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Oldest Newspaper In Alaska.
‘The News of the Day In Pictures’
Member of The Associated Press.
Nugget Weather Forecast
Fair and Continued
Cold Tonight
and Tuesday
Published Every
VOL. 39.
No. 7.
Single Coov 25cts.
Stanley Reed Nominated as Supreme Court Justice
Republican Convention Adopts Platform at Juneau
Roosevelt Names
Stanley Reed As
Member Bench
WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. 15,
—President Roosevelt nomin
ated Solicitor-General, Stanley
Reed to be an Associate Justice
of the Supreme Court, succeeding
Justice Sutherland, who resigned
effective Tuesday, Jan. 18th.
Reed has been discussed as a
possible appointe for a long time,
even as successor to former Jus
tice Vandevanter. The U.S. Sen
ate was somewhat excited when
the word was spread about.
Stanley Reed was born at Mays
ville, entucky, December 31,1884.
As Solicitor General he carried
the burden of arguing many of
the New Deal’s biggest cases be
fore the Supreme Court, and was
•"known to have made a highly fav
orable impression among lawyers.
Immediate reaction by senators
is judged the favorably indicated
Judiciary Committee, that they
would consider his nomination
Although a democrat, Reed was
appointed by former President
Herbert Hoover to the Farm Cre
d’t Board as Counsel, later as
RFC Couns 1, and was called to
the Solicitor General's post early
during the Rooseve.^ aJministra
Soviets Suspend
Payments Italy
MOSCOW, Jan. 15, UP)—Russia
•suspended commercial payments
to Italy, holding that the Italian
navy refused to pay for Soviet
oil and Soviet ships being detain
ed in Indian ports. The disputed
money will be deposited in a
special account in the State Bank
of Russia.
Foreign Minister Yvon Delbos
(above) announced after con
ference in London plans for
broad consultations with other
powers looking toward general
settlement of world unrest.
but “ phonetically," as the telephone number ot the President's old
Nev Vork town house now belongs t-' Mrs John King rtoosa (right).
She and a friend. Bette Touart deft) have fun telling It niiblicao
jokes to Democrats who think they're calling Roosevelt.
Murderer Was
Hanged Deaths
Family of Three
C1LUMBUS, Montana, Ja... 15,
(TP)—Frank Robideau, 47, who
slew Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kuntz of
Wheat Basin, Montana. Novem
ber 26th, and brutally beat their
son Larry, aged 5, paid the pen
alty when he was hanged here
today. His last words were: “If
any sympathy is shown for my
wife and family, they need it, I
don’t need it.”
Before hanging he was given
two requests—two drinks of whts
key and his favorite song, “When
Irish Eyes Are Smiling."
He confessed that he shot Mr.
Kuntz in an argument over grain
and shot Mrs. Kuntz when she
grabbed a gun.
Harry Lundeberg
Reelected Sailor
Union Pacific
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan, 15, (/P)
—Harry Lundeberg. who kept
the Sailors Union of the Pacific
Coast from affiliating with either
the AFL or CIO organizations,
was re-elected sec rotary - tr easur
er, the highest office in their gift.
A coastwise referendum stood
2496 to 453.
Lundeberg’s only opponent was
Harry Mayer, who the ClO-efs
supported. Pete Gill beat Edward
Fisher for Seattle Agent.
The balloting committee said
that none of the candidates run
ning on the CIO affiliation plat
form were elected.
You can save -2.00 by paying six
months in advance for your sub
scription to The Nome Nugget.
Wilkins Cruised
Within 490 Miles
Of North Pole
FAIRBANKS. Jan. 15, UP)—
After cruising within four hun
dr.d miles of the North Pole,
Sir Hubert Wilkins and his com
panions, returned to Aklavik at
3:35 A. M. this morning, without
reporting sighting of the Russian
PoLar fliers.
Hollick enyon who was at the
controls, found scattered clouds,
and zero temperature at four
thousand feet altitude.
Two Republicans File
JUNEAU. Jan. 17. (/P)—Royal
Sheppard, an insurance man, and
Cash Cole, a transfer company
o-erator, filed their candidacy on
the republican ticket for the ter
ritorial House, in the primary
debate on compulsory tobacco
and rice control. Senator Allen
Ellcnder (above), successor to
Huey Long, declared, “Down in
Louisiana we believe in doing
things in a democratic wav."
GOP Convention
Juneau Ended

JUNEAU, Jan. 17, (£>)—iDele
gates to the republican conven
tion started homeward Sunday,
following adjournment late Sat
urday night, after adoption of a
platform, the discussion for its
adoption took up so much time
that no candidates were given an
opportunity to make speeches.
No candidates were endorsed
by the convention.
The platform as adopted oppos
ed a "One-Iiouse'’ Legislature;
opposed the three per cent gross
gold tax.
The liquor plank introduced,
(urged strict enforcement of all
liquor laws and the changing of
local option provision to allow a
majority of any community to
outlaw liquor. The convention
compromised on the issue with
advocating bone dry law or ter
| ritorial Stores.
I The convention reaffirmed its
'faith in the Supreme Court, and
!condemned the territorial demo
icratic administration on grounds
'of extravagance and unfairness,
and urged territorial control of
: fish, game and fur: and also op
posed bonding of the territory;
and for other purposes condemn
ed the proposed withdrawal of
mineral lands and placing them
under a leasing system; and urg
ed enactment of law's prohibiting
the employment of non-resident
Elton Engstrom was the key
note speaker.
(See page two for additional
convention news.)
Annual Roosevelt
Birthday Ball
Plans for the annual Roosevelt
Birthday Ball were discussed at
a meeting held yesterday in the
office of Aimer Rydeen, in re
sponse to a telegram received by
Russell Maynard from Secretary
of Alaska, E. W. Griffin, who is
the Alaska Chairman this year,
of this yearly event.
It was decided to present an
! entertainment and dance at the
Public School auditorium. The
'date this year is Saturday, Jan.
29th, the entertainment numbers
to be brief but snappy.
' Another meeting is being held
this evening among representa
tive members of various agencies
in the city, at which time com
mittees are expected to be ap
• During the past three years,
picture shows were given by the
Roosevelt Birthday Fund Com
mittee. This year it was believ
ed that a public dance and enter
tainment would furnish the pub
' lie with much enjoyment in ad
dition to the opportunity of help
ing increase the fund which is
'used to employ medical services
, for children.
New Chairman
Alaska Planning
Council On Job
18 Passengers Held Whitehorse
By Continued Storms
Continued snowstorms held 18
passengers from Fairbanks and
other Interior points at White
horse. They are enroute to the
States and were to connect with
tlie Canadian steamer Princess
Norah, at Jun an, Sunday morn
New Chairman of A.P.C.
JUNEAU, Jan. 13. (Ah—The Al
aska Planning Commission, Fri
day, accepted the resignation of
B. F. Heintzleman as chairman,
and elected Ik. Taylor, chief en
gineer of the Alaska Road Com
mission, as his successor.
John E. Pegues. of the Federal
Housing Administration, w a s
1 chosen as executive Secretary of
the Commission, succeeding E.L.
! Bartlett, who resigned.
Log Raft Located
Pilot Sheldon Simmons located
the missing log raft in Salisbury
Sound, which broke away from
a tug while enroute to Sitka
from Hisst.
Mrs. Flora Quick Dead
Mrs. Flora Quick. for many
I years associated wiih the Salva
tion Army in Alaska, dies’ at
Sitka, of h art ailment. She re
presented Alaska at the Interna
tional Congress of the Salvation
Army at London, in 1014
How Mining Claims can b*
Staked in Alaska, length, Bread
th. how many, and the Associa
! tion Claim, described in detail, ir.
pamphlet form, for sale at Th*
Nugget Office, for 10 cents.
succeeded where other Belgian
leaders had failed in forming a
cabinet recently is Premier Pant
Emile Janson (above), a liberal.
French Premier
Has Difficulties
Get Cabinet
PARTS. Jan 15, ■ I’i— Determin
i •:?.! >pj'f aition thwarted
th? eff o? Ge >rg - Bonnot.the
r. d. -al s' .alist premier, who is
designst d to reform France’s
shattered People's Front into a
government. Leon Blum, leader
of the socialists, told Bonnet flat
Iv, that h;- party couldn't sup
p jrt Bonnet's conservative solu
tion to meet the country's grave
lab v ?.r ! economic troubles.
Premier Bonnet continued, nev
efthoie--. to ,ry to organize a cab
inet. It was --.od in corridors,
that any cabinet Bonnet might
form will be opposed by commun,
ists as well as socialists.
IT’S HIGHER EDUCATION on the art of sum
chewing for ihese Marquette University co-eds as Dawn Bennett
(center) passes the test of chewing with the glass atop her head. Jean
Savage (left) proffers the gum, as Frances McGrath looks on.
Baseball Doubleheader—School Gymnasium, 8 P.M. Wed
Hammons vs. Commercials-Alaskans vs. Federals
jCH *■» cj ' ysj *tr • ' ■£">
M. i***- -w-*- ) ^
1 O
1 9
Admission 50cts, ana 23'a.
Sat. Jan. 22, 8:30 P.M. High School Gym. Auspices Home Arts Club. Adults Adm. SOcts

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