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And Job Work of all kinds done win
fromflness and at low f rices.
... Furnar, Stoao & Can:xaa,
Pailt, -., x Year, - ' So.oo
" O Mos., " 3.00
Weekly, - 1 Yew, 1.50
r -: " ' - - O JVT.OS., ": -' ,: 75
VOL. L NO. 96
ASH EVI LLErNi 0 MO N D A Y " EVEN I NG, AUG: 3 , 18 85:
AslicTllle Business Directory.
. . .. . ; . V- V'-'-' -.,
' . General Merchants Wholesale and Retail. -C.
E. Graham & Co., 8. R. Chedester & Son, J. D.
: Breyard & Co., J. O. Howell, 8. Hammershlag,
C. K Lee, H. Kedwood & Co., J.- K Sawyer, G. A'
Hears, A. H. Jones & Son, Bearden, Rankin Si Co.,
V. U.Brown, G.M. Roberts. , ,.. ..
-. Garden and Field Seeds, vll
Powell Snider. II. H. Lyons. A. J. Merrill, H.
Redwood Qo., J, O. Howell, J. P. Sawyer, Bear-
acn,- Honfclu Co., v. u. juoncure. - ;
;"' : i drain, Hay and, flour,.' -' ; t : i
'( J. U. Starnes, Powell fe Snider, Alexander and
Penland. . . . .
Hardware,-Agricultural Implements, i c. ,
Pcnniman & Co., VanGllder & Brown.
. Stover, Housefurnishing", and Tbmare. '
Ballard Bros., Brown & Beardcn, Llndscy Bros.
r. Clotting, Gents' Furnishing, J-e.
Jwnes P. Sawyer,, jr." Ldvy, Charles JLee, S
Whitlock. .
' ; "' i oots, Slioes, and Matt. ' ' "
W.'T. Weaver, il. Levy. - -
. Boot and Shos Manufacturers :
M. Levy, W. T. Weaver, A. Freck.
Hooks and Stationery. . .
J..L. Wilkie, J. K. Morgan & Co., H. T. Esta-
rook, H. H. Lyons. - ,
Druggists and Pharmacentistis.
.'. H. n. Lyons, W. C. carmichael, C. W. DcVault
& Co., a iL Moncure, W. E. Pelhoin.
Musica jnarumenlSt tc".
1 IX.VauHPog.
Jewelers. : ;
C. Cowan, Stefiuer and Eobertson. -(
- . Family Groceries. 1 " '
Powell and Snider, S. R. Kepler, A. R. Cooley,
Tcnley & Co.. T. F. Starnes, G. W. Goodlake. A. J.
Merrill, J. K. Ware, Wareand Howell, A. C.Davis,
James Franks, J. J. Mackey & Co.. Jesse R. Starnes,
O. I. McDonald, W. L. Morgan, F. M. Johnson, R.
B. Noland & Sons.T. W. Shelton, J. R. Trull.G. H.
Stamcs, N. Penland, Fculand & Alexander. Mrs.
f. C. Smith.
Butchers, Heat Dealers, te. - '
Zaohery Bros., James Lusk, T. K. Davis, Me
Councll and Drake. -
Bakeries. .
J. J. Desmond, F. M. Johnson, J. C. Oliver,
Confectioners and Bakers.
J. J. Desmond, (factor ), J. M Heston.l Wells.
Saddlery, Harness, tc.
A M. Gilbert & Co., Alexander and Penland:
. Furniture, tc
W. B. Williamson, Moore & Falk, P. S. Mc
Mullen. Undertakers.
X. Brand, J. V. Brdwn, John Clayton
. Coal Dealers. .
S. F. Venablc, D. S. Watf on, Hill and Atkins
N. W. Girdwood & Co.
Lumber Dealers
oublcday t Scott. -- ' s
Contractors, Carpenters, and Builders.
I. Gorenflo, John Hart, J. A. Wagner, T. C.
Westall, E. J. Armstrong,- J. E. ButUick, T. L.
Clayton. A. G. West.
D. W. Cauble, J. H, Woody.
Swannansa, Eagle, Grand Central, Western,
Carolina House, Slavic House, The Villa.
Private Boardina.
8. F. Venable, A. T. Snminey. Miss Bettle
Brown, Misses Coffin, Mrs. A. E. Hall, P. F. Emer
son, Miss Smith, T. W. Keel, Mrs. A. B. Chunn,
J. H. Carter, G. M. Roberts, R. H. Grahl, G. L. Mc
Donald, M. J. Fogg, J. A. Fagg, J. E. Rankin, W.
T. Reynolds, Mrs. T. E. Reynolds, E. Bluder, Mrs.
Holland, Mrs. Broiles, Mrs. J C Smothers, Mrs E
L. Boird, W. W. McDowell, James W. Fatten, Mis.
Leicester Chapman, H. C. Hunt, H. C. France,
. Mrs. A. Sinclair, P. S. McMullen.
Livery. Sale and Feed Stables.
Reynolds i Chambers, J. M. Bay, W. A.Wed
din. James Sevier, C. O. Allen, T. H. Stanslll
Wm. Cox, E. W. Herndon, 8. H. Barnard, G. W.
Morgan Co., E. T. Clemmons, Jesse R, Starnes.
CoUcgesKSchools, tc.
Ashcville Female College, Ashevllle Male
Academy, Newton Academy, Miss Goodloe's High
schools. A graded school has been authorized by
" law, and aStatc normal school will be held every
; Millinery, tc - '
Mrs. H. M. Herndon, S. Whitlock, Mrs. M. E.
Mann, J. P. Sawyer, Mrs RR Porter. t
Attorneys At Law. -
McLoud & Moore, J. H. Merrlmon, E. H. Mer
rimon, M. E. Carter, A. L. Carter, Gudger fc Car
ter. J. M. Gudger, F. A. Sondley, W. S. Cushman,
Richmond Pearson, E. D. Carter, W. W. Vandiver,
Davidson tMartin, T. A. Jones.S. IL Reed, W. B.
Gwyn, Locke Craig, W. R. Whitson, Jones and
Uasdwicke, Johnston & Shuford, W. M; Cocke,
Nate Atkinson, A. T. Davidson, W. H. Malone,
V. 3. Lusk, P. A. Cummings, A. J. Lyman.
: . Physicians and Surgeons.
D. J. Cain, W. L. fc W.D. Billiard, John Hey
Williams, J.' A. Burroughs, J. A. Wat60n, M. L.
Nelson, Wardlaw McGiil, H. P.atchell.
Dentists. m
O. W. Whitson, B. H. Douglas, R. H. Reeves, A.
B. Ware.
Banks, Bankers and Brokers.
Bank of Asheville, Binder 4- Barnard.
Merchant Tailors. - - -J.
W. Schartle.
Dealers in Furs. '
M. Ellick. ,
Seal Estate Agencies.
" Walter B. Gwyn, A. J. Lyman, Natt Atkinson,
E. J. Aston, B. M. Jones.
Architects and Civil Engineers,
8 F Venable. J A Teunant,
Sbbacco Warehouses. '
The AEheville Warehouse, The Banner Ware
house, The Farmer's Warehouse, Ray's Ware
house, The Buncombe warehouse. .
Tobacco Hanufacfttrers Chewing and Smoking.
8. B.West, McCorty & Hull, J. E. Ray, E. L
Holmes fc Co., Shelton Perry, W. P. Williamson.
Comers. c. " "
L. F. Sorrell, N: W, Girdwood, William Weaver,
-Hart... .- . -'
" Wines, Liquors, &c.
Lougliran Ero.r',Hampton t Featherstone, W.
O. Muller,fc Ca-A. p.torreii-. : -Papers
' Coin Hunt, Mooro t Falk. E, L. Fitzpatrlck.
'. Newmavcrt. ' -
Daily and Weekly Cttizen, Dally and Weekly
Advance, The Asheville lnbune (weekly.
' Job Offices.
The Citizen Job Onlce, Hunt, ii Robertson.
- Photographers. ' '
Nat. W. Taylor, W. T. Robertson, T. T. Hill.
Grist Hills, ice.
Jordan & Hallybnrton, N. W. Girdwood, Jas. E.
Buttriek. MCLane.
, L Fertilizers, tc
F. N. Waddell, "Star Brand." Penniman & Co.,
"Anchor Brand," G. M. Roberts, Alex. Porter,
' "Piedmont," W. II. fenlind, "Owl Bracd," Bear
rien Hatikir'ft- Co.. "Ober & Co. '8 Pnecial." Lyon
. t Walker, "Former Friend," T. C. Starnes, "Ar
lington." W. W. Barnard "Sea. Fowl, N. W.
Girdwood t Co., Soluble L'acuic.' a r
'.: f Insurance. '
' R J. ARton.Thos. W. Branch.:
W.V. Telegraph. . . -
8. G. Weldon, manager. .
- Southern and Adams Express.
F. A. Stikeleather, manager. v
Civil Officers of Buncombe County.
v Sheriff J. R. Richf Deputy Daniel Reynolds;' S.
.Clerk E. W. Herndon; Register J. R. Patterson;
Treasurer J. H. Courtney; Surveyor B. F. Patton;
Tax Collector T. W. Patton. : . ,
: Inferior Court.
Justice G. A. Shuford: Clerk Mont Patton; SoHc:
I or H. B. Carter. - . . . ;
. County Commissioners.
3. E. Rankin, J. A. Reagan, G. W. Whitson, L.
ChiltU, Thos. D. Brittain. .
' Justices of the Peace.
A. T. Snmmey, N. A. Penland, T. W. Patton, C.
. Way, J. M. Ledford", J. M. Jarratt, J. B. Cain.
-' CUv Government. '
. Mayor E. J. Aston; Aldermen W. T. Reynolds.
. Alonzo Rankin, Geo. v. Bcott, l. a. uorenno, jm.
. w fiirdnnod and J.. L. Murrav. Policemen A.
H. Baiid.W. G. McDowell, J. H. Hampton, Hu(h
Postell and T F Hunter.
, Ftr DrnftrtmcnL ' --
noseN.U oreman Jl. C. Fogg-,: It t L. No. 1,
Capt. F A. H -
banttary Department. .- ; ',
Dr.DTMOlard, Sanitary Chief. . ,:
' :' U.8. Commissioner, A.. T. SnnrineyS" Deputy
Collector, fstamp otilce) A: D. Coopef. District
-Deputy S. Hent-n. Deputy Marshall, R. O,
Patterson, A.;C.ratteiBon,T.lv. Davis, H.3. Har-
Vnitcd States District and Circuit Courts?,'
Judge H. P, Dick, Solicitor J. E. Boyd,, Clerk J,
E. Reed, Deputy Clerk P. A. Cummings. i
. - : Post Office'.' ' '
n.L. Gudeer P. M.. Clerks C. B. Moore, W. LT
Nermau.C-L. CUfi: -
. Sewing Hachrne Agencies.
" wifh?OT . WMHnii, J. IT. Herrinir. Chief Clerk
Miss Be1e Justice.' Singer, M. H. Morynihan,
r Chief Clerk W. Monteath. Domestic, . c vnea
ester & ton, Clios E l.ee. . .
- fnnnlii Tianrdiif Ftlunitirm. m....'
. : AT. Snmmey, J H Sams and 1! G Gudger. First
regular meeting nm mcrcny in rcpicnii.er,
::. . ,
Arrival snd Departure of tb Trains.
Salisbitbt Mail train arrives 8:S7 a. v.
" r " Departs 5:47 v. x.
. i " X Day train arrives at 2;14 p- k.
;" ; ; - " departs at 10:30 A. tc
Tennessee Arrives 5:37 r. x.
. Departs 8:47 A. K.
WaTkisviulx Arrives 30 r.n.
" . Departs 9:00 A. K. r
The W&yneuville train reaches that point at
11:30 : returning, leaves Waynesville at
Weather Deport Ams;. S.
Barometer at 9 a. ra. 298.: .
Thermometer Minimum 64; . maxi
mum S0." , : -Bainfall
.18 inches. f
Wind Northerly.- . , ,
Sky Clear. '
The best 5 cent Cigar in town at Ly-ons'--"White
Eose." ;
W. T. Weaver, Sole Agent for Hess'
HandtMado-Slioes for meBV' - t - tf
Send your Job Work of 'all kinds to the
Citizen Office, if you want it done neatly,
cheaply and witli dispatch.
Will be published every evening (ex
cept Sunday) at the following rates
sinctly cash :
One Year, . . . " . . 6 oO
Six Months, . - . . . . 3 00
Threo ". . . - . . . . 1 50
One " ... . 60
One Week, - . . . . - . 15
Our Carriers Will deliver the paper ev
ery evening in every part of the city to
our subscribers, and parties wanting it
will please call at the Citizen Office.
The Daily Citizen
Gives the only telegraphic dispatches
Neither heat nor dust
White Sulphur Springs.
Ten nights in o Bar Room to-night
will be a good lesson for all.
Hot and cold sulphur baths now rtady
at Haywood White Sulphur Springs,
The Firmin-Jack Company deserve
crowded houses for the pure plays they
nightly present to the Theatre goers.
Young ladies be sure you take the
young men to-night to witness th effect
of ten nights in a Bar Room. Only 25
cejits. Reserved seats 10 cents extra.
Mr. FrecJc says he will sell low-cut and
lace-buttoned shoes, custom-made, at
cost price. Call and examine his stock
if you want cheap shoes..
The Hon. Robert Tayloif of Tennessee'
present Pension Agent for this section,
with headquarters at Knoxville, is at
present on an visit to Asheville.
Profuse local rains, in all parts of this
county keep up the fine condition of the
crops,- without having veryiaierialy
reduced the temperature. The weather
is still warm, not to say hot.
Mr. Freeman, formerly of Madison,
now of Swain, gives good accounts of the
tobacco crop of his new county. He
cays his present crop, of about 8 acres, is,
the beet h has ever had.
We were misinformed when we stated
the 2nd Regiment was dined on Friday
at the Swannanoa Hotel as well as at the
Eagle and the Grand Central. It is with
the two last that the arrangements for
the dining were perfected.
The mare Lou, belonging to Mr. R. E.
Best, of Shine, Greene county, N. d., on
our race course last week, leaves this
evening for home. She will visit the fall
races of Virginia and .North Carolina.
She won every race in which she enter
ed over the Asheville eourse.
. We find that there are a large number
of visitors in Waynesville besides those
who have gone over to the Springs. The
hotels are all doing well and many pri
vate houses are entertaining guests. - We
are very much pleased that the attrac
tions of the pretty capital of aywood
are so luiiy recognizee
We observe, and alBO learn on other
authority than our own, that the crops in
Haywood county, corn, oats, grass and
tobacco, are uncommonly fine. Mr. Jas.
W. Terrell, of Webster, who has just re
turned from a visit to the upper Pigeon
Valley, says the corn crop there is better
i r... i r
man ever Known, aoib is erauiying in
contrast with the scarcity of last year.
Says the A ugusta (Ga.) Evening Newt :
Asheville was aglow on Wednesday
evening with a complimentary military
ball given in honor of Governor Scales,
of North Carolina. The Swannanoa Ho
tel was the scene of the midsummer
revelry and the brilliant and beautiful
women of several Southern States all
contributed bv their presence to make
it the affair cf the season. Augusta was
well represented and a beautiful and
bright eyed Broad street favorite was, of
course, the belie of the evening.
The Third Conference of the Colored
Clergy of the Episcopal, church takes
place in Richmond, Va., in St. Philip's
church on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of Sept
ember. These conferences are . not in
structed to work for the separation of
the colored people into a separate org
anization. No such, or anv organization
at all, is proposed: but the conferences
are evidence of the earnest purpose of
the colored clergy to do their full share
of the w ork of the-church. -
Rocebs BrosVMke Seb Prices. -
For this" eek only. Triple plated
Table JCnivesl JS per set. Desert size
$1455. Forks "heavily- plated on pure
nickel silver 12 per set. Tea Spoons
$162 per set. Butter knives and sugar
Shells same qiiajity, 50c. each.
Quadruple plate Casters $2 90. A good
extra plate Caster $1 25. A fine article
of white handle knife at $1 50 and $2 00
per set. - : . ; : :.
Always the lowest prices on Crockery
and Glass at Law's, opposite Eagle Hotel
i - iulv 18 d & w '
' ViEitors' headquarters is J. L. Wilkie
& Co's Book Store, Eagle Building. . tf
- " "t- i -. f-
If you want a good 5 cent Cigar go to
Lyons' and ge a "White Rose."
Your old thoes can be made as geod as
new: only at . ... W. T. Weaveb'b.
"Bixlys," "Buttons," "Brown's" and
"Bon Ton" are the best brands of shoe
polish known to the trade, all of which
ore Bold by --W. T. Weaver, at the One
Price Shoe Store. v
According to advertisement, Mr.
Richmond Pearson sold at 'public
auction, to-day ; at 12 m.? enough of
te Citizen property to ' pay the
debt due him. It was bid off by
Capt. McLoud, for" us, Furman
Stone & Cameron. : - : ;i '.
There is more than twice enough
due us to pay. every cent, we owe.
Knowing the scarcity of money, we
have endeavored -to struggle on,
without annoying our patrons ; but,
it resulted in our being caught by. a
creditor, without means to meet
what was due him. ? He promptly
proceeded to the collection of his
debt, in the manner "provided by
law.". J;.i:: : "
When the people discovered, the
tendency tf our "embarrassment,' td
the best of their ability they have
responded, and hundreds have ex
pressed their concern by kindly as
surances. To meet the matter we
have had to borrow some money.
We were not lacking in friends to
aid us in this, and we must acknowl
edge, and we do so with pride, our
obligations for their kindness. The
note we gave , for the amount was
worth over two - hundred thousand
dollars, signed by democrats and re
publicans, whiskey men and anti
whiskey men, railroad men and
anti-railroad! men, fence men and
no-fence men, church men . and
anti no, we beg pardon, all are
churchmen, we hope but, gentle
men who declare theirjtppreciation
of the efforts of the Citizen under
its present management for the up
building ot Western Carolina, re
gardless of politics or other consid
erations or "previous ; condition of
servitude." They would feel a con
tempt for fhe managers of . the
Citizen should their service in this
matter control its conduct, just as
the managers would feel contempt
for such services granted for such a
purpose. The Citizen will continue
as it has been, a paper of and for
the people, working as it conscien
tiously thinks for the good of the
section and the - whole people, res
pecting differences . of opinion, and
demanding a like,respe0jitselfj
We sincerely thank" thV7 friends f
and people for their many- manifes
tations and expressions of kindness
and sympathy, and we pledge our
selves anew to every effort of which
we .are capable build up and
help the section and all the people
of Western Carolina. .
We shall have more to say, of a
personal nature, connected . with
this matter, s6on.
Fueman, Stone & Cameron."
Mr. E. C. Belcher, of Hominy Valley,
has sent us the first cotton bloom of the
season the product of Buncombe. Tms.
weed is well grown, and compares well
with the growth of the other side of the
mountains. We, cannot promise that
Buncombe is eoine to enter into competi
tion with the cotton growing region, but
Mr. Belcher who is an old cotton planter
was interested to provt that cotton could
grow here as well as other things; and
ne nas done so.
Da. Sam. Wxsmboy Battle.
We direct attenton to the advertise
ment of the above gentleman, who offers
his professional services to our citizens.
It i a pleasure to us to- have Dr. Battle
as a citizen of Asheville. He is not only
a physician, buta gentleman of the high
est cnaracter; a reurea ourgeon oi me u
S. Navy, and merits the fullest confi
dence of our people. He makes a special
ty of diseases of the throat and lungs.
His residence is on Baily street, and we
recommend him to our readers.
: In Franklin on July 30th by the Rev
Mr. Thomas of the Methodist church,-
Mr. J. C. Thomas of Lola Valley, former
ly of Buncombe county, and Miss Laura,
daughter , of Mr. B. Jenkins, of Macon
county, v " ' '
Lost. -
A Silk Umbrella, with Silver Deer
Foot handle, and "B. Cameron. Raleieh.
N. C" engraved " below. ! The finder
will be rewarded by returning it to the
Citizen utuce. . aui-zt
Peivate, Boabdino ra Waynesville.
: The undersigned 1b prepared to accom
modate a limited number of boarders at
her home in Waynesville. Convenient
to the White Sulphur Springs. Accom
modations guaranteed. Terms moderate.
tf v". Mrs. J. B. S. McIktosh
Fresh Scphub Water V 1 , . '(
On draft daily, direct from the.Springs,
at Dr. Moncure's Drue Store, with other
mineral and soda waters. Call on him
Railroad Tickets.' . . : '; - i
. Parties having tickets to dispose of in
any direction, will call on me at the
Swannanoa Hotel. . - W. D. Jones,
.tsel . -
Jpsr Received. .
Hint and Tennis Siirls,' Linen : Bosom
Ahtrts, ana Zteglefi Shoes; --
au3-2( ' ., IT. REDWOOD & CO.
Young gentlemen - can get . board at
Haywood . White Sulphur Springs for
$28 per month of four weeks. tau7.
.YTeaverrille Colleye. ;
Lhe naxt Session begins Sept. 10th. -For
Catalogues, address .
- Rev. D. Atiins, :
July 2S. dlw&w2m.
Thb Hatwood White StrtPHt-jt SprinGb
We ran over to the Springs on Saturr
day morningwith a large party bound
partly to"ihis popular resort," and a por
tion for Waynesvilieijjtvnicn is not for
gotten in the: search after Pleasure and
comforts? We found the . hotel: fulf, more
so than.we. ever saw, it, about- two hun
dred guests a vfew over that number
trut all apparVa y comfortably provided
for. The "ccigc" near the Spring is no
longer a -cottage, but a long twor story
building .with broad piazzas aboYe" and
below extending the whole; front of the
building. About twenty rooms" nave
been added Jib the cot tage. To add to
the accommodation - of the increased
number of visitors, Mr. Timberlake has k
brought into requisitions thv , .Woole ;
mills building on the opposite side of
the creek, which has been divided into
rooms, Ttnd designed v' acctjirmicxiate
about -fifty single genUemen. : h
We learn that all the rooms .'repaint
ed and nicely furnished and a'ftfie beds
furnished with Howell's bed et&s,.atld-,
ing greatly to comfort. - We observed"
that the large dining roorhI had been
beautified with new papering, and the
general effect was elegant as well aa airy
and pleasant. The table is everything
that could be desired." l.lie Dead coot is
genuine chef dw misine. a Ion? time
head cook of the Gibsoii House, Cincin
nati, and fully sustains the reputation
that secured his "services. The service
in everything appears to be very satis
factory.; We infer this from the satisfac
tion of the guestst all of whom are warm
in their expressions. The Hotel has a
1 7 . .. 1 t -J
very pieasing Danov composed pi ipur.
brothers, Bearden, from Georgia Their,
music is really very perfect and delight-'
ful. :
Mr. Tinberlake has constructed a
building near the spring to enable him
to furnish hot baths. The bath house
contains four bathing rooms. The heal
ing apparatus is now complete, and the
first baths will be given to-day. ! l "
We heard geneiai expressions of pleas
ure from many prominent gentlemen
from all parts of the country. They all
agree, that in their experience, they have
found no watering place so beautiful and
so agreeable as . the Haywood White
Sulphur. -j -' ' -
At the request of a gentleman largely
concerned in the management " of the
financial natters of Madison we publish
the following letter. 'h We .'know nothing
of course" of the nieriteof the subject
though information given us at the July
term of the Inferior Court of the county
led us to infer a satisfactory condition of
affairs: ""'.' -
Messi-s. Editors:- As the Citizex is the
fearless mend of the good' citizens of
Western Carolina, all naturally : turn to
its columns to express their feelings of
wrong or felt oppression: The finances
of Madison Bee in to. be in a very bad
condition and badly managed to relieve
the good citizens of taxation, which has
been so burdensome for some time and
atill-growim; worse, without' paying tht
County debtTiTT334:tlua CiMinioners
of Madison became alarmed at the mag
nitude of the county- debt and began to
cast about in their "'practical judgment"
to release the county of the debtr and
concluded in their wisdom to pay the
debt in the space of throe or lour years,
which, of course, was a wise and good
plan. For this purpose there was a spe
cial tax levied to pav 1-3 of the debt the
first year, which made the Poll thTee
dollars, with every three hundreds dol
lars equal to the Poll; but the people
thought if they could get out of debt
they would be satisfied, so they paid the
exorbitant tax -in good:; faith. :.The4
county debt is now from ten to fifteen
thousand dollars: In 1885 the commis
sioners met and the subject of taxation
again presented itself. Well, there must
be something done to help the poor -peo
ple who are payinz such heavy taxes;
but what must it be, said the Honorable
Board? We will issue bonds to cover
the amount of the debt, drawing inter
est at 6 per cent., and running 10 years-
yes, this will be the thing to reduce taxes,
so we will proceed. Well; Messrs. ed-
itors we will say this is all right and
very good, if our taxes had been bet tered;
but in the wisdom ol the Board. there
was to be another tax levy in '85. Now,
remember 1-3 of the debt was to be paid
last year, they have bonded tha remain
der and released the payment lor 10
years; but when they "go to reduce . the
tax according to their calculation, be-
hold they reduce from three to three and
a half dollars poll ! Now,, gentlemen, if
this is economy, my country jave ub
from the opposite.; ' .' ..; '
Now, Messrs. Editors'- let facts and
figures tell the story. The county owes,
1 believe, about lo,0(J0, wearing interest
at ft per cent., which, in 10 vears, will "La
$9,000, interest, nearly two-thirds of the
present debt. - - ...
Now, would it not have been better to
have paid the debt in three years and
saved the $9,000. interest ? Let reason
and good judgment answer. The people
of Madison county could have paid out
of debt m three years with all ease, so
the commissioners said themselves. Now
if this could have been don why in the
name of reason did they not do it, and
not bond the county in order to pacify a
rine who has always monopolized, the
monev interests or : Madison , county
through its commissioners, and burdened
the good people of the county with-the
nine thousand dollars' interest,-which
will tro down deep . into the pockets of
the bondholders The commissioners
of the county bonded, not because it is
better, but to have the people pay $9,000
which thev do not owe. . lhe Dondiioid -
era said the tax, in order to pay the debt,
would be too heavy and the commission
ers said they could have paid out in three
years and, not raise the. poll above $3,
anrl nn thev have bonded and the noli
is $3.60. Why not have paid the debt
at this rate? Because the, ring and a
radical or two said it would be too hard
I must desist, though reluctantly. Is
the above economy ? Is it justice or hon
est? Is it working disinterestedly ? Is it
right for people to submit to such high
handed fraud as this any longer? The
whole neode of Madison county will
rise uu in mass and say it is not ! And
tbey say right v I remain,- V:" "
: . - Walter.
Vice,', v., v.
The Prick of the Tobacco t Heat Reqd
LATOB.' , . :. : V. - : i . is T "- .
The price of the Hardwicke" 2c Welles
Heat Regulating Attaclmcnt, , will be
$10.00 for any sized barn. They will be
sent by express or freight 'immediately
noon receipt .of order, : 'i neso Attach
ments are always on hand at Marshall
N. C, and will be at other places as soon
as arranceuaeuts can be made-. for tcei
manufacture. tnovl.
Gen. BEAtrBEQAiin at Judson College.
Prof. H. Marion of the chair of Modern
Languages at the- above Institntion, ixj
forms us that the distinguished soldier
and gentleman accompanied by the al
most as well known Gen. D. H.Hill,
paid a visit to the college on the 31st
mst. He was much pleased, and the
college was much honored. Jen. Beau
regard, a. Frenchman, by. descent, and
an accomplished French scholar, was
favorably impressed with Prof. Marion's
method of imparting - a .correct French
pronunciation in a few weeks. :
The Reoeption and the Ball. .
A misconception, injurious to the pro
prietors of the Swannanoa Hotel, has
taken hold of a portion, of the; public
mind in regard to the . reception of the
Governor and the ball on Thursday
evening last at the Swannanoa Hotel.
Both occasions are made, to appear aB
one, and coincident. The recption was
arranged as a separate and distinct affair,
to take place in the parlors of the hotel.
But in view of.the very large concourse
tb' committee 'proposed to adjourn- to
the' Bail room, .whew . the space was
ample.- The arrangements for the ball
had already been made, prices fixed and
tickets issued. 'Admission to the ball
was in no sense admissive to the recep
tion. It should occur to those who com
plain, that to all ball : rooms some safe
guard must be fixed against promiscuous
entrance. This is a universal rujo.
Ten Nights in a Bar Room. "
: Arthur's great "model dramawill be
given . to-night in all its perfection by
the Firmin-Jack Comedy Company. This
style of play it is that goes far to make
the Theatre a model school of instruc
tions and when presented by such artists
as MisSjAnnie Friin, John "Jack and
their talented comedians in the cust it is
sure to be a source of entertainment and
information to tho auditor. -The realistic
scenes of human life here depicted dis
playing the awful consequences of sinful
indulgence and the opposite effect of
avoidence in the happiness and comfort
that surrounds abstinence curing lessons
that cannot but prove beneficial to a
community. We predict a crowded house
to-night to witness the splendid acting
of this meritorious production. Under
the Gas Light on Saturday was given
with gr -At satisfaction. To-morrow a
purely comedian bill will be presented
and we learn that Camille is in prepara
tion. - . '.- - -
Black. Mountain Hotel. v
' There is a good crowd at Black Moun
tain hotel. In order to give everybody op
portunity to enjoy the charms of the place
the rates will be reduced tP 30. per month
This is not only a liberal, but .a most at
tractive proposition.
Mr. Eugene L. Harris, artist, is in the
city, and favored us . with a call this
morning, and also showed us specimens
of his art, sketches of some of the finest
mountain scenes of Western North Car
olina in all the vividness of color, which
photoeraDhs do not cive. and with all
tho spirituality whkh tho artist from Hfol
can only impart. Mr. llama, and his
brother will b3 here some days.
Mr. J. C. Townsend from the beautiful
Iola Yalley in.Macon county is here with
his young wife, as happy a couple as the
prettiest phase of human life exhibits.
Mr. Townsend does not forget business
in his happiness. He is on his way to
Lynchburg to buy machinery for a tob
acco factory he is about to ereet in
Macon. He is a man of energy, and he
knows his business. .
Mr. Scott, the caterer for the Golds-
borp Rifles, went home with his company.
We learn that he bore the journey well,
though subject during the ride to occa
sional wanderings of his mind.
; Wo Iropo anxious inquirers will re
member that only one accident to passen
gers has ever happened on the Western
North Carolina roaJ No other road in
the country has ever been run with Buch
safety to life or limb. The accident to
the soldiers will probably long siana as
the solitary exeeotion. ,; ." .
RAHJtoAB Tickets Bought and SopdJ
I will buy. sell or exchange Railroad
Tickets from or - to any point. Parties
interested will do well to call and see
me. -- , J. M. ioxfsQ,
: tse20 At Carmichael's Drug Store.
j When the band begins to play and the
vouth beautv and chivalry, of the coun
try go whirling through the gaities of
the ball room, you may Dei iney nave
bought their dancing pomps at vv. 1.
Wesrver & Co.'tfOne Price Store. tf
The nicest bath houses in the State
iust comnleted at Havwood White Sul
phur Springs. . iauk
(XT. S. Navy,) .: ;-.
Offera his professional services 'to the
citizens of Asheville. Residence and
office tin Bailey Street. .. . '- r
auSdly ... . - , - . : - - ..
fine Ilinulrea'. Jicres - or im-
proved, Property , ; ;V
Adjoinirig Arden Park. Apply to : ;
... A. J..L.IAlAiN,
:V:i,;- - -'Asheville, N.-C,
- Office in Court House, v ; ;
au3-lm ," . -. . '- -- . - :
I 1 in a nHvntH house, furnished or
unfurnished, suitable for email familte or for
. . . . 1 . nnAlAtr'. t iro Bnntn
single ptiruvB. i'i"jf " . v..j - , rTi .
Mam St." . . : Jy88iaw3t.
yy ANTED,. . . ;: . ,
A partnership with a man or capnai or means
to -Steam Dry and rehandle lai xouacco on
order in Asheville.- -. : - " '- . ,, . .
With a man of long experience and established
trade in the leaf and manufacturing trade of
Virginia, KentucRy, fionn arouun uii iwciiju
markets. Address Li W. N., - - .
. jnlv S5-dl mo : UOJS. ob, iteiusviue, j.
Ji'oto is
Time to
Buy 0
ITU ATED Just outside the Corpoi
Vi i m;run pKf. of Antieville. N C,
rate Limits,
The Farm contains 150 acres, part of which
is well adapted for Tobacco, and the balanoe for
Vegetable, Oraineto. Good New Dwelling, 9
ne-,v Tobacco hnirv, one Tenant name. Crib,
Barn, etc. Twenty acres In cultivation, 20 in
r.nu ra iprn trnnil timber land which is valu
able on account of location Good Orchards,
farm enclosed with new plank and rail fence,
onrt citnutod 1 miles from DepotonWN J
K K and same distance frosa Depot on Spartan
burg k, Aineville KaUroau.
Also 2 houses and lots, and 8 building lots In
tha city of A&hevilie on Valley Street, near Fe
male College, a few minutes walk from Court
House, all for. sale at low prices. Call on ;
' - . A. D. COOPER,
Jy'JSdAwlw " Asheville, N. C.
associated press telegrajis SPE-
toss Several Millions of Dol-"-.'.
. - lars. ' -
' ' ; Toronto, Canada, Aug. 3.
One of the most destr active fires that
dyer has taken place in Toronto com
menced at 12:30 this morning in the
large building occupied by the Bugar re
fining company on the Esplanade. A
strong wind, blowing from the east, car
ried chunks of burning timber along the
Esplanade, igniting the wooden build
ings as far west 5 or 6 blocks. In a short
time the refinery and a number of other
buildings were burned. Three schoon
ers were burned to the water's edge. The
fire is a half mile in length. ; .
2:45 a. w. the work of the destruction
on the "Esplanade still goes on; the flam
es having reached the intervening buil
dings' and wharves having been burned
to the ground. The Great Western
frejht sheds, formerly the passenger
station on the north side of the Esplan
ade, was on fire and in immenent dan
ger, and was expected to be in flames
every moment. The steamer Chicora is
getting up steam to go out into the lake,
the steamer Ontario got up steam, and
began to tow out the steamer Mazeppa,
but a schooner blocked the way and they
could not eet out the Mazerma has
caught fire and the three will have to
succumb unless, the wind changes, the
whole south side of the Esplanade as far
as Union station will undoubtedly perish.
Showers of sparks are being carried to
the opposite side of the street; and if the
buildings there cateh fire there is no say
ing what immense danger will bo done.
Tho fire brigade is absolutely powerless.
It is feared that the watchman Worth of
the sugar refinery has lost his life, as he
has not been seen since the fire started.
Wm. McCalum, seaman of the schooner
Annie Mulvev, is dangerously burned
about the head. Several elevators, coal
yards, schooners, ferry boats, &c, and
many boat hotises are among the pro
perty burned. The loss so far is estima
ted at over several millions of dollars.
3:50 a. m. so far the fire has been un
able to cross Grape, Scott, and Yonge
streets and wharves, but is completing
the destruction on tho paths it has al
ready travelled. A hurricane has just
sprung up from the Southeast, which
threatens to drive the fire across tho
street to the main part side are burned
Bcrnearly fcy tlic gru ml ttvtt d uulueu
main part of the city catches fire from
the sparks, it is thorght to be safe.
4:30 a. m. the fire is now under control.
It is impossible to obtain the losses and
insurances at present.
Movements of the Cabinet..
Washington City, Aug. 3.
It is probrfblo that the President will
visit Albany after the funeral of Gen.
Grant, before ho goes to the mountains
He expects to - get there Sunday next.
Secretary Manning, who will Bpend the
month of August at Watts Hill, Conn.,
with his family, will probably accompany
him to Albany. It is expected that Sec
retary Lamar and Attorney General Gar
land will remain in Washington during
the President's absence. Other members
of the Cabinet will take a .vacation.
Owing to the illness of Mrs. Bayard it is
not expected that the Secretary of State
will spend much of the Summer seas in
in -Washington, and Postmaster .Gen'l
Yilas will spend most of the summer at
their homes. The two former will make
short visits to Washington whenever
their presence is required. It is not
definitely settled what day the Presiden-
tiaL party will leave Washington for
New York; but it will either be "Thurs
day or Friday of this week, most likely
the latter day.
JTetv Postmasters,
Washington, Aug. 3.
The President . has appointed Thomas
J. Watt to be- postmaster at Columbus,
Ga., vice T. Ci Sturgis, suspended. W. R.
Andrews, Union City, Tenn vice -W. P.
Richards, suspended. . .
Baltimore M rketa.
Baltimore, Aug. 3.
Flour steady with good inquiry for
medium grades. Howard street and
western super 3 (X)4 00," extra 3 50
4 25, family 4 345 25. City Mills super
3 25(350. extra 3 754 00. Rio brands
4 005 00. Wheat Southern highei
and active, western irregular and higher.
closing easy, southern red SHGi, am
ber 100L No. 1 Maryland 97J8,
No. 2 western winter red spot 9ii(&k
Corn Southern Bcarce and firmer wes
tern dull and higher, bouthern white
5860, yellow 5C7. ; . .
New York Slarket.
' New Yohk, Aug. 3,
; The stock exchange opened at 11 o'
clock this morning with prices generally
J 1 per cent lower. The heaviest
declines were in the Grangers and Wes-
tern Union; while Oregon, Texas and
Northern Pacific were strong and i per
eent higher. . Lackawanna was unchang
ed. ' :-' - ' -- -'' ; -'
Pbivatb Boasdinq in Waynesvilli.
- lhe undersigned is prepared to ac
commodate a limited number of boarders
at her home in Waynesville. Convenient
to the White Sulphur Springs. "Accom
modations guaranteed. Terms moderate,
tf . Mks. J. B. S. McIntosii.
The Bank of England takes
Bollday. . :
London, Aug. 3.
To-day is the regular Bank of England
holiday, and there is consequently no
busines doihg at the Bank or on Stock
exchange. ' .
Storms in Spain jldded Term
rors to Pestilence.
: ' MAnEiD,Aug. 3d.
Storms of great viol ?ive swep over
the central and Northeru parts of Spain
yesterday, destroying much property
and in many places utterly ruining tele
graph lines. Many persons are reported
to have been killed.
The Zul Hear Pass Question left
-Open. . v;
BETJ6SKLS,-Aug. 3. .
The Word says that England has con-..-
sented to Russia's proposal to leave the
Zulficar question to bo settled by joint
Commandar commission. ' . : ? - . ;.
-The Austrian mission. .
, pt- - -; Yr -tYassrAAca. zXv
Hon. John M. Francis, ex U. f?.iisister
to Austra, has left Yienna for home. . Mr,
James Tenner Lee, the new Secretary of
Legation, has been installed In office and
has assumed charge pending the arrival of
Mr. Keiley.
1 1 j
Mr. John Campbell, chronometer and
watchmaker from London, Ontario, is
now with Mr. J. D. Robertson; jeweler,
and is prepared to do all manner ot
work in his line.
Probably we may be able to give a list
of the photographs taken by Taylor, of.
the Encampment, the Reviews, the Reg
iment and the Squads. They are lino
and inteiesting; and to the members of
the Encampment, output to be historical.
There will be a Lawn Party to-morrow
evening at 4 o'clock at Arden Park. Pro
ceeds for benefit of Calvary Church.
Evitt & Bros' shoes for women, and
Hess' hand made shoes for men, are
rapidly becoming the most popular
shoes on this market, simply on account
of their merits and low prices at which
tney are onered dv
vv. T. Weaver & Co,
You will save money by coing to J. L.
Wilkie & Co's Book Store, Eagle Build
ing, augltf
Miss Cleveland's Book. (George Elliot's
Poetry and other studies), $1.40 at J. L.
rFor the Asheville. Citizin.
There appeared in. the Asheville Ad
vance of the 1st inst. an article, copied
from the Waynesville News, a complaint
of some livery man charging Col. A. B.
Andrews $5 for a drive from the Swan
nanoa Hotel to the Asheville depot.
The Advancf makes an explanation of
the affair, but fails to state who the.
livery man was; and as the public didn't
know, wo called at the office of the Ad
vance Saturday evening and asked the
Editor to state that it was not us. buth
has kept silent on that matter, possibly
thinking that six livery stables could
stand it better than one. That is for
him to explain..
W e did not state who the livery man
was, but wish to say to the public that it
was not done at our stables. If any .
such' charge should be made by our "
drivers, report the matter to us and you
will Always get reasonable charges, even
if at midnight. We invite the citizens
of Asheville and all visitors to call on us
and they shall have good teams and fair ,
dealing. Barnard's stables are on Wal
nut street and Btansurs in rear of fost-
office. Respectfully, -
B. F. Barnard, .'.
Asheville, N. CL. Aug. 3d, 1885.
Hoarding-House Notices.
Summer tourists, (to the mountains, ) .
can nnd comfortable rooms and good
board at Antler Hall (Tennent's View) 4
miles from Asheville. For particulars,
address P. O. Box 110, Asheville, N. O.
N. B. Uood boatine on finest piece of
water any where near Ashcville.
july 0-1 mo. i ,
Boarders Wanted. ' ; " '' 1 '
Good room with excellent tablo board ;
can be.had on good terms by the week .
or month at Mrs. Sondlev's house, cornel .
of Flint and Cherry Btreets.
For particulars apply to
Mrs. A. S. Labarbe.
july 21 d l mo on the premises.
Private Boarding. "
Visitors can find nice pleasant rooms '
and good board, liberal rates at l
Mrs. Al. J. kid8dai.e s, .
july 23-1 wk - Spruce StReet.' .
Board fob the Summer. . r
Handsome location, fine crove, large r
yard, new house and new furniture.
Apply tO B. i. VENABLE,
Academy Street,
july 1 tf near Male Academy.
'Boarders Wanted. 1 have . a good
nouse. good comiortabie rooms, located
on Bailey street, a short walk from Pub- ;
lie Square, and would be glad to accom-
modato a few boarders by the month or -
season. Will keep the best table the
market affords.
tjjyl6 : G. L. MoDonaed. .'
Keep it Before the People, ' ' .
That the best string band ever in West- '
ern North Carolina is at Haywood White
Sulphur Springs. . .
Boarding. Good board, by the day,
week or month, can bo secured at the . '
residence of the undersigned, on North
side of Woodfin street, near tho Baptist
church. Comfortable roomstlarge shady ,
yard, a good table, and splendid water.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Members of
the Teachers' Assembly boarded at $1 JQ0 ';
per day. Table boarders wanted. .
fjylG s- . Miss Mart A. Milles. . .
Splendid Board.
: Parties desiring splendid board, in one "
of the coolest and most inviting locatics
in the city, can get accommodation by -eaily
application. Large, airy houso,
new - furniture, large and splendidly-'
shaded yard, the best table tho country .
can afford, a French cook, excellent so-. ,
ciety, are among the attractions. Table '
boarders taken. Terms reasonable" Ad- J
dress box 234, Asheville post office.
; july 27-d 2t : ,.: ,: .: .'
Arden Park Hotel Rates: 10!00 per
month; $12.00 per week; 2.00 per day.
Dinner 75 cents; Supper 75 cente. Y. --.
" Thos. A. Morris, prop'r.
luly2S.- - tf.

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