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Oldest Newspaper In Alaska
“The News Of The Day In Pictures'”
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Nugget Weather Forecast. |
Light Snow Tonight
Generally Fair
SliighMly Colder Tuesday
Published Every
VOL. 39. No. 16.
Single Cody 25cts.
“Kaiser-Hitler” Assumes Command German A»rny
All Europe Apprehensive Over German Nazism
i ___, .. —- .. . — - ■■ ■ -.. .
the island ot New Guinea will
be made tor the American Mu*
scum of Natural History with a
14-ton seaplane purchased by
Richard Arc'nbold (above).
Hunters Rescued
Floating Ice Floe
Offshore Winds
BARROW, Arctic Ocean, Peb. 7
(JP1—The second act of the drama
of men against Arctic ice condi
tions, end d happily yesterday,
when the rescue party and a num
ber of Eskimo seal hunter were
rescued from drifting ice floes,
after a rescue party from BaTrow
had put out to them in a skin
boat and after batling an off
shore wind which threatened to
carry the floe out again, the party
finally made shore.
While Pilot Harold Gillam was
resting after his recent rescue by
natives with gasoline on dog sleds
Gilliam’s plane was prepared and
gassed u.p to take off to seek the
missing hunters, just when word
was received that the ice floe
had drifted close to shore, and
with the aid of a skin boat were
landed safely.
Pilot Gillam is undecided when
he will return to Fairbanks.
The message also states that elev
en native white trappers went
from 20 to one hundred miles by
dog team in answer to Pilot Gil
lam's signals of distress, recently.
Hitler Assumed
Post Minister of
War in Germany
BERLIN, Feb. 5, (/P)—Adolph
Hitler assumed the post of Minis
ter of War, thereby filling the gap
left vacant by the resignation of
Von Blomberg. A decree issued
said: “Henceforth I personally
will exercise direct command of
the entire army and its establish
ment.'' Hitler thus dealt with
one of the gravest crisis during
his five year's of power, which
was brought on by the “socially J
impossible” marriage of former
Minister of War Von Blomberg
to Erika Gruhn, a carpenter’s
Apprehensive Over
Nazism German
LONDON, Fc'b. 6, I/P)—All Bur-:
ope was apprehensive after the
Hitler army ahakeup, and daplo-1
mats expressed fear that the Nazi!
fication or the army presages a
'Putsch in Austria with Italy co
operating to extend its Fascist
dominion along the Rome-Berlin
The recall of Von Papen from
Vienna, is held as a prelude to
Nazi penetration of Austria, as
Von Papen was a moderating in
fluence with radical Nazis and
the commander of the army.
The eilief is expressed that in
creased aid to the Spanish In
surgents will follow the deposed
army chief’s lukewarm aiding of
British newspapers bannered
the shakeup as “K.iiser Hitler’s
coup", and said the Fuhrer was
following in the footsteps of Wil
The -Nome Daily Nugget carrie.'- !
several forms of printing blank;
for your convenience — Dredgt
Logs, thawing and drill reports
; Mining Deeds, Placer and Lodf
Location Notices. Vouchers.
Japanese Army
Nearing Muchen
Railroad Center
SHANGHAI, Feb. 5, (/Pi—Jap
anes. forces are reported to have
forced their way over the Hwai
River after a desperate battle and
are pushing their way toward
Muchen, one of the vital junc
tions of th Tientsin-Pukow Rail
road leading to Suohow.
Other Japanese columns are
pushing on to Central China from
Tsing'.ao and South toward Su
chow, executing pincers move
ments to cut off a vast area bel
tween Tsientin-Puktow Railway
and the const.
■Chinese officials claimed that
the efforts of the Japanese forces
to cross the Hwai River north of
Pengpu were repulsed.
TATTOOING TELLS TALES OF IDLENESS on Devil's Island. Men spent hoars
decorating their bodies. Across a pair of shoulders was “Ne Pour Souffrir.” or "Born to Suffer.
fugitives from Devil's Island the penal colony on trench Guiana, escaped their cells and took
open boat Por 18 days they sailed and paddled, covering t>00 miles. Without food or drink for the .ast
four days, they were nearing death when they made Port-of-Spain. Trinidad, off the coast of Vene
zuela. They landed (above) to find food and shelter—but no permanent safety Speeded on by Trinidad
officials, the seven fugitives again took to their boat, bound for Panama.
Ilaney Firestone
Died In Florida
MIAMI BEACH, Florida. Feb.7
(/l1)—Harvey S. Firestone, age 69.
auto tire manufacturer, died, here
His son Russet' 1 announced that
his father passed away in his
sleep. He had suffered from ill
ness intermitt ntly of recent years
but his health was good when he
arrived here for his annual win
ter sojourn.
Noted Lady Dead
AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 5, UP)—
Mrs. Percy Penny Packer, a for
mer presid nt General of the
Federation of Women’s Clubs,
died here after a lengthy illness.
Court Upholds
Sentence, Fine
!)r. Townsend
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Feb. 7,
(/Hi—The District of Columbia
Court of Appeals affirmed the
conviction last March of Doctor
Townsend who was charged with
contempt of the House. Unless
the Supreme Court consents to
review the case the “Old Age
Pension advocate must serve 30
days in jail and pay a $100 fine.
The contrmpt citation was brot
after Dr. Townsend on May, 21,
1036. walked out of the House
Committee which was hearing
his plan of pensions, at which
time the Committee r fused to
allow him to read a statement.
Japan Has No
Plans Building
Big Battleships
TOKYO, Feb. 7, (/P)—A Japan
ese Foreign Office spokesman de
clar d that Japan ‘‘has no pHan
for the construction of forty-three
thousand ton battleships as wide
ly reported abroad". Navy offic
ials however, reported that they
have decided against disclosing
and details of the Japanese naval
building program to either the
United States or Great Britain.
TOKYO, Feb. 7, UP)—Foreign
Minister Ilirota said that the
Japanese government reached no
decision on how to reply to the
requests of the United States and
Great Britain concerning Naval
building program.
illam Arrived
Pt. Barrow Sat.
In Good Shape
BARROW, Feb. 5.</P)—Gillam
radioed at 3:30 P.M. that a dog
team from Barrow with a load
of gasoline arrived at his plane
and weather permitting after re
fueling. he would fly to Barrow.
He said his location was ascertain
ed as being midway between
Meade and Chipp Rivers, eighty
miles south of Barrow.
BARROW, Feb. 6, (lP)—Pilot.
Gillam and his plane arrived at.
Barrow at 12 o'clock noon, yes
Meeting Monday, Feb. 6th at
8 P.M. at Odd Fellows Hall.
Matters of Importance. Smoker,
and lunch follows.
Julius Patterson. Dictator.
Publish Wed. and Fr..
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CUP OF MISERY (FROM THIRST) WAS F I L L E 0 until a friendly native at
Port-ot-Spain. Trinidad rave this Devil’s Island lumlive a drink But it doesn’t seem to be water.
Baseball Doubleheader—High School Gym, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 9

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