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WaNTED.—AII postmasters in
the state to act as agents for the
“Mansion,” liberal commission
a'lowed. - On receiptof first remit
tance all necessary decuments
will be forwarded. ‘
I.ocal WNews.
Dudley ZE. Jones—gins and
presses, ,
For a nice silk parasol go to
Ottenheimer & Bro's.
For bargains in brussels car
pets go to Ottenheimer & Bro's.
For a first-class Photograph,
go to Jno P Rapier’s, 404 1, Main
Street. 1
School board meets to-night
for the purpese of electing teachers
for the next scholastic year.
The grand lodge of colored
masons meets in this city on the
third Wednesday of July. ,
For any kind of bargains in
stapie and fancy dry geods go. to
Ottenheimer & Bro’s.
ThompSon Agnew, a colered
man who was shot April 12th by
officer Adams, died June 15th, of
traumatic tetanus.
Four thousand colored men are
employed in the construction of
the Panama canal across the
Isthmus, ,
M. W. Shaw, 407 1-2 Main street,
i 3 the best: place to buy sewing ma
chines, he sells cheap for cash or on
easy payments. Don’t buy unti
you see him. iy
For Paints, Oils, Wall Paper,
Picture Frames, Doors, Sash
Glass, etc,, etc., go to Chas. T
Ables, & Ce., No, 215, Mair
Street. 1
Ladies if you fail to examine the
New Home before buying a sewing
machine you are sure to regret it
Sce the fine display at the New
Home office, 407 1-2 Main St.
Richmdnd & Allen have a few
of Landreth’s garden seed left
which they will sell at reducec
rates to close them out. Cawur
Dr Porter will preach at Bethe
Sabbath evening at 8:30 o’clock
Subject—*‘Plagues in the Wilder
ness.” All are invited to b
There will be a grand excursior
to Jefterson Springs, Sunday
June 24th, to meet Eastern Ligh
Logyre No 6, and see them instal
PR officers. Come everybod,
a 0 with us.
Honßiodge No 1720, g R
U Ofof O F, R B Coleman was
elected a delegate to represent
that lodge in the district lodge.
to meet-at Fort Smith, August 1.
1885. .
G H DButler has severed his
connection with the Mercantile
Agency of Messrs R G Dunn &
Co. Until a manager is appoint
-ed, S Hadida, from the Memphis
district, will superintend the busi
ness at this point.
Gov. Berry has ordered a spe.
cial election, July 7th, in the fol
lowing townships in Pope county,
to elect magistrates: Clark, Dover,
Gum Leg, Holly Bend, Lee, More
land, M:ll Fork, Sand Spring and
Wilson. i :
Married, at the residence of the
bride in Eastman township, Pu
laski couuty, last Saturday even
ing, Mr Prince Davig to Miss
Maria Ham. The ceremony was
‘performed by the Rev R Achols
ot the Baptist church, -
* Thz Little Rock & Fort Smith
railway will run an excursion
train from Argenta to Russellville
to-day, leaving Argemta at 7:30 a.
m. -Ilound trip ticket, $1.50.
Returning will leave Russellville
at 4:30 p. m, All must be on
time or be left. "
Mr. Scroggins, of Houston, says
the colored men of that city are
organizing an association for the
purpose of buying lands and
homes, which promises to be the
scrongest in the state. Go ahead
Bro. Scroggin this is what the
colored people need, a home.—
[Austin Citizen. - :
sheriffs of the different counties
met in this city last Wednesday,
for the purpese of effecting an
organization to systematize a
methed to promptly bring offend
ers to justice from all points of
the state. They reassembled on
Thursday, Hon. J. G. Fletcher in
the chair, at which time they
theroughly eftected an organiza~
tion, a(giopted by-laws, appointed
regular committees, &c.
Deputy Sheriff Balch of Pine
Bluft, brought up.the following
convicts for the “pen” last Wed
nesday: James Martin and Ma
rion ~ Williams, both celored.
Martin, charged with assault to
kill, three years; Williams, grand
larceny, one year. - That brings
stealing by a colored, man on a
level with murder by a white
man, taking Bloom’s case as the
comparison. :
_ Friday, June 15, was set apart
for all the Sabbath Scheols to
meet at the Ceongregational
Church, where théy afi!formed in
line of march and went down
Statetoe 14th and west on 14th . to
Ringo street, thence to Rice’s
Grove, where a large crowd had
already assembled ; when all got
[together they numbered about
1,000 persons. Each Sabbath
Scheol had a representative, who
delivered a speech in behalf of
their schoel respectively. All be
ing Misses we thought ™ they ac
quitted themselves nobly. "After
which all enjoyed themselves on
the luxuries of life, so abundant
ly carried about in baskets.
We had *he pleasure of taking
dinner with Misses Laura F. Por
ter, Ida Phillips, Viétoria Turner,
Mattie Taylor and Lizzie Postes.
the young ladies taking great
pleasure in laying before us every
thing that'was nice ard delicious;
they love to make their company l
happy. The ether young ladies
of the city would do well to emu
late their example. We hope
they may marry and live a long
and prosperous life.
Information reached us yester
day that the second quarterly
meeting conference,of Flat Bayou
circuit,met in Mount Zion No. 1.
May 26th, which was as follows:
Rev. S. 1. Winstead, presid
On motion M. Delaney was ap
pointed to report the proceedings
for the Arkansas Mansion.
On that circuit $48.93.was col
lected for that quarter.
There was a full attendance and
everybody seemed to be in car
nest working for the church,
Second day the meeting con
vened at 11 a. m. before a large
After the regular routine of
business had. been completed an
excellent sermen was preached
by the Rev. S. T. Winstead,
which was delivered with much
force and effect, At the clese a
collection of $13.50 ws lifted, af
ter which the conference closed to
meet at Mount Zion Church No.
2, at the call of the Presiding El
aer. :
Let all interested attend, and
do all in their power for the
cause of Christ and the Church.
M. DELaxcy, Sec.
Last Monday, a Demoerat re
porter interviewed the deomed
murderers of Conductor Cain;
they all, except the boy Jim John
son, confessed their guilt,. but
T ? im—_.x-%nwv' i
‘and should not be executed with
}hem. Sherifft McConnell! and
guards, for the ocdision left Ar-‘
genta Thursday for Clarksville,
where the offenders, Gov. andl
Jim Johnson, Herndon and Mc-i
Donald were to be executed yester- |
day at 12 m. The particulars of
which we will give in our next. |
Suffice it to say, they hung by’
the neck until they were dead,
dead, dead.. A good example, all
white murderers should be treat
ed the same way, then we would
have a peaceful country.
3. J. Hollensworth, attorney at
law, was up from Pine Blutf this
week circulating among his many
friends. 8. J. 11. is one of those
whole souled, big hearteq men
who pays for what he gets; un
like his neighbor, Judge J." A.
Williams, whom we published
for and sent hundreds ot copies ot
the Mansion as ordered by his
friend, R. L. Williams, to pro
mote his election, for which that
gentleman will net pay one cent,
although he like the nigger, says
yes every time we or Williams
mentions it to him. This settles
the song generally sung by the
white republican leader, who says
if they had have succeeded they
would pay theirdebts. Itstrikes
us that they have no further use
for us than to get our support.
It is time-for a change, let us
make use of true men like S. J.
Hollensworth, Ferd Havis, &ec.
Rev. John T. Jenifer, ot Bos
ton, Mass., late of this city, is ex
pected te arrive here on Wednes
day or Thursday of next week.
Dr. Jenifer spent several years
‘here in charge of Bethel A. M, E.
Church. The Dr. is the Reec:
tor of Bethel Chapel. July
Znd has been set apart by the
church and citizens of Little
Rock to give him a grand ree
ception. The ladies will prepare
refreshments, in the basement of
the church, which will be furnish
ed [cheap. Admissiena, 25 cents,
supper free. All are invited to be
present and give our late _chief
tain a hearty welcome te his once
happy homes
The exercises will com
mence at 8 o’clock p. m.,
by singing and musie, by the
Misses Porter’s [ehoir, prayer by
Rev. Nathan Warren, welcome
address by Hon. M. W. Gibbs,
speech by Dr, Jenifer, closing ex
ercises by Dr, J. H. Smith, Doxo
logy by the congregation, Bene
diction by the Pastor, Jas. Por~
ter, D, D.
Ll Prof. Rightsell fifid his respests
| to the Mansion yesterday by kind.
|ly calling on us,
'{ Hon. Pewell Clayton of Eureka
' was in the city all the week.
| W. H. Clayton of Fort Smith,
United States prosecuting attor.
| : prosecuting attor
| ney, was in the city last Wednes
' |day. i
| John M. Clayton was also one
|of the members of the sheriff’s
‘|convention, and one among those
who were promptly settling their
accounts with the state,
P R Sharp of Woodson, was in
the city last week for the purpose
of meeting his wife, who had
been spending a few months at
Batesville with relatives,
Rev"A Berry of Clarendon,
Arkansas, was in the city in the
interest of the “true reformers.”
Hereported the lodwes in good cir
cumstances; he is the deputy
grand master of the state of Ar.
l kansas. e left the city on Wed
nesday for home via Newport,
Mr D Patilloof Pine Bluff gave
the Mansion a pleasant call fagt
week; he was here engaged 10 gr.
ranging for the Odd-Fellows ex
cursion that is to meet ours. g
L H Limbert, one of our most
enterprising nrerchants, has - re
tired from business and has beei
recuperating at ot Springs,
called last Tuesday and 'sett.léz
his account in full, preparatory
to his going north to Cleveland
to spend the summer months with
iriends and relatives. - ¥
Nevnator A Il Garland, ouf no
ble statesman, agrecably surprised |
us by putting in an appearance
at our humble sanctum last Tres
day. The Senator is looking
well—just as bright as a new sil
ver dollar. Ile has been rusti
cating at the Garland springs on
his farm about ten miles from the
city. '
R C Laecey is back from Fort
Smith during vacation: he closed
his school there last week; says
everything is moving along nicely
in that part of our commonwealth.
Dan Dayis has been to Galves
ton and returned last Tuesday.
Hon B Waterhouse of Pine
Blufl, called at the Mansion office
last Tuesday eve. Ile was look
ing well.
Miss Katie A Brooks, who has
,been teaching school in Ashley
township for the last few months,
lis in the city circulating ameng
i her friends and relatives.
| 8 B Kirby, the wholesale sew
ling machine dealer, returned on
| Tuesday last from a very success
{tul business tour through -th
,‘-film_r_flte-;’;':_‘:‘—fi".x e = .
John Cross, presideut of the
Citizens’ Street Railway company
returned Tuesday from Lexing
ton, Ky¥, and is the picture of
health and happiness.
The first Sheriff to make his
settlement in full with the trea
surer, was J T Grady, of Logan,
and by the way he is a republican
HELENA, ARK., June 19.—The
rise in the river hereis steady
and is now alarmingly great. The
gauge shows a steady rise of seven
inches per day, with something
less than eight feet below high
water. Much ot the bottom coun
try is already suffering from this
third flood and ef course every
inch of rise now will greatly in
crease the damages which at this
late season must be irreparable.
Why we are astonished at the
interrogatory of our New York
contemporary, when he enquires
what balm eof Gillead means?
Why, my brother, did you never
feel despondent? Did you not
think something seothing wouald }
invigorate you?! Now if you can
apply that to a large list of paid
up subseribers we have no objec
tion, but if it was left to our
choice we prefer a large list of
Died at his family residence
24 West 52 street, New York, on
Tuesday May Ist, 1883, Mr. Geeo.
W. Stanton frem the eftect of a
fall, aged T 2 years.
-~ Mr. Stanton was an old and
wealthy citizen of New York
city. We first formed his ac
quaintance in Aiken, 8. C,,in the
year 1855, we always found him
a good man, a philanthropist .and
a gentleman to the core, but
alas he has gone from us never to
return,we hope,to rest fer ever with
the Lord. His beloved family
has our heartfelt sympathies in
the hours et their bereavement.
Wanted—lmmediately. -
TeN Goop HOE HANDS, to goO
about twelve miles above Little
Rock, to chop cotton. Wages,
$l.OO per day and board. %’ay
every night it required. For fur
ther information, apply at this
office. '
o all thednsidious :
- Temptations invidious,
Contrived by the devil for pulling men
There’s none more delusive,
seductive, abusive, :
Thap the snare to a man with a wife out of
_town, .
He feels such a delifihtmmess, ;
it with pain .
s ‘,,t-\ baghelor rakishness,
\\ hat-will-you-takishness,
‘Next day’s h#adache-izshness,
None can explain!
‘His wife may.be beautiful, :
Tender ard dutiful,
'Tis not that her absence would eause him
delight ;
put :e cursed opportunity,
paleful immunity,
Scatters his seruples as day scatters night.
He feels whisky-and-waterful,
Rapine-and-slaughter-ful, .
o Nothing-he-ougbt-to-ful
To his toes’ ends;
~2 bachelor-rally-some,
Quite corps-du-ballet-some,
i .\mkfistories-tully-some.
With"irien®s, =«
Coraplaints of irregularities in the mail
serviee on the Little Roek and Fort Smitn
railroad reach us almost daily. Our Rus
sellvijle correspondent, whose letter ap
pears u t&-day’s Gazette, furnishes an in
stance of neglect t® which .we desire to di
rect tlhe attention of the postal authorities.
Urforunately, complaints come from all’
over gne state, and they come not singly, |
i but jg troops.—[iazette, 21st inst,
o’ o 20t alone. " In every mail
we refeive postal cards orletters complain
iy st the Mansion has not reached them
for three wecks, There is a screw loose
somewhere. We have not had cause to
thus complain since away before the last
campyign. We think the recent changes
in the Little Rock postoflice undoubtedly
is the cause, as this has only been the case
with ussince the Jate change. Postmasters
wileuse look into this matter and re
move the cause.
Thetoliowing is one of our last com
plaiuts, in which case we are certain the
paper was mailed regularly;
NASHVILLE, TENN,, June 16, 1883,
Drar SIMKENS:—I have not received a‘
copy of the Mansion since my departure‘
from Little Roek. Please torward back
copies to this place. Don’t fail. |
Respectfully, W. S, WILSON. |
MR. EplTOß—Please permit me to say
that. the above advertisement requires
more space in its proper treatment than
your columns will bear, but I will confine
myself to a brief glance at the subject
which is divided into two—secular and re
ligious—i.e. I want a wife; I wantreligion;
the former will receive a notice trom the
politieal and literary journals of this city.
I am the young man, Mr. Editor, that called
at the Mansion oflice a few days ago and
wanted to see the literary editor, and while
standing in the door of your sanctum in
came the reporter of the Mansion,"and in
addressing himself to me the enthusiastic
looking young blood said: I guess thatlcan
attend to your case-just 2s well as he. My
reply to him was that I wanted to see the
literary editor, to get his advice as to the
sort of wife to advertise for,as I am a
young min notlong in this country. When
I advertised before, a young lady, whose
handwritfng ha€ the marks of accomplish
ment :dswered'it, and all thought that it
was done merely for sport, but* I assured
the ladies that I was in dead earnest.
Several letters passed between us and as I
had a*desire to see my unknown weorres
pondeqi, asked an interview with her;
her firjt question in reply was a demand to
kno 1 really meant to marry her. She
said‘{ ..wgluld not see me, except I first
jv ive am nt int; on re..
~ A 0 mm;ifi%’e&-ep'f?fi'e cnclosed
me b otograph; the picture was that of
a bearlliful young lgdy; this naturally ex
cited curiosity t@ see the original; 1t
would ¥ave been better had I dropped the
»norre}‘yndence at once, but 1 foolishly al- ‘
lowe yself to be lead on and wrote to
her deu{aring that I was serious about the
matter and would marry her if Bhe would
have me; so [ consoled myself with the
idea that.she had signed a fictitious name.
Next day I received a communication to
call at'her residence, which I did, and on
arriving I found that I had not been de
ceived, thav she was both yonng and hand
some; she was dressed in white and had on
black shoes and looked just like a palm
leaf fan in acyelone weighing sixty pounds.
She received me politely and asked me in
the course of the conversation if the letters
she held were mine; at a glance T assured
her they were. After a short interview 1
departed, promising that I would return
next day, On my return I saluted her b(
her'rroper name which caused considerable
confusion; she denied her nameé, but I
quietly informed her that a friend had fol
lowed hér from her home on the previous
night and we could prove her Identity.
Giris are tricky. Yours, sincerely,
. A KNiGgHT,
Brethren of the South Arkansas Confer
ence: You will please take notice that the
electoral college for said conference will
convene in the A. M. E. church in the city
of Camden, Arkansas, on Wednesday, Au
gust 8, 1833, at 12 m. Therefore you will
take your disciplines for your guide and
proceed at once to elect your lay delegates;
let each eburch be fully represented in our
meeting., By order-of committee.
Pine Blufl, Arkansas, June 17, 1883,
: e — — ee e
Teach your children musie; they have
naturally a great talent and love for this
ennobling, refining, and we may rightly
add, Divine Art—and the opportunities are
now within the reach of all, since H. G
Hollenberg, the well-known Music Dealer,
409 Main street, Little Rock, will rent
pianos from $2.50 to $5.00 per month, and
organs from $2 to £4; he has always been
a most liberal patron and encourages our
race in the development of their inherent
love of music. Cail on H. G. Hollenberg,
whenever you need anything in the music
line, e 3 april 7-tf
P i L A
The Nativnal People of Detroit says: “It
having been decided to hold the proposed
National Convention in Louisville instead
of Washington, we hasten to withdraw all
previpus objections and shall do all within
our power to make the intended gathering
a suceess.’”
DilED.—June 15th, 1883, in Saline Geunty,
from natural causes, Mrs. Mary Taylor, the
mother of C: €. Taylor, of this city. Aged
D 6 years. b
Judge McCrary has given the
Philbrool?1 claim its quietus by
deciding that the claim is stale,
and that if there was fraud, it
cannot now be proven, Sie tran
sit—sky-high. ‘ .

Crray & ELorton,
W holesale and Retail Dealers in
Corner Fifth and Main .sts.
We sell Jos. L. Friedman & Co’s Pure
Apple and White Wine Vinegar—Paducah,
Kentucky. . may 26-tf .
A Common-sense Remedy. |
T ey |
No more Rheumatism, Geut or
: Neuralgia. |
Immediate Relief Warranted.
Permanent Cure Guaranteed.
Five years established and never known to
fail in a single case, acute or ehronic. Re
fer to all prominent physicians and drug
gists for the standing of Salicylica. ’
. The only dissolver of the Poison
ous Uric Acid which exists in the
Blood of Rheumatic and Gouty Pa
SALICYLICA is known ss a common
sense remedy, because 1t strikes direct{zy at
the cause of Rheumatism, Gout and Neu
ralgia, while so many so-called specifics and
| supposed panaceas only treat locally the
effects. :
It has been conceded by eminent scient
ists that outward applications, such as rub
bing with oils, ointments, liniments and
soothing lotiens will not eradicate these
diseases which are the result of the poison
ing of the blood with Uric Acid.
SALICYLICA works with marvelous ef
fect on this acid, and so removes the dis
order. It is now exelusively used by all
celebrated physicians of America and Eu
rope. Highest Medical Academy of Paris
reports 9 per cent cures in three days.
that SALICYLICA is a certain cure for Rheu
matism, Gout and Neurali;ia. The most
intense pains are subdued almost instantly,
Give it a trial. Relief " guaranteed er
money refunded. : ;
Thousands of testimonials sert on appli
$1 a Box. 6 Boxes for $5.
Sent free by mgil on receipt of money,
But do not be deluded into taking imita
tions or substitutes, or something recom
mended as “just as good!”’ Insist on the
%enuiue with the name of WASHBURNE &
O on each box, which is guaranteed chemi
cally pure under our sigvature, an indis
pensable requisite te insure success in the
treatment. Take no other, or send to us.
Washburne & Co., Proprietors,
287 Broadway, cor. lteade St., New York.
. In the Pulaski Chancery Court.
Minnie M‘c’illan, plaintift, 1 Warning
James McMiilan, defendant. | Order.
The deferdant, James McMillan, is
warned to appear in this court within thirty
days, and answer the complaint of the
plaintiff, Minnie McMillan.
A true copy from the record.
Attest: J. W. CALLAWAY, Clerk,
W. F. HILL, Solicitor for Plaintiff,
June 6, 1883. june 9-4 t
Homes for the Homeless,
A $5OO House and Lot'can be purchased
by paying $8.75 per month for 72 months.
The interest on $5OO is $45 per annum or
$3.75 per month. s
85 per month on principal, for sev
enty-two (72) months, $360.00
Interest on same at 9 per cent, 270.00
4 - 630.00
Only $360 of the wrincipal paid back and
only 9 per cent interest charged.
For further information, call on
april 28-4 m J.V, ZIMMERMAN.
M. Kirst. C.J.Kramer. L. H.Krodel.
Dealers in
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Nos. 900 and 902 Main Street.
They are hetter. prépared than
ever to supply their patrons.
1 < :
Cleaned and Repaired
There is one Clothes Renovating
Shop in this city where work will
be donesatisfuctorily at low rates,
All Work Guaranteed to
Give Satisfaction,
514 Center St., Little Rock, Ark.
By Mrs., Hagar Wells.
Neatly Furnished Rooms,
Board and Lodging.
Fourth bet Maip and Louisiana Sts,
, Dealer in
Dry Goops, Norrows,
- Ready-Made Dresses
Dresses Made and Hats
- Trimmed to Order.
No. 414 Main St., Little Rock, Ark.
Henry Peilil,
Groceries, Provisions, Liquors, etc
No. 887.
Land Office at Little Rock, Ark,
June 8, 1883, }
N OTICE is hereby given that the
following named settler has
filed notice of his intention to make
final proof 1n support of his claim,
and that ‘said proof will be made
before the Register and Receiver of
the Land Office at Little Rock, Ark.,
on July 16, 1883, viz: James Bland,
who’ made Homestead Entry No.
8328, for the S balf N E quarter
section 4, T 1 N, R 14 west.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon, and caltivation of said land,
viz: Milton McDonald, of Little
Rock, Ark; Samuel'W. McDonald,
of Little Reck, Ark; James Good
win, of Totten, Ark; James Oglesby,
of Totten, Ark..
M. W. GIBBS, Register.
C. E. KeLsEy, Receiver.
June 16 5t
: IR DA, .Y U A :
For Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of the Womb, Inflammaiion and Uleeration of the Womb
and all dis)glacemems, Leucorrhwea or Whites, Irregular or Painful Menstruation, Floodi
Sick and Nervous Headache, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Weakness in Back m
Stomach, Scrofula, Pains in Side, Dizziness, Ki(lm-r Complaint, Barrenness, Nervous Pros
tration, bepresuwn of Spirits. For Change of Life, or the General chiiuy of Women,
has no:gnal in the world. If you have tried other remedies withont success, do not be diss'
couraged, but give * LADIES’ REGULATING TONIC" & singie trial 1t never Jails to give
Quick and permanent relief.
It you are troubled with any weakness or complaint common to our sex, lay aside the
doctor’s prescfl;l)tion for once, and try “ LADIES’ REGULAVING TON I¢," which we guaran
tee will positively CURE you.
will be given for any case of Female Weaknc 1 or Inability which “ LADIRS’
REGULATING ToNIc” will not cure. Thisis a bona jids oficr, eby responsible ladles,
Who know from experience what “ LADIES' REGULATIING ToN:e” ean ilo.
The great success that this remedy has met with hos laduc 4 goveral unserupulous par
ties to endeavor to imitate its name and style of wranppor < i choald Ilwrt-fnrog\e taken to
see that the word *“ REGULATING " i 3 on wrapper in redizd, and that our name (Women's
Medical Institute, Nunda, N. Y.) i 3 at hottom o slmo
We will {zlve ‘5OO for information an-t eonviction cf anv one manufacturing, semnm
blging or in an’ way handling any prepavatiom \viin snv of the words, * imdles’,
- egufatlng."or ‘Tonie,” with intention of defrauding nuid deceiving the publie into the
believe that it is our preparation,
Bold by Druggists. Price, £1 00 per Bottla, or @ M-t~ for §5.00.
If your druggist cannot furnish or declines to order it of his wholesale house for you, it
will be sent direct from our INSTITUTE uponreceipt of price Do not let him induce you to
accept any stale %atent stuff he has bad on hisshelves fora lea > time, orany of the unreliable
imitations which he makes 8 larger profit on thaa ouv genuine Female Remedy. There i 3
ecarcely a town in the United States where we eannot refer to some lady who has been restored
t 0 health b{ using our remedy. If it does not cure you, we will refund the money.
We stake our reputation as wives and mothers, and that of our Medical Institution, on
this special prescription for women. !
%one?rrhm(fl' Was]r. An Injection which is a positive cure for all Discharges, Sting
inq marting and Painful Sensations of the Urinary Passages, in from two to five days.
So! ('if‘y druggists. Price,%s cents, or sent by mail, postpaid, for 50 cents in 8-oent stamps.
dies’ Regulating Tonia Plaster. A great improvement over all other
porous plasters. sreoiemy adapted to the female system. Sold by druggists. Price, 25
cents, or sent by mail, postpaid, for 30 cents in 3-¢ent stamps,
The WOMEN’S MEDICAL INSTITUTE i 3 an association of ILady Physicians, who have suc
cessfulmrcat(-rl.the diseases common to their sex, for years. Treatment given to ladies suf
fering from any disease, either by mail or at the institation. Wives, Mothers and Daugh
ters can obtain advice concerning their health and diséases by mail, free, by sending symp
toms and description of disense, .
If we can be of any service to you or any of vour friends who are'suffering from disease,
we trust you will write us. 1t wtil cost nothing, and our advise may cure vou. KEnclose two
stamps for our pamphlet to women. Please mention this paper. Faithfully yours,
b : .U DE: o W
’._ B ZOTS
X" holesale Dealers,
The New Wilson and White Our “Best.”
Reter by perm'ission to the A\l‘erchants’ ;:t;:;a; Bank of Little Rack; also, with confi
dence, to any of the many thousands who have purchased
Machines of this Establishment.
| Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Clothing and Dry Goods.
¥ : SR
Respect(ul-ly invite the attention of the people at large to the well
assorted stoek of i :
Clothing, Staple .and Fancy Dry Goods.
The prices are beyond COMPETITION. Having bought our stock for
Weare prepared to sell them for less than many other merchants can buy
them, and we ask for a close scrutiny of PRICES and QUALITY before
purchasing clsewhere.
Gus Blass & Co.,
314 4¥p 316 MAIN STREET,
Y : / T
Bargains .in Footwweax!
Mens, Boys, Ladies, Misses & Childrens Shoes,
My stock is complete, and in order to make room for Spring
Goods will mark prices on entire Stock down to GREATLY
REDUCED FIGURES. Call and- be convinced of LOW PRICES.
~ Satisfaction guaranteed. :
Jan 27 tf J. KEMPNER, 306 MAIN ST.

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