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SOCIAL S W I M—Brevity
Is the soul of wit and also of
this beach costume outfit, worn
by social Alice M, Fleitmann,
seen at the Meadow club at
^ Southampton, Long Island.
V? as!iin«iton
E" Drew ^carsor.
and Robert S. Allen
V 'sEHTNOTON — The Hour.:
wi’ 1 oas.; the lend-lease bill by a
dec ivc majority and without any
major curtailment of the wide
powers it grants the President,
but the measure will be amend
ed ir three respects:
(1) There will be a fixed limit
on its duration; (2) the President
wi 1 be required to report to
Congress, every three months,
w.ac . as been done under the
act: a d (3) convoying of sup
olv ,p will be expressly pro
Pr v • iv, the Administration
•v ui•' i> glad to accent any time
1. s..-j long as it is expressed
i. -.era: terms, such as for the
duration of the national erner
-ov." But it’s doubtful whe'her
rid. can he pu’ over. Sentiment
, 'strong in the Hous for re
g the law to a .specific
;: :r 1 . f .ime.
U. o.blicc.ns, most of
.: m one Hor ded to the bill,
. Id down its operation
one ; . :r. The Democrats are
■: ■ mimimum of two years, and
they wi 1 hav>; the votes to de
-,d- the matter.
Eh : hr..nt for the convoy ban
i overwhelming. Many Congress
m are insisting on it as the
pi :ce of their support. They are
telling !■ aders the ban is neces
sary to all ay war fears in their
district. They admit Roosevel
has stated ropeated’y that he has
no intention of convoying ships,
but the beys insist that it be pu.
down in writing.
This is particularly true of the
small group of Republicans who
otherwise favor the bill. They are
ch manding the amendment for
.heir protection.
The GOP. incidentally, is in a
line and scarcity of taxis have produced a bicycle boom in Paris,
and French women are tempering their clothes needs accordingly.
Here’s a I.ucile Manguin trouser skirt (or jupe culotte) that en
ables the Parisienne in a city now directed by Germans to do her
shopping readily. Blouse is of scarlet flannel.
tough spot. The overwhelming
majority is against the bill, but
jfraid such a line-up will hang
m appeasement label on th.; Re
publican Party. That is why
there will be no whips cracked i
c make the boys vote
Sr,rr.; of the Democratic House
leaders would have preferred to;
let the S at. lake the bill first,
believing that would have time
on aner. rr. nt' in the end. But
the W v K ,'u. e Fared a pro
,r etc d S b - and a de
lay that aid have an unfavor
ab e phi..mi. igie.il e-fi ct. Quick
action b .• t e s: cdter House
would give i'.e bill a stronger
poiitio. . ill Senate and with
the public.
The Administration can thank
three .'U-ter icrs lor getting the
o; 11 tni , ;'•!> n ; j ic hearings
and Ft :i Affairs Committee
with a . or. ■ ;,-n of mauling.
They a: R . r la:iv s Luther
Johnson, lrvcl-h. ad; d veteran
Texan: J . p. Richard- of
S ulh C . i i W rt Court- '
ney of T . Th y carried
the b.*l ; u i g g;t tough
and \vi it : ny gi and-larding,
do; a v : n: w h job of it.
NCTT i - >: i timaites of
Senator ’ r. Wi;. .• 1. ,• are hinting
that hr i ring a b g serra
tion dur g tin 1 nab debate on
the bill Tin' i tim-hi >n is that it
has to do with t ie peace efforts
tf Wi i: - K. Dav s, who barter
ed Mexl : i oil to tlic Nazis and
recently denied he was a financ
ial back r of V rn. Marshall’s
Fo. * , V.’ar Committee.
While Wendell Wiilkie was
making 1 nt page news in Lon
don fav ring the lend-lcase arm-1
ament bill, a group of potent
M.d.vcs rn Republican leaders
met in Onirha to discuss what
to dc s'i at him.
That most of the GOP chiefs
are hot under the collar because
their ers while sta. dard-bearer
is behind dne R 'osev It m asure
i- puffing i: mildly. They are so
're th v cm d bite nails. He put
the Republican Party on the spot
on this highly charged issue—the
It. ,h:ng the boys wanted to
lirp n.
SPRING —Flowers that bloom
in the spring turn up for this
printed wool jersey suit that a
winsome New Yorker models to
advantage. The shorts have
sarong draping.
The unannounced Omaha pow
wow is a sequel to a similar gath ,
;ring of Midwestern state chair
men in Chicago last month which
:orj.-idered means of preventing!
Wil kie from getting a grip on
he party organization when Na-,
,ion3l Chairman Jo- Martin steps
rut. Martin was sot to quit at i
National Committee meeting late
this month. But following the
urg t okas of Tom Dewey, Sen
3tor E b Taft and others, Joe
age I ir tiie sake og harmony j
to r main until S ptember.
I’araeipants in the Chicago
me ting agreed to return heme,
sound out party sentiment regard
ing Willkie then meet in Omaha
to - change finding-. But since
the Chicago m etir.g, Willkie has
declared for tile lend-lease bill
and turned the party almost up
side down.
Some of the big shots, wary
about bei.g tagged openly with
a n>ov . - ixe Willkie, d.d not
ait- nd in parson, but sent less
conspicuous friends to act as "un
3*11. observers.”
Fr m the point of vi w of the
pro-. Lard Halifax has gel off to
a good Hart. To be sure, lie did
n’t pose for the cameras with a
cat on his sh ml ler as did
the 1- : L-orth Lothian. (The sup
erst it Sous are now word ring
ab -ul that black cat.) But Hali
fax did gtve new -men a chance
to get at him, and he proved to
be less frigid than expected.
When Halifax came to the
State Department, one day after
his arrival, the news writers, the
newsreelers and the ‘'stills" all
had a go at him before he got on
the safe sid. of Hull’s door. Later
the photographers were allowed
to walk right into Hull’s office
and take pictures of the two
statesmen together behind Hull’s
After his talk with Hull, Hali
fax invit-d the press into the
diplomatic reception room, where
with his one good arm (his left
hand is missing) he lit a cigarette
and answered questions with a
deep voice and a wan smile.
Oddity at this conference was
the presence of the German news
man, Kurt Sell, correspondent
for the official Nazi news agency.
DNB. Sell busi'y took notes
while Halifax was saying, “Wh- n
•he history of this war comes to
written, it will say that Hith r
■t. the war in June of 19-40.”
NOTE: Accompanying Halifax
ft m L: r was Charles Peake,
former chief -of press relations of
the British F reign Office who
lei-d n w-'tnen that up to the last
minute before sailing, members
of the crew of the battleship
FORECAST — Tonic for hot
weather is this reminder of
skating season — an igloo cos
tume designed by Louise Unger
of Flushing, N. Y., who thereby
won a scholarship sponsored by
Dr. Willis II. Carrier. Embroid
ery’s red and blue.
King George though it was Em- j
XT or Haile Selassie who wa
>oming aboard.
Herbert Hoover mad another
secret sorties into the Capital—
iis second in a month.
On his previous visit he con
ferred wtih a few political and
press intimates about his cam
paign to force the British to open
hi. ir blockade to permit ship
ment of food to Nazi-occupie
France. But this time he had the
[ease-lond bill on his mind.
As on his first trip. Hoover
held forth at the home of Wil
liam Castle, soft-spoken Under
S.cr tary of Stale in his Cabinet,
c osc adviser of Colonel Lind
bergh, and one of the master
minds of isolation. * For the oc
cassion, Castle gave a private din
ner and invited a small group of
Republican isolationist leader,
among them S nators Vanden
berg and Taft.
The ex-President vigorous^ de
nounced the lend-lease bill as
‘■dictatorial" and urged that ev
e.y effort be made to "blackout
as h expressed it, the broad
pawc: would give Roos< v. ::
to aid Britain.
According to Hoover’ e- “.ra
tion of his position, he fav r
bill under which the Brs’.ish
would be lent a stated sum of
money for the purchase of arm
aments and materials her , but
only after putting up as collat
eral British capital invested in
the U. S.
Hoover expressed a desire to
have his ideas offer'd as amend
ments when the bill is debated
n the Senate, and it was agreed
that he should draft the amend
NOTE: All present at the din
ner voiced hot disapproval of
Willkie’s endorsement of the
Roosevelt bill and junket to Lon
don. The term “irresponsible”
was used several times to de
scribe his action.
Tom Corcoran is famous for
manf things, one of them b.ing
his lack of punctuality. Always
rushed with innumerable jobs, he
got hours behind with his en
gga: ments, and his favorite time
for catching up with correspond •
ence was Sunday afternoon and
Corcoran's first-born daughter
arrived several days after the
doctors had predicted and the dy
namic brain-truster took the de
lay very hard. But not his beaut
eous wife, Peggy.
She was calm and certain ev
erything would be all right. Af
. or wards a fri nd asked her why
;he had been so confident.
"Oh" shiled Peggy "who ever j
icard of a Corcoran being on
itne for an appointment?
First (i-~) in
inJjond' //'
At your favorite tavern
and package store.
Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 100 proa,
Schenley Distillers Corp., N.Y.C,
A Juneau Medical Society was
formed by all doctors of Juneau
and aims and bylaws were drawn
up by a committee consisting of
Drs. W. P. Blanton, Langdon
White and L. P. Dawes.
Dr. Courtney Smith was elect
ed President of the new organ
ization, Dr. W. M. Whitehead,
Vice-President, and Dr. Joseph
C. Rude, Secretary-Treasurer.
The Society will meet the sec
ond Tuesday in each month at 8
o’clock in the evening.
Charter nr mbt r- a:.- Dr. W. P.
B anton, Dr. Langdon White. Dr.
L. P. Dawes. Dr. W M. White
head, Dr. Courtney Smith, Dr.
Joseph O. Rude, Dr. W. S. Ram
sey. Dr. C. C. Carter. Dr. W. W
Council. Dr. Palmer Congdon,
and Dr. E. F. Vollert.
Write to your friends and rela
tives on the ‘Outside’, using Sour
ugn Stationery. They 11 get a big
K out of it.
The Finest and Completest Line
Of Forms For All Kinds Of
Mining Operations
Drill Field Logs
Dredge Shift Reports
Non-Liability Notices
Voucher Forms
Proof of Annual Labor
Special Power of Attorney
Placer Location Notices
Lode Location Notices
Bill of Sale
Mining Laws in Brief
Social Security Receipts
Letter Heads
Sourdough Stationery
Ready Printed—You send your order
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