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BiLii head's;;.:! "
-.-T v , BLANKS, 6i
'And yob Work of all kinds done wii
' - fromlness and at low friers.
"i 7l,A.TTiST .-
- Ss.oo
- --":75
V:- 5Slos..
a Moa,
' '" r i ' '
Jf&xsuo, Ct:ao & Caaerca,
A - t - ! " . - , 1 V"
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... X.. - . .
. J?
Aslieyille Tlnslnesm Directory.
C. K Graham Co.S. E. Chedester & Son, J. LY
i Brevard & Co. J. O. Howell, "LS. Hammershlag
C K.Leei II. Kedwooddk Co.vJ.- P. Sawyer, G. A'
Hears, A. H. Jones &6on,Bearden,K&akin 4 Co.,
W. H. Brown, Q. M. Roberta.- . ,
. Garden and field. Seeds. t -
Powell & Snider, H. H. Lyons, A. j. Merrilly H.
Redwood & Co., J. O. Howell, J. P. Sawyer, Bear
. dent Rankin -.Co., C. ILMoncure. . . -fj
1 - ' Grot, Mayand flour, i (t..l. 'f
1 j ' ' 3. R. Starnes, Powell t Snider.' Alexander and
' ' - Penhina - --
. Hardware, Agricultural Implements, c. , ,'
. rennlmaniCo.i'VanGIlder itBrown. v " '
Stoves, Housefurnishing, arid. Tinware.
I Ballard Bros., Brown & Bearden, Lindsey Bros.
" Clothing, Gents' Furnishing, fcc
Jumes P. Sawyer, II. Levy, Charles E Lee, S
Boots, Shoes, and Hats.
, yi (o v.T. Weaver, M. Levy. - -
J?oo( ami SAoe Manufacturers
M.'tevy.'W.'T, Weaver, A.Freck.
.Boots and Stationery,
J.'lJWilkie, J. Jf.'illorgan & Co.j IL T. Esta-
roojc, 11.ii. i.yoD8, .
. : :' i. ;": ! i Druggists and Phurmacentistis.
H. H. Lyons, W. C. Cannlchael, C. W. DeVault
w A Co., C II. Moncure, W. E. Felliam. ."" ."
j r Muslca '. lnsitumems, ? ,
' ' DcyanltBrds. ' J
i t v I Jewelers. ..
C. Cowttn, Stefiher and Robertson.-
Family Groceries. '
rowell and Snider, S. R. Kepler, A.'R. Cooley,
Pcnley & Co.. T. F. Starnes, G. W. Goodlake. A. J.
Merrill , J. E. Ware, Ware and Howell, A. C. Davis,
James Franks, J.J. Mackey fe Co., Jesse R. Starnes,
It. 1. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson, R.
B Noland & Sons, T. W. Shelton, J. It. Trull, G. H.
. Starnes, N. Pcnland, Penland & Alexander. Mrs.
I.C. Smith. .
ButcJiers, ileal 'Dealers, Sc.
Zaohery Bros., Jamo'Lcsk,'JT.-.-K. Davis, Mc
. Connell and Drake. - :
Bakeries. v - . .
J. J. Desmond, F; M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
Confectioners and Bakers.
JTJ-. Desmond, (lactory), J. M Hestpn.T Wells
Saddlery, Harness, &c.
8. M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Penland. ;
Furniture, &c.
W. B. WilUamson, Itoore & Falk, P. S. Me
Mullen.' . - -
Undertakers, . f
X. Brand, J. V. Brown' John Clayton
Coal Dealers. ''
S. F. Venable, D. S. Watron, Hill and Atkins
N. W. Girdwood & Co.
. Lumber Dealers ,
'ou'tlcday" Scott. :li 'r , .
:" : Conlraclortt Carpenters, and BuUders.
I. Gorenflo, John Hart, J. A. Wagner, T. C.
. Westall, E. J. Armstrong, J. E. Bnttrick, T. L.
j Clayton M.Q. West, j 'j ; , j ,
- Blacksmiths
D. W. Cauble, J. H, Woody.
Hotels. .
Swannansa; Eagle, Grand Central,' Western,
Carolina House, Slajle House, The Villa.
Private Boardinq.
S. F. Venable, A. T. Summcy, Miss Bettie
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall. P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, TV-W. Neel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
. f J. H. Carter, G. M. Roberts, K. H. Grahl, G. L.Mc
' Donald, M. J. Fagg, J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Sluder, Mrs.
s HoHand, Mrs. Broile, Mrs. J C Smathers, Mrs E
1 It. Baird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Patton, Mis.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, H. C. France,
. Mrs. A. Sinclair, P. S..McMullen.
Livery: Sale and Feed Stables.
Reynolds & Chambers, J. M. Ray, W. A. Wed
dln, James Sevier, C O. Allen, T. H. Stanstll
Wm. Cox, E.-W. Herndon, S. H. Basnard, G. W.
Morgan it Co., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R. Starnes.
' Colleges, Schools, Jec.
Asheville Female College, Asheville Male
Academy, Newton Academy, MissGoodloe's High
li.i 1 j- l .1 n r i ... ...... IJ.in...n.
School, Mrs,
three wbite
schools. -A graded school has been authorized by
taw, and a State onqsdioe-wiH be held;every
anmmeF. jfrt '. :'
jf. -: Millinery, dc.
' s'LpHra. SI. M. Herndon, S. Whltlock, Mrs. M. E.
Slann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs RR Porter.
..... . , Attorneys At Law. ,;:
' - ! "ilcLoud A'Moore, J. H. Merrimon, E. H. Mor-
rimon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter, Gudger & Car
ter, J. M. Gudger, F. A. Sondlcy, W. S. Cushman,
Hardwicke. Johnston & Shuiord, W. M. Cocke,
Katt Atkinson,. A. T. Devidson W. H. Malone,
V. 8. Lusk, P. A. Cummings, A. J. Lyman.
Physicians and Surgeons.
" ' i t ; t. 7. Cain,; W.: L. 4 W. D. Billiard , John Hey
Williams, J. A. Burroughs, J- A. Watson, M. L.
- Nelson, Wardlaw McGiU,.H. P. Gatchell.
Dentists.' '
G. W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
- B.Ware.
Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
Bank of Asheville, Sluder & Barnard.
. v Merchant Tailors. ' - :
. - Dealers in Furs.
M. lOSXik.'
Beat Estate Agencies. '
Walter B.Gwyn, A. J.Lyman, Natt Atkinson,
J3. X Aston, B. M. Jones.
- jfrthitects and Civil Engineers, '
5 F Venable, J A-ennant,
i-V .5J A sWaniauses. ; 'ff. ' -
The Asheyille Warehouse, The Banner Ware-
houi; The Farmer's Warehouse,' Ray's Ware
house, The Buncombe" Warehouse. -u
Tobacc' Mamtfaeht rersr ChevxndjBhd Smoking.
6 B,Wesi, McCarty Se HulV jTE. Eay, E. I.
Holmes & Ce., Shelton & Perry, W. P. Williamson.
-v." Coopers, &c.
L. F. SorrellflS W. Girdwood, William Weaver,
. - rp - .Www.-'m '
IxinghranBrosl,' Hampton & Featherstone, W.
O. Muller, Co.A. Ponlli. . ... ,
L). PafalH&ngeril '
Cain t Hunt, Moors it Falk, R. L. Fitzpatrick.
-;,. , ISempafm.r- - -Daily
and; Wiskst Oman, Daily and Weekly
" Advance, Ihe-Ashevftle Trfbune (weekly.) -
' The Citizen Job OtttcaHunt & Robertson.
NaL'wTaylort'WTbtr&onT. T. Hill.
. Grist Mills, &e.
Jordan & Hallyburton, N. W. Girdwood, Jas. E,
Buttrick, McLane. '
!' fertilisers &c. . ...
F. H. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman & Co.,
. . "Anfoor Brand." JG. M. Roberts. Alex. Porter.
"Piejmont'. W.H. .Penland, "Owl Brand," Bear-
. den.ttankir. t Co., uir co.'s Bpeciai," i.yon
& Wilker, "Faltaer's Friend," T. C. Starnes, "Ar-
lingtfcn." Wv. W. Barnard, "Sea Fowl,"
E. I. Aston. Thoa. W. Branch.
r- U.Tdegraph.
" S. Weld6n, manager:.-'
Southern imd Adams 'Express. -
F. A. Stikeleathef, manager.
i Civil Cheers of Buncombe' County.
Sheriff J. R. KicH; Deputy Daniel Reynolds; S,
.Clurk'E. W.Herodon; Register J. R. Pattersor.;
Treasurer J. a. tunney, eurvcyor u. r . patton:
Tax Collector T. W, Patton. - ;
T ' Inferior Court ' '
Justice G. A. Shuford: Clerk Mont Patton; Solic.
lor 11. a. carter. v
County Commissioners.
- J. E. Rankin, J. AReagan, G. W. Whitson, L.
Clulds, lhos. v. Asruuun. . . ":
? ' ''justices of the Peace.- ' " ' .
'A. T. Sommey, N. A. Penland,-T. TV. Patton, C
. V jy, J. M. Lediord, i. M.Jarratt, J. B.Cain. .
' i ; ? City Government. -
Mayor E.J. Aston; Aldermen W. T.Reynolds.
Alonao Rankin, Geo. F. Scott, J. H. Gorenflo, N.
: W. Glidwoodand J. L. Miu-ray. - Policemen A.
H. Baird.W. G. McDowell, J. H. Hampton, Hufch
lostell ana -xye nunier. .
Fire Department.
Hose N. 1, oreman H. C. ii
bagg; H. AL.K6.1,
Cant. F A. H
Sanitary Department.
Pt.$ T Millard, SanUary Chiefc
s; . . Federal Officer.-
V. 8. Commissioner, A.- T. fcummey. ! Deputy
' ColleiHor, (stamp t.flice) Ar D. Cooper. District
Deputy 8. C. Eerren.- Deputy Marehalls, K. O.
Paltefson, A. C. Juttsison, T. K. Davis, H. S. Har-
. United States DiisHct ' and Circuit Courts.'
Judge R. P. Dick. SoMeitor J. KBoyd, Clerk J.
E. Reed, Deputy uiers r. a. luroroings.
H. L. Gudger P. M., erks cV B-'ifdorey f, L.
Keruian, C L Clin. .
.) f. Sewing Machine Agencies. ;
VehlerS .WnMn. JfH. Herring, Chief Clerk
Mis liossie .fustice. Ssneer, M. II. Morynihan
Chief Clerk W. Montoath. Domestic; 8. R. died-
efiier fie cow, v.jia su jxv. . . .
3 . fimnlti BmwI of Education.
A. T..Suii:i)i y, J H fnns and JS G Gudger. First
Tegular nictuug urti Mtir.uuy m rfjuciin-tr.
Arrival and Departure of llie Trains.
jBaijbbtot Mail train arrives 8:37 A. ar. '
" " Departs 5:47 p. m. -
- . " Day train amvea at 2;14p-m.
- " departs at 10:30 a. m.
Tennesaee-5-Arrivea 5:37 p. h..
' Departs 8:47 a. h. ;
.WAXXESTJUiE Arrives 8:50 r. k.
" Departs 9:00 a. x.
The , Waynesville train reaches that Jsoint at
11 au ; returning, leaves waynesviue at 10.
Weather Report Aug. I. "
Baromefer at 9 a. m. 30.03 falling.
Thermometer Minimum
mum 84.
. Wind East.
' Sky Partly cloudy. ,
The-DesrcEEEOeaf in town, at Ly
ons' "White Rose." . . - . '
, W. T. Weaver, Sole Agent for Hess'
Hand-Made Shoes for men. tf
Send your Job Worh.qf all hinds to the
Citizen Office, if you want it done neaily,
cheaply and with dispatch. ,
Will be published every evening (ex
cept Sunday) at the following rates
strictly cash : '
One Year, . . . . . $6 00
Six Months, . . 3 00
Three " ... . . 1 50
One " . .. . . . ' 50
One Week, . ... .15
Our Carriers willdeliver the paper ev
ery evening in every part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties Wanting it
will please call at the (Jitizen Uihce.
The Daily Citizen
Gives the only telegraphic dispatches
received. . .
'There will be a German at the Eagle
Hotel to-night.
The little seven months old daughter
of Samuel Reed Esq.. died last night.
. A silk parasol was found n the Bearer
Data road yesterday. It can be obtain
ed by applying at the Citizen office. .
Firmin-Jack Comedy Company in
Under the Gas-light to-night. ,
A train at full speed with a man on the
track is a thrilling sight.'- See it to-night
at the Opera Hall. OnljV5 cents.
The German at the Swannanoa Hotel
last evening was very pleasant. It was
Jed by Mr. J. B. Maxwell, of Richmond,
and Miss Nellie Cox, of Philadelphia.
The wok" of the Grand ury of the In
ferior Court of this county, in sessio.n this
week, was a working body, the best, says
the Solicitor he has ever had. The3' re
turned over 50 presentments, and han
dled thinsa with remarkable raDiditv.
The question of bad roaTls came in large
ly lor their consideration.
Prof. J. L. Jones and family of Colum
bia, S. C, Col. L. W.- Humphrey and
daughter, of Goldsboro, Judge J. P. Poole
and wife, of Newberry, S. C, and Dr.
Geo. Slover, of Newberne,. are stopping
at the Eagle.
Ther3 will be a meeting of the Tobacco
Assocation at the Farmers Warehouse on
Monday, August 3d, at 12 o'clock M.
. Secretary.
The Woek of the Infeeiok Couet.
At the term this week .of the . Inferior
Court, three negroes were convicted of
larceny, and sentenced to the peniten
tiary as follows: Jas. Wooten, 18 months;
Ben Carson, 12 months; Henry Penland,
12 months. This work was done, the
three cases tried and parties sentenced
to penitentiary, at a cost to the county of
oniy $is.ao. j uage caiuiera ana solicit
or Carter are the right men in the right
place. "
Burke Items. ;
From the Star-we learn that Mount
Pleasant camp meeting will embrace the
fimrth Sunday in August. D. C. Pear
son will soon become a shoe drummer.
A large party at Glen Alpine Springs.
The boys who went to Asheville re
turned with swimming in the head said
to be caused by the "short curves" over
the mountains. The colored people
are to have a cemetery .-. Burke Super
ior Court begins. Aug. 10.- There will
be a meeting on tiret Monday 01 court to
Eermanentlyorganize the Western Air
ine railroadt
Ex- Gov. Gleason, of Florida, believes
that the culture of pineapples in that
Stale will soon "be of more importance
than the culture of oranges.
The surviors of the Sixth South Caro
lina Confederate Regiment will have a
reunion on the battlefield of Seven Pines,
Va.. Auer. G. The address on the occas
ion of the reunion will be delivered by
Geh. Bratton (promoted after the Wild
erness battle, May 6, 18(54 1, now member
of Congress from the, .fourth vongress-
lonal District of bouth Carolina. - -
Rogers Bros' : MakeSee Prices. :
For this week only.' Triple plated
Table Knives $1 75 per set." Desert size
$1 65. Forks heavily plated ' on pure
nickel silver $3 12 per set. Tea: Spoons
$1 62 per set. Butter knives and sugar
shells sarrju Quality, due. eacn. .-: -..
Quadruple plate casters z u. a gooq
extra plate Ca6ter $1 25. A fine article
of white handle knife at ?1 50 and $2 00
per set. - " ' v.-
, Always the lowest prices oh Crokery
and Glaes at Law's, oppotitc Eagle Hotel.
July 18 d w
Visitors' headquarters is J. L. Wilkie
& Co's Book Store, Eagle Building, tf ;
Zkgler's and , Banister's Hand Sewed
Slioex, Opera Slippers, Oxford lies, Danc
ing Bumps, Slippers, &c.,&c. . --l,-
eodtf : v :- One Price Store.
irnderthe Gas-lighl for the last time
to: night. - Only 25 cents, , v V K
i' If you want a good 5 cent Cigar go to
Lyons' and ge a "White Rose." -
Your old khoes can be made as good as
new Tonly at - - ' W: T. Weaver's.
TVeavcrTille Colleg-e. '
Lhe naxf Session begins Sept. lOtbf
For Catalogues, address . ,
- IJV. D. Atkins, ,
july 28. - r dl w&w2m.
Keep, it Before the People, - :. ?
That the number of guests at Haywood
White Sulphur Springs is now between
one and two hundred, but roomV for,
more. , . .. .. - ' ' -. - ;.. tf ;
No Co. m His. -'- tU
. Our typos for the last few.; days have
given to our townsman 0. Howell a
"Company" in his . business! He has
neither taken a partner in his business
nor one "for life," the latter to his shame,
bit8Jd.";;'-'-...'-:v-..- r-"
" j ,gj " a . , .
Death of the Oldest Citizen . in Buii-
.... COMBK. -rt X- -V.'V, V;.:M. ':''..
Mr. , Pater Ingle, living near the Sul "
phur Springs, west of Asheville, died on
Friday at the advanced age- of 105 ynars
his last birthbay having been on the
8th day of June. He was a native of
Buncombe, have probably never been
away from this immediate section, cer
tainly not for 60 years in therecollert.iftn '
of Uncle fteBg&tlfiraef..NEIeha been
an upright, honest - man - through life.
He was certainly the oldest man in this
section, and probably the oldest in the
State. : - : ,.
The Rockingham Rochet has this to
say. of a young lady who is now visiting
Mrs. J. L. Pleasant of this city :
"Asheville society will receive a splen
did acquisition this week in the charm
ing presence of Miss LuLee Bowdre, one
of North Mississippi s handsomest, most
accomplished and fascinating belles. We
hope the exhilarating atmosphere and
sublime scenery of the Old North State, i
togetner with the interesting people
sojourning at Asheville and vicinity,
will contribute much enjoyment to the
fair visitor, and give her a rich store of
sweet memories of our beautiful "Land
of the Sky." - - '
Fine Specimens of Corundum. .
Profv C. D. Smith, of Macon county,
dropped in to-day on his return from
Yancey county where he bad been pros
pecting for minerals. He showed us
some very fane- specimens of corundum
from the property of Smith and Proffitt.
He had three different colors, the blue,
the red and the grey. He has compafetl
this with corundum from other mines
and considers it a very superior quality.
Had one magnificent specimen of ruby
corundum. Prof. Smith has been engag
ed in mineralogical researches for many
years and has given his exclusive time to
this study and prospecting for he past
twenty years, and there is doubtless no
one in western Carolina as well posted
in this. line of work as he.
The General Crops, &c. "
Sheriff Rich returning this morning
from Raleigh, where he has been to
carry three parties to the State pen, gives
us the following items : There is in his
opinion a much larger per cent, in acre
age than for many years of corn, tobacco
and cotton, and all these crops between
here and Raleigh are looking well. He
met gentlemen from various portions of
the State who reported-to him the same
facts as to' the erops of everyBection. and"
the general yield will unquestionably be
larger than for many years past.
He met the state othcers while 111 Kal-
eigb, and several of them stated they
would v:sit Asheville during the summer.
The Grant Monument.
A move is already on foot to erect a
very handsome monument to the memc-
ry of Gen. Grant The Western Union
Telegraph Company has subscribed the
sum of five thousand dollars, and has in
structed the managers of the different
offices of that Company throughout the
South to act as agents in the collection of
subscriptions for the general fund: : Mr.
tsnrke, the manager or the office at this
place, is ready to give receipts to parties
who wish to contribute. .
The Price of thjj " Tobacco Heat.Regu
LATOB. -, .
The price of the Hardwicke & Welres
Heat Regulating Attacl ment, will be
$10.00 for any. sized barn. They will be
sent by express or freight immediately
upon receipt of order, These Attach
ments are always on hand at Marshall,
N. C, and will be at other places as soon
as arrangements can be made for their
manufacture. - tnovl.'
A meeting of the Asheville Jockev
Club will be held at Major Martin's of
fice Monday, at 12 o'clock. Every mem
ber is requested to be present.
Bixlys," "Buttons," "Brown's" and
"Bon Ton" are the best brands of shoe
polish known to the trade, all of which
are sold by w. x. weaver, at the une
Pfice Shoe Store. ' f '
. . A qood stbek of dotldng, Dry Goods .Fan
cy Goods, Hats, Shoes, Carpets &c.t at fixed
and reasonable Price's. i
eodtf II REDWOOD & CO.
Private Boarding in Waynesville. -
. The undersigned is prepared to accom
modate a limited number of boarders at
her home in Waynesville. i Convenient
to the White Sulphur Springs. Accom
modations guaranteed. Terms moderate.
. tf ; Mrs. J. B. S.- McIntosh.,
The Steam Laundry of C. F.. Brock &
Co.-is prepared to do all work in its line.
Office at the Btore xf A. R. Cooley, South
Main Streetwhere enquire for particu
lars. - h yzi)6i
Mr. D. R. Julian, late door keeper of
the lion e, will run an excursion from
"the Mountains to the Sea" on August
7th, observing the regular mail schedules
both ways. The opportunity is a good
one, the arrangements are perfected, and
the trip will be both a cheap and pleas
ant one. For particulars see hand bills.
. jy29 2t ' . V ...
Fresh Suphub Water ''''''-i--'r ':
On draft daily, direct from the,Snrings,
at Dr. Moncure's Drug Store, with other
mineral and Soda waters. Call oh him.
First-class Shoes of stylish shapes and
best quality made to . order by W. T.
Weaver & Co. - v - tf
Railroad' Tickets ;
; Parties haying ticHets to dispose of in
any direction, will call oh meat the
Swannanoa Hotel. W. D. Jones:
r, tsel -,' .
t All ttfool Dress Goods in great, variety,
Silks, Surahs; Rhadames, Satins, Velvets'
Satines, Percales, Ginghams, Lawns, Prints,
&c. IL REDWOOD & CO. .
eodtf -C: ' "' '
-Watt Hill, - in the Deaver building
South Main street, can furnish meals at
an'y time. L'ctf steaks a specialty. '
The. Grand Juky on; "the ..Recent Es
. cape OF'ThE . Prisoners , iJrom TV the
i i Asheville Jaiw;v r
. . The Grand- Jiiry 'of . the inferior Court
of .Buncombe- county ,;in'- session this
week, irjade lhe foil dwing : report to1 the
Court: ustu'l .-c-vyn .o.fO
To (Tie nm. ff. A. Shvfgrd, Judge of ihe
Inferior Court of Buncombe County'
we tne urana j urors tor the. J uly term
of the Court 1885, in obeciience to the
special charge of your Honor, beg leave
to make the fallowing report ,,.
' We have examined the jail of the said
county and. find it. safe ih all respects "ex
cept there are. ; no-: sufficient barriers; .to
the windows so that persons can be prev
ented from communicating with the pris
oners in the cells. We find that knives,
pistols and instruments r with which to
breaks but of the jail, can be passed to
the prisoners through &p windows. We
find that the attentioai. the ; Board, of
Commissioners hav.ee:caliia this
fUUt but that tticlwye neglected to"?aKV
any steps te remedy this defeefcand there
fore have been guilty of gross: hejrHgne
in the discharge of their duty. -- And that
it is the opinion of this grand : jury that
they should be enquired of by the body
of the county. Wo further find as a fact
that on the night of 13th day of July,
188o, li ye (5) prisoners, on the charge of
murder, confined in said jai Wdid escape
therefrom under the" following" circum
stances, to-wit : . About 8 o'clock P. M.
John KKieh the sheriff entered in. the
cells where these prisoners were confin
ed to make an examination of the cells
before locking up for the night, leaving
Daniel Henderson the jailer on the outr.
side of the cells in charge of the locks
and keys fasteningthe doorsA 'That the
apartment ih which these prisoners were
confined ; consists of a corridor and two
cells; that the' doors leading into the two
cells are opened from the , corridor, but
are lastened bjr means of a lever that is
worked and locked on the outside of the
apartment. . That the door .leading into
the orridor is fastened on the outside with
two bolts, one near the bottom.ofthe.door,
the other about; . the center of the door.
The : latter, together with the lever, are
both worked and locked in an iron box;
which is closed and. fastened with a com
bination lock. Before going into the corri
dor on the night aforesaid, the prisoners
seven in. number were ordered into the
two cells, five going into the cell farthest
from the door leading into the corridors
and two into the cell nearest the said
door. The prisoners having entered the
cells the doors were closed by the jailor
by means of the lever; the, Sheriff then
entered ithe! cotridor and- rojeeeded to
make ah examination of the same. The
jailor closed the door with the bolts, but
neglected to lock the same, lhe jailor
having closed the corridor door opened
the cell doors, by means of the , lever, to
allow the Sheriff to enter the cells and
examine them. . When the doors were
opened the prisoners in a body rushed
out and some presenting ' pistols and
others seizing the Sheriff, by means of a
towel with a knot , in it, the Sheriff was
overpowered, gagged and thrown into'
the farther cell. While this was being
done a pistol was presented at the jailor
through the '.bars of the corridor door
and he. was ordered not to move, or they
oould-HBhooi .TiniicCrhat th-doojwaa
then opened by one of lhe prisoners and
the jailor says he was so frightened that
he can't toll how it was opened. One or
two of the prisoners then came out and
ordered him into the .other cell, where
he was also gagged and bound. ; The
doors of the two cells were then locked
by means of the lever. One of the
prisoners then tried to ffect an escape
by means of the iron door leading out of
the room, butihe jailor's wife.who had
possession-of 'the keysj -refuserf" to'opeh
tlie door. The prisoners then went to
the window and an axa was handed into
them by some pexsoa . or1 persons ;on the
outside. - By toeahs of this axe, :-a i hole
was made through the outside wall of
the jail, through : wbicfrhole five of the
seven prisoners made their escape In
the'meantime an alarm had been given
and some citizens came and released the
Sheriff and jailor. " The Sheriff then
summoned a posse J of -twenty pieh and
nhirtfxl in Tini-cmir. and . were cone some
1 twentv-six hours but could not find them.
No other effort has been made to capture
them as far as-wehavebeenabletonnd.
The SheTifflid-sehd Svord ..to Marshall,
Burnsville and Bakersville. But could
hear nothing of the fugitives. '
We further .find that there, had befell a
previous effort on the part of the priaoik
ers to make an escape,- and that a letter
had been handed to the Sheriff warning
him that an attempt- would be made by
the prisoners, or their friends, to. bribe
fKn. tntlni. T aril A Ififf-a. Wad ttffvtfn''
buc jaiiuii. -Alia, saiu i l .. . 1 1 . .uvwu
by a" friend of one of the murdered men
and was handed to the Sheriff by one
of the prosecuting counsel..;. We further
find that he was advised byV; friends not
to expose himself by going into the cell.
He was also told by an ex-cdnimissioner
of the county that if he did notf know
how to manage the cells without expos-"
mg himself, that he (the ex-commison-er,)
would show him; - We further find
that the Shetiff had been instructed how
to manage the ceils by one of the acting
commissioners , of the county. The
firanrt ' Jurv are of the oninion that the
said Sheriff was guilty of carelessness
and negligence in not ussng the proper
precautions; in entering the cells. And
that this should be enquired of by the
body of the county." . . . , . ;
The Grand Jury are further of the
opinion that the jailor : was guilty o
grpSBj and' -culpabl negljgenc0 irXinot
locking the' bolts that fastened the door
leading into ..the corridor; andthatltf
these bolts had been locked, no rnan; or
number of men in the cells or corridor
wdhld baye-been able to have affected
an escape. And that this gross and cul
pable negligence on the part of the jailor
should be enquiredof by the body of the
count, We are further of the opinion
that the prisoners did have a correspond
ence with a person or persons outside of
the jail, and ..from the evidence before
the Grand Jury that pistols were
through the windows into the bells on
Saturday night previous to the escape on
Monday night; in justice ro the bund
ers of the cells the Grand Jury are of the
opinion that if the, rules and directions
of said builders are carried out that if is
impossible for prisoners to escape.
All of which is respectfully eUbmittdj,
i - ." T. C Deake. ForemaniV1'
Deake, Fore m an i
W. H. Penland, ;
J. P. Bbanks, ',
Judso.v Carter,
J. R. Lance, '
J;C.- Fox,
A. J: CoOPEHj ' -
-- Gr A. Parker,!
5.1i.yGftE'siiAir.i K:
1. 1'. BTAKSES. ; ,
a. F. Hawkins.'
li f f
Private Boarding in WAEytLLE.
-' The uhqerBigniid-iSj; prepared - to ! ac
commodate a limited number bfbbarders
at her homeln-Wjiy nfsvillW' Convenient
to the vvhito- sulphur bprines. Accom
modations guaTantced. Terms moderate
tf " 3 Miif. J. B. S; McIntosh
The Great Success unbsb,th Gaslight
To-Night. '.. ' . . .
The Opera Hall will no' doubt be full
to-night,"to witness the repetition of this
very successful drama. ' Miss Firmin and
Mr. John Jack; and the able support of
their -talented Company present Soci
ety life in New York m its varied forms
to the life, Th novel scenes are wori
thy of a better equipped Theatre, and
while the Pier Scene in East River with
Brooklyn in the ' distance is excellent,
The Rail Road scene, with- the full train
dashing along at full speed, produces an
enthusiasm rarely witnessed m the Op
era Hall. With good acting, good plays,
our citizens and visitors can. always be as
sured of a pleasant evening. ; :
New Postoffices.' ' .' '" 4
Hon.: Thos. , D. Johnston ; has had es-
tablished by the Department the follow
ing new postoffices ih this section:' ; ;
la Buncombe. Beech; A.' M. Penland.
ruBiinUBier.' . ',:i ' . .
Blackwell's. Spring ix. A. - Black welL
PostmasterV r - . - ; :-'-
Owen by; W.N. Owenby. Postmaster.
Fortune. : James Thomas Garren, Post
master; Hazel, L. Sieglekow, Postmaster.
in Kutherford. Price. Jr.H. Grosse,
In Jackson. Wesley anna, F. F.Brown
In Mitchell. Brighton. John. G. Bur-
lison. Postmaster; Leggy, M. L. Bainner,
postmaster. ; -
In Vacon. Dale; Thomas Trice, Post-
mastef. . .. :
In the selection of the Hazel office, Mr.
Johnson proposed the name Of Reynolds,
out there being a iteynoldsvule in the
State, it was not done. ,
Waynesville Items.
Erom the Waynesville Netcs: Mcin
tosh is building a new store. Rev.
Mr. Connally will preach, in the Baptist
Church Sunday. Quarterly Meeting
at the Methodist Church to-day and to
morrow.- J. B. Mull planted 10 pota
toes and raised 179. Judge Gudger
leaves for Marshall court next week.
There were 365 arrivals at the White
Sulphur in July. Walter Brown sports
a cabbage head four feet and 9 inches in
diameter. .
H. I. Norvell has been made railroad
agent at Clyde. Mr. Stockton, of Ire-i
dell county, after spending nineteen years
in Florida will locate in Waynesville.
John H. Robeson, a native of Western
Carolina, diedat Independence, Va., on
the 18th ult., and was buried at Sandy
Mush in Buncombe county. There
will be a meeting of the teachers of Hay
wood at Pigeon Valley. . "
The class of West Pofnfr' cadets that
will graduate from that institution next
year numbers eighty-three members.
Among them, it is said, are some of the
brightest young minds that have teen
trained in that institution.
f-rA sdhof Geh. Lohgstreet has been ap
pointed to a clerkship in one of the de
partments at Washington;
The Citizen Job Office '
, Is one of the most .com .etc offices in
the State, and -workof every kind will
be done with as much neatness and de
spatch, and as cheap, as it can be done
anywhere, v - '
" Geo. H. Starnes, Family Grocer, has
established a new delivery wagon, and
is prepared to deliver fresh family groce
ries, fresh meats, vegetables, &c, ih eve
ry part of the .city, promptly. Call on
him for family supplies. tjy22
Railroad Tickets Bought and Sopp .
I will buy, sell or exchange Railroad
Tickets from or to any point. Parties
interested will do wrll to call and see
me. J. M. fouNG,
. tse20 'At Carmichael's Drugstore.
Carpets, Mattings, Sqvures, Rugs, Mats
Oil Cloths, Lace Curtains, Cretonnes, Raw
Silks, Turcomans, lable Damashs, Sheeting,
Towels, Napkins, &c.
eodtf H. RED WOOD tfc CO.
Ladies' "Common Sense" and "Opera
Toe" French Kid. . at Levy's.
One four feet show case, good as new,
for sale at W.T. Weaver's.
Lost. : . -" : : -
Between Richmond Hill and the res-
idencq.of Jas. R. DuboBe, a pair of gold
frame spectacles, lhe. tinder -will be
suitably rewarded by leaving them at
this office. . . jy didawi t
When the band begins to play and the
youth beauty and chivalry of the coun
try go whirling through the gaities of
the ball room, you may bet they nave
bought .their dancing pomps at W; T.
Weaver & Co.'s One Price Store- tf
IN Inacrivate house, ftirnighed or
unfurnished, suitable tor small familtes or for
sinele norties. Aiuly at Cooley's store, goutli
Main St. - . .- , . ; . .. ' - jy88daw3t
A partnenhlp with a raan of capital or means
to Steam Dry and rehandle .Leaf Tobacco on
order in Asheville.
With a man of lonsr cnerience and cstAblinhed
trade in the leaf and manufacturing trade's of
markets. Andreas jj. w. ,
julv xo-a l mo su-v t, Keiasvi.ie, a. yj.
JVow is Your ; Time to Buy a
v - - Good . Farm .
SITUATED Jastontside the Corporate Limits,
1 1-8 miles east of Asheville. N C.
TJie r arm cuiimms iw aureist part oiviiicn
nil adapted focTobacco, and the balance lor
a tables, Grainfttc Good New Swelling,
new-Tobacco Bart s, one Tenant - House.. Crib,
Barn, -etc.-Twenty acres in euiuvanon, u in
Grass. 60 acres good timber land which la valn-
Shieon account of location Good Orchards
farm enclosed with new plank and rail lence,
and is situated 1 V miles from Depot on WN C
K It and same distance from Depot on-Spartan-hnnr
a iheviue Railroad. - - i ,
- Also t kousas and lots, and t building lots in
the citv of AweviiieoH vauey tstreet,
naar Fe-
is.lt! college.
few. minutes walk from Coart
loose, ail lor sale at low prices.
call on - .
Jy2dAwJw f ' S V ft AJhevillP,. Nj C.
.- v. i - . - a v. uiurjut.
TNT '. : By virtue of two- executions in
my hands.issued by the Clerk of the Superior
Court of Buncombe county, one la favor -of J. H.
Walker against M. L. Burnett and others, and
one in favor of A;"B. Fortune against J. H. Wal
ker and M. Li. liurnerii l wiu sen ror cun. v vue
(xutt house door In -Agheville, on Monday, the
17th dy of August, 1SS5, M. L. Buraett s interest
in a tract' of land lying- on the north fork of
Swaananoa river, adjoining- the lands pf James
Walker, John Burnett, and the homestead tract
of the said M. L. Burnett, containing; 100 acres
more or less. - The above described lands to be
poia to 88tisfy the above named executions. ; .
''I his July nth, l&s5. -' .
- - - - - . - 3. H. HICII, Bherlff;
.. y ig-w4W ;""' Per D, L.-ReynoiB, g. S.
J In the erowine town of Charleston,
Swain eounty, for 6ale. The House oontains Bix
rooms, recently coroplete'd, on the main street of
the town; two acres on the lot, supplied with
splendid water.-which can be placed in every
room in the house. - Terms, one-third cash, re
mainder m six and nine months. Good stable
and outhouses on the premises. Apply to ,
I. 11. CONLKY, ' -Jim21-w4t-
. Charleston; N. C. .
Gypsies Sent Back to France.
i . ; . New -York, Ang l.'J
Judge Cull en to-day in Supremo Court
rendered a decision in the . case of the
Gypsies wfio were'brfeught here on the
steamer of the Bordeaux line by which
they V will be compelled to -return: to
France'.1'. The emigration commissioners
refused .to allow the Gypsies to t land,
contending that they were likely to b&;
come a charge on the community. The
I steamship , authorities offered to give
bond -that the Gypsies, would, not be
come a burden, but the emigration com
missioners , relnsed to accept it. The
i i in, t.i'umu wwuunuy
out a writ of abeas corpus on behalf of
the Gj'psieaand ..this morning! Judge
Cullen dismissed the writ. ' w "
- . Cholera Record. ;
; -Madrid, Spain, Aug. 1. -The
reports throughout Spain, show
the number of new cases of cholsra yes
terday, 2,049, deaths 849. In the city of
Madrid 28 new cases and 3 deaths are
reported to-day, and in the. Province of
Madrid, outside of the city, 40 new cases
and 14 deaths. : - , :
Constantinople, August 1.
Mr. S. S. Cox.'the United States Minis
ter, has been . especially interested in,
and is believed here to resume negotia
tions with the Porte for a good .modifica
tion of Turkish tariffs on American im
ports. V
A Train Wrecked by Dynamite
Denver, Colorado, Aug. 1st.
The incoming Leadville - passenger
train due here at. 9:30 o'clock last even
ing explodeda dynamite cartridge when
about two and one-half miles south of
this city. The engine and tender were
badly wrecked. The explosion was dis
tinctly heard a distance of 10 miles. ' It
is generally believed that the outrage
was the work of the strikers. . - .
Xevr York Market.
' ,. . New York, Aug. 1.
The 6tock market was steady at the
opening this morning. Within I of last
evening a closing hgures alter a slight
decline in the market it became Btrong
and a general advance of i to f per cent
followed. . This was soon checked and a
decline set in carrying the prices down
from J to f per cent below the opening
quotations, St. Paul, North Western
leading. The decline was checked shortly
before 11 o'clock, leaving the market at
that hour quiet and steady. There was
only a little activity during the hour.
Total sales were being 59,000 shares.
Baltimore Market.''
, Flour steady and quiet. Wheat South
ern stead j', western higher and fairly
active, Southern red y4lKS, amber 97
1 00. No. 1 Maryland 97J; western winr
ter red .'spot 93931. Corn Southern
steady and firm; western firiiM?r. South?
ern white 585SJ, yellow 5C57.
'Asheville is uiius.iially qiiiet si mv the
departure of the State Guard and the
close of the races.
f You will save money bv going to.J. L.
Wilkie & Co's Book Store, Eagle Build
ing. " augltf
Miss Cleveland's Book, (George Elliot's
Poetry and other studies), $1.40 at J. L.
Wilkie & Co's.
Dr. li. A. Guild, Atlanta, says: B. B. B. eared
Wm. Sealock of a terrible case, of Scrofula,
which affected the entire elbow Joint. .
. East Point, Ga., April 2, 1884.
My wife has been afflifted with a terhble
form of Scrofula for over fifteen years. Phy
sicians exhausted their . skill, and numerous
patent medicines were used without benefit.
Her . condition grew worse her appe
tite failed, attended with debility, emaciation,
falling out of tbe hair and a frightful breaking
out of the skin. Her bones became very ranch
diseased and painful (some, calling it white
swelling), with sleepless nights and a general
feeling of horror, ; Some friend said that B. B.
B, would enre her. X procured it and placed
her upon Us uso, and to the utter astonishment
of all who knew her the recovery was rapid and
complete. It acted as a powerful tonic, gave
'her a splendid appetite and acted upon the
kidneys. A few bottles did the work ' The ac
tion of B. B. B. was decidedly quick, and the
medicine cost bnt little. I advise my friends to
use it as a blood purifier. Tours truly, '
b:looi poisoar.
Mr, A. P. W., of Hampton, Ga., has recently
emerged from one of the nost remarkable
cases of Blood Poison on record. - His body
and limbs had no less than four hundred small
ulcers hia bones tormented him with pains
bis appetite railed bis kidneys presented
frightful symptoms and all doctors and : 100
bottles of the most popular Blood Poison rem
edy failed to give him any relief. He secured
B. B. B., the concentrated quick cure, and five
bottles healed up the ulcers, relieved bis pain,
cured bis kidneys, restored bis appetite, anc
made him a healthy and happy man. - Any one
can secure bis fall name and correspond with
nun. x
Sale Valuable Tand.
By virtue of a decree of the Superior Court of
i wui proceed to sell at tne
Courthouse door in the citv ot Asheville. county
and State aforesaid, on SaturdAy. 15th day of
August next, the farm property of the late Mrs.
x- I.- ....... i i . v. . ..i ..ii
Spartanburg Railroad, three and a-half miles
south of Asheville, containing one hundred and
twenty-five acres, more or less. A good frame
dwelling hoase, good out buildings, flue water,
good young orchard, fifty to sixty acres splendid
wooa iana, ten or xweive acres une rueaaow.
Sold for division. Terms, Twenty per cent, cash,
balance in one and two ycaas, with approved
note and security. . . E. J. ASTON,.
' Commissioner.
jyl5w '
,Th,e town of Kockingham. js(laying off
new cemeteries! ' ' '-'
A girl at Wadesboro eleven yearlold
weighs 151 poubds. : .
Charlotte ' is : to haVe' iirlew Opera
House.' '1 " j.itt,it.
Prof. Hidden 'is agaliiJ iri'exander
county digging Hidderutei-r.
" The work of removing 'obstructions in
the Yadkin fiver; has been lesumed.
' A Jady was found dead inl Jr bed at
Statesville with her ialsetdelli in her "
throat. , . . ,
.Efforts are still- being niadito build a
railroad from ' Lincolntoii to .Cranberry .
Forge, a distance of 75 miles. u'
Greene county has voted a subscrip
tion of $30,000 to the Goldsboro, Snow
The. .Wilmington Clinton : and Point
Caawell railroad company -has been ro-J"
organized with Ef W. Ker aBsident.
There is a large party df summer visi
tors at Blowing Rock and other points
in the mountains of Watauga. county.
About 200 teachers attending the Nor
mal School at Boons,. Watauga, county.
It will close next week.
Edmund Jones, Esq., of Lenoir, has .
arrived in Washington' where he will
take charge as chief of 1 the 'customs
division of the treisury department.
There will be a' bin meeting rf the
Montgomery county Sundav -School As-.
sociatiqn August 21st and 22nd.
Superintendent pf Public Instruction,
S. M. Finger, returned from the National
Educational .Convention, at Saratoga a
few days ago minus $100.00, that amount '
being stolen from him by a "clerical
looking" gentlqnian. Jl .:" .v.f
The names of A. B. Andrews, C. M.
Stedman, Thos. M. Holt and Octavius
Coke, have been mentioned in connec
tion with the next- gubernatorial nomi
nation for this State. li;.'
The Wilkesbfjro people are- becoming
dissatisfied with the: slow manner in
which the Charlotte and Columbia raiU-
road comes that way and they are try
ing to negotiate with the Cape Fear and
i adkin v aney roau. , , ; .
Kockingham county has been alive to
her educational interests during the past
summer. Ine leachers" institute for
the whites was held at Wentworth and
closed only a few. days ago. The colored
Institute is still in session at ieaksviiic.
The Raleigh Observer , sa-s that the
guests returning ' from ' the Haywood
White Sulphur Springs at Waynesville,
nave noining out p'.easam ininga to say
of the fare, the company and the propri
etor. ...
A correspondent of the Raleigh Regis
ter in speaking of Cooper's. Station and
the delightful valley in which it is loca
ted says: Just at tbis-point the moun
tains on tlie two allies oi too bwannanoa
come very near - together, hence the
breeze coming down the valley is com
pressed at this point and blows faster,
giving almost always sufficien coolness
for comfort. A number of lialeigh peo
ple 'are Bummering here. Mr. Polk, a
young man from Wake, is. proving him
self a model farmer. 11 is meadow Jands
will average from 3,500 to: 41)00 pounds
of hay the first mowing..;; ;w. ;..
lloarding-IIouse Notices.
, Summer. tourists,' (to: the mountains,)
can find coniiortable roomp and good
board at Antler Hail (Tennent's View) 4
miles from Asheville. For particulars,
address P. O. Box 11G, Ashevillo, N. C.
N. B.--Good boating on finest piece of
water any where near Asheville. -
. july 6-1 mo , , a 1: . i.t
Boakdeds Wanted. ".-.;;
..Good room with excellent table "board
can be had On good terms by the week
or month at lrs. Sondlev'sh?usc, corner
of Flint and Cherry streets.''
l or particulars apply to ; :?.,
Mas. A. S. Labaube,
july 21 4 1 IEO- . on the premises.
Private . Boabdixg.,
Visitors can find nice pleasant rooms
and good board, liberal rates at : ;
. x , , : . MBS.. M. J,;KIDSDAIJ 8,
july 23-1 wk
Spruce StReet.
Board fob tHk Summer. ; )., ,
. Handsome location, fine grove, .large
yard, new house and new furniture.'
: Apply to SJ F. Venable, c
',. Academy -Street,
july 1 tf ' ' near MaleAcademy.
. ..-.'- : ;;!!- ... -:(;
Boarders Wanted. I have. a. cootl
good comfortable ' rooms, located
on Bailey, street, a short walk from.Pub
lic Square, and would bo glad to accom
modate a few boarders by the month or
season. - Will keep tho best' table the
market affords.: , ,
I ItjylC '-,'" '..-''' G.K"M61)6naj,d.
.- . I'll, .-"
Keep, it Befoee tme People, Mi f
That the best string band ever, in, West
ern North Carolina is at Hay wood White
Sulphur Springs.; ; ;
: ':
; Boakdtnq. Good board, ' by the'day ,
week or month, can be secured at the
residence of t he undersigned, on North
side of Woodfin street, near the. Baptist
church. Comfortable jpoms, large shady
yard, a good table, and ;splefKJjd water.
Satisfaction guaranteed. , . Members of
the Teachers' Assembly boarded at $1.00
per day. Table boarders, wanted, m
, fjylG " ': - - Miss Maby. A.. Miller.
Splendid Boardv';;' ' "' ;":'-! ,?u ' "
; . Parties desiring splendid board ;in-one
of the coolest and most inviting locaties
in the city, can get accommodation by
eailv application., Largo, airy JioiiBe,
new" furniture, large and splendidly r
6haded yard, the best table, the country
can tuTord, a French cook, excellent' x
ciety, are among the. attractions.:'. Table
boarders taken. Terms reasonablo.; Ad
dress box 234, Asheville pogt OlUce.
". Arden Park Hotel Rates. $ia00 per
month; $12.00 per -week; $2.00 per ;day.
DinDer 75 cents; Supper 75 cents. ; r,
1 ; Tiaros. A.'Moiuiis, Trop'r.
--iuly28. 1 : ' ; 'f tf.
- . lii ' ai i' tf.
Evitt ' & Bros' shoes for worucri, and
Hess' hand made shoes for men, are
rapidly becomincr the . most opnlar
shoes on this market, simply on account
of their merits and low prievs at 'which
they are offered by
"W. T." Weaver & Co,

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