the time. It was Mr. Rocke
feller and his representatives who postponed the meeting for
months and months. And there has been great suffering in the
meantime. But this circumstance cannot have failed to make its
impression upon one of Mr. Rockefeller's intelligence.
Last week the London Spectator excited considerable com
ment by using unwontedly strong: language in censure of the po
sition of the United States government in its discussion with the
British government over questions of neutral trade.
Now comes the Cologne Gazette, which has been conspicu
ous in the past for temperance of language, with the remark that
"Some neutral nations, including the United States, have for
gotten what fair play means."
Thus recognized intellectual leaders of both the British and
the German press severely find fault with the quality of our
neutrality. Neither of the parties acutely interested in getting
us to be other than neutral is pleased with our neutrality.
It has long been remarked that when both sides affected
by a law or a governmental position are acutely displeased the
interence may be fairly drawn that it is a good law or a correct
Thus the high quality of our neutrality seems strongly wit
nesses by both the belligerent powers. Since both find us wrong
it seems a well-warranted conclusion that we are quite exactly
. 5....
(New York World.)
Opposition to the bill extending self-government in the Phil
ippines has been concentrated more upon the preamble of the
measure than upon its provisions. All who have intentionally
or unintentionally misrepresented the Administration's program
in the islands were powerfully answered yesterday by Secretary
of War Garrison in his argument before a committee of the Sen
The preamble is nothing more than a plain assertion of the
purpose of the American people to recognize the independence
of the Philippines as soon as a stable government can be estab
lished therein. No time is mentioned. The decision as to that
rests entirely with Congress. It is evident, therefore, as Mr.
Garrison points out, and proves by numerous extracts from the
public utterances of Presidents McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft, that
the preamble merely repeats a promise made over and over again
not only by three Chief Magistrates but by both of the great
political parties.
Of the bill itself, it is to be said that it is precisely what it
purports to be. It extends self-government in the Philippines.
It does not establish independence or anything like it. It pro
vides for a Legislature with two houses, most of the members
of which are to be elected by the people. The Governor General
and Justices of the Supreme Court are to be appointed by the
President, who also retains the power of absolute veto over lo
cal legislation. Trade relations between the islands and the Unit
ed States are to be regulated by Congress.
While it has pleased ex-office-holders and exploiters to de
scribe this measure as a prelude to anarchy, it is well to remem
ber that we have acted from the first in the Philippines on the
theory that to fit the natives for self-government the measure,
of their liberties must be extended from time to time. We are
doing no more than that in the present instance. Great progress
has been made already. There is no reason to doubt that with
wider opportunities and responsibilities, further evidence of pol
itical capacity will appear.
Berlin newspars say that Americans are aiding Great Brit
ain. London newspapers say that Americans are helping Ger
many. Moral: That neutrality must be the real article, other
wise the law of averages fails.
General Gutierrez, who claims to be still President of Mex
ico, has issued an order deposing Villa and other generals. He
should remember that a deposition, like a blockade, must be en
forced to be effective.
Since no Nobel peace prize is to be awarded for 1914, there
ought to be twice as much for the man who does the most for
peace this year?and, if he brings peace, he win earn tL
(From tho Evening Stair Washington)
Senator Cummins expresses hia de
liberate judgment concisely while Sen
ator Burton expresses his concise Judg
ment Uellborntely.
(From tho Detroit Froo Press.)
Anothor bis battle In the war that
doesn't begin until noxt May is being
fought along tho Alsno river.
(From tho Ohio Stato Journal.)
Our dentist Bays he enjoys his work
very much and we are vory glad soem
body does.
Abovo yon sombre swell of land
Thou seest tho dawn's grave orango
With one pale streak like yellow sand,
And over that a vein of blue.
The air Is cold abovo the woods;
All silent is the earth and sky,
Except with his own lonoly moods
Tho blackbird holdB a colloquy.
Ovor tho broad hill creeps a beam,
Llko hope that gilds a good man's
And now ascends the nostril-steam
Of stalwart horcs como to plow
Yet rigid Plowmen! boar in mind
Your labor is for future hours.
Advanco! sparo not. nor look behind!
Plow deep and straight with all your
?Richard Hanglst Homa.
(From Washington Star.)
Oh, Peace can never quite prevail.
The statesman, resolute and grim,
Is aKvays on somebody's trail,
Or elso somebody's after him.
Shouldn't Be Mean.
"Do man dat's entirely aatisfled with
hlssolf," said Uncle Ebon. "Is entitled
to congratulations. If he kin keep Turn
drawln' comparisons yrtit do other folks
on earth an' try in' to make 'em en
vlos."?(Washington Star.)
Modern Superciliousness.
"My ancestors came over in the Moy
"Yes?" rejoined Mrs. Cumrox. "I un
derstand the fare was quite low. But
tho boat must have been terribly over
crowded."?(Washington Star.)
Of fourteen nephews and coualr.a
fighting with the English army, Mrs.
J. M. Lightnor, of Monroe county, has
Just had tidings that thirteen were
killed and tho fourteenth had lost both
logs.?(Kansas City Star.)
Good Tabloid Advice.
A St. Louis burglar recently got $15
in- a stocking bank. Put your money
i na real bank and send your spare
stockings to tho Belgians.?(St Louis
Knocks Thrlftlness.
It Is unkind of the New York World
to speak slightingly of the oral silence
of the magazine fUelr of Oyster Bay.
Why breathe 35-cent words Into tho
surrounding air when 15-cont maga
zines stand ready to buy the total out
put??(Louisville Courier-Journal.)
Some Particular Bostonlans.
There are, however, many Bosto
nlans who wish It understood that
they wero not of the crowd that
cheered Thaw, or anything else from
New York.?(Louisville Courier-Jour
Very Neutral.
The main criticism of tho United
States neutrality arises from the fact
that It's so darned neutral.?(Chicago
Tho Empire has more readers than
any other Alaska paper.
NO. 1216-A.
In the District Court for the Territory
of Alaska, Division No. 1,
At Juneau.
ANNA PATTERSON. Plaintiff, vs.
Defendant, Groetlng:
In the name of the United States
of America, by virtue of an order Is
sued out of tho District Court for the
Torrltory of Alaska, dated 26th Jan
uary. 1016, you are hereby command
ed to bo and appear in the above-en
titled court, holden at Juneau, In said
division of said Territory and answer
tho complaint filed against you in tho
above entitled action within thirty
days from tho last day of publication
of this summons, and if you fall so to
appear and answer, for want there
of the plaintiff will take judgment
against you for tho dissolution of the
bonds of matrimony between plain
tiff and defendant, and will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded In
said complaint
have hereunto set my hand
and affixed the seal of tho
above court this 26th day of
(seal) January, A. D., 1916.
J. W. Boll,
First publication, January 30, 1916.
La3t publication. March G. 1916.
No. 1201?A.
in the District Court For tho District
of Alaska, Division Number
One, at Juneau.
To Julien Gillet Cabrol, Dofendant,
by commanded, by virtue of an order
direotlng tho publication of this sum
mons, dated January 23rd. A. D., 1916.
to bo and appear in the above entitled
Court holden at Juneau in- oaid Di
vision and District, and answor tho
fcompfofat ffi&l rrg&fnst you fta tbfc
above entitled notion. within thirty
days from tho dato of the service
of this summons and a copy of tho
said complaint against you, and if
you fail so to appear and answer, for
want tborcof. tho plaintiff will take
judgment against you for a diesolu
tlon of tho bonds of matrimony, and
will apply to tho Court for the relief
demanded In said complaint, a copy
of which la aorvod herewith.
Order for publication of summons
dated January 23rd, 1915; tlm? of pub
lication six woeks; tlmo within which
defendant is required to answer tho
complaint, thirty days after comple
tion of publication, or by tho 5th day
of April, 1915.
hereunto sot my hand and affixed the
seal of tho aboVo Court this 28rd day
of January. 1915.
J. W. BELL. Clerk,
By JOHN T. REED, Deputy.
(Seal) Attornoys for Plaintiff.
First publication, Jan. 25, 1915.
LaBt publication, March 2, 1915.
Sitka Mining District,
Territory of Alaska,
January 21,1915.
To Loland M. Brldgoman
nnd V.'m. A Poors:
You nro horoby notified that wo
havo expended ono hundrod dollars
in labor and Improvements upon tho
"Big 4" lode mining claim, situated
at Chlchngoff, on Chlcagoff Island,
Sitka Mining District, DIv. No. 1? Ter
ritory of Alaska, and particularly do
scrlbcd as land parallel and Joining
on North sldo of Young claim No. 2,
and Young claim No. 3, of the Chich*
agoff Mining Co., as will appear of
record in tho records of tho Sitka Re
cording District, Torrltory of Alaska,
as No. 15C4, page 1C8, Mining Record
Book 3, in order to hold said promises
under the provisions of section 2324,
Revised Statutes of tho United States,
and tho Mining Laws of tho Territory
of Alaska, being tho amount required
to hold tho aamo for tho year ending
Deccmbor 31, 1914. And If within
ninety days after this notice of publi
cation, you fail or rofuso to contri
bute your portions of such expendi
ture as co-owners, your interest In
said claim will become tho property
of tho subscribers.
First publication, Jan. 25, 1915.
Sitka. Mining District,
Territory of Alnskn,
January 21, 1915.
To John Tupela:
You aro hereby notified that we
havo expended ono hundred dollars
in labor and Improvements on each
of tho following named lode mining
claimB, to-wlt: "Over tho Hill," "Pa
cific," "Golden West," and "Rising
Sun," all of said claims being situat
ed at Chtchngoff, on Chichagoff Isl
and. Sitka Mining District, Div. No.
1, Torritory of Alaska, and each boing
first of record in tho records of the
Sitka Recording District, Torritory of
Alaska, as follows: "Ovor tho Hill"
as No. 1279, page 535, Book 2 of Min
ing locations; "Pacific" as No. 1386,
page 32, Book 3 of Mining Locations;
"Golden Wost" as No. 1578, pago 175,
Book 3 of Mining Locations, and "Ris
ing Sun" as No. 1579. pago 177, Book
3, of Mining Locations, of said rec
ords. This expenditure was mado in
order to hold said premises and claims
undor tho provisions of Section 2324,
Revised Statutes of tho United States,
and tho Mining Laws of tho Territory
of Alaska, boing tho amounts required
to hold tho oamo for tho year onding
December 31,1914. And if within nlno
ty days after this notice of publica
tion, you fail or refuse to contribute
your portion of such expenditures as
a co-owner, your interest in tho said
claims w-ill become tho property of
the subscriber.
First publication, Jan. 25, 1915.
In the District Court for Alaska, Di
vision No. 1, at Juneau.
In the Matter of the Enlargement of
the Boundaries of the Town of Ju
This matter came on to be heard
upon the petition of cortain residents
and qualified votors of the Town of
'Juneau, and of certain residents and
property owners In certain territory
contiguous to said town, and praying
for an order fixing a time for the hoar
lng of said petition, and upon such
hearing to ordor the holding of an
election to determino whothor the
boundaries of said town shall be altor
ed and enlarged to Include said con
tiguou8 territory which Is shown on
the plat annexed to said petition, and
is bounded and described as follows:
First: That piece of ground known
; as the Nelson Park Avenuo Addition
I to tho town of Juneau, bounded as fol
Commencing at a point on tho boun
dary line of tho City of Juneau, whcnco
Corner No. 33 of the townslte of Ju
neau, Identical with Corner No. 6 on
said plat, bears N. ?10" 59' W. 549.80
fcot distant, Corner No. 5 on said plat.
Thence E. 440.22 feet to Cornor No.
4 on nsid plat Thence S. 505.56 feet to
Cornor No. 3 on said plat on the pres
ent boundary lino of tho said town cf
Juneau. Thence N. 40" 55' W. on
tho present boundary lino of said town,
to tho placo of beginning.
Second: Beginning at a point on
the present bouudary lino of tho town
of Juneau, ldontical with Cornor No.!
32 of tho townslte survey, and Cor-j
United 8tates Mall
Juneaa-Sitka Route
I Leaven Juneau xor Douglas, Pun
ter, Hoonah, Gypsum, Tenakoe,
Killlsnoo, Chatham and Sitka every
Wednesday at 12:01 a. m.
Juneau-Skagway Route
Leaves Juneau for Douglas, Eaglo
River, Sentinel Light Station, EH
drld Rock Light Station, Comot,
Haines, Skagway every Sunday at
12:01 a. m. Returning, leaves
Skagway tho following day at 12:02
a. m.
nor No. 7 on saiu plat. Thonce N.
OS" 30' W. 1G52.78 feet to Corner No.
8 on said plat, idontlcal with tho most
northerly corner of tho Irwin Addi
tion to tho said Town of Juneau.
Thonco N. G3* 42' W. 1336.C4 foot-to
Corner No. 9 on said plat, Identical
with tho N. E. corner of the Sheldon
H.S. tract, Survey No. 375. Thonce
8. on tho Eant lino of aald survey No.
375, 1528.60 feot to Corner No. 10 on
aald plat Thenco S. 56* 18' W. 422.S5
feet to G. S. Location Monument No.
3 on tho boundary line of the Incor
poration limits of the Town of Ju
neau. Thonco In a general easterly
and northeasterly course on tho naid
lino of tho incorporation limits of the
Town of Junoau, with Its slnuosltlos,
to tho plaoe of beginning.
Third: Beginning at U. S. Loca
tion Monument No. 3 Identical with
Corner No. 11 on tho sold map, and
on tho boundary lino of tho corpora
tion limits of the Town of Juneau.
Thenco S. 2000 feot to a point on the
tido flats, Corner No. 12 on said plat.
Thenco S. 71* 05' E. 6612.35 feot to
Corner No. 1 on shoro back of Alas
ka Juneau wharf, on present boundary
line of the Town of Juneau. Thenco
N. 66* 39' W. 7502.45 foot on present
boundary lino of said Town of Juneau
to U. 8. L. Mi No. 3, tho place of be
And tho Court boinc advised In tho
It is ordered that a hoarlng on said
petition bo had on Thursday, tho 25th
day of February, 1915, at tho hour of
ten o'clock In tho morning of said day;
and any and all persons having any
thing to say why said petition should
not bo granted aro hereby required to
appear at said time and make their al
legations In that bohalf.
It Is further ordorcd that Notice of
said hoarlng be givon by posting a
copy of this order at three consplcu-;
oub public places within tho corporate
limits of the City of Junoau; by post
ing a copy of this order at throe con
spicuous public places within tho lim
its of tho territory above described,
and by publishing a copy of this no
tice in tho Alaska Daily Empire, a
daily newspaper published in Juneau,
Alaska, and that Buch posting and pub
lication be for a period of four weeks
noxt before the time flxod for said
Dated this 27th day of January, 1915.
First publication, Jan. 27, 1915.
Last publication, Feb. ?, 1915.
Survey No. 1004?8erlal 01734.
Juneau, .Jaska, Dee. 3, 1914.
In pursuanco of the Act of Congress
npproved May lo, 1872, Joseph Woyer
horst, whoso post offlco address Is
Douglas, At -ska, has mado application
for a patent of those certain lode
mining claims situated on the easterly
side of Douglas Island and about one
mllo northwest of the town of Doug
las, Alaska, In the Juneau Land Dis
trict, Juneau Recording Precinct, Ter
ritory of Alnska, and known and call
ed tho "Mars" "VonuB" "Jupltor" "Sat
urn" "Uranus" "Mercury" and "Kos
mos" as included in Survey No. 1004,
and doscribed by tho official plat and
by tho field notes cn filo in tho office
of tho register of tho Jum&u Land
District at JunonUj. Alaska, to which
roferenco is hereby made, as follows;
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of the Mars
lode claim, whenco U. S. M. M. No. 5
bears S. 56? 41' 49" E. 2809.13 feet;
thcnco S. 45* 00' W. 1417.65 feet to
Cor. No. 2; thenco N. 44* 20' W. COO
feet to Cor. No. 3; thenco N. 45* 00'
E. 1417.55 feet to Cor. No. 4; thcncc
S. 44* 20' E. 600 feet to tho place of
Said Mars lode containing in the ag
gregate 19.524 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of the
Venus lode claim, whcnco U. S. M. M.
No. 6 bears S. 52* 25' 45" E. 1297.94
feet; thcnco S? 45" 00' W. 694.77 feet
to Cor. No. 2; thcnco N. 67* 31' 30"
W. 1499.46 feel: to Cor. No. 3; thence
N. 45* 00' E. 567.19 feet to Cor. No.
4; thenco S. GO* 29' 39" E. 222.36 feet
to Cor. No. 5; thcnco 8. 40* 17' E.
159.99 feet to Cor. No. 6; thonco S.
70" 24' 5. 87.20 foot to Cor. No. 7;
thenco S. 59* 40' E. 271.42 foot to Cor.
No. 8; thcnco S. 73* 14' E. G3.39 foot
to Cor. No. 9; thence S. 62* 10' E.
363.26 feet to Cor. No. 10; thenco S.
77? 43' E. 42.60 foot to Cor. No. 11;
thenco S. 62* 34' E. 174.50 feot to
Cor. No. 12; thonco S. 55* 39' 30"
EJ. 138.96 feet to Cor. No. 1, and the
placo of beginning.
Said Venus lodo containing ii. the
aggrogato 18.406 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of tho Jupi
ter lodo claim, whcnco U. S. M. M.
No. o bears S. 75? 38' 51" E. 1496.01
foot diBtant; thcnco S. 46? 00' W.
599.86 feet to Cor. No. 2; thence N.
57" 31' 30" V/. 1499.46 feet to Cor.
No. 3; thonce N. 45? CO' E. 599.85
feot to Cor. No. 4; thenco S. 57? 31'
30" E. 1499.46 feot to Cor. No. 1. tho
placo of beginning.
Said Jupltor lode containing in tho
aggregate 20.167 acres.
8ummer Schedule
In Effect June 22, 1914.
Leave Juneau for Douglas, Treadwell
and Thane.
! 6:00 A. M. 1:00 P. M. 6:30 P. M.
| 8:00 A. M. *3:00 P. M. *8:00 P. M.
j *9:00 A. M. *4:00 P. M. 9:30 P. M.
111:00 A. M. 6:00 P: M. 11:00 P. M
Saturday Night Only?12:00 P. M.
Trips marked (?) do not call at.Thano.
-cave Douglao for Treadwell and Thane
6:10 A.M. 1:10 P.M. 6:40 P.M.
8:10 A. M. *3:16 P. M. *8:15 P. M.
?9:10 A.M. *4:16 P.M. 9:40 P.M.
11:10 A.M. 5:10 P.M. 11:15 P. M.
Saturday Night Only?*12:20 A. M.
Trips marked (?) do not call at Thnne.
; Leave Thane lor Treadwell, Douglas
8:16 A. M. 1:15 P. M. 6:45 P M.
11:16 A.M. 9:45 P.M.
11:15 A. M. 4:20 P. M. 9:46 P. M.j
5:15 P. M. 11:20 P. M.
Saturday Night Only?12:20 A M.
(* Docs not call at Treadwell on
Leavo Treadwell for Thane
and Juneau.
6:25 AM. 1:25 P.M. 9:65 P. M.I
8l25AM. 5:25 P.M. 11:30 P.M.
11:25 A.M. 6:55 P.M.
Saturday Night Only?12:30 a. M.
Leavo Treadwell for Douglas and Ju
6:35 A M. 1:35 P. M. 8:20 P. M.
8:35 A. M. 3:20 P. M. 10:06 P. M.
9:15 A.M. 4:20 P.M. 11:20 P.M.
11:35 A. M. 7:05 P. M.
Saturday Nfght Qiily?12:20 A M.
Leave Douglas for Juneau:
6:40 A. M. 1 40 P. M. 7:10 P. M.
8J40 A M. 3:30 P. M. 8:30 P. M.
9:20 A M. 4:30 P. M. 10:10 P. M.
i 11:40 A M, C:S5 P. M. 11:40 P. M.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of the Sat
urn lode, whence U. S. M. M. No. 5,
heart; N. 88* 22' 11" E. 1*74.24 feet
distant; thence S. 45* 00' W. 599.40
feet to Cor. No. 2; thcnco N. 67? 31'
20" W. 1499.46 feet to Cor. No. 3;
thence N. 45* 00' E. 599.40 feet to
Cor No. 4; thence S. 57* 31' 30" E.
1499.46 feot to Cor. No. 1, tho place
of beginning.
Saturn lode containing In the ag
gregate 20.142 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1, of tho
Uranus Lode, whcnco U. S. M. M.
No. 5 bears N. 28? 57' 58" E. 136.35
foot; thence S. 46? 00' W. 599.85 feet
to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 47* 06' 30"
W. 1491.46 feet to Cor. No. 3; thenco
N. 45? 00' E. 599.85 feot to Cor. No.
?1; thenco S. 47? OS' 30" E. 1491.46 foot
to Cor. No. 1, tho place of beginning.
Uranus lodo containing in tho ag
gregate 20.625 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of the Mer
cury lodo whonco U. S. M. M. No. 5
bears N. 36? 09' o?" E. 1323.29 feet;
thence S. 45? 00' W. 599.40 feet to
Cor No. 2; thcnco N. 47? 06' 30" W.
1491.46 foot to Cor. No. 3; thence N.
45? 00'13. 599.40 feot to Cor. No. 4;
thcnco S. 47? 06' 30" E. 1491.46 feot to
Cor. No. ii tho placo of beginning.
Mercury lode containing in tho ag
gregate 20.509 acres.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1 of tho Kos
mo8 lode, whcnco U. S. M. M. No. 5
bears N. 35? 6' 49" E. 1204.69 feet;
thence S. 51? 55' E. 728.47 feet to Cor.
No. 2; thenco S. 45? 00' W. C04.39
foot to Cor. No. 3; thenco N. 61? 65'
W. 728.47 feet to Cor. No. 4; thenco
N. 45? 00' E. 604.39 feot to Cor. No. 1,
tho placo of beginning.
Kosmos lodo containing in tho ag
gregate 10. 034 acres.
That tho total area contained in said
survey No. 1004 is 129.297 acros.
That said survey Is In conflict with
tho following named lodo claims, to
wlt; Now Kowee, U. S. Survey No.
669; Rose, U. S. Survey No. 172; Bel
mont, U. S, Survey No. 175 and Lucy,
U. S. Survoy No. 59; that said con
flicts in tho aggregato containing
3.058 acres which is hereby excluded
from this survey, No. 1004, leaving a
not total area for said Burvoy of
j2>.239 acres, said conflicts abovo
mentioned bolng more accurately do
scribed In the official plat and field
notes of said survey N. 1004 to which
rcfctcnce is hc'.eby made.
That there are no adjoining unpat
ented mining claims to said survoy
No. 1004 and the only claims, patent
ed or unpatented In conflict aro ihoao
montioncd above.
Juneau, Alaska.
foregoing notice be published for the
statutory period in tho Alaska Dally
Empire," a daily newspaper of general
circulation printed at Juneau, Alas
First publication, Dec. ? 4, 1914.
Last publication.?
1 H. L. FAULKNER awd i
% S. H. MILLWEE, f
Notary Public J [?
? 204-205 Seward BuildTna: Juneau, Alaska O
{Jalllmr from Junnxu for I'ort Slmpmn, Prince Rupert Swnnnon. Alert Hay. Vencourer
Victoria anil Peoltl<
C. P. R. Ticket offices?Orpheum Bldg and Splckett'e Poetofflce Store
V'" ""
1! for Seattle, Prince Rupert
; > Ketciiikan, Wrangell and /
;; Petersburg. I
i ? City of Seattle Feb. 11
! I Spokane, Feb. 23, Mar 5
For Skagway and Haines j;
City of Seattle, Feb. 10 J >
I Spekano, Feb. 22, Mar. 4 ?
connect* at Skasrwny for 4
Dawson and al! Yukon ::
River points. t
> coxjuscra at j cattle for J
:: SAN FRANCISCO, LOS ANGELES, SAN DIEGO and aH Catffornia Points |
Through tlckota sold everywhoro In United States and Canada ?
? LOW RATES? Largest and finest Dauen<r*r steamer* en P. C. ?UNEXCELLED SERVICE 9
For full particular* apply ?
j. h. URANDT. G. A. P. D.. Seattle, Wash. S. u. EWING, Agent. Juwr.au. Alahxa 9
i Pacific Alaska Navigation Company I
Pugot Sound-California Routo/A
Scattlo-San Francisco. con-|?
ncctlng with S.S. Vale and\
S.S. Harvard for Southern x
California Ports.
Pugot Sound-Alaska Routo,
from Tacoma and 8oattle tot
Ketchikan. Petersburg, Ju
icau, Yakutat, Katalla, Cor
dova, Valdoz, Eilamar, Port
Wella, LaTouche, Seward,
Cook Inlet points and Kodlak.
Right reserved to ctinngo sailing dates without notice.
HUGH P. GALLAGHER, AgL Phono "Admiral Lino"
' The
Route of
Comfort -
During the winter season of 1914-16 our regular train service
will bo maintained North and South bound between Skaguay and
Whltchorae, trains leaving both terminals ovcry Tuesday and Friday.
Our through mall, passenger and freight service will bo oporatcd
between WhttchorBO and DawBOn, affording all possible comfort by
i LINE. For full Information apply to
; C. W. CASH. Supt. Mall Sorvlco Dept., Whltchorso, Y. T.
A. F. ZIPF, Traffic Manager, 612 Socond Avonue, Seattle, Wash.
=====^^ ;
t-."!"!"!"!'I"l 1') I l I' l l > l l l r -I T-< . . i
nfety, Service, Speed Ticket! to Seattle. Tacen.a. Victoria ami Vancouver. Through
ticket* toSan Francisco
JEFFERSON, North Feb. 2, 14 and 26 South Feb. 3, 5, and 27 !!
;; MARIPOSA, North.'. Feb. 11 and 27 South Feb. 3, 17, Mar. 6 "
;; ALAMEDA North Feb. 4 and 19 South Feb. 10, 25 "
WILLIS E NOWELL, Juneau Agt. Elmer E. Smith Douglas AgL
?! I I I I-M-M-M-H-I-M-I-H-M-H-H*
Border Line Transportation Co.
S. S. AL-KI, Southbound ...... FEBRUARY, 6, 17 ?nd 29
Allen Shattuck, Agent, Juneau. John Hcnson, Agent, Douglau.
I 8 I H g'S'Sg I
| " J J
| The Alaska Grill ??
I ::
The Bert Appointed
Y Place in Town ;;
1 Best of Everything Served !!
?> ' 1
at Moderate Prices
When in Seottlo Stop
at the Place for
! j It's Fire-Proof. Modern and Convenient H
[ l RATES $1.00 Per Day and Up [,?)
CornerPifce end Sixth
iFree Auto Dug Meet* all Boats and TnUaa f 1
. > C. O. Wale ton ti Conrad Freed log. Prey*. K
1 I 'I M ;? 1 ?! I- i ?H-H-H-H-I-P.
::dr.h. vance!
Tho v
i osteopath:;
?; Rooms 5 and 0 Malony BIdg. ??
? ? Consultation and Examination 3.
Froe. Phono 262. II
Graduate American 8chool of II
II Osteopathy, Kirksvlllo, Mo.
Seven yearo' active practice.
Office hours, 9 to 12 m. 1 to 5 II
II p. m., or by appointment. II
1-1 I I I I I I H
| Juneau Athletic Club I
LM Next to Alxilua Hotel j J
!| J. FISHCHER, Physical Director |j
Remington Typewriter Company
lias established an office la Janciu at
the corner of Front and Mala Streets.
Come In and get the latest Remington
Idea. t t :
lo Cold At %
| San Francisco Bakery!
- Q. ME8SSH&C rfMTflT, Prdp. %
t o

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