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? ?
? Douglas Branch *
? M. A. SNOW, Manager ?
? ?
WANTED ? Two respectable male
roomers for a front room. Inquire
Mrs. D. Campbell, near Tread well P.
O. 7-28-tf
? ? ?
DOUGLAS. Aug. 3.?The family of
Rev. Owen Umstead returned from
Sitka on the Jefferson this morning.
They report having spent the past
three weeks at Sitka on a vacation.
At a meeting of the Council held
last night. W. J. Grant was appointed
poundmaster of the City of Douglas.
The Douglas Island Labor Union
held its regular meeting last night.
E. Hemenway and A. Olson have
engaged passage on the Admiral Ev
ans for Valdex.
The week-old Infant of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Vatsettl died at the family
home on St. Ann avenue last night
and was buried this afternoon.
DOUGLAS. Aug. 3.?Probably the
best motion picture show ever given
in Douglas will be on the screen at
the Lyric theatre tonight. The
show will open with a beautiful scen
ic trip through France. This will be
followed by the four-reel Famous
players feature. "An American Citi
zen." with John Barrymore in the ti
tle role. The closing picture will be
"Too Many Cooks." a comedy.
DOUGLAS. Aug. 3.?Douglas Island
people are anxiously awaiting the ar
rival of the Juvenile Bos onian Opera
Co.. which is billed to open for two
night at Lyric theatre tomorrow eve
The opening bill at Douglas will be
"Tipperary Mary." "Gipsy Love" will
be presented Thursday.
DOUGLAS. Aug. 3.?Mrs. E. Van
Wlele. & Belgian woman, residing on
South Fifth St., suffered a severe In
jury at the hands of her husband dur
ing a family quarrel at noon today.
Her husband, whom she says was
under the Influence of liquor, threw
her bodily over the railing of a porch
to the ground, a distance of about 12
feet, she alleges. Mrs. Van Wlele was
rushed to St. Ann's hospital and an
X-ray picture of her lekt ankle was
taken, showing a fracture of the an
No arrest has been made.
DOUGLAS. Aug. S.?A special meet
ing of the Eagles will be held at their
hall Wednesday night at 8 o'clock
sharp. Business of importance con
cerning the coming picnic will be dis
cussed. 3-2t
TREADWELL, Aug. 3. ? The con
tract for sinking the Ready Bullion
shaft from the 220 level to the 2400
level was let yesterday afternoon to
William Halvor and Matt Carlson.
Five bids were in. Halvor and Carl
son are experienced miners and have
completed several contracts on the
Treadwell property In the past ten
The Safety Committee held its
monthly meeting at the club yester
day afternoon. Only routine business
was transacted.
The Jefferson was in port from the
North this morning with a number of
Another shirtwaist dance will be
given at the club tomorrow night.
This will be the last dance at the
club before the Fireman's ball on
Aug. 19th.
The I-adies of St Luke's Guild will
hold a regular meeting tomorrow af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. II. A.
Pinger at 2 o'clock.
The Treadwell and Thane machine
shops have each organized a baseball
team and will play tonight on the lo
cal grounds at 6:30 sharp.
Great interest attaches to the final
of the tennis tournament at three o'-j
clock this afternoon. The opposing
teams are Kinzie-Ellis and Allen-Hlb
by. Both teams play a very fast
game, and the fans are expected to be
out in full foree. to watch the finish.
If !-ang Cobb is successful In prov
ing to tho Government that he was J
not negligent in having the nbcessa c
ry surveys made or the land back bf i|
the cemetery known as the Scntqr
tract, about thirty squatters will find (
I themselves without right to the land j
on which they hare located. <
On February 3, 1914, Mr. Cobb tiled (
script on the land In question., and; |
was allowed ninety days in which to
begin the work of survey. Arrange- <
ments were made at the time with t
Deputy Surveyor H. P. Crowther to <
undertake the work and upon his lat ,
er refusal to undertake it Deputy
Surveyor V. H. Wllhelm was en i
gaged. About one week before the|i
expiration of the ninety days Mr. i
Wllhelm also severed his connection j
with the work. I
At that time Mr. Cobb made appli-, j
cation for a thirty-day extension of ]
time In which to have the survey
made, and went about the work sur- (
veying the tract on which he had ;
filed. |^gv
The hearing in the case, which ts i
set for September 15. will determine i
whether or not Mr. Cobb has been '
negligent on the matter of survey, ! j
Mr. Cobb holds that it is not the prtv-j j
ilege of a government surveyor to re- i
fuse to survey lands on which filing 1
is made. I
Among the squatters who have lo
cated on the tract in question arc L.
EL VanWinkle. L. EL Spray. J. B.
Marshall, and others, who have filed
a protest. J. B. Marshall will repre
sent VanWinkle and Spray, the Oth
er squatters being represented by
Shackleford and Bayless.
The disputed land has been built ,
up very extensively during the course ?
of the controversy, and several at- j
tractive -bungalows have been con- ,
structed. The land lies directly back ,
of the cemetery and runs up on the ,
hillside. The filing was for a sol- ,
tilers' additional homestead. com- ,
prising 13.92 acres.
? ? | !
TREAD WELL. Aug. 3.?Yesterday's
school election was very quiet and
very little Interest was shown, only
65 votes being cast. Those elected
were: Nels Anderson, president: Mrs.
J. Daniels, secretary and H. A. Ptn
ger, treasurer. Mrs. P. R. Bradley,
who was nominated as secretary,
withdrew her name.
The Tread well school has been sup
ported in the past by the Treadwell
company, but as Treadwell has re
ceived no benefit from the Federal i
tax paid annually by the company. It
was decided recently to ask for a
Treadwell school, and as the petition
was granted, the election of the
school board was held yesterday.
The Treadwell school has an enroll
ment of nearly 50 children and the
company is erecting a new school
house which will be In readiness for
the fhll term.
TREODWELL. Aug. 3.?C. S. Tu
bal, whose death on the Koyukuk was
reported by wire 'rom Fairbanks, w:io
a freadwellitc. who left here three
months ago in company with it- is
Leonard for the Xoyukuk. Mr. Dick
hut was employed on the diamond
drill for a couple of years in the
Mexican mine.
?? ? ?
E. T. Lindner has tendered his res
ignation as local secretary- of the
Board of Civil Service Examin- rs of
Juneau. Charles E. Naghel hat' been
appointed to fill Mr. Lindner's place
and will take office at once. Mr. Na
; ghel is employed in the Surveyor Gen
eral's office. Mr. Lindner will contin
ue as chief clerk in Surveyor General
Davidson's office.
M. J. Kearney of Cordova has been
appointed agent for the Arctic Lum
ber company of Seattle, to replace It.
? R. Stewart whose appointment has
been cancelled. it
Does It rain more at Sitka than in
funcau? This, is a quest Iqn that hqy
>ften bo?n naked. but seldom answer
ed with any decree of authority.
In hit weather report for the rudn,tb
)f Juiy, Observer Reld or Juneau
minted oat that there wero 27 days;
m which it did not raloe It rained
>n July 4.5,6 and 23, the total rain
all for the four days being .25 laches.
Compared with' the weather roport
)f Observer: C. C. Georgeson of Sitka,
he Juneau report glVes the capital
Jlty the clearest weather, at least for
The Sitka roport for the past month
?hows but eleven clear days. In Slt
ia, according to the roport It
rained on July. 1, 4, 5. 6. 8, 9, 11,.
21, 22. 24 and 31. The total rainfall
tor the month was 1.27 Inches, which
ia 1.02 inches more than..the .rainfall
The maximum temperature record
?d at Sitka was 79 degrees, on July.
27. Juneau's highest mark was on
luly 26th. when tho^tempctaturo.
reached S9 degrees. On that day the
mercury was at 7-7-degrees, at Sitka.
Fhe coldest day last month at Sitka
was on July 9. 44 degrees being the
owest temparaturo recorded. In Jnfl
ncan the coldest day for July was July
when the mercury dropped to 46 de
*reee' ? .. |
Charles E. Bruff one of the design
ers of the Alaska Castlnoau mill at,
Thane, left the employ of the com
pariy Monday, and is leaving August
> for San Francisco. Ho will enter
the engineering firm of Bruff, Brad
ley and LeBarge. arid one of the first
commissions which the firm will have,
Is to design and ionstruct tbo Alas
ka-Juneau Company's new mill here.
He will bo accompanied to San Fran
cisco by Chief Draftsman F. \V. Col
ins of Thane, who will become I
tilled with the trio of engineers.
Manager Thane has promoted Rich
ard J. Wulzen. since Mr. Bruff's re
tirement, to be head of the mechani
cal engineering department at Thane
Mr. Bruff Is one of the highest
rated engineers in the United States
He is saW by his employers to have
.lie knack necessary to ;co-operatlQn
with the men undler him, and has
>roven a valuable man to" the Ga'fe
ineau Company, during the two years
hat he has been-with that company.
Prior to coming to Juneau Mr. Bruff
vas with Col. D. C. Jackling at Hurl
?y, New Mexico, whoro the Cftiuo
Popper Company's rafnb' Is located.
He has had wide experience in mill
construction and design work. One
)f the members of tho new enginee
ring firm is George O. Bradley of
San Francisco, who assisted Mr.
3ruff In drawing the plans of the
rhane mill.
- - A. ?.
Tn connection with the recent ap
jropriatlon made by the City 'Council
or the maintenance of schools, in
vhlch the budget granted was about
[1300 less than the amount request
;d. it has developed .totjay thaL the
?eal reason for the cut urns not the
ack of funds,- but ther fact that the
jresent council feels that its respon
ilbllity In connection with the appro
bation ends with t^ie month of
\prll when the' new council will go
nto ofllce. The law regarding tho
natter implies that tile appropriation
s to be made for the school year,
rhe council has interpreted the law
.0 mean an appropriation for a calen
lar year, and in view of the fact that
heir term of ofllce closes before the
?ntf of the school year, they have cur
ailed the appropriation accordingly,,
f Is the impression .of the^ Council
ind the School Board fhatlhc remain
ler of the amount of the estimated
>udget will be appropriated by Uie
tew council when It assumes the ?flu
i >s of office.
This matter will pro,ba^ly,t..^
.hreshed out to a deflhito conclusion
_ i i
the next meeting of the council
and the decision then reached will
govern the action, qI the Board In re
gard to new departments and raoro
extenfclvo equipment,
At a meeting of the Board, held
early In the summer a sliding scale
of salaries,;was decided upon where
by teachers who have been employed
for two or more years in the Juneau
Bchools .were, to receive a raise of $5
per month. This raise affected only
one teaqher in the high school, owing
to the resignation of the,two teach
ers who left the staff this year. Sev-.
cral of the grade teachers would have
secured this, raise also, but havo ten
dered thejr resignations, with, one ex
Superintendent Lcstor D. Hender
son has been voted a raise of $600 a
year. Mr. Henderson is at present
attending the University of California
summer session, and will remain
?south, unf}!,.after the meeting:,of the
National,, EfJucatlpnal Association, at
Berkeley. He will return to Juneau
early In. September an*} will open the
sbhoojs here the, second Tuesday in
September. ,. h,,
New Teacher Elected ,
Tho board .today elected! Miss Myrl
1. Eakln, a graduate ,of,.tho Pennsyl
vania ?}jtate Normal school, to tho
fifth grade .vacancy,, She has been
attending summer school, at Berkeley.
: it ^
Emfl I'almldorn was this afternoon
bound over to answer, to the grand
of load pipe from the estate of.George
Harkrader in Mitchell hav.^ The
complaint whs sworn' but by Capt. T.
T. Martin. admlrtisuWor of the estate.
Palmljlb'hi wa's released on a baii o^
I " ? * * ? | i I I
The Empire wIM ma''e advertising
contracts subject to preof of largest
Irculatlon of any newspaper in Alaska.
1 ?" ? ? , ' I
: ; *.
? " ' ?^4
J, L. Alexander of tho Tee harbor
cannery, was brought to the hospital
last, night to bo treated for several
slight injuries received while at Ills
work several days ago.
W. A. Webb was brought in from
Annox Creek yesterday badly bruised
from falling rock.
-. { ???..' ? ? ' , ' '. <t ? ? it ^
W. M enzel a sailor on the steamer
Jefferspn who was taken to the hos
pital When the steamer wont through
a few idays ago returned to hla ship
this morning. Menzel was suffering
from an abscess.
J. F.ifait,,ft sailor on the Al-Kl who
was brought in on the ship's last trip
north has entirely recovered and loft
the hospital today.
Steve Volcotf, a Perseverance min
er. has entirely recovered from slight
injuries received while at his work
and has returned to the mine.
Charles A. Branson was brought in
from Thane yesterday with an Injured
leg. He is not in a serious condition.
Clmrjes Johnson was brought down
froth' Perseverance last night with a
very'sovere case of sore throat. He is
slightly^ lmporved this morning.
Edward Hall was brought ill from
Taku Inst night with a dislocated
knee-cap. He will probably bo in the
hospital several days.
Stephen Nicholas, a native boy, who
is employed as a printer on the
Sheldon-Jackson mission's school pa
per, "The Verstovian," published at
Sitka, is a visitor 1n Juneau. He ex
pects to bo hero a week.
Ho says that since Kay nor Carey
left for Maryland, the Verstovian has
been edited by Supt. Charles U Johns,
of Uio mission^ The Verstovian is
published monthly.
Rough Dry?55c per doz.
Flat Work?50c per doz.
Phone 175 7-28-tf
"Kendriek" commercial sign-writer
and bulletin board advertiser. 7-23-tf
i: Dr. E. H. Kaser i:
? 1 and 3 Goldstein Buitding JJ
it PhonoM. <,
^ ttMtirH.itii.ni.toSp.nl. ^
7VVVVvV9VVvV'.'Vf ' VV ?rvvwvv^v
Auto For Hire
Day Phone 260 Nicht Phone 1306
It Is now known that many
eye troubles . aro caused by
certain Irritating fays In electric
These aro ultra-violet rays and
the Infra-reds.
And only recently has a lense
been perfected that satisfactorily
filters them from the eyp.
It can be worn constantly as
the tint Is invisible except with
close scrutiny.
If your glasses are not com
fortabler?talk to us about this
lense. It is really a preventa
tive of cataract.
Robert Simpson
A. P. Ex.
? ? / ? -
Opera lin*
?*!"? 1" ?
CHRISTIANIA, Auk. 3.?Great Bri
tain has apologized to Norway for
the action of a British armed traw
ler in invading Norwegian waters.
4 4
4 4
LOST?Would the person kindly re
turn the Angora cat taken from Mrs.
Shorts' house. Third St., before fur
ther trouble. 7-31-4t.
WOMAN wants hour work, phono
138. 7-19-tf.
WANTED?Girl for general house- ?
work. Apply to Mrs. Frank Carroll,
corner West Ninth and Gold Belt
i avenue. 8-2-3t.
WANTED?Girl for general house
work. Call 349 Di8tin avo. 8-2-%t.
FOR SALE?Furniture of four-room
flat, sbeap; flat for rent, see Cramer
\ at Empire.
FOR SALE?A cabin; inquire 35
Gastincau avc. 7-30-tf
FOR SALE?Rooming house; best
location in town, clearing $175 a mo.
Inquire Empire office. 7-28-lm.
Full Set Household Furniture ?Ex
celelnt condition, cheap, $25 cash,
balance easy payments. See Mr.
Hunt, Apt. L-4, Cliff Apts. 7-31-3t.
FOR RENT ? Clean quiet rooms,
rentral location, 50c night, 236 3rd
St., cor. Franklin. 8-2-6t.
FOR RENT?Unfurnished flat. In
quire Mrs. LTorrest, 5th and Eaat Sts.
Phone 52. 7-29-6t
FOR RENT ? Modern 4-room and
bath flat. I. Goldstein. 7-31-tf.
FOR RENT?Front room, furnish
od, use of bath and phone. Mrs. R.
Leak. 114 Main st. 7-26-tf.
FOR RENT ? Two or three room
apartments with bath; furnished or
unfurnished, phone 33 or 167. 7-24-tf
FOR RENT?Five rooms and bath,
concrete house, phone 369. 2-16-tf.
FOR RENT, 2 and 3 room furnished
housekeeping suites; reasonable, "The
cozy corner of Juneau." Cliff Apart
ments, near court house. 2-1-lm.
HOUSE for rent. Mrs. M. Davis.?
Nicely furnished rooms; hot and
cold water in each room, with or
without board. Mrs. Shannon. *235
Gold St. , 7-13-lm.
St. Nicholas leaves for Tenakeo and
way ports, Tuesdays at 8. a. m. 12-28*f
FOR SAL*;?M. D. Berry's entire
transfer out fit nt bargain. 3-16-tf.
COME to the Palmist. I tell you
about work, business, marriage and
the future. Get your fortune told.
306 Front St. 7-7-1 m.
Independent Electric Co., wiring and
repairing promptly done. Phone 34.
Forrest bldg.. E. Carlson, Prop.
i L. G Thonuu Mcrl F. Thomas < ?
\ I Alaska Furniture 8 Undertaking J ?
o Co., Inc. \ J
:: Funeral Directors & Fmbalmers 31
DoukIiu, Alankr. % .
If You
'' aro troubled with heartburn, gaa?i and
a distressed feeling after eating take n
before and after each meal nnd'you \rill
obtain prompt relief. Sold only by us,25o
Elmer E. Smith. Douglas.
Wm. Britt) Juneau.
r " "
1 1 tf LIlL^Vy fft
a ^VB vss^ VSJS-- v
M. E. MOE, late chief masseur of Passo Robles (California) Sanitar
ium, is now connected with the Hillside Turkish Baths of Juneau.
Mr. Moe is probably the best qualified man in his line who has ever
visited Alaska. He is a graduate from three schools of Medical Gymnas
tics and Massage, Stockholm. Sweden; Hamar, Norway, and Heidleberg,
Germany. He is also a graduate Osteopathist Chiropodist. He has a rep
utation as a trainer, having trained both Battling Nelson and Stanley
Ketchel. also the Chicago White Sox in 1908-9, and the Portland Beavers
in 1910.
The Hillside Turkish Baths are the best equipped of any in Alaska
and with the addition of the services of Mr. Moe to the already competent
staff we confidently expect your patronage.
ti i i-ii t-' 1 ? i r? i
x he Hillside Turkish Baths
1 1 1 1 1 >
t'is. " i; '
I MM 1 t H-1'M M"M !??!? -I' l 1 1 1 M I M I M H-HH I I M H 11 I 1 I I M-H- -Hi 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 i ! I 1 I 1 I I 1 | >
J ? )o \
SMAR dressing doesr t mean extravagance in either style
\ '
or expenditure; knowing how and where to buy is the secret.
! If.'" '? : 1
You'll tlie most and loot the best in \
Hart Scbaffner Marx v
?" t- ' jjr ' '
Ready Clothes; you'll save time and annoyance. 1 ou'II be dressed in perfect
taste, and as for fit?that's guaranteed.?Make today your economy day.
[ ?!? '! f/n'
y) | v
1 1-lL.^i ^ ? '"T????^ ? - - -
^?1-M I 1 I 1 I'M 1 1111 111 I I I III 1 M n I 1 I Ml 1 I I III 1 1 M I M MH
f l?t?1 t< wicarr I ' !:
Bostonians J
In the Political Musical ;;
Comedy !!
av i
I I l\j\>
(ipo. M CoK*b'i Flrat Socreaa
. .
:: Reserved Seats at Spickett's P. 0. Store |
:: Gen. Admission 50c. Reserved Seats S1.00 x
? 1 M III I I 1 I II 1 I 1 t ; 1 1 1 I -l-M I 1 !? 1 -I III II I m I m Ml I 1 1 nit

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