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Westbound Trains on New
York Central and Michigan
Central Lines Pile Up.
Many Dead Believed Buried
Under Wreckage—Number
Of Injured Undetermined
CHICAGO, Feb. 28.—At least f.ity,
probably more, persons were killed
i nr, an undetermined number ol'
•rs Injured near Porter, Indiana,
miles east of Chicago, at 10
,ck last night when a fast West
^..i id New York Central passenger
t crashed into the rear end of
Westbound Michigan Central
rly today, 42 bodies, charred and
:led, had been recovered, and
lad officials admitted that
s probably were buried under
angled wreckage,
o coaches of the Michigan Cen
rain were telescoped, most of
__ atalities occurring among the
occupants of these, not one of whom
1< believed to have escaped.
Both the engineer and fireman
d the New York Central train were
hilled in the crash, but comparatively
jew of their passengers were ser
•rusly hurt.
OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 28.—Fourteen
.'sons were slightly injured yes
rW when a Union Pacific pas
■nWr train telescoped the rear
jd tlf ft Missouri Paciric passenger
'iin at Ollmore Junction, nine, miles
uth Of Jfltre.
?v olutioft . Riging in
Inmn State of Tonk
LONDQN, Feb. 28.—Revolution ha:.
rolen out In the Indian state of
fopk, In Rajputana, says a Reuters
dtespatch from Alaabad. After agree
fng to the demand of the people,
the Nawaib, Mohammedan ruler of
the district, arrested leaders in the
movement, whereupon rioting broke
oqt. . State troops are engaged by
People are fleeing toward British
territory. The capital of the district
Is located in the city of Tonk. about
fifty mies South of Jaipur.
Tonk is one of the twenty one
Indian states included in the Raj
putana district, which covers a vast
area in the Northwestern part of
the Iftdian Peninsula. Tonk has an
area of 2,553 square miles and in
1911 had a population of 303,181.
Most of the population are Hindus.
Health Officer Prohibits
Employees from Powdering
AUSTIN, Tex.. Feb. 28 —An order
Issued by Dr. M. M. Carrick, State
Health Officer, prohibiting use of
rouge and face powder by young
women employed in his department,
evidently met with the approval of
mothers, according to the doctor.
He said he had received many let
ters and telegrams approving his
♦ -
Candidate for Congress
Found Hanging from Strap
THE DALLES, Ore., freb 28.—
The Rev. Owen Jones, who ran for
Congress in the recent primaries
agalpst Representative N. J. Slncott,
was found dead today, hanging from
a sirap fastened to a water pipe in
a sanitarium where he was under
going treatment for a nervous break
The United States Navy has twelve submarines under construction which completely
overshadow the famous Gernfan U-boat, Deutschland, in size and speed, besides possessing the
latest marvels in mechanical equipment. Each of the submarines will cost #5,000,000, they will
*Se 300 feet long, have a beam of twenty seven feet and the touuage will be about 2,00(K,
Republic Marshaling Forces
To Repeal Invasion of
Costa Rican Trops.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.—Threat
ened war between Panama and Costa
Rica has been averted by the Costa
Rican Army in Coto, Panama, sur
rendering, according to advices re
ceived late today by the Panama
PANAMA, Feb. 28. — President
Porras, of the Republic of Panama,
has signed a proclamation declar
ing war against Costa Rica follow
ing occupation of Coto, Panama, on
the Pacific end of the frontier, by
Costa Rica troops, but is lidding
issuance of the proclamation In
I abeyance until assured the entire
I country is behind him, it wi_s learn
ed from official sources today.
The President is paid to contem
plate assumption of dictatorial pow
ers for defense of the republic rely
ing upon the National Assembly to
confirm such action.
Lack of arms and ammunition
to equip the government forces is
offering serious difficulty to im
mediate despatching of troops to
the invaded area but belief is held
that the United States is duty bound
to furnish arms since the country
was disarmed bvj the American
authorities after signing of the Pan
ama Canal treaty.
Two Naval Aviators Are
Killed in Plane Crash
ROCKAWAY, N. Y„ Feb. 28.—
Eugene Lindsey, 24, of San Fran
cisco, and Harold F. Stevens, 2d,
of Rockaway, both attached to the
naval air station here, were killed
yesterday when their planes crashed
to the ground from a height of sev
eral hundred feet.
Bachelor Tax Bill Up to
Governor, Spinsters Safe
HELENA, Mont., Feb. 28—A bill
providing a tux of three dollars a
year on bachelors, the proceeds to
go to the widows’ pension fund, was
passed by the Senate of the Montfha
Legislature Saturday and is now in
the hands of the Governor. An am
endment making spinstprs liablp to
the tax was killed.
Champ Clark, Ex-Speaker
Of House, Critically 111
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28—Repre
sentative Champ Clark, of Missouri,
former Speaker of the House, is
critically ill here. A bulletin issued
by his physician ast night said his
condition was worse than Saturday.
Profiteering Cases Illegal
• • • • •••• * • • •• • • 4 • • •
Lever Act Unconstitutional
WASHINGTON. Feb. 28 — The'
United States Supreme Court this
afternoon banded down a decision
holding thdt section of the Lever
food control act under which many
prosecutions have been brought by
the Government for alleged profit
eering in the necessities of life,
to be unconstitutional.
Hundreds of cases growing out
of the Government's camraign to
cut the high cost of living, are af
fected <fcy the opinion.
Blind Alaskan Completes
3000 Mile Trip to Seattle
SEATTLE, Wash,. Teh. 28.—Blind
and helpless. Michael Rome3, of Ne
nana, Alaska, accompanied by his
wife and three small children, com
pleted a 3,000 mile journey by dog
sled, railroad and steamship, when
he arrived here last week in hope
of securing surgical aid that can re
store his eyesight.
Indian Princess Is Sponsor
At Launching of New
U. S. Submarine.
BRIDGEPORT. Conn., Feb. 28.
Princess Tocoowas, a descendant of I
Uncas, first Chief of the Mohicans, j
was sponsor at the launching of the |
new submarine U.S.-48 here Satui i
day. j
Oil Prospectors Given
Permit to Stake Claims
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. — The
Department of the Interior today;
issued permits to oil prospectors in j
the unsurveyed Cold Bay district of
Alaska to slake out claims pending
adjustment of the boundaries within
the next six months. No surveying
can be done until summer, however.
The Department's order followed a
conference .between Assistant Secre
tary Alexander Vogelsang and Dan
Sutherland Delegate-Elect from
President-Elect Leaves
St. Augustine lor Marion
ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., Feb. 28.—
With preparations for his inaugura
tion next Friday complete, Presi
dent-Elect Warren G. Harding, to
day was enroute to his home at
Marion, O., to. receive formal fare
well from his townsmen before en
tering the White House. The Presi
dent-Elect apparently was in much
better shape than when he arrived
l.'ere several weeks ago for a rest.
Huge Store of Jewels Is
Discovered in Old Trunk
BUDAPEST, Feb. 28.—Finance Min
ister Hegidus has discovered vast
quantities of precious stones in aa
old iron trunk deposited unknown
years ago in the treasury. He was
searching the treasury and when the
trunk was broken open, thousands
of opals and other precious stones
appeared, the value of which is es
timated at two hundred million
Haywood Asks Review of
Draft Evasion Charges
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.—The
legal battle for the freedom of Will
iam Haywood and seventy-eight
other I. W. W.’s convicted of con
spiracy to obstruct the draft dur
ing the war entered its finale
phases today with the filing of a
petition asking the I nited States
Supreme Court to review the de
fendants’ trials.
Niagara Falls Power Cd.
Given 50 Year License
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. — The j
Water Power Commission today
granted the Niagara Falls Power)
Company a fifty year license to use:
19,000 cubic feet of water per sec
ond of the water that is permitted
to be diverted from the Niagara j
River tbove the falls.
Tiie gasboat Helen, that left this
port a week ago for Taku Inlet with
throe natives aboard for a single
day's stay and with food enough
aboard for only one day has arrived
safely in port last night. Finding
the wind blowing very hard the men
took shelter at the lower end of
Douglas Island and lived on clams
for almost a week until the weather
became favorable to come to Juneau.
Bank to Pay $26,000 for
Recovery of $772,000
In Liberty Bonds.
CHICAGO. Fob. 28.—John Drap
er, village constable at Hayworth,
111., who arrested William Dalton,
former confidential clerk for the
Northern Trust Company of Chicago,
and recovered all but $500 worth
of $772,000 worth of Liberty Bonds
stolen from the company, will re
ceive a reward of $26,000, trust
company officials announced today.
Mob Cheated of Victim.
MONTROSE, Colo., Feb. 28.—A
mob of 200 miners smashed in the
doors of the County Jail at Ouray,
Colo, .Saturday night in an attempt
to seize and lynch Billy No-gle, a
miner, who is tuuil to have confessed
he killed the superintendent of the
White Club Mine at lronton. The
dieriff had received advance infor
mation of the mob's movements and
hud removed the prisoner from the
jail through a coal chute) before the
raiders effected entrance! The pris
oner was brought hete for safe
keeping. >.
Women Accused of Holdup.
ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 28
Three women were arrested here
today charged with robbery in con
nection with a recent holdup of a
Northern Pacific mail train, in
which $40.000 was taken. A por
tion of the loot was found in the
home of the women. All are ac
cused of being accomplices of Del
bert Smith, charged with the actual
holdup, who has not been captured.
Nearly $40,000,000 Spent
On B. C. Railway to Date
VICTORIA, 11 C., Feb. 28.—The
Government will have spent $40,
000,000 by March 22 on construc
tion of the Pacific Great Eastern
Railway between Vancouver and
Prince George on the Grand Trunk
Pacific System, Provincial Premier
Oliver announced in asking the Pro
vincial Legislature Saturday for
$4,000,000 to continue work this
Flags Train with Matches
After Both Legs Cut Off
PASCO, Wash., Feb 29.—George
Burns, 35, with both legs cut off by
u train flagged another train with
matches Saturday night, thereby
saving himself from bleeding to
death. At a local hospital where
he was taken it was said he had a
good elianee of recovering.
Tlte injured man said lie was heat
ing his way north and fell between
two cars to the rails.
Penobscott Women on War
Path for Right to Vote
OI.DTOWN, Maine, Feb. 28.
Penobscot t Indian women are on
tlie war path for the right to vote
at the tribal election and share in
the directing of reservation affairs.
The State lias notified the women
that it will remain neutral in their
fight with the bravos.
Harding Given New Broom,
Is Advised to “l?se This”
WASHINGTON. Feb. 28—-A fine
new broom was delivered at the
White House Saturday addressed to
"President Warren G. Harding.”
With it was a note saying "use
this." The sender is unknown.
Destroyer Rammed and Sunk
Near Panama, 16 Lives Lost
Five Condemned for Levying
War on Crown Forces, One
For Having Revolver.
Kings Bench Recognizes
Authority of Military
Law in Ireland.
COR K, Ireland, Feb. 28.—-Six
Irishmen charged with levying war
against British crown forces were
executed here toduy despite appeal;
for clemency by the Cork Cor-j
Five of the doomed men were!
convicted of complicity in an attack
on crown forces near Dripsey,
County Cork last month but the
sixth was sentenced to death for
being in possession of a revolver and
ammunition. , . . .
In confirming the sentences, the
King's Bench decided that a'kta'te
of war exists between Ireland and
Kngland and recognized the author
ity of military law without inter
ference by civil courts.
LONDON, Feb. 28 —The British |
Government does not intend alter- i
Ing its present policy of maintain-1
ing order in Ireland, Premier David I
! Lloyd George announced in the |
| House of Common today. He de-1
! ciared Kir llomar Greenwood, Chief I
<Secretary for Ireland, would be al-l
j lowed to carry his administration
ihrough to its conclusion.
Parliament Denounced.
Members of Parlloment are in re-1
coipt of a letter from Eamon De,
Valera, President of the "Irish He-j
public,” who charged British troops^
with waging war on the Irish people
"contrary to all the rules of civil-J
i/ed warfare.”
The communication, it is ex
plained, was sent "lest under plea j
[of ignorance you should disclaim re-!
j sponsibility for what Is being donej
In your name.” The troops, he de-i
clared, were guilty of torturing|
prisoners, assassinating men and i
boys, murdering women, children!
and clergymen and outraging Irish
women and girls, flogging and mal
treating civilians; issuing and en-i
[forcing "crawling,” and such like
; humiliating and degrading orders;;
' i.iking men from their work and
forcing them to do military duty or
work at military labor as slave
gangs; bunting and looting fac
tories, creameries and shops, and j
[houses; the destruction of farm
steads, and farm produce and kill
ing and maiming of livestock.
Many Outrages Alleged.
"Although you have put your
j troops on active service In Ireland,!
: tie says, although you have sought
[to justify many vile deeds commit
ted as acts of war,' and although
you are armed witlithe deadliest
modern machinery of war a'nd pro
tected by every means known to1
technical skill, you now seek to pur-,
: i liase immunity from defensive ac-l
lion by our party by taking posses
sion of all firearms, an offense for
which an Irishman may be arrested
nil shot and for which one has been
shot, and by carrying Irish citizens
in your military expeditions against
our people.
"The orders to your troops are to
hoot these hostages, should the unit
with which they are traveling be)
attacked. Already under tbej
pocious pretense that they were
trying to escape, Irish prisoners
have been brutally murdered bv.
your troops. Now representa'lv -
citizens are to be murdered sini
daily on the ground pretended o'
true, that the party with which i
they are moving is attacaed.
"These things are done because
it is your will that they should1
be done; if you willed otherwise
they would cease. It is you, not
your troops, who are primarily re ,
big Stockyards fibe.
EAST ST. 1,01 TS. Keb 28 — Eire
in the stockyards here Saturday
caused loss estimated at $500,000
i lo Morris and (’ompuny's plunt.
1 1
| Marshall Is Presented
With “Going Away”
Gifts by U. S. Senate
I - i
WASHINGTON, Fob. 28.— |
With Senators Henry Cabot |
Lodge. of Massachusetts, and |
j Oscar W. Underwood of Ala- j
j banta, making the presentation i
[ speeches, the Senate today pre- ;
j seated Vice-President Thomas |
K. Marshall, its presiding offi- j
; cer, with a silver loving cup, j
| gold eyeglass holder, gold cigar j
holder und cigars as "going- |
away" gifts.
Mr. Marshall, who steps or
| of office next Friday who*
| new administration !«•
I urated, plans to sc'
| ope May 11 o
| tour.
■—- -V-■
LOCAl loners
Three Men in Federal Jail
Effect Getaway—Two
Are Under Indictment.
Three prisoners at the United
States Federal Jail escaped last
night and up to late this afternoon
were still at large. The prisoners
who made their getaway are Frank
Neel, Walter Drown and Harold
] tie escape irom tne reuerai jau
was from the main tank, in the east
section of tlie jail, into the cor
ridor and then through a barred
window on ttie south side of the
jail, in the basement.
The men who escaped were last
checked up in the jail when they
had their supper yesterday evening
with the remainder of the pris
oners. U. S. Marshal J. M. Tanner
said this afternoon that he was
confident that all three of the es
oaped prisoners were still In thiB
vicinity and would be picked up
within a Bliort time. Every pos
sible avenue of escape is being
olosely watched.
The escape was not detected until
shortly after midnight when Guard
Kelly found the hole in the barred
window when making his rounds
iboiit the outside of the building.
Kelly immediately notified United
■Rates Marshal J. M. Tanner who
sutiipioued tli«t deinitles at once.
\ roll call of tiie men in tile main
■ a n k showed three missing, their
oames being given above.
Escape from Main Tank.
The escape from the main tank
nto the corridor was through a
space about 18 inches high and
sight Inches wide. One of the bars
icur Brown's bunk had been sawed
iIT at llie top and bent inside. One
>f the bars of the window had been
ic.wed off at the top, nearly sawed
.hrough at the bottom and then
ivas bent in ami across the top ol
lie lower sash of the bottom win
iow. Another bar hail been sawed
iff at the top and then bent back.
From the appearance of the bars it
is believed by United States Mar
shal Tanner that part of the sawing
was done from the outside as the
bar, bent back across the sash of
the window, had an incision of
nearly h quarter of an inch from
ihe outside.
Sharp ratchet saws evidently were
used, hut How they were, obtained
is h mystery.
Outlets of Escape Guarded.
Shortly after midnight, when the
escape was discovered, Marshal Tan
ner sent men to the lower end of
Douglas Island, in a gasboat, to
keep a lookout down that waj
Other men were sent up towards
the bar and a close watch Is being
kept on the steamer Admiral Wat
ion while she is on the Channel.
Marshal Tanner believes that
Brown engineered the jail break and
made his escape shortly after R
o’clock last night, Neel and Ken
ning are believed to have made tiieir
escape about two boors later.
None of the prisoners In the main
(Continued on Kago Two.)
American Steamer Collides
With’ U. S. S. Woolsey Off
Entrance to Canal.
\dmiral Rodman, Command
er of Pacific Fleet Orders
Official Investigation.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. — The
| United States destroyer Woolsey of
the Pacific Fleet was rammed, cut
in two and sunk while in tow of
the destroyer Aaron Ward off the
coast of Panama Saturday by the
American steamship Steel Inventor,
the Navy Department announced to
day. One enlisted man ia known
to he dead, fifteen others are miss
ing and probably dead and several
|suffering severe injuries as a result
I of tlie accident.
Damage to the Steel Inventor was
| slight and none of her crew was
; hurt. One hundred and twelve sur
vivors of the Woolsey were taken
iboard tlie destroyers Aaron Ward
and Philip which at once headed
for Halboa. The Steel Inventor waa
taken under convoy of the Destroyer
Buchanan and also proceeded to
Balboa. •
Admiral Hugh Rodman, com
mander of tlie Pacific Fleet has call
ed a naval ootirf of inquiry to in
vestigate the uTalr. The court will
tit at Balboa.
Limited Funds May Stop
Trips Planned by Fleets
WASHINGTON. Keb. 28.—Limited
naval appropriations may prevent
contemplated foreign tours of the
Atlantic and Pacific F!°pts, Navy
Department officials said today.
The Department had planned to send
the Atlantic Fleet down the East
Coast of South America, and then
across the Southern Atlantic to
Cape Town, Africa while the Pacific
Fleet would go to Australia, New
Zealand and the Orient.
Nine True Bills Returned
In Probe of Defunct Bank
TACOMA. Wash., Feb. 28—Nine
true hills were returned Saturday
by the grand Jury Investigating \he
recent failure gf the Scandinavian
Atnerlcan Hank here. Names were
withheld pending serving of war
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. Feb. 28.
The Western intercollegiate Press
Service was established at the con
vention of the Intercollegiate Press
Vssoclation here Saturday.
Latest Bulletins
By Special Gable
RIGA, Feb. 28.—Rumors that the
Soviet authorities at Petrograd have
been overthrown, are circulated in
Moscow, according to Moscow ad
vices received here today.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. — The
United States Supreme Court this
afternoon held the Federal Farm
Loan Act to be constitutional, i
WASHINGTON. Feb. 28.—The Sen
ate today approved the Fordney
emergency tariff bill and sent it to
the President. The vote was 49
to 36. eleven. Democrats voting with
the Republicans in favor of the
measure and four Republicans
against it.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.—The Sen
ate has agreed on the Army bill, pro
viding an army of 176,000 instead of
150.000 as agreed by the House, and
sent it to conference. The Alaska
road appropriation of $500,000 was
reiained in the bill, and its advo
cates are hopeful that the conferees
will give it their approval.

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