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There are 150 men working this
yoar In the Chlsana district, accord-!
lng to the latest reports from that'
?s district. The per capita production
will be large.
New Fall hats. Just arrived, and
they're beauties?Goldstein's Empor
ium. 8-14-tf.
B. tk Thane, general superintendent
of the Alaska-Gastlneau Mining Com
pany. expects to leave next woek for
San FTan ctsco. to spend a month's
vacation. Mrs. Thane will meet him
in San Francisco, having lately return
ed to the coast from New York.
Walter Remlck of Thane, leaves on
the City of Seattle for a vacation trip
to Seattle and San Francisco. He ex
pects to be gone a month.
2 I >
r:: ii
< ?
o * *
0 < -
2000 Dolly Varden
cut-throat and Moun
tain Trout for new
trout pond on Ferry
Way. Apply to
1 A. T. SPATZ. ||
o "
United States Deposits $100,000.00
Capital. Surplus und undivided Profits over 100.000.00
* 1
United States Depository
fa 1 " 1 111
wiiimbuk???en??-?mi rwra?
: New Stock Hard Wheat Flour !
? SCANDINAVIAN GROCERY, General Merchandise J
? rk>M 211. Opr. City Dock A(a. FmHmi Concrete Blocks f
Groceries and
Mens Goods
Alaska-Gastineaa Mining Co.
SEWARD. Aug. 10.? "Splendidly"
is the word used by Commissioner
Thomas Riggs of the Engineering
commission when ahked today how
things aro progressing at Anchorago.
He arrived last evening overland but
had a few days to look over the con
struction Meld and its surroundings,
and seems to be highly delighted with
With him taoday is L. E. Smooth,
who was reported to be here as the
representative of Secretary Franklin
K. Lane, of tho Interior Department.
When asked If this rumor was well
founded he said:
'Tell them I am here on private
business and at my own expense."
"Can we say that you do not repre
sent Secretary Lane?'
"Why, just tell them I am hero on
private business and at my own ex
pense." he repeated, and he repeated
it emphatically.
Mr. and he went out the rail
road line a little way this afternoon.
?(Seward Gateway.)
FAIRBANKS. July 26? Mike Ellis,
whoso Invalid form, supported by a
cane, has become a familiar sight on
Garden Island for several monthB.
has been given a new anticipation of
returning health, bocause Judge Bun
nell has ordered that money from
the government indigent fund be used
for a ticket to take him Outsido. He
will leave on the Alaska for Southern
California, and there he feels confi
dent that health and strength wait
Friends of Mr. Ellis subscribed a
fund for getting him Outside, but it
was not sufficient. Then somebody
suggested that Judge Bunnell might
be willing to turn over some of the
government fund to his assistance.
Accordingly, Clyde Gcraghty took up
the matter with some of the leading
business men of Fairbanks, and they
sent a telegram to Judge Bunnell,
asking for assistance for theu nfortu
nato man. Judge Bunnell promptly
replied, "Sure."
Then the good news was broken
to Mr. Ellis, and If he had suddenly
been loft a large fortune, he could
hardly have been more delighted.?
(Fairbanks Citizen.)
- ? ? ?
CORDOVA, Aug. 9.? Lewis E.
Smoot, who is said to be a personal
representative of tho Secretary of the
Interior, Hon. Franklin K. Lane, was
a Cordova visitor yesterday. Ho Is
a passenger on the steamer North
western and made the trip over the
Copper River & Northwestern rail
way to Miles and Childs glaciers. The
trip was a revelation to Mr. Smoot
and he was very enthusiastic about
it in his pralso of the wonderful
sights he saw and also the thorough
ly equipped road over which he trav
eled. He had evidently not expected
to find such a railroad in Alaska,
judging from his expressions.
From those who talked with Mr.
Smoot it was learned that he was on
a tour of Investigation of Alaska har
bor conditions for railroad terminals,
with a view to their adaptability in
handling the local coal when it is
opened up and ready for market He
is on his way to Portage Bay and
Anchorage, but expects to return to
Cordova and study conditions here.
This is Mr. Smoot's first visit to Al
aska, and it is understood that he is
a railroad contractor in tho States."
| Call In and look at the swetleat line
I of HATS evor shown In Juneau?
Goldstein's Emporium. 8-14-tf
Single and double iron beds from
$2.50 up, Alaska Furniture So. A19
The Empire circulation leads. Try
advertising in It
Let The "Empire" Do It! f
An item of news which gives you pleasure in the
telling, can be told more effectively, more accurately, and
to a larger number of friends by the local newspaper?Let
The Empire tell the story.
The business story, the story of bargains, of spe
cial offerings, and the reasons therefor, always bring a
speedy response if based on facts, and the spirit of the
story is adhered to conscientiously?TeU your story and
tell it truthfully to the readers of The Empire, and you'll
get results.
For stationery, booklets, circulars or just printing,
our Job Department is equipped to give you just what
you want at the time you want it.
The Empire is putting forth its efforts night and day,
toward the upbuilding of the city of Juneau and the de
veloping of our natural resources. |
Concerted effort will get results. Help promote
prosperity. I \
Let The "Empire" Do It! J
?????????????????? Jj
+ + ? + *> + *?*+ + **?*?
+ ?
? ?
The London correspondent of the
Now York Tribune writoB that British 1
naval experts call tho German subma
rine blockade a fniluro. They admit
that a certain numbor of ships are '
destroyed regularly, but tho percent- :
age, they say, la not likely to increase
because of precautions taken for do
ing away with the onemy submarines, '
ranging from arming Merchantmen 1
to snaring submarines with nets of 1
steel wire. An increasing number of 1
ships, when attacked, run for it, as
did the Armenian and Orduna. It is
estimated Germany has now 50 sub
marines, having lost at least 20 and
possibly 29. She is building one a
week now, but it Is believed she Is 1
using only 40 on tho British blockade,
und these are compelled to spond one
third of their time at the base resting
the crews and taking on supplies.
A Paris special says the renewal of .
the Balkan League and its entry into
the war on the side of the Allies 1b
believed to be in sight, owing to ef
forts of the ministers of Russia, Great
Britain. France and Italy. This time,
it is expected, the league will include
Rou mania, which remained aloof from
former agreement and In considera
tion of her threatened intervention in
the second Balkan war acquired from
Bulgaria an additional area of more
thran 2,000 Bquare miles of territory.
Collective representations were made
last Thursday to tho Serbian prem
ier. An official Serbian communica
tion issued at Nlsh says that repre
sentations of the ministers of the Al
lies were most frlnodly and were put
forward In "tho hope of avoiding fric
tion between the Balkan states and
in establishing an entente between
them, thus bringing nearer the final
success of the Allies in the war."
A copy of an open letter addressed
to tho leaders of the German social
democratic party, signed by 700 offic
ials of the party and of socialist trade
unions in Germany has reached New
York. The leaders are condemnod
for acquisence In the German govern
ment's war policy, for their failure to
protest against the invasion of Bel
gium and the sinking of tho Lusitanla
and are summoned to break at onco
the party truce and begin an active
campaign for peace, and of uncom
promising, opposition to the annexa
tion plans of the German govern
A Berlin cablo says: Field artil
lery went into action down Unlter
den Linden on Friday, and after evo
lutions before the palace the guns
were unlimbered, and with their muz
zles pointing towards Russia, they
fired 101 shots In celebration of the
fall of Warsaw. This was the first
time such a thing has been done since
the war began and tho roar of can
non in the heart of Berlin attracted
a huge throng.
Financial experts figure the war de
preciation has cost tho holders of se
curities throughout the world $20,000,
000. Basod on this depreciation of
11 per cent., foreign securities held
in France, having a total value of $8,
000,000,000 on December 3, 1913, and
domestic securities having a valuo of
about $14,000,000,000, have depreciat
ed $2,000,000,000. Neymarck esti
mates the total valuo of tho world's
securities was $170,000,000,000.
The Germany calling up of untrain
Landstrum, between tho ages of 42
and 45, in various towns generally Is
meeting with vigorous opposition on
the part of manufacturers, who have 1
held several conferences with mili
tary authorities. Until now these
classes have been called only from
the rural districts.
D. W. Jayno, manager of the Bar
rett Manufacturing Company says that
by the first of tho year the benzol
output of American plants will be ful
ly five times that produced before
the war.
Over $15,000,000 of Christmas toyB
made in Germany, already shipped to '
the United States, have boon Inter
cepted by the British navy and are
now held up in various British ports.
The British government appeals to
public employers to pay salaries in
nltes instead of coin in order to com
mence strengthening the gold reserve.
The former cup defender "Colum
bia" is being scrapped and the metal
will be converted into bullets and am
munition for tho Allies.
A statue of Bismark, weighing 900
pounds, and taken from the Kaiser's
estate in east Prussia, has been tak
en to Moscow.
CHICAGO, Aug. 10.? More than
10,000 sick and tired mothers and
children f rom the tenements have
been sent to camps and farms so far
this summer, according to a report
issued by the United States charities
The cost per child for an outing of
two weeks does not exceed $1, ac- 0
cording to the report. Railroads grant 11
free transportation, and social work- E
era and school teachers volunteer the ^
services as attendants. c
Chicago business firms have donat- "0
Bd practically every article of food
and equipment used by the children
at Camp Thompson, where 500 boys J
and girls are spending two weeks as F
the guests of the Sportsmen's club L
jf America.?(Chicago Herald.)
. r
People Say To Us I!
"1 cannot eat this or that food, it does ?
not agree with me." Our advice to
all of them is to take a
SsssM: Dffi,a !
before and after each. meal. 25c & box.
Wm. Britt. Juneau. el
Elmer E. 8mith, Douglas.
? +
? FACT8 *
? *
** + + ?? + ???> + + *** +
United States policewomen have
farmed a national organization.
The United Statos holds property
In the city of New Yorlc valuod at
An Austrian countess has contrib
uted 6,000 cork legs to wounded sol
liers. Jean de Reszk, the famous
tenor, has glren 60,000 cigarettes to
the wounded Allies.
Ono can cheat his way into the
United States Hay Fever Association
by using snuff. Otherwise he must
be a bona fide inhaler as aro the 25,
900 mombors.
The first use of the treadmill was
in China, whero It did service In re
moto times in irrigating the lands.
It was introduced into English pris
ons in 1817 as a means of punish
Horse-drawn vehicles on Chicago's
downtown streets have dcreascd ap
proximately 30 per cent, since 1907.
whilo motor vehicles have Increased
600 per cent, in a similar period. The
total number of vohlcles of all kinds
has Increased 11 per cent.
Tho Albert medal of the Royal So
ciety of Arts, England, which Is an
nually awarded for distinguished
merit for promoting arts, manufac
turer's and commerce, was presented
to Ouglielmo Marconi this year. The
medal was instituted In 1863, when
tho prince consort was president of
tho society.
Speaking of German foresight Hil
aire Belloc says that in his power
to maintain close formation; in the
use of high explosive shells on per
manent fortifications, and in the use
of heavy pieces in the field, the Ger
man has proved that his theories of
modern war were correct. Tho ad
vantage in material is slowly passing
to tho Allies.
Northewstern League.
At Seattle?Seattle 3, Tacoma 2.
At Vancouver?Spokane 6, Vancouver
American League.
At Detroit?Detroit 4, Philadelphia 1
At Clovelan?Cleveland 3, Washing
ton 0.
At Chicago?Chicago 5, Boston 3.
At St. Louis?SL Louis-New York
game postponed; rain.
National League.
At Philadelphia?Pittsburgh 8, Phila
delphia 4.
At NowN York ? Cincinnati 7, New
York 4.
At Brooklyn?Chicago 9. Brooklyn 0
At Boston?Boston 3, St. Louis 1.
Federal League
At Baltimore?Baltimore 6, Chicago 0
At Pittsburgh?Pittsburgh 12, Brook
lyn 5.
At Buffalo?Buffalo 3?3, Kansas City
A. Lemke, former Juneau baker, is
now employed as head baker on the
steamship City of Seattle, and was In
town yesterday. He may return to
Juneau this winter, to re-locate here.
The Finnish Socialist Club will
danco Saturday evening, Aug. 21, at
Turner's Studio. An auction sale of
fancy hand work will also be held.
Everybody welcome. Good music.
No. 1345?A.
In the District Court For the District
of Alaska, Division No. 1.
JAMES HOGAN. Plaintiff,
BERTHA Hogan, Defendant.
hereby commanded to be and appear
In the above-entitled Court, holden
it Juneau, In said Division of said
District and answer the complaint
lllod against you in the above entitled
iction within thirty days from the date
)f the service of this summons and a
i copy of the said complaint upon
rou, to-wit: on or before October 30,
1916, and if you fail so to appear and
inBwer for want thereof the plaintiff
will apply to the Court for the rolief
iomanded in said complaint, a copy
>f which Is served herewith. This suit
s brought to obtain a decree of this
vOurt dissolving the bonds of matrl
nony existing between the plaintiff
tnd the defendant, and for a division
>f property, as prayed for in said com
rtoint, to which complaint reference
s hereby made. Order for publica
lon of this summons made by this
District Court, August 17, 1915.
And you, the United States Marshal
if Division No. 1, of the District of
Uaska, or any deputy, are hereby re
tired to mako service of. this sum
nons upon the said defendant as by
aw required and you will make due
eturn hereof to the Clerk of this
Jourt within forty days from the date
f delivery to you. with an indorse
nent hereon of your doings in the
lereunto set my hand and affixed the
leal of the above court this 17th day
f August, A. D., 1916.
(SEAL) J. W. BELL, Clerk.
By JOHN T. REED. Deputy.
OHN G. HEID, Attorney for Plaintiff
Inst publication, August, 18, 1916.
?ast publication, September 29, 1915.
The Right Kind.
Agent?Here's a cyclometer I can I
ocommend. It is positively accu
ate; not at all like some cyclometers,
rhich register two miles, perhaps,
'hen you have only ridden one.
Young Lady?You haven't any of
mt kind, havo you??(Philadelphia
In men's "head gear" we are lead
rs. Fall stylet, Just arrived?Gold
teln's Emporium. 8-14-tf
* ?'?'I *
* *
* * * + * + <. * * * ? * + + + + *
WINDHAM, Aug. 17.?R. V. Itowe,
and D. W. Yates have finished their
work on the Gold King claim.
The launch Pacific camo in Friday
with a group of mining men. Among
them were G. Jensen of Juneau, and
F. Smith, of Thane.
F. Wolland announces the arrival
of the first shipment of the Fall and
Winter fabrics. You aro cordially in
vited to call and inspect them. Prices
ranging from $35.00 up. 8-18-4t
ity open to party with capital. Box
65, Trcadwell. 8-19-6t.
Resenting An Insult
First waiter?Dat moan guy I Just
waited on insulted me wtd a dime.
Second waiter?What did yor do?
First waiter?I accepted it wid In
dignashun.?(Boston Transript.)
The Object*
"What was your objoct in saying
you would not be a candidate?"
"I found I wasn't being mentioned
and wanted to start a little discus
sion."?(Washington Star.)
The water has receded sufficient
ly to permit of repair work on the
Copper River & Northwestern rail
road, according to the Cordova Times.
The repair work is being rushed. In
vestigation has disclosed that tho
damage to the bridge that was burned
and elsewhcro on the road is not as
great as war feared.
Look in and be convinced, Alaska
Furniture Co. A19
IF YOU have plenty of good coal in
the bin these damp days do not in
terfere with your comfort Ladysmith
coal is the best and Tho Juneau Trans
fer Co., has lots of it Another cargo
Just in. Get some today. BEST FOR
GOES FARTHER. 8-12-tf.
frl l?I I?I I I I I I I I I I I I IM I H 11
Rates?75c to $2?0 Per Day
Weekly Rates on Request
Phone 11
Watches, Diamonds
Jewelry, Silverware
| I.J.Sharick^
Jeweler and <
Phone 388 Strictly Fine CLuj
Juneau Construction Co.
Contractors ?su>ro nod office fix- II
, -Huron. Uiwlonfurni
ture. Wood turning. Rand aawlng.
"J * t '
Peerless Concert Hall
Wines, Liquors
t and Cigars t
Chas. Cragg - - Proprietor
e ve Got It I
I Everything in the line of Wines, liquors, Cigars | ;
: 'The Family Liquor Store"~Phone 94-Free Delivery !:
Illlllli '
PHONE 385 J. M. GIOVANETTI Prompt Service
hh-h-h-h 11 m i m n m m m n m i in i m n n m hi !?
Let Me Run Your Sewing Machine ii
Apply to G. E. MOTOR, Care of
:i Alaska Electric Light and Power Co. ii
-i-i 111111 n 11: in in i m 11 n t n 111 ii 1111 ii 11 ii 11111 n-1
Full lino fresh and cured moats?Government Inspected. Try our Wild Rose Lard
Frye-Bruhn Market "".2^"
F ~ -ISeagga i ??a?a?a.
When ordering BEER
insist on RAINIER PALE
? th-i i i: i up m 111 m 111 m m m i ii m i m m in i h n i >
:: -I 1111 -i-ri-i III i ill 11II ill 11 M' 111 i III m 11111 in 1111;;
i;ii[ The Grotto
Distributors of High Class, Double ;!!
i; r Stamp Whiskey, Wines and Cordials ? ?!!
Olympia and Rainier Beer
::?i-t-fh-h-h-h-h-h-h-hi in 111! i! in 1111 iii ij in11 nir:;
r m.i iimim -i-r-i I--I"! ?Ulllllllllll III IIIIIIITIIIIIIHIIm
-Heidelberg Liquor C0.-1 f
< ?
Largest Stock Best Brands or * *
Imported and Domestic Liquors \ >
and Wines for Familu Use. < >
< ?
Free Concert Every Evening 7 Till 12 < ?
Free Delivery. Mail Orders a Specialty. Telephone 386 <!
_ <>
Louvre oar good liquors
The Famous Waterfill and Freazier Whiskies
~inmT? '

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