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II. T. Eita-
Pruyir'uS and 1 '
r i "i . r.i V" '. Onrr
It at-1, C. W. Be Vault
A '"., C. ii. Moncure. x. E. 1'eUnim.
"ueVault Kros.
' Js-jKlert.' ' .
C. Cowan, Stc.Tucr and Robertson . " . . '
. ' i rjuHBy Groceries. '-' - V ; -' -
Powell and Pnider, S. R. Kepler, A. R. Cooler,
Penley & Co.. T. V. bUrnea, O. W. Uoodlake. A. i,
Merrill, J. K. V are, W are and Howell, A. C. Davis,
James Franks, J. J. Mackey & Co., Jesse. Staines,
ii. L. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson, R.
B Noland & Sous.T. W. Shelton, J. R. Trull, d.
SUrne, N. Penland, Feuland & Alexander.
- Butchers, Meat Beater- Ac :- "' '
Zachery Bros., James Lusk, T. K. Davis, Mc
Connell and Dntke. '.
,u . . Bakeries. "-f .
" J. J. Desmond, F M. Johnson, I. fit Oliver, 'V .
r Confectioneries. -
J. J. Desmond, -'(factory); J. M Heaton. ' ' '
- - . v. . Saddlery, Harness,, tx.,. v.
. S. M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Peuland.
';,. :.-" rnare, -ft 4 - ' ' -'
-'wyilliaiS31-oore A Falk, P., S. Mc
. .- '---
- X. Brand, Jv VVSrown, John Clavton.-. -
: v ; . ..' ' Coal ZJawer. (. . :, i. - -
' S F. Venable, D. Si Wat on, iiill nd Atkins
. N. W. Girdwood Co. ... '; . y.. -V. ...;.'
Doubleday t Scott , " J
Contractor, Carpatlerg, and Buildert
fj. Gorenflo. Jehn Hart, J. A. Wagner, T..-C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Bottm-k, T. U
' CUyton, A. tr. West. --. , - v C:'"'X ' ' s
. , . ' ; - ' Blacksmith!. --. -.'?' i
D. Tl'i' Canble, J. H, Woody. ' ' -' C ' .
Swannania; Eagle," Grand " Central, Western,
. j r i i .. ..1 II.ikqo I'ha VitlA.KlnriflA
; Health Association. , .- ? , s
;tuiiih nuutc, oibkiv Aivw,- - , -
'''. tann.n.ov PJ s McMullen. ' Miss Bettie
Brown, Mosses vomn, mrs. a a. - f-"""
son, Miss 8niith, T. W.Neel, Mrs. A. B. Chuno,
J.iL Carter, . M. Roberts, R. ItGrahl, G. L. Mc
Donald. M. J. Fagg. J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
- T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, bluaer, Mrs. ;
L. Baird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mjs. ;
Leicester Chapman, H..C. Hunt, E. i. Aston, Mrs.
v.- - Zdvef9,''Sate. and' lied (Sta6W.s:;o S
; Revnoldsi-Chambers, J. M. Ray, H. A. Wed
Uin. James Sevier, C. O. Allen. T. H. StansUl
. v ' w Kmrlr.n S. H Barnard. G. W.
tt f rnniv . ...... . - ... , - ,
Morgan & Co., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Stamen. ,
;.i . '. - .Colleges, Schools, &e. -: -Asheville
Fmale' College, Ashiville Male
School for young ladies. Miss tawyer's Primary
School, Mrs. J. P. -fc.amiBon'8 PriiauxxchooL
throe white public schools, two g-fclorel
iscnoois." A graaeu scoou. una Dova "J
law, and a State normal school will be held every
summer. . . - . . .
. -.r -rr O T,1WV; fl I TIL
-. jun, n, ji. uiuuvv, u. . . , - -
Mann, J. P. Sawyer,. Mrs RR Porter. r .
McLond & Moore, J. S. Merrimoti, E. H. 5Ier-
"ter J. M. Gudger, F. A. Sondley, Wl 8. Custiman,
t:v,mrti p.unlnii p. i) ,( M.rte.T. W. W. Vandiver.
: Davidson 4 Martin, T. A. Jones, 8. H. Reed, W. B.
. Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whiison, Jones and
-' Hardwicke, Johnston fcnulora, ax. oocae,
Nats Atkinson, A. T. Davidson W. H. Malone,
- V. 8. Lusk, P. A. Cnmmings, A. J. Lyman. .
" ' Physician and Surgeim. V .
D.J. Cain, W. L. i W. D. Hill'iird, John Hey
.:" ':. '-.'' ' '"' - v;. Dentist. . ,-:
' " G. W. Whitson, B. H. Donglns, R. H. Reeves, A.
B.VrC. r --. - f ""--V- .j
i Wnk of .AeviUei Slader C-Barnard. v Kh-
r "J. W. fiehartlc. fj--; ,. ' ' ;
j. : I Tlealer in Furl. -..r-- '-.
M. ElUck. , V .
- . Real Estate Agenctet. .:; .' -
nmwti.uHj"i w. jj ------ ,
E. J. Aston, B. M. Jones. ....
f. a j Architects and Civil Engineers, 'V I ''
S F Venable. J A Tennaat, ' . ' r
' : ' " - '.- TUwcco H'areftouwa. .
I- The Asheville Warehouse. The Banner Ware
house, The Farmer's Warehouse, Ray's Wure
- house, Xhe Buncombe Warehouse. - .
TiAocco Manufacturers Chetcing and Smoking.
15. J. ITCDb) ill V H 1 .J u. -1 " '-t - " y I -
Holmes fe C., Shelton t Perry, W. P. Williamson.
L. F. Sorrell, N. W. Uixd wood, William Weaver,
War ' ... i ' - :
, H1f, Liquors, &c.
Longhran BrosM Hampton t Featherstone, W.
O. Muiler, fc Co., A. P. Sorrell. .;. , ; '
' Papers Hanger. y . '
Cain fc Hunt, Moore i Falk. R. ii FiUpatrick.
Ivewrpapers. - ' ' .
Daily and Week ly Cmf.EW, Daily arid Weekly
Advanee, The Asiieville Tribune (weekly.) -...
Job Offices ; "
I The CrriZEsr Job Offlce, Hunt & Robertson.
Photographers. -
- Kat. W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson; T. T. Hill.
. . - . ' " Grirt Mills, t-e. - ' ' . . '
Jordan & HaHyburton, X. W. Cirdwood, Jas, E.
Suttrick, McLane.. ; r . ;x. . . v - ,-
'-" pn-tilhrrs, S.r. ; ';- :"
F. N. Waddell, "Star Bi-aud." Penniman & Con
"Anchor Brand," (i. it. Robert,1!, Alex. Porter,
"Piedmont," W. H. i-enlnudt"Owl Bmi?d," Bear
ien, Kankir. & Co., "Obcr & Co.'s Special," Lyon
& Walker, "Farmer's Friend," T. C. Ktarnes, "Ar
linpKin." W. W. Barnard, "Sea-Fowl,"j N. W.
Ciidwood A-Co., "soluble Pacilic." , . -
' - lnmrante. ;
E. J. Aston, Thos. AV. Branch, . "
lri U. TclrgrapK
S. G. Weldon, luaniifror. , - :
T. A. c ikel" i
h'icrir! J. j - i.n
(Mii'u j
'1 reamirpr J. H. -1
loJ i r T.
j!is';...s p. A .
f if! K i
(fjni Ermcss.
Juincombe Ctmnty. v
y i;kii:.'i ncynoias; a.
ii j .sii r J. K. i ui teior ,
i - i,rejor B. t. Patton,
1 u ,on. ,
1v(r Cmrt. ' -r1.
C. 11. Way, J. M. Green:
nor ii. B. Carter. -
an, ii. XV, Whitson, L.
cs of Pence. ,
V It vi, T. W. Piitton, C
'ill, J. Jsirratt, J. B. Cain.
'r anient. ' '
A - . n W. IT. r 'and.
.1. (,frf I'Tif, '. 3 ' ' Hini
Jl 1, (.1.1 t lc . .
s ' J- iiUJi.j'ton, ii. u .
A. T.
B. V,
t. i (
.11. t- L. Ko. 1,
. ii
"TLt 1 - 5 .
(,r,-' . :
..' " t. T. On'V , .
Il.ir J-.lade.ti.'. - . .
at ilcilnllea's. - , -
A choice lot .of gooJaj
. .. . ' II. 1
" Will- be published ev : .
. . ' ' , ' r - V -
giricut cue.'i : - - ;
One Year, . - .
Six Months, y . ..
Three " .. .. :;- ! .
0n8 Week, " ,: . .-...!
'i 3 GO
v ro
' 15
Our Carriers will deliver the paper ey
ery evening in every part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office. !
J6S?We shall issue an early edition of
the Daily, every5 afternoon,, in order to,
place thepaper the same' evening along
the line of the railroad from here to
Salisbury. Should the arrangements we,
have made to-obtain daily telegrams
from different points work all right, we
will be enabled to place the news earlier
on that road than any other paper in th.
States - : - -'.' . ' y v- i
- Nice line of mattings at .McMullen's
new,Furniture house. A ., , 1 " -,
The indications are that our town will
be well filled this summer with visitors..
The sales of tobacco to-day enlivened
things somewhat in town;-;,''1 "f?"
' A number oi our legal fraternity are
in attendance upon the courts - t i
Garderanj? ie i the order of the day in
this city'f-'-;-,;"-'-; 1'---:Jv--': y:-. l
lloii. Elisha B. Washburn, of Min
nesota ie at the Swannanoa. ' ; ; ?
, f T, K. Davis keeps pxcellent beefsteaks
at his 6tall on ?agle street, just above the
Eagle Hotel. - .'. : y '
. Th morning train a"rriTes here how at
8:50, instead of 8:30 as the types made us"
say yesterday. . h y
.Vegetation generally, is assuming its
spring garb, and all nature will soon
present a beautiful appearance., v -
' Mr. Theo. S. Morrison, a prominent
me'rebant of both" Alexander's and Mar
shall, gave us a pleasant- tall yesterday;
' f 'tie 'pVicontt. 'Ihe 'eVetaA wariioasei
to-day very stiff fo the quality of tobac
co, oflered. Oar farmers are holding
their best grades. - . - -
: . Major Herndon intends adding largely
to his stock of horses. He will Boon-visit
th-Kentucky markets. . ; ; ' -
We are peculiarly gratified - at the
daily additions to the subscription list of
the daily Citlzex. . ; - ...''-,;- ; : v
.; The indications are that the munici
pal contest will be 'warm from now un
til the election in May. We hope the
result will be the survival of the fittest.
Have you registered?; If not, and -if
you desire to vote on the first Monday
in May, you had better do so. Call at
once on Mr. J. G. Aston. , - ;
Supt. Wv C. Troy reports the forces at
work on the railroads, both Spartanburg
and Murphy lines, are now getting in
some excellent work, and doing very
well. ; . . ; - - J-.:. ; . C;"-.
The talkirg of Eev. Mr. Bachman, the
Evangelist now holding Union services
here,; is both plain and practical. He
argues that the churches, to accomplish
positive good.must first take the mote out
of the individual eyes. . y
. Mr. Gardner, of Grand liapid3, Mich
igan, has been spending several days in
this city, and was' so thoroughly pleased
with this section that he left this morn
ing for his home to bring back his family
and locate. , We welcome all. .
.' Mr. Montgomery, of our State Agri- j
cultural Department, is in the city in
the interest of the department. He re-
ports enquiries froni the north for homes
in this State are increasing rapidly, and
very many will. come : up to Western
Carolina. -'.
Thanks to our good ; friends of the
Waj-nesville Reus and Highlands Enter
prise for very kindly and generous greet
ings to the DAilt Cm?EiS We highly
esteem the good will of our brethren of
the press. ' ... '; . -
Capt. Buck Thrash eays 'poaches are
not much hurt on Hominy; wheat will
make about half a crop, a great deal of
oats being sown in his section, and about
one-fourth more t.I o will be planted
this year than last, lie also agrees with
us that a good harrowing is the Lest
this r t' at csn be dene for wheat now,
efcial.y if followed Ly a good coating
Ci Jar. 'Aster. ; .
The Uid.,n meetlr.3 at MU ri:c.-ant
(i.LKa hi cncoy county 'was not very
'J, hut
cz .kLi 1 le interest. All Ettendins were
deeply interested, and the meeting iipon
the whole was a pro.', .ahle one.
' r ' ri'e- 1 j at Vats Court
FiJ " i ' ',: inate a ticket
; r i ' . c T t the t.:c.'.'.r
' 1 - , 11 i. ketcr.irj-. ,;i
r " 1 , ilia, thor.:.!,'::..;li-
1 j . . i ' 's of the titv,
cioi.hing manuiiicturinij establishnient oi
Henry Bonneborn & Co., Baltimore,
spent several days in our city the past
few days. Mr. Best carries weight with
him wherever he goes. ;
Retcrxeo.. ;. ' ::. . " ' ;'V. ."
Our friend Freck returned from a busi
ness trip to New York and Philadelphia
Sunday. But for a severe cold he would
have had a very pleasant Irip. As it was,
he succeeded in laying in the best Btock
of leathers and shoe makers' supplies
and findings generally ever brought to
this city, which he is ready to supply to
the trade or to make up on orders. He
also brought a fine stock of ready made
gentlemen's shoes, made to his special
order for the Asheville market, which
will be sold cheap. Work ?nd prices al
ways guaranteed! We are pleased to see
our good friend back at his post again.
Hotel Arrivals. " ; '"' -. ''-J
Swannanoa B F Noble, E F Noble,
Montgomery, Ala., A II Goldsmith,
Charlotte; A G Smith, Atlanta; W H Mil
ler and wife, Indianapolis; Dr. and Mrs.
Gibbons, New Haven. . v -
Eagle -Wih-on-Shoff and W C Ralph.
Buffalo, N Y; Geo W Sylvester, NY;TA
Montgomery, N C
Grand, Central G T Coleman, Bait.; W.
J Secbrest, R C Francis, Waynesville; R
C Long, Tuscola. T " - ;
. ; Western-Hotel Wm Murdock, Salis
bury; J P Henslcy, Marshall; GB Hart,
Black Mountain; C S Thompson; Pigeon
River; M W Anderson,- Ivy: John Rice,
Walnut Run; John F Well-, Sam'l Gor
hone, Licester; PCEller, Wm Laster,
Sandy Mush; ,B F Patton. C S Norman,
countv. - - - . . ' . ' . - ...
Capt. Thrash as A PiscicuLTCfiisT..;.
Last Spring-Capt. Buck Thrash bought
seven, carp from Dr. Deal 1 of Caldwell,
whiclf I were ) about weight Inches long.
They spawned , in June. and .July,- but
Capt. T. thinks foost of the egg3 were
destrOYed bv the mnil.ns hp onlv fonni'L
when elbaning out his' pond last October
one hundred and fifty-seven fish. Last
Friday he again drew offhis pond toclean
it out and to remove the fish to another
pond, and those fish which one year ago
were eignt incnea long, and weighed
from two to four ounces, now measured
sixteen to seventeen inches, and weigh
ed over four pounds. If -the spawning
this year is successful, Mr. Thrash thinks
ne-wm nave thousands'. He is very
proud of his fish peU.
Reburhecteo- His Mosey..'
A few" days ago while Zeb Parker, the
negro convicted at the recent court at
Waynesville for robbing Mr. Charlie
Smathers' store at -Pigeon 'Valley, "and
sentenced to work on the railroad, was
being conveyed to the works, soon after
passing Pigeon . Valley he asked permis
sion to go a short - distance and get some
money he had buried. Supt.. Troy, who
was along, sent him, With a guard, and
sure enough he resurrected $25 in silver,
and several dollars in smaller pieces.
This Mr. Smathers al 30 identified, but
the negro claims it on; the ground that
having been convicted and undergoing
punishment, he has ; absolved himself
from any obligation to Mr. Smathers of
a financial" character and ia entitled to
all not taken from him at tme of cap
ture or trial. l.ikq tne negro once wno,
while going to be baptized stole an axe
and hid it in the Eand; and after baptism.
said his sins were forgiven and the axe
was his property. .Mr. Smathera will
doubtless get his money. ;
A Suggestive Item. ' - '
Mr.C. H. Wells, the sprightly Southern
correspondent cf the Baltimore Jjfanu-
facturers' Rk ord, writes that excellent
journal : , ' ' .. ' . - - ' - '
As an instance of what patient, ener
getic hard work will do, the Hickory, N.
C, papers tell of a mau na ;aed Cobb who
a few years P.go located on a little scrub
by patch of land near that town. Now
he is well oil; lias a fine farm nd has
raised seventy-five bushels of sweet po
tatoes on a quarter of an acre of ground.
Taking a bushel as a fair average
price, this land yiel.l ' at the :
per acre each year. 1 1 is an
tration of the fact thee
ern North Carolii.a is capr'
highest developineiitj and il:
Pgriculiur,Jbeltiu the "Sta
heel.s" is the one lyirg along t
North Carolina Railway.".
ate of-;3o'0
ther illus
1 of Weet
se of the
t the finest
of the tar
ie Western
That Coitxteefliting Lie.
Onr friends in f.'wain. wl:
Jol ton, the .. j' d ai
re Thomas
hor of tl;e
- t of 1 ;
a it 1
" tj i
.t -
rt in .
r i f "t
rr in 1
. V
t 1
7 1 1
v. uol
f "it
. ii ..-j I r
cry t) i
1 1 1
1 ' J 1 3
la r
t a t
r t t 1
' a'
i 11
it '
rt and
and Btating lurther that an aipledeposa
for my fees and expenses (naming the
amount) has been placed in your hands,
I will designate by wire, a deputy to
attend to the matter. . Will you do me
the favor to make the foregoing known
to the gentlemen of the bar. .. i-
" . . . Very respectfully, . r
. - - : , (Signed) . D. Settle,' ; !
y: r ' . y ;' -, - U. S. Marshal. ,
For the Asheville Citizen.
I think'that the cultivation of tobacco
in Western North Carolina is; in danger
of becoming; a curse instead of a blessing.
It seems to me that a majority of the
farmers are neglecting" to produce the
necessary suppMes for their families and
depending- upon making money out of
tobacco to buy these supplies.- Now to-,
collect, my dear friends, that one
bushel of corn at home is worth 'two
abroad. Recollect that meat and bread
are articles that cannot well be lispensed
with. You are bound tol have them
around, or the plough will stop. You
had much better fail in a crop of tobacco
than lo tail to make your aecessary sup
plies. In all my Writing I have urged
you to make all the tobacco ycu t:ould
after making a supply of the necessaries
of life. It is a very shallow theory that
you. can make more money by raising
tobacco than you can by raising orn.
Recollect that the theory if followed by
every one would raise the price of corn
beyond your reach and that you would
soon have it so that it would take a hun
dred pounds-of tobacco to buy a bushel
of bread stuff. Now take my advice, if
you have to curtail any crop Jet it be to
bacco, and above all things have enough
provisions made at home for your wife
andlittfe ones. They can't do without
them; they can do without tobacco. Let
your new land be planted in tobacco the
rt vear. Thtin so- fov.n 'in whif-at
and clover. Do not go 111 debt for meat,
bread, fertilizers, clothes, i sugar, coffee
and everything, and depend upon a to
bacco crop to pay for them. You will
miss it in the end.. Mark my prophecy !
The' only prosperous farmer is he who
makes his own supplies. , Eeed a word of
warning from one who has always tried
to advise you for your good.
. i - . - r - S. C Suelton.
The Castata To-Night. : - y
Our community will to:night be treat
ed to an entertainment of a most' pleas
ant character, and we hope to see the
Opera-House filled to witness it. The
musical department will embrace some
of the finest talent in our midst, and the
display of rich costumes in the different
tableaux scenes will lend much interest
to the occasion. The whole, affair has
been under excellent managemont, and
we know those who may attend cannot
fail of being pleased. - -; r
The Tobacco Market To-Day. ...
"The breaks in all of the warehouses
this morning were quite large, in conse
quence of the past few damp days, but
the quality of tobacco was somewhat in
different. The prices obtained were
good, however, ranging as high as flO
per hundred.- It is evident that the best
quality of last year's crop is still in the
barns.' ' y ' '''.'
' Mr. Lee Ramsey, of Ramsey yille, Mad
ison county, reports tobacco prospects
throughout his section as very promising,
the plants being very gx)d and plentiful;
and the increase in acreage will be large.
He also reports wheat as looking well,
much better "than expected iu his imme
diate section, but in the Ivy section only
looks tolerable. . . . -
Our friends are respectfully requested
to send us notes cf accidents, or other
events occurring in their respective
neighborhoods.' Send" promptly. The
Citizen- must be a correct and prompt
chronicle of all important occurrences in
Vfestcrn N. Carolina. . . y , .-'" .
Cameron i3 ia attendance tins
week upon Jackson
CiriziiN staff st.ul
Court; On 3 of the
will be at Macon
Court next week
Let the citizens' meeting rri.l.
to nominate a good municipal tl
well at.ton.led. Every citizen
y nigi
ie 1:1 1:
is matter.
really f
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1 liulo Iikt
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; if yo-
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- t j
.The Miiycy had L'.'.fore hi;n r.veral col
ored individuals, of Loth f ex r shard
with .,:,"'T.l-rly conduct i-.i ."IIJl'sTlalf
Acre." TL;3 quarter tot always
the nioet ars j k; -..Ution for
orderly or rr.oril ch,i rhdsr, and we &:-e
0s. 1 to see the au't' A:?s applying the
felrcr t a "ni cf t!-rt ! "ti the disreputable
inhaoltai, oft.. Ii . .!y.
. Secretary Lamar, who n
. '.'. ' ... ,. .- t. -V:, ..S .'.: ., .
-1. v Vll .l.ts ii4. ' fJ t T t . . 1-1 . '
longing to . his , department, and
bravely returned to the " Jefferson
simplicity" of travel on foot, this
afternoon made his appearance in
the full enjoyment of the JefEersoni-'
an luxury of a horseback ride. The
oldest resident of the capital connot
remember to have seen him do such
a thing before. In addition to the
plain black- which he' habitually
wears,, he had on a 'heavy blue
bearer overcoat, unbuttoned except
at the top. On his 4iead waa a
high silk hat arid in his right hand
a silk umbrella, with-, which he oc
casionally admonished 'hi3 steed to
quicken its pace, or -by a poke in
the side gave it notice that he wish'
ed to turn ar corner.' , . , :- ,
, The Minneapolis,; Minnesota,
Tribune : "We are -safe enough in
estimating, next euqamsrV wheat
crop in the United Statesat not
more ' than 1 4,000,000 bushels, or
1,000,000 short of the last crop. The
acreage in Europe 4 shows; an even
greater reaction, and the crop pros
pects are 'hardlv more reassurin?.
Coincident with this, sharp decline
in the 3upply,'thero promjses t0.be
a sharp increase m the demand.
' '. i " -, - ' :'
' An unusual number of men with
classical names have risen to prom
inence ; m,;Hhis country, Among
them we tind UJysc3 .0. Orant, Ho
ratio . Seymour; Horace Greely,
Hannibal Hamlin, Lucius Lamar.
rresiuent t:ieveiana lately re
ceived calls from a bejiutiful Rus
sian lady and her brother.,' She
was .tall fnd ricturvsauf ; with-eold-
en hair, and was born in Jerusalem.
"They call me at home -'Jerusalem
the - Golden,' and sametimes 'The
New Jerusalem,' " she sweetly.said.
"Thus"far," says ths Little Rock,
Ark., Gazette (Dem.), . "President
Cleveland has more than, met the
expectations his nomination and
election -raised, and confounded his
political enemies Nearly, all his
acts extort unwilling praise."
" Gen. Francis A. Walker, accom
panied by his daughter, will sail for
European May 9 for a short -'yacA-tion.
. .'
Dom Pedro, of Brazil, wahtii'apt.
Eads to come to Rio nnd make an
estimate on the cost of jetties for the
port of Rio. Grande de Sul. ' "
PresidentBuchanan's house at
Ijancaster, Penn. has been kept in
almost exactly the. sarr-a condition
in which it was left by him at the
time of hi3 death. . ' :
Mrs. Garfield's broth ej has bought
a hotel at Mississippi City. :
: Mrs. Senator Edmunds has- sent
a $50 check to the Methodist Mis
sion at Ogden, Utah. . .. '
.. . - f -
Moody, the revivalist,' was askedin the
recentcon vention in Milwaukee whether
he had grace enough to die at the stake.
He replied: "No, I don't need it; all I
want is grace enough to hold this con
vention for three days in Milwaukee."
The tloncord, N H., correspondent of
the Boston Post (Dem.) savs: "Colonel
John B. Clarke, of the Massachusetts
Mirror, and ex-Senator Rollins, of this
city, agree in the opinion that -'William
E. Chandler exhibits unparalleled cheek
when he ask3 the incoming Legislature
to give the State printing to his newspa
per establishment- . . -
3 Land deeda,:1and mortgages and
chattel mortgages for sale at the Citizen
il.ee. ' . '
. OUil ::i;V STEAM MiLIJi are
in full operation, aaJ vr3 ::r: i
to .supply f.:r
with n-- - ? - tit-
;v.i,3 a t'i'.pii. lliii.. r.Ury jt--?-:n'Lt.
; There Is a f,o::i- ii
.Xicasincci fcorderlr - tn a!: ria.
-j's refusal to .ansvi-r 'cousin
SouIJy j;?: . 1 t-l t?
: to
to accept, expecting Gladstone's concur
vanrC 1-l t -. 4 f -, s. r - ' rt w t rr v-rr, I
"""-i V4" " an
says that its government prefers to UkeSc
- ' '
Oreat Excitement Tr Seelston.
' ; . 'AVAsnisGTos, Apr. 21, 3 p. m. I
. . The decision of the Supremfl Court,
rendered yesterday in the Virginia Cou
pon . causes, declares unconstitutionJ
and void the legislature of the State of
Virginia refusing to receive the coupons
of State bonds, as provided in the adjust
ment of the State debt of l&GdJO. The
decision causes much excitement. What
effect It may have , in Virginia is only!
conjecture. Much apprehensioii -ia felt
in that State over the decision,' - It is be
lieved the next Virginia legisUlure, h ; w
ever composed, will tike steps to prevent
the carrying out of the decision. - :-
y: ; ; , ' ' !
Th Klel Bell Strontly IatrencbMt
1 .,;; HoxTREAn, April 21st, 3 p-'nilj j
Latest reports -from the: rebellion in
the northwest show that P.eil and his
forces - are Btrongly - intrenched r at
Batouche's crossing, and a heavy - battle
is expected to-morrow.'- The govern
ment ha3 a strong force of troops t that
point.; ' ' ';;-"ik -i '
;.; :,. craxt. - ; ,
I5cat llie Doctors if It "Tuk ca
v '''.All Summer....;',. .'
. Xkw Tokk, April p. m.
ibiLt vtteians of the -f,X.tv rmy
called . on Gon'l. Grant " this morning,
bearing a communication from the Tosta
calling on Grant to whip out the Doctors
if it takes all summer, and expressmg
the hopo that the General would soorf be
with them. Iso .bulletins 1 are. now fent
out, the condition of the General being
such as not to require X hem . ,v
Th Anlirtlllr A F)pnrtnbBrr Rail
road salt in tnc tj. H. lourt.
. . WASHl.V(;TOX,April '21 4 p: IV
The Supreme Court jeterday in the
ca;;e of tha Conln'IiioIpr8 of CiiKoiiibe
county ct al., apix-llsnts,' vs. R. Tommey
et al, in n -apphcaiiou for a rc-l.oarirg
postponed the c:uK:deratioi untih-jiext
term, and lea e was granted : the coansfj
to file additional brief' .Iwforj the first ,ot
October ncxU . . , ; v
: - " TK9CBLE. ' r"
Tb Hasprusioa of a Xwjpscr Akoot
. "; ; lo 'r!siurl the Pe.-c.p. .
- 'JjOXDox, April 21, 3 ; m. I
The act cf tha Khedive of Egypt
in euspending the publication "of the
newspaper Bospliorus-Egypiieri by the
Khedive is about to create trouble be
tween England and Franco. Both gov
ernraenta have agreed to await for
Egypt's reply before giving the matter
further attention. . . ' ; V"
There is a heavy demand for Rood to
fine SmokersCutters and Wrappers at
Graves' Warehouse,' I':inril!e,. Va., for
which the highest market prices will be
obtained and prompt returns made.
jan 22-w ft tnos
ill receiving every wet New a;:d Elegaut
IIsTinsrory l!ttl exr--T -o stiacl.cd to my !u--i-r--s,
I can c "ord to ht .1 c t- "er, end will do it,
than ar-" f-one in t-ii . Hanre f.-r trim
iti'us. t ' 1 at d I WiU guamnu-e slibfti'iion in
i.rict-s and work.
Al-ril 18, li'). d.tw-lm.
Hi pale, a t::j;
;i i :rj
i e
t r r
i ( i
t: 1
1 1 1 - v 1 l
"was-.wwy jeei', , U til . ; ;, ASIfllVILLIl, N. V.
. ', V:L:;;if.:-lIr;;h. " 1 W '. F " Oi.'lce in Court Ilot;.
TAi.j-r',. .';c-r; e ? ' J cJ)tf-
re i:i CiTl2"cs lliiiiilir
rnoa. V. JonxsTos. - t . Ge j. A.
f onxsrex & enuFORD,
Attruo A 1 wanirliors-e t-I.: .
A-h r: ni.LK, . C
WiU practice in the fcih and 9th Ju'lir'al VI ' -l.ta
ol .North Carolina, in the Sufnie Ctnirt of tiie
SUtle. ami In tfte federal Court at Ai'ph ..
Tin- collection ot claims, tbe exHiahiatiitn rtl
titles to r;id proportT.and Uie wttlouiftilof i-Hiataa
BiKH..aiiy oy ua Erin
Oriice in the iohnioa
Thec. Davidson.
Jas. G. MAf.t
ttrur fc u n Slors-at-I-n w.
Wit; m A' tltx lo tne Wh and n Judicial B!trictg.
and iu the Supreme Court of North Carolina, ru
in the federal Courli of toe Westeia Lietflct ii
NortU Carolina. (
Refer to the Bank of Asherille. ' - "
Trs w. l; & vr. b: hilliaki7 -
jpiiyBlcians ainl F-'r::'vr:s. '. "'
OfUcW text door south CI 1 Dank.
vJan34;iao3 - , . :
. .... rkp.rictm ana Surgwn. ,
Ofl'ee: Main St., 2 doors sooth of T' .nk'. lu-si
Jer.ee on f ronrb Vmad Avenue. inuve lioma 11
. as. to 1 p. oi., and liora S tofr p, nu .
', Architect and CieU Engineer',
Designs, Ppeclll cations, and Estimate of any
style ol building furnished upon Replication, and
work superintended when desired.. Allwri en-,
trusted to tne as Civil Eusmeer will r' lve
prompt attention. Thorough drainnre of itviida,
a specialty. Post oaice . address, A-"eviiie or
Best,N. C. Residence owauiumoa Ernige
may iMmo - J ' :-'-
ALDES HOWELL." ' ' ' - j 1MC3 11. KOOHT
"' " " Ail orncj s ' at la tr,., , ;
tfi.t.ted to them. . ; , P -A:tf
' Oflico over rowell &. Snider". ,
tJm Residunco corner of .Main andV
Rroodfin streets,
de 1(5-1 v . ''"- '
Civil Engineer and General Surveyor,
prepared to do ail wort in Ms rrt .fa:c -n, Bd
offer ills services epe:iai.v in Levfuii. i (
Making,-Maklnir Eijtmiateg on Wortc. Ly lug if,
Locatm and Piatunsr or Mappinjr Cti.y Lot, anil
Ktttiuiiiiiiig or Uappiug Wurkaireatij Uuue
ja iA-lt .... : r
H, DOUGLASS, V. D. 8.,
Pental Uomii over DeVault's, Pnig r-tora
esideiiee la same building Aahovilie. i. C.
fcb2-wtsw - '
12. n.n.HIEVE3,D.D.G.,
Offick inSluderBuildiEg,
pposite Central notd, -' ASIIEV1LLF., N. O
Persons hivin? art!!!ri'l oit ii"
rytnn it f.vo : i rcu w-' ;.:-. if n r -retura
it and uits u.uuej wid be r-s . ...
f' it
Corner Academy and Cherry '
Plioto-Craj on Portraits Troiu 1,tSeir,f
' down: aU.
ogive lessons in China 1 oration aii.l J'hoto
C rayon Work. .H'm a-ili-iis ordor i r ).'. . of
Hand Decorausd CLiua, i;re&uutt, Muucr, or Tea.
oct 8-s w tf
(i.htabiishe 1 !:i is.i.)
Watches, Oorls, Jevi.Ty, Fpee! ! . ..
Tatton Avenue, Ahheviilo, i
Leroy W. FairchlM's Go! 1 Pen. V,....d
stock alwavs on hand
f )

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