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Demands Election Governor,
Secretary—Full Repre
sentation in Congress.
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gentleman from the Third who in
troduced it, fmt 1 believe the me
morial should not pa$s.
Rules Suspended.
.; The motion to suspend the rules
’was carried. Mr. Murray at the be
ginning of a defense oi. the me
morial, was interrupted by Mr.
Cochran, who demanded the “prev
ious question," the motion prevail
ing and all debate being shut off.
Various members asked to be ex
cused from voting and the House
was almost immediately in an up
roar. Before the roll call was started.
Representative Frame move adjourn
ment, being seconded by Mr. Tripp
without rising, and the second being
llfl noticed. As the clerk began the!
roll call, Mr. Brown moved to ad
journ and was ruled out of order.]
As the roll call proceeded Mr Cole,
'demanded ithat members be in
structed to vote, the Speaker rul
ing, however, that he bad excused
Mr. Kettleson and Mr. Hunter.
The memorial was defeated by a
vote of nine to live, those favoring'
adoption being Representatives Kls
ner, Uathrop, Murray, Riekert, Ner,
jand; noes—Brown, Cole, Cochran,
Frame, Getehell, Holt, Julien, Ross
and Tripp; not voting—Hunter anrij
Terms of Memorial.
• Tha text of the memorial follows:
We, the people of the Terri
tory of Alaska, hold these
truths to be self-evident—that
all men are created equal; that
they are endowed by their
Creator with certain inalien
able rights; that among these
are Life, Liberty and the pur
suit of Happiness; that to se
cure these rights, Governments
are instituted among men, de
riving their just powers from
the consent of the governed;
that whenever any form of gov
ernment is destructive of these
cndB, it is the right of the peo
ple to alter or to abolish it ,and
to institute new Government,
laying its foundation on such
principles and organizing its
powers in such a form as to
them shall seem most likely to
effect their safety and happi
ness, and,
Whereas, the Executive and
Legislative Body of the United
States has arbitrarily made ap
pointments without consulting ,
the wishes of the people of
this Territory, and hus levied
taxes directly against the peo
ple of this Territory without ;
true representation, and,
Whereas, the Congress of the
United States, with the approval
of our Chief Executive, has
made laws hampering the de
velopment of this Territory.
Therefore, we, the Represen
tatives of the people of the Ter
ritory of Alaska, assembled as
For Sale at
96 Front Street
Postoffice Substation No. I
V \ *
Pakeras Pescara, of Barcelona, Spain, Is the Inventor of the belt
copter machine. It Is designed to make vertical flights possible. M. Pee
cara is one of the most noted airplane inventors in Spain.
l -
Now Bound North
| ALAMEDA due Saturday.
| to arrive Saturday.
Scheduled Sailings
1 JEFFERSON scheduled to sail
from Seattle Saturday.
couver Monday.
attle April 23.
Southbound Saltings
hound April lit.
CITY OF SEATTLE sails south I
via Sitka Saturday.
■ ___ _ _1
a Legislative Body at Juneau,
Alaska, having faith in justice
and respecting human rights, d)
ask that the Constitution of the
United States of America be so
amended that we may elect our
Governor and Secretary of the
Territory from among our own
people of Alaska, and, to secure
adequate and just taxation, and
representation be given the
right to elect two Senators and
one Representative to the Con
gress of fix* United States with
full pdwer to act. And, that
we may have the right to des
ignate our choice In selecting ■
an American' citizen for the
highest honor that can be con- j
ferred upon him, we ask that
we be given the power of se
lecting an elector who shall
cast the vote designating the
will of the people of Alaska for
all future presidents of the
i United States.
K. of C., American Legion
Disagree Over Memorial
WASHINGTON, April 14. — An
; nouncenient that, the Amer ican Le
! gion and tire Knights of Columbus
had been unable to reach an agree
ment for the creation here of a great
war memorial for which the latter
organization was to furnish trie
funds, was made at a meeting of
the Supreme Board of Directors of
the Knights here. The Legion, it
was said, had informed the direc
tors of the Knights of Columbus
that it could not accept the offer of
$(1,000,000 because of certain stipula
tions anil the Knights later had tie
tided against modification of its or
iginal offer.
Coincident with the announcement,
the Board announced that the
Knights had made plans for a wide
extension of hospitalization work for
disabled veterans, which was not
expected to reach its peak until
1928. »
Compensation for Girl Shot
In Bergdoll Scuffle Asked
BERLIN, April 14.—The Baden
government’s recent order releasing
Carl Neuf and Franz Zimmerman,
American detectives imprisoned for
attempting to arrest Grover Cleve
land Bergdoll, and his chauffeur
Eugene (Ike) Stelier, on German
soil, contained this phrase:
"The release is made on the slip
position that the voting woman shot
in the hand will be suitably compen
sated by the Americans and that tiie
two German-Americans. Bergdoll and
Steher will remain in unoccupied
German territory and under no clr
i limstance be molested.”
Insertion of this clause is said to
have been made againt the advice
of the Central government in Bei
WASHINGTON, April 14—German
officials have made an unofficial
suggestion to the United States gov
eminent that an indemnity of about
$1,500 be paid to the German girl
shot in the hand at the time Carl
Neuf and France Zimmer attempted
to kidnap Grover C. Bergdoll at Ih
or bach. Baden. Advices from Ger
many are that the girl will lose hei
War Department officials are ills
posed to view the indemnity sug
, gestiun. which is under consldera
lion by the State Department, favor
We have had 35 years experienci
;in building tar roofs and repairing
Se.* E. Ellingen or Phone 136. edv
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was tossed about considerable, it was
opposed by several on the grounds
that Senate Joint Memorial No. 12.
Introduced earlier in the session,
covered the ground more thoroughly
as befitting ail of Alaska. The
House Memorial was introduced by
Representative Holt, and remarks
were made on the floor of the Sen
ate that the Second Division repre
sentative had only considered bis
little section, disregarding the re
mainder of Alaska. The upshot of
the discussion on this Memorial was
that it was referred to the Senate
Committee on Taxes and Transmeta
tion to be worked and molded over
with the Senate Memorial.
House Joint Memorial No. 14, rala-j
tive to requesting road fund approp
rfa tion or $955,000 for 1922 was
unanimously passed.
House Concurrent Resolution No.
7, relative to Memorials and Reso
lutions being forwarded by the Sec-j
retary of Alaska to the persons or
parties addressed was shaken around,
and emerged as Senate Bill No. 49,
by lyir. Hess and referred buck to the
House Bill No. 5, regarding draw
ing of jurors in Justices’ Courts
recommended that, it do not pass,
was indefinitely postponed.
Fresh Fish Taritf Bill
When Senate Joint Memorial No.
'J was reached on the daily file, and
the recommendation front the coin-1
mittee read that it do not pass, oh
Section was made. Senator Hunt,
who introduced the Memorial, p: o
tested, saying that a tarif.’ was
wanted if the ,fishing industry of
Alaska was to be protected. Sent
tors Chamberlin and Britt also spoke!
in favor of the Memorial and when
the motion was made, it was referred
hack to the committee for further re-]
hearing and changing.
At 12:10 o’clock, a recess was ta
ken until 1:30 o'clock for final dis
position of Seante Bill No. 33, the
livestock Bill. When adjournment
was taken the bill had been rartlv
read by Secretary Reed but Sena
tor Hess said he believed that the
amendments made yesterday had no*
been engrossed properly and be
wanted the bill compared again.
At the session this afternoon.
Senator Frawley announced the bill
had been properly engrossed. The
bill, as an emergency anil as amend
ed as given elsewhere in today's
Empire was unanimously passed and
goes to the House during the after
As soon as the House passes the
measure and it is approved by Gov
Riggs, certain funds are already
available for reimbursement of
| dairymen who lost dairy cattle last
Pacific-American Fisheries
To Operate Two Canneries
BELLINGHAM, Wash., April 14.— ;
The Padflc-Amerlcan Fisheries Corn
pany announced today that only two
canneries, one at lkatan and the oth
er at Port Moller, will be operated;
this year. The Katherine O is sehed
uled to sail today with several tr?
Penalty for Late Freight
Shipments on Yukon Raised
SEATTLE, April 14.—Penalties of
i ten dollars per ton on freight'
shipped on the Yukon River after
August 11 to prevent repetition of
i damage to bouts frozen in by early
ica last Fall was announced today;
by the American-Yukon Navigation
The old penalty of five dollars per;
ton will still apply to stations be-|
tween Kotlik and Holy Cross.
Silver Bow Lodge 2-A will meet
Thursday night at eight o'clock All
members are requested to be present
Visiting brethren welcome Earle
E Smith, Noble Grand; Gunnard
Gustafson, Secretary. adv
Henry Berry, dealer in Curio*
Specialty. Ivory Bead*. 165 Front
Street. —
Ross Road Bill Passes Second
Reading—Livestock Bill
Is Recommitted.

Defeating all efforts at further
amendment in the House this morn
ing, the Ross Road Bill was put
through its second reading and ord
1 trod engrossed. It Is said to provide
: ror temporary co-operative road
work. The hill was hiouglit up
‘shortly after the House convene 1
1 with the report of the Committee of
[ the Whole lrom yesterday's session,
i the report being adopted.
Mr Murray attempt I to have it
I amended by increasing the sal; ry
'of tilt present Divisional Hoad Com
missioners from the stipend prn
: vided for of $10 per day while
| actually engaged in work to an al
lowance of $20 per day. Mr. Coch
ran opposed the increase, declar
ing that he was not willing to
approve a salary of $600 per month
for the Commissioners although, he
said, it seemed to be on a par with
the bill generally. Mr. Murray’s
amendment was defeated.
Mr. Cochran again attempted to
amend the bill so as to make com
pulsory the approval of all co-opera
tive agreements by the entire per
sonnel ot' the Divisional Road Com
missions. He' declared that lie had
a mandate from his constituents on
thsut phase of the matter and hej
would carry it out if possible. His j
amendment was defeated.
Assure Co-operative Work
Amendments adopted by the House
in Committee of the Whole to the
Ross Road Bill yesterday afternoon
are said in effect to guarantee con
trol by the Territorial Hoad Bureau
of all co-operative road construction
agreements entered into the Terri
tory and Federal road building agen
cies for the next two years. The
co-operative provisions of the meas
ure are contained in Section 17
which as amended, reads:
"It shall be the duty of the Ter
ritorial Board of Road Commission
ers, at the request of the Chairman
of the Divisional Road Commission,
to enter into co-operative agreements
with the Alaska Road Commission
and the Secretary of Agriculture or
other Federal authority, for the con
struction, repair or maintenance of
any public road, bridge or ferry
within the Territory in the manner
new prescribed by Jaw. but no such
co-operative agreement shall become
| effective until approved by the Chair
j man of the Divisional Road Commis
Under the provisions of the bill,
for the next two years the Chair
men of the four Divisional Road
Commissions will be appointed by:
the Territorial Commission and he
un ler its authority and responsive
! to its suggestions. In this manner,
. it wag pointed out, the central;
j board's power to initiate and carry;
out in behalf of the Territory eo-op
lerative agreements considered by it
I for the best interests of the coun
Cochran Fights Amendment
As originally drawn, co-operative
agreements would not be undertak
en nor could they become effective
until they were fully approved by
the entire Divisional Commission, in
each district. The membership on
the several AVivisional Commissions
will vary. For the next two years
they will be composed of a chairman
appointed by the Territorial Board
and two members elected last No
vember. If the Ross bill is enacted
however, beginning with 1923. these
commissions will be composed of an
elective chairman and assistants ap
pointed by such chairman from each
recording precinct.
Air. Cochran fought the amend
ment adopted taking away from the
assistant commissioners voice in ap
proving co-operative agreements and
bestowing it entirely on the chair
man . He declared that tlie people
j of his division are solidly against
| such action and demand that the
whole commission have the right to
, say who shall expend the Territory’s
road funds and where they shall be
I expended.
Strike Salary Clause
The House in Committee of the
Whole yesterday also adopted adopt
ed an amendment striking the clause
providing for a fixed salary of $2.
500 per year for the elected Com
missioner and inserted a provision
giving such chairman six per cent
of the amount appropriated by the
Legislature to carry out the provis
ions of the Act, however, not to ex
ceed *2,500 in any one year and to]
he paid in monthly installments. One]
or two other minor amendments
were also made.
, When the Committee arose yester j
day afternoon, owing to the lateness]
of the hour the report was not]
made. The bill was continued on
its second reading to be taken up
this morning from the daily file.
Livestock 3ill Recommended
House Rill No. 17. by Mr Rlck
erl. amending the present live
stock inspection law and providing
for reimbursement of owners it
slaughtered stick lost thereunder,
was taken up in the Committee of
j the Whole After a short study cf
the measure, the Committee re
ported hark -o.ommending that it
1 he recommitted to the proper House
Measure to Provide
For Purchase of
Collection introduced
House Bill No. 33, ‘intro
duced by Mr. Cole this after- j
noon, has for its object the j
purchase of the famous col- j
lection of Eskimo antinqufties
owned by Dr. Daniel S. Neu
man and now forming a pdSt
of the collection in the Alaska j
Museum. The measure car- i
ries with it an approbation 1
clause for $15,000.,
The measure gives to the
Governor of the Territory full
authority to make the pur
chase. Gov. Riggs has en
dorsed the purchase of the
collection and it also has the
support of the Alaska Histori
cal Association.
standing committee for amend
Aids to Navigation.
House Joint Memorial No. 16, by
Mr. Holt, asking for a survey of the
coast of Bering Sea for the purpose
of determining the necessity of aids
to navigation, was introduced. The
memorial asks that lighthouses be
established at Cape Darby, Point
Princess, Cape Prince of Wales and
other places. It was referred to the
Committee on Transportation.
Clerk Authorized.
House Joi*t Resolution No. 1, by
Mr. Cochran, authorizing the em
ployment by the House Judiciary
Committee of a clerk at not to ex
ceed $300 was introduced. On mo
tion by Mr. Cochran, rules were sus
pended and the resolution was pass
ed unanimously.
Mr. Eisner introduced House Joint
Memorial No. 17, relative to "home
rule” for Alaska, which under sus
pended rules, was put on its linal
passage and defeated.
Appropriation Passes
The appropriation for the Alaska
Agricultural College and School of
Mines for $41,000 for the next two
years passed its second reading in
the House this afternoon without de
bate. The bill provides for an ex
penditure of $21,000 the first year for
buildings and equipment, limiting
building expenditures to $8,000 of
that sum, and also for $10,000 for
incidental expenses and teachers' sal
Mining Law Up
The House took up for considers
tion late this afternoon, House Bill
No. 18, by Mr. Cochrane, relative to
amendment of the Alaska mining
law. repealing certain sections de
dared to be unconstitutional, the
main one being the provision making
failure to record proof of annual min
ing assessment work cause for for
feiture of claims.
The House, on convening after the
noon recess, on motion of Mr. Cole
without a record vote, voted to strike
from the record all proceedings in
connection with the proceedings rel
ative to House Joint Memorial No.
17, defeated by the House at the
morning session.
•> ■ • ■ j.
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